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Recent content by bloodyparty

  1. [Dragon Ball Z] Dragon Ball Isekai: Gohan Gamer

    Here‘s some errors i noticed: His Earlier you referred to him as Krillin, here Kuririn. After this sentence you switch from 3rd person to 1st person Shoudl be „His heart …“ Here you went back to 3rd person as normal. Again 1st person, should be „over him…“ Should all be „Adept“...
  2. An Everdistant Horizon (Worm/Horizon Series)

    Very nice so far! Definitely on my watch list Do you plan on keeping this bsuiness/ tech oriented or do you plan on taylor moving into heroing?
  3. Found your Cyberpunk fic today, Pinnacle. Since I‘m not sure about the necro rules of QQ i...

    Found your Cyberpunk fic today, Pinnacle. Since I‘m not sure about the necro rules of QQ i thought i‘d post here instead. Really great start, lots of information and still open enough for my imagination to fill in the details. I hope the comissioner is still on board with it, and that you are in...
  4. Abaddon Born(e)

    Good chapter, thanks for the update!