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Recent content by DartzIRL

  1. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    ---A short update. Using the PHO format Welcome to the Fenboards You are currently logged in, TheNewKidOfSpeed You are viewing: • Threads you have replied to • AND Threads that have new replies • OR private message conversations with new replies • Thread OP is displayed • Ten posts per page •...
  2. Going Native

    Ah. Em. We'll blame Scion for that one. Ahem.... And yeah. QQ's getting the version that may one day end up on FFN if I can remember my login. SB's getting the annotated version and SV's getting some of the more eperimental parts first. TvTrops has gotten nothing so far, thankfully.
  3. Going Native
    Threadmarks: The_Real_Bubblegum_Crisis_01_A04

    We Return. With The Real Bubblegum Crisis ------ My good deed on Friday earned me a note from the mammy, excusing me for the day, due to an obvious injury. The cut on my arm itched, even after the bandages had been replaced. Except for Glory Girl's signature. That, I kept as a memento...
  4. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    Two hours ago, she'd never existed. Now, Gaige Kisaragi had an old apartment in Crystal Kyoto, two bank accounts with enough money to furnish a single-person apartment on 77 Frigga, and a pilot's license issued last year by Crystal Hiroshima. Her new ID card had been freshly printed. Name...
  5. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    Mackie decided to ignore the sign on the door banning men from this part of the Silky Doll. Whether it counted as a liberty or not, he didn't care. He knew the password. The door opened and he stepped inside a plush apartment, transplanted from another world.The scent of coffee crawled inside...
  6. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    With additions by Matrix Dragon --- Morning time arrived with the artificial sun high above the Horizon. Mackie tried to ignore it. His body insisted otherwise. The bathroom offered no relief, only an unwelcome reminder. He dithered on whether or not to have a shower, before finally...
  7. Safe For Work Worm Ideas thread

    That's also intentional. It's supposed to be TT. But, y'know, it'd be a bit silly if it was glaringly obvious with a giant arrow in it.
  8. Safe For Work Worm Ideas thread

    Better than a bunch of fucking Nazi trash.
  9. Safe For Work Worm Ideas thread

    Ta. Keeps breaking shit. 'Make America Great Again' was supposed to act as a date point. That's become a slogan in our world before the protagonist left. The whole thing wasn't just slammed together. It wasn't just a snap joke. I had a lot of things in mind, beyond trying to have them...
  10. Safe For Work Worm Ideas thread

    One of the odder things that come out of worm fanfic is the tendancy for every bloody story to delve into the local online message boards. It's just sort of one of the automatic cliches for wormfic. With the same usernames and Void Cowboy being a hated idiot. The result is often a...
  11. Going Native

    In hindisght I overdid it. I think the aim was to overdo it to the point where it sounded more like self-convincing or justification - a sort of inverse-weavering. It fell a little flat.
  12. Going Native

  13. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    With some help from Cobalt Greywalker, on Fenspace forum -- Only one word came to his mind. Snug. A single-piece leotard hugged the puppet's body far tighter than anything he'd ever worn in his life – including the Kulbit flight suit. Even the stockings seemed to make for a second skin. At...
  14. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    Not used to the formatting here. Fixed it.
  15. [Fenspace]The Melancholy of Mackie-Chan

    Yeah. This is basically traditional. ------------------ He remembered reaching for the eject handles. And the Crunch of the impact. “Mackie,” Needless to say, his Sister's voice in his mind came as a surprise. Abruptly awakened in sparks-on-black grid of virtual space, he saw her...