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Recent content by Hellkite

  1. A Darker Path [Worm Fanfic]

  2. A Darker Path [Worm Fanfic]

    I want to see her run "Path that leads to their end and the most fun for me." This is giving me little shivers of anticipation... I can't wait to see where it goes. Its giving me flash backs to that Path to Food fic from a while back and kind of hope the when she ends Kaiser she uses a cream pie.
  3. Cane Toad (Worm)

    I can see that... However her reaction to the news that Sophia was Shadow Stalker, was so blasé. I think I would have expected trauma or a blue screen moment. If he was working under the impression that she KNEW S = SS, then that response of hers is probably where he was like "yep, this girl...
  4. Cane Toad (Worm)

    So I have to say that all the way up to Taylor waking up in the hospital, I was with you and immersed in the story. Then she wakes up and sees Beardmaster immediately and the first thing he says to her is, "Why did you kill Shadow Stalker, with deadly nightshade!" That broke my Suspension of...
  5. Happy Birthday! I hope your day has been special and that your oncoming year is great!

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day has been special and that your oncoming year is great!
  6. All In, Enderal [Travelogue of Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Enderal]

    That was awesome! Um.... you saved before you left the World Below, right? What is this feeling I am feeling? Chagrin? Maybe... Malicious sympathy? Is that a thing? ...
  7. Twisted Pinwheel

    [X] There's some kind of civilian holy festival going on, and while the standard Uchiha response to such things is 'what an adorable waste of time when you could instead be learning to stab better', there's enough civilian kids in the class that you can be justified in getting dragged along to...
  8. Twisted Pinwheel

    [X] Xicree