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  1. Aoinfinity

    Zero Escape: Zero Win Game

    [X] Pawn (Junpei and Phi)
  2. Aoinfinity

    Zero Escape: Zero Win Game

    Sweet, a Zero Escape quest! So it looks like we are mostly mimicking Zero Time Dilemma with a few differences.
  3. Aoinfinity

    [CYOA] That Time I Warped to a Fictional World Without any Clothes

    [X] "It's been a rough day, I'm lost, naked, and very far from home, and I just wanted a quick meal. I didn't mean to steal from you." (Appeal to her sympathies, if she has any.)
  4. Aoinfinity

    It's probably easier to solicit votes in just one place per site. (Speaking of which, I voted in...

    It's probably easier to solicit votes in just one place per site. (Speaking of which, I voted in both the sfw and nsfw threads. Wasn't trying to double-vote, just saw the poll and cast a vote out of habit before thinking.)
  5. Aoinfinity

    A bit disappointing that the sfw Questing forum will stay dead, but I understand. Thanks for...

    A bit disappointing that the sfw Questing forum will stay dead, but I understand. Thanks for letting me know!
  6. Aoinfinity

    Sunken Batavia

    [X] You pull it off very well. Much better than expected (PRIDE) [X] No, let's hide under the bedframe or in the bathroom or something.
  7. Aoinfinity

    It will be continued.

    It will be continued.
  8. Aoinfinity

    Sunken Batavia

    [X] A set of school uniform: There were white, and spotless, once. Now they're stained and smell strongly of alcohol. The skirt is long, to the ankle, but quite roomy. Always vote for the sailor uniform. Always. Thanks for giving the SFW questing forum a little bit of love!
  9. Aoinfinity

    Your Way Is Not My Way (Original/Wuxia)

    My thinking was that looking at any of the shrines will be an interesting glimpse of the history of your world, so I'd rather not miss them entirely. Regarding the thread, you could private-message a mod to move it, but it's probably quicker just to post a new thread in the NSFW forum with...
  10. Aoinfinity

    Your Way Is Not My Way (Original/Wuxia)

    So that you're aware, you did not in fact post this in the NSFW section. This is the public Questing section. That probably has more to do with the lack of replies so far than anything else; sadly, quests in this part of QQ tend to be stillborn. I do very much like what I see here, and I hope...
  11. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)

    So, if you're familiar with 13 Sentinels, it should be clear by now that the main character is Tomi Kisaragi, who we're joining just as she sees a Sentinel for the first time and incidentally meets Juro. And if you're familiar with the Waifu Catalog it should be clear that she's accidentally...
  12. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)
    Threadmarks: Prologue part 3

    A light brought my attention back up to the strange metal object. A blue light was now glowing from some big knoblike protrusion on its front, bigger than my head. Was this… whatever-it-is still powered? Megumi saw it too. “A light? And it’s moving?” she asked, clearly having trouble believing...
  13. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)
    Threadmarks: Prologue part 2

    Heading Home Satsuki Pond Park, 2024 After that point, it was a normal day at school like any other. Well, the rain was annoying, though. I hadn’t really noticed while school was going on, but when I cut through the park on the way home from school, the dirt path had turned to thick brown mud...
  14. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)

    You know, I thought that by putting the header in invisitext it was at least possible that it wouldn't be noticed right away. Well spotted! Edit: So, if anyone still feels like guessing things, the name of the main character might be guessable right now, although the to-be-revealed title of...
  15. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)

    The title of this work is under wraps for now and will be revealed in the "opening credits" after the prologue, along with the primary setting. If anyone guesses the setting before that point, they get a virtual cookie and my eternal congratulations. If anyone also guesses the title before...
  16. Aoinfinity

    ?? ??????????? (13 Sentinels/Waifu Catalog)
    Threadmarks: FuAQ

    Q: What is a FuAQ? A: It stands for Frequently Unasked Questions. Q: Why have a FuAQ and not a FAQ? A: Because it's misleading. Many of the questions in a typical story or quest FAQ were never actually asked by anyone, but the author felt like answering them anyway. Q: If it's "Frequently...