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[Freeform] Black Mesa Inbound

Discussion in 'PbP OOC' started by Flameal15k, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. Flameal15k

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    May 16, 200X: At 9:00AM, an experiment on a sample acquired from the border world known as Xen triggers a Resonance Cascade, resulting in forces from the borderworld invading the Black Mesa Research facility, which soon devolves into a five-way battle between two US Military forces, the Black Mesa staff, the alien invaders from Xen, and a second group of aliens known only as Race X.

    Of course, no one was expecting a sixth party to intervene to contain the disaster. Or for a few others to accidentally get pulled from their home universes into this mess.

    This is their story.


    Greetings! Welcome to Black Mesa Inbound!

    This RP is, similarly to my other major RP on this site, Far From Home, considered a portion of the Conquestverse, my shared universe following my Planetary Annihilation SI, Conquest In The Name of Advancement. IN NO WAY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT STORY TO PLAY THIS ONE. Especially here, since that story is pretty much dead on QQ.

    The focus of this story is simple: you are one of those involved in the Black Mesa Incident, be it as a member of Black Mesa, the HECU, the HECU Black Ops detachment, free Vortigaunts, or members of Race X. While eah faction has different personal goals, the overall goal is the same: survive the Black Mesa Incident.

    Additional PCs can be OC characters from another universe who got sucked in for whatever reason (make up an excuse).

    Strictly speaking, I would like the following slots to be filled out before adding any additional players:

    1 Black Mesa Scientist
    1 Black Mesa Security Guard
    1 Black Mesa maitenance Staff member
    4 HECU soldiers (codename Fireteam Daedalus)

    1 HECU Black Ops detachment (female only)
    2 Vortigaunts
    1 Shock Trooper (Race X)
    2 random characters from other universes

    Of the roles that have already been filled, there is/are:
    1 member of Fireteam Daedalus

    The RP will not start until I players for the bolded characters have been selected.

    Ground rules:

    No meta-playing. You control your character.

    You cannot stop Black Mesa from being destroyed. The G-Man has a vested interest in removing it, so you are SOL here.

    Interaction with major characters from the Half Life universe is forbidden outside very specific circumstances. For example, you can say hi to Gordon or Barney during their tram rides. Major characters include Gordon, Barney, Eli, Kleiner, and Magnusson. Alyx is also here, but she's still a kid.

    You are considered to have "won", if such a thing can be applied here, if you escape the facility before it is nuked.

    Other notes:

    RP is planned to start sometime on August 30th, though if there aren’t enough players by then it will be delayed until the minimum number of desired players is met.

    Don't be a dick.

    Some discussion for this game will be held on discord. Link is at the bottom of this post.

    This RP will solely be hosted on SB. This is merely an interest check and OOC thread for those that might not notice otherwise. Link to main thread is here:

    [URL unfurl="true"]https://discord.gg/cyz4Fe3[/URL]