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Did you hear that more Problem Children are co-they are who?! (Mondaiji/Multicross) (DEAD)

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Originally posted on Spacebattles...


That is not dead which can eternal lie
Apr 24, 2013
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Originally posted on Spacebattles: https://forums.spacebattles.com/thr...re-co-they-are-who-mondaiji-multicross.396871

Soon on Sufficient Velocity too.

Summary: In which the Fantasy Killer, an impartial Non-Equal and a young King of Heroes band together in a new world. Little Garden will not know what hit it.

Author's notes: actually, I am not very happy with both the title and the summary. If you have suggestions for alternative ones...?


A girl walked down a beautifully ornate hall that looked like it belonged to an ancient castle at the height of its splendor, her boot-encased feet softly pacing over a red carpet like a celebrity. The girl has long, pure white hair tied in a ponytail by a black tiara-like hair ornament, her eyes and upper part of the face covered by a black and white opera mask. She was wearing a white, formal dress decorated by silver armor with a sword sheathed on her left side and a shield over her left forearm.

Her true name was a secret only known by a few, herself included, so for everyone else she was simply known as Faceless. She was a knight in the service of Queen Halloween, the personification of the sun of Celtic Myth and one of the strongest beings of Little Garden, a secluded world where gods, demons, spirits and mortals with special skills played divine games among themselves. In short, it was a divine playground.

The ornate door at the end of the hall swung open by itself as Faceless approached, allowing the knight to walk into the room unobstructed. The room had a simple, homely feel to it with spotless cream-colored walls and ceiling. The only examples of furniture were a desk with a chair behind it, a bookcase filled with documents and a strange altar made of smooth white marble, save for the uppermost part which was covered by a thick, black plate with rectangular-shaped spaces carved into it.

Sitting on the chair behind the desk was a young man wearing a tuxedo, fidgeting nervously while staring at an old rotary dial telephone with apprehension. However at Faceless' appearance he stood up and greeted her with a smile.

"Good evening Faceless-sama. How can I help you?"

"Good evening. Before that, is something worrying you?"

Faceless' reply was delivered in a laconic and proud manner which fit her knightly appearance, though it also made her sound a little cold. At her inquiry the young man appeared embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. It's just that, my wife is pregnant and the doctor said there are good probabilities she will give birth tonight. You see, it's our first child."

"Congratulations. In that case you can go home early today, after doing a last task."

She handed him three letters, the corners having a visually appealing swirl design that drew attention to the symbol at the center of the note.

"Ah, more Summoning Letters. I take I must select the candidates myself? I ask because the last three were handled by Her Majesty herself."

"The last three were a special case. Those can undergo the usual process of random selection."

"I understand Faceless-sama, I'll immediately get to work. Have a good day."

"Have a good day."

Faceless went back through the way she came, while the young man gave a last bow to his departing superior before going to work. Taking each letter he carefully put them inside the rectangular-shaped spaces of the black plate, the two fitting perfectly. After doing so he muttered a short incantation, causing a glowing roulette route covered with runes to appear on the surface of the marble. He selected the rune corresponding to the number '3' before applying a strong spin to the route with a smooth movement of his fingers. The spell was mostly automatic, making random selections from a list of names compiled by many gods that possessed precognition-type abilities, each name corresponding to a being across the multiverse that was observed to possess a special ability, a Gift.

The young man looked over the process with a calm born of familiarity, but just as the selected three names were about to be chosen the telephone rang. Irrationally fearing for his family he ran to answer, but as he listened his expression swiftly morphed from fearful to joyful.

"T-The waters broke? Already?! Stay calm Honey, I'm coming right now!"

Seeing that the roulette route stopped, meaning the names have been selected, he hastily sealed each letter into an envelope and bolted out of the room, where he would leave the letters to a colleague for delivery to the respective recipient before hurrying to his wife's side.

Never once did he looked at the names that appeared on the black plate and the envelopes once he sealed the letters inside them. If he had, but only in the first case, he would have seen something next to them, a symbol that would have forced him to overcome his desire to immediately reunite with his family and start the selection process again.

Said symbol was a red triangle with three 'S' inside it.

Among the list of Gift possessors compiled by the gods there were some they were forced to add due to how their powers worked, but also marked in a certain way to warn those consulting the list that under no circumstance those beings could be allowed into Little Garden, and if chosen they must be replaced by another, non-marked name. The reason was simple.

Each marked being, for a number of reasons, was judged as a factor that could potentially throw Little Garden into utter chaos and undermine the status quo, beyond even the wishes and authorities of the highest ranking gods. Each mark had from one to three 'S' to indicate its danger level:

A single 'S' was a threat that could revolutionize three of the outermost layers of Little Garden.

Two 'S' was a threat that could lead to the reshaping of six of the outermost layers of Little Garden, leaving only the central one untouched.

Three 'S' was a legendary threat that by its very presence could potentially destroy the entire Little Garden and lead to the End of The World. The Apocalypse. Ragnarok.

The symbol with three 'S' appeared next to each of the three names.


Inside a Japanese classroom a girl was sitting cross-legged on the teacher desk with a bored expression. She was a very pretty girl, with dark brown eyes and very long dark brown hair tied up with two yellow ribbons. She was wearing a sailor uniform comprised of a light pink shirt with a dark red trim and a matching dark red skirt, two pink wristbands and thigh high black socks. There was a name written on her shoes.

"This is so boring. Now that Iihiko is dead it stands to reason the effects of his power would disappear like with the others and let me leave this place. Yet it's been years and the seal hasn't weakened yet."

The girl muttered those words before sighing. It was not the first time she had to spend a great amount of time alone with nothing to do, but due to recent events she has grown used to being among quirky individuals that were fun to watch so her current boredom was especially unbearable.

"What to do...a game of poker against a super-lucky me, maybe two? Or trying to make the highest card castle in the world? What was the record, seven meters and-uh?"

The girl stopped in her monologue upon seeing something out of the ordinary. Said something was a sealed envelope sitting innocently on the desk in front of her. Her eyes narrowed at the sight. The reason the letter was something out of the ordinary was because the reason for its presence wasn't herself: despite being sealed the miniature world consisting of a classroom was under her total control and nothing save what she allowed of could happen inside of it. Therefore the presence of the letter didn't make sense.

The girl's name was written on the envelope's surface:

To Najimi Ajimu

Ajimu, or Anshin'in as she prefered to be called, smiled as an excited glint appeared in her eyes. Reaching for the envelope she took it in her hands, broke the seal and started reading the contents:

"This letter is for those of you with many troubles and extraordinary powers. If you wish to see how far that power of yours can take you, then cast aside your friends, your family, your possessions and come to our Little Garden."

"Fufufu. Such an interesting challenge. Very well Mysterious Letter-kun, I accept your challenge!"

At her words a sudden, brilliant white light enveloped her. When it dissipated the classroom was empty.


Reclining lazily in the grass a young boy sighed contentedly from his spot under the shade of a large tree. It was a pleasant summer's day, warm but not overly so and just humid enough to make everything hazy and sleepy. The boy had golden hair like the sun itself, and the type of charming appearance that prevented males from thinking badly of him and tempted females both young and old into committing a crime. He was wearing a short-sleeved purple shirt with a golden trim under a white jacket, stylish camo pants and white sneakers.

A soft breeze ruffled his clothing, the blond boy's ears twitching as the faint rustle of paper carried over to him. Opening one eyelid, revealing a crimson like blood eye, he watched a white envelope do a double summersault through the air before landing perfectly in the middle of his chest.


Pulling himself up into a sloppy sitting position the boy grabbed the envelope and looked it over. The back was blank but when he flipped it over his own name was written onto the surface.

To Gilgamesh

"Definitely not from Tohsaka-san or one of the others, they know I don't like being addressed like that. Maybe Saber-chan is feeling exceptionally formal today?"

With care he slipped his finger under the flap and pulled it open, finding a letter inside with the following text:

"This letter is for those of you with many troubles and extraordinary powers. If you wish to see how far that power of yours can take you, then cast aside your friends, your family, your possessions and come to our Little Garden."

"An unusual offer. But there is power behind those words, great and ancient. Eeh, why not? Things have become so dull after the end of Heaven's Feel. Count me in."

At his words a sudden, brilliant white light enveloped him. When it dissipated the field was empty.


The boy stared warily at the envelope sitting on the table of his living room, not having moved a muscle after returning home and catching sight of it. Aside from spiky black hair, the boy had normal black eyes and looked like an ordinary high school student. He was wearing a black, winter-style school uniform he kept open, showing the orange T-shirt underneath it.

The boy's name was written on the envelope's surface:

To Kamijou Touma

"Did someone broke into my apartment? The lock worked normally and the window is still closed and without signs of tampering, but in this City it doesn't mean anything. Geez, it's a good thing Index and Sphinx are back to Necessarius for a vacation..."

Grumbling with unhappiness Touma began to reach with his right hand to the letter before rethinking his decision and withdrawing it. Instead he picked up a knife, a spoon and pliers from the kitchen. Holding down the envelope with the spoon he cut open the seal with the knife and slowly took out the letter within with the pliers until he could read the contents:

"This letter is for those of you with many troubles and extraordinary powers. If you wish to see how far that power of yours can take you, then cast aside your friends, your family, your possessions and come to our Little Garden."

Instantly the boy crossed his arms, forming a 'X'. There was a scowl on his face.

"Nope! No way! Nu-uh! Completely and utterly rejected! This smells of trouble a mile away! I just came back from the hospital after having almost died! Again I might add! Do you know how weird is it that the number of times I found myself forced into a possible world-ending plot this year is greater than the number of exams I passed? This Kamijou refuses to agree on something so seedy!"

Having shed all indecisions the boy reached with his right hand to crumble the letter and toss it into the trashcan. However, the moment his fingertips brushed against the paper there was a sound of shattering glass before a sudden and brilliant white light exploded out of it.

The boy had time to say a single word:

"Fukoda!" ("Such misfortune!")

Before he disappeared from the apartment.


Author's notes 2: I am trying to give this story a Light Novel-like feeling, albeit one correctly translated. Since it is an experiment I would appreciate if you could point out any error so I can avoid them in the future.
Part 1.1
Following the release of brilliant white light the two boys and one girl instinctively closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes again Ajimu and the blond boy found themselves 4000 meters up in the air before they started to fall. The very next instant there was another, if weaker, flash of light and a sound like breaking glass before Touma was launched sideway out of said flash.

Even while suffering from the pressure of falling, they all had similar thoughts about the situation and said mostly the same words while letting out a collective gasp of amazement at the landscape before their eyes.

"Where the hell is this?!"

An entirely foreign scenery unfolded before their eyes. Beneath them was a mountain range stretching far, far into the distance to the point their eyes couldn't perceive the end of it. At the horizon a steep fall could be seen presenting an abrupt ending to the world. In front of them was an unknown, fully covered city. An immeasurably long wall separated the mountain range from what looked like an uncountable number of tent-like buildings. Each one was a perfect circle with a domed covering, the thing almost looking like a mammoth, earth-green circus tent. While varying slightly in size from one to another, these things reached out to the horizon to meet up with what had to be the biggest mountain in existence, so huge it confused their sense of scale. Clouds milled around the base of it while the main body rose hundreds of kilometres into the air, a radiant beam of light shooting up into the sky from the tip of it and disappearing into space.

However, awe eventually left place to a sense of urgency when they realized their landing point was going to be a large canyon, a river filled with circular green rocks at the bottom. Beside the low probability of landing in the water, at the velocity they were falling the impact with the water would be strong enough to break their bones and crush their insides. Touma had it even worse, as his anomalous angle of entrance into this new world sent him not towards the river but the canyon's walls full of jagged rocks, a fact he was aware of since his screams of terror doubled in volume.

Ajimu remained calm, fully aware that such a fall wasn't enough to even inflict 1 HP of damage to her. But being totally passive didn't suit her, so instead she activated four Skills: a Skill to lower her descending speed, a Skill to prevent the wind from changing her trajectory, a Skill to negate Newton's Third Law in case she landed on a rock and a Skill that let her walk on water in case she landed on the river. Using those Skills the free-fall became a smooth glide, Ajimu landing gracefully like a feather on the water's surface without sinking.

Falling like dead weight didn't sit well with the blond boy either. Two golden portals came into existence around his legs, followed by two exquisitely decorated metal bands appearing around his ankles. Wing-like projections came out of the metal bands and like the real things allowed the boy to turn the free-falling into a smooth flight, descending in a spiral pattern before stopping before touching the water and hovering above its surface next to Ajimu.

The two exchanged curious glances, sizing up each other, before a new scream reminded them of the third members of their umprompt group. They looked up in the air to see what was happening.

Touma was dreadfully aware of the fact that landing on the canyon's jagged walls meant a brutal, certain demise. Landing on the water wasn't much better, but at least it offered him a chance to survive long enough to receive medical assistance. Not that he would bet on it even a single yen considering his infamous track record with unfortunate events, but he had to at least try. Remembering something about lessons on air resistance he started to swim breaststroke in mid air, hoping to move himself above the river in time.

However, due to his panic and haste to survive he failed to notice something else moving in the sky. Said something was a bird the size of a grown-up man flying in a relaxed manner, suggesting it failed to register the panicked teenage's presence too. So, when their paths crossed, the inevitable happened and the two loudly collided with one other.


"W-What the wing?!"

Due to the impact the two were sent into an aerial stumble, Touma instinctively wrapping his arms around the bird's neck. The two of them ended up face to face.

"A giant bird?!"

"A hairless monkey?!"

Their eyes bulged.

""IT TALKS!!""

Both of them yelled at the same time. Then they noticed that like a missile launched at full speed they were in direct collision route with the river's surface and yelled even louder. The bird flapped his wings furiously and managed to slow down their descent, but nonetheless the boy and the bird ended up entering the water with a fair sized splash.

"I'm giving a six out of ten."

"Just a six? Since it was improvised they deserve at least a seven."

Meanwhile Ajimu and the blond boy commented on the scene like it was a comedy sketch on TV.

Touma emerged from the water with a gasp and swimmed to a nearby rock to pull himself out. On the other side the giant bird did the same, shaking his whole body to remove the water before taking flight again, yelling curses all over.

"Who is the madman who drop people from the sky without even a warning?! I almost died there! I seriously risked to die!"

Touma muttered angrily while wringing the water out of his clothes. Casting his gaze around he noticed Ajimu and the blond boy, blinking at the display of flight and water floating but deciding to not comment on it yet. Instead he asked:

"Uhm, I don't want to be rude, but are you the ones who pulled me here?

"I did not such thing. I, too, found myself falling from the sky without a warning."

"Same here. Just to be sure, did you two also received a letter asking you to come to a place called 'Little Garden', which I suppose is where we currently are?"

"Hai hai! This Anshin'in was bored, so she accepted the challenge! By the way my full name is Najimi Ajimu, but please use my fabulous nickname Anshin'in when talking to me."

"What a coincidence: I also accepted the challenge because of boredom. I guess you can call me Gil. Just Gil."

Ajimu made a peace sign while winking and Gil raised a hand in greeting, but Touma just groaned in despair.

"What the hell? No, I am not criticizing your reasons for accepting, but unlike you I refused. Yet I was sent here all the same! This is clearly a kidnapping!"

"Oh? Then that letter was going to pull me here regardless of my answer? The nerve of some people, but I got the result I wanted so it's okay. I guess you're just unlucky Onii-san."

"Aaah, sadly being unlucky is a common occurrence for me. I am Kamijou Touma. The circumstances aren't the best, but nice to meet you."
Part 1.2
"Since we have ascertained neither of us is responsible for our presence here and we're all in the same boat there is little sense in remaining in this place, don't you think so? I expected to meet someone who would explain about the 'Little Garden' that was mentioned in the invitation, but we're the only ones here. Since we saw a city in the distance I propose we go there: where there is a city there are people, and if there are people we can gain answers from them."

"I also sense no one else in the vicinity. It is possible our recent experience was a test of sort and to complete it we must reach the city. I agree with Onee-san's plan."

Ajimu proposed and Gil agreed. Touma frowned, realizing the possible large distance they had to walk to reach that impossibly long wall, but ultimately found Ajimu's plan the only possible option to take.

"We better start moving immediately then. Judging from the sun's position we have four or five hours before sunset. We don't know what kind of wild animals and other dangers exist on those mountains so it's imperative we cover as much ground as possible while there is still light to see."

The other two nodded in agreement. In truth neither of them feared the dangers of the wild and each had a method to clear the distance to the city in very little time. However they each had a reason to take it slowly: Ajimu wanted to see more of this unknown new world while Gil, unlike his older self, was just reluctant to use part of his treasure without a good reason.

The odd group of two high-school students and one elementary-school student moved to the river's shore and began to walk in the direction they saw the insanely huge city. The left the canyon and entered a valley between two mountains covered by a forest.


"Ooh, another damaged branch fell off just in time to collide with Onii-san's head."

"That's the twelfth one in twenty minutes. Impressive."

That was a common occurrence. No matter what he did, Touma would periodically suffer from unfortunate incidents: he would trip on a root nobody noticed, branches would fall on his head with unerring accuracy, he would step on animal's droppings and also get assaulted by squirrels mysteriously confusing him for food.

"Please don't treat this Kamijou's misfortune like a talent show..."

Touma pleaded with tears in his eyes. The worst part was that Ajimu and Gil seemed genuinely impressed instead of trying to mock him so he didn't have the strength to be mad at them.

"Ah ah, my apologies. Here, have this as compensation."

Another golden portal appeared in front of Gil. Putting a hand inside he withdrew a canned drink and offered it to Touma. The black-haired boy's eyebrows rose at the display of a strange ability but still accepted the canned drink.

"Gil-kun, can I ask you a question? Are you a magician? This and the wings of before are two different abilities so you cannot be an Esper."

"Uhm, I know a few things about Espers, enough to say I cannot be classified as one. However the terminology you used tells me there is something we overlooked. Say Touma-oniisan, who is a magician to you?"

"Eh? It's someone who use magic."

"I see. And what's magic to you?"

Touma scratched the back of his head, not in irritation but rather confusion.

"What's with those questions, geez...I'm just an unrelated person who had to fight with and against magicians due to certain reasons so I know very little. I know a guy that can toss fireballs, create swords out of fire and use something called 'Opila Rune' to make normal people stay away from a certain place. Then things like blasts of air, healing and animating stone statues. This enough?"

"Yes, thank you. As I thought, where I come from those examples you told me are not called magic but rather magecraft."

"Is there a difference?"

"A very big one. Magecraft is about creating effects that can, with enough time and resources, be replicated by science. For example you can obtain the same result of a fireball with a flamethrower. Magic instead refers to miracles that are considered impossible, like resurrection of the dead and time travel."

Touma nodded slowly to show he understood, while Ajimu was deep in thought.

"I think I get it. Touma-kun, where are you from? And where did you hear of Espers?"

"Eh? I am a student of Academy City, though I am just a Level 0. It's where I learn about Esper abilities since, apart from natural born ones, it's the only place that know how to artificially create them. Isn't that common knowledge?"

"It is not, since I never heard of Academy City before. Where is it?"

"Never heard of Academy City before? Naji-"

"Please call me by my nickname, Anshin'in-san."

"Yeah, yeah. Anshin'in-san, it's Academy City: you know, place with technology thirty years ahead of the rest of the world? Occupying a large area of the Tokyo section? Separated by a large wall with restricted access and it is its own sovereign state? Ring a bell?"

"None whatsoever!"

Ajimu replied cheerfully. Touma stared speechless. And Gil found confirmation to his supposition.

"I understand now. We weren't just transported to a different world, but each one of us come from a different, if similar world."

"Different but similar? Are you talking about parallel worlds?"

"Yes. Touma-oniisan isn't lying and there is no way a magus, an user of magecraft, would call themselves a magician even in jest. And a place called Academy City doesn't exist in my world. This means you come from a different world where a different terminology is used."

"I also come from a different world. Touma-kun, I am right in assuming an Esper for you is someone with a special ability? And from your words I also assume natural Espers are rare?"

"Yes to both. More than two million people live in Academy City, and 80% of them are students that underwent the Power Curriculum Program to unlock their Esper abilities. I heard only fifty natural born Espers exist."

"More than one million and half of special ability users? My my, it even makes the Flask Plan look like an amateur's attempt."

"Flask Plan?"

"An old thing without relevance now."

Ajimu shrugged. She didn't regret the Flask Plan and felt no shame in talking about it, but at that moment there was something a lot more interesting that held her attention.

"In my world there are rare humans who are born with a special ability, called Abnormality or Skill. They are classified as Plus if they are positive and the holder search to master them, or as Minus if instead they are negative and cause, or just worsen, a mental derangement in the holder's mind. Some of them have magic-like effects and even control a force some people defined as 'Magic', but it is not something you can learn from a Skill Book or Levelling Up. There is no organization of magic users in my world."

Touma's head was starting to hurt due to the exposition to so many new concepts. He wanted to say how their current situation looked like it came straight out of a manga and complain about his misfortune, but suddenly something happened.

"Trespassers. And humans at that: how daring of you."

The mysterious voice didn't have a discernible origin and seemed to come from everywhere. Then the earth started to shake.

No, Gil realized: rather than the earth itself shaking the vibrations were caused by the trees around them, and their roots, suddenly moving as if alive. Like snakes the wood of the trees flowed and gathered in a single point before a new shape rose as if standing up from kneeling.

The huge body over 10 meters tall was completely made of wood and also had leaves and moss growing out of it. While its lower half ended in tentacle-like vines the rest of its body had a humanoid shape and even a humanoid face, eyes and mouth being holes with blue light glowing within.

Despite the fearsome appearance Gil and Ajimu were completely relaxed and looked at the living tree with curiosity. Touma was the only one to prepare for a possible fight, raising his right hand like a shield.

"Humans. This is my dominion. You don't have permission to be here."

"Ah, sorry sorry! We are lost and trying to reach that really big city we saw in the distance. Please forgive us."

Gil apologized with a smile and a raised hand.

"Lost? Mmh, I find it hard to believe that humans would get lost so deep in the [Edge of the World]. I think you're lying."

The being promptly shot down their excuse. They heard eerie moans from the forest around them laughing and mocking them. Touma moved his hand around to ward off possible attacks, but none came. Instead the moans changed into screams of fear before they fell silent.

"We're not lying, we told you the truth. I am even willing to do Pinkie Promise! This Anshin'in-san never lies."

Anshin'in-san said with a beautiful, pure smile and her pinkie extended.

"Perhaps you are telling the truth. Perhaps you're not. Nonetheless you are still guilty of trespassing. However I'm willing to offer you a chance to avoid punishment. Clear the challenge issued by me, the God of this Forest, and I will allow you to walk away. Fail, and your punishment will double."

The Forest God arrogantly explained his conditions, hoping to unnerve the humans. Instead he got a whole different reaction from each of them.

"A real god?!"

"Are you sure you are a god? You look too weak to be one."

"First magic is real, then Angels and now Gods? What's next, Santa Claus?!"

Ajimu had stars in her eyes.

Gil was skeptical.

Touma was bemoaning the further shattering of his worldview.

"I-Insolent brats! Not only you doubt my claims, you even have the galls to call me weak?!"

"True you don't look very impressive. But I'm willing to give you a chance."

"I stand by my belief you are just a Tree Spirit with a big ego."

"I honestly don't care. Feel free to call yourself whatever you like."


The Forest God howled in rage.

"Never, in my four hundred years of life, I have been insulted so much! I was going to give you a fair chance but forget it! I'll be your opponent myself! Defeat me or perish!"

"Ara, he's angry."

"Of course he is, you were mocking him."

"You were mocking him too Touma-oniisan."

"Ah? What part of what I said was mocking? Such misfortune."

"If you don't mind I would like to fight him alone. I want to see what a God is capable of."

"Not a God, but be my guest."

"Eh, if you're sure I'll trust you Anshin'in-san."

The three discussed before reaching an agreement. With a smile Ajimu walked closer to the Forest God who was looking at her disdainfully.

"Such arrogance, to believe you can take on me alone. Even when being together you humans are no better than annoying bu-"

"Alright! You look tough so I'm starting with one hundred Martial Arts Skills!"


It happened in barely one second. Ajimu disappeared from her previous position and reappeared mid air in front of the Forest God, her arms delivering thousand of strikes to the God's body. Without even the chance to react the Forest God was crushed, cut, torn apart and many other types of damage. The force of the ferocious, merciless attack sent him flying backward before landing down on the ground.

He didn't get up.

"Ara. That was a difficult fight. I have to concede it to him, I was very close to losing."


This is the list of Skills used by Ajimu during the fight:

Beginner's Hard Luck (たどたどしい拳, Bigināzu Hādo Rakku): Make defense impossible skill.

Double Flower (両手に花, Daburu Furawā): Changing dominant hand skill.

Very Short Range (末端距離走, Berī Shōto Renji): Understanding distance skill.

Like Love Law (殴愛, Raiku Rabu Rō): Caress skill.

Reverse Cover (毛頭に戻る, Ribāsu Kabā): Damage canceling skill.

Weight Control (散重心, Ueito Kontorōru): Distribute body weight skill.

Pinhole Shot (人の一刺し, Pinhōru Shotto): Vital strike skill.

Thousand Legs (足並みを揃える, Sauzando Reggusu): Step technique skill.

Hue Match Point (人間的特異点, Hyū Macchi Pointo): Releasing the limiter skill.

Fake Hand (手品師の左手, Feiku Hando): Feint skill.

Plot Fight (知識の方向, Purotto Faito): Predict the opponent's moves skill.

Hurdle Accel (威力細胞害, Hādoru Ekuseru): Shifting power skill.

Running Back (背中這わせ, Rāningu Bakku): Taking the backside skill.

I Fall Down (誰かさんが転んだ, Ai Fāru Daun): Kinetic vision improvement skill.

Just Meat (肉体言語, Jasuto Mīto): Expressing feelings with fists skill.

Non-Stop House (溜息呵成, Nonsutoppu Hausu): Turbulent strike skill.

180 Defense (玄人肌視, Wan Eiti Difensu): Understanding through experience skill.

Wall Poster (肩肘貼らない, Wāru Posutā): Walk on walls skill.

Accountability (節明責任, Akauntabiriti): Counter skill.

Kill Me Blow (痛信内臓, Kiru Mī Burō): Penetrating fist skill.

Crash Pain (遺体損壊, Kurasshu Pein): No pain skill.

Spin-Off Set (手回し蹴り, Supin'ofu Setto): Rotation skill.

Physical Defrag (生理整頓, Fijikaru Difuragu): Body optimization skill.

Eye Code (識蔑視,Ai Kōdo): See all of the opponent skill.

Science Defense (護神経, Saiensu Difensu): Strengthening nerves skill.

Omit Heart (疲れない心臓, Omitto Hāto): Second wind skill.

Three Force (散肺貰い, Surī Fōsu): Triple experience boost skill.

Hitting Song (殴援歌, Hittingu Songu): Punching song skill.

Cheer Fighters (闘士の翼賛, Chia Faitāzu): Flying skill.

Critical Five (五感性, Kuritikaru Faibu): Stealing the opponent's senses skill.

Damage Harness (一手故意, Damēji Hānesu): Deliberately receive damage skill.

Monitor Checker Flag (開闢六十度の視界, Monitā Chekkā Furaggu): Removing blind spot skill.

Lockdown (無忌味な激励, Rokkudaun): Downing ban skill.

Ad-Balloon Attack (一方的な一撃, Ado Barūn Atakku): Impossible to counterattack skill.

Noble (歯擦無し, Nōburu): Impossible to miss skill.

Trust Battle (一対一体, Torasuto Batoru): Forced duel skill.

Patch Test (痛い系, Pacchi Tesuto): Inflict pain without damage skill.

Deep Rope (深い絞殺, Dīpu Rōpu): Anaerobic exercise skill.

No Look Shoot (眼を閉じれば見えるもの, Nō Rukku Shūto): Fighting without sight skill.

Winder (常勝理由, Uindā): Air battle skill.

Death Swimming (反溺死, Desuimingu): Water fighting skill.

Peek Out Fool (馬鹿者には限度がない, Pīku Auto Fūru): Exceeding limits skill.

Heart Control (ご随意に, Hāto Kontorōru): Controlling the heart beat skill.

Running System (免疫効果, Rāningu Shisutemu): Once hit will not be hit again skill.

No Risk No Return High Touch High End (この手に得るものなし, この手から消えるものもなし, Nō Risuku Nō Ritān Hai Tacchi Hai Endo): Doubling power by abandoning rewards skill.

Pyramid Knuckle (不利用塞拳, Piramiddo Nakkuru): Gaining power from your opponent skill.

Sailor Same (同時情映, Sērā Seimu): Taking the same damage as the target skill.

Before Morning (鎧袖一食, Bifō Mōningu): Whole body attack skill.

Hit Maker (猛打傷, Hitto Mēkā): Combo skill.

Bashing Passion (精神叩き, Basshingu Passhon): Spirit punching skill.

Short Short (短気決戦, Shōto Shōto): The battle won't drag on skill.

Interval (小臼歯, Intābaru): Power charge skill.

Illegal (禁じ手, Irīgaru): Technique sealing skill.

Aim Core (照準核, Eimu Koa): Aiming skill.

Slice Knuckle (薄霧拳, Suraisu Nakkuru): Cutting with the fists skill.

Hand Shake Truce (拳闘の仲直り, Hando Sheiku Turūsu): Draw avoidance skill.

Miss Anger Stand (奇想憤慨, Misu Angā Sutando): Impossible to predict hit skill.

See You Damage (傷跡はよろしく, Shī Yū Damēji): Substitute skill.

Mad Sensor (緩覚器, Maddo Sensā): Opponent appears to be moving slowly skill.

Alternate Regulation (反則指定, Arutanēto Regyurēshon): Fair play skill.

Service Ace (先出しじゃんけん, Sābisu ēsu): First move skill.

Dressing Damage (命に別状がないだけ, Doresshingu Damēji): Leaving after-effect skill.

Best Bout (真拳勝負, Besuto Bauto): Bring out enemy's full power skill.

My Inflation (髪展途上, Mai Infurēshon): The stronger the enemy is, the stronger the user is skill.

Dancing Escape (反射舞踊, Danshingu Esukēpu): Emergency evacuation skill.

Disk Bury Code (御身透視, Disuku Barī Kōdo): Understanding strategy skill.

Route Selection (足しげく通う, Rūto Serekushon): Instant movement skill.

Missile To Pause (身じろぎひとつ, Misuru Tu Pōzu): Stopping movement skill.

Triple Necrotic (壊死三倍化, Toripuru Nekurotikku): Take extra damage and return three times damage skill.

Stoic Pro (胃袋叩き, Sutoikku Purō): Increasing fighting will with each hit skill.

Condition Bon Bon (条件付き掌理, Kondishon Bon Bon): Set rules for the fight skill.

Satellite Camp (陣考衛星, Sateraito Kyanpu): Commanding view skill.

I Can Cancel (私だけは待ったあり, Ai Kyan Kyanseru): Cancel an attack that has happened before skill.

Doctor Against (非学者論に負けず, Dokutāgeinsuto): Ignore physics skill.

Rush Hour (怒突合, Rasshu Awā): Increase fighting spirit skill.

Silent Ninja (忍び体, Sairento Ninja): Make attack sounds vanish skill.

Perspective Revenger (こっちが殴ったら終わり, Pāsupekutibu Ribenjā): Revenge skill.

Credit Damage (痕払い, Kurejitto Damēji): Make damage into debt skill.

Usable (お前が使え, Yūzunaburu): Switch techniques skill.

Counter Snipe (反撃必殺, Kauntā Sunaipu): Fight back skill.

Heel And Toe (手ですることを足でする, Hīru Ando Tō): Specialized footwork skill.

Future Practice (精進はまた今度, Fyūcha Purakutisu): Training loan skill.

Suicide Action (絞首交態, Sūsaido): Change defense power to offense power skill.

Pangaea Crusher (五大陸満足, Pangea Kurassha): Continent crushing skill.

Iron Maiden Race (体休紐, Aian Meiden Rēsu): Toughness skill.

Mistaker (毛砕欠陥, Misuteikā): Precision strike skill.

Style Keep Out (間髪相容れず, Sutairu Kīpu Auto): Surprise attack skill.

Hu-Lip (人唇, Hyū Rippu): Relax skill.

Traffic Serious (意識不明の渋滞, Torafikku Shiriasu): Too much trouble skill.

Invisible Lamp (停視信号, Inbishiburu Ranpu): Invisible hit skill.

Morphing Ghost (理想像, Mōfingu Gōsuto): Show only your best moves skill.

Clever Headbutt (賢者の石頭, Kurebā Heddobatto): Headbutt skill.

Stand Distant Blow (怨敵は遠くにありて殴るもの, Sutando Disutanto Burō): Far hit skill.

Mosquito Gate (痛痒門, Mosukitō Gēto): It won't hurt but it will itch when hit skill.

Exciting Memory (人生経験段, Ekisaitingu Memorī): Use all previous opponent's techniques skill.

Auranizer (雰囲気者, ōrānaizā): The ability to see aura skill.

Receive Dockings (とっておきの王技, Rishību Dokingusu): Making a skill secret skill.

Miracle Reflection (奇跡は佝度でも, Mirakuru Rifurekushon): Fluke reproduction skill.

Simple Decide (あっけない決まり手, Shinpuru Disaido): Conclusion skill.

Reject Loser (負け犬お断り, Rijekuto Rūzā): Will not receive a rematch skill.
Part 1.3
"Wow. That battle was so one-sided, it redefined the meaning of one-sided battle."

"So she has super-strength. Now I know pissing her off will end horribly for me."

"By the way Touma-oniisan, I was surprised you didn't offer to fight in place of Anshin'in-oneesan. Isn't that what you call a man's honor?"

"I live in a place where even children can have the power to blow up a tank. There is actually a middle school girl who like to shoot lightning bolts at me and can summon storms. I would have stepped in if Anshin'in-san was scared, in clear difficulty or hurt, but when a girl stands up to a 10 meters tall giant with confidence I am going to assume she knows what she's doing."

"I see, how refreshing. I know a guy who has a hero complex and doesn't hesitate to change head first into danger when it comes to protect people, even if said people are stronger than him and complete strangers."

"You're describing an anime protagonist wannabe. This Kamijou Touma is a totally normal person with no flashy or useful powers. Of course I will help if someone is in trouble, but I will not reject help offered to me or get in the way of those more qualified. That's just common sense."

Touma shrugged at Gil's comment. Despite possessing Imagine Breaker, a mysterious power that was a good counter against other supernatural powers, he remained a normal high school student with some knowledge of street fighting and a bigger than normal stamina. He could win in a one-to-one fight and hold his own in a two-to-one but he will certainly lose in a three-to-one. In that case it was better for the problem to be handled by someone else with more suitable powers or competences. He would still interfere if he was the only one who could or if there were special circumstances but he didn't make an habit out of it.

"What a bust. You were right Gil-kun, not a God."

Ajimu shook her head in disappointment.

"Maybe it's a God by the Japanese sense, a [Kami]? Something that is called like that because it has a certain role to perform and is worshipped for that?"

Touma pointed out. Living weeks together with a nun, even a gluttonous one like Index, inevitably caused him to learn more details about Christianity and Monotheism than another average Japanese citizen may know and the difference between them and Shintoism.

"Yes, that's more likely. The gods of higher grade, those that stand at the head of a pantheon, are on a whole different level. They have absolute Authority over the world, making things happen simply because they have the right to do so. Even things like destroying the world and rebuild it in an instant or alter the flow of time are possible. They are natural phenomenon who possess a will on their own."

The blond boy explained. Differently from his adult self he didn't hate the gods: he just respected them without submitting to them. No matter his origins, he was a king of humans. Thus he would always take the side of humankind.

"Having the ability to warp reality simply because they have the right to do so as sentient phenomenon of the world? Yes yes yes, that is exactly what I wanted! I so do hope Little Garden has some of those high-grade gods."

"W-What are you all saying? Are gods really a serious version of that guy Aureolus? If I meet someone like that I would run away, no questions asked! I may be able to negate God's blessings but if one personally goes after me I'm dead! And how do you know so much about gods, Gil-kun? Do they exist in your world?"

"Not anymore, no. The Age of Gods ended a long time ago and was followed by the Age of Man, but still traces of that past time remain. That's how I know."

A roundabout way to say he was a reborn demigod originally resurrected together with six other ancient heroes to participate in a free-for-all fight with a nigh-omnipotent wish-granting device as the prize, but it was the most he was willing to disclose. The full story would require way too much explaining to do.

"Don't worry Touma-kun. This Anshin'in-san who is a paragon of virtue and compassion will take care of everything you cannot do. Enough dilly dallying around losers, let's keep moving."

Touma sure as hell wished that 'everything he could not do' wouldn't include something preposterous, but he was grateful for Ajimu's concern. Sure she and Gil were a bit odd, but unlike other odd acquaintances of him they had yet to try to inflict physical pain on him so that was a positive result in his book.

Gil and Touma made to follow Ajimu out of the area where the mock duel took place, but were interrupted by a shrill voice calling out to them.

"P-P-Please wait! Yeee! F-Forgive me, but please wait!"

Turning around the three outworlders saw what could be haphazardly described as a pale green-skinned ghost, being see-through and with a wispy tail instead of legs, save that it lacked human features and resembled more a mud doll made by a child. Its trembling hands were holding an artigianal wooden pot full of seeds.

"Yes? Do you want to go for Round Two?"

Ajimu nonchalantly asked. This new strange being was obviously weaker than the Failure God-kun of before, but she was a Non-Equal: no matter who stood before her, an insect or God itself, she would treat them all equally and impartially.

At her words the ghost turned even paler, the trembling spreading from the hands to its whole body.

"Nooooo!! A-Anything but that! Please please please! I'm not here to f-fight! I swear it! I just need to give you your prize."

It offered the pot to them. Gil was the one to take it, humming as he observed it.

"I sense a powerful enhancement on it. A nurturing spell?"

"Y-Yes! This is a Wood Pot carved personally by Forest God-sama! The seeds inside grow super quickly into fully matured plants and thrive even on bad grounds. What's more it can be filled again with seeds that will also become special!"

"Useful. With this lack of food is not an issue, and ugly places can be made beautiful."

The blond boy opened a golden portal and put the pot inside. After doing that he stared at the ghost with an inquisitive gaze that caused the green-skinned being to whimper.

"I am curious. You are obviously a servant of that Tree Spirit. If you didn't call out to us we were going to walk away without taking anything. So why did you insist on giving us a prize in place of your master?"

"B-because it would have been pointless! The moment your companion accepted the fight a Geas Scroll was signed. As the loser its effects would have forced Forest God-sama to comply with the conditions chosen for the Gift Game, no matter what. Forest God-sama is hurt very badly right now, I don't want him stressing himself unnecessarily in the future."

Touma sent Ajimu a look that seemed to ask 'How hard did you hit him?'. The long-haired girl replies by touching her head with her knuckles and sticking out her tongue with a smile.

"I see, you want to save him the troubles later on. I take that, like the type I know of, a Geas Scroll is a magically binding contract that absolutely enforce the conditions of a shared agreement, correct? But what is a Gift Game?"

"W-What kind of question is that? Iiiiih! Please forgive my insolence! But everyone in Little Garden do-wait a moment, are you newcomers?"

"Just arrived there a few minutes ago."

Gil, Touma and Ajimu nodded at the same time.

"A newcomer defeated Forest God-sama... Amazing..."

"Since there was no one to meet us after we receive that letter, why don't you explain to us more about Gift Games, and Little Garden in general?"

The spirit instantly agreed to Gil's request and began to explain about the new world they found themselves into.

The world of Little Garden existed for the purpose of playing Gift Games. Beings from many parallel worlds were periodically summoned to grant them the privilege to take part to the Gift Games, in which only those with Gifts of their own can participate. A Gift was an extraordinary ability, a blessing granted by various deities, demons, spirits, and stars. Gift Games were events for those with Gifts to compete with each other. Little Garden was a world created solely for the purpose of those powerful Gift bearers to enjoy and reside in.

The winner of a Gift Game gets the prize provided by the Host who organized the Game. The Hosts can be all manner of individuals: there were Games held by deities with too much free time, with the purpose of testing mortals, and there were ones that were self-organized by various Communities so they could demonstrate their superiority. It was necessary to provide something to use as a Chip in exchange for the right to participate. Chips can be a great variety of things. Money and goods, land, rights, honor, people... And it was possible to bet the Gifts themselves. But not everything was decided by Gift Games: theft and robbery were still a crime and exchange of goods via currency was also present. Crimes committed with the use of Gifts were also prohibited.

Gift bearers summoned from another world and those who were born inside Little Garden gathered into Communities, groups with their own [Name], [Banner] and shared goals. One must join one of the many Communities of Little Garden if they want to thrive. The term 'Country' was commonly used to speak about extremely large communities. There was a clearly defined [Edge of the World], where they were currently standing on, for the world of Little Garden, but the Garden itself had a surface area that rival a star. Powerful races like Dragon-kind, Demon-kind, Mythical Beasts and Spirits all had large scale settlements outside the walls of Little Garden.

Community was a general term, used for organizations founded by a number of individuals. Its form was different among different species. Humans used words as Family, Organization and Country in reference to them while Mythical Beasts called it 'Horde'. For a Community to be active within Little Garden it needed to have a [Name] and an [Banner]. Particularly important was the [Banner] that was used to indicate the territory of a Community.

"So in this world everything is decided by games? Why does this remind me of that one anime about a pair of shut-ins that got transported to another world?"

Touma muttered with a unhappy tone: far from being excited at the many possibilites Little Garden could provide he was already thinking about the many ways such a system could be abused, especially by unscrupulous individuals who forced others to agree to unfair terms.

"I watched it too. Shiro-chan is so cute, she makes me want to cuddle up with and use her as a body pillow."

"Oy oy, please don't say something so dangerous Anshin'in-san. No, maybe since you're both girls it would be okay..."

"And a dress-up doll too. A yellow bikini would look the best on her, don't you think so too Touma-kun?"

"Wuooooh! What's with that dangerously loaded question?! T-The danger level is over nine thousand! No matter what I say, I will surely be treated as the worst kind of garbage! Such misfortune!"

Ajimu performed a fake Ojou-sama's laugh as Touma hung down his head in despair. Teasing the spiky-haired boy was exceptionally fun, it reminded her of the time when she trained Zenkichi.
Part 1.4
"This is enough. Give my regards to your Master."

Gil dismissed the ghost and, after Touma calmed down, left together with the older boy and Ajimu.

"What do you think of what that green blob told us Gil-kun? I find it very interesting."

"Me too Anshin'in-oneesan. Little Garden is a giant playground for Gods and other magical beings from many different worlds to enjoy themselves. It definitely exceeds my expectations. My goal for now is to have fun, what about you two?"

"I desire to measure the depths of power those who live in Little Garden can reach. The stronger, the better. Since I have no precise location in mind I guess I will follow you for now Gil-kun."

"I want to go back to my world. You have your reasons to be here and I respect them, but I was kidnapped against my will and there are people waiting for me back home. I'll tag along and help in any way I can, so in return please help me find a way back."

"That's fine, I also have acquaintances in my old world I would like to meet again. If there is a way to pull in people from other worlds there must also be a way to do the opposite."

Thus the two teens and one child reached an agreement among themselves. They met because of random circumstances, and yet those same circumstances already formed a thin bond of cameratism between them.

It was still weak, yet even the smallest of connections could develop into the strongest bond if properly nurtured.

"So Touma-kun, should the bikini be yellow or not?"

"Don't ask me thaaaaat!"

Though at the moment they simply didn't dislike each other.

"Forgive me for interrupting your argument, though I would like to hear more about it later, but I have a question."

Gil suddenly spoke after they decided to take a small break. The boy was leaning against the trunk of an apple tree he grew with the help of the Wooden Pot and biting into an apple, the other two doing the same but sitting down.

"Since only Gift bearers are summoned into Little Garden it's obvious each one of us possess a special ability that was classified as a Gift. Since we're going to work together in the near future why don't we show each other what we can do?"

A golden portal appeared above Gil's outstretched hand. From it the hilt of some kind of weapon slowly emerged. Another portal appeared next to the first one and a soccer ball fell out of it, the blond boy catching it with his foot.

"My main ability is magical in nature. It is not a spell, but rather an immensely superior existence, a Noble Phantasm called [Gate of Babylon]: it manifests as portals connected to a vault containing a plethora of magical items. I guess you can see it as the Inventory in a videogame."

"Uh, so an extradimensional storage bag? Neat. How many items it contains?"


"What kind of answer is that?!"

Gil only replied with a smile at Touma's confusion. He was mostly okay with answering Touma's question, and only two reasons stopped him from being direct: first, he wanted to keep his treasures a surprise until it was appropriate to use them, his intuition telling him it was in his best interest to do so.

Second, not even him had a precise idea of just how many items were inside the [Gate of Babylon]. Compulsive hoarding was one of the few flaws he was willing to admit possessing.

"My turn I guess. As I said my world has Skill Users that can be considered either Plus or Minus. Most of them has only one Skill, but I am one of the few Multi Skill Users who possess more than one."

"Seriously? I read that Espers with two different abilities are considered an impossibility so that's a pretty big deal. How many Skills do you have?"


"What's with that same identical answer that doesn't actually answer anything?!"

Ajimu smiled impishly. That was one of her twelve quadrillion Skills, [Juicy Topic].

"And lastly Touma-oniisan. I remember you saying something about negating God's blessings?"

The mentioned boy scratched his head. He didn't want to reveal his amnesia, and what he knew of Imagine Breaker was what Styl told him and he observed directly. Still, he had to say something.

"That's what the one who explained it to me said. Even if I am classified as an Esper I am just a Level 0, meaning my ability is so weak it's invisible to the naked eye. However, I possess something else, something that is apparently unexplainable by both science and magic."

He pointed to his right hand with his left.

"Its name is [Imagine Breaker]. My right hand has the power to negate anything supernatural, be it magic or a esper's power. But it only works when in direct contact with my hand and it's useless against anything else. It also negates my own luck: that's why I am so unlucky."

"Oh, a power canceller?"

Ajimu pointed her hand in the shape of a gun at Touma and activated [Water Palette], the water gun skill. A jet of water shot out from the tip of her outstretched index finger.

Reacting by instinct Touma interposed his right hand between himself and the water. Upon contact the entire jet shattered with a sound of breaking glass.

"Oy oy! What was that Anshin'in-san?!"

"Relax Touma-kun, it was only water. And we confirmed your ability works on Skills."

Gil was looking at Touma speculatively.

"Not you too Gil-kun! Are you going to shoot something at me too?"

"No. It's strange, but... Catch this with your right hand."

A portal dropped a golden coin in Gil's hand and he flipped it at Touma. The older boy did as told and used his right hand to catch it.

There was the sound of breaking glass again. When Touma opened his hand there was nothing left of the coin.


Gil's smile was wide.

"Even if it was just an ounce of gold it was still part of a greater Noble Phantasm brought into this world. To so easily crush an existence that wouldn't have deteriorated even under Gaia's influence… Eh eh, truly fascinating."


The boy's smile softened as he shook his head.

"Forgive me, it's just that dodge."

The command was sudden, yet it was delivered with a tone that broke no arguments: only obedience. Gil jumped backward while using his treasures as floating platforms. Ajimu used [Window Shocking], the wind governing skill, to push herself in the air. Touma simply pushed himself backward and rolled to increase his speed.

A large blur came out of the woods and barrelled through where they previously stood, carving a deep trench in the ground. The blur slowed down and turned around, allowing the group to see it was a giant boar: seven meters tall from the ground to his shoulder blades, pitch black mane and golden bristles, red eyes and a golden ring on his nose. It had long, fearsome tusks and when it exhaled jets of steam came out of his nose.


Ajimu exclaimed with childlike delight.

"Anshin'in-san! Please don't piss off the boar as big as a train that could likely squash us like grapes!"

Touma screamed.

"Guo! Guo! Are you the humans who defeated that arrogant Forest God-guo?"

The boar demanded in a high pitched voice.

The three members of the group looked at each other: Ajimu and Gil shrugged in indifference causing Touma to sweatdrop. In the end he decided to answer for everyone.

"Uhh, maybe? Are you his friend who now want revenge?"

"Guo! Me and that guy, friends-guo? No way-guo! But if you defeated a God it means you're strong-guo! Fight me-guo!"

"Not interested. Bring on someone more impressive."

Ajimu instantly refused. She was resting on the side while giving her back to the whole scene, a fan in hand as she fanned herself nonchalantly.

"I'll do it."

Gil jumped in front of the giant boar and regarded it with a slightly cocky grin.

"A question first, if you don't mind."


"Are you also a God?"

"Yeah-guo! Unlike that arrogant Forest God I gained my [Divinity] all by myself instead of receiving it-guo!"

"Is that so? Yes, it's definitely worth of praise."

Gil swept a hand through his hair. For just a moment his hair were pulled back, exposing his forehead.

The boar looked Gil in the eyes and, against its will, took a step back.

"Please entertain me, Boar God-san."

The blond boy took a step toward the Boar God before shooting forward like a bullet, the ground he had stepped upon sinking down to form a crater-like depression. Golden light shone around his waist and arms, revealing a belt and a pair of gauntlets.

Galvanized by its opponent's confidence the Boar God oinked and charged at Gil.

"I will never lose a contest of pure strength-guo! I-"

Whatever else it was going to say was cut off when the two fighters met and Gil sent the boar flying with a punch to the face.


To its credit the boar managed to recover and land on its hooves.


In contrast Gil was waving the hand who punched the boar with a slight grimace.

"You're quite hard. Or it's me who just used too much strength?"

"That belt and those gauntlets-guo. Are those your Gifts-guo?"

Gil smiled and raised his hands to better show his two treasures.

"You can call them that. The belt Megingjörð and the gloves Járngreipr. Ring any bell?"

The boar's eyes widened at Gil's words.

"What did you say-guo?! But that power, that presence...are they the real thing-guo? How do you possess two of Thor's most cherished Gifts-guo?"

"How? That's simple."

Gil spread his arms apart while clenching his fists. Instantly the area around him was crushed as if stomped down by a giant.

"Everything belong to the King."


New Skill:

[Juicy Topic]: Tease skill.

New Noble Phantasms:

[Megingjörð]: Mighty Belt of the Thunder God

[Járngreipr]: Star-Seizing Gloves of the Thunder God
Part 1.5
"Meging-what? Are those things famous?"

"Allow me to explain Touma-kun."

Ajimu was suddenly wearing a black suit with dark red stockings, high heels, a red bow tie and thin square glasses. It was the result of [Switch Wardrobe], the Clothing Change Skill, at work. Touma, who had a older women fetish, suppressed a blush at the sight. Ajimu adjusted her glasses and began to explain:

"Megingjörð and Járngreipr are both items mentioned in Norse Mythology as being property of Thor, God of Thunder and one of the principal deities of that Pantheon. He is famous for wielding the hammer Mjölnir, capable of leveling mountains. However, it's a less known fact that he was in possession of two other powerful items: the belt Megingjörð, that when worn doubled Thor's already prodigious strength, and the iron gloves Járngreipr, which he required to handle Mjölnir. This is because the hammer was made with a shorter than normal handle due to Loki, a Trickster God, biting under the disguise of a fly the dwarf working on the creation of Mjölnir."

"That's the most commonly known version, but it's not quite right."

With a loud bang the Boar God slammed on the ground, digging a trench before the body stopped moving. The culprit, Gil, walked towards it while clenching and unclenching his hands.

"It is true that the handle of Mjölnir was made shorter than intended, but it didn't simply make the weapon more difficult to wield. It also made so the prodigious magical energy produced by Mjölnir's use were released outside instead of being safely contained. While it didn't lower its damage output, holding an active Mjölnir is similar to trying to grasp a star with your bare hands."

He stopped and opened his palms before clapping them together, causing everything in front of him, the Boar God included, to be pushed down as if subject to extreme gravity.

"To resolve the issue Járngreipr was created with the function to generate a massive gravitational field able to contain Mjölnir's errant energies. While Megingjörð doubles not just the strength but the conceptual 'might' of the wielder, awhich allowed Thor to swing around Mjölnir without ripping out his own arms and irradiate his surroundings with 15 million degrees Celsius hot plasma."

"Hold on a minute! 15 million degrees Celsius? Isn't that the temperature of the Sun's core? A lightning bolt only reaches 30.000 degrees Celsius! That's scaryyyy!!"

"Oh? Touma-oniisan is surprisingly knowledgeable. Is this because of that lighting-shooting girl you mentioned?"


With a mighty oink that made Touma's ears hurt the Boar God pushed itself back on its hoofs. The steam released from its nostrils was so hot it made the air hazy, both the mane and bristles glowing as if there was a forge inside them.

"Oooh, are you perhaps going to pull out a trump card?"

"You're strong-guo! But so I am-guo! If it was Thor I would have surrender immediately, but you're not him-guo! I still have a chance-guo!"

Bending down head and knees the Boar God pointed the tips of its tusks at Gil. The earth began to tremble like the middle of an earthquake, the vibrations moving through the boar's mighty body and gathering into the tusks in the form of vibrating light.


Realizing that something very dangerous to his health was about to take place Touma turned around and quickly ran away from the site. Ajimu remained were she was but prepared some defensive Skills.

"A final showdown? Interesting!"

In contrast Gil was smiling with such joy he resembled a young child about to open a gift from a cherished parent, and not a de-aged demigod about to face head on a rampaging beast god. Clenching his hands into fists he slammed them together, pouring all his available magic energy into Járngreipr to unleash the Noble Phantasm's true potential. Two opposite gravitational wells began to converge and synchronize, the pressure approaching the value of a black hole.

Then, as if it was deliberately staged-

-Both of them shot toward each other with the force of a meteor. The Boar God had its tusks posed to skewer Gil, while the blond boy had both hands stretched behind his back, ready to punch forward.

-Touma jumped into a hole in the ground, realizing too late the bottom is full of thorns.

-Ajimu was still eagerly waiting.

The whole area in a radius of ten kilometers lighted up like a firework at midnight.


"-Twenty-one, twenty-two...and, done! That was the last one."

Ajimu smiled sweetly after finishing to remove all thorns from Touma's flesh, who winced painfully at each extraction.

"Such misfortune..."

"Now now Touma-kun! Compared to having your insides squeezed to the depth of a paper sheet by the shockwave, I think being prickled in your sensitive parts by thorns can be actually considerate fortunate."

"I know Anshin'in-san, but please don't say 'sensitive parts' like you mean something dirty..."

A mischievous grin blossomed on the long haired girl's lips.

"Oh? Did I miss some thorns? Maybe they're somewhere...lower?"


With a deep blush on his face Touma pushed down his shirt and jumped up from his seated position, very quickly distancing himself from a still grinning Ajimu.

"I don't mind you two flirting, but please do it when my arms aren't hurting so much."

Ignoring Touma's spluttering denials turned back to look at the sky. He was lying on his back on the grass, his spread arms covered with bruises. Hanging over them from golden portals were talismans to accelerate the healing process, but it was still something of a bother.


Gil turned his head to the other side, to look at the defeated form of the Boar God.

"Why what?"

"Why didn't you dodge my attack-guo? I know you could have done it before hitting back, but instead you met me head on and got injured-guo. Why-guo?"

"Simple: it was the pride of a King."

"The pride...of a King-guo?"

"A king is someone who stand above all of his subjects. He is like a star, pure an untainted. As a superior existence he must not hide but accept any and all challenges. In a contest of strength he must prove himself the stronger. He must win a game without breaking the rules. No excuses are allowed, from others or himself. Such is both the burden and pride of a King. My pride demanded that I prove myself by overcoming your greatest attack."

"And... if the king loses-guo?"

"Then he acknowledges the ability of his opponent, for they accomplished something to be proud of, before training so that the next time he win. The challenge should always happen without blemishes, such that it inspires awe in those witnessing it."

That was a lesson born within Gil's heart as he watched his father, the previous king, governing over Uruk. Sadly it was lost to his older self, who grew up unchallenged in all things until he met Enkidu, but Gil still remembered it. Not [A King is better than anyone], but [A king must strive to be better than anyone]. That was the underlying reason behind his decision to accept the unspoken challenge.

"...I don't get it-guo."

The Boar God closed its eyes, a content smile on its muzzle.

"But I enjoyed our fight-guo. Let's do it again-guo!"

"Sure. Anytime you want."


New Skill:

[Switch Wardrobe]: Clothing Change Skill.

AN: I swear this chapter wrote itself. I wanted to write about Touma, and yet Gil's fight outgrew my expectations :eek:

That aisde, I am not entirely happy with the reasoning Gil give at the end. What do you think about it?

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