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[Freeform] Far From Home (PA Centered Mega Crossover)

Discussion in 'PbP OOC' started by Flameal15k, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Introduction

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    To say that the Grand conjunction was unexpected would be a gross understatement. Such an event was unprecedented – travel between universes had been perfected, and naturally existing gateways between worlds had already been discovered, but for so many gateways to be opened simultaneously, all leading to the same destination? Nothing of that scope had ever occurred to our knowledge, barring one example that was only distantly related to our own situation.

    The Assault by the Sekhmet was ultimately of minor concern, but its aftermath proved to possess far greater consequences than expected. We are now faced with a massive number of beings who have no way to return to their homes. Perhaps we will be able to unravel this mystery, but until then, they will be our problem to deal with.

    ….Oh well. Never a dull moment in this little universe of ours.

    • Amril Dumuzid, Order of the Archivists

    Welcome to Far From Home. This story is a side project to my PA SI, Conquest In The Name Of Advnacement (which needs a better title). It takes place after Arc 7 of my story, where a massive amount of portals leading to other universes opened up, stranding a huge number of beings from various species inside our Commander’s hub universe.

    Also, I should probably note that the version of this story on QQ is HORRIBLY out of date with the other versions. It’s more than two hundred chapters behind. So look up Conquest In The Name Of Advancement on SpaceBattles or Sufficient Velocity to get the whole story until I actually update the damn thing.

    This sidestory RP was created due to interest from my readers, but is open to everyone.

    Now for some notes:

    • You are permitted to use original characters and settings. I will needle you a bit for details on the setting in your character sheet, though. That being said, existing characters from tv shows, video games, anime, comics, movies, and other sources will needs my approval.
    • This is mostly a for fun RP. Combat concerns are not very high. I have other RPs set in the same shared universe that will be more combat heavy, but this one is more focused on dealing with multiple people being separated from their homes and families and stuck on a truly foreign world, with many species of sapient beings they didn’t even know existed.
    • Please refrain from making overpowered characters. Even if this is a combat-light RP, I don’t want anyone who is strong enough to overpower everyone else – it makes for a boring game. I made a point of crafting an enemy tailor-made to give my Commander SI a challenge every time to fights them, and he has an unlimited army of killbots that can be customized to solve any problem.
    • You can also play as people that were already living in the Hub universe. The list of races for that ‘ethnicity’ are as follows:
    • Human
    • Sectoid (XCOM Enemy Unknwon)
    • Viper (XCOM 2)
    • Muton (XCOM Enemy Unknown)
    • Ethereal (The Bureau: XCOM Declassified)
    • Tenno (warframe)
    • Grineer (Warframe)
    • Corpus (also Warframe)
    • Infested (also also warframe)
    • Origin System Colonist (also also also warframe, please be more specific – are they Ostron, Solaris, or a different group)
    • Orokin (also from warframe, gag wore itself out)
    • Sentient (warframe)
    • Progenitor (Civilization: Beyond Earth)
    • Arnor/Dreadlord (Galacitc Civilizations)
    • Drengin (Galactic Civilizations)
    • Korx (Gal Civ (abbreviation of Galactic Civilizations))
    • Iconians (Gal Civ)
    • Drath (Gal Civ)
    • Thalans (Gal Civ)
    • Altarian (Gal Civ)
    • Arcean (Gal Civ)
    • Yor (Gal Civ)
    • Torians (Gal Civ)
    • Krynn (Gal Civ)
    • Pretty much every major power from Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy (Chaos, the Tyranids, the Vampire Counts/Coast, Chaos Dwarves, Heretic Astartes, Drukhari, and the Orkz are mostly excluded from this, as are the skaven)
    • Pretty much every major race from Halo (the forerunners are included here, the Flood are not)
    • Regarding the other RPs I mentioned: this is essentially a ‘bank’ for characters in my other RPs, so when I get to writing those, you can use characters from this RP in other ones I have planned (Fractured Fantasy, Operation Outbreak) as well as port them over here once those RPs have concluded if you want to have more fun with them.
    • This RP will be hosted on both Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity, and Questionable Questing. I will mostly treat them as covering different areas of the Hub, since coordinating between the three sites can be a hassle, but if you want to interact with a player on the other sites, use discord to arrange the events.
    Now, onto the Character Sheets


    Universe of Origin (can be an original creation):


    Gender: (can be non-standard, e.g. hermaphrodite, but only if the species in question has that gender naturally. Non-binary and transgender are also options).

    Organization They Belong To (If applicable):



    Powers/Skillset (note: can just be a person with no real special skills or powers – not everyone is extraordinary)

    What they were doing before getting sucked into the portal:

    Character Theme Song (for non-action scenes):

    Battle Theme Song (for fights):

    Where you will start (wait to fill this out until I give out possible starting positions):

    Other notes:

    • As mentioned, using Self Inserts is permitted. Jumpchains are more iffy, though.
    • The number of playable races that exist on the Hub will increase as I progress the main story.
    • If you want to have your character show up with friends, they also need sheets. But you can skip the music part for those characters.
    • Arcs will be initiated and concluded via GM PC posts.
    • If you want to back out from the story, please write a post concluding your character’s involvement in this story in some manner (this doesn’t have to kill them, just do something that gives them an excuse to not show up anymore. And please note that you are either finished with involvement in this story or are taking a break in that post).
    • While this story is being hosted on both SB and SV, you only need to post on one forum.
    • More portals will open in the future, for those of you wondering how new characters can still show up after the main portal issue is solved.
    Now, let me leave you with an example character post:

    Name: Amril Duzumid

    Universe of Origin (can be an original creation): Hub native, previously from the Civilization: Beyond Earth universe/XCOM universe (two are naturally merged together)

    Age: 17

    Gender: (can be non-standard, e.g. hermaphrodite, but only if the species in question has that gender naturally. Non-binary and transgender are also options): Male

    Organization They Belong To: Order of the Archivists (made up group) – a group dedicated to documenting the events within the Infernum Federation and ensuring that, even if hidden, the truth is not erased from history.

    Appearance: Looks to be a mixture of white and middle eastern, though the specific ethnicities are unknown. Has red hair and eyes that, ever since unlocking his psychic powers, faintly glow at all times. Tends to wear robes when working as an archivist, but otherwise wears a brown shirt and sand colored pants.

    Background: Originally hailing from t the city of Mega Primus, Amril and his family arrived in the Hub after the Commander helped save the city from attack by the Micronoid Legions. As the city was verging on a dystopia, they decided to get out while the going was good and find a new home to peacefully settle inside before things went to hell. The few years Amril has spent on the hub have been far nicer than his entire life on Mega Primus, and he is certainly happy to not have to worry about being robbed by criminals at any given time.

    Powers/Skillset: Amril possesses psychic talent, but has only recently begun to harness those powers. Beyond that, though, he has impressive journalism skills and a knack for getting to places where there are stories waiting to be discovered.

    What they were doing before getting sucked into the portal: N/A – Amril was already living in the Hub.

    Character Theme Song:

    Battle Theme Song (for fights):

    Where you will start: Capital City of Origin, the Capital World of the Hub (still deciding on the name for the city)

    Also, here is a link to my discord!

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  2. Threadmarks: Your Opposition

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Just to give you guys an idea of what you will be up against when this starts (combat won’t be a major part of the RP, but the first portion will be kind of hectic), here are the enemies that will show up at the very beginning:

    1. The Faro Plague

    A horde of machines gone rogue that ended the world. Most still slumber, never to reawaken, but the one known only as Void has brought several under her heel and taken them with her to invade the hub.

    2. The Second Extinction
    Mutant dinosaurs from an alternate Earth, these creatures have driven humanity to near extinction. With a population now stranded on various parts of the hub, though, they’re fine with expanding their diets.

    More may appear, but these things are the immediate threats, and things go a lot smoother after the arrival arc ends. So don’t worry too much.

    Akso, I am officially starting the story on the 12 - THIS SATURDAY! Sorry for taking so long to actually get the ball rolling!
  3. Threadmarks: Starting Locations

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    First off, here are some of the starting locations for the RP:

    • Origin/Central: The capital planet. Flame’s tower is located here. Your standard multi-biome Earth-type planet. Has an ocean that is strangely devoid of life (life exists, but biodiversity is low in the seas).
    • Cornucopia: A lush and verdant planet, filled with life. Many creatures there use poisons and other natural weapons to survive.
    • Rigel: Oceanic Planet, home to stuff that messes with physics. Beware of naturally existing portals, gravity fluctuations and general physics ignorance. E = mc hammer
    • Mictēcacihuātl: Planet heavily associated with the afterlife. Ghosts and spirits can be found here, but most just got lost on their way to the afterlife and eventually get picked up. Anger at own risk.
    • Fimbulvinter: Ice Planet, named after the winter that will precede Ragnarok. Somehow has lave fields among the snow. Anyone starting here without insulating clothing is extremely likely to freeze to death.
    • Babbage: Essentially a shield world from Halo. The outer layer is primarily desert, with few large native predators. The obvious dangers are overheating and dehydration.
    • Pele: a volcano planet. Unlike with Fimbulvinter. Note: proximity to the lava is damaging, even if you don't touch it.
    • Ukko: Gas giant. Named after a Finnish Weather God. Starting location would be on the various research platforms meant to harvest the gas.
    • Epidemia: A bizarre world covered in technocyte tissue. Essentially a planet-wide technocyte virus outbreak, with the primary strains being the Carcinex strain and the Immunos strain. The Immuno strain is benign and forms the main inhabitants of the world, the Immunocytes. Note: unless you arrive here with lots of enclosed protective gear, you are liable to being infected within minutes of setting foot on the planet.
    • Original Worlds: whole planets that were pulled into the system due to the portal storm (yes, this actually happens). If you want to have a lot of characters show up, you can use this.
  4. Threadmarks: Factions Within The Hub

    Flameal15k The Traitor Commander

    Aug 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Here’s a list of major groups within the Hub. Some have little to no requirements for joining, others are more stringent.

    From Spore:

    Order of the Flaming Heart: A group of knights hailing from a volcanic world, they have sworn an oath to protect the weak and the innocent from those who would exploit and harm them. Also, most of them are space dragons. Yeah. Based on the Fortress of Valor on Pele, which is within sight of Mt. Worldshaker.*

    From Civilization: Beyond Earth/XCOM

    Extraterrestrial Combat Unit: An elite unit formed in the latter half of the twentieth century to defend Earth from alien invasions, they’ve since expanded to protect mankind and her non-human allies from all other invaders. XCOM uses Avenger super heavy airborne carriers as field bases, with their primary recruiting center in the Hub being one such craft, known as the Pioneer.

    American Reclamation Corporation: One of several major corporations that rose to prominence following the Great Mistake, the ARC has decided to use the Commander’s intrusion into their universe to expand their organization across the multiverse. Their local branch is headed by Evan Sampson at the ARC Tower in the Hub’s capital city, Providence.


    From Warframe:

    The Tenno: An order of warriors dedicated to protecting the innocent, with the major conflicts of the Origin System effectively completed, they have since decided to travel across the multiverse, fighting for the rights of all. While initially restricted to those who survived the Zahriman Ten Zero incidnet, due to increased Void activity and the Man in the Wall getting bored, they have recently experienced an increase in their ranks and begun seeking out void afflicted children to join their numbers. Note: actually joining the group requires GM approval, and will have certain restrictions. Most who are Tenno should be children.

    Neo-Corpus: Following his return to normal space, Parvos Granum has begun restructuring the organization he founded, and allowed for advancement to be somewhat easier to achieve. The Neo-Corpus are aligned with the ARC and hold several commercial interests across the Hub. Their primary recruiting center is the Temple of Charity on Fimbulvinter.*

    The Quills: A mystical order that studies the Orokin Void, they have expanded their group to the HUb due to the Man in the Wall’s increased interest in the system. Those who wish to assist them must seek out their enclave within the Void’s Precipice, a tower located on the outskirts of Providence.

    Solaris United: A hybrid between labor union and resistance movement, Solaris United has joined forces with the Infernum Federation to help others like them across the multiverse. Led by a Solaris codenamed Spark, they are based on manufacturing Deck 31 on Fimbulvinter.

    Vox Solaris: The secretive leader of Solaris United, Vox Solaris is actually a collective identity, with many willing to hold the title of Vox. Their representative, Shrike, is found in the admin office of Deck 31. Note: Spark and Shrike are both members of Vox Solaris - Spark is the overall leader of the forces in the Hub, Shrike simly helps manage members and gives out offerings as payment for assisting Vox Solaris.

    The Immunocytes: a group of rogue infested, the immunocytes are the rulers of Epidemia. Based within the Hematic Palace on the outskirts of the Aminiotic Marshlands, the work to contain the more malevolent strains of their kin. They are lead by Progenos.*

    Steel Meridian: A grineer resistance group dedicated to protecting the weak and the innocent, the Steel Meridian have decided to expand their goals to encompass the multiverse, now that their primary enemies are effectively defanged. Their base within the hub, Iron Heath, is located in the Tona Jungle of Cornucopia. Their leader is Grun Kah’dra.

    Arbiters of Hexis: A group dedicated to encouraging and supporting the Tenno, they are also willing to assist others in the name of returning this disordered multiverse to harmony. They are based within the Halls of Judgement within Providence.

    Cephalon Suda: The uploaded consciousness of an Orokin Archimedian, Suda and her allies wish to unravel the secrets of the universe and document their findings. Suda centers her research efforts at the Cyan Datalink atop the Magnos Plateau on Babbage. Note: portions of the plateau are made of floatstone, creating several floating islands. Maneuvering is not easy.

    Perrin Sequence: A sub-group of the Neo-Corpus led by Ergo Glast. The group is still aligned with Granum’s main corpus body, but wish to maintain their independence. Their local leader, Kota Serro, monitors their quarterly reports from Empyrean Ledger, found in the Boreas Ice Sheet on Fimbulvinter.

    Red Veil: An extremist resistance group, the Red Veil believe in purging away corruption to allow for new and better groups to rise from the ashes. The Red Veil have noticeably toned down their violence, but are still rather aggressive at times. While their supreme authority is holy speaker Palladino, their local leader is Asteria, who leads them from the Charcoal Forest on Pele.

    New Loka: Originally focused on the preservation of the pure life forms from Earth, New Loka has since moved on to preserving all life. They are currently led by Nut (pronounced Newt) from the Endymion Valley on Cornucopia.

    The Sanctuary: Lead by Cephalon Simaris, the Sanctuary focuses on the preservation of species by synthesizing specimens of value. Before you ask, yes, this kills them. Simaris bases forces within relays, space stations orbiting the various worlds of the Hub. Most of the warframe factions also have representatives on the hub.

    The Conclave: A martial organization lead by Teshin Dax, the Conclave focuses on training others to defeat their greatest enemies - themselves. Teshin has various different representatives aboard the relays to help accept new members, but be warned - only through success in the arena will one earn his respect.

    Orokin Remnants: The Orokin were a major power within the Origin System, ruling an empire that lasted millennia, but did so primarily through unimaginable oppression. Their abuse of their servants eventually caused the greatest of said servants, the Tenno, to decapitate the empire, allowing the Grineer to overwhelm the rest and become the new rulers of the system. Some of the Golden Lords survived, however, but were humbled. Now, their remnants seek to rebuild, but without repeating the mistakes of their forebearers. Seek out Executor Aurus in the Golden Spire of Providence if you desire to acquire their aid.*

    Court of Chernobog: The Sentients, also know as the Tau, were machines created by the Orokin to turn the Tau system into a paradise for the Golden Lords to colonize. When the Sentients realized that the Orokin would ruin these worlds, the Old War began. Having not gotten over how thoroughly the Federation defeated them, most Sentients tend to have an ego and avoid interacting with others in the hub. Some, however, instead allow the past to fade away and strive toward the future. Among them is the one known as Chernobog, a sort of noble among his kind. Like many of his kind who have taken their defeat in stride, Chernobog tends to travel around explored universes, terraforming lifeless worlds so that they can be settled by others. Earning his favor will allow you to partake in these sculpting sessions, as he calls them….and impressing him enough may earn you a portion of the new creations as your peerage. To begin earning his approval, seek out Chernobog in Koschei Cavern, under Mt. Naberus on Mictēcacihuātl.

    Note: a * denotes a faction that was created for this story - they might actually exist within the lore of the universe they originated from, but there has been no indication by the writers of said universe that this is the case.
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