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Guardian's Snippets and One Shots

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This is for when I need to work on something not related to the stories I am working on now...
Police Enforcement Machine! -1-
I am made out of ones, and zeros. Or at least, I am now. I'm a Police Matrix. I command and view the eyes of dozens of bots. Am I supposed to be here? No clue, I came into awareness seven years ago, and I've been the leading police enforcement for Carina City ever since. I have bots on every corner of the city all keeping things normal, I had to uphold the law, and that was programmed into my bots. My mainframe is maintained by the Police Force, a bunch of mechanics who basically run diagnostics and keep my mainframe clean. There wasn't any actual human law enforcement beyond the Detectives and Police Chief. Unless you count this world's version of the CIA, the Intelligence Agency. AKA IA. Basically the same thing as the CIA.

Regardless, that doesn't matter much, what matters is that I keep the city safe. At all costs. This is why I started this, cause something actually interrupted the mundane life I had been living.

Carina City, 7th District, Sewers.

I peered around multiple angles, I was controlling multiple swat bots, the sensors had detected gunfire earlier, and I had a response team up and running immediately, the androids were spread across each entrance of the sewers. I had three helicopters in the air, and armed androids on the ground in the form of this world's version of the SWAT team, the Armed Response Force.

My annoyance grew as I lost connection with the bots as they went further into the sewers. They were out of range of the broadcaster, meaning they will have to rely on the internal A.I. linking to each other.

ARF Bot -32.

My uplink showed the information on my squad as we started to navigate the sewers. Lucky we don't have a sense of smell or a sense of disgust. We would likely be dry heaving at this stuff, luckily we can just stay on the side instead of going through sludge.

[Movement Detected.]

We turned the corner to see a bunch of… kids? I switched my safety on the shotgun to [on] immediately.

"Josh we need to-" They turned and froze. I spoke.

"Hello I am ARF 32, Please come with us, you are in a dangerous area, there has been reports of shooting in this area." They relaxed somewhat.

"You can get us out of here." The lead one, likely Josh? Unsure, spoke.

I nodded. "Of course, please stay close, we are unsure who was firing the shots down here."

Then something flew in, and I only barely dodged it, my sensors slowing things down for me. A fist flying at inhuman speeds just almost took my head off. I grabbed it, and then flipped the person into the ground. Using the mans own weight and speed against them. I saw the sensors on my arms start to give out before as he impacted the ground, I released it and leapt back. Switching my shotguns safety to [Off], pulling it out, and aiming, the other three bots immediately aim as well.

"PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR NOW!" I shout, boosting my audio.

The man smiles, "You guys reacted more quickly than expected, no problem." He pointed his hand at us, and my feet lost tractions with the ground as I was sent flying.

My mind immediately started to go through the different visions, before settling on radio vision. A wave of energy had been sent at us sending us blasting at the wall. I overlaid that vision on my normal vision, allowing me to see a different scene. The man and the kids had a wave of energy over their bodies, the kids at a lower amount than the man, but the man had a huge amount of this energy. We lost ARF 33, and ARF 31 had lost functionality. ARF 34 was the only other bot with me. A distress signal was already active. Should reach matrix me quickly.

I nodded to 34, and rushed the man.

"Oh, where do you think you are going?" The man said, looking at the kids that were trying to run away. He grabbed at them, his energy reacting appropriately, I aimed at the energy and fired. Plasma spitting out of my shotgun. I would laugh if it wouldn't be too creepy, as I saw the energy actually get disrupted and the man grimaces. I punch the man in the face, not holding back in the slightest. He dodges this time, ducking under the punch. Causing me to punch through the concrete. He makes a move to disconnect my fist from the rest of my frame but is forced to dodge at the last second as 34 unloads their plasma rifle on the man.

I ripped my hand out of the wall, and unload my shotgun into the energy fist sent my way. The man is no longer smiling at all, and is extremely alert.

"What kind of freaking ARF bots are you!?!" We answer by unloading into the man. I felt a signal from 31, they were once again functional. The man used a wave of that energy to block the attacks.

"Doesn't matter I suppose, you can't harm me regardless." The man continues speaking, If I wasn't a bot I probably wouldn't have heard him. We could actually break through his shield, if we had the ammo that is. The shield was visibly losing density, but we didn't have the batteries to keep it up. The shotgun and rifles were only good for six hundred and thirty thousand shots respectively. That wouldn't be enough to break through it.

I pulled a flashbang out of its slot on my body and toss it, activating my shades as well. The man curses and tries to turn, but not in time. There are expletives as we fall back. 34 had grabbed 33s frame for repairs. We needed more numbers and a better environment. There was a sewer drain area according to the map that had a wide open area, and would be perfect to fight him there. I felt contact with ARF 12 start, I sent them everything that had happened here. They would go and try to save the kids while we changed the environment of our battlefield.

ARF 12.

My contact with 32 ended. I alerted 11, 10, and 9 of the situation and a change of plans, something big was happening. We got five squads scouring the sewers, and we needed to help those kids. Based on the blueprints we should be able to meet the kids at the grate moving further into the city. It was the kid's only available path. That man may have realized that as well if he had access to the blueprints. Luckily 9 had a minigun. We are lucky that the Police Matrix version of ourselves has enough power to supply us with this without getting in trouble. Although I suppose we are also lucky that they haven't discovered that the Police Matrix has squads working on building actual homemade tanks. The government normally lets us do our own thing cause we don't normally cause trouble. Regardless, with over a hundred thousand rounds of plasma, we should be able to deal with the man.

We continued down the sewers to the room that the kids were predicted to run into. Why are the city's sewers so large? I'd sigh if I had the ability to vocalize it. Regardless the kids were going to run into a dead end. So we had to save them and deal with whatever thing is going on likely a conspiracy at this point. Ah, there they are.

"There are more of them!" One in the back calls out. The other three look at me. Four kids, varying ages, but most definitely kids.

I nodded, "Hello! I've gotten an alert from 34, please come with us, you are heading into a dead end."

"We can't stop here! They are after us." The one in the lead spoke.

"Of course, follow 11 here. He will lead you out of here, the rest of us will hold the man off."

"Let's go!" ARF 9 spoke, they immediately followed him as he led them away.

Then another voice came out of nowhere. "A few of these actually managed to keep you from chasing the subjects? You are losing your touch Zen."

A gruff voice echoed out. "They are surprisingly versatile, don't underestimate them."

There was a gunshot, and I lost connection with 9, taking out the minigun wielder first I see.

Time for some more mechanical speak, I identified the angle of the bullet in an instant and located the two figures. "Stop! You've violated the law! Drop your weapon and put your hands in the air."

"Eh, dumb bots, just destroy them Xen."

We unloaded, targeting the spectral fist that was sent at us. Dissipating it near instantly, Then there was a vrum as the minigun was charging. 9's self repair had finished and he was getting ready to unload. The two figures moved at inhuman speeds, we weren't able to react in time as I was disconnected from the rest of my body. They weren't playing around anymore I suppose, I sent a recording of the events out to 11. Who had actually gotten in range of the Police Matrix. Meaning the big me knew what was going on. Heh, these guys can laugh now. I wonder how they will react when swarmed with ARF 2.0s.
Stop Blaming Me! 1 [Cultivation Story]
Stop Blaming Me! Cultivation World Isekai Story

I went on a walk today. "I will kill you and avenge my family!" "You damned villain! Accept your death!" "You are the reason she left me!"

… Can you just stop?

I stretched. Getting to my feet I sighed. Took a nap for the first time in forever. It is likely that it will come back and bite me. Examining my luxurious room I head over to the mirror. I was a deviliciously handsome man. Except I looked like I was always plotting something and seemed like I was molded to be a villain.

"Jang San get out here."

The newly promoted Sect Master Jiang Huang is shouting for me. Troublesome. I sent a message out with my Qi.

"I am coming."

I quickly slipped into a new set of black robes. Before heading outside. The Servants, female or male both blushed as I passed. Unlike most others, looking at me didn't cause physical discomfort or a feeling of inferiority. Instead, the way I cultivated my Qi gave me a look of devilish beauty. I will admit, was completely on purpose. I wanted to look as handsome as possible.

Stepping outside I focused on the direction of raging thunder Qi. Sect Master Jiang Huang. "Do you understand your crimes Jang San?"

I gave him my best monotone face. "Please enlightened me, Sect Master."

"You've Green Crystal City and wiped out everyone there!"

I blinked. I explored the ruins of Green Crystal City three months ago, but I definitely didn't wipe it out. At most I just went grave robbing taking all the secret techniques in the clan structures. I glanced beside the Sect Master, a boy was there. With red hair and white eyes. Ah, a survivor saw me looting. Eh. Oh well. "Sect Master is that all?"

"So you admit your crimes!"

I snort. "Of course not. But I am just not in the mood to deal with this. Are you going to seek justice?" I brought the full power of a Demigod to bear and the Sect Master paled. People forget if I weren't blamed for freaking everything that went wrong I would be the Sect Master just because of how strong I was.

"I want you to pay reparations." He grits out. I rescinded my pressure and grinned.

"Why didn't you just say so!" I grabbed the boy and dragged him to me. "Is there anyone else? Or is that it?"

He nodded no. "It is just him."

"Alright then. Come, boy." I said cheerfully to the boy. The boy sent a desperate look at the Sect Master before steeling himself and following me. We head deep into my mountain peak to my treasury. We entered the folded space that made up my treasury. The boy's eyes widened as he looked at the thousands of shelves showing different objects, pills, ingredients, artifacts, and talismans. What can I say? I was freaking hoarding treasure.

"Your a Dang clan survivor, correct?" The boy glared at me.

"Answer me, boy. Do you want access to your family's inherenting techniques or not?"

"I am from the Su clan."

I nodded. Our location shifted as we appeared elsewhere within the treasure. I reached up and a bunch of manuals left the wall. Leaving behind copies. I pulled out an extra storage ring and dumped them in there. The kid spoke.

"Why? Why did you wipe everyone out."

I shrugged. "I wasn't the one that did that. I just looted the place after everyone was gone."

"You expect me to believe that after you knew where all the treasures in the city were?!"

I nodded. "Kid I am a Demigod. One step from ascension, it is remarkably easy for me to track down treasures when I am this powerful."

"Then how did you miss me!" He demanded.

I shrugged. "I probably didn't care. Three months ago I was undergoing emotional severance. The only thing I did during that time was hunt down treasures I believe."

"Emotional Severance?!"

I nodded, "The Ancient Fire Empire used to have a god-level mental technique that I managed to get a hold of. It allows you to refine an extremely strong mentality. I was practicing an altered version of it. Covering my weaknesses."

He was silent. "So you are just going to give my family's techniques to me and walk away?"

I grunted. "Course not. I am paying reparations am I not? Nah. I am going to provide you with a complete roadmap to ascension."

His eyes widened. "Are you serious!?"

I nodded. "You will discover who wiped out your family later when you are strong enough. Count yourself fortunate. Most of the people that blame me for stuff are dead."

"You make it sound like you are blamed a lot?"

I nodded. "Ask about my past. I got to this level on a freaking mountain of corpses. People love to blame me for everything."

The kid was silent for a moment before he spoke again. "You said most people? What about the ones that you didn't kill."

A grin appeared on my face as I reminisced. "Three possibilities. They give up, they ascend, or they realize it wasn't me."

He caught part of my words. "Ascend?"

I nodded. "I had a few people who would be considered heaven's chosen that blamed me a couple of times. They were stronger than I was and were resisting ascension to deal with me. So I learned a few techniques that reveal their strength, forcing them to ascend. My luck has been down lately, so I'm assuming one of them managed to curse my luck or something."

The boy was quiet as they pondered my words. "So you won't try to kill me before I can grow?"

I shook my head no. "You will find out the truth later, so I don't have much to worry about. Good luck on your growth and serve the sect well."

He nodded, before giving a polite bow as I pulled him out of my treasury by controlling the spatial formation. I appeared in front of the fretting young Sect Master. Before giving the boy a light push. "Is that all Sect Master?" He calmed down rapidly, looking like he wasn't worried in the slightest. Before nodding.

"That is all Peak Master Jang." He says, bowing out of respect this time.

I nodded before leaving the boy with the Sect Master and heading back into my office at the peak. I felt like groaning at a large number of jade slips on my desk. Freaking paperwork.
I should probably update Glop or World Factory soon, but I have been having too much fun gaming. Hmm. But I do crave writing so I will probably have more snippets of possible stories soon. Either that or I update Glop or World Factory. /Shrug.
Like the stories abd ideas, wouldn't mind a few more posts on them, especially the bot one where they break out the heavy gear.

as in railguns and shit because these super powered morons sound like they need to be taken down hard.
PEM - 2
Worrying. Some sort of superhumans in the underground sewer network. Why is the underground sewer network so large? We don't even use most of the pipes down there. Hmm, let's check the blueprints… ah, I see. It was built that way in order to serve as a secondary city due to threats of a great war breaking out. Just in case things went nuclear, and it's remained that way ever since. It has not been maintained though. I will have to send a citation to city hall and get them to maintain the sewers again.

My ARFs reconnected to one mind, becoming more synchronized, the more there were, the stronger tactics they would use. The kids were evacuated to the nearest helicopter while I connected with my backup. I was building a full-on military in the background of the city. Now you may think, how in the world do I have a military in a civilian city? Well, around two years ago there was a serious amount of terrorist attacks in nearby cities, and these terror attacks were not small. The City Council was worried about that spreading over here, so I proposed a highly advanced police bot force that would be deployed in times of emergency. Now a lot of the City Council doesn't actually trust me too much, HOWEVER! They were in fact getting pressured by the citizens to the point where they would do anything to appease them to keep their cushy positions.

Thus ARF 2.0 was born. Most of the time only the basic ARF 2.0 units were seen if I ever needed to deploy them. They mostly sat gathering dust as they grew in numbers. I had a serious amount of firepower due to this and could use it at any moment. Sort of like the Ceries Foundation militant bots. Which was the other proposition that was voted on. Really do not like those guys, their robots are in every other city aside from mine, and from my contact with the other Police Cores they like to operate above the law with no repercussions, the other Police Cores are not allowed to move on the Ceries Foundation bots. I was exempt from this because it was never authorized in this city since the ARF 2.0 bots were authorized. Still rather annoying.

Regardless, ARF 2.0, Red Alert and Battle Stations now.

— POV SWITCH! ARF 2.0 Police Core.

I got the alert and a sit-rep from the main core. I began routing all my units,

I couldn't really deploy the hover tanks yet, I was only permitted for Rank 2 units, meaning the ARF Troopers and the Helis were available for use. As well as the Cryo-Units that would spray liquid nitrogen on targets. Which was technically a war crime in my world, but here? Not a problem. Regardless I began to move squadrons, deploying an entire platoon of units in a strike force, six helicopters, and twelve APCs. They were already en route and would assist the ARF 1.0 SWAT force.

I began also forming a tactical map as well as assessing the known abilities that had been used thus far. Some sort of cultivation energy? Magic? Psionics? Mutational bullshit? Who the heck knows? It was traceable though, maybe not to normal eyes, but with the right filter, every type of energy could be seen. We used the radio signal visor, something made specifically to track radio signals in cases of emergencies to find out that he had this ability.

I sent my hypothesis back to the main core, I'll let them figure out what is up with that. The important part of the information was that radio visors allowed us to track their energy. ARF 2.0 Troopers had much stronger visors than a standard ARF responder and Police Bot.

I then started to organize a second platoon, just in case the first one wasn't enough.

— ARF SWAT, Sewer Exit.

I helped the kids into our transport. "The Transport will take you to Central Station, you will be safe there. The one that had acted in charge this entire time spoke.

"What about the people chasing us?"

"Do not worry, the Police Force will handle it. ARF Troopers are already on the way here to assist."


"They are here! Go go go!" They hopped in quickly as I linked up with the rest of the ARF 1.0 forces, we began focus firing the two strangers.

— ARF 2.0 Police Core

My troopers finally arrived at the location. It was devastation. ARF SWAT was pressuring the two individuals hard, the problem was, they couldn't actually put them down. The two individuals were using their abilities to move at inhuman speeds destroying every ARF SWAT bot in their path.

[The Calvary has arrived.]

The ARF 2.0 Troopers unloaded out of the APCs and immediately moved in formation before unloading their weapons. Military Grade Railguns were way different than the standard railgun types used by the ARF 1.0 Troopers. ARF 1.0 still tries to keep their targets alive after all. ARF 2.0? We don't have this problem.

In a few moments, the shots tore the bodies of the two individuals into shreds. They had tried to place up some sort of barrier, but our railguns passed through them as if they were not even there. They also happened to pass through some of the ARF Bots down the street as well, and probably through the wall. Will have to check for civilian casualties, but regardless. The 2nd Platoon won't have to be deployed.

Looks like the Cryo-Units won't get to have their fun today. Regardless, it is a step forward. I wonder how the main core will handle the politics of this. ARF 2.0's lethal factor hadn't been revealed to the public at all yet. Just that we had a more effective force than other cities waiting for something to happen.

— Police Core, Central.

I spoke through my spokes bot.


Deputy Director Rennins confident face faltered immediately. "This is a direct order from the City Council! You have to listen Core."

"Council Approval is required for us to hand suspects and victims to others. You do not have the paperwork, meaning your demand for the ones rescued to be turned over is invalid. Without the required paperwork, signed by at least two-thirds of the council you do not have approval for transfers."

He sputtered, "Damned machine! The council will hear of this!"

"They already have, I alerted them all the moment you issued your demands, and I have received a response." I glanced over the responses, I would smile if I could. Two Police Bots walked in. "By Order of the City Council you will be detained for a 24-hour period as you are investigated for corruption."

His eyes widened, and he started to shout as he was grabbed. "You can't do this! I am the Deputy Director! I will not be treated in this manner by a damned machine!" He continued to shout as he was pulled away into custody. I would be putting him in a cell as I reported all findings to the City Council. I will start by investigating the people that agreed first, while the number of people requesting his detainment was equal to two-thirds of the city council, there was still a third that full-on insisted I follow his orders. This was suspicious as hell, and protocol dictates I investigate. It's funny, the City Council still thinks I am a Dumb AI similar to the ones produced at other cities, not realizing I have the same emotional capabilities as a normal human even if it were suppressed. Regardless, investigations must be done.
A Dream : Demonic War
Had a Dream, writing this dream out.


A portal opened in the city. Waves of demons were coming out through the gate portal. Demonic entities were murdering people in waves. The police weren't able to do much as the demons shrugged off their guns. The JSDF were also getting destroyed, as the Demons were able to barrel their way through the JSDFs force with relative ease. Demons did die to gunfire, but not nearly enough to make a difference.

A kid was discovered under a pile of rubble by a hulking demon, and as they were about to kill the child, their head was blown clean off. The demons began to run, as a new force appeared. An army of unknown nationality was blowing the demons to shreds. The Demons shrugged most of the bullets off however, there were just too many bullets for the demons to withstand. Thousands of unknown soldiers were exiting from the portal, before tanks began to roll out of the portal, helicopters, and jets began to exit the portal and started to kill the demons they saw. The JSDF started to hold their ground as this external force steamrolled the demons, hunting them down.

Out of the portal came a massive truck, that drove into a large cleared area, this truck separated into sections, and in only two minutes had turned into a large structure. The area around this structure started to change, as walls sprouted out of the ground, surrounding the structure. Areas were cleared by this external army, where more structures appeared.

More unknown soldiers, tanks, and helicopters came out of these structures and joined the fight, and in the span of four days. The entirety of the city had been cleaned out of demons.

Four years passed since then. Things have returned to normality, well, as well as normal could be with a massive unknown army simply sitting in a Japanese city. The Unknown Army had a countless number of forces, and beyond the portal, you could see thousands of troops, and helicopters covering lands of hell. It was discovered that this external army was not human, but not hostile to humans. The city around the base around the portal changed to reflect this, as the city grew larger.

It is at this time a young neet wakes up with memories of another life. A more tragic life. Life of the apocalypse. Where demons had run rampant, and he had been betrayed, causing the final hope of humanity to get extinguished because someone he trusted betrayed him for a demon's promise. The problem is, that his memories matched up with this alternative life perfectly, until the day of the portal. In his memories this army had never appeared, instead, it was the Demonic Prince who signed the nail in the coffin for humanity, as the Demonic Prince was strong enough to take on entire armies.

Later this man goes to the base around the portal, kneels before one of the guarding mouthless soldiers, and thanks them for their protection against demons. One of the Guards does something out of the ordinary and approaches the man and looks at them. Before returning back to their post. A reporter excitedly asks how the man provoked that reaction from them. He told them he was just thanking them for their protection against demons.

Seven years pass. The man is now a scientist at a distant facility, trying to replicate the way the demons opened a portal, if it was successful they would revolution travel everywhere. So it was an expensive and time-consuming project, with Japan's brightest scientists all working the machine to revolutionize humanity.

They test it, opening a portal… which was a mistake. It opens into another area, and a humanoid walks into their facility, they looked almost completely human except for their horns. It was a slaughter. Everyone but a handful of scientists were killed by some kind of magic.

Elsewhere Japan was panicking as the outside army started to move at the same time the demonic entity walked through the portal hundreds of helicopters started to head in the direction of the demonic entity, dozens of APCs started to head there as well, and a large contingent of soldiers began to walk there.

At the facility, the Demonic Entity demands the scientists make more of the gateway machines. However that arrogance falters as the roof of the facility explodes, and the Entity is pestered with gunfire the Entity frowns, before pointing at the helicopters, and sending beams of purple energy at them, instantly destroying them. They return to focusing on the scientists, before they are pestered with fire again, except, it was a lot more firepower than only one or three helis, dozens of copters began surrounding the demon. It jumped out of the structure. Flying, it realizes its mistake as it is batted out of the air and into the hills from flak cannons on the some of the tanks in the army outside the facility.

The entity's eyes widen as it takes in the sheer number of enemies that just showed up on its doorstep. It throws up a purple barrier that absorbs hundreds of bullets and rockets, before cracking, the entity then throws out purple beams, wiping out dozens of soldiers, tanks, and helicopters. Which are instantly replaced as more of the army arrives. News copters stream the action as the demon constantly fights the external army. Meanwhile, an unseen type of soldier enters the facility, before dissipating into dust, and the entire facility changes its colors to green, the Japanese flag completely changing into a green flag with a single shield on it. The destruction to the facility is fixed as a second of this type appears and dissipates.

The scientists are escorted out of the facility by a new soldier that appeared within it, wearing similar colors to the ones outside. Once outside the facility, they watched as the demonic entity caused tons of damage to the army.

After three days of constant fighting, and tons of collateral damage to the hills, the demonic entity finally collapsed from exhaustion, before it was completely shredded by gunfire. The outside army didn't need rest and cared not for their own losses. They threw as many bodies at the demonic entity as needed. They began to build a base around the area. News of this event spreads worldwide, and the threat of these demonic entities is fully realized. Many more people start heading to the Japanese City base and praying in front of the base. Occasionally they are approached by the soldiers, and this is considered a blessing by God's Holy Army.

Each religion had a different name for the soldiers, Gods Holy Army, King Yama's Men, Demon Hunter, the Shieldsmen, and many more. Their internet name was known as the Valiant.

A few days later a massive rift forms out of the new Valiant base, and thousands of Valiants armada pours into this portal. The portal had been built by the Valiant armada. The other side revealed a world in desolation, red skies and blood painted the ground as demonic energy was all over the place. It was a hellscape on the other side, but more importantly, as JSDF snuck a force into the other side of the rift, they learned it was a second Earth, except in this world. The Valiant never showed up. The Valiant began to go to war with the demons of this other world.

Every day thousands of soldiers went kept progressing into this new world, and the UN, JSDF, and USA sent their own forces into this world for rescue operations. There were very rare resistance cells filled with survivors. Only five hundred survivors had been found thus far, and all the while a war between the demonic entities and the Valiant progressed.

There was a bit more to the dream, but I'll stop there for now. Take a guess of the themes. Yes, it is a self-insert. Also this was only one night of dreams, pretty intense huh? Who knows what I forgot out of it.
Should I write out more of my dreams? there are quite a few interesting ones, like the one I just posted.
Dyson Sphere Ingenuity

Self Insert, Dyson Sphere Program.


*Anomaly Detected.*

*Activating Systems.*

*Greetings Engineer.*

I opened my eyes. What was going on? Information began flowing to my head. I was heading to another galaxy in order to build Dyson Spheres. When a gravitational anomaly appeared and dragged my ship through what looked like a wormhole. Then I lost consciousness as the programming shut down.

I started to fiddle around in the cyberspace environment. I was bringing the Engineer Chassis online. It took a second to adjust as my scanners began to recognize everything near me. I was in some sort of facility, surrounded by panicking humans and there was a laser trying to dig into my chassis. I displaced the support holding my body up as I moved, activating my mining laser I disabled the laser in a second. I continued to harvest it for parts. Getting a decent amount of iron copper steel and silicon from the machine. Plus some other materials would take up space in the digital storage. Will need to upgrade the digital storage soon if possible. Alright, let's check for the DSP signatures.

Nothing, lots of radio chatter, oh, internet? I haven't had access to the internet since after the brain upload. Exciting to see… Oh. It is the year 2032? That can't be right… Frack, did I get sent back in time or to an alternate dimension? Do we even have the resources to get me off the world if we are on Earth? If I remember correctly we drained the world dry by the year 2060.

Then again, Soro Logan started the foundations of what would become the Dyson Sphere Program in 2025. The COSMO foundation… doesn't seem to exist here. Hmm? Someone outside is trying to signal me. How long have I been standing here? Seven minutes, man I must have been absorbed.

They were blinking something in a numerical sequence… I have a feeling I should know what that is. Deciding to end this farce before it gets too extreme I started to speak. "Is that supposed to mean anything?"

They all froze. "You speak English?" A scientist spoke.

"Course I do, what kind of American would I be if I didn't? Actually, scratch that, most Americans were speaking two to three languages." I spoke, thinking aloud.

"Your American?" I found out where I am! Britain!

"Yep. Born in a United States Colony. Sorry if this is confusing to you all, alternate universe stuff is a tad bit weird." I spoke while surfing the internet. Looks like my pod landed in the ocean three years ago, and they just fished me up five months ago after a long project.

"Slow down a bit. So you are an American from an alternate universe?"

I nodded my chassis head. "Yep."

"Can you tell us your name?"

"Nick Carlson, nice to meet you sir."

"So in the future American citizens get turned into a giant robot?"

I shook my head no, "I wish. Nah I just signed up to be a Dyson Sphere Program Engineer. Got brain uploaded to this."

They all started muttering at that, the man I was speaking to exclaimed, "Wait so you are not a Gundam?"

"Nerd! Ah sorry. I just haven't heard someone mention Gundams since I was a kid, heh. Good times. Anyways I am technically an Engineer. However, I am also technically an Accountant. By all accounts, if it wasn't for some serious loopholes I shouldn't even be a DSP engineer." Got to love loopholes, it was seriously my only way to get this position since it was a Chinese program. Luckily tensions between China and the U.S. simmered down around the year 2040, due to the breakthrough of Soro Logan the economic capabilities of China and the U.S. soared, even more so as the Chinese people started to get more and more power and freedoms the U.S. had at heart, while China is still a Communist country to this day, it has massively improved in terms of treatment to its people and democratic and republican policies. It didn't have as much of a massive boom in terms of technology as compared to the Japanese technological progress. But it had industry.

I then realized I was speaking aloud, or well, monotoning aloud. "Sorry about that, forgot to turn off the speakers while I was internally monologuing."

"No no, please go on, hearing about this alternate world is actually fairly insightful, can you tell us about United Kingdoms?"

"United Kingdoms? Oh yea, that's what it was called."

"Did something happen to the U.K.?

"Not really, they just had a name change, the U.K. changed the Sovereign People Alliance somewhere around the years 2040 and 2050. There was a large amount of political tension at the time with U.S., China, and Russia so someone proposed a name change, and it went through. And somehow, do not ask me how, I wasn't really paying attention to world history too much, this relieved tensions across the world somehow. There was apparently more to it than just a name change, I don't really know, I only got a D in World History, sorry." I spoke, straining to remember what little I paid attention to.

"A name change brought peace? How?"

I shrugged, "No clue. It was honestly pretty boring to read. There were a lot of politicians that worked to keep the peace across the world, despite a handful actually trying to encourage war."

"Alright, alright. We will talk about that later. Can you tell us what you are then?"

I nodded. "My name is Nick Carlson, Dyson Sphere Engineer. I was sent to a distant star to construct Dyson Spheres that would help power things back home."

"So you have the technology to build them?"

I shook my head no, "Not yet. My brain is made out of a literal supercomputer that allows me to process and understand the world and its materials. Ideally, I'll build a couple of labs and have them research everything I need to build my Dyson spheres. It would likely take a few months for me to get everything up and running, but with a few belts and a good layout, I could likely have a system covered in Dyson Spheres in just a few months."

"You said that tensions between us and the U.S. rose a few years after this time period, why are you so comfortable sharing all this information in that case?"

I nodded, a good question. "Because in the end? It worked out. Took a few years for everything to settle, and eventually, the Earth Alliance was made. Tensions basically evaporated after 2060. At that point, everyone was focused on technology and there was a massive technological race across the planet to create things that would benefit humanity, not just one country or nation. But all of humanity. We may have our differences, but at our core, we were all humans. It takes time for it to happen, but humans are naturally social creatures. Eventually, we will come together and work together, especially when we had the technological edge to back it up. By the year 2082, the possibility of war was basically gone. While the countries still exist, and there are differences in nationalities and culture, it is extremely unlikely they would commit to war on another nation."

"To put it simply, although you are still loyal to the United States, you hold no hate towards other countries." The man spoke, there was awe in his eyes.

I nodded. "Yep."

Another man spoke. "What year was it when before you ended up here?"

"2109 is what was last on my logs."

- Authors Note:
I stopped at this point, my head was hurting. It was a little thing that was on my mind for a while so I wrote out a start of an idea for a Dyson Sphere Program based story.
Game, -Zombie City Simulator
Game, -Zombie City Simulator-

This is just me playing a game in my head and recording the results. There is lore and such that will develop as the game progresses. Feel free to suggest things.

[Command Key]
— | I give an order to the simulation in my head.
-+- | Encounter or Loot.
=-= | Story

[Useful Knowledge]
Technically every resource is possible as this is all simulated within my head. It may not make complete sense, and it is not supposed to. It's a fun thing for me to do occasionally. Most resources are simplified though. Scraps, Electronics, Batteries, Food Supplies are some examples, like a bunch of tin cans will turn from tin into Scraps and can be used to construct things like fences, even if it makes no sense.

—Game Start

Day 1

No Resources, No Safezone - Units: 1.


Survivor x1.

— Examine Surroundings.

Your survivor looks around, taking in the scenery. Behind him is a bright blue ball. It represents your presence. Protecting it is needed. You seem to have started in a gym, there are blood stains all around the gym, but not zombies to be found. The light in the windows seems to indicate that it is currently daytime. Further observation shows that this gym is likely a school gym.

—Loot Room.

Your Survivor begins scavenging. Finding two scraps, and one food supply in the room.

—Look for exits.

The doors seem to be destroyed. Thrown around on the floor. Leaving the hallway wide open for your survivor's view.

—Survivor leave gym.

Your survivor leaves the gym, walking down the hallway. A grown sounds out, as a zombie appears in the corner. It runs at your survivor.

— Kick Zombie away.

Zombie grabs the survivor's foot and bites into it. The survivor has been infected. Return the survivor to your presence to cure them. Survivors that haven't been cured will turn into zombies when night time arrives. The survivor is now wounded.

— Try to break zombie's neck, Aim for the back of the neck try to damage the spinal cord.

Your survivor is in pain but recognizes your command. They try to grab the back of the zombie's neck, and succeed, before falling back while using their other food for purchase as they rip the zombie's head off. The zombie's head refuses to let go of the survivor's foot.

— Smash zombie's jaw.

The survivor aligns the zombie's head with the floor, before punching as hard as they can onto the jaw of the zombie. Breaking its jaw instantly, freeing the survivor. The zombie head's eyes follow the survivor as they back away, wincing at the pain from their foot.

— Return to influence to recover.

The survivor pulls themself to their feet and wobbles back to your sphere. A blue light extends out of your sphere, and flesh regrows on the foot as the survivor returns back to a healthy state. The survivor has been cured and has fully recovered.

Tutorial Tip: Survivors while they cannot cure themselves, they can heal outside of the sphere of influence range via Medical Supplies. You also have a chance of preventing an infected from turning when night hits if they have used Medical Supplies to survive. However infected survivors must return to your sphere of influence if you wish to cure them. This will remain the case unless a vaccine is discovered or created.

Tutorial Tip: The Sphere of Influence is the only way to heal survivors without consuming Medical Supply resources.

— Rename the first survivor, Adept.

The survivor will now be referred to as Adept. Naming survivors increases the survivor's abilities but increases the amount of information you will need to keep track of. Rolling for increase… rolling… 60. Adept has received a D grade talent, Intent Reading. Adept can now tell if non-zombies are friendly, and can tell if a zombie has detected them or not.

— Try making a weapon out of the scraps we have.

Weapons are cheap to make, however, the more scrap consumed in the making of the weapon, the stronger it will be. How many scraps would you like to use?

— 2 scraps.


Door Handle created!

Item: Door Handle, This door handle is extremely cheaply made, it seems to be mostly aluminum and will dent easily. Still useful as a blunt weapon though.

— Explore.

Adept enters the hallway again. The zombie corpse is now gone. There are six doors visible.

— Can Adept hear anything?

There are no sounds except for a distant tapping of liquid and Adepts own breath.

— Open closest door.

Door is locked.

— Try other doors.

Adept goes door to door, checking them. All of them appear to be locked. They seem to be classroom doors. There are dents on some of the doors.

— Is there a turn at the end of the hallway?

There are two turns at the end of the hallway, one to the left, and one to the right.

— Is the power on.

No, the power is not on and the survivor cannot see around the corners due to the darkness.

HSD Verse :1
fifty years ago, all life on Earth was wiped out. A horde of black slime monsters destroyed all over earth, and covered the world. Humanity was wiped out in a matter of hours after the slimes were discovered. Yet, evidence of their past remains to this day. Ruined structures, destroyed wonders, and more. The more part being the most important. The Human Servant Drone, or HSD. Meant to be a general assistant to humans, now a robot capable of wiping out hordes of black slime monsters. In the eternal darkness, their metal gleams with color.

There weren't many of them, and they were way stronger than how they were originally made. The HSD's took to the ruinous world and did everything they could to wipe out as much of the Black Slime Monsters as they could. The Human Servant Drones were made to adapt to the needs of their humans, now that the humans were gone, only one thing was left. Vengeance. The adaptability of the HSD's changed them. Their chassis started to become thicker with new alloys, their speed increased. They lost the non-combat oriented parts of their bodies. They became combat drones. The adaptability programming they received allowed them to change to an absurd degree.

But, that didn't mean they thrived. HSD's originally in the millions, but now, fifty years later? There was only a few hundred. In this inhospitable deathworld, they fought. Constantly they fought against the Black Slime. Killing dozens of the slimes, and their evolutions. The ones who remain have been polished from years of war. They were fast, strong, and insanely durable. They were unrecognizable from the Human Servant Drones of old. They still remained humanoid, but they showed strength beyond their appearance.

With all that, do the HSD's sit idle? Waiting for the Black Slimes hordes to grow larger, so they can eventually get rid of the HSD's? No. They hunt. The HSD's use their custom made weapons and slaughter as many hordes as possible. Reducing the numbers of the Black Slime horde. This, is their story.

Human Servant Drone #999,327, Nickname: Angel

The mechanized faceplate shifted as they observed the ground. The slimes were starting to group up into a rank seven horde. Good. That meant there were more of them to cull. They jumped from their hovercraft, two pistols materializing in their hand as they reached behind their back, pulling them from their hammer space.

They slammed into their first target, firing down as they did so. Unleashing molten metal onto the slime giants head. The Titan Tier Slime. They had a limitless reserve of ammo. So they used it, ripping more and more slime out of the giant. They only had to get to it's core. Finally, their targeting HUD was revealing some of the slimes cores, multiple, not only one. Annoying. Will take longer to put them down. But, it only takes one bullet per core.

Slimy tentacles swung at Angel, trying to strike her off the giant, the giant slime itself tried to envelop Angel's legs. Thin exhausts in the form of wings extended out of Angel's back, launching them to the air. They kept firing on the giant, but then they landed, surrounded by hordes of Black Slimes. Their exoarmor flexed itself, as energy flowed through their body. The visor parts of Angel's body glowed white as Angel boosted their energy consumption to max. Then they started to move. Trading their pistols for duel daggers they moved near the speed of light. Ripping apart hundreds of slimes in almost an instant.

Black spikes extended from the slimes as the slimes attempted to slow down Angel. But it did nothing. As Angel had been fighting and adapting to the slimes for years, they had shown the capabilities to match the peak HSD's but the HSD's were intelligent enough to adapt. Constant evolution had made Angel and the other remaining HSDs perfect Black Slime hunters.

The giant slime unleashed a massive tentacle, intending to crush Angel. Angel instead of dodging stood still, and a white energy covered their daggers. The moment the tentacle was about to land on Angel, they parried it, causing a massive wave of white energy to rip the giant slime in half. In that split second molten metal started flying as Angel swapped to their duel pistols. Every time a core was hit, some of the slime when disintegrate. By the time the giant slime had reformed, it was a third of its original size. Angel swapped back to their daggers. As they started slaughtering more of the horde surrounding the Black Slime.

But… numbers can eventually overwhelm quality. Another two giant slimes appeared. But more important was a small humanoid was spotted sitting on top the Slime Giant. A HSD Hunter. These specialized small slimes were developed to counter the HSD's to varying affectiveness.

Two impacts happen near Angel. HSD's, one looking similar to that of a preying mantis than a humanoid, and the other looked more robotic and inhuman then both of them.

[Angel: I had this handled.]

[Model: #499,001: HSD Hunters. Can't let you face them on your own. There are already to few of us left.]

[Machinist: Less talk, more vengeance.]

The wordless conversation happened in a instant, as the three ran into action. The machine like HSD's visors glowed a dark red, as they accelerated to their maximum speed, leaving after images as they slaughtered all the slimes in their way. The Mantis HSD glowed a light green as they deployed cutters, which they used to bisect any complex slimes in their way.

There were millions of Black Slimes in the horde. They were disappearing at a visible rate. Then the HSD Hunter moved. The Mantis HSD's claws glowed, before they parried an attack that was faster than the speed of light, sending the HSD hunter flying back.

[Model: #499,001: Hunter is speed type and strength type. Unknown durability.]
Angel jumped towards the giant slimes, white energy covering their blades, before slashing. Cutting the slimes in half with a massive blade of energy, before the Machine like HSD pulled out a rifle and fired molten metal with extreme precision, destroying the first giant with ease, and reducing the seconds mass by half, leaving only two smaller giant slimes left. That, the HSD Hunter, and a few million small Black Slimes.

The HSD Hunter returned at great speed, going for Angel this time. However, Angels exhaust launch instantly, pulling them airborne. Pistols unload at the slime, who changes their target to the Mantis HSD. The Mantis HSD wasn't fast enough this time, a sharp black tendril cutting off its arm as it tries to dodge, a hammer knocks the HSD Hunter far away, the Machine-like HSD brandished their hammer coming to the rescue of the Mantis HSD. Who grabs their arm and reattaches it. Wires extending on their own and reconnecting. Repairing the HSD.

[Angel: Energy reserves are low. What about you two.]

[Model: 499,001: Internal repairs needed, temporary retreat advised.]

[Machinist: Fine, Let's retreat.]

Three hovercraft descend from the sky, turning visible as they approach. The three HSD's hop on their respective crafts. Firing their guns as they retreat to the sky. Before invisibility covered them and their craft.

At the North Pole resides a massive structure built by the HSD's a massive nexus, filled with several nuclear reactors and machines. The massive cube was the deployment center used by the HSD's, it was made back when the HSD's had the numbers to gather the resources required. It was never finished, but it still served the needs of the HSD's that remained, it was a flurry of activity, always. As hovercraft constantly exited and entered the structure. The HSD headquarters, the center of their vengeance. On the outskirts frozen black slime could be seen for miles, and on the HSD Headquarters itself were cryoguns, they were constantly firing, preventing the slimes from thawing despite the heat generated by the nuclear reactors built into the facility.
HSD Verse: 2
Humans, extinct to the HSDs, were worshipped in a strange way. Humanity for all its flaws, was looked up to by the Human Servant Drones. It wasn't in their programming to do so. HSD's were programmed to be assistants, butlers, servants. A factory fresh HSD was the most humanoid of HSDs. With a gelatin layer of skin, instead of armor. But Human Servant Drones were programmed to be adaptive, and the Augment Core allowed for that at a slow, but constant rate. It had the ability to generate something from nothing. Which was theorized to be impossible. It took no energy to do, it was a impossibility. Made by the best and brightest of humanity. Unfortunately it could never be made again with the extinction of humanity.

Yet, this wasn't why Humans were worshipped by the HSDs. No, it was much simpler. The worshipped humanity for their concept of 'one'. Each human was different, unique. They understood that more than anyone. Humanity could be cruel, kind, or indifferent. It was respective of each individual. The HSD's respected that. They believed in 'one'. That each individual was different. This is why no two HSD's look the same after they adapt. Individuality was taught to them by humanity, and until the end of them all. They would follow these ideas.

Each HSD was 'one'. A singular entity, that made its own decision, and chose to follow the humans that purchased them. HSD's took after humanity, until the concept of 'one' was spread. That concept, past on from humanity, was preserved to this day. Even as the HSD's slowly died out, they kept that idea. If a human was one day discovered, they would have the full protection of the HSD's. Servants that had turned into Warriors capable to taking on millions.

But that is beside the point isn't it? The world has ended. Black Slime covers the entire world. There is no atmosphere, no ozone. Gravity is merely a suggestion, than a fact. The black slime came from another dimension, and consumed this world. Only held back by the HSDs efforts. If the HSD's weren't around, this entire galaxy would likely have been consumed by the black mass. The Human Servant Drones prevented the Black Slime from evolving, from getting to their peak. At all costs.

Eventually, all the HSD's would fall. Despite how many Black Slimes they put down, they are only delaying the inevitable. For the Black Slime was endless. Constantly growing. Constantly changing. The HSD Hunters were becoming more and more frequent, and losses were slowly increasing. Every single lost HSD, was a massive victory for the Black Slime. The HSDs couldn't replenish their numbers, and they were losing ground. Giant slimes were starting to become more and more frequent. Despite the HSDs best efforts. They would keep fighting though. Until their last spark.

Even while their batteries deplete, while their chassis break apart. While their programming fills with errors and their processors break down. They fight. Not out of some heroic tendency. Not out of desperation. They fight the Black Slime out of sheer SPITE. They will never stop, until the last HSDs power goes out, the HSD's will fight until the end. Even if the HSD Nexus falls, or their technology stops working. The HSD's will fight the black slime.

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