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I, Schnee: Or How I Bring Home A Faunus BF to Piss Off Daddy [RWBY SI/OC]

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Crossposted from from my snippets thread on Spacebattles.

"You're being silly," Whitney Schnee...
I Bring My Faunus BF to the Ball Party.

Lady Vanatos

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Jul 6, 2017
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Crossposted from from my snippets thread on Spacebattles.

"You're being silly," Whitney Schnee stated to her boyfriend as she fixed her makeup in the car mirror.

"I absolutely am not. This is a terrible idea." Clyde deadpanned.

"I just think you're nervous. That's fine, tis the first time you're meeting the fam," Whitney replied, curling her lashes. "But I think it'll be fine."

The horse faunus' ears twitched. "You are absolutely delusional if you think this will go well. More than you already are."

Whitney stops fiddling with her eyelash and looks to her boyfriend. "Come on, hon. What are you so scared of?"

He looks her straight in the eye. "Your family has an assorted history of capitalistic corruption, coercive forced labor and the consistent and documented abuse of Faunus for generations."

She looks away awkwardly. "Well, when you put it like that…"

"That's not even mentioning their rampant monopoly over the Dust industry, snuffing out all possible major competition."

"Look, look okay I get it. My family is kinda cringe," Whitney acknowledged. "Buuut I really think you'll love them! I mean, Winter is—"

Clyde interrupted her. "In the Atlas military. A Specialist. And given my past history and what you told me of her, very likely have me sent to some Mantle gulag if she found out."

"Okkaaaay but Weiss—!" Whitney started.

"Quite literally terrified of Faunus that are even vaguely in her peripheral vision." The equine finished for her.

"Fine, but Whitley is–"

"He's, uh, actually I don't know. What did you say your brother was before?" He asked.

"A tryhard."

"Yeah, that."

"But it's cute when he tries to be like daddy and then his voice cracks. Fucking adorable! I want to give him the headpats." the white-haired elite squealed.

"Don't even get me started on your father," Clyde said with scorn in his voice, before letting out a breath. "...Look, why are we even here? Don't you hate crowds anyway?"

"I mean, uh, yeah but," Whitney paused, stumbling with her words a bit. "I'm with you so, it's okay. And I'm kinda of tired of hiding it so fuck it, I say. Let's just do it."

The horse faunus gazed into his partner's eyes, after a moment of silence he sighed in defeat. "Very well."

The Schnee bounced in her seat before leaping to hug her boyfriend.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou, I swear it won't be too bad, babe. 2 hours tops. Oh I get to introduce you to Mama too. I think she'll like you." she then paused. "If she's sober. Maybe."

"Hm. Perhaps."

"This is definitely gonna piss daddy the fuck off, this is going to be great." Whitney said in spiteful excitement.

"You know, for someone who claims to hate their father, your persistence to refer to him in such affectionate terms such as 'daddy' is very strange." He noted.

"It's all apart of the plan. When daddy sees me getting railed by my actual Daddy, it will destroy him emotionally and make him a cuckold," she explained. "But like in spirit. Not like an actual cuckold. But he'll feel like one, you know?"

"Uh huh. Is the only reason you brought me here was to really just have your father catch us having sex?"

"What, baby, no," Whitney grabbed her lover's hand, looking at him with an affectionate gaze. "I wouldn't do that to you. I really do want to come out about us. I like what we have and I want everyone to know it, cause that's what you deserve."

The genuine, heartfelt confession seems to calm the equine man's worries and he smiles. "Well, I suppose–"


"Ah, there it is."

"Hypothetically speaking…"

Clyde gave a withering sigh and rubbed his palms over his eyes.

The perverted woman continued. "If you were to, I don't know, let's sayyyy….rawdog me on top of his desk. That would be fucking awesome!"

"Oh Brothers be, Whit…"

"Oh come on, we both hate him!" the snow-haired girl exclaimed. "It's the perfect type of revenge for us both that doesn't involve copious amounts of violence or human-faunus collateral!"

"I'm almost more shocked with the fact that you considered violence first…"

"My first instinct is always violence, baby. Now let'sa get going. We're already late." Whitney said, opening the car door. Clyde sighed as he followed suit.

Suddenly, Whitney paused halfway and turned back around towards her boyfriend, finger raised. "Oh and also I'm prettttty sure they don't keep the gulags in Mantle."

"So there are gulags!?"

Gustav guarded the entrance to the Schnee residence with a hawk-like precision. Despite being a Faunus, his commitment and diligence to his task for years had given him far more leeway than most other faunus in his position.

Thus he was able to instantly zero-in on Whitney Schnee in a rather, skimpy and oblique silver dress that accentuated her upper features, or rather lack thereof. Hand-in-hand with a large broad-shouldered faunus that Gustav could tell was dressed in Giovanni de Vale's finest fit that complimented the woman's attire.

However, what Gustav paid most attention to was the patented trollish smile upon the young woman's face that she was known for. Gustav knew trouble when he saw it and said trouble approached him with a fist pump.

"Yoo, what's good, Gustavvy. You hanging in there?" Whitney asked, pumping her fist into his chest. The hawk faunus simply stared down towards her with a blank expression.

"Madam. You are late. In fact, you are the last to arrive." came the simple, neutral statement.

"You know ya gotta save the best for last. Them's the rules." she replied cheekily.

Gustav then turned her attention to Clyde. "Sorry, sir but Faunus are supposed to arrive in the back of the hall through the backdoor in the garden."

Clyde ears twitched as Whitney interjects.

"Nooo, " the Schnee stressed, pulling his arm towards her. "He's my date."

Gustav blinked, as she went back and forth between the two. His gaze settled back on Whitney.

"Your father is not going to like this."

"That's the plan." the girl said, winking. Clyde palmed his face.

"...Very well, madam. Please make your way inside." Gustav finally stated, opening the door into the mansion.

"Thanksies, Gustavvy. Let's go babe." The couple ventured into the hall before Gustav gave one last comment.

"And please, madam, try not to cause any trouble tonight."

Whitney turned around and gave the old guard a disarming smile. "Of course not, Gustavvy, I would never cause any trouble. For you."

With that the couple walked further into the hall and into the ballroom. Gustav stared at the two before shrugging and returning to his position.

Either way, it wasn't his problem. But it certainly was going to be a headache from someone above his paygrade.

The door to the ballroom was closed, likely figuring no one else would show up this late. The clattering of voices, music and merry could be heard on the other side. The strange couple stared at the double doors, its presence weighing down on them.

Whitney breaks the silence. "Alright babe, are you hyped?"

"Positively unhyped right now."

"You're supposed to agree. Now you're making me nervous!"

"...Do you still want to do this, Whit?"

"...Yeah, I do. So let's do it together?"

The horse faunus stared down at her girlfriend and smiled. "...Sure, together." Both human and famous people place their hands on opposite sides of the door.




They push both doors open at the same time, the fluorescent lights of the ballroom seeping through and blinding them for a brief second. The doors opened to the ballroom and the pair stepped through with a confident stride.

The ballroom fell silent at the abrupt interruption to their festivity. The music is silenced, light-hearted conversation is halted, as the eyes of the entire room feel upon the human and faunus couple.

The two stood there in awkward silence before Whitney eventually looked up to her boyfriend and whispered self-consciously.

"Oh god, do you think it's my dress?"
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Is this going to be a one shot story, or since it's in it's own thread, are we getting a multi chapter story?

Because to be honest, I really feel like I could use more of Clyde and Whitney in my life.

Also, what's Clyde's last name? I feel that it could be something like Greendale for some reason... :V
... Goddamit my eyes deceived me in believing this to be in the NSFW forums. I kinda played myself:V

I mean, it's hilarious and good readin', but this kinda fics are almost expected to have lewds at this junction. Aaaand now my boner is sad.
... Goddamit my eyes deceived me in believing this to be in the NSFW forums. I kinda played myself:V

I mean, it's hilarious and good readin', but this kinda fics are almost expected to have lewds at this junction. Aaaand now my boner is sad.

Take a guess

Glorious, glorious i say
A light hearted comedy sounds hilarious right now!
This is a neat one-shot! Good job on this one!


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