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[Introduction Thread] 'Sup All

Greetings, an amateur roleplayer here, having been in RP/ERP for about 7 years (4 of which in literate RP), and having a taste for interspecies pairings (in particular Human×Pokémon).
Hey y'all, new here, heard about this site through the grapevine as a decent place to post smutty creative writing. Nice to meet y'all, hopefully will be posting something if I can get over my unending writer's block ;p
Hi everyone, just want to be able to edit my profile in case I want to lol
So, this is a better way to introduce.

Neat! Nice to be here. I joined through a different friend who was a reader of this forum, and I just joined in like a year ago but didn't post until now.

So...creative smut, and/or creative crossover writing with some mature elements. I have found my favorite area now! I hope to provide stories that I can be proud of here! See y'all soon!
Hello everyone, I've been lurking around the site and this one of the better fanfic sites I found so kudos to the admins and the other people who keep this place up.

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