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Space Marines in the Mist (Warhammer 40k/Mistborn)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Shakie, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: Prologue

    Shakie Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jan 8, 2022
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    One thousand years after the first Mistborn trilogy, a man gains near-godlike powers from the legendary Well of Ascension, before being killed. He later finds himself in a grimdark universe, where he can put his powers to far better use.

    Though this is a crossover, no prior knowledge of Mistborn is required.


    That was what Brian Dagouter felt as he injected a mix of drugs into his arm. Not the sort of thing most people would do alone - there were no illegal drugs on Scadrial to speak of, with Feruchemical healing making them far less dangerous to use, but there was still a small risk; one couldn't heal themselves if they were unconscious after all. Yet, as Brian was basically an outlaw by this point, he wasn't in a position to seek help if something did go wrong, at least without being arrested.

    Fortunately, he had done some research before injecting his body with everything he could think of. One of the drugs increased his body's demand for oxygen, while the other reduced his breathing rate, so as soon as the chemicals entered his bloodstream, he began tapping breath from his cadmiumminds, ensuring he didn’t suffocate. At the same time, he tapped his zincminds for increased mental speed, purely to increase the perceived length of his high. It was a shame he was doing it alone; it was both safer and more fun doing drugs with others, but Brian’s new lifestyle had alienated anyone he might have once called a friend, except for the talking sword hanging from his belt.

    I’m bored, Brian, Nightblood whined, projecting the words directly into Brian’s mind. Can’t you go and rob some more metal shipments again?

    “I didn’t think you liked me doing that. Aren’t you all about destroying evil and stuff?”

    Of course I don’t like it, the sword said with a huff, but it’s better than sitting around doing nothing. And there’s hardly any evil to destroy on this world.

    “Well you know, I feel like I should enjoy what time I’ve got in case I mess up and end up in jail.”

    You’d eventually get out, wouldn’t you? It’s not like you’ll die of old age.

    “True, but with everything I’ve done so far, I’m probably getting at least a century behind bars”, Brian replied. “I’d like to put that off as long as possible.”

    Brian had actually only been in possession of Nightblood for around a year. It had previously been in the care of the Shin people on the planet Roshar. Stealing it had only been possible due to their unfamiliarity with investiture – or ‘magic’, as ignorant idiots called it – from Scadrial, but Brian had wasted no time putting the sword’s unique properties to use. Most notably, breaking into the chamber containing the legendary Well of Ascension, which had itself only recently been rediscovered, and using its power to elevate himself to near godhood.

    So why are we in a sewer anyway? Nightblood asked, with a childlike curiosity.

    “Isn’t it obvious? It’s safe down here.”

    You need safety? I thought Feruchemical healing made you basically invincible.

    “Only while I’m actively tapping health from my goldminds. And doing that would purge the drugs from my body. It’s why you can’t get drunk while using it either.”

    After using the Well of Ascension, Brian had explored the winding tunnels that made up the city of Elendel’s sewer system, searching for a place to lay low when necessary. With the Well having made him both a supremely powerful Allomancer and Feruchemist, he no longer needed to eat, instead sustaining himself by tapping nutrition from his bendalloyminds. He didn’t have to sleep either, thanks to the stored wakefulness in his bronzeminds. As a result, he could stay below ground for weeks at a time, on this occasion choosing to seclude himself inside a small room that was, other than the door, cut off from the rest of the sewer system, surrounded on all sides by nice thick concrete walls.

    Or so he thought.

    As it turned out, the wall to Brian’s left was only around sixty centimetres thick. As he continued to fill his body with chemicals, a single robot stood on the other side of the wall, in the main sewer tunnel. It was a standard hunter-killer unit, commonplace in Scadrial’s military. Powered by silent servo motors and synth-muscles, they were more like robotic Special Forces than soldiers. As there was little need for the Scadrian government to maintain a large standing force however, most of its ‘army’ now consisted of these androids, which these days spent most of their time acting as bodyguards to the President, along with various other high-ranking government officials. This particular unit had been ‘borrowed’ by various rogue elements fearful of Brian’s powers – a fear that had only grown, given what he’d used his powers for so far.

    The robot was armed with a Steelpush rifle. While gunpowder had been known to Scadrial for centuries, it had since been superseded by Allomantic weaponry. Just as a human Allomancer could burn steel to push on metal objects, launching them at supersonic speeds, the rifle used the same principle to accelerate an osmiridium bullet to over 20,000 metres per second.

    The robot did the machine equivalent of burning steel, but didn’t push on anything. Instead millions of thin blue lines filled its vision – each one indicating a trace amount of metal in the walls and floor. A sufficiently strong Allomancer could even make out the trace metals present in another person’s body using this method. Down in the sewer though, there were enough trace metals in the environment to obscure them. Unable to detect its target, the android instead burned tin, enhancing its artificial senses, hoping for an indirect method of detection. It found one; its sound sensors, augmented by burning tin, picked up the sound of Brian’s breathing.

    Estimating where Brian’s head would be from the detected sounds, the robot raised its rifle, and fired. The hypersonic projectile easily burrowed through the concrete wall, into Brian’s skull. Such a wound would’ve been survivable had he been tapping his goldminds. But Brian hadn’t been as careful at concealing his non-crime related activities as he thought, with the robot’s masters learning that he’d become a junkie, and deducing that would be the optimal time to strike.

    Flying far faster than the speed of sound, Brian couldn’t possibly have heard the bullet coming. Striking his head with enough force to completely pulp it, he was dead before his body hit the floor.


    “The fuck?”

    Those were the first words to leave Brian’s mouth after his soul left his body. One moment, he was in Elendel’s sewers, high as a kite. The next, he was standing on a strange sea of liquid, surrounded by mist.

    “Welcome to the Cognitive Realm, Brian Dagouter”, a voice said from behind him.

    Spinning around, he was greeted by the sight of another man. He was tall, but thin, with tanned skin and a bald head, clearly of Terris descent, and wearing a long brown robe. To the casual observer, he would have been the stereotypical image of the average Terrisman. He certainly wasn’t what most would expect of the most powerful being in the Cosmere. Yet that was who he was; Harmony, the God who had transformed Scadrial from an ash-ridden hellscape into something vaguely resembling paradise. He was also the last person Brian wanted to see right now.

    “Harmony!? How the fuck did I end up here?” he said, in a state of pure shock.

    “I’m afraid you died, Brian.”

    “What!? How…” Brian began, the shock being replaced by ice-cold fear. “How long do I have until I… you know… pass into the beyond?” he eventually said, voice trembling.

    “You can stay here as long as you like”, Harmony said, sounding kind.

    “I… wait, what?”

    “The more investiture someone’s soul has, Brian, the longer they persist in the Cognitive Realm before fading away” the God explained. “When you used the Well of Ascension, you gained a sliver of my power. Indeed, you are now one of the most heavily invested beings in the entire Cosmere. As such, you can remain here indefinitely, at least until you choose to… let yourself go.”

    “Oh. Well, why would I ever do that?” Brian asked, having somewhat recovered.

    “Boredom, I think. I’m afraid the Cognitive Realm is rather lacking in ways to amuse oneself.”

    “Talk about an understatement”, Brian muttered to himself, as he examined his surroundings. He’d heard that land and sea were reversed in the Cognitive Realm - something that was evidently true, given that he was standing on water. In the distance, he could see thin, snaking patches of land that made up the rivers flowing through the Elendel basin in the real world.

    Turning back to his God, Brian implored, “Look, Harmony, friend. You’ve gotta send me back. This is clearly an extrajudicial killing.”

    “I’m afraid that’s not possible, Brian”, Harmony replied apologetically.

    “What? Yes, it is… until I go into the beyond, anyway. You can just stuff my soul back into my body.”

    “Well, I suppose I could, strictly speaking. But I don’t think it would be a good idea. After all, I can’t stop the forces that killed you from doing so again, if you returned. And, well, it’s not as if you aren’t guilty of the crimes that got you killed in the first place.”

    “Well… if sending me back to Scadrial isn’t an option, what about somewhere else in the Cosmere? Somewhere the locals don’t know about me, so I won’t be judged over the stuff I’ve done.”

    “And leave them defenceless against you?” Harmony said, with a raised eyebrow. “No offence Brian, but you haven’t exactly used your powers for good.”

    “So… what, the Well of Ascension won’t recharge for another thousand years. And you’d just let that power go to waste?”

    “It isn’t a waste if you only use it for crime”, Harmony said firmly.

    “I... well…” Brian began, beginning to panic. “Look, I acknowledge that I’ve done some pretty bad stuff in the past, ok? But it’s not too late to turn myself around, it’s not… I mean, I can still use this power for good, if you give me the chance!” he said, trying not to sound too frantic.

    Harmony didn’t immediately reply, looking thoughtful. “There’s nowhere I can send you in the Cosmere, Brian, but… hmmm…” he said as he turned around, fading away into the mist.

    “Harmony, wait! Come back! Please, come back!” Brian shouted. He stood there waiting for a few moments, but Harmony didn’t come back.

    No longer able to suppress the horror of his situation, Brian did the only thing he could. He lashed out.

    “BLOODY… FUCKING… BOLLOCKS!” he roared as he punched the floor. It achieved nothing, with it being made of liquid, but he did it anyway, if only to try and ignore the fear that had engulfed him once again.


    Despite searching for a week, Brian hadn’t found a way out of the Cognitive Realm that didn’t involve dying for good. Not that he’d expected to find anything, but he didn’t have anything else better to do.

    Occasionally, he saw the spirits of other people who died. Presumably, they were mostly people who’d chosen to pass on, with anti-senescence treatments now being cheap and abundant enough to ensure even the poorest of Scadrial’s residents would never age, and Feruchemical healing taking care of everything else.

    It was obvious which of them had invested powers and which didn’t; the latter group passed into the beyond after only a few seconds, the former lasting for around a minute. There was one woman who’d lasted a full four minutes, presumably being both an Allomancer and a Feruchemist, but Brian hadn’t approached her, or anyone else before they passed on. Supposedly, Harmony gave comforting words to everyone who died on Scadrial before they passed into the beyond. He didn’t want to interfere with that; more importantly, he also didn’t want anything to do with anyone that reminded him of the inevitability of his own situation.

    “I hope you haven’t been too bored, Brian”, Harmony said, appearing literally out of nowhere.

    “Harmony! Oh, thank fuck you came back. I swear it’s only a matter of time before I go mad.”

    “Well, there is a solution to that, even if you’re not willing to contemplate it.”

    “Nope”, Brian said, shaking his head. “I’d rather go mad than cease to exist”

    “Your future self would disagree, I think. As I said Brian, your spirit will persist here forever. And, well, forever is an extremely long time.”

    “Perhaps. But it just occurred to me… there is one thing I can take advantage of to ensure I’ll remain sane.”

    “Oh? And what’s that?” Harmony asked.

    “The fact that you are a good person, Harmony. Your conscience would never allow you to let me go insane.”

    “I may be less inclined to do that, given what you’ve just said.”

    “Not that much less inclined. After all, I haven’t told you anything you didn’t already know.”

    Harmony didn’t respond, instead just gazing at Brian, an unreadable expression on his face. Eventually he said, “You would do anything to keep on living, wouldn’t you Brian?”

    “What kind of question is that? Of course I would, there is nothing worse than non-existence.”

    “Many people in the past… people who suffered far more than yourself may have disagreed.”

    “Oh I bet they would. But they’d be wrong, because while you’re still alive… no matter how bad things may seem, there’s always a chance, no matter how small, that things can get better. But when you die, that chance instantly drops to zero.”

    Harmony nodded. “I can see that you truly believe what you’re saying. I am glad; I haven’t been idle since we first spoke, you know, I was… examining somewhere I could send you.”

    “Really?!” Brian said, hope blooming in his chest before being smothered by his desire to not be disappointed. “I mean, I thought you said you wouldn’t send me anywhere.”

    “I said I wouldn’t send you anywhere in the Cosmere, Brian. But since my ascension, I have become aware of… other planes of existence. There is one in particular with a perpendicularity through which I could send you.”

    “Oh…" Brian trailed off, unsure what to make of what Harmony had just said. Since the invention of Allomancy-powered fatser-than-light travel, people from Scadrial had explored all over the Cosmere, but there was no known way out of the Cosmere entirely... unless one was a God apparently.

    "Would I still have my powers?” Brian asked, still not having gotten over the revelation that other universes existed.

    “Of course. They are a part of your soul, being on another plane doesn’t change that.”

    “Would I have my metalminds as well? I noticed I don’t have them in the Cognitive Realm.”

    “I believe I can do something about that, yes.”

    “What about Nightblood?”

    “You’re determined to trip me up, aren’t you?” Harmony said, amused. “Yes, you would even have Nightblood.”

    “Well then… there has to be some sort of catch, right?”

    “Not necessarily. But yes, there is a catch in this case. This other plane… is not a nice place. The perpendicularity through which I would send you is called the ‘Eye of Terror’. Indeed, I am willing to send you there because, to put it bluntly, there is nothing you can do to the people there that would increase their suffering any further, even if you tried.”

    “Oh… you know, that isn’t very encouraging, Harmony.”

    “It wasn’t meant to be, Brian. But if you’re as determined for another chance at life as you sounded a few minutes ago… there would be plenty of opportunities to use your powers for good.”

    “I am”, Brian said, with complete conviction. “Do I need to do anything?”

    “Stand still. Good luck, Brian Dagouter”, Harmony said, grasping Brian’s shoulders with both hands,before he disappeared in a puff of mist.

    “I fear you will need it”, Harmony said to the empty mists.

    Author's note:

    So this is a random story idea that I had. For anyone that hasn't read it, the powers shown in Mistborn are pretty low-key for a fantasy setting. Anyone that actually used the Well of Ascension would be way too overpowered for a pure Mistborn fic (it took me a while to come up with a plausible way in which Brian could actually be killed), so I figured a crossover with another setting that is more OP in general would be pretty fun.

    Since I figure quite a few people reading this won't have read Mistborn, here's a quick guide to what powers Brian has:

    Allomancy is the ability to 'burn' a metal inside your body (usually ingested), which will then give you some sort of effect, depending on what metal was burned. The more powerful the Allomancer, the stronger this effect. The metals come in pairs, one a pure element, the other an alloy of that element. These pairs of metals tend to have opposite effects when burned.

    Feruchemy is the ability to store various attributes in metal, which can them be accessed (tapped) for a later boost to that attribute. Pieces of metal specifically made for storing attributes are called Metalminds. A Feruchemist's power is limited by how quickly they can store attributes (thus there aren't really 'power levels' for Feruchemists), however there is no limit to how quickly the stored attributes can be tapped.

    MetalAllomantic EffectFeruchemical Effect
    TinEnhances sensesStores senses
    PewterEnhances physical attributesStores physical strength
    IronPulls on nearby metalsStores physical weight
    SteelPushes on nearby metalsStores physical speed
    ZincEnflames (riots) the emotions of another personStores mental speed
    BrassDampens (soothes) the emotions of another personStores warmth/body heat
    CopperHides Allomantic pulsesStores memories
    BronzeCan detect Allomantic pulsesStores wakefulness
    AluminiumWipes internal metal reservesStores identity
    DuraluminEnhances other metals burned simultaneouslyStores spritual connection
    GoldShows your past selfStores health
    ElectrumShows your future selfStores determination
    ChromiumWipes the metal reserves of another personStores fortune/luck
    NicrosilEnhances the metals burned by another personStores invesiture
    CadmiumCreates a bubble of slowed timeStores breath/oxygen
    BendalloyCreates a bubble of sped-up timeStores nutrition/calories
    There are other, more exotic metals as well, that will become apparent as the story progresses.

    By the way, if you want a fun game to play, guess how many times I put Brain instead of Brian while writing this.
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  2. LokKi

    LokKi Why so serious?

    Jul 6, 2019
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    Well dying to a standard murder robot when MC have 'Ascended' was a bit anticlimactic, still an interesting start. Didn't read the Mistborn so no idea what MC was capable. So maybe it's a universe that punish you for mistakes like getting high.
  3. ATP

    ATP Versed in the lewd.

    Jun 24, 2020
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    Poor dude.He would discover,that there are much worst thing in the world then boredoom.
    But...if he somehow manage to win,he would get harem of busty Sororitas and flat Eldar chicks!
  4. deadal

    deadal Making the rounds.

    Sep 17, 2020
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    There is potential,plot wise, particularly in the similitude between the empire and the imperium....
    Alright, let's see what it will become and good luck!
  5. Shakie

    Shakie Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jan 8, 2022
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    Clearly I need to adjust my notification settings, as I only just noticed people actually replied to this thread.

    In case anyone's wondering, I've been lurking on this forum for a while, but never posted anything before Sunday. This was originally posted on Spacebattles, but I figured posting it here as well would increase the number of people who might see it and want to read it.

    Regarding Brian comparing the Imperium to the Final Empire; remember this takes place more than 1,000 years after the Final Empire fell, so that's basically ancient history to Brian. Still it might come up as a plot point eventually.
  6. Cosmic Dream

    Cosmic Dream dreaming of utopia

    Mar 16, 2014
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    Ah, the classic unexpected sniper rifle from X distance solution to a wizard to powerful to confront otherwise.

    Checks out. Only actively burning Atium would help against a complete surprise attack and only for a short time. Boosted senses can be beaten, a constant steelpush bubble would be too conspicuous for someone hiding in the sewers (and can be overpowered), superspeed/time manipulation dodges require conscious use of limited resources, and even Compounding for Wolverine-like healing needs to be consciously initiated so a surprise headshot will get around it.

    I'm interested in seeing what shenanigans the protagonist is going to get up to. Even peak strength Allomancy / Feruchemy Compounding is mid-tier at best in the 40K universe ...

    Does the protagonist have any Atium (should be ludicrously rare at this point in the timeline)? Any other godmetals? I wonder if there are materials in 40K that would play a similar role ... and how terrible an idea it would be to use them.
  7. Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Shakie Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jan 8, 2022
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    Brian’s departure from the Cognitive Realm was as abrupt as his arrival; in a puff of mist, he went from standing before Harmony on a sea of calm water, to standing in a dark, dingy hallway reminiscent of the sewer he’d been killed in.

    Checking for his metalminds, he rolled up his sleeves, spotting the metal cylinders piercing his flesh, ensuring they couldn’t be pushed or pulled on. Looking down at his belt, he saw a familiar jet-black sword hanging from it.

    “Nightblood?” Brian asked.

    Oh Brian, I’m so glad to see you again! Do you have any idea how bored I’ve been over the past week?

    “Do you have any idea how dead I’ve been?”

    What’s the problem with that? All humans die eventually.

    Brian felt his eye twitch at that statement.

    I was joking, Brian, Nightblood said, laughing.

    “Oh… I, er, didn’t realise…” Brian replied, caught off-guard. He’d never heard the sword attempt humour before; while it was impossible for something as heavily invested as Nightblood to not have some level of sentience, the sword’s intelligence was still surprising for something that didn’t have a brain.

    Still off-balance, Brian said, “Well, you know, my heart bleeds for you, about your whole boredom situation.”

    Don’t be like that, the sword said with a pout. They kept me in a vault, Brian. A vault!

    “You are pretty dangerous to be fair”, Brian replied, chuckling.

    Only when wielded by someone evil.

    “Actually, I was referring to your tendency to eat people’s souls while unsheathed.”

    I can’t help that, Brian. My creators should’ve been more careful.

    “I wasn’t blaming you, Nightblood”, Brian said, scanning his surroundings. He hadn’t exactly been stealthy, but there was no-one else around that could’ve witnessed his arrival.

    So where are we, anyway?

    “Somewhere not very nice, according to Harmony. On a different plane of existence to the rest of the Cosmere, apparently. He sent us through a perpendicularity.”

    Really? Who knew there were other universes out there?

    “Harmony, clearly. And now us.”

    So we’re stranded in a different universe, cut off from the Cosmere. What are we going to do, Brian?

    “Like I said, this isn’t a very nice place. Harmony thought I could do some good here… or rather, he didn’t think it was possible for me to make the local’s situation any worse. He wasn’t specific about what exactly was so bad about this place, so I guess I’ll just keep walking and see what we can find.”

    With that, Brian set off along the corridor. It was dark, but not outside the limits of his new vision; when he used the Well of Ascension, he hadn’t just altered his soul to make himself an Allomancer and Feruchemist, he’d improved his physical body as well.

    It wasn’t long before Brian found signs of life; a large, lit room, containing some sort of marketplace. At least, that’s what it looked like, given the shabby-looking stalls, with people clearly buying and selling, but the atmosphere seemed tense. The most shocking thing were the people themselves; they were human. In another universe.

    At least that meant Brian didn’t stand out too much, but his style of clothes and sword clearly marked him as an outsider. His contemplation of the sheer statistical anomaly of there being humans on another plane was cut short by an old man calling out to him. He was, of course, talking gibberish; clearly sharing a language was a bit too much for the laws of probability.

    Tapping his duraluminminds, increasing his Connection to the people he was surrounded by to get their language, Brian said “Sorry friend, what did you just say?”

    The old man narrowed his eyes, before replying “I asked what you were doing. You’re clearly not from around here.”

    “I was just heading outside for some fresh air, friend”, Brian said, burning brass to sooth away the geezer’s feelings of doubt.

    “Outside?! You do realise there’s a war going on out there?”

    “And yet everyone else here is going about their lives like it’s nothing”, Brian countered.

    The old man snorted at that. “What else would we do? We aren’t fighters; Vigilus is beset by xenos, mutants, heretics, and God-Emperor knows what else. We can only His Angels of Death succeed in killing them, because if they fail…” he trailed off.

    “I can look after myself. Still, thanks for the warning” Brian replied, turning away.

    Making his way through the marketplace, it was only a couple of minutes before Brian was approached again, by some particularly unsavoury looking individuals, clearly the local toughs. Most of them had crude-looking cybernetics, including one with an artificial eye, glowing red. One of them was a giant, as big and muscular as a koloss, only fatter, and not blue.

    “This is our turf, outsider. You passing through, you’ve gotta pay the toll” drawled one armed with a gun, presumably the leader. As he spoke, the other locals withdrew away from them, clearly anticipating violence and not wanting to be a part of it.

    “How about I pay with your blood?” Brian sneered, having no reason to fear a few thugs, though he was tapping his electrumminds to get rid of any pesky unwanted emotions, just to be safe.

    The leader laughed at that. “I was just hoping you’d say that.” Turning to the giant, he said “Grok, show this shitlord how we- “

    He was cut off by Brian’s fist colliding with his skull. Flaring pewter, he was strong and fast enough to completely pulp the man’s head, including the cybernetics. Before the others could react, he kicked the side of Grok’s leg, snapping it like a twig, causing the giant to roar in pain.

    The other three hesitated, staring in shock at what they’d just witnessed. Taking advantage of their delayed reaction, Brian grabbed the enormous cleaver serving as Grok’s weapon, and hurled it at one of the other two with guns, hitting him square in the chest. Burning steel, he pushed away the other gun, causing its wielder to shoot the floor before Brian snapped his neck.

    The last remaining thug turned and ran, but he couldn’t outrun an Allomancer of Brian’s calibre burning pewter. Catching up to him, Brian punched him in the back, breaking his spine. The man screamed and writhed around on the floor, his lower half paralysed, before Brian grabbed his neck and squeezed. Walking back to where he’d been ambushed, seeing Grok still screaming from his broken leg, Brian grabbed his head with both hands and twisted, breaking his neck with an audible crack.

    Before his ascension, Brian never would’ve been so direct, let alone so brutal. He would’ve recoiled at what he’d done, if not for his constant tapping of Determination from his electrumminds. As it was, he was able to simply act on impulse, without annoying emotions getting in the way. Not that it helped his mental state, but it did allow him to ignore that as well. He strongly suspected that if he ever stopped tapping them, he’d be a gibbering wreck.

    The onlookers stared at Brian, with equal parts fear and awe, as Brian wiped the blood from his fists on the dead thugs’ clothes. Soon after he was approached by the old man he’d spoken to earlier.

    “Are you following me, friend?” Brian asked, in a tone that suggested the word ‘friend’ was not meant.

    “I… just wanted to say thank you, for killing that scum. They’ve tormented us for far too long”, the old man replied.

    “Don’t mention it.”

    “I’ve never seen anyone move with such speed, or grace, as you just then, outsider. You said earlier you were heading for the surface; were you sent by the God-Emperor to aid us?”

    “Er, something like that, yeah”, Brian replied, again soothing away the man’s doubt. He still didn’t know who the God-Emperor was, but figured he was important.

    “Oh, praise the God-Emperor for sending a champion to aid us!” the old man said, kneeling, in a state of rapture. “Praise the- “

    “Maybe you can help me, friend”, Brian said, cutting him off, uncomfortable at the praise. “What’s the quickest way to the surface?”

    “Head to the end of the marketplace, holy champion. There’s a staircase that leads to the surface.”

    “Thanks. Also… where exactly am I?”

    The old man looked confused by that question. “You… don’t know, holy champion?

    “Haven’t we just established I’m not from around here? The God-Emperor sent me here in a hurry, it’s not like he gave me all of the relevant details.”

    “We are underneath the Hive city of Hyperia, on the world of Viligus, holy champion.”

    “Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bunch of bad guys I need to deal with” Brian said, turning away to find the staircase the old man mentioned.

    The whole time he was thinking to himself “War zones, cybernetic thugs, and religious zealots; Harmony, where the flying fuck did you send me?”


    After ten minutes of further walking – which were thankfully uneventful, Brian found the staircase the old man had mentioned. Taking the stairs three at a time, the stored health in his goldminds taking care of his exhaustion, he had stopped tapping his duraluminminds, and had instead started filling them. Increasing his Connection to this place and its people allowed him to speak the local language; doing the opposite would hopefully allow him to move around unnoticed.

    After climbing a dozen floors, Nightblood said to him, I’m so glad we were able to destroy evil today, Brian. Was that what Harmony was referring to when he said about helping the locals?

    “I doubt it”, Brian replied. “That old guy back there said there was a war raging on the surface, ending that would have a far greater positive impact on the people here. Killing a few low-lives is barely a drop in the bucket.”

    I noticed you didn’t use me to kill those men that accosted you.

    “You would’ve attracted the wrong sort of attention, Nightblood. Getting rid of some thugs with my powers is one thing; making them cease to exist with a jet-black sword that drains all colour out of the room is another entirely.”

    The conversation was cut short when Brian heard a faint scream. Burning tin to enhance his hearing, he determined it was coming from the floor above. Rushing up the stairs and along a corridor to see what the commotion was, he eventually came to a side room, the sight of which made his stomach turn upside-down.

    Like the marketplace, the people in this room were human, though they were held in chains or cages, in varying stages of dismemberment. Even more shocking, however, were those responsible; they were also humanoid, taller and much bulkier than the captives, though still not as big as Grok had been. They were all clad in what appeared to be a crude attempt at replicating Shardplate, coloured dark blue and bronze, decorated with bat-winged human skull iconography, eight-pointed stars, and plenty of human gore.

    The armoured giants were having fun with the human captives, with no shortage of torture instruments on display, and the gore decorating their armour clearly fresh. One of them spotted Brian as soon as he poked his head through the door, shouting something at him, sounding aggressive. The giant was, of course, completely unintelligible; it was surprising he’d spotted Brian while he was filling his duraluminminds.

    Before Brian could respond, another one of them raised an obscenely large gun, and fired it straight at Brian’s head. He didn’t couldn’t dodge as, at that moment, he wasn’t using anything, Allomantic or Feruchemical, that increased his speed. Fortunately, he was still tapping his goldminds. As a result, the bolt shell impacted his face, spraying his brains over the far wall… which didn’t matter, as his face had healed before the bolt shell even left the back of his head. The regeneration of the rest of his head was similarly swift.

    “Well, that wasn’t very nice, now was it?” Brian said, tapping Connection, and having now entered the room. He burned steel, pushing on his assailants’ armour, pinning them against the walls, while also increasing his weight via his ironminds to ensure the reaction didn’t push him back.

    Seeing no need to keep them alive, he focused his push on the pieces of their armour closest to him, crushing them against the walls.

    Turning to the one with fancier armour and not wearing a helmet, presumably the leader, Brian continued, “As you can see, neither you nor your friends are any threat to me. So why don’t you explain why you were torturing these civilians, and why I shouldn’t crush you as well?”

    The bare-headed psychopath said nothing, instead working his jaw in a curious way. Before Brian could say anything else the giant spat at him. He did move out of the way of that; he was glad he did so, as he couldn’t help but notice that where the saliva landed, it immediately began fizzling, dissolving the floor.

    Turning back to the giant pinned to the wall, Brian said “Now that’s just rude. I come in here, give you a chance to explain yourself, only for you to attack and spit at me? Why don’t you start answering my questions, and I’ll consider letting you live.” As he said it, he burned iron, while focusing a push and pull on the giant’s armoured boot, crushing it.

    To his credit, the leader barely reacted to having his foot crushed, instead just laughing. “I have nothing to say to you, mortal. You may kill me now, but I, Kyras Athiel of the Night Lords, will be avenged by my brothers. They will make you scream before you die”, he said, grinning with filed teeth.

    “Have it your own way”, Brian replied, pushing on Kyras’s breastplate, causing blood to be pushed out of his nose and mouth as his insides were crushed. The whole time, he was silently thanking Harmony for the existence of Feruchemical electrum.

    With that taken care of, Brian began freeing the captives. Burning pewter, he was more than strong enough to snap the chains and break the bars holding them in bondage.

    “Listen to me”, Brian said, raising his voice to be heard over everyone. “You’re free to go now, though I’m afraid I can’t do anything for your injured friends. I’ve just come from the marketplace fifteen floors down; you should head there, it’s safe.”

    Amid a cacophony of thanks and praises to the God-Emperor, the captives fled the room.

    You should have used me to kill them, Brian, Nightblood said, sounding uncharacteristically serious. It’s rare to encounter evil such as this. And, well, destroying evil is what I was made for.

    “Not that rare on this plane, I suspect. And a death by your blade is instantaneous, Nightblood. Far kinder than what this lot deserved.”

    At least use me to destroy the corpses.

    “No. If there really is a war going on up there, then whoever’s attacking will probably be trying to break into the city. The defenders will want to know that some of their enemies snook past their defences. Hence, there needs to be something for them to find.”

    I see… just, let me kill something at some point, won’t you? You’re making me feel redundant.

    “Oh, you’ll have had your fill of killing by the end of today”, Brian said as he felt the room, heading back to the staircase.

    It took another half an hour of climbing before Brian reached the surface. At least that’s what the sign said, though the open sky was still nowhere to be seen. Be was beginning to wonder if been misled before just barely hearing explosions in the distance. Which clued Brian in to something he’d never considered before; battlefields were loud.

    “At least I can partially store my hearing in a tinmind to not go deaf”, Brian thought to himself as, for the first time in his life, he headed out into a warzone.

    Author's note:

    I figure Brian wouldn't know the phrase 'power armour', since Feruchemical gold would seem to make body armour redundant on Scadrial; combined with the lack of conflict in general means there wouldn't be any incentive to invent it. I figure the closest thing in the Cosmere is Shardplate (for those who don't know, it's a kind of magic power armour that exists on the planet Roshar, and it featured heavily in the Stormlight Archive series).

    Also for those who don't know, koloss are a race of giant-like beings native to Scadrial, probably the closest thing in the Cosmere to an ogryn. Prior to and during Mistborn era 1, they were used as shock troops.
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    Wow, MC is powerful alright. From the title I thought that MC somehow will become space marine. Misleading a bit.
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    It seems,that till he meet Greater Demon or Titan,nobody would be capable of hurting him.
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    Regarding the title, I couldn't think of a good one, so it's just a play on the title of the movie 'Gorillas in the mist'.

    Also, regarding power levels; natural-born allomancers aren't anywhere near as powerful as Brian. When he used the well of ascension, he directly altered his soul to make himself as strong of an allomancer as possible.
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    Slight correction, Nightblood only drains color from what it cuts, the color around it actually deepens, like how someone with lots of breaths will make colors brighter in their surroundings. For the uninitiated, Nightblood makes it's users with no other enhancements significantly stronger when drawn and literally eats things as bad or worse than daemons for breakfast.