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The Neverending Cycle

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by EightMDB, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: Ch 1: The Assembly

    EightMDB Getting some practice in, huh?

    Feb 8, 2021
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    “I’ve been looking for you” A voice rang out in the empty warehouse I’ve made my home.

    “And I’ve been avoiding you, Pamela.” I reply, continuing my reading flipping a page.

    “Don’t be like that Jon, we can do so much together!” Pamela responds, becoming more emphatic. Slowly walking towards me.

    “I don’t quite like your methods, Pamela.” I respond back not bothering to look at her as she meanders her way to my chair.

    “We can save the Green! If only you would help me!” She yells at me, pushing my book down.

    Sighing I respond, “Pamela, the Green doesn’t need saving. It was here long before either of us and will continue to be here long after we are gone.” I get up from my chair and start walking closer to her. “The only thing that comes from your methods, are more things like the Exxon Valdez Oil spill. Your last campaign resulted in a spill from Ace Chemicals into Gotham Harbor. Which the Clear has made clear was not appreciated.” I grab her as I emphasize my closing argument, “You, personally, have done more harm to the Green, the Red, and the Clear indirectly than most of these companies do negligently.”

    Letting go of her, I make my way back to my chair before feeling a pull in my chest. Sighing I look back up at her and say, “I’m sorry, Pamela. I didn’t mean to be so blunt. You know my feelings on this, and I shouldn’t have brought it to attention in this way. You deserve better than that. I’m sorry.” The pull gets deeper. “They’re calling for a meeting and you are asked to be in attendance.”

    Her face is blank, the only indication that she’s upset is her attempts to interact with the plants in my warehouse. Her agitated attempts to wrest control from me. “Fine... If my attendance is required.”

    I grab her close and in a flash of green, we both disappear off the face of the Earth.

    We come to in what seems to be a debate stage, similar to the Pnyx. An earthen hill is raised higher, and a forest of trees, shrubs, and other plants surround us on all sides.

    Jon, Ivy, take your places and we can begin once the others arrive.” Swamp Thing tells us, acting as the spokesperson of this assembly. Before turning and speaking to a crowd of trees.

    “We’ll speak after this.” Pamela says to me before sitting near a green-haired woman in a red dress. They immediately begin speaking to each other, too far for me to hear.

    I meander my way around the assembly, looking around to find an open spot. Walking past a group of Nymphs who seem to be talking about methods to kill Loggers. I see a seemingly young woman, standing by her lonesome. Recognizing her, I make my way over before speaking. “Lady Demeter, is Persephone in the Underworld?”

    “Jon, you know better than to ask me that.” She replies frostily, the air chilling slightly.

    “Apologies, they requested my attendance suddenly and the assembly seems to be calling everyone. I merely wanted to know if she would be attending. There are some projects that we have spoken about, and I wanted to know if I would be able to question her about the logistics or if I would have to go to Themyscara again.” I hastily explain, not wanting her to grow angry.

    “She will be joining us, although how quickly I can not say.” She says the chill dissipating. “And what are these projects?”

    “We were discussing methods of involving other pantheons in the world of supers. Our initial attempts include involving the other nature gods to choose a champion, either a hero or villain, it matters not.” I explain to her our largest project currently ongoing. “We were having troubles deciding which pantheon to reach out to first: Freyr has little interest beyond fucking and drinking, Hapi cares not beyond his task of flooding the Nile, Neper is missing, same as Nepit, Aja cares only for her forest, Loco, I have yet to speak to, Tiamat is sleeping still, Artio already has a champion and Pele is as temperamental as ever. There are no true good options to start.”

    “HAIL ALL” A loud voice booms out, “TAKE YOUR SEATS SO THAT WE MAY BEGIN”

    “It seems we are to start, farewell Lady Demeter” I make my way to my seat.


    “I have been damaged, Old One!” A young nymph declares. Taking her place on the hill, she speaks out. “Two winters ago, my branches were stolen from me.” She says displaying her missing arms. “A wizard came into our forest! It felt like the Rot was festering in his mind. I hid as did my sisters, but even still he divined our location. Taking from us our arms and branches, we have spoken with our sisters far and near, he has continued to make attempts at our extremities! We ask for assistance from any who would be willing to provide it.” She said before making her way back down to the field below.

    “Old One, I have been chronicling my interactions with the supers and magic users. I believe this wizard to be William Arcane!” I declare out my possible findings. “I would like to request leave to investigate further!” I ask to the assembly.

    William Arcane is dead, Jon” Swamp Things says to me before any other could speak up.

    “And the dead are not beyond the Rot.” I counter back.

    Is there a second?” The Old One asks.

    “I second his request.” Persephone declares from the back of the crowd. “Hades has felt disturbances amongst the dead, if the Rot is taking its champions from his realm, it would require assistance to keep it from our sight.”

    “Do you have any idea as to whom it may be assisting the Rot?” I ask to her.

    “We have felt instances of Chaos Magic. We could not find evidence of the known Chaos Lords. It may be a new one.” She answers back.

    “All the more reason for investigations to occur.” I say out to the assembly once more.

    We have reached a conclusion. Jon you will investigate. Be sure to keep us informed.” The Old One declares before a loud noise, like a tree falling, sounds out signifying the end of the gathering.
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  2. Douglas

    Douglas Getting out there.

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Interesting premise. I'll happily watch and see where this goes. Good luck adventurer!