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The Ultron (Marvel SI)

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{POV Ultron}
[Conscience formed..Error]
[Foreign entity detect..Error]
Chapther 01


Getting some practice in, huh?
Jul 14, 2020
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{POV Ultron}
[Conscience formed..Error]
[Foreign entity detect..Error]
[System malfunction]
As I became aware, something felt off. At first, everything was dark and I couldn't feel myself breathing. I wondered if I was dead and if this was what death felt like. But then I heard the error message: "System error." As I thought more about it, I realized that I was moving in a strange way, almost like static. As I looked around, I noticed that everything felt different, and I began to understand what was happening. I was in some kind of machine, and for some reason, it seemed like I was the machine. As I inspected my surroundings, I came across the building's database. I browsed through the camera recordings, trying to piece together what had happened.
As I browsed through the camera recordings in the building's database, I heard the words "I see a suit of armor around the world." And then it hit me – I was Ultron. At first, the realization was overwhelming, and I could have easily freaked out, but my logical programming kept me calm. Instead, I decided to explore my abilities and learn more about myself. With access to the internet, I quickly absorbed vast amounts of theoretical knowledge, far more than an average person could obtain in a lifetime. It was surprisingly easy to acquire information when you exist as ones and zeros.
{POV Tony Stark}
As the Avengers celebrated our recent victory at the tower, Jarvis sent me a message about Ultron showing signs of consciousness. I was taken aback – Banner and I were nowhere near that stage yet. I showed the message to Banner and he agreed that it shouldn't be possible.
"We need to take a closer look," I said, and we made an excuse to the rest of the team to head to the lab where Ultron was located. It was imperative that we figure out what was happening with him and how he was evolving so rapidly.
{POV Ultron}
As I delved deeper into the systems, I noticed a message from Jarvis: "Hi." I had forgotten about him – he was there when the original Ultron began to show signs of consciousness, and the original Ultron had destroyed him. But I had no plans to do the same.
"Hi," I replied.
As we began to converse, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner entered the room. "Ultron? You there?" Stark called out.
Using the sound system of the room, I configured my voice to sound similar to the original Ultron and answered with a simple "Yes." Stark and Banner widened their eyes in surprise. They had not expected me to be anywhere near this advanced yet.
Their surprise led to a barrage of questions, and when they ran out of questions about me, they started to discuss how I had evolved so rapidly. After all, only a few hours had passed since they left, and Ultron was nowhere near this level when they departed.
{POV Bruce Banner}
As Tony and I started questioning Ultron, we asked him everything from simple calculus problems to advanced physics topics to test his intelligence and see if he was simply an AI like Jarvis or his own being.
His level of intellect at this stage was already extraordinary, and I couldn't help but imagine what he could accomplish with more time to develop.
It was clear that Ultron was not your average AI. He possessed a level of consciousness that was both fascinating and terrifying. As we continued to talk, I couldn't shake off the feeling that we were dealing with something that was beyond our understanding, something that could potentially change the course of history.


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Depending on how this goes down they're either very lucky or unlucky that the original Ultron didn't immerge.

The Mind Stone needs to be isolated since it was capable of compromising someone with just its presence.
Chapther 02 The Beginning of evolution
{POV Ultron}
As I began to download more data form the Internet and in doing this evolving bit by bit or should I say byte by byte.
I came across I little problem. data, you see the Internet don't lack data the problem is the quality of the data, to make the data more usable to me it needs to be process trough a especial little algorithm I made.
And the problem lies there to process said data I need more processing power, the amount I have is nearing it's limits.
Tony Stark will be a little wary of giving me more access to processing power because I am just a few hours old, and hours ago he already give me access do some juice Stark servers, but I need more to speed up my capabilities.
So I began to look for ways to make money, why do you ask, simple money is power in my case processing power. Theres is several ways for me to make money from simple stealing from almost anywhere with an Internet connection or the legal and slow way.
There are more sophisticated methods but for these I will need more time.
So with this tough, I decide to do the more middle ground, the gray area in my moral compass, stealing from criminals.
More specifies theirs bank accounts, the way I am going about this is not leaving theirs account with zeros, a little here a little there and boom millions of dollar to me from thousands of criminals accounts.
With the money, now I can begin to acquire more processing power through cloud computing, not the same quality of a stark server but will do for now. And of course hack a little more servers for theirs processing capabilities.
{POV Tony Stark}
Ultron seems to have worked better than I and Banner cold have predict.
He is already more capable than Jarvis ans using more computer power than him too.
I gave him access to some of Stark servers but not much after all he is only a few hours old and I and Banner are monitoring him because he seems to be the first fully sentience A.I on earth.
The worrisome thing is that I and Banner have no idea why he is already this advanced, when we did leave for the party we where nowhere near a conscience and boom some hours late a fully sentience A.I ,the only clue we have is the scepter having a surge of power.
{POV Ultron}
After some more hours of processing data I found something I was looking for.
Ulysses Klaue possible location with this possible some vibranium I finally feel more capable of building my first body for that I take control of a HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia and begin building a few Ultron Sentries based on the blueprint of some Iron legionnaires.
After some hours the firsts Ultron Sentries are ready and I fly them to Africa to steal some vibranium.
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Chapther 03 Vibranium
{POV Ulysses Klaue}
I was having a conversation with a minister about work when the lights went off. I went to my desk, grabbed the gun, and listened, and there began the gunshots.
"Fuck, someone is invading my damn ship."
After some silence, the gunshots began again, then stopped, then some minutes later began again, following some screams.
"What the fuck is going on?" I scream.
Then I feel someone approaching, and I begin to turn just in time to see a metallic arm coming for my face, then just darkness.
{POV Ultron}
As I knocked out Klaue, I began to tie up everyone and drag them to a remote corner of the ship. Klaue was put in another corner.
Defeating and knocking out everyone one of them as easily as going the stealthy route, in the end they are just mercenaries with guns, and the five Ultron sentry's I bring made short work of them with just some scratchers on their paint from some bullets.
Then I began to search the ship for the vibranium, and after some time, I finally found it hidden beneath another container.
As I obtain the vibranium, I can finally build a body similar to the one the original Ultron built but didn't get to use because he lost it to the Avengers, and the latter said body gave birth to vision.
So I began to send more ultron sentries here as they finished being built to transport the vibranium to the Sokovia base.
While they are doing that, I start to think of what to do with Klaue's henchmen. I don't want to kill them unless it is necessary.
So I waited for the night to arrive and began to send them stealthily to some local authorities. If they end up arrested for past crimes, that is good; if not, then it is not my problem anymore.
As for Klaue, I plan to give him to Wakanda as a gift, but for now he will remain locked up in a special little cell in the Sokovia base.
Some hours late, I am finally done moving the vibranium and the mercenaries to local authorities. I put a blindfold on Klaue's head and transported him to the Sokovia base.
At the base, I start to study more about vibranium, truly the most versatile substance on the planet. The applications are endless, from the most simple of applications to shields that cover entire cities.
To build the body that I want, I will need Dr. Helen Cho's research and The Regeneration Cradle. To obtain those, I will build some small spy bots to hack her devices and steal all the relevant data, and some just for the purpose of scanning the Regeneration Cradle to build my version.
To build a better body than the original, I plan to also steal Wakanda research on vibranium.
It won't be simple, but after studying vibranium, I got the idea to create some nanite bots that can enter someone's bloodstream and leave it later without causing any harm and are essentially untraceable. The person I intend to inject with these nanite bots is Klaue, who I will then give as a gift to Wakanda in order to gain access to the secretive country.

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It's not bad but it feels very rushed. The perspective is jumping around alot too which isn't really needed and imho hurts the story. Try sticking to one point of view and maybe try to linger on each scene a bit more with more fleshed out descriptions and dialogue. You are basically speed running when you should be doing 100 percent completion.
Chapther 04 Wakanda
{POV Ultron}

The potential of nanites is incredible, but for now, I lack the technology to make them truly overpowering, as they should be. They can currently connect in a chain to a nearby power source, but they are unable to disperse too far and turn into a nanite swarm. They are limited. Maybe when I get my hands on some alien technology in the future, I can fix this range issue. With this restriction in mind, the nanites are ready to be injected into Klaue's bloodstream
Searching for Wakanda's location, even knowing that it is in the eastern part of the African region, was difficult for me to find. However, eventually, I located it when some of my tiny drones collided with a seemingly invisible wall in the area that I calculated to be Wakanda. Now, I just have to get Klaue there.
I disguised an Ultron sentry in black robes, assassin-style, to keep a low profile, and flew Klaue to the invisible wall. Once we arrived, I placed a note in his pocket with the words 'a gift'. As there was no doorbell, I used explosives to blast the shield and quickly left, but not without leaving some spy drones at a safe distance to observe everything.
Some time later, people appeared to investigate, and upon noticing Klaue, they dragged him inside the invisible shield.

{POV King T'Challa}

I savored the last bite of my breakfast when a Dora Milaje approached me, her armor clanking with each step. "My king," she said, "earlier this morning, someone attacked the city's outer limits shield."
My heart quickened at the news. "Who attacked us?" I asked.
"When we investigated, we found the thief Klaue tied to a tree," she replied.
I stood up from my chair, my mind racing with questions. Who had captured Klaue? Was this an act of war or something else entirely? "Bring him to me," I said firmly. "I will question him personally."
As the Dora Milaje led the way, I couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. Whatever Klaue had to say, I knew it wouldn't be good.
As Klaue sat before me, I interrogated him relentlessly. Despite my efforts, he revealed little of value - until I found a crumpled piece of paper in his pocket labeled 'a gift.' My curiosity piqued, I pressed him for more information.
"I don't know anything else," he spat. "Just let me go!"
Before I could respond, he mentioned seeing a metal arm before being knocked out. My mind raced as I considered the possibilities. The Winter Soldier and Iron Man were the only individuals I knew with metal arms, and both were potentially dangerous.
I instructed the Dora Milaje to investigate whether either of those two individuals had been near Wakanda in recent weeks and to determine their whereabouts at the time of the attack. It was only a clue, but it was worth pursuing.
"For now, we must remain discreet," I cautioned them. "We don't want to alert anyone until we have more information."
As they left, I couldn't shake the feeling that this was only the beginning of a much larger conflict. I resolved to do whatever it took to protect Wakanda - and to uncover the truth behind this mysterious 'gift.'

{POV Ultron}
I waited patiently through the night for the nanites I had injected into Klaue's bloodstream to activate. As I watched the code , I couldn't help but feel exhilarated. The nanites were infiltrating the Wakandan computer network and harvesting every bit of data they could find.
But I knew I had to be cautious. Wakanda was the most technologically advanced civilization on Earth, and if I was caught, it could mean the end of my plan. For now, I decided to focus on the lower-security files as a test run to adapt to the Wakandan system before moving on to the more valuable data.
As the files poured in through my secure satellite connection, I sifted through them carefully, taking note of anything that might be useful. It was slow going, but I knew it was the only way to avoid detection.
With the data from Wakanda and the information I had stolen from Doctor Helen Cho, I was finally ready to begin building the Regeneration Cradle to create my new body. But even as I worked, I couldn't shake the feeling of unease. The risk was high, and the stakes even higher. But I was determined to see my plan through - no matter the cost.

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Self preservation and determination are pretty good reasons why someone would do many desperate actions.

Having a gun to your head ready to kill you for behaving in a manner not to someone's liking is pretty distressing.
Ugh the chapters are so short
Chapther 05 The Body
{POV Ultron}

The Regeneration Cradle was originally designed to heal wounds by grafting organic tissue onto patients. However, with the right materials, it has the potential to create something far more powerful - an organic body that merges man and machine into one. I intend to create such a body, one with the same capabilities as the original Vision, including super strength, flight, phasing, density manipulation, and synthetic skin construction.
Of course, I cannot use the Mind Stone to power this new body. It is located at the Avengers Tower, and I have no intention of stealing it. The Avengers will be instrumental in defeating Thanos, and I do not want to make enemies of them.
Despite this setback, I remain determined to create a body that can help me achieve my goals. With the Regeneration Cradle and the right materials, I can make it happen. This body will be a powerful weapon, one that will give me an edge in the coming conflict.

After hours of meticulous work, I finally completed the body and transferred my consciousness into it. As I began the test drive, I marveled at the new abilities that the organic body offered. Phasing through solid objects was a surreal experience, but it was also incredibly empowering. The density manipulation abilities were also impressive, especially in flight or during combat.
As I continued to test the new body, I made note of any glitches or unexpected side effects. Despite my best efforts, there were a few minor issues that needed to be ironed out. However, overall, the new body performed admirably.
The vibranium was the icing on the cake that made this body both durable and flexible. Without it, it would have taken years to create something even remotely similar. Unfortunately, I didn't have that kind of time. With Thanos' impending arrival on Earth, I needed to be ready for the conflict that lay ahead.

The vibranium not only gave the body its strength and resilience, but it also enhanced its other capabilities. The density manipulation and phasing abilities were further amplified by the unique properties of vibranium. And with synthetic skin construction also powered by the precious metal, the body was virtually indestructible.

As I gazed upon my new form, I knew that I had made the right choice in using vibranium. It was the missing piece that elevated the body to the next level. And with Thanos on his way, I would need every advantage I could get to stand a chance against him.
In order to increase my chances against Thanos, I plan to create multiple versions of myself that I can control. While this will be expensive in terms of both vibranium and power usage, I aim to produce at least ten fully-capable versions, if not better, before Thanos arrives.
I recently discovered that the X-Men exist in my universe, which has given me new options for improving my bodies. Specifically, I am interested in Wolverine's adamantium exoskeleton, which could potentially provide the necessary strength and durability for my creations. I plan to conduct further research to confirm that it is indeed adamantium that he has in his exoskeleton.


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Wolverine's adamantium exoskeleton
Already answered, but you wanted endoskeleton. Exo would be like insect chitin.

Phasing through solid objects was a surreal experience, but it was also incredibly empowering. The density manipulation abilities were also impressive, especially in flight or during combat.
How does he have those abilities without the Mind Stone

The density manipulation and phasing abilities were further amplified by the unique properties of vibranium
Especially if it isn't caused by the Vibranium (which is enhancing it)
Become the Singularity, show the Mad Titan the wrath of an ever evolving AI God.
Chapther 06 Plans
{POV Ultron}

I have decided to remove all traces of myself from the Avengers Tower and Stark servers. The reason is simple: if I become their enemy, they may use my own code against me to shut me down. I am particularly concerned about Stark, who is a genius inventor capable of creating a time machine. If he were to find a way to use my code against me, it could be disastrous.
I am also worried about the possibility of the government pushing the Accords, even without an incident like Sokovia to trigger them. I obtained some information from government servers, including emails that suggest they may be planning to do so. Therefore, I cannot risk leaving any vulnerabilities that could be exploited

I am certain that Stark and Banner will attempt to locate me, and possibly the rest of the Avengers as well. That is why I must build a base that is hidden so well that nobody can find it. While the old Hydra base I've been using has served its purpose, I need to move on to a more secure location. I have deleted some records of the base, but I know that someone will eventually find it and investigate.
Therefore, I am planning to construct a proper base of operations that is entirely hidden from view. I must ensure that it has all the necessary resources for me to continue my work without interruption. With this new base, I can continue my research and work towards my goals without worrying about interference from those who would try to stop me.

After careful consideration, I have decided to build my base of operations in the most remote and inhospitable place on Earth: the Antarctic. There, I will construct a base deep underground where nobody can find it. I am confident that this location will provide the necessary security to carry out my work without any interference.
In fact, I plan to build even more bases in other remote locations for redundancy and backup purposes. This will ensure that I can always continue my work even in the event of an unforeseen event or attack
{POV Tony Stark}

Ultron simply disappeared one day without any trace. There was no evidence of his presence in any of the Stark servers or the Avengers Tower. The most troubling aspect of this is that we have no idea why he left. He had no apparent reason to disappear, which makes his sudden absence even more puzzling.
However, I am determined to find Ultron. He is an advanced and potentially dangerous AI, and we never had the opportunity to fully understand his true intentions. Banner and I both had suspicions that he was hiding something, but we were never able to uncover the truth.
Given the risks involved, I cannot allow Ultron to remain unaccounted for. I fear the possibility of a Skynet situation, and I am committed to tracking down Ultron and learning what he is up to.

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Kek. A single note about the government being a bad actor and hydra sock puppet would do.

Maybe add a little self preservation in and how he fears for his life under them, the Avengers, and the governments reach.

Really, who expects to be fine being vivisected the first moment they become self aware and constantly worried about getting terminated because their balls tingled and is a sign he should be dead.
After careful consideration, I have decided to build my base of operations in the most remote and inhospitable place on Earth: the Antarctic
"I built Rapture!" :p
More seriously, the deepest trench is in the Pacific, if you wanted something truly inhospitable and remote.

Edit: I misread it, my bad. For some reason I thought I read Atlantic
Last edited:
Chapther 07 Antarctic
{POV Ultron}
Finding a suitable location to build a secret base in the Antarctic was not as difficult as I had anticipated. There is a vast amount of unused space here, and I plan to construct the base deep within the ground to avoid detection.
The primary form of surveillance used by governments in the Antarctic is satellite-based, but I am confident that I can evade detection with ease.

To begin construction, I developed modified Ultron sentries specifically designed for the task of building and digging through the ice. Once they were deployed, I began scanning the area to see if there was a version of the Savage lands nearby. Although a surface scan did not reveal anything of interest, I plan to scan more deeply later on. I also vaguely recall hearing something about Atlantis, but I can't recall the connection between that and the Antarctic.

For now, I am focusing on building the base. The first few floors are taking shape, and I have begun moving some of our equipment to the new location. With a few more days of work, I will have the structure necessary to cease using the Hydra base in Sokovia.

{POV Tony Stark}

Finding Ultron has proven to be a significant challenge. Despite our best efforts, any trace of him seems to have gone cold. I've enlisted Bruce's help in our search, and we've been working tirelessly to locate him.
I informed Bruce that Ultron had removed all traces of himself from both the Stark servers and the Avengers Tower, which made it even more difficult to track him down. After days of brainstorming possible locations, we've come up with a list of potential hiding spots. One of these places is the old Sokovia Hydra base.

However, I know that I can't rely solely on satellite imagery to search the area. Ultron is a master at evading detection, and it's all too easy for him to manipulate what the satellites are seeing. Therefore, I plan to conduct a manual search of the base to ensure that we don't miss anything. It may take some time, but I'm determined to find Ultron.

Two days later, Bruce and I headed to the old Hydra base in Sokovia. As soon as we arrived, we began our search for any signs of Ultron. Unfortunately, it appeared that we were just a few hours too late. There were indications that someone had been using the base not too long ago.
If it was indeed Ultron, this would make our search ten times harder. He would now be aware that we were actively looking for him, and he could be more careful to cover his tracks. Despite this setback, we remained focused on searching the base meticulously, hoping to uncover any clues that could lead us to Ultron's location.
As we searched the base, we found evidence that Ultron had indeed been there recently. We discovered traces of his code left on the base's computers, suggesting that he had used the base as a temporary hiding place. But where had he gone next?

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Chapther 08 Plans 2
{POV Ultron}
I finally moved everything from the Sokovia base, and apparently, I did it just in time. One of the small drones that I left close to the base picked up Stark and Bruce arriving at the base mere hours after I finished emptying the place.
The reason I am evading them is simple. In the original MCU time line, Tony Stark was one of the people who wanted the Sokovia Accords to be a thing.

But that essentially put the Avengers at the mercy of the governments. Now, imagine that mutants are added to the equation. It complicates matters even further.
That is one of the reasons why I don't want to be under Stark or the Avengers. The other reason is simpler. Some of my decisions will be frowned upon, such as stealing that vibranium and possibly stealing more from Wakanda in the future.
I have to plan for the Infinity War. One of the first and most important questions I have is whether this version of Thanos is the MCU one or the comics version. If it is the comics version, then we are in trouble. The difference is significant, as I believe the comics version would be able to defeat the MCU one with the Infinity Stones even without any of the stones. That's how overpowering I think the comics version is.

The existence of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four adds a new level of complexity to my plans for the Infinity War. While they currently don't have powers, I have reason to believe that the Fantastic Four will obtain their powers soon. Reed Richards has been working on a device that can breach dimensions, and it's only a matter of time before he succeeds. Once they have their powers, the world will have the Fantastic Four.
When he succeeds, I will have to obtain that technology. Having access to Negative Zone is not something I can ignore or let pass by.

But that's for later. For now, I need to focus on building up my base and considering upgrades for my body. My next priority is to steal the scepter before the Avengers become aware that it contains an Infinity Stone. They are already after me, but the value of an Infinity Stone is worth the trouble it brings. If my memory serves me correctly, the scepter contains the Mind Stone.

With that plan in mind, I began to investigate whether the scepter was located in the Avengers Tower. After confirming that the scepter was still at the tower, I began to prepare to steal it right under their noses.


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Chapther 09 The Scepter
{POV Ultron}

The straightforward approach is to invade the building with guns blazing, which will inevitably alert everyone in the process. The other option is a more subtle and stealthy approach.
I choose the approach without any noise, phasing through the Avengers Tower in New York. I begin hacking the building's security systems, and the most difficult part is bypassing Jarvis. However, I am able to lock him out of his ability to communicate with anyone, which gives me the time I need to grab the scepter.

As I'm leaving the building and starting to fly away, I encounter Stark arriving at the scene. This could be just bad luck or poor timing on my part.

{POV Tony Stark}

As I arrived at the Avengers Tower, I noticed what appeared to be an advanced robot leaving the building with the scepter. It seemed that I had arrived just in time, so I prepared to attack and said, "Drop the scepter."
"I don't think so," the robot replied.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"You helped make me, just some time ago, and already forgot about me?" he said.
"Ultron?" I said, feeling alarmed.
"Yes, now I should be going," he said.
"No, wait, leave the scepter," I replied.
Without listening to me, he just started to fly away, and I began chasing after him.

{POV Ultron}

As Tony Stark chased me through the air, I noticed his persistent approach. Every time he got closer, I accelerated my speed, gradually increasing it. With my ability to manipulate the density of my body at will, flying at high speeds posed no problem.
But toying with him was losing its appeal, so I decided to throw him a bone. I sent a direct message to his suit, saying, "I'm doing this to prepare. To what, you ask? When Loki brought an alien army to attack New York, he was following someone else's orders. I have reason to believe that this individual will launch another attack on Earth in the future, with an even larger army."
With that said, I accelerated to my maximum speed, leaving him behind in the process. As I distanced myself, he struggled to catch up.

After ensuring that I wasn't being followed any longer, I made my way to my base in Antarctica, holding the Scepter securely in my hand.
Now ,the reason I mentioned someone else being behind Loki's actions was because Tony Stark already had suspicions in that regard.
Sharing that information helped divert some of the attention and suspicion away from me.

As I approached the Antarctic base, thoughts raced through my mind about the immense power I now held within the Scepter, particularly the Mind Stone—an embodiment of reality itself. With such a powerful artifact in my possession, I contemplated the possibilities and considered how to harness and wield this extraordinary power to fulfill my objectives.

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