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Will of Terra (Continued)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by TCGM, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter 5 - Lunacy

    TCGM (Unverified God/Space Snek)

    Jan 30, 2018
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    As Writer hath given permission and TC hath requested and pledged, so mote it be; Will of Terra continues here. See proof of handoff if doubts exist within your mind.

    Previous Thread (TheJustWriter's Will of Terra): https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/will-of-terra-earth-chan-taylor.58422/

    Will of Terra
    Chapter 5

    "I love your trees and your rivers and the birds and the bees, Terra!" Luna happily cheered to herself, though she knew it wasn't really to herself, as see skipped through one of Terra's forests.

    Or rather, her avatar did, which for lots of reasons was her, and she was her avatar and also a moon… Terra's moon.

    It was confusing. Especially since she didn't even really have a life as an avatar to fall back on like Terra or Sol did.

    She was just Luna. Pits and all. Regulator and partial protector of her mother planet.

    Even though her avatar, and thus her personality, weren't really ready to call Terra her mom, and Taylor wasn't old enough either to think of their relationship that way, she knew somewhere deep in her mind that was what they really were.

    She was skipping through her mom's forests, watching her mom's creations and evolutions fly, crawl, buzz or soak up Sol's ever bombarding light, and she loved it.

    Terra was busy with… something, Luna wasn't really sure what, so she'd wandered off to explore her mom's green and blue surface.

    A shame the shipping company named after this forest never managed to succeed. Luna was sure they'd have helped out Terra's people in resisting those Endbringers.

    But she could wait. Taylor would grow up, and Luna would grow up, and they were family no matter what, so it wasn't that important.

    Not like she had any other parents. Terra was both her parents, really; the original Terra had been blindsided by orbital mechanics and gained a lot of weight, the planetoid responsible merging with her while simultaneously ejecting what would become Luna.

    But she loved her anyways. Even loved the blindsider, though she never knew them. She wouldn't exist without them both.

    A fish with some mean teeth leaped out of the river nearby and latched on to her ankle, trying with all its might to cut some of her nonexistent muscles away to feed itself. Her thoughts on her creation were interrupted by the attack as she hadn't been expecting it.

    If only she hadn't been a moon. Then the fish would've survived, or at least given her a chance to save it.

    The poor silver fish touched her surface and was instantly exposed to the vacuum her true body wore like a cloak.

    It swelled up, its eyes expanding, and then it exploded.

    "Eww!" Luna cried out, trying to wipe the fish guts off her. "Gross!"

    She didn't even notice as she ran to the very river that had spawned the fish, trying desperately to clean herself. The instincts that came with her avatar seemed to prevail, though, because she found herself diving into the cleansing waters and successfully washing away the disgusting fish parts.

    Then she sighed and relaxed, the river flowing over and under her semi floating body soothing in a way she'd never experienced. The water was cool and caressed her blazing hot skin, cleansing her body in places she didn't even know she had. Bits of meteor found their way off of her and down the rushing river further onward, as they were far lighter than she was.

    She floated for a while, watching Terra's clouds drift by. She was slowly feeling soggier, though she didn't know why. Maybe it was her clothes? Those had come with her avatar, but they seemed real...

    Either way, she eventually stood up to halt her movement down the river, and found her avatar instinctively stretching. The kinks of billions of years of taking asteroids to the back righted themselves just a little bit, and her back immediately felt better.

    Luna turned around to exit the Amazon River and finally noticed something off. Her hair, swinging in front of her face, was no longer the slightly dark-spotted slate gray it had been for the entire duration of her avatar's existence.

    Luna gasped. "What?" she asked herself, pulling a few strands of her hair closer to her eyes.

    Was that… blue?

    Terran blue?

    "I… I have water?" she asked herself, confused. "How does a moon have water?!"

    Well, other than her cousin Europa, but hers was under an ice sheet.

    The blobs of blue in her hair reflected the liquid water seas she now had filling her deepest craters.

    Luna blinked, grinned, and looked down at the river she was standing in.

    Her mom had given her water. The substance vital to her life. Something she shouldn't even be capable of holding without it freezing solid, yet there it was.

    And she felt a little warm, too. The cold of the river and the depths of space she orbited her mom… or sister, as their current relationship pretended to be, within were just a little less oppressive and overwhelming.

    Luna sniffled a bit. She was so incredibly happy. With a shout of joy she ran out of the river and shouted at the top of her nonexistent lungs. "I love water!"

    Now that Luna had some idea of what happened to get her water, she wasn't going to let something like the laws of physics get in her way.

    She wanted green and she was going to get green! Her and Terra's hair would match then!

    So she continued skipping through the Amazon, looking around for anything small. She'd tried hugging a tree, but that didn't do anything other than make her feel just a teeny bit warmer.

    Clearly it had to be something small. Maybe small enough to touch her surface through her skin? But then why didn't the bitey fish transit to her moon body?

    "Oh tree, come out and play! Auntie Luna wants a hug!" Luna called out, cupping her hands around her mouth.

    No tree answered her call, but a few did rustle due to the wind shaking their leaves.

    Luna frowned. "Maybe I can paint a tree and then, like, eat it?" she considered, distracting herself from her imminent disappointment. "Like that one big hair painter guy Terra had on TV?"

    It was worth a shot. She shrugged looked around for a piece of paper or canvas, and came up empty.

    "Right. Rainforest." Luna sighed and shook her head. "Sorry, tree."

    She then stepped up to one of the trees and gently pulled off a single leaf, making sure to massage the pain and sap circulation away while she did so.

    Trees didn't feel pain, but it was the thought that counted.

    Luna nodded to herself, clutching the leaf in her hand. "Okay now I just need a piece of burned tree or something-" she began saying, but felt her hand abruptly no longer touching the leaf.

    "Huh?" she asked, opening her hand.

    There was a solid lack of leaves present on her palm.

    "What the heck?" the living moon asked herself, absentmindedly scratching her head. Where was that itch coming from? It kinda felt like…

    Luna's eyes widened and she turned her attention to her true body.

    There, resting on the water next to the bobbing form of a certain Command Module, a rover, and a flag that Luna hastily relocated to a dry spot, a massive green leaf floated without a care. It was several miles across, almost.

    And it wasn't freezing either.

    The gigantic ants which Luna realized she could feel within herself, as if they were her own life, didn't seem to have a problem breathing, either.

    Luna checked herself over once more, finally noticing the haze around her and the warmth spread across her surface, and drew in a deep breath of surprise.

    That haze thickened and she felt even warmer, as if her noticing the effect was exaggerating it.

    Luna had water, life, and somehow, an actual atmosphere. Her eyes widened, she grinned wide, and a little dance of happiness was performed in the Amazon Rainforest.

    "Terra's gonna love this!" Luna exclaimed, then moved her avatar directly to where Terra's was.

    And found herself wrapped up in the extremely warm hug of a beaming Sol, unable to protest due to how much she was being squeezed.

    "Granddaughter!" Sol exclaimed.

    Even as Luna began heating up due to the proximity of her system's parent, she couldn't help but gulp. Oh no.
  2. Balra

    Balra I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 24, 2018
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    Tad confused for the sudden change from sufficient velocity to here

    Edit:NVM didn't see the proof at first
  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 6 - I Of The Storm

    TCGM (Unverified God/Space Snek)

    Jan 30, 2018
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    Just..... this entire fucking year, I swear.

    Fuck 2020.

    Also, Merry XMas, ya floofy animals!

    Will of Terra
    Chapter 6
    I Of The Storm

    Danny was confused. It… the experience of expanding like he had was something simply not understandable by his mind.

    Every drop of rain, every cloud, every clap of thunder and lightning bolt striking the surface and every wind current was him, and he was all of them. He felt the stimulus of essentially his entire planet's surface all at once, and it threatened to break him.

    He struggled and weaved through his new self, trying so, so hard to find an anchor point. Something he understood in the worldwide maelstrom that he'd become.

    But his body was gone and he had no reference point except for the massive ball of earth and life he was wrapped around.

    As his mind began to lose cohesion and his thoughts started to drift away from him, he latched on to the only being who might be able to help him now. The one who'd gotten him into this mess, albeit with his consent, but he'd figured she knew at least some of what she was doing given how old she was and how unconcerned Annette had been.

    Taylor, he cried out with the majority of his strength, save me.

    The winds around the world which were his voice spread the message all at once. His thunderclaps screamed it to the world, and the lightning striking her surface delivered the message even harder.

    A moment later, the world listened.

    Danny got the impression of something much larger than him, so much more ancient, searching for his presence. Yet as old and overwhelming as it was, his rapidly fading memories recognized the feeling of her soul, her mind, even though he'd never really felt them before. He recognized the smell of her hair on the wind and his wife's light glancing off her glasses, and it gave the strength he needed to call out.

    Taylor, he whimpered.

    The presence beneath and all around him zeroed in on his... location in whatever state they resided in, then examined him for only a split second. That was more than enough for her, it seemed, because not a moment later he felt her reach out and collect all the pieces of him that had drifted away. She fumbled with them for a few moments, clearly unfamiliar in the extreme with what she was trying to do, but this was his Taylor.

    There never was a thing she couldn't do if she really wanted to.

    Her attempt at slamming him back together was just as clumsy, but he couldn't really complain. Literally. Not that he would, as his daughter was saving him. A couple of his memories may have nondescript human forms instead of the specific people they should've, but he was whole.

    DAD? Taylor spoke, gently.

    Or at least her tone was gentle. She must have been unaware of her own power, because it felt as if a speaker the size of the entire planet went off next to his ear.

    The winds across the world whipped in reverse for several moments while he tumbled, trying to catch his bearings. Lightning fired up into the outer reaches of his new body, and thunder ceased to sound.

    Oh, sorry, Taylor said, her mental… or godly… or celestial, hell if Danny knew, voice no longer quite able to blow him away. Her immense power wrapped around him and steadied his tumble.

    Nevermind that Danny couldn't actually see any of this, he just sensed it somehow. He hadn't been able to see since he became Taylor's weather, and he was far less worried about that than he felt he should be.

    Taylor, quieter, please, he feebly sent her way, hoping that his message would both properly leave whatever he was now and that Taylor could understand him.

    Yet again, the winds around the world whispered his message for all to hear. Taylor's poor animals were going to need therapy after this. Though it seemed the scientists who'd taken cover under their desks in Florida weren't even fazed any more, several of them glaring at thin air.

    Yes dear, do try not to blow away your father, a voice he recognized, and yet with so much more to it than he'd ever heard before, resounded in the not-space. It nearly bowled his presence over, but unlike Taylor's it was… further away, he supposed. Far enough it only felt like being yelled at from across a room instead of right in his ear.

    Even though he didn't have a head, Danny looked to his wife. Or rather, he tried to… but he couldn't find her.

    Taylor guided him, somehow, her power wrapping around what amounted to his presence and gently pointing him away from her.

    He looked up, and up… and up.

    Annette was… simply unimaginably large. He'd thought Taylor was titanic, but she barely even registered when compared to the raw nexus of power, heat and light that was his wife's true body.

    The way her surface roiled against her gravity, the explosions and pure destructive energy rushing about at speeds he couldn't even conceive of… and yet he felt her touch upon him, all across Taylor, the bombardment of her fury tempered by his daughter's shields and then filtered by him even further so that the life on Taylor wasn't just straight up burned away by Annette's mere presence…

    It was terrifying. It was beautiful.

    She was both in equal measure, as she always had been, and he was just now seeing the depth to which she was Sol.

    But even in his awe, he was smart enough not to comment on his wife's size.


    Danny coughed with his representation, allowing his embarrassed state to flow out into the… wherever they were. How did I end up being the tiniest one of our family? he asked jokingly.

    Annette sent him radiant amusement washing into his outer layers. Well I always was the one with the pants, she teased him.

    Taylor groaned. MOM, Dad, I'm too young for this! she scolded, her voice sounding embarrassed and echoing with the suffering of a million days.

    Annette was like this many times before and Taylor always ran away from the advances her mother made on him.

    Danny brought the topic back to something benign in order to spare his daughter the continued embarrassment of her mother's unrepentant teasing. That pun was bad, by the way, he noted.

    I'm the Sun, Danny, I can make bad puns, she fired back.

    Danny winced at his internal monologue. Now that she'd opened the door, he was making them all on his own in his own head.

    Right, he deadpanned. So Taylor, know why I was falling apart earlier?

    Taylor's guilt flared, and he could tell due to how close their connection was now. That was something he would have to get used to, it seemed. I'm kind of guessing but whatever you are now doesn't really handle thinking very well, so I… sorta… forced it to in order to fix it? she sounded barely confident in what she had done, and Danny definitely wasn't getting worried, no way. If you happen to feel any part of you tightening up really hard please tell me by the way because that means- she continued to ramble, then cut herself off.

    ...Means what, Taylor? Danny prodded her.

    Noooothing you need to worry about right now! his daughter, planet, and whatever else their relationship now was badly deflected.

    Taylor, that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, Danny informed her dryly.

    Sorry! It’s my first time making… uh...... Taylor started, then trailed off. Mom, what exactly is Dad now?

    Danny saw the redirection for what it was. Taylor was still his kid, and a kid regardless of her Celestial existence. But he let it slide… for now, because you can only press your kids so hard, especially when they outmass you by a frankly absurd amount.

    A primordial apparently, if what your sisters are telling me is right, Sol… Annette answered, the words flowing across millions of miles of space on the waves of her awesome light.

    Taylor said nothing for several long, tense seconds. Danny found his emotions rising along with her, his winds swirling faster and faster across her whole surface as her being spilled into him.

    Not that it was very difficult to freak out about. Danny was only aware of having one daughter.

    Sisters? Taylor squeaked.

    She literally squeaked. Danny redirected his unconscious coo of affection to a remote part of Antarctica.

    ...Okay, a more remote part.

    That penguin would forever be confused, but at least he didn't give his wife and daughter any ammo.

    ...Taylor, we may have just woken up but we’re not the only ones, Annette patiently explained, shifting into her professor's voice almost automatically. Our multiverse is eighty exponents large. You woke me up, and then my awakening echoed throughout the entirety of it all. Your siblings from me that were born in my gravity are awake, yes. But so, so many more Sols, Terras, and others have awoken as well. Few of them had lives as humans to provide their personalities, but our multiverse is now filled to the brim with Celestials. And I imagine that once my awakening cry travels to the other stars, and the galaxies, and beyond, they will awaken as well. Everywhere.

    Neither Taylor nor Danny knew what to say, both stunned into absolute silence.

    ...What?” Taylor finally managed to ask, sounding very small and far unlike her true size. So small, in fact, that Danny heard the word whispered into his wind instead of relayed through the space their true forms resided within.

    Hmm… if that is too much for you, I probably shouldn’t tell you about the extrasolar entities whose lives have been given to you for your judgement, Annette idly mused.

    Danny blinked, and lightning crackled past his house. Extrasolar… what now? Like, from beyond Annette's influence? ALIENS?!

    Taylor couldn’t even speak. Her eyes were wide open, and she stood in place, her human body staring in total shock at Annette’s.

    ...Did I mention Europa caught a certain bird trying to flee my gravity well?

    Taylor’s body fell over. She couldn’t faint, but her complete and total bewilderment was more than enough to disrupt her connection with her small self.

    Danny sighed and shook his head. Annette was still Annette, regardless of whether she was the sun now.

    He set about studying the bodies and connections of Taylor and Annette so he could start to figure out how to make his own again while his wife laid down next to his daughter and cradled her, softly glowing.

    She wasn't snickering, and Danny knew if he didn't want his daughter to hear the tale of that time he had to streak down a ski slope to get back to his clothes he'd better stick to that story.
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    Apr 30, 2016
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    Iiits ahlive!

    And also really good. Dammit tcgm, all your stories have such odd ideas as a foundation, but the execution is great.
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  5. Atlas1965

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    Sep 13, 2016
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    Now I'm wondering if NASA might just ask the Celestials if they could transport science equipment and such to their surfaces? ie., see if they could do what Luna did with soil air and water with things like landers/science stations.
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    If you're going to move a story, cross post it. Don't just leave a link.
  7. TCGM

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    Thanks! Warms my heart to hear that my crack is executed well.

    Giant rovers in 3...2...1...

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