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  2. Since it has happened MULTIPLE times now, I want to be very clear about this. You do not get to abandon an account and create a new one. You do not get to pass an account to someone else and create a new one. If you do so anyway, you will be banned for creating sockpuppets.
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Our moderated IRC is chat.freenode.net:6665 and our channel is #questionablequesting

You may also use the webchat here.

I'm aware some of our users aren't familiar with IRC or it's commands, so I am going to give a little help.

Registration - Due to trolls, our IRC channel is sometimes muted. To be able to speak, you must register your nickname with the server, then contact anyone with a @ in front of their name in the channel to get voice.

Identification - Once you have registered, you will need to identify yourself to the server each ime you connect. That can be done in one of two ways: Check the Auth to Services checkbox in the webclient linked at the top of the forum, then enter your username and password there, or by using /ns identify password at the status screen.

Disconnects - Sometimes, you might get disconnected, but the server sees you as still connected. This can be cleared yourself, by using the command /ns ghost username password. Once the errant connection has been dropped, use /nick username to change your nickname. Then simply identify and done.