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Recent content by Jack-21

  1. Fate/Whimsical God (Cracked)

    So how is the MC a complete unknown? He should be the ultimate one of earth and atleast at minimum the oldest of the supernatural beings should be aware of him. Also The White titan got completely offscreened not by the MC, but something else. It can't be Excalibur because Excalibur won't...
  2. The Accidental Liberator (ASOIAF,GOT SI)

    Could just be a demonic god, the term god is more of a catch all terms for super powerful entities in fiction.

    Are they really that delusional? I thought she went to acting schools or attended courses for acting but just wasn't successful in Hollywood so they went to Kazir for help.
  4. Dragon Ball: A Limitless Adventure

    So would cooler have trained himself in this fic because he isn't a match for Frieza at both of their full powers unless he has his power up form but since that form is nearly 4x as stronger than full power Frieza, he would have baited Frieza and won. And would Frieza be stronger in this fic...
  5. story ideas thread of Daoist Dreamwalker

    This feels like it could actually be possible, she is kind of crazy for her son.
  6. Willump’s Campfire of Snippets and Ideas

    Would be funny if Zion turned into a women.
  7. Primitive Age of Xianxia (Honghuang style xianxia story)

    I meant like every innate god that was there and hadn't immediately left.
  8. Primitive Age of Xianxia (Honghuang style xianxia story)

    So why didn't Huoyun just reveal that information after Shenni was defeated.
  9. Swords and Magic, but Mostly Swords (DxD SI)

    So how are you going to handle power levels? The Top Ten list doesn't make sense. Or actually how are you going to handle the MCs growth since he has Reid's talent he should grow in power much faster but what about others as well, (you could have MC start centuries before canon so he has plenty...