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  • Btw I found this video, could help give idea for any possible character who have 'inconsistent' behavior (like he want to live long and do gym, but somehow keep smoking and 'justify' it), and also solution for it here. Hope it give some idea for characterization. The video name 'How To Argue With Someone Who Doesn't Use Logic'. Which Worm do have a lot of them
    Arashi Zaros
    If you have some problem with mc predicting endbringer, don't forget that he have Dinah Alcott right now. By gauging numerical differences across multiple earths, she is capable of predicting endbringer movements, and arguably even Scion if I remember right ?
    Arashi Zaros
    (For idea about humanity nature)
    No matter how much the human form is changed, perverted or desecrated, so long as the human spirit perseveres humanity remains. General Deicide of the 'Humanity Lost' graphic novel is a perfect example of that. Check video like 'The Hopeful Horror of 'Humanity Lost''
    In 'for the bunker' story, I wonder why the mc still haven't reveal any information about worm lore here ? (so she can plan around some problem, like that Saith guy). Aside from that waiting for the mc to teach the AI and maybe other the lesson of 'Honkai impact' here (since after all they tend to focus in the negative too much)
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    Arashi Zaros
    For some more idea in case you have writer block related to write character that doesn't necessary like the mc. There are such thing as 'professional relationship' where your general and you doesn't like and fully trust each other personality, but former is competent enough to not replaced him.
    It another story if both you and him do agree in greater good or protect their nation-base and fight common enemy though.
    Arashi Zaros
    Just a reminder, in my latest comment I have edit to add more idea there (include how normal military can still thin down a horde), check it out. Can't do second comment since there are no new comment to prevent 'double post'
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