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Recent content by T4ndoris

  1. Combat Medic (Pokemon/Naruto)

    Love it so far, i wonder what will Sakura's team look like
  2. Feel The Ground Shake (Pokemon - Ground-type specialist)

    Quagsire serial killer uh? either shadow pokemon or his Unaware ability is so strong he is can't comprehend that he is a walking disaster.
  3. Feel The Ground Shake (Pokemon - Ground-type specialist)

    So glad i was lurking in other people history search since this doesn't have the tag i was searching for (self-insert instead of si/oc), i almost missed this gem. Hope more chapters will come soon, thx for the new fanfic!
  4. Fruits of the Erdìa - RWBY SI

    Like the idea but i'm a bit confused. It's tagged Rwby but there is neither aura, faunus or grimm, at first i thought it was in a medieval era but suddenly there are guns, Mc and his family seem to be normal everyday people, but the bandits are calling him and his sister royalty? Like, i guess...
  5. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    If you have a need to remove your wisdom tooth , always ask for general anesthesia, local is just awful. And be prepare for a horrible week after that. Hope you will be ok
  6. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Damn i know this is an extra but this deserve its own threadmark at this point, i'm already too much invested in this story lol
  7. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    What do you mean dismissing the great captain Buggy D. Clown? His genius know no bound and he is the man with 1000 talents, rival to Shanks, ancient Roger pirate, major responsible for the biggest evasion from impel down and emperor of sea!
  8. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Holy shit, the Zorua newspaper members are evil x), like they are some kind of outer god in fox suit imo. Between the 'trust your child with driftbloom', the whole 'where to find kaboom' and the mindfuck of time and space they are scary. Iris too . I'm genuinely surprise the world still exist at...
  9. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Uuuuuh that's true ty, i'm a dumbass he was mentioned like 2 chapter ago
  10. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    I've forgot, what is the last member of Hilda's team again? I remember Audino, Koffing, Absol, Whimsicott and Amongus but not the last. TFTC
  11. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Damn can't wait for Absol to start doing some OP path to victory move. I mean, Claydol was basically Coil while Absol is Contessa, no way he won't be able to do some bullshit power move. TFTC!
  12. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    With Absol Path to victory 5 year is more than enough to regain the lost lifespan indeed lmao. TFTC!
  13. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Damn that was brutal. Law approved too! Respect + And the plot thicken... TFTC! Glad Jirachi will finally be freed , always found his story tragic
  14. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    How come Absol can use Zekrom signature move? TFTC!
  15. The Wolf of Castelia (Pokemon - Absol SI)

    Hem hem. DID YOU KNOW THAT...