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  1. Ancient Legos [Worm/Stargate]

    I have not laughed so much with Alexandria in any other Worm fic. The amount of curve balls he's sending them is literally making me lol so hard people are worried for me.
  2. Clarification on Necromancy Rule

    I had a small Omake that I've never posted to a Quest I followed on the NSFW Questing section. Today, reading my old notes, I found the Omake and finished it (less than 1000 words), but discovered the Quest is dead since August 1st, 2016. Am I allowed to post the Omake? Rule 7 states that...
  3. The Only Winning Move Is Overwhelming Firepower [PA Multicross SI]

    This is the most interesting way I've read in any story of how to deal with the US Debt,
  4. Reformed, Returned and Really Trying (Harry Potter AU) (Complete)

    I don't know if I like more Harry enabling Grindenwald madness or Grindenwald believing he's doing the correct thing.
  5. Ancient Legos [Worm/Stargate]

    It’s not yet NSFW. Wait a few more weeks in QQ and you’ll probably get corrupted. Possibly by Cambrian or BigBoom
  6. Ancient Legos [Worm/Stargate]

    Sorry! It's just that I've already read the story both in ff and Spacebattles. Trust me, I'm keeping up with it. Maybe to make it more attractive here in QQ post it in the NSFW thread?
  7. My Light Novel Isekai Story is Stressful As Expected (Eiyuu Senki Friend Insert ft. NekoNekoBoy)

    We will we will Rock You! Well, your army has a new theme song! Congratulations!
  8. A New Morning (Quest) [Highschool DXD]

    [X]In order to pay as much attention to each of them, and give them however much love as they deserve, I exerted some of the accumulated power within me and bent the casualty, being at many places at the same time when it was necessary. [-35000xp, gain trait Choir Conductor] As a big brother...
  9. A New Morning (Quest) [Highschool DXD]

    [X]Her name was Michael, and she was an energetic one. My impression of her was that of a roaring bonfire, one that lights the darkness away.
  10. A New Morning (Quest) [Highschool DXD]

    [X] Ea, The Star of Creation. A precision tool in the shape of a drill that allowed me to shape and create planet sized objects to my specifications. It was easy to use, and I could tone it down to perform some minor landscape shaping if I were so inclined.