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  1. Leekz01

    Total Drama Where Is My Action?
    Threadmarks: Chapter's 1: Day 1

    "Oh, umm? It's on?" I stared at the camera, swallowing. "Right! Ok!" The camera stared back as if it were some eldritch being. I could feel countless eyes looking through its lens and all I could do was freeze. Was… was this really a good idea? I forgot what I was going to say. Why was I doing...
  2. TheWordsOfTyr

    The Shieldmaiden's Tale
    Threadmarks: Part 1: The Breaker In Chains

    "Rezan the Chainer. Dead or Alive. Last spotted in the countryside between Oswill and The Dale." She had read it a hundred times over and still her nerves were never calmed. The white haired Dwarf rolled up the bounty poster and stuffed it into her pack, the rustling of her chainmail making...
  3. Fran Gark

    ATLA: A Tale of Fire and Steel
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The year was 100AG, and the Hundred Year War had finally come to an end. Half the world stood in ruins, but a new era was looming on the horizon. This is a tale of a defeated and broken princess, of a farseeing yet conflicted Fire Lord, and an Avatar struggling with the death of his people and...
  4. TheWordsOfTyr

    The Girl Who Sold Magic
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Wrong Turn

    With a thunderous crash, the wine glass shattered into a thousand pieces, joining the jagged snowfall on the floor, gathered like dust on a shelf. "Shitfaced bastard!" Expelled in one breath came the frustrated voice of a small woman. "Running out of creative ones?" A bemused man responded...
  5. TheWordsOfTyr

    I'm So Sorry
    Threadmarks: I'm So Sorry

    Silence. That was the worst part of it. Alone in a sea of stained sand she sat, clutching a symbol of Yara, the newly acknowledged God of Life. With her eyes closed tight as she murmured a prayer for those she was too late to save. "Bringer of Life, Daughter of the Blackened Heart, take care...
  6. TheWordsOfTyr

    Fates to Bind Us
    Threadmarks: Too Far To Die Now

    The scrap scarred golden doors were forced open by a heavy leather boot. The rusted hinges groaned from the movement as they swung open. A troop of women took the lead. The kicker, the clear leader, wielded a fine iron blade that crackled with the kind of energy that made your hairs stand on end...
  7. HypoSoc

    To The Knife [Complete]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imagine a man born with nothing. After a life of hard work and dedication, he ends his life with mere scraps. On his deathbed, he entrusts them to his child. Imagine this child born with mere scraps. After a life of hard work and dedication, she ends her life with simple means. On her...
  8. Leekz01

    Hard Knocks: B-Side (Lookism-like, Original)

    Here's some more original SFW content commissioned from NMR-3 over from SB. If you find this interesting please check out A-Side over on SB which is a on-going quest.
  9. Dstarr17

    Miss Understanding Fixes Her Life (Worm Slight AU, Slight Alt-Power)
    Threadmarks: Ignorance 1.1 - Angry Dragons, Angry Dads, Angry Daughters

    Danny triggers with group hug/big brother powers and joins the Protectorate. He does not tell Taylor. Danny begins dating Hannah. He cheerfully tells Taylor. Taylor triggers with bug control but altered to have much higher range and much less multi-tasking capabilities. She does not tell...

    Skullgirls: Spite and Fury (An skullgirls AU)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One:An new beginning that no one wanted

    Maplecrest was a placid little island of peace and serenity amidst the blood soaked streets and violence ridden history of the veritable hive of scum and villainy that is named the Canopy Kingdom that it unfortunately resides in. The only cause of death you had to worry about is the tranquil...
  11. MoonyNightShade

    The First Rodeo of the Next Keeper (ASOIAF SI OC)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Kr’Tall the Second Keeper

    Chapter 1 - Kr’Tall the Second Keeper Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or the world appearing in this story, they are creations and property of the fantastic George R. R. Martin. I’m not sure if I can claim my OCs as my own, so I’ll play it safe and dedicate them to GRRM. Author’s...
  12. omnixius

    Dragon Knight Prophecy - Original series
    Threadmarks: book 1 chapter 1 To save an empire

    An original series written by a total amateur set in a fantasy world where Dragons and myths and men march to war. Low use of magic, deeply developed world with a pantheon of gods and lost history. Story is essentially a love story written because my wife was dying and I needed and outlet for...
  13. WarShipper

    Just A Machine [My Hero Academia / RWBY]
    Threadmarks: Just A Machine 1

    Summary: Her body was being puppeted and destroyed, and so they went to the one called Ambrosius to cure her. But the legend of the malicious Genie persists for a reason. She died, watching something that could not - should not - be her embrace her friends. Then she woke up. =-=-=-=-=...
  14. Pink Panda Priestess

    Console of reality
    Index: Chapter 1

    The beginning… Ok so this is my first story, general feedback would be good, blatant flaming will be ignored or I'll try to ignore, I have depression, sooo~ I'm writing this on my phone so sorry if it looks weird. I'm inspired by the dark wolf shiro, as he is the first and only person I've...
  15. The Ero-Sennin

    Legends: A Story of Lies [Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Big Bad Beetleborgs]
    Threadmarks: Volume 1: The Seekers of Truth and The Traveler

    Here's an eclectic mix of series to tell a story with. After no small of poking and prodding from the team, Legends: A Story of Lies is coming here to QQ. Enjoy a story full of mystery, magic, monsters, and people getting punched in the face. QQ gets the hottest and cleanest revision to date...
  16. Through the Looking Glass (Spider-Gwen/Spider-Man Noir Crossover)

    This bounced around my head for a bit ever since reading the Spider-Verse and Web Warriors series, most notably the different Spider-Men/Spider-Women in it. One thing I always found somewhat disappointing is that they rarely ever use the 'my rules/genre are not your rules/genre' evident in many...
  17. [Witch]AtTheEndOfTime

    Night Raid Snippets [SAO][AU]
    Threadmarks: The Announcement

    In a blue light, the world comes into clarity, town Square. "Do you know what's going on?" Some girl in the crowd, the massive, massive crowd asks. You weren't the only one flashed here. "Hey, look up there!" Someone says. The sky oranges, trails of cloudy gas float above you all. You take...
  18. Camron Davis

    RWBY | Grimm Tales
    Threadmarks: Master Index

    This is the tale of a little red girl destined for pain... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grimm Tales is a tale about one little red girl named Ruby living in a dark world...