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highschool dxd

  1. King Arthur's Quest of Dragons and Devils
    Threadmarks: 1: Rebooted Beginnings

    System Reboot Successful! I blinked slowly as my consciousness started up. The golden light emitting from the screen was the first thing I noticed. As I read the words written in black, my mind was filled with questions but I couldn't answer any of them. My brain was groggy, and that made...
  2. ScriptGenius12

    Tricks [Halloween/Highschool DxD]
    Threadmarks: Tricks

    Everyone else was spending Halloween night at Kuoh's haunted house (Akeno had an excellent imagination when it came to decorating. That, and scaring the piss out of people), while Aika Kiryuu was stuck in a grungy theater, grumpily thinking over the subject of her research paper. On Halloween...
  3. Vtorc

    To Speak the Arcane (Arcane/League of Legends/High Schoo DxD)
    Threadmarks: A Clichéd Arrival

    Zaun Alleys "Huh?" I blinked as the scenery abruptly changed from my comfy room to a dark-looking alley. My face automatically scrunched while I pinched my nose at the fetid odor in the air. Well, I suppose that shouldn't have been much of a surprise considering how unhygienic this place...
  4. ReadingDangerously

    On The Bench (AOT/DxD)
    Threadmarks: To You, A World Away

    Can you do it again? Can you confront pain, tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal, guilt, and loss? The consequences of your actions? If you've lost it all, can you continue to advance, stepping forward one last time? Can you face a world of cruelty if it means finding the beauty in it? If you can, I'll...
  5. Vtorc

    Gaming to the Top (Highschool DxD Gamer MC)
    Threadmarks: Small Origins

    "When's this blasted rain going to stop?" Motohama grumbly mumbled, pulling out his glasses to clean them as they had begun to fog due to the water vapor. Cold is always a massive bitch for someone as visually impaired as he is, especially during the raining seasons or cold mornings -...
  6. lucinziel66

    Just My Luck Chapter 1

    The holy land Mary Geoise, the city of the celestial dragons, that sits atop the red line. Celestial dragons, descendants of the 19 families who created the world government. They who have been born at the top of the world have deluded themselves into thinking that they are gods. Unknowingly...
  7. BloodMoon5580

    A Wish Upon the Stars [Fate x Highschool DxD]
    Threadmarks: A Wish Upon the Stars — Prologue

    ===DISCLAIMER=== The Highschool DxD series was written by Ichiei Ishibumi and produced by TNK. The Fate series is owned by Type-Moon and Kinoko Nasu. I do not own any of the characters mentioned in both series. The only things I own are the ideas that popped into my head for this story and...
  8. Trafford

    The Holy Chronicles of Baator
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Prologue

    Chapter 1 – Prologue "My Lord, please wake up." Said the soft voice belonging to the female as I slowly opened my eyes. I looked around with a slight panic, but I quickly suppressed my emotions and started thinking. My surrounding was different; the place was other, everything seemed...
  9. EclipsingDragonMoon

    The Shielder of DxD
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Hello People! Some of you may recognize me from Fanfiction, and I decided to try my hand at writing stories on other sites (Totally not this one because it has the ability to post pictures, totally). I will say this now I am not the greatest writer, so you may notice a lot of mistakes in this...
  10. MrHeartless

    Curse of Gacha - A Melancholic Life of a Gamble Addict
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    A normal evening in Kuoh city. The sun was on its way to illuminate the other part of Earth while the moon was slowly ascending on the sky. The students from Kuoh Academy were on their way returning to their homes or just fooling around the city. The adults were either picking up their...
  11. Zone04

    Bruh... I'm dead AF [DXD SI]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Bruh

    Chapter 1 In which a man decides he just really doesn't care enough, wants to chill n' vibe, and is honestly - half the time – dead af. I’m dead, you see. It was quit a boring end, nothing too spectacular but most certainly not something I would’ve expected from myself either. I had drunk a...
  12. Drag9082

    Swords and Magic, but Mostly Swords (DxD SI)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 “What am I looking at here?” He was confused. Not in an ‘I can’t find my keys,’ confused, but more in an ‘I can’t find my house because it got launched into space without my knowledge,’ confused. [It is a wheel.] He stared blankly at the screen with a prompt that appeared in...
  13. Israfil

    Stand Up The Red Dragon Emperor (CV x DXD crossover)
    Index: Overview

    Ground rules This is my first thread and thought of multiple ideas in my head and this was the idea I decided on. This is obviously an AU given how DxD and Cray shenanigans won't necessarily interact with each other well. Furthermore, this will take place in the G era as V has way too high...
  14. ScriptGenius12

    Overlord [Predator/Highschool DxD]
    Threadmarks: Stretch

    With the power of Dimension Lost, Georg and a sect of trusted magicians were the first that Cao Cao sent after Yasaka. The Red Prey wasn't going to summon himself. A week, and then a month passed without Georg returning, and his spies in Kyoto had stopped reporting back. They had either...
  15. siddharth1998m

    Looking for a beta for my Highschool DxD/Naruto fanfic (Fandom-Blind friendly)

    I am looking for a Beta for my Highschool DxD/ Naruto fanfic- The Red Eyed Queen What i am Looking For in a Beta- Someone who is Good with Grammar and can also brush up my dialogues as i am not a native English speaker they both tend to have problems. Now Update schedules- I follow a monthly...
  16. siddharth1998m

    Looking for a beta for my Highschool DxD/Naruto fanfic (Fandom-Blind friendly)

    I am looking for a Beta for my Highschool DxD/ Naruto fanfic- The Red Eyed Queen What i am Looking For in a Beta- Someone who is Good with Grammar and can also brush up my dialogues as i am not a native English speaker they both tend to have problems. Now Update schedules- I follow a...
  17. Thomas Johnston

    Of Souls and Devils (Bleach/Highschool DxD)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    So... well thanks for stopping by everyone, the name is DragonKnightRyu, and I thought I would give his a shot cause the idea just wouldn't leave me alone. Basic stuff, this is a Bleach/Highschool DxD fusion, with the Bleach elements being HEAVILY AU, so don't go expecting many of the canon...
  18. JBukharin

    Magical Trickster DxD (HS DxD Magician!OC-I with some X-overing)
    Threadmarks: Quick Premise

    A quick premise: This is a Fanfic that will be updated daily. It starts with main plot and has some minor divergences from the Canon. Such as: - Issei is not as cringey as in Canon (by that I mean he is still a pervert but he will not be obsessively so like in Canon, he still loves Oppai but...
  19. siddharth1998m

    Beta needed for my Highschool DxD fanfic

    Hey i am writing an Highschool DxD fanfic which i am updating monthly and I am looking for a beta who can fix the Grammer and brush a bit of the dialogue for me. U Will have plentiful time as i tend to write chapter in advance. if interested reply or Dm me in Discord Id- Siddharth1998m#4024
  20. siddharth1998m

    The Red Eyed Queen (Rewrite)

    Author Note: This is a rewrite of the first chapter that will be followed by the second chapters’ rewrite Why am I rewriting this Fic? It simple I found a way to make my OC a little more compelling in my opinion as I was writing the third chapter before the rewrite I realized that my...