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  1. We Just Write

    Built To Last
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    "Emmy, I'm sorry. I looked as hard as I could, but I just can't find another job for you." I nodded across the table to Danny Hebert. "I understand, Mr. Hebert. Thank you." I was turning to walk out of the office when it hit me just how fucked I was. I was two weeks out from eviction at...
  2. Malcolm Tent

    Wish upon the Stars (Original Superhero cultivation sci fi litrpg)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    I groaned as I pushed the door shut. I was exhausted. Today had been my monthly compulsory education download, and those always took it out of me. No matter how many times I sat in that uncomfortable metal chair and got let them stick those awful leads to my temples it never got any less...
  3. Charles Flynn

    The Doctor Is In (MGE X Original Superhero Setting
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Chief God looked out over the world, and despaired. She had been horrified when her predecessor had fallen, and at the debauchery the world had descended into. And now, she could do nothing but watch as all the free species of the world were slowly but steadily being driven extinct. The...
  4. Sarius

    Fixture in Fate (Superhero/Worm-like)

    Synopsis: Heroes aren’t to be trusted. They aren’t to be revered, or to be praised. They are to be feared, no matter the good they do, or the justice they seem to embody. Because it’s all a lie, a fabrication to make you believe that Heroes exist. Heroes don’t exist, only humans. And there is...
  5. Volk (Or, a Superhero on Mars)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    There was nobody watching when the first person to ever do so set foot on Mars. His feet touched the reddish surface, black boots sinking slightly into the soil. He was the first human to step in that dirt, and in all likelihood he would be the last. Being the last wasn’t what he wanted, but...
  6. Super & Real
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    CHAPTER ONE The grocery bags plopped down and he collapsed backward onto his couch, breathing heavily. He shook his head and rested. Wow, he was out of shape. His friends were right; he did have to lose weight after all. “Dammit,” he said, recovering. He’d always been a bit chubby, but since...
  7. OverLORDY

    Ladyblog Interludes(Sidepiece to Miraculous Quest)

    Hello everyone. This here is a sidepiece to Miraculous Quest I am running on another site. This fanfic itself will be mainly about showing the reactions of the everyday people of Paris to the events that take place in their city along with the achievements of players through a PHO style...
  8. Psyckosama

    Incredible Fanfiction Ideas

    Just saw Incredibles 2 and got some ideas. Decided to start a thread on it. One of the ideas I had has to do with Tony, the boy Violet liked... There will be spoilers. Putting this idea in tags, but afterwards... you've been warned.
  9. Ack

    Number Two and Other Stories
    Threadmarks: Number Two

    Number Two I placed the final stack of bills in the briefcase and carefully closed it. As I snapped the latches shut, I heard the familiar voice of my boss. "Number Two, where are you?" "In here, sir," I replied, casually placing the briefcase on the floor behind my desk. I stood up as...