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A Confederate Cold One in Humanities Court (The 100/Twilight)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by FireWalkWithMe99, Jun 21, 2023.

  1. FireWalkWithMe99

    FireWalkWithMe99 Making the rounds.

    Jun 10, 2023
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    Jasper Whitlock I

    May 10th, 2052

    As the bombs dropped, the world was thrust into chaos. News broadcasts echoed through the airwaves, spreading the grim reality of the devastation that had befallen the world. Panic and confusion ruling the streets, extending even to the once serene and largely secluded confines of the Denali property.

    Tanya's voice carried disbelief and exhaustion as she shared the horrifying news. "Volterra was leveled, one of the first to be hit. It was struck by not one, but two bombs," she uttered, her words hanging heavy with the weight of the unthinkable.

    Jasper's unease intensified, a foreboding sense of dread coursing through his veins. The Volturi, annihilated in a single blow? It seemed unfathomable.

    "Forks... it was hit too," Bella's voice quivered with shock and despair. The depth of her grief resonated within Jasper, intertwining their emotions in a painful amalgamation. And his sweet Alice, her own feelings of loss mixing in.

    "No... how could this be..." Bella's words trailed off, her disbelief palpable. Despite her anguish, she maintained a façade of composure, urging Jasper to take Renesmee to safety. Deep down, the despair still permeated.

    Jasper turned to Alice, seeking confirmation, a vague hope in her eyes. She nodded, acknowledging the necessity of her foresight for the protection of both their families. Her absence would be felt keenly, but he understood better than anyone the role she held in this unthinkable situation.

    With a heavy heart, Jasper rushed Renesmee off and away from the property. The sounds of destruction reverberated in his ears. He felt the surge of painful energy, the radiation that signaled yet another cataclysmic event unfolding he turned back to see the Denali property destroyed along with the surrounding area. Yet another bomb dropped on vampire territory. Could this be a coincidence.

    Looking back at the remnants of the Denali mansion, the once grand structure now reduced to a twisted wreckage of shattered dreams, Jasper felt a lump forming in his throat. His eyes strained, desperately searching for any signs of life, any flicker of speed signaling the survival of his clan some hope amidst the chaos. But all he saw was devastation, a stillness that chilled him.

    Minutes stretched into hours as the weight of his loss crashed upon him with limitless weight. The realization hit him with a gut-wrenching blow, leaving him gasping for breath. A sense of emptiness consumed him, a void that seemed impossible to fill. The ground beneath him felt unsteady, and he sank to his knees trembling.

    The weight of the world settled upon his shoulders, pressing him farther down into the unforgiving earth. The absence of his beloved Alice, the one who had breathed life into his shallow existence, created a void that threatened to swallow him whole. She had been his guiding light, his beacon of hope in a world mired in darkness, and now that light had been extinguished.

    As he knelt there, his hands trembling and tears streaming down his face, the magnitude of his loss crashed over him like a tidal wave. Memories of their shared moments, their laughter, and their unbreakable bond flooded his mind, intensifying the ache in his chest. The future they had envisioned together had crumbled to ashes, leaving him adrift in an ocean of grief and uncertainty.

    He clutched his chest, his fingers clawing at the emptiness within him, as if trying to hold onto the fading echoes of their love. But there was nothing to grasp, only the cold, cruel reality that Alice was gone. The pain was raw, unrelenting, and in that moment, he felt utterly alone

    February 23rd, 2129

    Jasper moved swiftly, his lithe form navigating through the dense foliage of the forest with practiced ease. The world around him had still ravaged by the horrors of nuclear weaponry, leaving behind a somewhat desolate landscape. The once-abundant wildlife had been decimated to pathetic numbers, and those that remained often bore the mark of the radiation that now tainted their very existence. Their blood held a bitter taste, a constant reminder of the day that changed his reality.

    Yet, Jasper's innate hunter's instinct refused to be deterred. Yearning for a more satisfying meal, one that would sate his unquenchable thirst. With every step, he stayed attuned to the nuances of his surroundings—the rustling of leaves, breaking of twigs, faint scents carried on the wind—hoping to catch even the slightest hint of prey.

    Then, as if answering his silent plea, the distant echo of hooves reached his keen ears. A flicker of anticipation surged through him, drawing him towards the source like a magnet. His movements became more purposeful, guided by a primal pull. He couldn't resist the allure of the unknown, the promise of a potential feast.

    As he closed in on the source of the sound, the forest began to thin, revealing an open clearing bathed in dappled sunlight.

    As Jasper drew nearer, the scene before him unfolded with vivid clarity. At the head of the group of Azgeda men on horseback stood a young woman, a captivating figure amidst the rugged backdrop of the post-apocalyptic world. Her light brown locks cascading in loose waves. The strands, kissed by golden hues, seemed to possess an ethereal quality, contrasting starkly against the harshness of her stern expression.

    But it was her eyes that truly commanded attention. A predatory glint within, an untamed fire that hinted at fierce determination and great resolve. They held an intensity that betrayed her youth. Though she appeared scarcely older than Jasper was when he was turned, the lines etching her face hinted at a life lived with burdens carried.

    As the leader of the group, she exuded an air of authority that demanded respect. Every movement she made was deliberate, each command uttered with clarity and conviction. The men who followed her on horseback clearly held her in high regard, recognizing the power she wielded. They maintained their formation under her watchful gaze, knowing that any lapse in discipline would be met with swift and unyielding retribution.

    Jasper couldn't help but be drawn to her unwavering focus. Fixed upon those at the front lines of the group, as if she could see into the very souls of those who stood before her. It was a gaze that brooked no defiance, demanding loyalty and commitment from her followers blade in hand. Despite her youthful appearance, it was yet another indication that in this new era, age held little relevance when it came to combat experience.

    Society now bore resemblances to his own past—trade outposts, bustling markets, and various clans with their own semblances of leadership. Though often rudimentary, these structures provided a semblance of order and stability. Chiefs, chieftains, warriors and clan elders guided their respective groups, navigating the treacherous currents of survival with pragmatism and primal instincts at the head of it all being the Commander. At least that was how it was said to work. Though he questioned the genuine structure. Knowing well that leadership hierarchy's often had deeper complexity.

    Yet, it was the development of blade combat and a resurgence of warrior culture that struck Jasper. While soldiers in his own time may have held a certain reverence for the warrior archetype, the elevation of martial prowess and the romanticization of battle weren't as cherished a philosophy as they seemed to be among the clans now.

    Jasper found himself both intrigued and unsettled by the fervent dedication that the clans exhibited towards martial prowess. The battle-scarred weapons of centuries past were now passed down as treasured heirlooms again, symbols of the warriors spirit.

    The human clans' infatuation with warrior culture often raised questions within Jasper. What drove humans to embrace this path again so passionately? Was it the primal need to reclaim some semblance of power in a world that had stripped them of everything? Or was it simply a coping mechanism, a way to channel their frustrations and fears into something tangible and controllable?

    Jasper concealed himself behind the cover of trees, thick branches and distance sheltering him from human sight, keen ears tuned in to the conversation unfolding among the Azgedan company.

    the young woman leading the group, projected an air of authority as her voice reverberated through the forest. "We are only two days from Agra," she declared with urgency, her eyes scanning the horizon. "If we push ourselves, we might be able to make it in one and a half."

    One of the men with a heavily scarred face interjected, his voice laced with concern, as he looked down at the woman's stomach, "The king wants us back Nia, but if we push ourselves too hard, it may affect the survival of you and the child."

    Jasper observed the subtle change in Nia's expression. Then felt a sense joy briefly consume the woman as her hand instinctively caressed her swelling belly. The Ice Nation men accompanying her exchanged glances, reflecting a variety of emotions—hope, unease, and fear.

    But as swiftly as the joy had emerged, it receded, replaced by Nia's previously stoic composure. Jasper, attuned to her emotional fluctuations, sensed the deep well of love and worry within her. At least it was a normal child he thought jokingly to himself. Feeling a brief sadness thinking about the fateful day yet again…

    "I do not wish to spend any longer in these green-infested lands, in hostile territory," Nia stated firmly, her voice weary.

    An older man with the jagged scar on his face voiced his doubts. "We were here on a diplomatic visit, and it ended well. I don't imagine the Commander would attempt to attack us if they were as desperate for coal as they claimed to be. You also seemed to charm the man, despite his reputation."

    Nia's response carried a touch of humor. "Yes, the aptly named Shadheda does seem like a commander that Ice Nation could benefit from. In our chats, he indicated to take inspiration from our ways."

    As Jasper observed Nia's poised demeanor and the way she commanded her men, memories of Maria resurfaced from the depths of his mind—a name he had long suppressed. There were echoes of Maria's calculated and strategic nature in Nia's leadership style. However, while Maria had mastered the art of false warmth and measured politeness, Nia emitted a coolness that set her apart.

    Lost in his reminiscence, Jasper's heightened senses detected familiar sounds— the rustle of leaves, the crunch of dirt, the clinking of metal, and the whisper of fabric against fabric. These were not unfamiliar sounds, but it was the deep echo of breath, as if the very air was being sucked into the earth, that told him what lurked nearby. It was the reason he had chosen to keep a watchful eye on the nearest group of humans. The men from Mount Weather were on the prowl, seeking to collect more bodies.

    Amidst the tension and the impending danger, Jasper's keen senses picked up on a shift in Nia's demeanor. His gaze locked onto her as she reached instinctively for her stomach, her face contorted in worry. A surge of concern coursed through him, his empathetic abilities allowing him to sense the distress emanating from her. Something was definitely amiss.

    And then, in a pivotal moment, it happened—the unmistakable rupture of Nia's water breaking, a clear signal that the imminent birth was on the horizon. The gravity of the situation weighed heavily on Jasper's mind, his thoughts momentarily shifting to the fragility of life amidst the chaos of their world. However, he knew there was no time to dwell on the momentous event. The encroaching presence of the mountain men, seizing the vulnerable moment, demanded his immediate attention.

    Reacting with lightning speed, Jasper's instincts kicked into overdrive. Like a coiled spring, he propelled himself forward, racing towards the oncoming threat of the mountain men. Their intentions were clear—to exploit the vulnerable state of the Azgedans to more easily collect the men and woman, jeopardizing the safety of Nia and her unborn child in the process. With hastened determination, Jasper moved to intercept the gas canisters they had callously deployed, their sandman's payload.

    In a display of precision, Jasper deftly seized the canisters, his muscles coiling and releasing with the fluidity of a predator in motion. His supernatural reflexes and heightened speed allowed him to swiftly hurl the canisters back towards the ranks of the mountain men. As the canisters soared through the air, their trajectory disrupted, confusion and disarray erupted among the assailants. The element of surprise had been successfully turned against them, momentarily scattering their coordinated assault.

    As the realization of the imminent danger sunk in, the Azgedans shed their initial surprise and rallied to defend themselves. The atmosphere crackled with tension as their leader's strained orders echoed through the chaos, and the warriors responded with a swift readiness. Blades glinted in the dim light.

    In the midst of activity, Jasper became a blur of motion. His movements going beyond human limitations, propelled by his vampiric speed and agility. With astonishing swiftness, he engaged the current enemy, skillfully navigating the chaos with precise strikes and calculated maneuvers. Seamlessly transitioning from one target to the next, With each fallen body drained, Jasper fought to maintain his composure. The crimson stains on his lips and the satisfaction that coursed through his veins were reminders of the fine line he treads.

    Jasper couldn't escape the seductive allure of the fresh blood that spilled around him. The metallic scent hung heavy in the air, mingling with the energy of battle. Tugging at his senses, whispering promises of strength and satiation. His finely tuned vampiric instincts, wrestled against his restraint, tempting him to succumb to the primal hunger within.

    An Azgeda warrior, fueled by adrenaline and a intense rage, unleashed a barrage of throwing daggers into the chest of an opponent tearing well past his hazmat suit several times over. The sound of impact reverberated through the air. Jasper's eyes flickered to the man momentarily, a hunger within and immense pain felt, as he fixated on the crimson tableau before him.

    In testament to his practiced discipline, Jasper resisted the call. Firmly holding his focus on the task at hand, recognizing that succumbing to his primal desires would jeopardize the safety of those he sought to protect.

    As the skirmish raged on, a realization dawned upon Jasper. He noticed that the distant mountain men, were retreating. The shift in their demeanor and the distance between them signaling respite.

    While the temptation to revel in triumph tugged at his thoughts, Jasper remained focused. As the mountain men fully retreated, their presence fading into the distance, Jasper turned his attention back to the Azgeda warriors. Their eyes held an unspoken threat, a reminder that the battle may have subsided for now, but tensions remained. It was then that he noticed Nia still on the ground, the early stages of labor evident in her pained expression stare focused on the now dead steed she was riding only moments ago. No doubt it died of shock from his actions… he thought guiltily.

    Approaching her cautiously, Jasper introduced himself, his voice confident sending compassion. "Ma'am, I believe I can help with your predicament. I have experience delivering children," he offered, his eyes meeting hers in a moment of shared understanding.

    Nia's gaze shifted from the dead horse, no doubt a long held companion, to Jasper. The weight of her gaze bore a predatory intensity, rivaling that of any vampire he had encountered. The primal instincts within him recognized the scent of her blood flowing, triggering a surge of hunger. Yet, he maintained his composure, aware of the delicate situation at hand.

    Nia, her face twisted with pain. "The Bane of the Mountain? So you truly do exist!"

    Jasper acknowledged Nia's remark with uncertainty. "If that is what they call me," he responded. The growing folktale surrounding his name among the clans, the Bane of the Mountain, was both a source of intrigue and concern to him. He understood that his reputation as a formidable killer carried weight, and the implications it held in moments of desperation. Though something felt wrong about being so openly talked about even if many dismiss it as legend. The Volturi were gone now… as far as he could tell yet he still felt uncomfortable about letting this information slip. Humans had enough problems these days without learning that those who went bump in the night existed.

    Nia, her eyes glanced up and down at Jasper. "You? But how can I trust a stranger with something so important?"

    Jasper's gaze softened as he spoke, his words carrying a genuine sincerity. "I may be a stranger, but I have witnessed the miracle of birth before. I wish to ensure the safety of you and your child. Please Mam, let me lend aid."

    The scarred man stepped forward, his voice filled with caution. "This is too great a risk. We can't rely on an outsider for something so crucial."

    Jasper pondered his response, understanding the deep-rooted values of the clans and the importance they placed on combat prowess. He needed to find common ground while addressing their concerns. "I understand your hesitation. I am known as a skilled killer, but my training also includes knowledge under a great healer. I have been taught how to bring life into this world, not just take it away. I assure you, I want nothing more than the well-being of both you and the child."

    Nia, her eyes filled with doubt though he sensed desperation within, finally spoke up. "The stakes are high, and time is not on our side. If there's a chance that you can help us, then we have to take it." Nia her head over to the scarred man, "Surely he could kill us all easily enough if he wished after that display"

    The scarred man hesitated, his gaze shifting between Nia and Jasper. "Very well," he conceded. "But know this, stranger, if you betray us or put her or our future at risk, there will be dire consequences."

    Jasper nodded solemnly, acknowledging the weight of the trust they were placing in him. A guilt washing over him, with the knowledge they could never make good on their thread even if all went wrong. "I understand the gravity of the situation. I will do everything in my power to ensure a safe delivery for the child."

    The tension in the air eased slightly as the Azgedans reluctantly accepted Jasper's offer of assistance. With their guard still up, they formed a protective circle around Nia, ready to intervene if needed.

    Jasper approached Nia, his voice gentle yet filled with resolve. "Take deep breaths, Nia. We'll get through this together. Trust in your own strength."

    The scarred man seemed bothered by something he said, but before he could say more Nia silenced him with a dismissive wave.

    With that, Jasper focused all his attention steadying himself. He had no room for distractions, no leeway for his vampiric instincts to interfere.

    As Jasper knelt by Nia's side, he guided her through each contraction, offering words of encouragement and support. He could feel the shared pain, amplified by his empathic abilities, coursing through his veins. A bittersweet reminder of the past, when Maria had forced him to kill innocent newborns. But this time, he was determined to bring life into the world, to counterbalance the darkness that had tainted his existence.

    As Nia's labor intensified, beads of sweat formed on her forehead, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Jasper's eyes narrowed with concern as he recognized the complication. The baby's position was presenting a challenge, threatening to hinder a safe delivery.

    Drawing upon his memories of Carlisle in his element. Jasper took a deep breath, channeling his focus and expertise. "Nia, there seems to be a small complication, The baby is not in the optimal position" he spoke softly. "But I know a technique that can help reposition the baby. It may be uncomfortable, but it will increase the chances of the babies survival. Are you ready?"

    Nia nodded, her strength conveyed through her pain. "Do whatever you need to do," she managed to utter, her voice like ice.

    Jasper positioned himself carefully, his hands hovering over Nia's abdomen. With gentle precision, he palpated her belly, feeling the baby's position. Then, with a careful motion, he skillfully maneuvered the infant, turning them within the confines of the womb.

    Nia's face twisted in discomfort, tears streaming down her cheeks as the maneuver took effect. The Azgeda men begin approaching, then Her grip on Jasper's hand tightened. "You're doing great, Nia," he murmured, his voice a steady anchor as he tried to lessen the mountainous pain emanating from her. "Just a piddlin more, and we'll have this settled." With that the Azgedans' concern seemed to abate. Though feelings of distrust emanated strongly.

    Time seemed to stretch as Jasper continued to guide the baby's repositioning feeling the weight of Nia's own suffering, his touch both gentle and firm. Finally, a shift occurred within Nia's womb that indicated success. The tension ceased as the baby settled into the desired position. Jasper's own muscles relaxed, a surge of relief flooding through him. He wiped the sweat from his brow, his gaze never leaving Nia's face. "We've done it," he said,

    Nia gave him a look that seemed a bit less cool than typical. He took this as thanks enough.

    Jasper nodded, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "You're incredibly strong, Nia. Both you and your baby. All will be well."

    Nia's muscles strained with each powerful push, her body trembling with the exertion. She let out a guttural cry.

    Jasper's senses heightened, aromas of sweat and the metallic tang of blood. Causing his vampiric instincts stirred, fangs elongating ever so slightly in response to Nia and the Child's life being in his hands. The battle within intensified as his mind fought against the primal hunger on the brink of consuming him.

    Gritting his teeth, Jasper directed his gaze away from Nia's being, locking his eyes on a fixed point in the distance. He dug his nails deeper into his palms, the sharp pain serving as a reminder of the control he needed to maintain.

    With unwavering focus, Jasper channeled his energy into supporting Nia. He positioned himself at her side. "Push, Nia," he encouraged, his voice laced with determination. "You're almost there."

    Nia's eyes bore into Jasper's, She harnessed her resolve summoning a reserve of strength, as she pushed with all her might, willing her body to cooperate.

    Time seemed to suspend as all held their collective breath, the air thick. And then, a profound moment of triumph and relief washed over the space as Nia's final push brought forth the emergence of new life. The cries of a newborn filled the forest

    Jasper's struggle momentarily faded into the background as he beheld the miracle before him. He marveled at the delicate features of the newborn boy, their tiny fingers grasping the air, their lungs filling.

    "Roan," Nia whispered, her conveying ambition much to his surprise though he sensed love and sorrow within her. "May your name carry the strength and spirit of the cherished steed I've lost this day." She gazed at her baby boy with a tender longing, cherishing the bittersweet connection between her newborn son and the fallen horse.

    Jasper gently helped Nia to her feet, supporting her as she regained her balance. The scarred man approached, his eyes displayed gratitude and surprised. Nia took a deep breath, her joy shining through despite the underlying strain of pain. She held her child close. Jasper eyes locked onto his tiny face, etching the image of the boys arrival into his memory.

    "Azgeda owes you a great debt," the scarred man began, his voice diplomatic and appreciative. "And we would be honored to introduce you to our people, to share our gratitude and respect. No doubt the king would love to put a face to…" But as the scarred man turned to gesture towards Jasper, confusion washed over his face. He scanned the area, finding no trace of the vicious warrior and healer who had guided them through the delivery.

    Jasper watched silently from a distance, hidden amidst the shadows. He knew he couldn't stay, his own primal instincts and the ever-present thirst for blood beckoned him away. The pull was too strong, and he knew that to protect those he aided, he had to maintain his discipline and distance.

    As the Azgeda company begin their leave, Nia and her child embraced in their care, Jasper felt a great longing. Yearning for the connection and understanding he once shared with Alice. He knew that without her, he could never reach the same heights of insight and control that his father, Carlisle, had achieved not without his guiding light.

    Jasper's keen hearing caught a snippet of conversation among the departing Azgeda men. "That man looked like he was the one having the child," one of them remarked

    The scarred man spoke up, "Great power and victories present at our dear prince's birth. This bodes well for the future of the Royal Line," he declared.

    With a heavy heart, Jasper turned away from the scene, his speed leading him into the depths of the forest canopy. Perhaps… there is still joy in this dark era of mankind.

    A.N. Hello fellow readers this is yet another crossover, this one I have some plans for. Curious what everyone thinks. I know twilight typically isn't looked at too fondly but theres a lot to work with in regards to some of the side characters honestly a shame how underutilized Jasper is.

    This story will explore more of his darker history, in the confederacy as well as a vampire in general, and I intend to hone in on his canonical interests as well Philosophy, and Psychology.

    There will be a decent jump a head in time, though it still will be before the dropship. This story is sort of a semi prequel, in the sense the early chapters will take place pre drop ship, but ultimately will get involved with the canon era, Skaikru, Trikru and more.

    Also just in case it was unclear im not making Nia a romantic interest, just showing that she caught Jasper's interest for several reasons. His intervention here will play a part down the line, but roan will be closer to his canon age when we next see him.