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A Kadoc Grand Order

Great War 3 New
Seeing that some people were approaching the room, Kadoc immediately, without a second thought, hid behind a pair of boxes that had enough room for him.

For some reason, he felt that he was forgetting something important, but now wasn't the time to dwell on it.

Rat followed behind him and hid as well. To ensure they wouldn't be caught, Kadoc used one of his meager spells.

"Rat's body in hiding. Cat's byway escape. Let shallow cleverness prevail o'er cunning." As he spoke the incantation, his magical energy immediately sprang into action.

It was like a veil of shadow had overtaken them and wrapped them in a blanket. Even their footsteps made no sound.

Kadoc and Rat stayed hidden as the soldiers entered the room, standing around for a while before eventually leaving.

Once the soldiers were gone, Kadoc and Rat emerged from their hiding spot. Rat, with an amused laugh, said, "Quite a cute spell you got there. Good spell, but particularly weak since it only hides you from those who aren't looking for you."

Kadoc took offense at this and replied, "Yeah, insult me all you like. I've heard it all before."

Rat shook his head, saying it wasn't meant as an insult. "But wouldn't just using Suggestion on them have been far easier? It would be quite easy to convince them we are part of the same group."

Kadoc immediately facepalmed, thinking to himself that he forgot such a basic spell. "I can't believe I didn't think of that," he muttered, feeling a mix of frustration and embarrassment.

Rat took the lead as they crept through the dimly lit bunker, moving with the practiced ease of someone well-versed in stealth. Kadoc followed closely, keeping his senses alert for any signs of danger. The concrete walls and metal doors of the bunker felt claustrophobic, but Rat seemed to navigate the labyrinthine corridors with confidence.

They reached a junction where the corridor split into two. Rat paused, listening intently to the sounds around them. The muffled noise of distant artillery and occasional shouts from above were the only indicators of the war raging outside.

Rat gestured to the right corridor. "This way," he whispered.

They continued, slipping from shadow to shadow. Kadoc couldn't help but feel a sense of jealousy for Rat's skills. He moved like a ghost, silent and almost invisible in the dim light.

As they neared the exit, the sound of voices grew louder. Rat motioned for Kadoc to stop. They crouched behind a stack of crates, peeking over the top. Two soldiers stood by the door, talking in low voices. The flickering light of a lantern cast their shadows against the wall.

Rat leaned close to Kadoc, whispering, "Stay here and be ready to move."

Before Kadoc could respond, Rat stepped out from behind the crates. He moved with the casual confidence of someone who belonged there. As he approached the soldiers, he raised his hand slightly, his fingers moving in a subtle pattern.

The soldiers noticed him immediately. "Hey, who goes there?" one called out, raising his rifle.

Rat's voice was calm and steady. "Sleep now," he intoned, his eyes flashing with a brief but intense light.

The soldiers' expressions shifted from suspicion to confusion, then to a blank, drowsy stare. Their rifles lowered, and within moments, they slumped to the ground, fast asleep.

Kadoc emerged from behind the crates, marveling at the effectiveness of Rat's spell. They walked past the unconscious soldiers and toward the exit.

Once outside, the cold night air hit them, a stark contrast to the stuffy confines of the bunker. The battlefield lay ahead, a chaotic landscape of trenches, barbed wire, and craters. Rat moved quickly, staying low as they made their way toward the relative safety of the treeline.

As they reached the edge of the forest, Rat couldn't help but grin, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Look at what we have here?" A voice spoke out in an almost amused tone.

The voice caused Kadoc to jump and look toward its origin, where a towering machine stood. The machine was far too advanced for something that should have been available in World War I. It had several distinct features, most notably several thick cables hanging from its upper back and a large, bucket-like helmet that completely encased its head, with six horizontal slits aligned in two vertical columns serving as its means of seeing out.

The machine held a spear.

"Deserters, are we?" the machine taunted, its voice dripping with contempt. "Cowards fleeing the battlefield? How disgraceful."

Kadoc and Rat exchanged glances but showed no signs of fear or anger, their faces remaining impassive.

The machine's annoyance grew. "No reaction, huh? I suppose I should teach you a lesson in discipline!"

With that, the machine readied its spear and moved at high speed, swinging the weapon towards them. Just as the spear was about to strike, a sword intercepted the blow.

A man with long indigo hair tied into a ponytail and indigo eyes appeared in front of Kadoc and Rat. He wore a traditional light purple umanori hakama and kimono, light purple tabi, and black zori with a purple haori and tekkou. His demeanor was calm and serene as he parried the machine's attack effortlessly.

"Who dares to interfere?" the machine growled, pulling back its spear for another strike.

The indigo-haired man remained composed, his eyes narrowing slightly as he assessed the situation. "I won't allow harm to come to these men," he stated calmly.

The machine let out a roar of frustration and lunged again, but the man moved with fluid grace, countering each strike with precision. It was clear that he was a master swordsman, his movements almost a dance as he defended Kadoc and Rat.

"Stay back," the man instructed them without taking his eyes off the machine. "I'll handle this."

Kadoc and Rat nodded, retreating a few steps but staying ready to assist if needed. The battle between the man and the machine raged on, each clash of weapons sending sparks into the night.

[ ] Help
[ ] Run away
[ ] Use a Command Seal to summon Nitocris.

A.N : Another Chapter done. You know going through the Kadoc wiki his spells really looks like Nasu made him in DND and took him straight into Fate. His spells really have an almost 1 to 1 in DND.
Great War 4 New
The moment the fight between the Machine and the swordsman started it was a blur to Kadoc. It wasn't hard to guess that these people were Servants since no human could actually get on this level and the amount of mana they were using was still beyond what Kadoc was used to.

[Skill : Mythological Expertise success.]

For Kadoc it wasn't hard to guess that the blue swordsman was one from Japan. Although he couldn't quite pinpoint which one it was, he had already made a mental list on who it could have been.

From his list he had Sasaki Kojiro, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Okita Souji or many more. He just needed to see the Noble Phantasm of the man and he would be successful in identifying the blue swordsman.

[Skill Mythological Expertise : Failed]

However he couldn't quite pinpoint who the machine was supposed to be. Since looking through all the information he had on History and Myth not many people were famous who had armour or Machines like that. The way that man fought with the spear meant that either he was from the Berserker Class with a low level of mad Enhancement or a Lancer Class.

Despite his frustration, Kadoc knew intervening was futile. The sheer speed and power of the Servants' clash were beyond his ability to affect. His presence would be more a hindrance than a help. He could only watch and hope for a moment when his skills might become relevant, waiting for the opportunity to identify and understand these mysterious warriors.

As Kadoc struggled to keep up with the rapid exchange of blows, he noticed Rat standing beside him, eyes narrowed in concentration. Kadoc watched as Rat's lips moved in a silent incantation, his fingers tracing patterns in the air.

A sudden chill filled the air, and the battlefield seemed to darken. Kadoc glanced around and saw the fallen soldiers beginning to stir. The lifeless bodies twitched, then jerked upright, their eyes glowing with an unnatural light. Rat had animated the corpses.

This made one thing clear that Rat used Necromancy as his Magecraft and looking at his complexion and such meant that he was from Egypt.

"Go," that was all Rat said before the corpses flung themselves at the Machine in hopes to stop the fight.

The machine-man, caught off guard, turned to face the new threat. The undead swarmed him, clawing and grappling, forcing him to divert his attention from the blue swordsman.

Yet it was all for naught as laughter escaped the machine. Like a deranged lunatic.

"Hehehehahhahaha." He slaughtered all the corpses in a single strike of his spear which sent shockwaves to absolutely demolish even the stragglers and sent Kadoc flying back at least 10 to 20 meters.

Kadoc struggled to comprehend the rapid series of events. The blue swordsman, with precision and grace, took his stance and uttered a word Kadoc recognized immediately.


In an instant, the swordsman struck downward, and Kadoc's eyes widened as he witnessed not just one, but two additional swords materialize and strike from opposing angles. It was a display of unparalleled skill and supernatural prowess.

The machine-man, momentarily caught off guard by the unexpected assault, attempted to defend himself, but the swordsman's attack was too swift. The blades sliced through the air with a force that seemed to transcend reality, leaving shimmering trails of light in their wake.

Kadoc could barely follow the motion, but he knew he had just witnessed a Noble Phantasm. The precision, the coordination, the sheer power—it was unmistakable. The swordsman was clearly a master of his craft, wielding his abilities with deadly efficiency.

As the dust settled, the machine-man staggered, sparks flying from the gashes left by the swordsman's attack. Despite the damage, he still stood, his mechanical body whirring and clicking as it attempted to recover. Kadoc could see that the battle was far from over, but he now had a crucial piece of information.

"Rat," Kadoc called out, his voice steady despite the chaos. "We need to identify their True Names. If we can understand who they are, we might find a way to turn the tide."

Yet looking to his side Rat wasn't found anywhere. It seemed that the man had run away after using the Corpses as a distraction.

Kadoc cursed under his breath as he realized Rat had fled. It wasn't surprising, given the overwhelming power of the combatants, but it still stung to be left alone.

He looked back at the machine-man and saw the gashes from the swordsman's attack beginning to close. Sparks and mechanical whirs accompanied the self-repair process, but it seemed more like regeneration than mere mechanical repairs. The machine was healing itself, making Kadoc's task even more daunting.

Yet he screamed at the Blue swordsman. "Saber---"

[ ] Let's Run
[ ] Become my Servant
[ ] Kill him.

A.N : Chapter done.
Great War 5 New
"Saber became my Servant!" Kadoc screamed as he got up from the ground. It was clear to him that to win he had to contract with Saber.

It didn't take long for the blue Swordsman to understand what he meant so in an instant movement the blue Swordsman appeared before him like instant transmission.

The man had a smile on his face like an inside joke that Kadoc didn't understand yet but Kadoc didn't care as he wanted to survive this ordeal first.

Their hands met each other and gave a firm handshake as Kadoc felt a connection take with the man.

It was his third servant so Kadoc was already on his knees due to mana exhaustion but he didn't realise how much pain he was putting himself in.

At that moment he heard the blue Swordsman say. "Assassin-class Servant, Sasaki Kojirō. I come to serve."

Kadoc's mind raced with confusion as he processed the words of the blue Swordsman—no, Sasaki Kojirō. How could this legendary swordsman be an Assassin-class Servant? Everything he knew about classes and Heroic Spirits screamed that Kojirō should be Saber.

Sasaki Kojirō seemed to sense Kadoc's confusion. "I know what you're thinking," Kojirō said, his smile never fading. "But explanations can wait. We have a bigger problem right now."

Kadoc's attention snapped back to the battlefield. The machine man who had been injured earlier was now fully healed, drawing mana from the land itself. The realization struck Kadoc hard: their opponent was far from defeated and seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment.

Before he could formulate a plan, Kadoc's comms crackled to life. "Kadoc! Can you hear me? It's Romani Archaman!"

Relief washed over Kadoc, nearly bringing tears to his eyes. "Romani! Finally! We need help. This machine man is drawing mana from the land. We can't defeat him like this."

Romani's voice was urgent but reassuring. "Understood. I'll analyze the situation from here. In the meantime, focus on keeping yourself safe and minimizing his access to mana."

Sasaki Kojirō stepped forward, drawing his blade with a calm precision that belied the intensity of the situation. "Stay behind me, Master. I'll handle the front line."

Kadoc's momentary relief was quickly overshadowed by Romani's next words. "Kadoc, this Servant is too strong for you to handle right now. You need to retreat. While he's still healing, there's a chance you can get away."

Kadoc's eyes widened. "Retreat? But—"

"No time for debate," Romani interrupted. "Get out of there now!"

Sasaki Kojirō didn't need to be told twice. With a swift, almost practiced motion, he scooped Kadoc up and slung him over his shoulder like a sack of rice.

"Hold on tight, Master," Kojirō said, his voice calm but urgent.

Kadoc barely had time to brace himself before Kojirō took off, moving with a speed and agility that left Kadoc's surroundings a blur. The wind whipped past them as they sped through the landscape, the sound of the machine man's enraged roar fading into the distance.

As they ran, Kadoc's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. He felt the sting of failure, the gnawing worry about their next steps, but also a strange sense of trust in Kojirō and Romani. For now, survival was their only priority.

Kojirō's voice broke through his thoughts. "We'll find a safe place to regroup. Trust in me, Master."

Kadoc nodded, though he wasn't sure Kojirō could see him. "Right. Let's keep moving."

And with that, they continued their escape, the bond between Master and Servant growing stronger with every step.

Before long they were able to reach a sort of farther place and reached a farm of sorts.

The moonlight cast an eerie glow over the desolate farm as Sasaki Kojirō gently set Kadoc down. "Stay close," Kojirō whispered, his eyes scanning their surroundings.

Kadoc nodded, his legs unsteady from both the mana exhaustion and the rapid escape. He followed Kojirō to one of the farmhouses, its door ajar as if inviting them in. The sense of foreboding was palpable, but they had little choice.

As they stepped inside, the stench of decay hit them like a physical blow. Kadoc gagged, bringing a hand to his mouth to stifle the bile rising in his throat. The scene before them was one of utter horror: a family lay scattered around the room, their bodies riddled with bullet holes.

Kadoc's breath came in shallow gasps as he took in the grisly sight. The father lay slumped against the wall, eyes vacant and lifeless. A mother, clutching her young child, was sprawled near the fireplace, their faces frozen in expressions of terror and pain.

[ ] Ask Romani Questions
[ ] Explore the place
[ ] Talk with Kojiro
[ ] Write in

A.N : so a shorter chapter but I wanted to show Horrers of war in the next one and will probably get more so in detail with that one.
Taking a breath to move my thoughts away from the dead bodies of the family sprawled out in the living room. I tried to move my focus onto Assassin.

"So, you're an Assassin?" I asked calmly.

Assassin moved his head towards me his facial expression neutral, "Yes, young Master I am an Assassin Class Servant."

"But aren't you," looking around to make sure that no one was around, "Sasaki Kojiro?"

[Mythology Expertise][10 EXP]

From all that i knew about him was that he was a Japanese swordsman who may have lived during the Azuchi–Momoyama and early Edo periods and is known primarily for the story of his duel with Miyamoto Musashi in 1612, where Sasaki was killed.

So from all that i knew about the Heroic Spirits and Servants in general that meant that he was supposed to be a Saber.

Assassin's eyes seemed to glint with amusement. "While it is true that Sasaki Kojiro would be a Saber, I am not him."

I blinked in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"In legend, Kojirou is known as a master swordsman, but his existence is doubted despite his name being recorded in history. You see the man never existed, so it would be impossible to summon the real Sasaki Kojiro as a Servant. I am just someone who is the closest to Sasaki Kojiro."

I struggled to wrap my mind around this, "So, you're the piece of data that best matches the product known as Sasaki Kojiro?" I said, trying to understand.

"Exactly," Assassin confirmed.

Just then, Romani's hologram flickered to life beside me. "Kadoc, can you hear me?" he asked, his voice tinged with concern.

"Yes, I can hear you, Dr. Roman," I replied, relief washing over me.

"Good. We've had a bit of a situation," Romani began. "You and Ritsuka somehow Rayshifted to different places. She has all the Servants with her, and you somehow moved away. They should arrive in a few hours."

I nodded, trying to process the information. "Understood. I'll hold out until then."

"Stay safe, Kadoc," Romani said, his hologram flickering before vanishing.

Taking a deep breath, I turned my attention back to the task at hand. The French farmhouse, though quaint and charming, was now a grim setting with the bodies sprawled out in the living room. I needed to focus on the mission and ensure our safety until Ritsuka and the others arrived.

"Assassin, let's search the house," I said, my voice steady. "We need to make sure there are no surprises waiting for us."

Assassin nodded, his expression serious. "Understood, young Master."

We began our search, moving from room to room. The farmhouse was filled with the remnants of a simpler time—rustic furniture, faded photographs, and the lingering scent of home-cooked meals. It was hard to reconcile this peaceful place with the violence that had occurred here.

In the kitchen, I found a few basic supplies: canned food, a knife, and some candles. I took what seemed useful, placing them in a bag I found hanging on a hook by the door.

Assassin moved silently through the house, his senses alert. "The upstairs is clear," he reported, coming down the creaky wooden stairs. "No signs of any immediate threats."

I nodded, moving to the study. The room was filled with books, their spines worn from use. I ran my fingers along the titles, feeling a pang of sadness for the lives that had been lost here.

As I opened a desk drawer, I found a map of the area, along with some notes in French. My understanding of the language was limited, but I could make out a few key phrases that seemed to reference the area around us.

"Find anything useful?" Assassin asked, peering over my shoulder.

I showed him the map and notes. "This might give us an idea of what we're dealing with in the area. We should take these with us."

Assassin nodded in agreement. "Good thinking."

After thoroughly searching the rest of the house and ensuring it was secure, we returned to the living room. I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders, knowing we were alone for the time being, but also determined to see this through.

"We should set up a lookout," I suggested. "We can't afford to be caught off guard."

Assassin agreed, taking a position near a window with a clear view of the surrounding fields. I took a moment to rest, my thoughts briefly drifting to Ritsuka and the others. We just had to hold on a little longer.

[ ] Wait
[ ] Set up a bounded field
[ ] Check the cellar.
[ ] Check the pens

2 AP allowed.

A.N : thanks for reading.

Items Gained
Canned Food X5
Candle X2
My understanding of the language was limited, but I could make out a few key phrases that seemed to reference the area around us.
We should try learning some languages when we return to Chaldea. It probably wouldn't be easy but I think it would come in handy during future missions.

[X] Check the cellar.
[X] Set up a bounded field
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Skill Level New
- **Description**: The character has minimal experience and understanding of the skill. They may have just started learning it or have a very basic, theoretical knowledge.
- **Example**: A novice in sword fighting might barely know how to hold a sword properly and struggle with basic swings.

**H (Beginner)**:
- **Description**: The character has a basic grasp of the skill but lacks practical experience. They can perform simple tasks with some guidance.
- **Example**: A beginner in archery can string a bow and shoot arrows, but their aim and consistency are poor.

**G (Apprentice)**:
- **Description**: The character has some practical experience and can perform common tasks with the skill. They might still need supervision for more complex actions.
- **Example**: An apprentice blacksmith can forge simple items like horseshoes but struggles with more intricate work.

**F (Competent)**:
- **Description**: The character is competent in the skill and can perform it reliably without supervision. They can handle standard challenges and tasks.
- **Example**: A competent healer can treat common injuries and illnesses effectively.

**E (Skilled)**:
- **Description**: The character is skilled and shows proficiency. They can perform complex tasks and solve problems that arise in their field.
- **Example**: A skilled musician can play a variety of pieces on their instrument with finesse.

**D (Expert)**:
- **Description**: The character is an expert, recognized for their deep understanding and advanced skills. They can handle challenging and unusual tasks with ease.
- **Example**: An expert tracker can follow faint trails in difficult terrain, even in poor conditions.

**C (Master)**:
- **Description**: The character is a master of the skill, exhibiting exceptional talent and control. They often teach others and innovate within their field.
- **Example**: A master chef can create exquisite dishes, balancing flavors with precision.

**B (Grandmaster)**:
- **Description**: The character is a grandmaster, with near-perfect execution and a profound, almost intuitive understanding of the skill. They are among the best in the world.
- **Example**: A grandmaster martial artist can anticipate opponents' moves and respond with incredible speed and accuracy.

**A (Legendary)**:
- **Description**: The character's skill is legendary, bordering on the mythical. Their abilities are renowned and often defy normal expectations.
- **Example**: A legendary mage can cast spells of immense power with minimal effort, often shaping the course of events.
Quest Mechanics New
This quest runs on narrative mechanics, which means everything is down to choices and the skills you possess. There will be very little dice rolls, if any. It's up to you guys to achieve victory. To elaborate on the skills, there's a system of ranks dedicated to multiple skills in this quest that you can increase with XP.

For the ways to earn XP, you can make omakes and stuff like that, make accomplishments in the quest, win certain battles, practice the skill (this will just give a certain amount of XP to the skill you're practicing in), etc.

If you guys got any further questions, I'm always free, so hit me up in the thread.
Great War 7 New
It didn't take long as Kadoc immediately set out to set up a bounded field around the perimeter around the house.

[Magecraft Skill Activate][DC : 30][5 XP]

Although it wasn't something that would stop a Heroic Spirit because it wasn't set up like that. Basically his Bounded Field was set up to sound and alarm anytime someone passed the threshold giving him enough time to get ready for the battle.

Of course he wasn't sure how an Assassin would mesh with his field but he was sure that an expert assassin probably could get past it without any problems.

While Kadoc toiled away at the bounded field, he had sent Kojiro to just quickly check around the fields for anything important or to see if anyone was there but ultimately speaking it wasn't anything kojiro couldn't handle.

Roll= 4 + 5 = 9
DC : 20

"The perimeter is a clear Master." A voice rang out beside him.

This made Kadoc jump in fright as he wasn't used to not being aware of his surroundings and which might mess him up.

"What the hell Assassin? Why did you do that?"

"Ah, just a bit of a joke young master." Assassin replied while putting his hands up to show he meant it as a jest.

"Well don't do that. You gave me heart attack and I was about to use my command seal." Kadoc answerd as he calmed himself and was a bit annoyed that he got caught of gaurd.

Shaking his head he continued. "Now that this is set up we just have to wait for Ritsuka and the others to get here."

Assassin nodded with a smile on his face that made him seem serene like he was a painting rather than a man.

At that moment Assassin looked at him and said. "Young Master I saw a caller on my way back maybe it may have some rations that will help?"

"It might so let's check it out." I replied nodding agreeing that I finally had a Servant that wasn't a pain in the ass to deal with right now.

While did appreciate Nitocris she was too bossy to deal with alot of times and Cu was a bit too free type like a mix of Thor and Tony stark from Marvel.

With that he and assassin walked to the cellar, the walk taking about 2 minutes. Eventually when he reached it the door were made of wood that had been slapped on half ass sort of way.

Beryl could probably easily use that as weapon eh but I would place my bets on Pepe to beat the shit out of him even with this. Was the thought that went through Kadocs head.

[ ] You break it
[ ] Ask Kojiro
[ ] Use Spell

A.N : Short Chapter but they will come out faster now.

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