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A Midsummer Night's Dream (FGO/HP)(Kind of an SI, but not really)

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His rebirth was not a spectacular affair. Once again, he found himself emerging from a chrysalis...
Chapter 1


Jan 20, 2022
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His rebirth was not a spectacular affair. Once again, he found himself emerging from a chrysalis in the woods. When he opened his eyes, the light was blinding. As his eyes adjusted, memories of his defeat came flooding in.

"I guess it's only natural for the villain to be struck down by the Hero." He didn't really bother getting up once he rolled out of the remains of his shell. "I guess that's just my lot in life, huh?"

He was a bit different now, he realized. He had always been a composite. Just as much Oberon the Faerie King as he was Vortigern, the suicidal will of the British Isles made manifest. Now there was something else in the mix, a nobody soon to be college student slotted into the mix. But the knowledge he brought? He, Oberon/Vortigern/Other, couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh Chaldea, you may have won but it is I who has the last laugh!" They hadn't understood then, what it was like to be a character of a story doomed to die with the closing of the cover and the fading of memory. To exist for that momentary delight of a reader and vanish just as quickly. Yet in the end, they too were just a story.

The part of him that was Vortigern railed against this knowledge. That the vile, horrid world called Faerie Britain had only been brought about by the imaginings of an author. That their defeat was inevitable due to the nature of a game.

The part of him that was Oberon felt content. He had loathed Proper Human History for killing the Lostbelts, killing those fantastical existences for a harsh reality. But in the end, they were just a story as well, just like Oberon, just like Titania.

The part that was the foreign soul felt terrified and excited. He may no longer have a Name and had lost all that he had known, but he had become a part of something more than himself. A new fantastical chance at life.

The musings of the three who were one was interrupted by a gentle nudging. Oberon glanced to his side and found a familiar sight. Dear Blanca, who softly nuzzled into his side.

"You are here too?" He smiled. "Even after everything, you still remain by my side?" His only answer was another nudge.

"Even though I'd cast you away without a second thought?" Another nudge. No one knew him better than Blanca, that everyone thing he said was a lie. Others acknowledged it and considered it, but she truly understood.

"Well, I could hardly refuse good company." He dragged himself up, wings spread and arms stretching as if waking from a slumber. Blanca on his shoulder.

"Is this Proper Human History?" He felt a connection to the land that indicated they were on the British Isles. It wasn't the repulsive, disgust of the land that had permeated Faerie Britain, but neither was it the dying call of a land losing mystery. "Perhaps a Singularity or even another Lostbelt?"

Blanca was a pleasant surprise, but not one that really made sense. Considering the new depth of their connection, he could only theorize that she had become associated with his Spirit Origin somehow and hitched along with whatever caused his rebirth.

"The first order of business shall be reconnaissance." This time around he had no information, so he had to do his homework. Get an understanding of this new world and decide what to do from there. Not to mention, investigating whatever brought him here and the curious circumstances of the foreign soul that made up the composite of the entity that was Oberon Vortigern.

Shrinking himself down and getting onto Blanca's back, they flew off into the clear blue sky.

As beautiful as the first time. . .yet still so very revolting.


Divination class was going about as well as it usually did. 90% of the class tuned out Trelawney's ramblings while the remaining students hung onto every word.

"The Gift of the Inner Eye is one that only blesses a lucky few, but that does not mean that you can't discern somethings even without it! Everyone please take out. . .take out. . ." Trelawney's voice stuttered to a stop.


Then she fell to the floor and began to scream.

"I CAN'T SEE, I CAN'T SEE!" Fingers raked across her face with enough force to scratch through skin, her legs kicking around and knocking items off her table in a storm of limbs and screaming with a faint glowing wisp flickering from her eyes. "INSECTS, DRAGONS, DARKNESS! AN ALL-CONSUMING HOLE IN THE WORLD! YET I STILL CANNOT SEE! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!"

The class, now all paying attention, could not help but watch in a confused kind of horror. As her face became bloody a few of the students were able to shake off their stupor.

"Someone do something before she rips off her own face!"



"You said to do something!"


"Stop screaming Bird Brain!"

"She's right Gryfindork! Locomotor Mortis binds only the legs, she is still ripping off her face! Petrificus Totalis!"

Needless to say, the screaming continued for some time as some of the more level minded students rushed off to call a teacher.
Albus Dumbledore was tired. He kept up a front of positivity and hope for the sake of the students in these trying times but even he could only do so much. He was just a man. The resurrection of Voldemort, the Ministry's refusal to see the signs, Umbridge, and now this incident.

He had given Trelawney the position as Divination teacher not due to her teaching abilities (the subject was decided mostly by innate talent or high-level Astrology, with other students mainly learning to use Divination devices and basic locator and diving spells), but to protect her from Voldemort's forces. He was now very concerned.

Once she had calmed down and visited Madam Pomfrey to treat her injuries, Trelawney had been rather confused. She held no memory of what happened, confirming his fears that the incident had been caused by looking into the future. More concerning than even this was the testimony of the students. When she had looked into the future, she "couldn't see". Her comments on "Insects, Dragons, and Darkness" were equally concerning.

The Darkness could refer to Tom and he worried that his wayward student may have gotten his hold on Dragons this time around. However, Insects? Mrs. Skeeter's Animagus form was all that came to mind, yet he doubted this had anything to with her. Checking in on the overly intrusive reporter wouldn't hurt.

The most troubling hypothesis he had (what a fun word the muggles had thought up for structured theorizing, a shame it hadn't caught on yet in the wizarding world) was this was the indication of another Dark Lord. One whose power and influence was vast enough to cloud the very future itself from a potent Seer.

He would investigate this thoroughly. It could very well be that this new change invalidated the previous prophecy. With Fudge's latest spasm of idiocy running strong, he wouldn't be able to find a way to check without burning too many bridges.

Dumbledore sighed. He couldn't wait to retire. He looked at his desk as a large pile of letters in a disturbingly bright pink sat on desk, almost certainly Howlers.

This must be penance for my past. He reached into his desk and put in some earplugs (they weren't able to completely cancel out an Umbridge Howler, but Howler's seemed to bypass muting spells so this way he would at least retain some of his hearing afterward) and opened the first Howler.

AN: Long time lurker here! After finally getting Oberon when I hit Pity and considering my desire to get back into writing I decided to try and give this little idea a shot! This is honestly barely a SI, but I just thought that Oberon's existence was so interesting and that he would be kind of smug that PHH is just as fictional as he is. I'm not sure how often this will update, definitely not on a fixed schedule but constructive criticism and reviews are always welcome. Plus, if I make any mistake regarding Nasu-lore or Harry Potter be sure to point it out, scrolling through the wiki and double checking can only do so much.

Also, Blanca is best Moth! (Sorry Mothman, you're second)

Hopefully I got Oberon's character down, I might edit this a bit later to make it flow better or incorporate advice.​
God knows I really need more Oberon material, it's so great to see this, thx you!

There is a Worm Oberon fanfic where he incarnates as Taylor Herbert in the locker. I'm not the biggest alt power reader, but that fic is literally just Oberon on Earth Bet. Only six chapters but it's a new story and still updating!

It's called Narcissus' Folly, if you are interested.
Do not necro. This is against Rule 7.
oh and Oberon story,make it a good one
If this continues I hope this Oberon make good use of his god like powers here in HP universe. And also takes no nonse. To many characters allow to jjst be pushed and do nothing and then have problems.

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