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[Archive] Trials of the God-Harem King (DEAD)

Discussion in 'Quest Archive' started by Alexander, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
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    "This is how my Trials as a God-Harem King began."

    Your name is Hyodo Issei. Your parents and friends at school, the few you have anyway, call you "Ise". You're a second year high school student who is currently experiencing the time of his youth.

    And you're dying.

    It all began when a cute girl with silky black hair and a slender body asked you out. For a guy like you who never had a girlfriend it was like a dream came true. Why did you never have a girlfriend? It's because you are famous for being a really lecherous person that even got accused of peeping inside the Girls Kendo Club's changing room. Which you didn't. You wanted to but Matsuda and Motohama, your equally perverted friends, didn't let you see from the peeping hole before the girls discovered and beat the lot of you.

    Some call you a pervert, but you take pride in the fact you never did anything criminal. While you dream of being a Harem King, after you saw "School Days" you realized it isn’t a good idea to treat women like objects of lust. So yes you're a pervert, but you like to think of yourself as a good person.

    However, all of this changed the day the cute girl, who introduced herself as Amano Yuuma, confessed to you. At first you actually thought it was a prank. You even thought several times that it was the result of a penalty game and that her friends were looking at you from elsewhere.

    That can't be helped. Until then you believed that you were a guy born to be unpopular with girls.

    But ever since that day you became a guy with a girlfriend. The world around you changed. You don't know how to explain it but your heart was at peace. You wanted to say "It’s my win!" to every guy you walked past.

    Soon you had your first date. After a day passed doing various activities for couples, like watching a film and shopping, the two of you reached a certain park a little before the sunset. There was no sign of people, and no one was there besides you. You thought: 'This is it. I'm going to graduate from being a virgin!'

    Yuuma smiled and said the magic words.

    "Will you die for me?"

    Words that you didn’t expected. At all. In front of your confused self she grew a pair of dark wings before stabbing your stomach with a spear made of light.

    And now you're on the ground, the hole in your stomach spilling out blood like a fountain. So yes, you're dying. Killed by your first girlfriend.

    'What the fuuu-!' What did you ever do to deserve it? You didn’t cheat on her and even if the date was awful you don't think it warrants killing you in cold blood. A beating maybe, but this is excessive!

    "Sorry. You were a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you."

    Yuuma's voice, so cold compared to earlier, says next to you.

    'Sacred what? You have the guts to blame someone else when it was you who stabbed me?!'

    This is what you are thinking, but you can't speak. Her footsteps get further away from you.

    At the same time you start to lose your consciousness. The hole in your stomach must be fatal since you don't feel any pain.

    Seriously? Are you going to die just like that? Killed by a woman with a pair of mysterious wings?

    The same woman for whom you were ready to renounce your perverted ways if that was what it takes to make her happy? The woman you loved?

    What the hell!?

    How can you laugh if you die because you were stabbed by your girlfriend at this weird park!

    Will Matsuda and Motohama be shocked? Will they cry for you? No way, not them...

    Mother, Father... You haven't done anything to please them yet as their child...

    Even as life leaves your body, your fists clench in determination. You can't see anymore, and yet the images of all the people you love burn in your mind.

    'I don’t want to die before having made my life worthwhile!'

    And then from the darkness light blinds you. The pain disappears and your consciousness returns as your surroundings drown in a sea of white.

    'Am I dead?'

    For a few moments there is only you and the warm gold-yellow radiance. Warm, you realize, like the rays of the sunset you saw a few minutes ago.

    Words form inside your mind.

    Despite your misdoings you were ready to dedicate yourself to Love. At the moment of your death you cried out for a second chance, the opportunity to do something worthwhile with your life when the choice was taken from you. This is commendable. Your circumstances aren't exactly proper, but your destiny is too great to let it go to waste. For you, I will make an exception.

    The light coalesces. It draws into itself, folding and molding into the shape of a sphere. Faster than you thought possible the ball soars in the air higher and higher, until it halts above your head. You know, rationally, that it is billions, trillions of miles away, but it fells so close, you could almost reach up and touch it... And the, from the Sun, He emerges.

    For a moment He looks vaguely draconian, shimmering scales of the purest yellow gold. As he grows closer he starts looking more like a giant of a man, tall and broad-shouldered, clad in armor of Greek or Roman design you once saw in TV. In his four arms he held a Spear, Shield, Branch and Horn. The god-being looks at you, into you, through you and so much more. You feel naked before his gaze.

    Your heart is full of Compassion and Valor. Compassion for those that unjustly suffer and those you love, Valor to stand up and defend your beliefs with your chest out and your head held high. You desire to bring happiness to this world that you love so much.

    You find yourself nodding at the being's words, so great they are that you feel like they will burst out of your body if you let them overwhelm you.

    In recognition for your determination I grant you this boon.

    I am Ignis Divine, the Unconquered Sun, and you are now my Chosen. Go forth in my name, Lawgiver.

    You feel the being's radiance flowing through your body, giving you new strength and vitality. You blink, and suddenly you are back in the park, the wound in your stomach quickly closing itself.

    Yuuma has stopped and turned to stare at you, mouth agape in shock. "W-What the hell? I pierced your stomach! You should be dead!"

    "Sorry, but I can’t afford to die yet." You tell her. You stand up, a sense of calm and unwavering confidence permeating your entire being.

    Your forehead burns.

    "W-What are you?"

    Rise, Oh Copper Spider!

    "I am the Twilight." You answer, the descending sun on your back surrounding you in a halo of warm, reddish golden light as if to bless your rebirth.

    [] Attack her.
    -[] Stunt? (Write in)
    [] Ask why she tried to kill you.
    -[] Stunt? (Write in)
    [] Escape.

    In the deeps of Hyodo Issei's soul an ancient being's eyes widen in shock and excitement as it feels the new surge of power wash over it.

    "Mmmh! This power...!"

    And at the same time...

    "...How odd."

    Another ancient being opens its eyes again after more than a thousand years of sleep.


    Choose Difficulty Level:
    [] Easy
    [] Normal
    [] Hard
    [] Advanced
    [] Lunatic
    [] Phantasm
    [] Insane

    Choose Anima Banner
    [] Write in

    Issei has gained the Solar Exalted Twilight Caste.

    Choose a Virtue Flaw. You must choose a Compassion based Virtue Flaw.
    [] Write in. Make sure to have a clear description, with a partial control, a duration, and a break condition.

    And we try again. Between this and Eclipse Lelouch I will continue the one who receive more attention in the future. If both fail we will try with Kill La Kill I guess.

    Important changes:

    1) For make things easier for those who don’t know both settings (or know little) it will be implemented a system of options and explanations. Meaning that, even without prior knowledge, you will have everything you need to know to make a decision. Based on the MC’s POV of course. So just choose the option you like more.

    2) In contrast to Lelouch, who was a monster in social skills, Issei is just a normal guy. So you have a certain number of Bonus Points that you can able to use to increase Issei’s Attributes and add Charms. Use them well.

    3) For the initial Charms I will choose the initial 10 myself.

    Now for the first serious task: for those of you who know Highschool DxD, Issei still have Boosted Gear. The problem now is how to translate it into Exalted mechanisms.
    [] I have a suggestion (Write in)
    [] Do it yourself.
  2. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Power, burning and ephemeral, fills your body. The light increase as intent comes to you and words escape your mouth.

    "Tell me something Yuuma..." You steps forward with the light-your Anima Banner-blazing around your body. Yuuma staggers back in shock and fear.

    With your mind's eye you can see it: behind your back there is a great eastern crimson dragon, scales of metal shifting between holy golden and hellish red depending on the light's inclination, its maw burning with the cleansing hot-white flames of the Sun. It is hovering over a thing of wonder, a flying city of metal and glass that reflects the same light of his scales from every facet.

    "How could someone who would have truly loved you with all their heart be a threat? If I have something that's a threat to you would have not logic said to make me an ally since I would have been willing to go along with it?" You steps forward again and the dragon raises a claw to point it accusingly at Yuuma.

    "So tell me something Yuuma, what are you? And why did you try to kill me?" The dragon roars. You know it is only an image, but somehow it manages to projects its voice into reality.

    "I-I am a Fallen Angel." Fallen Angel? Like the ones from Cristianity, the servants of God that were cast away from Heaven for their sins? You remember playing an Eroge with a similar theme. "My real name is Raynare. I was told to..." She pauses. She shakes her head before her expression hardens. "Why I am telling you this? I don't have to explain myself to a lowly human. An ally? Don't joke around!" She creates a new spear of light. "It looks like you somehow manage to activate your Sacred Gear. But whatever it is it will not save you a second time!" She tosses the spear, aiming to impale you like before.

    This time however you react. No, it's your body who reacts by itself the moment you perceive danger. You start running towards her, the radiance from your Anima forming a hull over your body. Once the spear is close you raise your forearm and, in a complete reversal of what happened earlier, deflect the weapon. You are completely unharmed, even your clothes are undamaged.

    "What?" Yuu-Raynare shouts in surprise and disbelief. When she realizes you're within striking distance she creates another spear to defend herself. But you know what to do, how to move your body: not a martial stance, simply a more correct way to move your muscles and bring out their true potential.

    Golden-white flames surround your left forearm, taking a gauntlet-like form, and with your fist you uppercut Raynare in the chin, the force lifting her up from the ground. She screams as the flames spread over face and hair, burning skin and flesh alike. Your heart clenches at the sight: despite the betrayal, despite the fact it is her or you, seeing her in pain filled you with a sadness you cannot put into words.

    "Aaah!!" She swings the spear wildly, grazing your chest before you can step back. She rolls on the ground trying to put out the fire. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'LL KILL-Urgh!"

    Incapable of bearing her sufferings any longer you slam a palm into her neck to knock her out. Then you take out your jacket and put out the flames. When you remove it and see her face you breath out a sight of relief: her injuries are less severe than you thought. She has many burns and she lost part of her hair, but she will survive.

    Providing you take her to a hospital. Which...may not be a good idea since, you know, her intent is to kill you. And her wings are still visible: if others realize they're real someone like the Man in Black may very well come to silence things. MIB didn't kill in the film, but maybe in real life it's different.

    Most of all, leaving a beautiful woman to suffer goes against your principles.

    What to do?
    [] Leave her and go home. (depending on rolls: -1wp, +1 Limit)
    [] Bring her to a hospital
    [] Call help and stay hidden. Leave when the medics arrive.
    [] Suggestions? (Write in)

    You are down to:

    Personal: 17/17
    Peripheral: 33/40

    Willpower: 8/8

    Regardless of what win (Easy or Normal), you got lucky: Raynare is very arrogant and didn't expect that Issei would be capable of fighting back.

    Cookies to the one who first find the hint about Issei's Shard I inserted in the post.
  3. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [X] Pipeman’s Plan

    You have to help her! Even if she tried to kill you can't leave her like that, her injuries may infect. You need to call the paramedics, even if it means answering some awkward questions about her wings.

    As you search through your pockets for your phone to call help you stumble on the scrap of paper that strange girl gave you, the one saying "We'll grant your wish". Supposedly it is used for a summoning. Well, since the supernatural is apparently real and you don't have many options it should be worth at least a try. Not like it's going to take you very long.

    You look at the weird pseudo-magical circle, trying do discern how it works...

    Devil Summoning Magic Circle
    Belonging to the Gremory House of Devils
    Teleportation Method. It works on the selected Devil's own power. The user needs to concentrate on a strong wish to...

    "W-What was that?" You blink. Somehow information just flow into your head, as if just by looking at the circle you can understand it. Weird.

    "Devil? And Gremory? Like Gremory-sempai?" You recall the foreign and beautiful Ojou-sama one year ahead of you. Is she involved in this occult stuff too?

    Only one way to find out.

    "I want to help Yuuma. I want to help Yuuma." You chant as you squeeze the paper. After a few seconds it begins releasing a crimson light. On the ground in front of you a bigger and more complicated version of the summoning circle on the paper appears: from it a figure steps out.

    "Greetings." The blond pretty boy smiles softly. "I am the Devil you summoned. How can I help you?"

    "Kiba-sempai?!" What is the Bishounen Prince of Kouoh Academy doing here? Wait: since he appeared from the circle does this mean... "Are you a Devil?"

    He blinks. "Sempai? Are you one of my underclassmen? And..." He points to your forehead. "Why are you glowing?"

    You put a hand over it. "I am?"

    "Yes. Oh, I can see it even with your hand over it: a golden disk with its lower half empty. Is that why you called me?"

    "A golden disk...? Eh? No, you see I was on a date with my first girlfriend, it was our first date, we were having fun but when we arrived here she suddenly said 'will you die for me?'. Then she grew out a pair of black wings: she said she is a Fallen Angel and tried to kill me because I have something called 'Sacred Gear'!"

    "I see." His eyes narrow, right hand clenching around the hilt of an invisible blade. "And where is she now?"

    You point to Yuuma's unconscious body.

    Kiba blinks again. Harder. "Uh. What happened?"

    "I am not sure." You scratch your head. "I was bleeding out from a hole in my stomach. Then I had a vision of a giant of light and when it ended the injury was gone. She attacked me again but my hand somehow burst into golden flames and I knocked her out."

    "Uh." he says again.

    "So, can you help her?"

    "She tried to kill you and you want to help her?" He raises an eyebrow.

    "Leaving her like that would make me no different from her!" You state your resolve.

    "...Your choice." He sighs. You have the feeling he doesn't agree, but have no reason to convince you otherwise. "Fallen Angels rarely operate alone, so it's probable she has companions in the city. If we send her to an hospital she will contact them herself once she wakes up."

    "And the wings?" You point out.

    "Right." He kneels next to her. A short dagger appears from nothing into his hand. "Don't worry, I will not hurt her. I am not good with magic so I am going to use this ritual dagger to amplify my skills. In the meantime call the paramedics."

    "Okay." You dial the emergency number and tell the Medical Guard there is an injured girl in the park. When you are done you turn around and see Yuuma's wings are gone.

    "It's better to hide while we wait for the paramedics." You follow your sempai behind a nearby tree: far away enough to escape without being seen but close enough to clearly see the scene.

    "So, uhm..." You scratch your cheek. "Now, do I have to firm a contract for my soul or something?" You sure hope not.

    "Don't worry, Devils stopped doing that a long time ago." He smiles good naturedly. Normally you would be jealous but the present day is too weird to worry about petty things like jealousy. "Nowadays, depending on the task we are called to carry out, we ask for part of the client's vital energy, a valuable item or just money. For this specific task..." He takes out a sheet of paper and passes it to you. "Can you compile this questionnaire and put a good rating about my services?"

    "...This [Devil Summoning] sounds more like a business company's service than a pact with supernatural creatures straight out of Hell." You deadpan.

    He shrugs. "Humans aren't the only ones who evolved."

    Yes, but your Suspension of Disbelief did not.

    When you see the ambulance arrive and the paramedics come out to tend to Yuuma both you and Kiba silently walk away.

    "So..." Kiba begins as you two stop under a lamp in a deserted street. "I take you have questions? I have some time, so I can answer a few before I need to go. This is gratis by the way."


    What do you do?
    [] Ask him about: Write-in.
    [] Go home.

    You are down to:

    Personal: 14/17
    Peripheral: 33/40

    Willpower: 8/8


    The more questions you ask the less information you will receive.
  4. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
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    [X] "It seems like I've suddenly become a magic lightbulb. Is there anything really important or life-threatening that I should know about that?" People who will kill you and hide the body if you do magic in public for example.

    "No. I mean, as a rule magic and the supernatural in general is to be keep a secret from normal people, but those who discover it aren't killed." He grimaces. "Unless we are talking about criminals or Strays, but those kind of people usually just kill for fun and don't need a reason."

    You gulp.

    "Don't worry, it isn't very likely to meet them. Possible, but unlikely. When someone become aware of the supernatural either they have their memories of the event cancelled or they are to swear to never talk about it to those who don't know. For example, I always recommend to my clients to keep the summoning and me a secret even from their families."

    "Your clients? What kind of people are they?"

    He smiles. "Oh, they're mostly young girls who want me to act as their butler and business women that want a massage."

    Damn handsome!

    [X] "What is a sacred gear anyway? Does it have something to do with all the glowing and stuff? Do you know how to turn it off?"

    "[Sacred Gear] is an irregular power that is bestowed to certain humans by God. For example, most of the people whose names are recorded in history are said to be possessors of a Sacred Gear. They used those powers to record their names in history, like a supernatural charisma or great intelligence."

    "Wait, when you say God you don't mean...?"

    "Yes, the God of the Bible. It's why Christianity is the most diffused religion nowadays. Most Sacred Gears have functions that are only usable in the human society, but there are exceptional Sacred Gears that are a threat to supernatural creatures, that enable a human to defeat and kill them." He adopts a thinking pose. "I don't recognize it but the glowing symbol and those flames you mentioned should be a Sacred Gear."

    You think back to the vision you received, the golden god-like being who called himself Ignis Divine. He said 'I grant you this boon' so those powers should be his doing. So this is your Sacred Gear?

    No, you have the feeling there is more to it.

    "About turning it off, try thinking very hard about dismissing it."

    "Okay." You close your head and imagine with fervor the glowing going away. After a dozen seconds you ask without opening your eyes. "Well?"

    "No sorry, still there." You groan. "But I noticed it dimmed from the time I first saw it. So maybe if you wait long enough it will go away by itself."

    You sure hope so.

    [X] "Wait a second. You said the fallen angels don't operate alone. Does that mean the others will come after me because of this sacred gear thing as well?!"

    "It's probable." His eyes narrow. "Especially that fallen angel woman, she will want revenge. But it's strange: usually fallen angels try to use humans to eliminate Devils, not kill them. She must have a special motive for trying to kill you."

    "You tell me!? I was just a normal guy who liked eroge and wanted a girlfriend. And now after almost dying I am a walking, magical lightbulb with bullshit psychic powers granted to me by a God I don't even worship!" You throw your arms in the air. "Wait, what about my parents? If the fallen angels are after me would they target my parents too?"

    Kiba grimaces. "This...is a possibility." Your blood freezes. "Tomorrow wait for me at school. I will present you to a person that should be able to help you with this."


    "Really." He smiles before consulting his watch. "I need to leave. Go home and rest: it's unlikely the fallen will move so soon after a botched operation, and by tomorrow we should have, hopefully, resolved this problem. It was a pleasure making affairs with you..."

    "Hyodo Issei." You give him the questionnaire. You put a positive rating. "Thanks for helping me Kiba-sempai." Even if he is a damn handsome he helped you and that's what counts.

    "My pleasure." He says before vanishing with another magic circle. Leaving you alone in the street.

    You scratch your head. This was a long day, better to follow his advice and go home.

    However you are halfway to your house when you hear a strange sound. You stop and concentrate. There, again! It's faint but you think it's a scream.

    A woman's scream.

    Life is never easy, uh?

    What do you do?
    [] Find out the cause.
    [] Ignore it and go home. (Compassion check. Depending on the rolls: -1w, +1 Limit)

    Personal: 14/17
    Peripheral: 33/40

    Willpower: 8/8
  5. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [X] Find out the Cause.

    Since you were a kid you were always ready to help those in need. A kid scraping his knee? You piggy-backed him to the nearest adult. A group of older boys bullying a younger one? You defended him (read: you were beat up in his place). Your mother needed help with house chores? You sacrificed your playing time to help her. This trait is even more prominent when the one needing help is a girl. Even more if she's pretty.

    So obviously the moment you even get an inkling of a female in danger you jump into the fray without a second thought.

    You run through the web of dark alleyways, the type where in a film the serial killer usually ambush and butcher his preys. Your heart is pounding, the surge of adrenaline from before coming back full force, your ears twitch and your eyes seek for the most minute trace as you run as a speed you didn't know you were capable of. When the road abruptly shift to the right you don't slow down but jump on the wall to your left and jump again horizontally, changing course with the bare minimum of slowing down. When you reach a fence you do a somersault, soaring above it and using a trashcan as land point: it bends forward as predicted and you use it to start running again. Parkour sure is useful.

    You almost trip. You don't know parkour: sure you know what it is and saw a video once, but how can you suddenly do it almost flawlessly?

    "Aah! Who care!?" This isn't important right now. You hear another scream, more subdued this time. You turn left and finally find what you were searching for. The sight makes your blood burning.

    Six thugs, you use the term loosely because their clothes are so filthy they look like hobos, are surrounding a girl: her back against the wall, she looks absolutely frightened, even with her long, brown hair styled in multiple drill-like curls framing a lovely face and her...her...

    Holy shit those oppai are huge!!

    ...What the hell are you thinking? She's in danger: ogle her later, save her now!

    "Stop right there you bastards!" You shout, finger pointed in a pose you hope it's intimidating. "Step away from her!"

    They turn and stare at you before snickering. "Are you seeing this my friends?" One of them says. "We have a wannabe hero here."

    "Go home kid." Another growls. "It's better for your health this way."

    "As if!" You reply and start advancing towards the nearer one, fist reared back. The thug just snickers louder and holds his muscled chest out, as if daring you to strike.

    The smugness is driven out of him, along with all the air in his lungs, when he folds over your fist like a castle of cards before being slammed against the wall. He fumbles for an instant before falling on his kneels and emptying his stomach.

    Did...did you just do that? You look at your fist in astonishment: since when are you so strong?

    The remaining thugs, and the girl, stare in astonishment before a heavy tattooed one snarls "You little bitch!" and tries to punch you. You dodge, but in doing so you find yourself surrounded on all sides by the other men, now wielding chains and knifes they took out from their jacket. The one who rushed at you picks up a steel pipe and swings it menacingly.

    "You're dead!"

    "Been there, done that. Your turn this time." You answer back with false bravado. But you can't just change blindly. You need a plan.

    What do you do?

    [] Attack with your fists!
    -[] Stunt: (Write-in)
    [] Find a weapon or something!
    -[] Stunt: (Write-in)
    [] Run with the girl. But how?
    -[] Stunt: (Write-in)
    [] "Brat! Use my power!"

    Personal: 14/17
    Peripheral: 33/40

    Willpower: 8/8

    OOC: Issei's (Strength+Athletics) is 3, meaning he can lift 250 lbs (roughly 100 kg). Channeling his Compassion can bring that to 8 lbs, where he can lift a full grown horse. Such is the difference between a normal human and an Exalted.

    P.S.: I read Elemental Bolt Attack. It's perfect, especially the various elemental attacks, but can a Solar learn a Dragon-Blooded Charms? I know some Martial Arts are accessible to different Exalted, but I found nothing about Charms.

    Alternately, what it takes to create a new Charms taking EBA as basis?
  6. Alexander

    Alexander That is not dead which can eternal lie

    Apr 24, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [X] Smuthunter, Protoss and kinglugia’s Plan

    [X] Run with the girl. Goad the thugs into attacking you and dodge around them to reach the girl when they take a swing at you. Sweep the girl off her feet and carry her bridal style, then leap up to a handy fire escape ladder that's just over her head. Use Monkey Leap if necessary.
    --[X] Then, once the girl is safely out of danger...
    ---[X] Good, those fuckers' attention are onto you now. You grinned ferociously at them, intimidating them with your false (?) bravado. "Come get me if you can!" you yelled at them, as you rushed at the nearest thug, dodging his unskilled punch, and stepped on his shoulders. As he straightened himself in surprise, you used him as a spring board and launched yourself at the wall, before kicking yourself from the wall. Like a meteor falling, you introduced the heavily tattooed thug to your fist before he could react.


    'Okay Issei. First thing to do: don't fight when there is a possible hostage nearby.' You steal a quick glance at the girl: while you are (somehow) confident that you can take those bastards on, if one of them gets the brilliant idea of using her as a leverage against you things will get ugly. So you need to put her out of danger, but how?

    You raise your head and see the fire escape ladder above her. One with the part connecting it to the street trashed and thus unusable.

    You smirk. Perfect. "Hey ugly faces! Can we got over this already? There is a film I want to see at home and you're wasting my time." You taunt the delinquents.

    Their answer is a wordless roar of rage as they start running towards you, weapons swinged wildly. You are aware one of them is directly behind you and thus he is in the perfect position to land a surprise attack you cannot see, and that's something you cannot let him do. So the moment they move you do the same, running straight towards the thug currently between you and the brown-aired girl.

    He twirls his chain and takes a swing at you. You bend your knees, put both palms on the ground and swipe your leg under him, causing him to fall. You stand up and run past him, your feet driving his face into the concrete, and land right next to the girl.

    "Sorry about this! You can slap me later!" You tell her before sweeping her off her feet into a bridal carry.

    Such smooth and supple skin-No! Bad Issei! Bad!

    "Kyaaah!" She squeals as you bend your knees and jump with incredible grace and speed, covering two floors with every leap. Once you reach the rooftop you let go of her.

    You flash her your best smile (hoping you don't come out as creepy). "Stay here while I deal with them, okay?" Before jumping down.


    You land in front of them, a ferocious grin on your face. The bravado of earlier doesn’t seem so false anymore.

    "Come get me if you can scumbags!" You raise both arms in what you hope is an acceptable boxing stance. You rush at the nearest thug, dodging his unskilled punch, and step on his shoulders with a short jump. As he straightens himself in surprise you use him as a spring board and launch yourself at the wall before kicking yourself from it. Like a meteor falling from the sky you introduce the heavily tattooed thug's face to your fist before he could react. The blow sends him crashing into a couple of trashcans and he doesn't stand up.

    Sadly as you land one of the four remaining thugs sneaks up on you and thrusts his knife into your chest. You brace for the pain...


    And blink at the sound of steel against steel. Looking down you discover a surprising fact.

    Your skin turned the color of steel. No, it is steel. You also instinctually know it will return to normal once the knife is no longer touching you and that activating it again costs very little of the golden energy.

    You smile at your supposed and dumbfounded murderer, the second one this evening. Then you hit him: first a punch in the stomach, followed by a knee into the family's jewel and finally an uppercut in the chin.

    One down, three to go.

    "What the hell? What the hell are you, you freak!?" One thug with a Mohawk stutters as he stares wide-eyed at you, his two friends mirroring his actions.

    You smirk and step forward confidently. You flip back a bang of hair, you Caste Mark appearing for an instant.
    "...Is this really the same perverted kid from before?"
    "I am a Hero."
    "I told you so, dragon."
    What do you do now?
    [] Continue attacking with your fists!
    -[] Stunt: (Write-in)
    [] Find a weapon or something!
    -[] Stunt: (Write-in)
    [] Write-in.

    Personal: 9/17
    Peripheral: 33/40

    Willpower: 8/8

    You made a Three-die Stunt! You gain 1 Xp!

    You know writing Issei is surprisingly fun. Maybe I can blame it to the Exaltation, but I believe I can make an Issei that is both Awesome, Perverted and completely Likeable.
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    [X] Smuthunter’s Plan
    (I can’t give you another Xp for the magnificent scene, but know you deserved it)

    You weren't so sure about it before, but now you have proof that these lowlifes are no match for you. You, once a completely average boy, is kicking the asses of armed thugs and being awesome at it! Your grin turns faintly predatory as your enemy's morale falters; one of them slowly steps back, edging towards the open end of the alleyway. In the back of your head you recognize that this is one of those infinitesimally rare opportunities for you to say something really cool...

    And you've got the perfect line to use! 'Watch over me, oh strongest in Ikebukuro!'

    "Say..." You begins slowly, one hand on your neck as you tilt slightly your head to the side. "You know that knife, if I was a normal person you have to know that could have killed me, right? So that means you intentionally tried to kill me, right?"

    You put your best game face on, doing your best to appear murderous and bloodthirsty. The punks look like they're about to shit themselves. You clench one fist, and the sound of your knuckles crackling echoes like firecrackers down the alleyway.

    "That means whatever happens to you now... YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN, RIGHT?!" You shout the last part. You take one giant step forward as if to charge.

    The punks scream like a flock of terrified schoolgirls and run away to the safety of the street.

    You take a deep breath and exhale. "Totally awesome." You sigh in ecstasy. If only Matsuda and Motohama could see you now, they would die of envy.

    "Hey! What about me?" You hear the girl calling. Right! You forget about her. When you reach the rooftop she is looking at you with a half-curious, half-disbelieving expression, one eyebrow raised and arms crossed under her magnifi-chest, you mean crossed over her chest.

    "Quoting Shizuo Heiwajima? Really?"

    You sheepishly lower your eyes. "Eh, eh eh...it sounded cool to me."

    "Nevermind." She sighs. "I never imagined one day I would be thankful to a member of the Perverted Trio for saving me."

    The Perverted Trio: you, Matsuda and Motohama. But if she knows that... "You go to Kuoh Academy?"

    "Abe Kiyome, third-year and captain of the Tennis Club. And you are Hyodo Issei, correct?"

    "Yes!" You bow. "Nice to meet you sempai!"

    "Honestly..." She sighs before relaxing and smiling. "Thanks: I mean it. But you shouldn't be so reckless." She scolds you. "Don’t use magic so brazenly in public. This time it went well, but next time you risk to attract the attention of the wrong people."

    "Yes, I understand." And then it hits you. "Wait, did you said magic? Abe-sempai, you know about the supernatural?"

    She puffs her chest out with pride, making her breast jiggle. You pinch your thigh, hard, to stop yourself from making a perverted face. "The Abe are a family of Beast Tamers with a long tradition. And I am the heir."

    "Beast Tamers?"

    "It means we specialize in taming and breeding supernatural creatures, like Youkai and European Monsters. Didn't you know? I thought magicians were taught this kind of things from the start."

    "Ah no, I am not a magician. I am a Sacred Gear possessor." You correct her. "And to tell the truth I found out about the existence of the supernatural only a hour ago."

    You wonder if being almost killed for your hidden talents is a common circumstance in this new world?

    "Eh? So you’re a complete neophyte?"

    "That's right." You make a perplexed face. "Wait, but if Abe-sempai is a Beast Tamer why didn't you use their help against those guys?"

    "Do you think I can walk in the city with my monsters and expose them to anyone to see?!" So something convenient like a pokeball doesn't exist? She looks away, her cheeks reddening. "A-And the little magic I know serves only to take care of them, so it couldn't be helped!"


    Pinch. Harder.

    "Now, Hyodo-san, I would be most grateful if you help me get down to the street." She glares at you. "Without the bridal carry." You gulp and nod.

    You help her down, her right arm over your shoulders and your left arm around her waist. The two of you then, without exchanging a single word, walk together until you reach an intersection. "My house is that way." She points in the opposite direction of your house. Pity.

    "And mine is on the other side. Take care Abe-sempai."

    You start to walk away, but she suddenly calls out to you. "Wait!" You turn to look at her. "If you have questions about the supernatural come see me at the Tennis' Club. Since you helped me I am now obliged to do the same. Don't waste my good-will, do you understand?"

    "Yes, of course Abe-sempai." Satisfied she leaves. You stand there, unmoving, for a few seconds.

    And then utter a single word.


    ....Naah. You can’t say that yet.


    Five minutes later you enter your home, remove your shoes, greet your parents (who give you a cursory glance and a "Hello." before going back to the TV), go into your room and collapse on your bed like a sack of potatoes.

    "So..." You turn around and stare at the ceiling. "Today I had my first date with my first girlfriend. My girlfriend turned out to be an Angel fallen from Heaven and she almost killed me. I was saved by a golden giant who gave me kung-fu bullshit superpowers. Kiba Yuuto, the Prince of Kuoh Academy, is a Devil. I have something called Sacred Gear given to me by the God of the Bible that is apparently a threat to the Fallen Angels. I beat six delinquents like a boss. The captain of the Tennis Club tames Youkai in her free time. All of this happened in a single evening."

    You pause.

    "And this is only my first day as a member of the so-called Moonlit World." Your face turns aghast. "Just how much worse the rest will be?"

    At least you're alive: if it wasn't for The Unconquered Sun you would be dead now. You hope to meet him against to thank him properly.

    With a sigh you remove your clothes, put on your pajama and go under the covers.

    Sleep arrives almost immediately.


    The sight from there is breathtaking: brilliant towers of white stone and blue crystal rise in front of you, a city with a structure almost alien but so right. Outside the city's borders there is fall of hundreds of meters before reaching the ground below. You are standing at the top of the highest tower, a marvel of red-golden glass and metal.

    This place isn't your home and yet it feels like home.

    "Where I am? What I am doing here?" You ask aloud.

    "That..." A male voice says behind you.

    "Is what we are here for." A female voice finishes.

    The flapping of wings.

    To be continued....

    This is where you are going to spend the BP. Due to limited time you can do only two things (increase two Attribute, one Attribute and one Ability, one Attribute and one Charms...), but there isn't a limit to the number of dots added, beside of course the limit of 5 dots.
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    [X] Three Dots Appearance
    [X] One Dot Charisma


    "I can still remember it clearly. The day the three of us met."

    You turn around, and couldn't help but be shocked.

    It has big eyes the color of pure green emeralds. A jaw that comes up to its ears, where lots of sharp fangs are growing out. There is a thick horn lining up on its forehead, and the scales that covers its body are red like magma. It has thick arms and legs like those of a gigantic tree. The claws look very sharp and terrifying. More than that, its pair of wings that are spread to the sides makes it look even bigger.

    In front of you is a Dragon, one similar in form to the one from your Anima Banner. You never saw him before. But somehow you feel like you know this dragon.

    "So we meet at least. Finally. Finally, I am able to appear in front of you." The dragon says, revealing himself to be the owner of the male voice.

    So then, the other one must be...

    You turn your head towards the other figure and like before you find yourself at a loss for words. Not because of shock, but because you're too mesmerized by the sight.

    She is haunting beautiful, like the most perfect achievement of one of the great master sculptor of ancient Greece, with long, vibrant red hair and pale skin smooth like marble. Her features radiate authority and wisdom while still being very feminine. On her back a pair of pale luminescent white wings keep her afloat. Even the girls from Kuoh Academy, even the two famous Onee-sama, look like just mediocre when compared to her. Beside the wings she doesn't wear much, just a thin cloth and light armor over her arms, legs chest and crotch, leaving the rest exposed.

    "Oppai!" You can't help but shout.


    And then you have a big fucking sword jammed into your head.

    "AAAAAHH!!" You scream and roll on the floor in maddening pain as you could feel every, single, cell in your brain being sliced, crushed and stabbed. At the same time. Repeatedly

    "Good grief." The dragon sighs. "And here I was hoping you shitty brat wasn't so shitty anymore. But I see old habits die hard."

    "Stop complaining and give me a hand! I'm dying...here..." You trail off as you realize something is very wrong. "Wait a minute. I have a fucking sword lodged into my brain. I should be dead already." You look at your body. "And why I am not bleeding?"

    "Because, if you haven't realized it yet, this is merely a projection of your subconscious." The woman finally speaks, voice beautiful like the rest but also laced with contempt and a coldness that could freeze fire. "This is a dream and as such you cannot die here. Pain on the other hand is completely possible."

    "Uh, uh." You hand reach out and stop before touching the hilt of the sword. It doesn't hurt as much as before, but the phantom pain makes you cautious. "Still, was braining me appropriate?" You usually got beaten for your perversion, not freaking murdered!

    "Of course." She crosses her arms and assumes a sitting position in midair. "It was fitting punishment for showing your base instincts on an inappropriate time instead of waiting to be inside your private quarters."

    "...Wait. Let me see if I understand this right." You slowly begin. "You aren't mad because I had perverted thoughts on you, but because I showed them in front of you!?"

    "Of course." She says smugly. "It can't be helped if you are enraptured by my beauty, for it is infinitely superior compared to the common females you are used to. Desiring me is only natural, you are not the first and will not be the last. A futile dream of course, but I would a bad Queen if I negate my subjects the pleasure of dreams. Provided they keep them private as it is only proper."

    "Narcissism at its finest." The dragon dryly comments.

    With an effort of will you grasp the hilt and with a single tug remove the sword from your head. "God Above it hurts!!" Clear, not painlessly. As you rub your (whole again) head you have the chance to look closer at the sword. It's long, taller than yourself, a broad and thin blade made of a material similar to gold. This is...

    "Cruel Wisdom..." You whisper. "How do I know its name?"

    "Uhmpf, so you're not a complete waste of time." The sword vanishes and reappears in the woman's hands. "We may still make something worthwhile out of you."

    "I will go first." The dragon begins. "First, presentations: greetings Hyodo Issei. I am the Welsh Dragon Ddraig, one of the two Heavenly Dragons, the being sealed inside your Sacred Gear."

    "My Sacred Gear?"

    "Yes. Some rare Sacred Gears have the spirit of a powerful creature sealed inside them. Yours is such a case. Perhaps it's better if you see it for yourself. Raise your left hand, concentrate and say the words: [Boosted Gear]."

    "Like this?" You follow his instructions and raise your hand. "Boosted Gear!"


    Your arm glows. The light starts to take form and covers your left arm. After the light disappears, there is a dragon-like gauntlet on it: it's a beautiful thing, red with golden linings and sharp claws covering your fingers. The part that covers the back of the hand has a green jewel with a golden hue embedded in it.

    "So I was right, the [Twice Critical] stage was completely bypassed." Ddraig muses. "That's Boosted Gear, your Sacred Gear. One of the Thirteen Longinus."

    "Longinus?" You ask, still staring at the item on your arm that looks like something Henshin Heroes use. It's pretty cool in your opinion.

    "That Devil boy told you about Sacred Gears. What he failed to mentioned is that among them there are thirteen unique Sacred Gears that, once mastered, have the power to kill Gods. The God from the Bible and the Gods from mythologies like the Greek and Japanese ones. All of them could be killed with a Longinus. Boosted Gear, your Sacred Gear, is one of the thirteen Longinus."

    "Wait what!?" You stop him, disbelief evident in your face and voice. "Killing Gods? No matter how you spin it, it's too unbelievable!"

    "Figures you would say something like that." Ddraig scoffs in amusement. "I got the exact reaction many times. But it's true and there is no deny it. All Longinus have abilities bordering on miracles. Boosted Gear for example has the power to double the user's power every ten seconds. So, saying, if you have power equal to 1 and you're facing someone with power equal to 100, all you would have to do to win is waiting one minute and ten seconds to reach power equal to 128, sufficient to defeat your foe." That's a true cheating ability if you ever saw one. Ddraig then snorts and glances at the winged woman. "Or, more precisely, it's what it was supposed to do before she came along."

    "Complaining again dragon? I find it an improvement: merely increasing brute strength is a feature fitting barbarians, not Princes of the Earth like myself and him. Skills after all always trump brute force. I admit that those Sacred Gears are interesting, I never saw a self-improving Artifact bound directly to the soul, but the Gods of this world must be very weak indeed if they fall to trinkets like those."

    "So, this-" You raise the gauntlet. "Doesn't multiply my strength anymore?"

    "It does multiply, just not your strength." Her wings move gently and the woman descends on the ground. "My turn. You, listen well to my words and imprint them in your memories for they are the Wisdom of Truth: I am the God Queen of Tzatli, Empress of the Gelid Nord, Member of the Copper Spiders, Disciple of the Great Maker Autochthon, Sovereign of the Diamond Hill Province, Sorceress of the Adamant Circle, the one who gave herself the name of Bright Shattered Ice."

    You gawk at the litany of titles.

    "Just call her Bright Shattered Ice and be done with it. Or hell just Bright." Bright sends Ddraig a dirty look but doesn't objet.

    "Referring to me as [Bright] is...acceptable. For now." She grudging admits. "But you obviously meant to enquire about more than my name, so I shall enlighten you. I am a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun just like you are, in fact the power you are using was mine once." With a sweep of her arm that reminds you of a noble showing off her domain she indicates the area around you. "Your duty is to go forth and fight in his name, bringing order back to Creation and chastising the arrogant, traitorous Dragon-Blooded who deluded themselves into thinking they are the masters and not the servants. Invested with the Mandate of Heaven you will gather your Solar Exalted peers and reunite the world into one again!" She finishes with a grand flourish or arms.

    Utter and complete silence. Neither you nor Ddraig know how to react.

    Bright sneers. "That, is what would normally happen. But judging from your memories I can say with certainty this is not Creation. Already the fact I exist here with all my memories told me something was suspicious, but to think my Exaltation got so lost as to land in a completely different dimension. How unsightly." She sighs and pinches the space between her eyes.

    "Brig-Lady Bright." You correct yourself, hoping the honorific would mellow her a bit. "Can you please explain what is going on?"

    "You would not understand all the nuances so I will keep it brief." She starts walking around. "I came from a world different from Earth, how you can name your land [dirt] is beyond me, a world called Creation. Your scientists would call it a different dimension. There the land was governed by the Solar Exalts, the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun the supreme God of Creation. Me and many others were gifted with an Exaltation, a shard of divine power that let us surpass human limitations and be able to fight on par with the Primordials, the ancient beings that shaped Creation at the Beginning of Time, defeating them and making humanity the dominant race."

    "The Solar troops were composed of Dragon-Blooded, humans who were Exalted by the Five Elemental Dragons: individually weaker than even the weakest Solar, but more numerous. And yet one day by force of intrigue and treachery they rebelled against us, their rightful masters, killing us and locking away our Exaltations. However they paid greatly their folly: sensing weakness the Fair Folk, our eternal enemies, attacked and reduced Creation to a mere shadow of itself."

    "But there was hope. For you see destroying an Exaltation is impossible: even when the host die it would just detach itself and search for another worthy candidate to gift with the incomparable potential of a Solar. So all the Dragon-Blooded could do was locking the majority of them away. Yet eventually the prison was breached and my Exaltation, among many others, was free, ready to choose a worthy heir to my power."

    She stops and turns toward you.

    "Except it somehow ended up here, beyond even the insensate chaos of the Wyld, and bonded with a worthless worm."

    You point at yourself. "Me?"


    Your head hangs down in shame.

    "Wow, way to boost his pride lady." Ddraig comments sarcastically.

    "He doesn't need to have his ego boosted, he needs to transcend from worthless worm to respectable Prince of the Earth. Which may be a miracle impossible even for me." She seems to ponder. "Listen worm. Our time is limited so I will keep this brief: you have been blessed twice, both times from a God of high caliber. You not only have the potential but the duty to rise above all mortal beings and unite the world under the glory of the Unconquered Sun. Meanwhile we will search a way to go back to Creation and maybe annex the two worlds. The different laws of physics may pose a problem but nothing that can't be resolved with one or two hundred years of study."

    "Ambitious, aren't you?" The Welsh Dragon yawns. "What she means is: there is more you need to know but since now we don't have the time we will tell you the rest another time."

    "As the dragon say. Now kneel." She points to the spot in front of you.

    "Why?" You step back, fearing for your chastity. You may love hentai, but masochism isn't your thing.

    "No need to panick. There is some raw potential left behind after your Exaltation and I intend to use it to increase certain traits of you and ensure you don't die too fast. To learn you need to meditate, and meditation is best done kneeling."

    "Ah, alright then...?" You kneel. You are still not sure, but this is a dream so you can't get hurt. Right?

    "Shift your feet. Yes like that. Set each of your hand on top of your thighs." As soon as you're done she kneels in front of you. "We shall start with the breathing. First..."


    You spend the next hours (at least they feel like hours to you) in a sort of trance, your brain empty as you mechanically follow Bright's instructions. You don't really remember most of what she said: something about correct posture, how to assume a confident aura, how to alter the skin's coloration with a balanced diet, seeing through people's motives, the principles of charming courtesans...it just mend all together after a while.

    A snap of fingers. You open your eyes, blinking a few times to clear the cobwebs from your head. "That was..trippy." Is all you could say. "So what was that supposed to do? I don't feel any different."

    Bright just smirks. As you stand up and stretch you notice Ddraig gaping at you. "What?"

    "Great Red's blessing..." He snaps his jaw shut. "This Exaltation thing is the real deal."


    "Nevermind. It's time for you to go brat. Just be careful and don't break too many hearts tomorrow, okay?" He winks.

    What is that supposed to-


    You open your eyes, and a familiar ceiling is in front of you.

    Right, that was a dream.

    Or not?

    "Boosted Gear!"

    A red and golden gauntlet appears on your left arm.

    Nope, dream or not it was the real thing.

    Issei Hyodo, second-year. Issei Hyodo, wielder of the Longinus Boosted Gear. Issei Hyodo, Solar Exalt.

    You groan. "Why life can't be easy? All I want are Oppai!" Life, you decide, is unfair.

    You look at the clock. It’s 4:30am. Still early. But you don't feel like sleeping anymore.

    What do you do?
    [] Try to sleep anyway.
    [] Maybe you can run to sort your thoughts out.
    [] Make breakfast: it's been a while since you last did it.
    [] Suggestions?

    Also, what will you tell your parents?
    [] The truth: they deserve to know psychotic angels may murder them to get to you.
    [] Half truth: Yuuma had a few screw loose and threatened your parents. It may be best if they stop going out at night.
    [] Lie: tell them things between Yuuma and you didn't work and you broke out.

    Genesis Arc: Complete.

    +4 Xp for surviving the night
    +1 Xp for saving Abe Kiyome like a Boss
    +1 Xp for channeling Shizuo Heiwajima (I said no Xp? I lied!)
    +5 Xp for completing the quest

    This was the longest post so far. Check out for updated Sheet.
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    [X] Maybe you can run to sort your thoughts out.
    [X] Half truth: Yuuma had a few screw loose and threatened your parents. It may be best if they stop going out at night.


    You can't sleep, not like this. So you may as well do something productive.

    You get out from under the covers and quickly change into a green jersey. Careful to not wake up your parents you take a piece of bread from the kitchen and leave the house to do something you haven't done in a while.


    You decide on a simple route, running around your residential area until you're too tired to continue or it's time to go to school.

    "Uhff...Uhf...*chomp*" You take a bite from the bread, slowing down to chew properly before accelerating again.

    At this hour there are few people around, mostly runners like you and businessmen who work close enough they don't need a car. Curiously all the people you meet turn to stare at you. A girl with a dog goes so far as to blush. Why is that? Do you have your zip open? Impossible your jersey doesn't have a zip.

    [You don’t get it? This is hilarious.]

    "Wah!" You stop and look around. "Ddraig?"

    [Calm yourself partner. I am talking in your head. Just think the answer and I'll hear it. You don't want people to see you talking to yourself, do you?]

    "Uh, okay." You resume running, carefully keeping your face neutral. 'What do you mean with that? What's hilarious?'

    [Nu-uh. Not saying. I want you to realize it yourself.] You can hear him snicker.

    'Thanks a lot.' You sarcastically reply.

    [Anytime partner.]

    'Is Bright there with you?'

    [No, she told me to not disturb her and went inside the palace at the center of this flying city. Great place by the way, it beats the usual empty a thousand different ways.

    Anyway, I contacted you now because we need to speak. Do you remember when I told you about Boosted Gear's abilities?]

    'To double my power every ten seconds, right? You also said it changed.'

    [Correct to both. Sacred Gears aren't fixed, they respond to the user's emotions and desires. Sometimes this lead to the Gear developing a new power and configuration. The winged gal knows the details better, but the gift is: your Exaltation changed the Boosted Gear.]

    That doesn't sound good. 'How?'

    [Instead of doubling attributes like your strength, speed and magical power now it creates and increase a pool of this new energy of you, this golden light. She called it Essence. However once it's enough you can boost your physical attributes like the classical Boosted Gear. So even if the process is different the result is more of less the same.]

    Sounds great.

    [However, since your growth will be unlike your predecessors we need to take a different approach to it, to ensure you grow strong enough to stand on your own feet. You don't want to die right? Plus I would hate to change partner without meeting the White One even once.]

    'The White One? Who is he?'

    [A rival of mine. Since it's destiny you will meet him in the future. Dragons are beings that attract other strong beings, so be prepared.]

    Even more weirdness? Oh come on! '*grumble*...So, what kind of approach you have in mind?'

    However, before you can hear his answer you happen to stumble into a face you know.

    Aika Kiryu, one of your female classmates. She has light brown hair with two braids behind her, honey-yellow eyes and pink-rimmed glasses. The classical megane, you think she would be quite pretty if she tries. However there is a reason the Perverted Trio never lusted after her and in general left her alone.

    Why? Because she is a pervert as much as you and your buddies. When you talk about eroge in class the other girls look at you in disgust. Her? She chuckles with a perverted face. You hear certain stories about the female locker room...

    Kiryu-san is wearing a jersey and running, just like you. When she notices you she waves her hand in greeting. "Oh, if it isn't Ise-chi! I never expected to meet you....here...." She trails off, eyes widening like saucers and mouth hanging open.

    And then she starts sputtering and blushing.

    What the...? And why do you hear Ddraig laughing?

    [] Greet her normally. “Hello Kiryu-san.”
    [] Be concerned. “Kiryu-san? Are you okay?”
    [] Wait until she calm down.
    [] Suggestions?


    And yes, Xp aren’t available until you spend all the BP.

    Some news: in the DxD world there are certain type of training that let you raise certain Trait without needing Xp. Or better, you acquire Xp during it and then you finalize your gains with them: basically Xp and Training Times at the same time. The Training from Hell is one prime example.

    I hope you aren’t adverse to pain, because I am preparing interesting things. You were going to get them anyway, but now you will face them without bonus.
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    [X] Be concerned. "Kiryu-san? Are you okay?"
    -[X] You lean for frowning gently in concern to place the back your hand to her forehead. "Kiryu-chan, do you have a fever?"


    You frown. Something is not right with Kiryu. You two aren’t exactly close friends but you can't just let her to...whatever it is that she has. "Kiryu-san? Are you okay?" You ask with a concerned voice.

    She doesn't answer. She just keeps staring at you, breath ragged and blushing more intensely. It's like she is very hot...oh!

    You lean forward and gently place the back of your hand to her forehead. "Kiryu-san, do you have a fever?"

    "I'M FINE!!" She shrieks and jumps in surprise, and you quickly retract your hand. After a few seconds of awkward silence Kiryu starts giggling. "Ehehehehehe...I get it. I am still sleeping and this is a dream, isn't it?"

    "Kiryu-san?" What is she talking about?

    "I don't know why it's Ise of all people, but I am not complaining. Ehehehe." You unconsciously take a step back. "And since this is a dream I can do whatever I want, right?"

    "Kiryu-san, what are you..!" You try to speak but are interrupted when she grabs the sides of your head, brings you closer...

    And french-kisses you.

    'Eh? Eh? EeeeeEEEEEHHHH?!?!!!!'

    You try to resist, to ask her what she is doing, but so close you can't help but notice how nice she smells, how sweet her lips tastes and how her tongue- 'Oh My God Her Tongue Is Over Mine I Am Kissing A GIRL OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!'

    [Nice done partner! Now find a secluded place and finish it!!]

    Ironically it's Ddraig's voice that bring you out of your stupor. For a second you are tempted to follow the advice, but then you remember that there is something wrong with Kiryu-san and you are not one to takes advantage of women damnit!

    You put your hands on her shoulders and forcefully separate your lips. Before she can react you pinch her skin. "Ouch! What..."

    "Kiryu-san!" You gently shake her. "This is not a dream! I don't know what's happening but get a hold of yourself!"

    "....This is not a dream?" Her eyes, at first dull, regain their focus. "...You are real?"

    You nod.



    "EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!" Kiryu screams before running away at such speed she leaves behind a trail of dust.

    Your left eyebrow twitches. "What...was that?"

    And then it hits you: a girl kissed you. A (relatively) cute girl kissed you. Your first kiss.



    You're positively beaming when you return home. Humming a catching tune you take a shower, spend a good amount of time preening yourself in front of the mirror and, after donning your school uniform, walk into the kitchen.

    "Good morning Father! Good morning Mother! Life is good!"

    "Good morning so...."

    "Why so chirpy this morning I...."

    Ignoring your slack-jawed parents you sit down and start eating. You're half-way done when you remember something. You put down your chopsticks and assume a serious expression. "Mom? Dad? We need to talk."

    "..." "..."

    "It's about Yuuma. During our date it became apparent she has a few screws loose: she didn't stop talking how we were going to get married soon, how I shouldn't look at other women and how I should cut my ties with you and go living with her. I know this sound cliché but I think she is a yandere, one who just wanted an gullible guy to freely abuse."

    You let the gravity of your words sink in and continue. "Of course I broke up with her and...she didn't take it well. You have to believe me, she's dangerous. So you have to promise me to stop going out after sunset and always stick where there are other people. At least until I resolve this. Can you promise me?"

    They wordless nod.

    "Great. Oh, look at the time! Bye Mom, bye Dad." You pick up your bag and rush outside.

    "..." "..."

    Mr. and Ms. Hyodo keep staring ahead for awhile after Issei left. Then they slow turn around to stare at each other.

    "Oto-san!!" "Oka-san!!"

    They hug each other.

    """"IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!""""


    Life is great.

    It's what you think as you walk to school. Despite having your heart broken by Yuuma and discovering you have the potential to shake the foundations of this world, you can't help but think life is great. Why? Because girls of course!!

    Big, soft Oppai...supple, springy skin....cute faces...

    Girls are great!!

    "Woah! Who is that?!"

    "H-Hyodo? No it's not possible!"

    "The Apocalypse! The Apocalypse is coming!!!"

    Other students, both boys and girls, are looking at you, some screaming and some fainting from the shock, but you're too happy to care. They want to behave weirdly? They can behave weirdly all they want!

    When you open the door to your classroom you're greeted by wide-eyed looks from your classmates and teacher. Kiryu is nowhere to be seen. Maybe it's for the best, to let the waters calm down a little.

    "Sorry, am I late?"

    The sound of displaced air. You raise your open hand and catch the punch aimed at your head from behind. When you turn around Matsuda is standing there, Motohama beside him.

    "Who the hell are you!?"

    "What have you done to Ise?"

    You raise an eyebrow. "Are you still sleeping? I am Hyodo Issei. The only and one."

    "...Ise? Is that really you?"

    "What happened to you?"

    You groan. "Well a lot happened but nothing relevant for now." You look back and forth between your friends and classmates. "Okay, you're starting to freak me out now. What are you talking about?"

    Wordlessly Motohama gives you a square object. You look at it. "Woah, this some handsome bastard! Even worse than Kiba-sempai. Where did you find this photo?"

    "Ise, that's a mirror."

    "Eh?" You look down and realize that, yes, the imagine is moving.

    Flawless skin. Perfect symmetry of lineaments. Hair almost shinning.

    It takes almost a minute but it finally sinks that, yes, the super-ultra bishounen looking back from the mirror is you.
    "Ahahahahaha! I was right, this is hilarious! Ahahahahaha!"
    "What is this noise? I told you to not disturb me, dragon!"
    [] Freak out: "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!??!" (appropriate you suppose)
    [] Be cool with that: "Wow, I look good today!" (you don't think you can pull it out though)
    [] Run away, find a desert place and ask the voices in your head just what the fuck is going on! (it's their fault. It's definitely their fault)
    [] Suggestions?

    Maybe the Charisma dot was a waste, but it makes for amusing scenes.
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    You've been airbrushed.

    Now you understand everyone's, from Kiryu-san to your parents to the random person walking by, reactions to you.

    You've been airbrushed. A lot. Like, almost inhumanely so.

    Huh...well damn, this is actually pretty AWESOME! Take that Kiba-sempai, you'll be the new heartthrob of the place from now on!

    You silently raise your hand and do a fistpump, much to the confusion of those watching.

    You should be freaking out right now, but honestly: you've been stabbed in the gut with a spear made of light by your psycho girlfriend, somehow managed to survive and heal from it, discovered that angels, demons, magic and all that occult bullshit is all too real, beat up a bunch of lowlives and saved a damsel in distress and finally discovered that you were now sharing headspace with not one but TWO overbearing ghosts/apparitions/voices in your head/whatever the fuck they are. This? This is NOTHING in comparison. No need to freak out or anything.

    Though once you get some breathing room those damn voices are going to get an earful. Because how dare they fuck with your body just like that! (Even if the results are nice)

    But now you need to explain the sudden change to your classmates without mentioning the 'supernatural' part of it. A bit difficult since the change does appear supernatural.

    Let's try bullshitting it.

    "My dear friends, it's quite simple." You return the mirror with a polite thanks and walk to the desk. "Sensei, may have a moment?"

    Wordlessly he nods and steps back. You stand in front of the desk and address your classmates. You cough to clear your throat and begin with a simple phrase: "Yesterday I got dumped."

    Silence. Of course.

    "My first girlfriend. Strange, isn't it? She was a real, popular beauty and I was just a pervert and the local clown, the one person everyone liked to despise for I was like a beast in heat. The same to my friends here." You gesture to Matsuda and Motohama. They make a scandalized face that you ignore.

    "And yet she asked me out. Me. I was so happy. Yet I couldn't help but suspect: what if it was a prank? What if it was the result of a penalty game and her friends were looking at us from elsewhere?"

    You make a sober but sad face. "Sadly I was right. We had a date and she kept up the act until the very end, when she revealed the truth and laughed at me and my naivety. 'Like playing with a child': those were her words before leaving."

    The females bristle in indignation. The males shear tears of solidarity.

    "But that was when, while drowning alone in my despair, I have a Revelation!" You raise a hand and point a finger to the sky. "Amidst the darkness I saw the Light! And the light revealed to me the truth! I am a pervert, I admit it without shame. But it isn't wrong. What was wrong was the way I deal with it, how I spent my time in a fictional world while trying to apply the same rules on the real world."

    You look them in the eyes. "I didn't need to change the world. What I needed to change was myself. To be not Issei the pervert, but Issei the man capable of making his dreams a reality."

    You make a grandiose gesture and assume a pose. "Yesterday I died and was reborn!" Literally. "That's why I look different. It's quite simple really: once you change inside, the outside will change accordantly. So once again I say: my name is Issei Hyodo. Nice to meet you: please take care of me."

    Then you bow, avoiding the flying kick of Matsuda. "Don't joke with me you bastard!! Confess: how the hell did you undergo a facial surgery and come out of it in only one day?!!"

    And just like that all is right in the world again.


    Apart from your classmates' stares and the occasional question school proceeds as always.

    Almost: you were never very bright, but as the lessons continues you find yourself understanding better the subjects, making previously unseen connections and recalling forgotten knowledge.


    When lunchtime arrive you excuse yourself and make a beeline for the rooftop. Once you're sure you are alone you close the door and shout in your head: 'Ddraig!'

    [Uhuh...Yes partner?]

    'Don't uhuh me! My new aspect. Explain. NOW.'

    [Ah, but that wasn't me: it was the winged gal's doing.]

    'Then I will ask her too! How do I access that place, the flying city again?'

    [Meditate like I taught you and imagine yourself there.]

    You suddenly hear Bright talking. Following her advice you kneel down, close your eyes and concentrate.


    When you feel the wind on your face you open your eyes and find yourself at the top of the city again. Ddraig is there, looking extremely amused, while Bright is to the side, sitting on...

    How the hell did she bring here a throne of all things?!

    "Did you want to talk with me worm?"

    "You betcha!" You point a finger at yourself. "Was it you who airbrushed me?!"

    "If with 'airbrushed' you mean improve your pitiful looks then yes, it was me. Why? Are you complaining?"

    "Of course not! That's the best thing that happened to me forever!" You make a goofy grin before turning serious again. "But this doesn't excuse the fact you modified my body without my permission! How did you do that anyway?"

    "Irrelevant." And just like that your opinion is completely brushed aside. "And about how, didn't I tell you? There was some potential left from your Exaltation: I simply used it to correct your most glaring lacunae."

    "My looks?"

    "Yes. I could have used it to make you stronger, more knowledgeable or teach you how to destroy a mountain with a single punch-" You almost choke on your spit. "-But a Solar first and foremost must be a person of unparalleled beauty. This is even more true for the host of my power."

    Both your eyebrows twitch. Ddraig is trembling, trying to keep himself from laughing. "So it's better for me to be weak but beautiful than strong but ugly?"




    Cruel Wisdom, meets Brain again. Brain, meet excruciating pain again.

    After writing on the floor for a very long minute you dislodge the sword and toss it at the bitch, who sadly catch the blade in one graceful motion. "Stop trying to kill me!"

    "When you stop being a worthless worm."

    "Grrr..." You gnash your teeth. "Let me ask you: now that you oh-so-generously wasted this 'potential', can you tell me what should I do if someone more powerful than Raynare come to kill me? Look pretty? I need power, strength, special abilities!"

    "Easy: just gain more potential."

    "And don't forget-Wait, what?" You blink. "You mean there is a way to replenish it?"

    "Something like that." She stands up and starts walking around you. "Solar Exalted are exceptional individuals, Heroes. Normal training isn't enough, they need to grow under adversity and obtain victory to gain the necessary experience to reach new heights. They need conflicts and to do deeds befitting Heroes. Just like last night, when you defeat the pathetic wretch and those lowlives, rescuing the girl in the process."

    You brain quickly catch up. "Then..."

    She nods. "You already gained a bit of 'experience', as some of my circle-mates liked to call it. But, you can't use it until you finish to use the initial potential. It's not much, but it's something."

    Good. Maybe you can still salvage something from this mess. "When we can do it?"


    Decision time!
    You have: 2 BP
    What you can do with them?
    Rising an Ability by one dot costs 2 Points (1 if a Favored or Caste Ability)
    You can choose between (the ones with "-" are Favored/Caste):
    Martial Arts

    Please choose wisely. This will be keep open a lot if necessary. I will also tell you if you are going to put your foot in the mouth.

    Typo. What I mean is:

    You can't use Xp to instantly raise something (In-Game reason is Solar Haxx and Bright Shattered Ice fooling around) unless stated otherwise. For details refers to the front Sheet.

    You're right of course. Silly me. Yes, I mean: new dot in something and Attributes. No, regular lessons won't count as training for the higher dots. For now they work however so don't worry.
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    [X] Get the fourth and fifth dot in Resistance with BP, and spend the 9XP on 3 dots in Presence.

    You think about it for a moment before deciding. "Then I want you to make me more resilient, harder to hurt, and also more persuasive."

    She quirks a beautiful eyebrow. "Any particular reason why?"

    "Yes." You turn towards Ddraig. "With how Boosted Gear works I will need time in a fight before striking back, right? If so, since I already have powers that make me tougher, it's better to increase this trait than starting from scratch and making me fast enough to evade all attacks. At least, for now."

    The dragon nods. "Good choice. Stamina is essential when using Boosted Gear."

    "And for why I want to be more persuasive..." You sigh. "It would be great to resolve a conflict without the need of violence. Not only because I am weak at the moment, but also because I don't like senseless fights."

    Bright's wings flap. "I see nothing wrong with that. Let's begin."

    Like the other day you and Bright meditate together. Again knowledge you never recall learning pop up in your head during the trance: methods to combat and resist sickness, fatigue, pain, sleep deprivation; how to persuade people to do what you want, how to inspire people and convert your enemies to your cause.

    "This is weird." You massage your head. There is not pain, but... "Are you transferring knowledge inside my mind?"

    "Nothing so quaint." Bright scoffs. "I am merely helping you let go of the mortal presupposition that you need to read or being explained something to learn it."

    You look up. "You mean I can learn without studying, just by willing it? How does that even-"


    "That doesn't explain any-"

    "Time up."

    And just like that you are on the rooftop again. "This isn't over.” You whisper before gulping down your lunch to quench the frustration.


    "Hi. How are you doing?”

    You look at the male student who came to see you. Kiba Yuuto, also known as the school's Number 1 best looking prince. Even if he is in a different class he's the same age as you, but since he always looks so mature all the second years call him sempai. Girls screaming with joy could be heard from the classroom and the corridor.

    When you look up his eyes widen. "I see the rumors were true."

    "Yeah. I think it's a side effect of, you know...?"

    "Useful." He says without breaking his smile. "I already informed that person: she is waiting for you. Shall we go?"

    She? A girl! Yes! "Lead the way."

    As you leave the classroom together the girls start screaming.

    "For Hyodo and Kiba-kun to walk besides each other..."

    "C-Could it be? Is this the prohibited garden?"

    "He's a pervert, but, but! I support the Kiba-kunxHyodo pair!"

    "No, maybe it's HyodoxKiba-kun pair!?"

    ...Need to go away. Need to go away. Need to go away.

    You urge Kiba forward. "Hurry up." You whisper. "There is something rotten here."

    "H-Hey, Ise!"

    Matsuda shouts your name.

    "Don't worry my friend. I'm not going to have a fight."

    That's right. Your pal doesn't have to worry about you.

    "What are you going to do with this DVD, 'Me, the Molester, and the Udon'!?"

    Matsuda says out loud while holding the DVD up high.

    You take the DVD and bash Matsuda's head with it.

    Never mix women and food.


    You follow Kiba to the back of the main school building. In this place, which is surrounded by trees, there is a building called the 'old school building'. Apparently it was used a long time ago, but now there is no sign of people here. It's so creepy that it is listed in one of 'Kuoh's seven wonders'. The building looks very old and is made from wood, but there aren’t any broken windows and it's hard to tell if there are any broken parts from its appearance.

    "Buchou is here." Kiba says.

    Buchou? Who is he? Or, it's the 'she' Kiba was talking about? This is getting even more mysterious.

    You enter the two story high building and go up the stairs, further inside. Even the corridor looks clean. It seems like even the rooms that aren't used anymore don't have a single speck dust in them. When you think about old buildings you expect them to be full of insects, spider webs, and dust. But you haven’t seen any yet.

    [Careful worm. I sense magic near.]

    [It's Devil Magic. I recognize the scent of demonic power.]

    'That's right: Kiba is a Devil. So does that mean the person he wants me to meet is...?'

    While you are thinking about these kinds of things, the two of you reach your destination. Kiba stops in front of a particular classroom, with a sign on the door that read:

    [Occult Research Club]

    "Occult Research Club!? The school has a club like that?"

    "It's not well know, that's why. Buchou, I have brought him."

    Kiba waits for the approval through the wooden door. Then a sweet, female voice replies.

    "Yes, come in."

    Kiba opens the door. You find yourself shocked when you follow him into the room. There are weird signs and words in every area of the classroom. The floor. The walls and the ceiling. They are all covered with weird signs. And the one which stands out the most is the circle drawn at the center of the room. It looks like a magic-circle that takes up most of the space in this room.

    You can feel something creepy and weird from-

    Magical Wards. Devil Style. A Barrier to keep intruders out. A Shield to block attacks. A Ward to keep away mundane people and One to make them forget about the place. An Alarm System. Magic Containing System. Run on Demonic Power.

    Summoning Circle. Belonging to the Gremory House of Devils. Teleportation Method. It works on the selected Devil's own power. Connected to minor summoning circles...

    "Hyodo-san?" You hear someone shaking you.

    "Ara ara. What powerful energy!"

    "Intriguing. Do you recognize that symbol Koneko?"


    More voices. You blink several times and focus back on reality. Kiba has a hand on your shoulder and looks slightly confused. "W-What happened?" You ask.

    "You suddenly spaced out. Followed from the glowing symbol on your forehead appearing again."

    "I see. Sorry." You shake your head. "I looked at the symbols and circle and found myself understand them, how they work and what they do, despite this being my first time seeing them."

    "So it can also analyze magic? You must have a very powerful Sacred Gear."

    You finally take a good look at the other occupants of the room and couldn't help but be shocked.

    Sitting behind a desk is Rias Gremory. Long crimson hair, clear blue eyes and skin as white as snow. She's a third year and so a senior. She isn't Japanese, you heard people say that she is from Northern Europe and is attending a Japanese high school due to her father's work.

    Standing to her side is Akeno Himejima, the person who, along with Rias-senpai, is said to be one of the "Two Great Onee-samas" of Kuoh Academy! Long black hair tied into a ponytail, always smiling: a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko.

    Sitting on one of the sofas is Koneko Toujou. She is a girl with a small build, with white hair and amber eyes. She's popular amongst the girls (and a certain group of boys) and is treated as a mascot for being cute.

    This is the Occult Research Club, one of the nerder things in all Japan?

    Kuoh sure is unique.

    Right: presentations. You bow. "My name is Issei Hyodo Issei. Nice to meet you. Thank you for having me today!"

    "Ara ara, so handsome and also polite. Hello, my name is Akeno Himejima. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

    "...Koneko Toujo."

    "And I am Rias Gremory. Nice to meet you, Issei Hyodo-san."


    "Here's your tea."

    "Ah, thank you."

    You are sitting on a sofa, and Himejima-sempai has made tea for you. You drink it slowly, savoring the taste. "It tastes good. I don't consume tea often but this is very good."

    "Ara ara. Thank you very much." She starts laughing very happily by saying "Ufufu".

    Kiba, Koneko-chan and you are sitting on the sofas surrounding the table.

    "Akeno, stay here next to me." Rias says, still seated behind the desk.

    "Yes, Buchou." Himejima-sempai sits next to Rias-sempai.

    Then everyone looks at you. Uh, you're getting a little nervous here. Luckily your Caste Mark receded.

    Rias-sempai is the first to speak. "I will get to the point right away. We are all Devils."

    "I suspected as much. What I am confused about is what the 'Occult Research Club' is all about."

    "The Occult Research Club is just a camouflage. It's my hobby. It's actually a gathering place for us Devils."

    You smile. "And a ready excuse to skip class if something happen?"

    She happily nods. "There is also that. So, Kiba-kun told me all about what happened yesterday. He told you about Sacred Gears, but not about Fallen Angels, right?"

    She starts speaking after you confirm it. "We, the Devils, have been at war with the Fallen Angels since ancient times. We have been fighting over the possession of the Underworld, which is also known as Hell in the human world: not the place where the souls of sinners are tortured, more like a different dimension. The Underworld is split into two areas, one for Devils and one for Fallen Angels. The Devils form pacts with humans and receive their sacrifices to increase their strength. The Fallen Angels on the other hand control humans to eliminate Devils. At this point the Angels come in to destroy these two races on God's orders, which creates the Three Factions. This has been going on since ancient times."

    "And the same is true for all other mythologies?"

    "Yes: Gods from the Shinto religion, from Greek and Norse mythology; mythical beings like youkai, vampires and dragons. If it was documented in human history or legends it's real. Nowadays there is a decline in the number of supernatural creatures since human society evolved so much, but it's not quite to extinction levels." Akeno answers.

    Rias continues. "Returning to the topic of Fallen Angels, there is a reason for why you were attacked: your Sacred Gear. There is a rumor that the high echelons of the Fallen Angels are studying Sacred Gears and recruiting their users in their ranks."

    "But Yuu-Raynare didn't try to recruit me, she tried to kill me." You point out.

    "That's right. This is abnormal. Maybe the reason is your Sacred Gear. Have you found out what it is?" She asks. "If you want I can figure it out for you." She concludes smiling.

    Now, this is important. You don't think telling the complete truth would be wise, but you are terrible at lying.

    [] How will you answer? (Write-in)

    [] Bonus Action: Read Motivation.
    -[] You can try to glean the truth of a subject’s mood or personality with a successful (Perception + [Investigation or Socialize]) roll, using whichever Ability has a higher rating. The difficulty is equal to half the target’s (Manipulation + Socialize), rounded up. If successful, the observer knows the other character’s most dominant emotion and can place that emotion in the context of the current scene, if applicable.
    --[] If used you will know the result without the need to directly skip to the next post, but you can try only one time.

    Character Sheet is being updated.
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    [X] The plan of Smuthunter and Eler0

    [Don't you have a comeback ready? Pathetic. I knew Solars that were able to convince Fair Folk nobles to start worshipping the Unconquered Sun.]

    Bright says in your head. What is a Fair Folk anyway?

    [Listen to me: here is what you need to tell them...]

    You listen to her words and mentally nod. It can work.

    You put one hand on your chin. "I don't know all the details of how this Sacred Gear thing works but..." You tilt your head. "When it bonded with me, I felt that I became a LOT stronger than I ever felt before, and it's not just strength that was upgraded. I feel like I've become more capable in general. And then there's my changed appearance. I mean, I wasn't bad looking before, but now..." You shrug. "Well, I think you get the idea. It basically feels like this power is taking all of my skills and positive traits and magnifying them by an absurd degree."

    "Interesting." Rias muses, one delicate finger on her lips. "It would explain the multiple abilities since Sacred Gears, with few exceptions, have only one ability when they first awaken. But you're mistaken Hyodo-kun: a Sacred Gear doesn't bond with the user, it is inside him since birth."

    "Awakening it for the first time requires certain conditions." Kiba interjects. "I had my Sacred Gear all my life, but it's only after I became a Devil that I was taught how to activate and use it."

    "I see...wait!" Your eyes snap around to stare at him. "Becoming a Devil? Humans can turn into Devils?"

    "Yes." Rias answers. "Remember how I told you the supernatural races are reduced in members nowadays? To resolve the problem one of our leaders developed a method to turn a human or another being into a Devil. It's also capable of resurrecting a deceased person if the death is very recent and the body isn't too damaged."

    "Woah..." You are amazed. Seriously. 'Are Solars capable of resurrecting people too?'

    [Resurrection if one of the few things we never figured out. Then again, the Gods were very strict about keeping the natural transmigration of souls regulated. Necromancy and other foul arts create monsters and anathemas.]

    "What is your Sacred Gear called? And what does it do?" You ask Kiba.

    "My Gear is called Sword Birth." A thin sword materializes into his hand. "It allows me to create numerous Demon Swords, sword with a demonic attribute, of different attributes according to my will."

    You blink. "So you're like Shirou Emiya?"

    A confused face is all the answer you get.

    "You know, Unlimited Blade Works? Fate/Stay Night? I know the visual novel is adult only and the anime is shit, but the film was even released recently!"

    "I saw it!" Rias-sempai's eyes lit up. "Archer is a jerk, but when he used Unlimited Blade Works it was awesome! And so it was when Shirou fought against Gilgamesh. Did you saw Fate/Zero too?"

    "Yes." You put a hand behind your head. "But to be honest I didn't like it much. I mean, the battles were amazing but it was too dark for my tastes. However I liked how they showed Waver growing up as a person. I felt he was more of a protagonist than Kiritsugu."

    "I disagree: Waver-kun's story was good, but the tragedy of Kiritsugu and Saber's wishes is the focal point of the story. I don't deny the other characters' importance, but their stories are..."

    You both trail off as you realize that the others are watching you with a mix of confusion, amusement and deadpan. You and her look down in embarrassment.

    "Ara ara. Rias, it looks like you found another one who share your love for anime. Ufufu!"


    "Unlimited Blade Works...?"

    "W-What is wrong with liking anime?!" The two of you say at the same time. When you realize it you both look down with a blush.


    After the other members finished to tease you and Rias the conversation is resumed.

    "Issei-kun." Kiba is the first to speak. "Yesterday, when we spoke, you mentioned having a vision after being injured. Something about a 'giant of light'."

    You nod. "Yes. It was losing consciousness and was surrounded by darkness. Then there was light and from the Sun emerged a being clad in ancient armor, I think it was Greek or Roman. He called himself the 'Unconquered Sun' and said he would grant me a 'boon'."

    "Unconquered Sun?" Rias repeats in confusion.

    "Sol Invictus or Unconquered Sun." Akeno supplies up. "He was a Sun God of the later Roman Empire and patron of soldiers. Before it was known as Sol or Elagabalus."

    'A coincidence?'

    [Most probable.]

    [I agree: I met the dude, he was nothing like the one you saw.]

    'You met Gods?'

    [Met a few. Killed a few. A genocide here and there. You know, the usual things.]

    No. No you don't know and are glad about it.

    "So Hyodo-san's Sacred Gear is related to him? Uhm. I never heard about it, so I can't help you for now. Sorry."

    "It's okay." You wave the issue away. "I appreciate your goodwill."

    "Thanks. So, is this all?" She presses on.

    'Of course not, it is not even the tip of the iceberg. But I can't just lie.'

    [Use First Presence Excellency.]

    You hear Bright's voice. 'What is that?'

    [A way to make you more believable. Use the motes, your Essence, from your internal pool: that way the Caste Mark will not show up and they will not know you're using it.]

    You're not exactly sure, but decided to follow her instructions.

    First Presence Excellency....

    "Yeah, there are some things I'm leaving out." You raise a hand at her narrowed eyes. "Please understand Rias-sempai: my first contact with the supernatural was someone trying to kill me. I'm grateful that you're willing to help, but I'm still not sure who I can trust and so there are some things I'd rather keep close to my chest until I do."

    She appears to contemplate your answer before sighing. "Due to your circumstances I can't fault you for that. I wouldn't trust strangers so readily myself. Then,-" She winks at you. "-if I gain your trust, will you tell me e-ve-ry-thi-n-g?"

    You smile. "I'd love to."

    “Then,-" She claps her hands. "-let's move to the original topic of this meeting: helping you with the Fallen Angels' problem. I already said we Devils were at war with Angels and Fallen Angels in the past, but today there is a ceasefire between the Three Factions since all sides suffered heavy causalities in the last conflict. This peace is frail of course, but precisely because of this everyone is wary of causing the spark that would re-ignite the fights. So the best way to keep the Fallen Angels off you is to take one of the other sides. My family holds the rank of Duke, one of the highest-ranking in the Underworld. If you come under my family's protection every Fallen Angel will hesitate to attack you in fear of the repercussions. To do this there are three options."

    "So neutrality isn’t an option." You sigh. "Well, I should make the best of what it was dealt to me. What are those options?"

    "The first-" Rias lifts up a finger. "is to join my Peerage and be reincarnated as a Devil."


    "The system Devils use to increase their ranks." She takes out a box and open it, revealing dark red chess pieces. "It's called the [Evil Piece]. Devils who wished to increase their ranks after the war started gathering powerful servants, fewer in number but individually more powerful. Quality over quantity. [Evil Pieces] were created for this purpose. Do you know about chess?"

    "It's similar to shogi, right?"

    "Correct. There are sixteen pieces in a chess set: a King, a Queen, two Rooks, two Knights, two Bishops and eight Pawns. The Evil Piece system utilize all pieces beside the King, that become a title belonging to the master and owner of the pieces. Like me." She picks up a Knight. "By using them it's possible to reincarnate, or better transform someone into a Devil. By inserting them inside a body they will transform it into that of a Devil."

    Those hints are enough for you to draw a conclusion. "So you want me to become your servant? Isn't a little drastic as a choice? I mean, I assume it's a lifetime commitment?"

    "True, but reincarnated Devils can rise in rank and even one day have a peerage of their own. With time and effort everyone can rise through Devil society and become someone important."

    [Notice how she didn't deny your question. This mean you could become important, but will always be subordinate to her.]

    Bright-sensei is right. "Before deciding I would like to know the other choices."

    "Of course. The second choice is to join as a temp Devil."

    "You can do something like that?"

    "Yes. As a temp Devil you don't have to be reincarnated into one, but you're expected to follow almost all the rules and duties of one. Also all your accomplishments go to me instead of boosting your reputation. The advantages are that you can quit when you want and that assaults on you are the same as being made on me, thus you will be protected."

    This is more appealing, even if it means you will gain nothing beside protection as long as you work for her.

    "The third is to become a Magician and become affiliated with my clan."

    "Magician? As, a human who can use magic? A mage?"

    "Correct. You said your Sacred Gear allowed you to instantly analyze and understand the magic spells in this room, right?" You nod. "When you did it you released powerful magical energy. I think it's either an innate talent or another gift from your Sacred Gear."

    [You are a Twilight Caste.] Bright says with smugness and pride. [In its ranks there are the greatest scholars, sorcerers and artisans of the Realm. Magic and knowledge flows into your body as easily as air and blood.]

    "I believe you could be a good Magician Hyodo-kun. Now, Devils and humans use magic differently, but human magic was first developed by studying Devils and their magic. It is considered something of a rite of passage for a young up-and-coming Devil to make a pact with a Magician. As such we have a long-last relationship with Magicians all over the world and frequently exchange techniques and knowledge. Even without joining a Mage Association you could learn magic by working for me and be able to summon one of us in case someone like the Fallen Angels attack you. In exchange you will help and fight for me."

    This is also interesting. On one hand, magic! On the other, you may be called to fight in Rias-sempai's name.

    [You are going to fight anyway. You have too much potential, many will covet your power.]

    That's also true.

    "Of course you can reject all choices." Rias shrugs. "But there is the risk of the Fallen Angels coming for you before you find an alternative."

    So damned if you do, damned if you don't? Yup, life is unfair. Thanks God for small mercies like pretty girls.

    However, you need to make a choice.

    [] Join as a Devil.
    [] Join as a Temp Devil.
    [] Join as a Magician.
    [] Find another solution.
    [] Suggestions? (Write-in)

    You are down to:

    Personal: 12/17
    Peripheral: 35/40

    Willpower: 8/8

    Be warned: there are specific consequences for each path. For example, if you join as a Temp Devil you will not be taught magic of any type.
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    [X] Questions

    "I am interested in the Magician option. It's okay if I ask some questions before making a final decision?"

    "Sure, go on."

    [X] Well, are there any magician groups that I might need to register/affiliate/make a blood pact with/sacrifice to? I don't want them to hate me for being an heretic, or try to kill my family.

    "There is indeed a Magic Council that regulate and govern Magicians, followed by single organizations where mages from the same country or following the same branch of magic gather together. And yes, registration is necessary. I can take care of it for you and register you as an apprentice under my clan. As long as you follow their rules, like the prohibition of experiments upon humans and other sentient races, you will be free to do as you wish."

    [X] Working together, what does that mean exactly? You help me train my magic, but what kind of tasks I can do in return when I barely know what my Sacred Gear does?

    "Well, that is what training and experimentation are for." She replies with an amused smile. "While I said there is a ceasefire it doesn't mean fights and battles will not happen in the future. There is a great number of individuals in the world that are a danger to society, both mundane and supernatural. As the heiress to the Gremory Clan and the one that was assigned to administer this city, it's my duty to take care of whoever intends to cause trouble. You will not be able to participate to Rating Games, but in any other situation where strength is required you will fight alongside my servants, either as a fighter or a bodyguard."

    "Rating Games? What are those?"

    "A competition popular among Devils, where peerages compete against one another. We call it the 'Rating Game'. There are even tournaments for it. The strength of a Devil's Pieces and also how strong they are at the Game affects the Devils' social position, and their peerage. There is a thing called [Piece Collect] where Devils gather humans with talents and make them into their [Pieces]. It's very popular recently. Talent is rewarded with better social status. They are basically battles in a controlled, non-lethal environment. Only official members of a peerage can participate."

    "Other duties include, but are not limited to: making researches for me, helping with training, making stuff like potions and magic wards. Since there are types of magic that Devils can't access but humans can you will have to study and become proficient with some of them, the ones that I decide are more useful for me. In exchange for all of this we will help you develop your potential, act as your bodyguards and provide knowledge and resources, the latter as a cheaper price than normal."

    "Finally, a pact between a Magician and Devil is two way. If both are powerful a pact provide benefits to each other in terms of status and fortune. This is merely a possibility for the future for now, but it’s worth considering."

    [X] How closely together will we be working?

    "Quite closely. If you accept you will be required to remain in the city and in this school, so a transfer is not allowed. Since our contract is different compared to my servants you will have more freedom, but if there is an emergency you will have to answer my call unless there are extraordinary circumstances. To which I mean: serious injuries or being caught in mortal combat."

    "What if, for whatever reason, I am all the way to the other side of the planet?"

    "That is what teleportation circles are for."


    What would my official standing be?

    "A collaborator, more of less an independent contractor. Since you are a novice right now and I am a Noble your status would still be below me, but with time and effort you could very well rise as my equal." She makes a knowing smile. "In the Devil World strength means respect after all."

    [Words to live for.] Ddraig comments.

    [X] What would my political standing be? Would I be considered a part of the Devil faction or just an ally of the Gremory house?

    "Definitely an ally. There will be some who will not see the difference, but in general you don't have to worry about being judged too hard. Devils have peaceful relations with many supernatural factions."

    [X] How permanent would the contract be? Would this prevent me from making contracts or alliances with other people, especially those who are unrelated or unfriendly to the devil faction?

    "I expect you to agree to a yet-to-be-determined but substantial minimum amount of time. This is an investment for me after all." She waves her finger. "I have nothing against you creating relationships with other unrelated factions, even more if I can benefit from them, but if you want to do it with the unfriendly ones you will first have to cut your alliance with me and other Devils. As they said: during conflict, either you choose to remain neutral or choose a side."

    "Right, I should have imagined that." You sigh. "I suppose that as a modern guy I have difficulties adapting to this new kind of mentality."

    "This is understandable. Please don't worry too much."

    [X] I...won't have to sacrifice virgins to you, would I?

    "One every Full Moon." She replies with a straight face. "I prefer boys, but good-looking females are fine too."

    Silence. You look at her in astonishment, your mouth hanging open, before her composed stance cracks and she starts laughing, soon followed by the others.

    "Ahahahaha! That joke never gets old!" She wipes the tears from her eyes. "Don’t worry Hyodo-san, Devils stopped doing human sacrifices and other similar acts a long time ago. Today we prefer a more friendly approach. Even then..." She snickers quite unlady-like. "We don't disdain playing on our old stereotypes if it is the case."

    "Like, teasing the new guy?" You deadpan, your head low. "Men, I fell into it like a bee into the honey."

    "There, there." Kiba pats your back with his usual smile.

    Go away damn handsome.
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    [X] Join as a Magician.

    You have many choices, but in the end, once you consider Bright's words and your parents safety, only one is correct.

    "Rias-sempai? I have decided." You fold your fingers together. "I'll become a Magician affiliated with you. However, I would like for the protection to be extended to my parents too. I don't want to put them in danger for my choices."

    "Consider it done. I know the value of family and share your concerns." She stands up and offers a hand. "Welcome to the Occult Research Club Hyodo-san. No, Issei-kun. Can I call you Issei-kun?"

    You shake her hand. "You can call me Ise, Rias-sempai. Or is it Buchou?" Her hand is so soft...

    "Yes, when on school calling me Buchou is appropriate."

    At that moment wings sprout from the backs of everyone around you. They're different from the black wings of Fallen Angels, their wings are like bat wings. You almost jump in surprise at the sight.

    "Let's introduce everyone anew. Yuuto."

    Kiba smiles at you after Buncho calls his name.

    "My name is Kiba Yuuto. As you already know, I'm a second year like you, Hyoudou Issei-kun and a I'm a Devil. Nice to meet you."

    "....First year. ....Toujou Koneko. Pleased to make your acquaintance. ....I'm a Devil too."

    Toujou Koneko-chan bows her head.

    "My name is Himejima Akeno, and I'm in third year. I'm also the vice-president of this Occult Research Club. Nice to meet you. Even though I'm like this, I'm also a Devil. Ufufu."

    Himejima-senpai bows her head very politely.

    Lastly, it's Rias-senpai. She waves her crimson hair and says it very directly.

    "And I'm their master as well as being a Devil from the House of Gremory, Rias Gremory. My house holds the rank of a Duke. Let's get along from now on, Ise."

    Your turn. You stand up and bow in a more formal manner.

    "My name is Hyodo Issei, a second year. I am a Sacred Gear user and future Magician. I hope our collaboration will be productive. From now on I will be in your care. Please look after me."

    "Yes! My first Magician!" Rias smiles and raises a first in the air. "I feel like I grew as a Devil a bit more."

    "You did Rias, you did." Akeno congratulates her master. Kiba and Koneko nod in approval.

    Devils or not, you are sure of one thing: they are good people. Kinda ironic, but in a good way.


    Later you left the Club. To finalize the contract you will need to firm some papers Buchou will have ready the next day, but the gift of it is clear: for the next nine months you will study as a novice Magician under them and in return be an asset for the Gremory Clan. Akeno-sempai will be the one to teach you since she is the one more knowledgeable about magic in the Peerage. Your training will start tomorrow: she already gave you a bracelet with a magic circle that will instantly summon one or more of them if you are in danger and promised she will put a similar circle and a defensive barrier around your house by tomorrow.

    But before going home there is another place you want to visit.



    Silence. Abe-sempai and the girls from the tennis club are staring at you slack-jawed with wide eyes.

    Honestly, this is getting a little annoying.

    "Ahem." You cough to gain their attention. "Yes I know, it's out of this world. But the Apocalypse is no near. Abe-sempai, can we talk?"

    "Y-Yes!" She turns to the others. "Continue without me. I will be back soon."

    The two of you walk to the other side of the fence, where you can still be seen but not heard.

    "What. Happened." Abe-sempai goes directly to the point.

    "My Sacred Gear did it to me. It seems it magnifies all my positive traits to an absurd degree." And it can do so much more. It's not even a Sacred Gear.

    "I never knew Sacred Gears could do something like that..." She muses before taking a high-class lady-like stance. "So, barely a day passed and you already came to collect your debt? I may have underestimated you."

    "More of less. I would like your opinion about something. You see..."

    You tell her of the recent events and your new affiliation with the Gremory. At the end of your tale her face is hard.

    "If Fallen Angels are really targeting your life I can't fault your decision. But be careful when dealing with Devils. A trade with a devil needs to be done carefully or else you might have your soul taken away."

    "But Gremory-sempai said devils don't do that anymore."

    "You still have to be careful. You can't trust them so easily. Neither Rias-san nor Kaichou."

    "Kaichou?" You ask confused.

    She quirk an eyebrow. "Sona Shitori, the Student Council President. She is a Devil too. Didn't you know?"

    Eeeeh?! The third most beautiful girl in the school is a Devil?! "Seriously?"

    "Yes. Her real name is Sona Sitri, of the Sitri Clan of Devils. All the members of the Council are part of her peerage."

    Why didn't Rias-sempai tell you that?

    [Because she wanted you to join her.] Ddraig says. [It's obvious her principal goal is to make you a part of her peerage, but she knows people aren't so easily convinced and so gave you a choice.]

    [The girl is smart, but not enough to realize that you may had a way to learn about this so fast.]

    'I see. So it's like that.' Speaking truthfully you don't really resent her. She may had omitted information from you, but it's apparent she never intended to exploit you in a bad way. You kept secrets yourself after all, so you can't fault her from doing the same.

    Is this the famous social-fu you heard about on the internet? It's surely complicated!

    "Thanks for telling me Abe-sempai. One last thing: do you know any Japanese Magic Association, not hostile to Devils, that I can contact for assistance?"

    "Uhm..." She assumes a thinking pose. "My family is very old and proud so we kept mostly to ourselves, but we formally belong to the History Compilation Committee, the main Japanese Association that is in change of keeping the supernatural hidden from normal people. There are other minor but influential associations, but the only two I know are the Urakai ("Shadow Organization") and the Keikain House, the premier Onmyōji Clan that protect Kyoto. There is also the Youkai Yakuza but I advise against it, at least until you're strong enough."

    You nod. "I see...wait a second!" Your head whip around so fast you almost give yourself a whiplash. "Youkai Yakuza?"

    There is something absurd like that in the world?!?

    "The business type, not the criminal type. Many Youkai Clans are too prideful to receive help from humans, so they sought to be independent. They're actually good guys, if a bit rowdy. Or so my father said."

    You kept passing from one weird things to another.


    When you return home, the sight that greet you is that of your parents happily dancing together, loudly thanking "Kami-sama" for the miracle of "turning our useless and plain son into someone that will have success and will not end masturbating on porno until the day he dies".

    Parents? What parents? You don't have parents. Stop laughing Ddraig!

    You just walk into your room and close the door, hoping that by the time dinner comes they will have calmed down.

    [Uhuh. You have amusing parents, brat.]

    There is nothing amusing here.

    [Come here worm. We need to talk.]

    Bright-sensei's clear voice cuts through your conversation. She actually sounds serious this time.


    "It's about your training." She explains. "You will learn the magic of this world. But, while that is good, there are many powers that you, as a Solar Exalted, can claim for your own. Powers that nobody in this world experienced before, thus they will not have counters for them.

    "We can both give you special training." Ddraig continues, making himself comfortable on the ground like a big lizard.

    "Since you have the Boosted Gear that has me, a Dragon, sealed inside you also possess a "Dragon Quality" that make you able to learn the techniques of us Dragons. Be careful however, for this same Quality means you will be affected by dragon-slaying weapons. There aren't many in the world, but every one of them is a serious danger."

    "What kind of techniques Dragons use?" You ask intrigued.

    "Very straightforward ones. Dragons are beings created from large masses of energy, we represent power. Dragon techniques are about hitting fast, hard and often many times at once. There are also some to increase speed, defense and even to summon a lesser dragon as an ally in battle."

    Sounds awesome. "Can I learn how to fly too?"

    "That can be taken care of by Boosted Gear itself, but only in the future." He anwers cryptically.

    "The ways of an Exalt are more complicated." Bright assumes a lotus position in mid-air. "First, let me tell you about Castes."

    "The Caste of a Solar Exalt indicates the predisposition toward a certain role or certain duties based on individual abilities. There are five of them:

    Dawn: leaders of armies and undefeated warriors; Zenith: priests and rulers of nations; Twilight Caste: scholars, sorcerers and craftsmen; Night: spies and assassins; Eclipse: diplomats and bureaucrats.

    You and I, worm, both belong to the Twilight Caste. We create peerless wonders and wield unstoppable magic."

    So you're a Wizard type?

    "Next are the natural weapons of an Exalt: Charms and Sorcery. Charms are a form of Essence manipulation that focuses it through the Exalted's Abilities to enhance their effects to great degrees."


    "In Creation humans do not deal the same way with skills and knowledge. There all human skills are divided between 25 Colleges, or Abilities. Knowledge of a skill within a College makes the acquisition of all the other ones much easier, possibly even trivial. In your world one can train all his life to play an instrument and never learn how to sing. In Creation that doesn't happen: once someone become sufficiently proficient in an art it is absurdly easy to learn the other skills that fall under the same College."

    "That's why I was able to learn new things without studying them first? How come? We aren't in Creation."

    "It doesn't matter: your Exaltation will warp reality to make you work under the laws of Creation, no matter where you are."


    "Listen well. The Twenty-five Colleges are:

    Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown and War. Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistance and Survival. Craft, Investigation, Lore, Medicine and Occult. Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny and Stealth. Bureaucracy, Linguistics, Ride, Sail and Socialize.

    As a Twilight you have a natural affinity to Craft, Investigation, Lore, Medicine and Occult. You also have a personal affinity to Presence, Resistance, Athletics, Awareness and Dodge. Meaning that mastery of them will come easier for you. Becoming more proficient in them mean you will be able to learn more powerful Charms. They are learned separately, so remember: to learn Charms you first need to raise your Abilities."

    "Charms are, like, those golden flames I used and my skin turning into steel?" She nods. "Awesome! And what is Sorcery?"

    "Sorcery is a more sophisticated and demanding form of Essence manipulation than Charms. Charms are useful in combat and other situations where you need to act fast and within your Abilities. With Sorcery on the other hand the Exalt focuses Essence through sheer will alone, so it's time-consuming. It has a strategic value, not a tactical one. With it I destroyed entire cities and massive armies alone, but when I fought single, powerful enemies I relied on Charms. Many spells have powerful effects that a Charms couldn't emulate: some may not be usable here in this new world, but the other will aid you greatly."

    "Those are your options brat. It would be best that you decide right now how to divide your time and what to prioritize, because you can't do everything." Ddraig interjects.

    "For an Exalt sleep is merely an inconvenience, so you will be fine with only four hours of sleep every three days."

    "Even if I get dead tired?"

    "Even then. By raising Lore a bit you could even drop that school of your altogether, but that would give your abilities away to those Devils. So it's not an option. For now."

    "You also need to gain more potential. As I said you need to do heroic deeds. My advice is to search this city for possible challenges."

    "In short: be a little kid and go search for adventures!" Ddraig guffaws.

    This dragon of yours is having too much fun for your tastes. You may need to thrown him down a peg or two.

    Still, you have so many options! But you need to decide on a schedule.

    Popularity Arc: Complete

    +3 Xp for doing good things in a good manner

    Now is the time to arrange your schedule. I don't have a sure-proof method yet, so I rely on your sensibility and experience to do a good job.

    A day is composed of: 24 hours.

    00:00 -> 8:00: free time
    8:00 -> 15:30: school time (half a hour is the time needed to prepare and walk to school). Every day counts as: Lore +1 day, Intelligence +1 day.
    15:30 -> 24:00: free time. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will study DxD magic under Akeno for three hours, from 15:30 to 18:30. You can also study more alone since you will receive the material to take home.
    Sunday you are free to do what you want all day.
    Every three days you will need to sleep four consecutive hours.
    One day of training are at least three consecutives hours of continued exercise where you push your limits.

    There is also this option:

    [] Adventure Time Potential Gaining Activities (Xp farming). You can choose one for every day, but they will take an unknown amount of time. When selected you will be given a list of possible options one more horrible than the other.

    There's more? Nope. Go wild.

    Please plan for the next seven (7) days. Also, add 6 and a half hours to the total for today.
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