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Deleting threads?


Apr 23, 2017
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Can it be possible to delete threads? I have a sea of abandoned fics that I don't want cluttering my back log because of my ADHD. Because of that I don't think people can trust me to finish a work and so that's why I want them gone.
Lots of people have a "snips that I'm not sure if they're going to go anywhere" thread to contain ideas like that. You could use one of those to corral any future ideas.
Also potentially have the mods merge all the existing ones into one such thread. I forget if that was possible on XF1 or if that was an XF2 exclusive thing though.
Merging threads is possible on XF1, just a couple weeks ago a thread that was started in SFW General was merged with the movie rants thread.
Also, people get upset when you delete shit they liked, even if you aren't planning on finishing it.
Merger of threads is possible and have been done when necessary.

Deletion of threads, however, is a no go as it causes actual issues with the database.

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