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Delinquents (Worm Dramedy)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Axle, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Threadmarks: Prologue

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    Author's note: A fic I'm doing. I'll post on Sufficient Velocity and Space Battles after the completion of each arc. This is also strictly rated M because of my crude sense of humor. Caveats, critiques, pet peeves, complaints or plot holes getting caught is much appreciated. I'll be in the process of re-editing before posting this else ware.



    "Is this gonna hurt?"

    "Only if you keep crying like a pussy."

    Vivan glared at his sister, to which she grinned. “Make it a swan,” she said. “Just like this one.”

    Aryana lifted the glove off her fist to reveal a white dove tattoo on her hand. The tattoo artist looked up at her, “you can't be fucking serious?”

    “Oiy, what are we paying you for?”

    “You're not fucking paying me!” The skinhead with his body covered in swastikas and nazi symbols looked up at his friends behind him. Three E88 members had their bodies clung to the ceiling, gravity pulling them up making it difficult to move as they stared down at the three of them.

    “Well, what are we holding you hostage for?” Aryana said. “My lil bro wants a tattoo, we're entitled to equal treatment!”

    “Fucking spicks,” one of the men said from the ceiling, “bitches like you are better off bending over and sucking cocks.” Vivan zapped a neon-colored light at the skinhead's ass . “Fuck!” He yelled back. “Both of you can suck my dick.”

    “Isn't that gay?” Vivan asked with his eyes rolled up. “Like, if you say that, isn't that against your religion?”

    “Yeah,” Aryana cut in, “I'm not above sucking a skinhead, but aren't you supposed to be against that, since, you know... I'm brown?”

    “Both of you are dumbasses,” the tattoo artist muttered. “If I finish this, can you just put them down?”

    “Of course!” The two siblings said together. The tattoo artist shook his head, swallowing his pride as he marked Vivan with the tattoo.


    Aryana and Vivan put on their masks. While most capes preferred to have entire costumes ready to wear at a moment's notice, the brother and sister liked to have access to their small, makeshift masks in their pockets, ready to put on with whatever casual wares they had at the time.

    “C'mon shrimp,” Aryana said to Vivan’s distaste, “they're over there.”

    The air was cool, the alley wasn’t lit but the streetlamps provided enough light to show the outlines of the two figures waiting for them.

    “So, you're new to Brockton Bay?”

    “Yup,” Aryana said. “We're looking for a place to crash.”

    The villains looked at each other, “Um... Why us?” One asked meekly.

    “Because you guys play video games,” Vivan said cheerfully.

    Aryana raised an arm up..“And obviously, it's because we’re agents of chaos. And what better way to spread that chaos than through the internet?”

    Uber and Leet glanced at each other. They shrugged. “Well, I guess I have nothing against it,” Uber said.

    “Wait, are you guys gonna dress the way we tell you?”

    “Hell yes,” Aryana said. “I've already got three months worth of cosplay ready!”

    “It's true,” Vivan said sighing, “mom would think she's a sinner if they saw what she had in mind.”

    Uber and Leet blushed heavily beneath their masks. “She's in!” Leet yelled.

    “Er, does that include me?” Vivan asked.

    “Sure, why not.”


    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
  2. Threadmarks: 1.1

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    Emily thought she was ready. Wasn't this how it was supposed work? Put on a mask, get invited to a team, then set your own path?

    The pain she felt was instant. Hit after hit while she tried protecting her head from the incoming punches. She wasn’t sure what to do. Was she even allowed to fight back? Her alone fight against an entire team?

    "Bitch, get the fuck off of her!" Grue yelled.

    Grue grabbed her back by the arm, but Bitch kept punching with her other arm. "Rachel!" Tattletale yelled, "she's not a threat!"

    Not a threat. Those words stung more than anything else. When Regent, Tattletale, and Grue finally managed to pull Bitch off of her, Spitfire found herself crying. It was humiliating. A part of her wanted to believe that their invitation was just a cruel prank, but she knew that everything that had just transpired was all too real.

    “What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Spitfire yelled, trying to take the attention away from her crying, "all of you can go to hell!"

    She turned around and ran off. Before her plan was to find her place in a scary world, now her only plan was to get as far away from that team as possible. Faced with showing humiliating weakness, she knew she'd never survive with the Undersiders. What kind of team beats someone up for staring at them? But an underlying worry scratched at her backside, will I have to do this alone?

    Spitfire needed a team. She knew next to nothing about capes and her destructive powers made her a danger to everyone. If she couldn't get allies, the only futures she saw for herself were either the birdcage or a death sentence.

    She breathed heavy, Spitfire was careful not to let her saliva build up as she panted, lest she accidentally burn something. By the time her heart and legs were too tired to take her forward, Spitfire slowed down at the nearby alley dumpster and crouched herself to it’s side.

    Dawn was setting. The darkness protected her visibility as she pressed her face into her knees to finish crying. The world was becoming more and more scary to her. After she finally regained control of her breathing, she wiped away her tears to try and get her thoughts back in order.

    I need a plan, she thought to herself. Her only plan was to join any team, she never considered that some of the teams were completely off the rails. Getting taken advantage by others was a deep fear for her. After what just transpired, she could never show her face to the Undersiders again.

    Contemplating her options brought up more doubts. Were they the only team that would accept her? How worse were the other teams? She refused to consider joining the E88 or Merchants. Going solo was a death sentence. New Wave wasn’t an option and the Wards were more likely to arrest her.

    Faultine’s crew was an option. They were mercenaries. Theoretically, they would take anyone. But Emily ideally wanted a team of people that were closer to her age group. A team that she could relate to as a teenager, not be a kid among parental figures.

    Then there was one last option. Something that wasn’t even an option a month ago. Emily pulled out her smartphone and typed ‘The Losers’ on the web browser. A video website came up. Each upload had over fifty thousand views, Emily clicked on their latest video.


    “Welcome my bitches and bastards!” The voice on the video feed said. The girl stood in the center of an alleyway, wearing a Link outfit with a plastic sword at hand. There were three strangers tied together behind her. Her broken mask revealed the bottom half of her face, allowing for her smuggish grin to display. "Today on the Loser's channel, we've taken the liberty enlighten these hitler hipsters that no, the fourth reich isn’t happening, and you guys aren’t cool for trying to bring it back.” She tapped her plastic sword at the tied up victims. “Apparently, these incest loving pagans thought they could get a hit on us.”

    "And not the good way!" A boy’s voice from the background said.

    The camera lit a spotlight onto the victims. They were three E88 members with tattoos covered across all their necks and faces. They were tied together by rope and had bruises across their faces. The E88 girl growled at her, “you can go and get fucked!”

    “I will later,” the Link girl said sticking her tongue out. “But for now, I’m busy screwing you guys over.”

    “All of you are dead,” she growled back, “you really think you can get away with fucking with Kaiser?”

    “When you say fuck, do you mean-”

    "Captain!" Uber interrupted. The camera turned to reveal him wearing a pink Zelda dress over his robust physique. "Shall we commence the interrogation?" Uber proceeded to take out a pink themed makeup kit. Upon opening it, a dildo fell out.

    “Oh, fuck no,” one of the victims screeched.

    “These guys are just talk,” the tied girl said. “They’re pussies and they know it.”

    “The preferred term, is loser.” The Link girl leaned down at her, “As in, you’re getting your asses kicked by a bunch of losers.” She flicked her on the nose and turned around to face the camera.

    “So, back to my gentlemen and friends, I’d now like to take the time to enlighten everyone on who these wannabes were messing with.” She gestured behind the camera, “Allow me give proper credit to our camera man, Leet!”

    There was a grumbling behind the camera, "I'm not coming out with this cosplay."

    "But skimpy Shiek is best Shiek."


    She shrunk her lips, "fine. Special thanks to Leet, our anonymous cameraman. And let me also introduce, Uber. The brawn, muscle, and heart of our team!"

    Uber spun around in his pink colored zelda dress. He asked the E88 members, "does this dress make me look fat?"

    "Yes," one of them answered. Followed by a headbutt by the girl tied next to him.

    "Aaaand.... Light!"

    The camera turned to a chainmail wearing boy, he held a heavy sword that glowed an ominous blue light. Light mirrored an antagonist from the Legend of Zelda series. "Winter is coming."

    "Wrong reference," Leet yelled.

    “You’re a wizard, Luke.”

    “Goddamnit man. Do you even game?”

    "And I," the girl yelled over them, "leader of the losers, advocate of chaos, agent of the Underlord. Rush!" The camera zoomed out as she lifted her arms up. Heaps of garbage behind her floated and collapsed for a mid second. The ground thumped at once by the demonstration of her power. "We are the losers! The scums of society, the rats that gnaw at your feet, the cockroaches that can never be killed! Whether they be wannabe nazis fake, or protectorate sellouts, our only mission is to watch the world burn. To bring chaos to the secret puppeteers above!"

    She pointed at the E88 again, "pawns of the illuminati! Pathetic wretches being used as tools, their blind lust for power shall be their downfall!" She pointed at the camera again, "do you hear that Illuminati? We're coming for you. And when we find you, your fates will be worse than death!"

    The video feed cut off. What followed it was a series of images as they drew dicks on the E88 member’s faces. Light took the opportunity to put a wig on the man. An image by image process was shown of Rush removing her sock and stuffing it into the girl E88 member’s mouth. The final image ended with a bear hug, in which Uber hugged the three of them while wrapping them in a gay pride parade flag. The song “Happy Days” played in the background throughout the montage.


    Emily lowered her cell phone. She was forced to admit that she enjoyed their show. Where as Uber and Leet were originally infamous for their ineptitude and failures, Light and Rush carried the team up into heightened success that no one else thought was possible. It wasn't just a nerd channel anymore. They were all becoming reputable villains wreaking havoc onto Brockton Bay’s organizations.

    The Losers were mostly thieves. They’d rob jewelries stores across the city, more as a PR stunt than for actual profits. Their livestreams of them running away from the PRT were the highest rated videos on their website. The banter between them and the Wards increased popularity among both the villains and hereos. Clockblocker’s fanbase grew tremendously, and there were even rumors that the Wards didn’t actually want to capture the Losers.

    Even as villains, many people speculated that they were more anti-villain than villain. They robbed more villains than heroes, constantly hitting E88, Merchant, and ABB businesses. And although they stole from everyone, the E88 were the prime targets for their attacks. Nazi puns, ridiculous pranks, constant ridiculing on camera, the E88 were becoming the laughing stocks of the internet.

    Emily took a deep breathe. She was a fan of them, but did she really want to join them? They were in Brockton Bay, but Emily’s ideal scenario was joining a team and then fading into obscurity. That’s why the Undersiders seemed so ideal at first. Now it was either the Losers or Faultline’s crew.

    It all boiled to a basic question: What did she really want? To join a team that would let her hide? Or join a team that would put her in the limelight?

    Was the exposure worth the companionship? She scrolled across the photography section of their websites. There were a few dozen photos of them smiling next to their fallen enemies. On one occasion, they took a group picture with the Wards before confronting each other at a store robbery (the PRT swears it was photoshopped). On another occasion, they took a selfie of themselves hiding, with New Wave hidden in the crowd behind them, thumbing up as though they were planning something devious.

    They were each active with their own communities. Light recommended cooking recipes, Uber offered sparring tips online, and Leet gamed with his fans regularly. From the world’s perspective, they’re lives were stable. Some people even romanticized the villainous life because of them, and Emily couldn’t help feel the same way.

    At least I’ll know what to expect. Emily took another deep breath, and turned on the camera on her cell phone.


    An important trait to have on the internet: Have a personality. People liked to see other people be the extremity of things. The reason this is is because there’s a general ‘standard’ to real life, an etiquette that people have to follow. Manners, respect, courtesy, these are all things people get bored of easily. Which is why people followed internet celebrities; they’re deviations of what people are used to.

    So, Emily needed to pick a personality for Spitfire. Something that the internet could love, something that the Losers would want to have. She swallowed, and spoke softly to the camera. “My name is Spitfire, and I’m…an arsonist.” She fired her burning breathe onto the junkyard behind her.The flames amassed into the air as the metals around her began to melt. “I also enjoy long walks on the beach, Netflix and chilling, and getting upset at people who don’t like raisins.”

    Her voice was oddly shaky, but it wasn’t noticed over the sounds of burning metal. “So if the Losers ever need help lighting up a campfire, a bon fire, or a… House fire, Spitfire can help.”

    The video ended with the flames spreading across into a wall of fire behind her. She breathed through her gas mask and gestured a quick peace symbol to the camera. Emily hoped to give herself an absurd contradiction by the end of her video.

    After uploading the footage to their website, she held her hands tightly as she waited for a response. Instantly, the footage became the fastest trending video on the website. People commenting for her to join.

    She should rename herself flowers and sunshine.

    Thank God someone else loves raisins.

    Does walking on the beach include walking on a burning beach?

    Emily commented: That’s what I meant the first time.

    More people endorsed her.

    Now they can finally use the catchphrase “let’s watch the world burn.”

    I can finally ship Leet with someone.

    Join them, and f*** up that song from Adele.
    After fifteen more minutes of waiting, a single message from the main mod become the top rated comment in the video.

    She’s in. Prepare for the initiation test.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
  3. jrbless

    jrbless You needed worthy opponents.

    Jan 13, 2015
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    She completely forgot to offer that she can help roast hotdogs, make S'Mores, and pop popcorn. Tsk, tsk, tsk :)
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  4. Threadmarks: 1.2

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    “Hello my pretty little tool.”

    Tool. For some reason that word terrified Emily. She knew she was stronger than the average cape, but by how much would they decide to take advantage of her?

    Rush had on a black overcoat jacket with a red corset underneath. Her leather pants were matched up with an oversized belt buckle. Her finger cut gloves wrapped around her metal club, one which could extend and split into two shock batons.

    She floated above Spitfire’s head with her brother next to her. Her powers were telekinesis, but most people speculated it was more gravity control than mind controlling matter. Her brother had a white hoodie and pants. The blue cloth strip that lined across his pants and arm sleeves glowed whenever he used his powers. People called his glowing clothes, the most impractical thing a tinker could invent.

    “How did you find me?” Spitfire asked up to them.

    “Lucky guess,” she answered.

    “Leet tracks who uploads,” Light answered. “Basic tinkering, anyone could do it.”

    That made sense, it wasn’t like Emily’s phone was tinker proof. Light and Rush fell to the ground where Spitfire was standing. They were a few miles away from the junkyard she’d recorded the video, she didn’t expect them to find her less than an hour after uploading.

    “By any chance, are you Chinese?” Rush asked.

    “What? Why are you asking that?” Spitfire covered her face, worried if they were prying her for her secret identity.

    Rush tapped at her chin, “we were on our way to get chinese food when you uploaded it. I was hoping we could go back to Uber and Leet and say, ‘look, I brought Chinese!’”

    Spitfie gazed at her for a full minute. Light groaned, “that is so racist. I’m offended as an asian.”

    Rush asked, “you’re asian? I thought you were latino.”

    “Just because I’m brown, it doesn’t mean I’m latino.”

    “Wait, what color are asians?”


    “That sounds pretty spanish to me.”

    Spitfire cut in. “Wait, aren’t you both siblings?”

    They nodded. “Doesn’t mean I can’t be asian.” Light grumbled.

    “But, shouldn’t she know what-”

    “Oiy,” Rush interrupted. “We’re the one doing the initiation test here, not you!”

    Rush’s mask covered the top half of her face, making her jawline extremely animated whenever she spoke. Light’s mask covered the bottom half of his face, they could both fit together like broken egg shells.

    Spitfire’s mask was a simple gas mask she’d bought off from home depot. Her jumpsuit was somewhat pathetic. It was just a worn down fire fighter suit her father used to wear, she removed the patches and was thankful that it was at least dyed black. She really was on a lower standard than the both of them. Leet’s inventions probably gave them multiple tricks literally up their sleeves.

    “Question number 1,” Rush shouted, “Are you willing to worship Scion as the devil in the sky?”

    “What?” Spitfire blinked.

    “Scion, the death God of the multiverse, traveling through time and space as the evil prophet saving us from our reckoning. Are you willing to embrace the code of Scion?”

    Spitfire tilted her head, she was asking her to believe in something no one understood. She’d constantly yell ‘code of Scion’ on the show, but none of her fans could pin point the actual beliefs were. On some occasions she’d worship him, on others she’d shame him, on other occasions she’d spew out conspiracy theories that he’s a demigod from the future sent to save us from the Illuminati.

    “Will... I have to understand the code of Scion to embrace it?”

    They both quickly answered, "no," to her.

    “Then… I’ll ‘embrace’ it.”

    Rush pumped her fists up, “holy shit she actually said yes!”

    Light sighed, “Leet is gonna be so pissed.”

    Before Spitfire could think to regret her words, Rush began unleashing an ocean of questions at her. “Are you a part of the Illuminati?”


    She snapped her fingers. “Damnit, I was hoping you could give us some info.”

    Light asked, “do you like your chicken fried or mild?”

    “Mild.” She answered. While Rush unleashed heavy questions that seemingly had no meaning, Light launched his own line of mundane questioning that seemed absurd in comparison.

    Light asked, “do you prefer your bed sheets tucked or untucked?”


    Rush asked, “When the world ends, how likely are you to revert to cannibalism?”

    “Not likely.”

    Rush growled, “godamnit, I was hoping to share an Uber rib with someone.”

    Light asked, “do you prefer brooming, or washing dishes?”

    “Washing dishes.”

    Light crossed his arms, “but wouldn't you melt when you touch water?”

    Rush commented, “oh, because she has fire powers she has to melt? You racist fuck.”

    The questioning went on for a full thirty minutes, by the end of it, Spitfire felt drained simply from the feeling of having nothing accomplished. The amount of random questions didn’t offer anything, and it was almost like they were visiting her just to waste time.

    “Okay, one final question,” Rush said. Spitfire sighed in relief, happy that this ‘interview’ was almost over. Rush leaned in closer to Spitfire, she floated in a laying position as she stared directly into Spitfire’s eye sockets. Her smile was gone, and she almost whispered to her. “Will you tell the world what your trigger event is?”

    Spitfire’s eyes widened, she took two steps back. “Why?”

    Rush lightly stepped onto the ground. She pointed to the distance, a camera drone rose up from the junkyard behind them. It was was recording everything. “There’s a reason everyone on our team posted up those ‘origin’ story videos on the website. We really are losers, but the only way to get passed that, is to be okay with the worst parts of ourselves.”

    She turned around to tap a button on the drone. The red light on the camera turned off. “Its not just to make the fans like us, the world really is a scary place. People look at parahumans like Gods or monsters, easily forgetting that we’re human beneath our masks.” She pulled up her mask to reveal her full face to Spitfire. “So the only way to beat that, is to humanize ourselves. And the only way to humanize ourselves, is to remind the world that we’re as screwed up as every other person is.”

    She turned on the camera again while putting her mask back on, “so what’ll it be Spitfire? Do you have what it takes to be a Loser? Do you have what it takes to be on our team. If you do, then all you have to do is look into this camera, and tell the world what your trigger event is!”

    Spitfire felt the world hold still. The camera stared at her, and she shook her head. “No,” Spitfire said. “I won’t.”


    The three of them returned to their base. To Emily’s surprise, it was just an abandoned apartment complex that happened to have electricity running. The apartment building was cut off due to mold, but apparently the problem had long gone away. Leaving the team with the freedom to roam across the entire building without any issue.

    “Hey guys, I brought chinese,” Rush said opening the door. Her new hair style was more natural. It was cut to neck level and stayed a normal black color, she apparently altered it when in costume.

    “Finally,” a boy answered. “I’m starving, did you guys get lost? You took forever-” The boy paused mid sentence at the sight of the curly haired freckled girl. He was scrawny, with black hair and pale skin that matched his boney figure. “What… The hell.”

    A blonde haired young adult stepped out from the kitchen. He had rubber gloves on from washing yesterday's dishes. “Right,” Uber said, “while you were in the lab an audition tape got uploaded to our website. I’m guessing you’re… Spitfire? Unless Rush invited a fan again.”

    Rush shouted, “she had chlamydia, she deserved to meet us!”

    “Cancer,” Uber corrected, “the girl had cancer. Stop mixing the two diseases.”

    Leet turned to his bigger, more robust friend. “I’m gone for a few hours, and you guys brought a new member without asking me? Why am I always getting left out of this?”

    Uber answered, “she didn’t tell me either. I just figured she and Vivan would probably do that without us. Guess I was right.”

    Leet pointed at Rush, “since when could she make big, game-changing decisions without us?”

    Light answered, “I kind of go where she tells me. Be honest though, would you have been against it if she told you?”

    “No,” Leet said quietly, “but I’m not happy about it.”

    Uber took off his gloves and dried his hand. He stepped across the living room to shake Emily’s hand. “I’m Robert. Also called Uber. It’s nice to have you on the team, Spitfire.”

    Emily was taken aback by his politeness. After what the Undersiders, Light and Rush had put her through, she was beginning to think all capes were naturally crazy.

    “I’m Emily,” she said. “I’m… Glad to be here.”

    She was still nervous, fortunately, it was easy for them to do the talking for her. Uber pointed to each of the members, “Leet here is Edwin, or Ed for short. He spends a lot of time in the lab. He complains a lot, but never actually means it.”

    “Seriously?” Ed said, “I never actually mean it? Is that why you guys never listen to me? Because you think I never mean it?”

    Not listening, Robert pointed to Light. “I’m sure you know Vivan now, and his sister Aryana.”

    Emily nodded, smiling without worry for the first time in hours. “I’m glad to be here.”

    Robert returned to the stove in the kitchen, “I had a feeling you guys were going to forget the food, so I got some take out. Not as good as what Vivan makes, but food is food.”

    “Alright,” Vivan said, “I’m starving. After we eat, we celebrate our new member with a super smash brawl tournament.”

    Ed looked over to Emily again, just as he was passing her to enter the kitchen, he asked in a lowered voice. “So… are you really chinese? Because you don’t look like it…”

    In an instant, Robert, Vivan, and Aryana yelled, “racist bastard!” from the kitchen, and proceeded to throw plastic forks and napkin balls in his direction.


    “Five o’clock,” Light said staring at his watch sitting on the sofa. “Right on time. Nice.”

    Spitfire was smiling beneath her older mask, “thank you,” she said. She wasn’t sure what she was thanking them for, but they all accepted it anyway.

    Rush had on her default costume, the same one she’d worn from the day before. Uber and Leet had on their skin tight bodysuits, but only under some casual pants and t-shirts. Spitfire wondered why they dressed casually.

    “First things first,” Rush said with a smiling. “Show her the new toy.”

    Leet pulled out the gas mask from behind the sofa. “It’s an adjustable fire mask. It lets you spread out your fire like a garden hose. A lot of different settings. Wearing it, you can spread your fire, focus it, or even minimize it as much as you’d like.”

    Emily looked down at the mask. It looked so plain, but the nozzle at the end was almost glowing. “Amazing, thank you.”

    “Hmm… I haven’t finished explaining.” She was still looking down at it in astonishment. “It also lets you freeze things.”


    “Your power is shooting napalm fire, right? The nozzle can be adjusted to ‘snuff out’ the fire, and uses some chemicals to convert the napalm into liquid nitrogen. That stuff still kills, obviously, but it won’t spread.”

    Emily placed the mask atop of her face. "Oh my God." Panels were lit up everywhere, showing the flammability of the materials around her. “You put safety panels here.”

    Leet nodded, “it was Rush’s idea. She said you might want to play it safe, so there are a lot of backup warnings in it. It’ll let you know how the fire will react based on the environment around it. It even predicts the directions it'll spread. Use your hand to turn the nozzle or say the words ‘command ice’, and it’ll change to liquid nitrogen. The computer can also guide you on how to put out fires with that.”

    Emily was tearing beneath her mask, she ran up to Leet and gave him a heavy hug. “Thank you, so much.”

    Leet, unsure what to say, only turned red from her thankfulness. “You know, it doesn’t matter or anything.”

    She let go, “yes it does,” she was smiling, almost sniffling in happiness.

    Leet swallowed, wholly embarrassed by the spectacle.

    “Now,” Rush said, “back to the mission.”

    Light nodded, “while you were in school, we’ve been scouting the city for what targets to attack next. We’ve reduced it to eight possible hit-points, and we’re using advanced probability devices to choose what the perfect place to hit.”

    Rush handed Spitfire a dart, “since this’ll be your first mission, you should be the one to decide.”

    She looked across the room, the dart board had eight pictures attached to the wall. Five pictures were swatsikas, one picture had a lazy boy chair on it, another had a weed symbol, and the last picture had a lewd fan art photo of Clockblocker and Rush together.

    “Seriously?” Spitfire said, “this is how you guys decide things?”

    “And it hasn’t failed us yet,” Light added.

    Uber nodded, “which is really astounding, when you think about it.”

    Spitfire looked down at the dart. Maybe she wasn’t ready for a mission, but her team was. And for the first time in a long time. she felt like she had people she could fall back onto. Like where if she failed, they could pick her up. One mission, one beginning.

    She tossed the dart at the wall.

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  5. Ack

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    Feb 12, 2014
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    Love it.
  6. Starfox5

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Great idea!
  7. jrbless

    jrbless You needed worthy opponents.

    Jan 13, 2015
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    Well, darts are a great way to get random results. I was almost expecting Uber and Leet to have some D20 that everyone would roll. Assign each picture/target a few different numbers and see what the dice say.
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    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

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    Aryana casually walked backwards while the rest of her team followed. She stuffed her hands in her leather jacket while Vivan pulled at his sports gloves. Emily wore the same outfit she’d had on from school. It surprised her that she was asked to dress casually for a mission.

    Walking across the broadwalk, Emily couldn't help but feel nervous by the people around her. Strangers scowled down at them, specifically at Vivan and Aryana, as they happily walked into the center of E88 territory.

    “Here’s how it works,” Aryana said. “Emily and Vivan are gonna hold hands and be the interracial couple, Ed and Robert are gonna hold hands and be the gay couple. Since I don’t have a partner this time, I’ll just be the fifth wheel token minority.”

    Emily looked over to Vivan, he was visibly blushing. Emily asked, “are you sure this’ll work?”

    “It’s worked so far.” Robert answered for her. “When it’s obvious the bar is owned by the E88, they all react the same way. Seeing non-white non-straight couples at their hangouts pisses them off. So they try to kick our asses, not knowing we’re capes. Things look better when they attack us first because it makes them look more like the bad guys. If we just ambushed non-powered thugs all the time, we’d come off as bullies.”

    “Self-defense,” Edwin added. “For some reason, viewers like us more when they think we’re just defending ourselves.”

    “That, and everyone hates nazis,” Aryana said.

    “Because they do nazi it coming,” Vivan commented.

    “Jew know you can’t be anymore reicht.” Robert added.

    “Let’s not take this any fuh-rer,” Edwin said, “Nazi puns are outside mein kam-fort zone.”

    Aryana pointed to the bar up ahead, “Stop Shtalin, guys. We have to hitler them until they’re fuh-rer-ious!” Before walking any fuhrer, Aryana took the time to turn to Emily and release a soft grin at her. “Just, um, be sure to keep your powers on ice right now. That place is flammable, so let’s save burning it to the ground for last.”

    Emily nodded, it was a light reminder of how dangerous she was, but it was refreshing that she was willing to acknowledge it. By the time they reached the bar’s street corner, Emily noticed that the people scowling at their presence were all gone. Not only that, but it became eerily quiet as they reached the bar entrance.

    Aryana pushed at the doors, “well that’s weird.” She pressed her forehead against the glass,”the doors are locked, why would a bar be closed on a Friday at six o’clock?”

    “Oh shit,” Emily whispered.

    Turning around, the team looked in astonishment at the two giantesses looking down at them with heavy weapons at hand. The twins each single handedly blocked off street intersections while grown to the size of three story buildings.

    A few blocks from their right, Hookwolf stood in a beast like boney form. His size was growing, they watched layers of metal release from his central core. Crusader and Alabaster stood at his side armed with their lethal weaponry.

    “Oh yes,” Vivan gestured for Hookwolf to come in his direction, “I’ve been waiting to fight that guy forever.”

    “Please,” Edwin said quietly, “now is the worst time to provoke them.”

    From the side of the street the group had entered from, a fog was forming. It was undoubtedly the trademark mist of Fog and Night. It inched closer and closer towards the bar’s direction. Victor and Othala were obscured within the mist, Rune was floating on a stone platform above them, spinning smaller stones to encircle herself.

    “Sup Rune, we should go shopping!” Aryana yelled. Rune threw a boulder in Aryana’s direction, to which she easily stopped in midair with her own powers. “She hates that my power trumps hers.”

    Edwin scowled, “what did I just finish saying?”

    Kaiser revealed himself from the rooftop across from them. Krieg stood by his side while they both looked down at the Losers with looks of disdain from all around. Kaiser said, “what made you think a bunch of delinquents could get away with making fools out of the empire?” Kaiser’s voice was calm. It was factual, the lack of anger made him sound like he was spewing out truths instead of threats. “Humiliate our members a few times, avoid confronting the capes, and somehow you’re all heroes? That’s not how it works. You don’t get away with playing it safe, not with the empire.”

    “Four capes are hiding behind the bar,” Edwin said unmoving.

    Robert added, “they’re expecting us to hide in there.” Emily looked over and noticed Edwin’s backpack blinking. She had assumed his gadgets were in there, but she didn’t think the backpack itself was a tinker tool.

    “Wow,” Aryana said. “I just remembered that badass line I’ve always wanted to use.”

    “Please not now,” Edwin pleaded.

    “Vivan, will you do the honor?”

    Vivan took a deep breath and yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, “We’re surrounded, now we can hit them at all sides! Those poor bastards!”

    The E88 members stayed silent. “Are they retarded?” Othala asked.

    Victor shook his head at them, “I’m going to enjoy killing these guys way more than I should.”

    Kaiser let out a heavy sigh. “They can’t seem to learn.” He was genuinely disappointed. He knew they were reckless and stupid, but he had at least hoped to catch a glimpse fear on their faces.

    Aryana turned back to her teammates and screamed “what the fuck are we gonna do?” Aryana tugged down at her cheeks, “we can’t fight ten fucking capes!”

    “Fourteen,” Robert corrected. Aryana’s eyes and mouth widened further.

    A thought suddenly dawned on Emily. Of all the videos they’d uploaded, the Losers never actually fought capes. Beyond running away from Oni Lee or the Protectorate, they’d completely avoided full-blown cape battles. As far as Emily knew, they were novices when it came to real fights. She gulped.

    “Alright, I’m taking charge.” Robert said. “First, Spitfire, put the roof on fire. Light, gets us in there.” Spitfire froze at the thought. Put the roof on fire? Before going in there? Uber remembered that he needed to reassure her. “Rush, make sure the building doesn’t fall down on us.”

    “Don’t need to tell me twice.”

    Could her powers do that? Spitfire suspected that the recklessness was meant to stop the more vulnerable E88 capes from wanting to enter. It was suicidal, but they couldn’t fight everyone at once. Holding her breathe, she launched a single fire ball onto the roof and watched it quickly spread across the ceiling.

    Light knocked down the doors with his light. “Damnit,” he yelled, “I forgot to bring ID.”

    They all ran inside. Leet took out his backpack and immediately sat down to work on his tools. He breathed heavy as he did his best to exchange banter while he worked; masking the panic in his mind. “Light, I thought you only kept that ID to vote.”

    “It's true,” Rush said raising her arms up. The rooftop held strong as her gravity lightened the infrastructure above them. “He ain’t drinking on my watch.”

    “Do you guys think I’d fight better drunk?”

    “No!” They all yelled.

    Rush called out, “Yo Spitfire, mind using that mask to make sure the drinks behind me don’t blow up?”

    Spitfire pressed on her mask, to her surprise, the thermal vision watched the fire seemingly bubble around and away from their specific area. Rush had more control over her powers than she’d originally thought. “You’re safe,” Spitfire said.

    Instantly, a boulder flung passed between Rush and Spitfire. “Not safe,” Rush eeped.

    “Rune incoming,” Light yelled. Slashes began tearing at the side of the building. They were shaped as claws and skidded against the floorboards like invisible razor blades. “And Stormtiger. When can I start hitting them in all directions?”

    “Put shields at the walls.” Uber ordered. He didn’t have time to explain himself, they wouldn’t have enough time to survive if Rush got hit and dropped the roof on them.

    Leet threw a ball of goop for Uber to catch. Spitfire, to her astonishment, watched the black tar form around Uber’s body. It looked alive, merging itself into him like he were a swamp monster. Once it wrapped entirely around Uber’s exterior, his arms morphed into a heavy shield and blade. “The prototype works Leet.”

    “Thank God,” Leet sighed. “I honestly thought it was gonna kill you.”


    Hookwolf broke into the side of the wall. He looked like a giant wolf eying directly at Rush.

    “Shit.” The five of them said together.

    “I got this,” Vivan said.

    “No, put up those shields. I’ve got this.” Uber ran up to Hookwolf and launched his body into the center of his speared monster man. Uber’s arm scythe slashed right into Hookwolf’s stomach.

    Metal extruded from Hookwolf’s core. Its wall of spikes pushed Leet back through several dining tables, but he spoke as though he wasn’t harmed. “Light. Shields. Now.”

    Metal canon balls and heavy stones broke into the building's sides. Light tossed up shields in all directions, firing at the walls and letting his powers encircle Rush.

    By the time there were enough shields stop the projectiles from entering, Victor crashed through the gaps between Light’s barriers. In an instant, he rushed onto Light and pounded him on the sides and neck. Light collapsed quickly.

    Victor rushed to Rush, and almost managed to hit her before she took the time to force push him out through the wall. “Light is down,” Leet said. “Can we go with plan Wolfenstein?”

    Hookwolf clawed at Uber’s body armor, his metal claws seemingly cut through several layers of tar, but it grew back faster than he could pull off. “Yup. Rush, bring the roof down.”

    Spitfire gasped. She looked up as the ceiling collapsed above her.


    The smog at the bar was subsiding. There was a fall, then an explosion. He didn’t want it to end so quickly.

    “They didn’t escape,” Cricket said to Kaiser. “All the exits were blocked.”

    It was failure in his mind. He wanted to capture them alive. A quick death didn’t make up for all the humiliation they had put him through. “Did we record it?” Kaiser asked to Victor.

    “Yes sir,” Victor answered. “The cameras were all placed to see them burn, but the footage from inside the building has been destroyed.”

    “Then this was a failure,” Kaiser said. His underlings stood around him. Krieg stood nearest him, the rest of his capes were a few steps behind them. He had planned to defeat them with overwhelming firepower. Rush was an escape expert, so he wanted to have a flawless final victory over them. But it all ended too shamelessly. “We’d be lucky if their charred remains are recognizable. The plan was to capture them, not kill them quickly.”

    He couldn’t even catch them pleading for forgiveness. This act couldn’t undo the hundreds of hours worth of humiliating footage they’d uploaded of the empire on the internet. He needed to capture them dying, to show the world what torture the enemies of the empire would be forced to go through.

    “They’re alive,” Hookwolf said stepping onto the rooftop. Kaiser and his followers turned to him. “They vanished before my eyes right before the roof fell.”

    “Are you sure?” Victor asked. Kaiser didn’t doubt Hookwolf’s words.

    “Certain of it. I had Uber in my arms before he vanished before me.”

    “Their tinker,” Krieg said. “He probably invented a teleportation device for emergencies.”

    “Is that even his specialty?” Crusader asked.

    “They’ve said he’s a match to Hero.” Alablaster said. “That he can invent anything from any specialty.”

    “I’ve checked out their website,” Rune argued, “they only say that to scare people.”

    “You checked out their website?” Othala asked keenly.

    “I swear it was for prep reasons.”

    Kaiser allowed for the rest of them to speak amongst themselves. He was glad, the Losers were most likely alive. They were beaten easily but escaped, now he gained the chance to hunt them down again.

    “Spread out.” Kaiser ordered. “They might be close by, teleportation typically has its limits. From this point on, we focus our resources on finding their base of operations. We won’t rest until we have their corpses, cold or warm.”

    All the E88 members spreaded out. The stronger members dug through the rubble for clues, but they all stayed distant from one another to cover more ground. Street corners, abandoned buildings, the capes searched everywhere, knowing they’d evacuated the place before planning the ambush.

    “What the hell is that?” Rune said from her bird’s eye view. Floating on her rock above head, she pointed to the distance. Fenja and Menja looked over from their heightened forms. Their jaws dropped.

    As the marching grew louder, the rest of the E88 capes looked over at the bodies. A grey-uniformed battalion of soldiers marched in their direction. Mixed reactions were spread across all the E88 member’s faces. Krieg, Kaiser, and Hookwolf watched with stoic stares. The others looked and exchanged glances with each other by the absurdity of the view.

    Kaiser kept his thoughts to himself, I am going to torture them, so badly.

    Krieg wasn’t so modest, “I am going to kill them, so badly.”

    It was a nazi battalion of soldiers, marching into the streets with full blown world war two attire with skull patches, medals and antique weaponry. Some had gas masks to give off a stereotypical violent portrayal of nazism. Others wore cloths covering their heads, with their physiques identical to Uber and Leet. The most damning thing might’ve have been the tan skinned soldiers decorated in swastikas, structured identically and wearing masks similar to Rush and Light. There were hundreds of them.

    “They’re fake,” Cricket assured them. “Every one of them, they’re just projections.”

    A loud song played around all of them. It played through all the speakers, stereos, televisions, and radios, both broken and functioning, within their twenty mile radius. “Oh fuck no,” Victor said. Only half the E88 members recognized the words.

    “What is it?” Rune asked.

    Victor’s mouth twitched, “Hitler’s national anthem.”

    More holographic projections popped up into existence overhead. Rush floated in a lying position smiling, her teammates flew around her with matching nazi uniforms. There were several groups of them in the sky, making it impossible to know which ones were the real ones. “"Bereitet eure Waffen vor!” the Rush projections yelled together.

    The other teammate projections smiled, and began counting down. “fünf... vier... drei...”

    Krieg’s mouth gaped open. “How the fuck did they learn German?”

    “One!” They all yelled together.

    Before Krieg or Kaiser could even think, the projections fired an arsenal of lasers at the E88 members. At first, the lights only touched them the same way flashlights would. But it became very quickly apparent that Light hid his own energy blasts within the barrage of lights.

    He fired from the sky and he fired from the ground. The lights spun and twisted in altering directions making the source and target impossible to find. Fog and Night moved to cover their teammates, but more lights rained downed from the air and all around the. A few of the gas-masked holograms began spewing ice and fire at the capes. Using the holograms as cover, Spitfire created walls of fire at sidewalks and abandoned buildings, while cold ice covered the streets around them.

    An arsenal of super-suited Uber holograms jumped up at Menja, with a real Uber pounding her into the ground. When Fenja was about to help her, a ten ton iron baton, lifted only due to Rush’s powers, dropped onto Fenja’s side like a cannonball.

    Night wasn’t transforming. Rune blindly threw stones in all directions and Stormtiger had no target to aim for. Kaiser eventually threw up spikes from all sides of the streets, trying to find where the true bodies were hiding.

    Cowards, Hookwolf thought to himself. He ran through the hundreds of holograms with heavy spikes tearing through the streets. The Light holograms all taunted at him in German.

    When Hookwolf almost closed in on the real Light, a heavy foam was shot onto him. It looked as though several nazi soldiers had surrounded him and fired PRT-styled foam, but in reality, it was Leet hiding among them, testing out the new tools on his tinker-backpack.

    Krieg was the only one who understood their words. “They’re mocking us,” he said. He turned to Kaiser, “what are we doing? We’re fighting blindly now and we’re just wrecking down our own territory.”

    One by one, the holograms began covering for the real team to fire containment foam on each of the members. Night was contained after Hookwolf. Othala, Rune and Victor were captured right after.

    A Rush image floated into Kaisers direction. Kaiser instinctively shot a metal spear into its stomach, but the projection was unfazed. With her devilish grin she said, “Es ist ironisch, dass ich mehr Deutsch als du weiß Kaiser.”

    “What did she just say?” Kaiser asked.

    Krieg clenched his fists, “she said, ‘it’s ironic that I know more German than you.’”

    All the Losers, both holograms and real, yelled at once, “Wir sind die Inglorious Bastards!” A gravity rush pushed into Kaiser’s face, causing him to fly off the roof.

    “I’ve had enough of this,” Krieg said. He spoke into his hand radio, “everyone retreat. From now on, we focus on finding out where they’re hiding.”

    In an instance, all the holograms disappeared. The music cut off. Fires were beginning to spread, and half the E88 capes were incapacitated. When the remaining members took the time to look around at the damage they had done, a final message came out through the speakers again. Their newest member said it. She sounded nervous, “I bet you did nazi see that coming.” A cheer was heard from the background, and then it cut off again.

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    Oh, man.

    Oh, MAN.

    That. Was. AWESOME.

    "It's ironic that I know more German than you."

    It really is.

    Want some ointment for that BURN, Kaiser?
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    “I bet you did nazi see that coming.”

    The pun. It burns.
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    Aryana’s feet were half stepped off from the ledge of the building. Her heels stayed on the rooftop while her arms extended outwards like she were floating without powers. Her eyes were drowsily closed. She took long and deep breathes as she listened to her heart beat in a meditative manner.

    There was a lightness to her darkness. The atmosphere was cool and the night sky was calming. She was happy. It was an escape. Escaping and pretending that the world around her didn’t exist and that she alone was the life and love of the entirety of the universe. Nothing scared her in this state, because she knew now staring off into nothing, that if she wanted to, she could escape into the tranquility of her closed eyes.

    If she didn’t have powers to catch her fall, she’d practice this exercise on an empty desk at home. In a way, this was her own illusion of what power was. She wanted to feel strong by choosing not to die. Because in her mind, her life was just victim of fate, chance, destiny, and the people around her. This was her trying to feel powerful. This was her knowing that dying didn’t scare her. Knowing that falling was always close to her. Knowing that gravity could only bring her down if she’d let it.

    Emily stepped onto the rooftop. Opening the rooftop door, she stared at her. “Aryana?” she spoke out, hoping not to startle her.

    Aryana immediately turned around and opened her eyes again, lightly floating back onto the platform of the roof. She smiled, “sup rookie.” Emily looked to the ledge of the building, wondering what she was doing. “It’s a trust exercise,” she answered for her.

    Emily wasn’t sure whether to question it, but she did want to move on from the topic quickly. “I have to go home now. Thank you for everything. For having me on the team, for saving me. Thank you.”

    Aryana turned around again and took a seat at the ledge. She pointed to the spot next to her. “Sit, I wanna chat real quick.”

    “I really should get going.”

    “It’ll be quick, I promise. I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.” Emily was hesitant, more because she was worried she’d say something wrong than about the subject itself. She slowly walked next to Aryana and looked down at the height of the twenty story building. “Relax, my powers will catch you if you trip and slide off.”

    That did make her feel better. Why was she so afraid? She’d put her life in Aryana’s hands before and she hadn’t failed her. She couldn’t really explain it. Emily slowly took a seat to her.

    Aryana swung her feet out, “Sorry about asking about asking about your trigger event, I didn’t mean to put you in the limelight like that.”

    Emily didn’t say anything. It did feel inappropriate when she’d asked. Capes, of all people, should understood that well enough.

    “I wanted to ask why you didn’t join the Wards. We’re glad you're on the team, but you act more hero than villain.” Emily was the cautious type, which was ironic considering her powers. She over thought everything she did which made her seem more nervous than the average cape. That line of thinking was far more in line with the PRT than with other villains.

    Personally, Aryana thought she was better in the background than in the limelight. Emily was constantly anxious around them, and she really wanted to get that kicked out of her. She even debated right now whether to take Emily by the shoulders, shake her furiously, and yell, ‘hey, you’re awesome, stop being afraid of everyone!’

    Emily rubbed down at her hands, knowing that of the laundry list of reasons she could’ve picked from, she needed to say the truest one. “Because of my trigger event,” she answered softly.

    Aryana could put the two and two together. People dying or getting hurt during trigger events was common, or even the circumstances of trigger events could border along the illegal side. “I’m sorry,” Aryana said, genuinely meaning it. Aryana was doing her best to keep the atmosphere light, getting sad or getting serious was always outside of her comfort zone. But she knew that in a world of rational people, there came times when she needed to speak in ways that others preferred, and not in ways that she’d prefer.

    She took a deep breathe. “The reason I asked was because I wanted to give you an option before uploading the video. We can edit you out, and you could join another team. We’re crazy and the world knows it, so once everyone knows you’re with us, a lot of bridges will be burned.”

    Emily nodded her head, “I like it here. I like you guys, this is a nice place to be.”

    Aryana took out a pack of cigarettes, she offered one to Emily, to which she refused. After lighting it, she said, “really? Because I think we’re a bunch of freaks.”

    Emily chuckled. She almost wanted to tell her the truth about what she’d seen in them. When Emily was four years old she had a brother two years younger than her, one that died falling off from the kitchen counter while playing. She grew up imagining what it would’ve been like to have a little brother growing up. And seeing Aryana and Vivan together was like seeing what her relationship with her own brother could’ve been.

    “Glad you didn’t pick the Undersiders,” Aryana mentioned.

    “Really?” Emily stared, “why?”

    “Because Tattletale is a biiiiitch.”

    Emily laughed out loud. She remembered Tattletale being smug, but she didn’t know her well enough to call her a bitch. “I don’t think you should say that behind her back, I heard she can read minds.”

    “I heard that too, that’s why I always say it to her face when I see her.” Emily laughed harder, completely believing Aryana’s attitude. “Yet another reason why we keep our shit in the air, people can’t use that against us. Which is also why Tattletale hates me a ton, I don’t give her ammo for her to use.”

    “I believe you,” Emily said smiling. “I’ll… Tell you guys about my trigger event tomorrow. Maybe I can post a origin video too. Leet lied for his video, right? I’ll do that too.”

    “That would be splendid,” Aryana smiled between her teeth, “just make sure it sounds real, people tend know when we lie, so make it a half-truth, or something.”

    Emily nodded, “I’ll sleep on it. I’ll make it dramatic, tragic, and mundanely relatable all at the same time.” Emily counted her fingers with excitement.

    “That’s the way to do it,” Aryana said approvingly.

    Vivan walked onto the rooftop entering from the building walkway. “Aryana,” he called out opening the door, “someone uploaded another audition video.”

    “Really? Nice, let’s go get’em.”

    “Actually, Robert and Edwin are really against this one.”

    “Really? Why?”

    “Come and see it.”


    Rune threw rocks and pieces of junk into the outskirts of the junkyard. Upen hitting the targets, vehicles and gas tanks blew up. It was in the same spot Spitfire had made her video, but Rune’s powers almost seemed more destructive in comparison. The way she used it, it wasn't cautious like Spitfire, it was her being as destructive as possible with powers that aren’t overly powerful.

    Rune turned her cell phone camera onto herself, “My name is Rune, and I’m sick and tired of the E88. I want to join the Losers, because the Losers can kick ass.”

    The video feed pointed down to the wake of destruction she’d created, “so if you guys need a real agent of chaos, I’m your girl.”

    The video cut off. A barrage of comments followed its upload.

    My, how the tables have turned.

    Oh look, it’s a wannabe teenage nazi bitch.

    Hell to the fuck no, after everything she and the E88 have done, I will never watch another Loser video again if you guys recruit her.


    Aryana stepped back from the laptop, “Let’s recruit her.”

    “Hell no,” Robert and Edwin said. Robert argued, “recruiting someone brand new is fine, recruiting someone who’s done a load of bad shit? That’s stupid.”

    Aryana waved her hand off at him, “oh hush puff, she can’t be that bad.”

    “In fact,” Vivan interjected, “weren’t you guys the ones that thought it was okay to beat up hookers before we came along?”

    “Don’t bring that up again,” Robert pointed. “We made up for that, how can she make up for all the shit she’s done?”

    Aryana cheered, “by joining us!”

    Leet shook his head. “No, it’s bad enough that’s she’s a nazi, it’s worse that she might just be an E88 spy. Are you seriously gonna trust an actual racist into our group?”

    “Well,” Vivan argued, “if she’s willing to join a team with me and Ary, maybe she’s not so racist?”

    “Bullshit,” Edwiin yelled, “you really think people just change that overnight?”

    “Either way,” Aryana said, “I’m alright with it, I don’t see why you guys are overreacting.”

    “Because she’s a nazi!” Edwin and Robert yelled again.

    Aryana and Vivan glanced at each other. They wouldn’t budge. So instead, Vivan suggested leaving the decision to someone else. “Okay, fine, you guys don’t trust her. That’s two for, and two against. How about we leave it to the tie breaker?”

    The four of them turned to Emily. “Me?” Emily said in disbelief. “I’ve only been here for a day, you really want me to decide?”

    “Exactly,” Vivan said. “You’re new to the cape thing, you know what it’s like to not have a team. Right now, Rune must have pissed off a lot of people by uploading that video. With her reputation, she probably has nowhere else to go except us. She’s in a tough spot, like you not too long ago. So…” Vivan bowed down to Emily, “we leave her fate, in your hands.”

    “Fuck,” Edwin said. “Vivan’s talking again. I know how this is gonna end. All of you know my vote, I’ll be in the lab if you need me.” Edwin turned away from the kitchen and headed to his bedroom.

    Robert shook his head at Emily. “It’s a bad idea. I guarantee she’s either a spy or will be impossible to live with.”

    “Which,” Vivan reminded, “isn’t a big deal to you since you won’t be living here.”

    “You’re really alright with that?” Emily asked. “She might treat you guys like garbage, you’re alright with living with that?”

    “Believe me,” Aryana said, “we won’t be living with her, she’ll be living with us.”’


    It took three capes to pull Rune out from the containment foam, and it only came out because the foam almost dissolved after a half hour. It was bad enough their reputation had steadily worsened since the Losers came in play, but damn, this ambush was meant send them to the grave, not set the nail on the coffin of their spiraling failures.

    “Rune,” Kaiser said as she was pulled out. “I need to speak with you.” The implication was obvious, and the other capes left as soon as he said it.

    Rune kneeled down in front of Kaiser while trying to take away from the reality of the defeat he’d just faced. It was both necessary and difficult. As a teenager, politeness went against her rebellious attitude, as an E88 member, respect was needed above all else to prosper. Showing courtesy after such a being disgraced by losers? That was a challenge. “Yes, my king.”

    “Stand,” he said, implying that she could relax. “The plan I’d talked about to you before, are you still willing to carry it out?”

    Rune nodded her head. She hated the plan, it involved getting close to the Losers, but after such a ridiculous mockery they’d made of the empire, she now knew it was necessary. “Of course,” she said, mixing courtesy and and a light tone of casualness in her tone.

    Kaiser placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to emit the same warmth that always guaranteed him the loyalty from all of his members. Even in defeat, he would show any falter. “Sabrina,” he said in an honest-like tone, “what I’m asking from you is more than just a normal favor. The moment you join them, you’ll be a traitor by the rest of us. I’ll still be here to protect you, to vouch for you when you finally need it. But you’ll be hated in the meantime, and I’ll understand if this is too much I’m asking from you.”

    He was killing two birds with one stone. He cared nothing for Sabrina, nor her clan. By making her fall into treason, Kaiser could gain the excuse to dissolve her clan while potentially gaining vital information to kill Leet and the Losers.

    He was just giving her the illusion of an option, not so that she can actually refuse, but so that she’ll place more trust in him. He’d already guaranteed her answer before, he just wanted to fortify her trust with him. “I can handle it,” she said in an almost venomous tone. “I can handle anything you need from me.”

    She sounded offended, like she was upset Kaiser could even question her willingness. Good, Kaiser thought to himself. She believed she was thinking for herself, not knowing he’d steered her into his submission. “Alright, Sabrina.” Kaiser embraced the teenager for a hug, “don’t let them discover you.”

    Rune held still, she didn’t feel anything from his hug, but she knew now that this mattered to him. And she wasn’t going to let him down. After letting go, he nodded for her to help clean up the destruction from the battle.

    Rune caught up with Victor’s group. “What was that about?” Othala asked to her cousin.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Rune answered with a grin. “Maybe I’m finally becoming Kaiser’s favorite.”
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    Rune was almost glad she left the E88. Their rules, mannerisms, expectations, it was driving her crazy. She didn’t need more of that in her life. She was sixteen and wasn’t allowed to maker her own decisions, all because she owed her family something for being born with powers. She was tired of it, tired of them, but even more fed up than them, she was pissed off at the losers.

    It had only been a few hours since their failed ambush attempt, and she still couldn’t get her mind over what had happened. The nazi hologram prank was the most humiliating experience she’d ever had, and she wasn’t going to let them get off that easy. She was glad she was picked for being the double agent, she wanted to join them, just so she could see the looks on their faces for when they’d fall into Kaiser’s trap.

    It was now 2am, and the Loser’s still hadn’t responded. Rune didn’t care, if they chose not to recruit her, she could still trust Kaiser to take her back.

    Rune attuned more of the vehicles and garbage barrels surrounding her, tossing them around for added practice. A few fires were starting, bigger fires than Spitfire’s, spreading around the outskirts of the junkyard while engulfing the gaps within. It was just a way to pass the time. She eventually clenched her fists, remembering how easily Rush’s telekinesis overpowered her’s.

    A vacuum swallowed up the sound from outside the junkyard. Gliding on towards it, she saw a circular purple light forming into a portal. It looked like a glowing tunnel, with echoing sounds inside from people talking while they walked.

    “I still say we should’ve brought the nazi uniforms,” one of the boys said.

    “Nah, it’s never funny a second time,” a girl replied.

    “I cosplay for fun, but I don’t dress up like Solid Snake and pick fights with Russians. Once you’re done, make sure she doesn’t go to my lab. I don’t need some Nazi fanatic thinking she can gas up my home like a psycho.”

    Three people stepped out from the portal. Light and Rush were easily recognizable, they had their recognizable half broken masks, along with cosplays similar to knights. Rush’s armor had a crimson painted dragon on the front of the chestplate. Uber wore a white cloth mask, with a wizard looking attire that looked more like a long dress. In fact, his v-neck cleavage and the tightness around his waist almost implied that he was cosplaying as a female character.

    “You know,” Uber said with his clip on earrings, “when you said you had three months of cosplay ready, I was really expecting something else.”

    Rush stuck her tongue out. “I wouldn't be a master of foreplay if I couldn't tease and troll at the same time.”

    The younger brother extended his arms. He was shorter than her, and she wondered if he was of middle school age or just shrimpish for his age. “There’s our wonderful new guinea pig.” Light almost approached her for a hug, but once Rune stepped back, he extended his hand out for a shake.

    Rune looked down at his hand for a full minute, remembering she wasn’t supposed to touch his kind. “Relax, it doesn't come off.” She stared at him. “Also, if it makes you feel better, I’m technically an Oreo.”

    Rune raised an eyebrow. So he’s mixed, she thought to herself.

    Rush cut in, “Wait, so now we’re Oreos? Does that I mean I get to be fun, fresh, and full of flavor?”

    Rune tilted her head at her. What?

    “No,” Light answered, “think of it like skyrim. We get half the benefits of both races.”

    “Well, that’s a shitty power. That means my dancing skills cancel itself out.”

    Rune shook her head, “what the hell are you guys talking about?”

    “Don’t ask,” Uber answered. He dropped his backpack in front of him, and turned around and headed away, “the lengths these guys go to fuck around is astounding. I’ll be on lookout if you need me.”

    Rush clasped her hands together, “okay, let’s get this initiation process started. Light, hand me my clipboard.” Light pulled a clipboard with heavy booklet out from the backpack.

    Rush pulled out a pencil while Light began asking questions from the book. “First question; what do the stars on the American flag represent?”

    Rune lifted an eyebrow. “Are you serious?’

    He answered, “do you wanna join or not?”

    Rune let out a loud sigh, “the states.”

    “Good, now what do the colors represent?”

    Rune cocked her head back, I should know this…

    After a minute of waiting, Rush and Light shook their heads disappointingly. Rush marked an ‘x’ on her clipboard. Light continued with his line of questions. “Can you tell me what the stripes represent? Also, can you name the original US colonies?”

    Rune tried remembering the names, but she wasn’t sure if Florida existed back then, or if the colonies were named something different from the states.

    He went on, “How many congressmen do we have in the house of representatives? Which government entity has the power to nominate chief justices? What is the current chief Justice of the Supreme court right now?”

    “What the fuck is the point of this?” Rune yelled. “It’s just history and politics bullshit, it doesn’t fucking matter.”

    Rush grinned, “it’s the US citizenship test.”

    "Are you fucking serious?”

    “Well,” Light said, “if she thinks it’s bullshit, I don’t think I can trust her. I don’t want a commie on our team.”

    Rune swallowed, she thought about how pissed Kaiser would be if she met with them just to fail. “That’s… Not fair. I’m bad at history.”

    Rush rubbed at her chin, “well, I suppose we can let you enter illegally. Just don’t tell the feds about it.”

    Light crossed his arms, “I don’t like it, it makes me not wanna trust her. Are you willing to work for less than minimum wage for double the workload?”

    She clenched her fists, “go fuck yourself.”

    Light, not at all offended, muttered, “damn liberals…”

    Rush tossed her clipboard to the side. She went into the backpack again and picked up some white sheets. She tossed them to Light, and took out a rainbow colored attire. “Say hello to your new costume.”

    “Fuck no,” Rune yelled. It was a bright green colored porcelain styled dress, complete with rainbow striped knee socks and sleeves. A giant bright sunflower was the logo on its chest. “No way in hell am I wearing that!”

    Rush waved it around, “C’mon Rune, you gotta improve your image since you’re a former E88 member. And what better image is there than to change your name to Sillywhim from Sillyville?”

    “Or you could go with mine,” Vivan said. The sheets Rush passed to him was unfolded into a KKK robe, complete with an overly pointy hat, a white cape with a burning cross picture on the back, and a swastika patched on its chest. “I figure you should just embrace your former history. Remember your battle cry; while brise white by light, by night, brise white takes flight, with the might of right, to fight for our plight. You are… The White Knight!”

    Rune suddenly remembered Uber’s parting message. “You guys are just fucking with me.”

    Rush sighed, “Don’t be ridiculous. Do you really think we spent three hours sewing these costumes as an oxymoron to your history, just to shove in your face as a way to fuck with you? Who would do that? That’ a crazy amount of effort and only crazy people would do that.”

    “So what’ll it be,” Light said. “Sillywhim, or the White Knight?”

    Rune shook her head furiously, “neither!”

    The two siblings glanced at each other. They communicated almost non-verbally. Light tossed a wad of bills at his sister, “For a second, I seriously thought she was gonna pick the rainbow one.”

    “Told you she shouldn't, and I’m glad she didn’t. Rainbows are gay.”

    Light nodded, “they’re like gay rays of gayness, emitting gay sun rays onto this gay earth.” Light shot a rainbow colored beam into the air. “Like gay blasts.”

    Rush stared intensely at Light, “you have gay blasts?”

    “Of course. Legend’s lasers aren’t rainbow enough, someone’s gotta do it.”

    Rune gritted her teeth, “you’re gay?” These guys don’t stop getting worse.

    “What? Ew, of course not. I’m as straight as a garden gnome.” He pointed to his sister, “she’s pretty gay though. Kinda super gay, since she’s a cape. She checks out more girls than me.”

    Rush rubbed her hand at her cheek. “It’s true, it's not my fault the female anatomy is so wonderful.” She eyed at Rune, to which she took a step back. “Oh relax, I don’t touch jailbait.” That didn’t make Rune feel better.

    “Okay,” Light said, “I think it’s time for the final test. The real test, the test that’ll tell us whether or not you’re fit for the team or not.”

    Rush nodded and crossed her arms. Her smile fell to a frown, and she walked closer to Rune to speak on a more personal level. “Rune, here’s the thing. Unlike Spitfire you have a bad history behind you, so we have to make sure you’re serious about joining the team. Which means you have to show us that you really don’t want to be a part of the E88 anymore.”

    “And,” Light said, “you gotta make up for the crimes you’ve done. To balance out the all hate you’ve ever done.”

    Rune thought about the laundry list of hate crimes she’d done with the empire. They were tame compared to what the veteran members had done, but that didn’t make her any less guilty. “Like what?” she asked.


    The red haired teenager stood at the center of the busy street corner. It was Saturday afternoon, warm for April, but it wasn’t nice for her. It was the ‘cleaner’ part of town, so she was glad no one she knew would recognize her. Sabrina frowned, refusing to let herself have fun in the morbid situation she was in. The “free hugs” sign was hanging by her shoulders, and she glared at people that decided to provide it to her.

    “Free hugs,” she said monotoned. “Free hugs,” she said in a flat tone, hoping no one would hear her.

    A dark haired boy clapped methodically after seeing her. He was slim, and overall scrawny. He couldn’t stop laughing, “I can’t believe she actually did it.”

    He was followed by two tan skinned friends. The girl next to him had her own sign around her body, it read ‘super hugs, $10.’ She spoke, “I, for one, am proud of our newest member.”

    Sabrina stared at them. “Rush?” She couldn’t believe it. She finally got to see their secret identities. Rush’s body was overall slim, something that was hard to tell from all the cosplays she’d chosen to wear. Her dark hair was cut to her neck level, she'd typically dyed her hair bright white in costume. Oddly enough, her hair now was shorter than when wearing a costume, was that one of Leet's inventions? Rush looked to be only slightly taller than Sabrina, she guessed that she was either eighteen or nineteen years old due to her jailbait comment.

    The shorter one looked to be older than she expected, high school age, but probably fourteen or fifteen. His dark hair was silky and scuffled down. “One more hour, and we’re throwing a welcoming party when Emily gets back.” His smile was identical to Rush’s, the similarities between their faces were now apparent. “And no alcoholic beverages. If I can’t drink, yuz are partying like Mormons too.”

    “Yuz?” Sabrina said. “Was that.. Slang?”

    “Well, I did grow up in Boston.”

    Sabrina furrowed her eyebrows, wondering again how his accent tied to his ethnicity.

    “So, I’m Aryana, this is Vivan, and that’s Edwin, also known as Leet.” The boy nodded at her, not saying much more. “So, I think you deserve an ice cream cone. We all thought you were gonna leave after the first hour, glad you stuck around. I’ll be right back.”

    Aryana left to the other direction, Edwin turned to Vivan and said, “shit, I forgot to ask for a smoothie. Vivan, can you go tell her that.”

    “Sure thing,” he left to follow her, leaving Edwin alone to turn to Sabrina.

    “So, enjoying yourself?” he asked. Sabrina scowled at him, but held her tongue. “Good, because I just wanted to chat with you real quick.”

    Edwin placed a hat on her head. On the outside, it was just a typical cap with the local sports team written on it, inside it, her head began to tickle. “I don’t really get why Ary and Vivan wanted you on our team, but I’d just like to make something clear. Don’t think about hurting my friends, especially Ary, because if you do, I’ll do that one thing Tinkers aren’t supposed to do.”

    In an instance, an image flashed before her eyes. The world around her became black, and she felt wind pulling her down into the ground. The stars above her were glowing purple, and she felt her body going soft. Her body became brittle, and her insides tingled like the were withering away inside her.

    The image lasted for a mere second, but the sensation of it all was worth remembering. Returning to normal, Edwin pulled off the hat. “They weren’t joking when they said I’m as good as Hero. It’s more than just a gimmick. The trick is to keep being more original than the last thing, and they showed me that.” He hugged her, “so if you even think about hurting my friends, I’ll do things to you worse than the holocaust.”

    He let go. Aryana and Vivan returned with ice cream cones a few minutes later.

    “There weren’t smoothies where we went,” Vivan said. “But here’s a banana ice cream cone instead, so I guess it’s kind of like a smoothie.”

    Aryana looked to Sabrina, her eyes were wide and she was breathing heavily. Not understanding, Ary asked, “you okay? If you want, I could give you a free hug for ten dollars.”
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    What did leet just do?
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    No idea. Something along the line of a psychedelic trip. Made her think something was real when it wasn't, but it was perceived real enough for her to think it real.
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    Does that mean leet's shard let go of its hatred for leet go? I don't know if it was canon or fanon but the reason leet has problem with his tinkering was because his shard hated him. if he started to became more orginal than video games tech because of friends maybe his shard would not create problems for him.
  17. Axle

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    Yeah, I checked the Worm repository on that. A major reason Leet's shard had issues with him, was because Leet chose not to take enough risks even though shards need more conflict. But the OCs I made encouraged him to take more risks (like, say, when he made that biosuit for Uber), which reduced the chances on his inventions blowing up in him. There's still the limitation of his tinker tree getting exhausted, so he experiments on ways to get the same results with alternative sciences.
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    I don't remember much about Hero. what was his tinker speciality?
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    Officially Hero was an unbound Eden tinker with all specialties. The Losers actually do exaggerate Leet's capabilities, and I'll try not to overpower him because I don't want him to be the cop out to everything. According to Wildbow, Leet had an Eden shard of all specialties, but they get used up like matches when he tinkers something.
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    Did he used his biotinker slot already ? If he didn't he could create a gene vat with enhancement options. You don't have to make them too strong. at most brute 3 or 4 with enhanced senses. Or he could create an artificial organ that work as body's healing factor.
    I remember Uber's power as all the skills he needs when he needs them. I don't remember if it is true though. anyway if it is true, can he use sinanju martial art ? it is a korean fictional art that transform your body to its peak and making it stay there just by breathing. Or maybe Rokushiki style from one piece that make your body it self to a weapon. Does mcGavyering count as skill? it is close as it gets to armmaster's speciality (efficiency/miniaturization) without having it. Engineering should count as skill. he could check leet's tech for more improvements or mistakes.
    Also, do you have a plan for PHO page reviews ?
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    I have a few ideas on what he'll make, and I'd like some biotinkering involved. Right now I'm debating on which games he should still be allowed to copy-tinker from. On one hand I think it would be cool if he had Clank from Ratchet and Clank around, on another, he probably already made it in canon.

    Video game inventions are fun but I can't let him have everything, or I could at least give him limitations on them. I'll try to keep things original and I'd like for 'self-replicating' inventions to be a thing (like a growing energy source, or a chimera that can be bred).

    Uber actually has ther power to master techniques, not knowledge. So I don't think he can become an engineer overnight. I don't think I'll put PHO posts, it's too time consuming to create.
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    Self replicating resources... replicators from stargate series and Subspace capacitor - extracts energy from the subspace connected to our own universe, near ZPM level of output, but does not run out. However it can only extract a finite amount of energy at a time and then needs time to recharge.

    Do you plan to write interlude?
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    I don't think so. This is meant to have a light atmosphere with dark undertones, side characters are just too serious to write.
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    First Month In Brockton Bay

    Leet and Uber skipped around Light as though he were a christmas tree. They wrapped pearl necklaces and golden chains around him until he was so bright he could reflect street lamps if he walked outside. It was relatively dark inside, but they could still see each other with the dimmed ceiling lamp at the center of the room.

    “You guys are weird,” Rush told them, while carefully staring at the display cases full of diamond rings.

    Uber retorted, “says the girl dressed up like a furry.”

    Rush was dressed up as Ahri, a cat-human creature from League of Legends. Light was supposedly Malzahar, his scarves were in an Ottoman warrior like fashion, but the golden colors made him proclaim himself as ‘mr. sandyman.’ Leet had bandages around his body. He wore a bald cap with a large tube-like backpack to reflect a character known as ‘Singed’. Uber wore a gender swapped cosplay of a sword wielder. The gender swap costume wasn’t at all feminine, which was a compromise from what Rush had proposed.

    She hissed at them, “oiy, it’s a perfectly common fetish!”

    “Uber,” Leet said, “don’t complain about the cat ears. Never complain about the cat ears.”

    “See?” Rush said. “I’m fetish friendly!”

    “Light,” Uber questioned, “it astounds me how you can tolerate the things coming out of her mouth.”

    Light shrugged, “I’ve trained myself to shut away some of her words. She goes mute every once in awhile, and I’ll have no idea what she just said.”

    This was only the team’s second heist. Their attempt of amassing funds was underway, and they wanted to run a few practice robberies before they began posting videos online. Leet, in particular, needed more time and money to complete some of the project ideas they all had in mind.


    “This is kind of fun to watch,” Regent said watching from the security room monitors. The Undersiders watched the newly formed team prance around the jewelry shop that they had initially planned to rob.

    “They’re stealing our gig,” Tattletale commented.

    “Boss isn’t gonna like this,” Grue mentioned.

    “I can get rid of them,” Bitch said, offering her own solution.

    Grue replied, “the mission was the make the Protectorate look bad. Fighting a bunch of amateurs wouldn’t exactly help us.”

    “Yeah,” Tattletale said, “but are we seriously gonna leave without anything to show for it?”

    She had a point. They couldn’t retreat before the robbery even started. They’re plan to gain rep from outrunning the Protectorate fell flat the moment the newer team deactivated the building alarms. A flat out fight with them also wouldn’t have garnered any reputation benefits.

    Grue looked at Bitch, maybe she could intimidate them to leave? Then they could at least gain a profit without wasting their time fighting. Grue ordered, “Tattletale, stay here, the rest of us will handle these guys.”


    There was a low growling from the distance. When the team looked over to see, they saw the Undersiders with three hyena sized monsters growled lowly at them. Rush instinctively hid behind Uber.

    Regent mentioned, “you do know you’re not actually a cat, right?”

    She whimpered, “but do they know that?”

    BItch’s dogs eyed directly at her. Bitch grumbled, “I fucking hate cats.”

    Rush shrunk even further. “This cosplay backfired, terribly.”

    “Hey,” Uber said, “what’s the big idea? We called dibs here first.”

    “Yeah,” Light yelled, “what happened to honor among thieves!” Light lit up his arms, he was more than happy to pick a fight with strangers.

    Grue crossed his arms, wondering if they’d be willing to concede to his commands, “we’ve been planning a heist here for days, and we aren’t leaving empty handed.”

    “Days?” Leet raised an eyebrow, “seriously? We rolled dice before deciding to rob this place. All that planning sounds really wasteful.”

    “And stressful,” Rush mumbled. Bitch growled at her again, to which she winced.

    “So what do you guys call yourselves?” Regent asked.

    The four of them looked at each other for a moment. Together they answered, “we’re working on it.”

    “Enough talk,” Bitch said. “Get out, or we’ll make you get out.”

    Light couldn’t help but smile at Bitch’s hostility. “Have I ever mentioned how much I love the name Bitch? Anytime I hear a woman call herself ‘Bitch’, I think of a strong, independent, open minded feminist.”

    “I dunno,” Uber said, “I like the name hellbound better.”

    Regent and Grue immediately took a step back. Uber just pressed a button they knew shouldn’t ever be pressed. WIthout thinking, Bitch blew into her dog whistle and pointed directly at Rush and Uber.

    Rush eeped, but managed to fire an invisible shockwave into the Undersider’s direction. Regent slid across the floor but managed to pick himself back up and hide behind a display case. Grue smashed against a wooden case, causing the case to tip over and hit him on the ground. The dogs got back up quickly and sprinted towards her, Rush redirected her powers to pick up metal display cases and smash them into their bodies. She raised the heavy cases and pressed them against the wall, pinning the dogs into place, unable to escape from her power’s weight.

    Light took cover behind the register counter. He launched bright lights to the other side while Uber dashed towards Bitch to trap her into a grappling hook. He pinned her to the ground while Leet stepped to his side to nit-pick around his utility belt.

    “Light,” Tattletale said over the store intercom. She watched the fight unfold from the safety of the security monitor room. “You know, the only reason you go by that name is because you wanted to be a hero once. But your sister dragged you out of that. In other words, you're the opposite of what you’ve always wanted to become because you cling onto a person you feel forced to follow.”

    Tattletale grinned from where she was sitting, she picked up more and more bits and pieces of each of them as she scanned through the monitors and audio she had access to. Surprised they had an extra member accessing the intercoms, Light said to his sister, “it’s true, I wanted to wear skin tight suits, be famous, and have bitches on all of my sides. You ruined that for me.”

    Regent commented, “that is pretty fucked up. Never cock block a man from his bitches.”

    Rush shrugged, “I tend to be good at making lives miserable.”

    Rush’s strength didn’t falter as she held the dogs pinned. They were powerhouses, and they all knew they couldn’t survive if the dogs became freed. Regent tried getting Rush to release them, but Light was shooting at him so heavily that Regent was more focused on distorting Light's aim than anything else.

    Grue stood up from the floor. He expanded his darkness at both Light and Rush, Leet tossed a flashbang in the air. They were all blinded for a mid second, but Rush didn’t falter with her eyes closed. “Shit,” Rush yelled, “watch out for the black guy! He’s gonna corrupt you all with his blackness!”

    Grue rubbed at his eyelids, “what the fuck did she just say?”

    Light groaned, “crap, a liberal. You better not get offended, it’s just a joke. And it’s not like you're actually black underneath your mask.”

    Both teams fell silent for a long time. When realization finally dawned, the other team bursted out laughing.

    “Tattletale,” Grue said aloud, “shut these guys up.”

    Tattletale raised an eyebrow from where she sat. She spoke into the mic again. “Rush. I know the only reason you came to Brockton Bay was to escape from your past. And the only reason you crack jokes all the time is to hide the insecurities of how you’ve lived, and of how scared you really are towards the world around you.”

    “It’s true,” Rush said sighing. “That’s why I draw dick pics everywhere we go. I fear of the Scion uprising someday.”

    “Enough talk,” Bitch said as Uber twisted her arms to the ground, “let me kill these bastards.”

    “No!” Everyone from both teams yelled.

    Bitch grunted. She hated holding back, being told to limit the strength of her dogs. She could easily have beaten all of them, if they had just let her!

    Regent had long given up trying to take the fight seriously. “Hey Grue, is it alright if I started calling you the black guy of our group? If they’re allowed to have a wise cracking gamer girl, we should follow our own stereotypes too.”

    “I like this guy,” Rush said teasing, “cute, and funny. By any chance, are you single?”

    “If the answer were no, I still wouldn’t stop you.”

    “Awwww, that is so sweet.”

    Grue had regained his sight. Light pounced at him from the counter. Even though Grue had just barely regained his vision, he managed to grapple Light by the arms and pin him into the ground. “Fuck,” Leet said. He left Uber’s side to try and double team Grue.

    “Uber,” Tattletale said over the coms, “I know you only accepted these two because you were desperate to try something new. You knew you and Leet were pathetic together, so you were willing to take in two complete strangers because you thought you couldn’t get any worse. In reality, you know you’d be better off as a solo cape than with Leet.”

    “I’ve never denied that,” Uber said sticking his tongue out, “and to be fair, I’d be better soloing than with any of these other guys.”

    His teammates instantly shouted profanity at him, and even picked up some priceless jewels to throw into his direction. Uber grinned as Tattletale gritted her teeth.

    Regent jumped out from cover and stopped Leet from reaching Grue’s side. He caused his feet to collapse, allowing his head to hit onto one of the display cases. It hurt badly. There was even a light nausea as he tried picking himself back up. But as he tried, Regent used his powers to keep him from rising up, making him fall back onto the ground again and again in a pitiful fashion.

    “Leet,” she said in a final attempt to irritate them. “Long story short, you’re a loser. You go out of your way to try and show the world that you're half the worth of a regular tinker, but you aren’t, and you never will be. Your tinkering is programmed to blow up in your face, you’ll never be good enough for anyone, and everyone you tinker for is bound to get dragged down by your lousy skills. At the end of the day, you’re just better off not being around than dragging down everyone else with your personal failures.”

    Leet didn’t say anything. He knew it was true enough to not argue, he couldn’t even spin that into a positive light. The rest of his team waited for him to turn her words into a meaningless banter, but he remained silent. Before Tattletale could claim the small victory, Rush said, “you know, being a loser is better than being a nosey, stupid-ass bitch.”

    Leet chuckled a bit. Light added, “yeah, if Leet’s a loser, I wanna be a loser too. We’ll make a badass posse and call ourselves the losers while we kick other loser’s asses.”

    “Yeah,” Uber said, “I wanna be a loser too.”

    “Me too,” Rush said.

    Leet finally began laughing, laughing in a way that withered away any doubts he had about himself. “And I guess since I’m already a loser, the rest of you guys are losers for hanging out with me!”

    “So it’s settled,” Rush said, sweating from the prolonged use of her powers. “As of this day, we are calling ourselves, the Losers!”

    Tattletale shook her head, what have I done?

    Rush clapped her hand. In an instance, everyone dropped upside down. The ceiling fall surprised Grue, allowing for Light to fight off his grip. He changed into his neon-like shape, and jumped onto Regent into the ceiling chandelier. Regent groaned in pain. Leet quickly stood up and threw another flashbang into the air.

    When Rush inversed the gravity, the dogs were immediately released from her power’s grasp. They tried to re-orient themselves to stand on the ceiling, but were quickly pained by Leet’s flash bang.

    “Losers,” Rush yelled, “retreat!”

    They each pocketed the jewels they could carry and ran. Some the loot was priceless, and they only picked up half of what they expected to collect. But by the time they entered the city streets and distanced themselves from the Undersiders, they stopped caring about why they were there.
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    Very cracky. Quite amusing.

    Are Light and Rush from anything in particular?
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    jrbless You needed worthy opponents.

    Jan 13, 2015
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    It's great watching Tattletale get shot down when she tries to sow dissent in the opposing ranks.
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  27. Axle

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    Thanks for commenting Ack! I've read and loved a lot of your fanfics!

    Personality wise, Rush and Light are pretty original as they come. I made them funny because OC Worm fics tend to follow the same formula, and I wanted to do something different from the rest. (I also have a South Park-esque style of humor, so I wanted to vent out that humor into a single fic).

    Looks wise, I've tried making it plainly obvious what they're inspired from, but it's still something that has to be looked for. Rush is inspired by Kat from the game "Gravity Rush", while Light is inspired by Delsin from "Infamous Second Son." I also used these games to inspire their powers.
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    Uber pushing buttons faster than Tats.
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  29. Ack

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    Something like this
  30. Axle

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    I've just gained an idea for one of Leet's inventions