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A/N: This is a fanfic based on the events of Destiny and Destiny 2 (The game), with an OC AU...
Chapter 1: Guardian Rises


Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?
May 26, 2023
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A/N: This is a fanfic based on the events of Destiny and Destiny 2 (The game), with an OC AU. Enjoy the story.

A dedicated Destiny player finishes the new Witch Queen dlc as a warlock. Ultimately he decides to make a new character, but play as a hunter this time.. Little does he know, he's pulled through the screen as he does. Now an NPC in the destiny world, he must survive the years until the game starts and the players come rushing in. How will he begin his journey, and what will become of him?

# MC will be an npc within the destiny world, transmigrated a few years before the start of the year 1 game. (Before the game officially releases with new changes).#
#Inspired by The Legendary Mechanic, Novel's Extra and Author's Pov.#

A hot summer day, the sun was blaring hot and the heat unsparingly scorched the soles of my shoes. I trudged along the road, occasionally skipping about.
Today was a big day, as I was finally going to finish the Witch Queen dlc.
Honestly, it was quite a short dlc, and I'd been trying to finish it on legendary difficulty for a few weeks now. But my finals got in the way. Fortunately, I had finished them all today.
Unable to contain my joy, I rushed home as fast as my legs could take me.
Pacing through the bustling city, down the busy winding streets. I stopped in front of an old dorm. It was slightly lived in, but that's all I could afford. A university students life was pretty tough as they say.
Swiftly up the stairs and the last door towards the left, I jiggled my keys around as the excitement poured out of me. Stepping in, I deftly locked the door, behind me.
At last... peace.
I turned on my pc, and plugged in my headset, a feeling I had missed these past few days. It was pure bliss as I launched the game, the Witch Queen soundtrack blasting in my ears.
A feeling of pure suspense showered over me as the chords rung. I could never stop listening to it.
Moving my mouse to the mission list, I selected the last one.
-->The Ritual (Recommended Light: 1500) (Legendary difficulty)
Launching the mission, I waited with bated breaths as my ship launched all the way into the throne world.
[2 hours later]
Just as I had fired the last rocket, Savathun's body slumped to the ground and the traveller safely teleported back to the Last City.
It was an amazing final fight that had left me an inch from death. My guardian was practically dead if not for the Phoenix Protocol and well of radiance build.
Ikora's voice resounded in my ears as she proclaimed our success and then my guardian spoke about the witness. It was all too perfect.
I watched the next few cutscenes, and it frankly the best storyline Destiny had made. Entertaining and challenging, but at the same time, generously rewarding. I could tell from the exotics that had dropped from the final mission.
Seeing as I had practically caught up to the latest Destiny storyline, I sat slightly clueless to my next moves. I mean, typically I would run a few raids or strikes with friends.... but I have basically finished all the content the new dlc had to offer.
I won't lie, I was a degenerate, because I've spent hundreds of dollars and bought every single dlc for this game. I've raised my light level to 1600, and even finished the season pass. With all that said and done, I couldn't just leave the game...
My addiction ran far too deep. My brain stimulated euphoria and a dopamine spike as soon as I saw the loot drops pump through the chests.
Common? Legendaries? Exotics? Didn't matter, all I cared for was loot. But what now?
I sat there in my room, realizing I had wasted most of my life on this game. Grinding hours upon hours into doing repetitive strikes and raids just for an exotic or legendary barely better than my current gear.
Some would call me a psychopath, others would understand that I am a Destiny player. But both people would frankly be disgusted with what I was about to do.
Exiting to the main menu, I saw three character slots, the first one was my main, the other two were empty...
Forgive me everyone.
1. Warlock (Light 1600)
---> 2. Create New Character
3. Create New Character
Clicking new character, I began designing my facial features, clicking the human race as I wasted twenty more minutes. After I was done, I chose the hunter class.
Because let's face it, even I wasn't as crazy as to play through the game with the same class...
Clicking accept, the game began loading, and then it prompted me to name my new character....
I will admit, I felt slightly cringe naming this, but no one's gonna know it's my character are they?
Name: Void Blade ...
--->Are you sure?
The game prompted once more, and I quickly clicked accept. The bungie logo appeared in the bottom right as the screen faded to black, loading the world.
But this time... something peculiar happened. A new prompt I had never seen in my life. A prompt so peculiar that I thought the game had somehow glitched....
My screen turned white, but before the game loaded, only one sentence hovered on the screen.
Would you like to try the enhanced difficulty mode?....
[ Yes ] [No]
Enhanced difficulty.....what?
In my five years of playing destiny I had never once heard about this. Was this something new in the dlc? Excited at the prospect for new content, I immediately clicked yes.
But to my surprise the game prompted again to confirm some conditions.
Absolutely sure of my decision, I rapidly agreed to whatever terms and services that had come.... I mean no one ever reads those anyway.
A bright flash of white sparked on the screen and the loading continued, suddenly the screen froze and turned off.....
"This shit pc...did the monitor break or some shit?" I immediately got up to check the cables.
Giving the monitor a few good smacks on the back to somehow make it work, I could spot the bright pixels return to the screen. Yep the smacking always works.
Sitting back down, I waited as the screen got brighter each second.....
Wait...the light from the monitor seemed to stretched outwards, damn the graphics on this game keep improvi-
Just as I had said so, the light completely enveloped my room. Bright and shimmering light, covered every inch of the room, as my body began dissipating under it.
A few seconds later, I had all but turned into glimmer, flowing back into the screen as the light dragged me inside.
The screen went dark as only 1 message remained.
Game will now start..... >>
A bright blue sky, the boundless horizon. The world turned to nothing, but then there was a voice and it whispered. Drawing the essence of the mind closer with every word.
"Guardian, are you awake?"
Who are you?
"Wake up guardian we do not have time. The fallen they are coming, they've seen me. It's not safe here."
The voice urged and it pulled me closer to life. From nothingness, I could see a bright presence pull me into this body.
My eyes opened, and I felt a heavy weight on my back. All I could feel were the rocks around me, my body buried deep within them as I tried to crawl out.
The voice, it saw me struggling and helped out, as a bright flash of light occurred and the rocks turned to glitter fading away.
Slowly, I crawled through to it, from underneath the dirt to a new life. Nudging my body closer to the surface with every push. No strength remained in my arms, and my legs were most likely broken.
I couldn't feel a bone in my body, but the voice beckoned and I answered. It felt like it was fate. Or perhaps it was destiny, but I knew I had to make it.
Pushing my fist through the dirt, my fingers dug into the mud and I pulled myself across, from my grave to a new life.
My eyes... they could see now, but where was I.
I darted my eyes around, but it was a completely rusted scrapyard, with metal littered around for miles and miles. Be it cars, planes or shipping containers, it all seemed abandoned and rusted. Not an inch of ground was free from rusted scraps.
I could see above me, the boundless horizon stretched infinitely. The sky was an enriched deep blue, it was beautiful. In the distance I could spot mountains and as I turned around, I could see a wall. An unsurmountable iron wall.
The scene, it looked all too familiar the scrapyard, that voice and that iron wall, it seemed more of an iron dam. The large iron plates had long since rusted of old age, some falling out exposing the cavities within the gargantuan structure.
There was a single door, that I could spot, leading inside, towards darkness. Not a single speck of light lingered inside. Almost as if the dark had chased it out.
Yes... it was all coming back to me. This was, the cosmodrome...
Just as my thoughts had aligned, the voice resounded again.
"Guardian, hurry up. We do not have much time."
Looking around I could not see its source.... but I knew who the voice belonged to.
"Ghost?" I blurted
"Yes guardian"
it responded to my voice, as the camouflage disappeared revealing its black octahedron body, with a single purple eye glowing in the middle. This appearance, it looked much better than the one's in game.
Its eye turned yellow for a brief second, as a scanner ray filtered through my body.
"You must be confused, let me explain. You are a guardian and I am your ghost. You've been chosen by the traveler to as a warrior of the light. To protect and defend the last city. Please, allow me to attune you to the light. It will help you recover." The ghost's semi-robotic voice resounded.
I held my hand out, and the light formed a connection between us. Instantly, I could see a blue system screen in front of me.
"Guardian, I've displayed your current equipment and stats on the screen, please look through them. But we need to hurry up and leave." The ghost urged.
I bitterly smiled... of course, I was too used to patiently looking at my equipment. But right now... somehow I had been pulled inside the game...There's no way the enemies would wait for me.
Suppressing my disbelief of where I really was, I followed the ghost as it floated through the cosmodrome. I needed to hide, and I needed to hide fast. Still seeing the status screen as I was running through the scrapyard was no issue.
Name: Void Blade
Class: Hunter
Level: 0
Light Level: 4
Subclass: None
Equipment: (LL refers to Light Level)
>Primary: None ] Armor: > Trashed Mask
>Secondary: None ] Armor: > Golden Age Grips (Common): 3 LL
> Heavy: None ] Armor: > Golden Age Vest (Common): 4 LL
> Ghost Lv1 ] Armor: >Trashed Strides
I could only swear under my breath as I saw the reality....My gear was gone, I had no weapons and from what I could see my light as also embarrassingly low.
I was still springing behind the ghost, but I noticed we were moving away from Cosmodrome walls, aiming for the wilderness.
"Ghost, are you sure this is the right way." I stammered, unable to keep my breath from shaking due to the sprint.
"Affirmative guardian, the probability of surviving inside the cosmodrome has decreased rapidly. I've sensed a few fallen captains roaming the area. We are in no condition to engage combat."
A mini-map appeared on my screen as the ghost had said, and I could see three large red dots on the map roaming inside the cosmodrome.
If memory serves me right, the intro area was capped at a light level of 20... But right now with 4, I would simply die meaninglessly. Even if I was revived by ghost, it would be a futile struggle.
Still looking at the menu screen, it was similar to the in-game menu. However, there was one extra tab at the end... It read system. I had never seen that tab, but as thing were right now, I had no choice but to leave my curiosity for later.
Once I had practically sprinted across the Russian wasteland for a few minutes, my body began slowing down. I didn't feel exhausted per se, but drained. My ghost saw this and I could feel some strength pour into me from our connection to the light...
Of course, as long as I was a guardian, I could use the light to replenish my health and stamina. It was also at this point I slightly regretted not choosing warlock..Simply because it was a much safer class compared to hunters, who would often have to get closer ranged to fight and opted for stealthy approaches.
If I was a warlock, chances are I could have just glided along the ghost using my dash.
Or so I believed but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the hunter strafe to work. I did see no subclass chosen, perhaps my abilities were not as developed as I had hoped.
Suppressing the anxiety building up, I continued with extreme speed behind the ghost. The physical ability alone of a hunter was astounding.
My mobility was akin to a cheetah in the grasslands. In just a minute I had crossed a half a kilometer... I could see why the people in this game considered guardians to be born and bred warriors.
The light was far too strong a power.
Once we had trekked about fifteen kilometers away, I could spot a small cave beneath a cliff in the cosmodrome. Unfortunately, it was all alien to me. In the game, the cosmodrome was all the area inside the Russian barriers, but it was the first time I had ever traversed outside the traditional map.
"Come on guardian, I've transported and secured a small stash of supplies from the city inside that cave. We must recoup and then travel to the last city."
Entering the cave behind the ghost, it was all completely dark. Until ghost channeled a bright flashlight.
I could see the cave had a small interior, probably dug out quite a few years ago. The walls had eroded grooves, indicating mining work. I spotted ghost circling around a cache, that it had scanned.
"Here guardian, access this weapons cache." He beckoned
I stood besides the cache... slightly awkwardly. Until I embarrassingly realized I couldn't just hold E to open it...
Yeah lets just not go there....
Stepping closer, I pushed open the cache and unstrapped the box inside
Immediately I received a notification.
§ New Equipment Gained §
x1 Traveler's Chosen (Sidearm) 5LL
x1 Scorched Hunter Strides (Leg Armor) 3LL
"Finally, some equipment I can use."
I equipped the strides and examined the sidearm. Fortunately, the sidearm was not level capped and I could easily use it...but the real problem...
Peeking at my inventory I could certainly see it.
Primary Ammo: x 56
"Hah..." Destiny 2 surely had spoiled me with infinite primary ammo.
"Look's like we'll have to conserve some ammo. Ghost search around for some ammo." I asked slightly unsure if that was possible.
"Affirmative guardian" Ghost's eyes tracked the surrounding with a blue ray for a few minutes.
As he was busy doing it, I thought about the menu. Sure enough, the menu screen came to me. Seems like I didn't need the ghost to access it. Scrolling through to the last tab. I could see "System" on it.
{Legendary Guardian System}
> System authorized.....
> System Level 1
> Objectives initiated:
> Become Legend 0/1: (Main)
"The light calls for aid, become the herald of change needed in the world, push back the darkness and defend the traveller."
Rewards: x1 {Unknown}, x1 {Unknown}, +10000 Legend Points, +10 million Glimmer.
> Reach the Last City 0/1: (Main)
" The traveler beckons the guardians to serve the last city. Heed the summons and begin your journey."
Rewards: x1 Beginner Hunter Set, x1 Ballyhoo Mk.27(Hand Cannon) (Rare)
I leaned against the rough stone walls and took a deep breath....Perhaps I had been dragged into something dangerous....Perhaps I still thought it was a dream....But something inside me wished to live and push back.
Everyone who had ever played Destiny, fantasized about being a guardian....A fearless immortal warrior. But to tell you the truth, right now I felt scared. More scared than I had ever been in my life.
What's more is that I had opened my map.... but not a single player was online. Not that I was designated as a player. I could see the fact that the system had chosen me as more of an NPC. Obvious from the fact that I had no chat box feature in my menu.
Closing the menu screen with a thought, I squatted down to take it all in.... What I had to do to survive.... Perhaps this was also the start of a journey...One I would enjoy.
Sitting in this small cave in some random scrapyard on earth. I looked to the sky, a peerless azure horizon. Far away I could almost make out the white hue of the traveler floating above the city. A miraculous machine that had given humanity another chance at survival...
That's right...now I was also chosen... as a guardian.
I clenched my fists and took a deep breath. Now was not the time to falter...Yeah, I was a guardian now. Unknowingly the light filled me with bravery. But I knew the enemies to come would fill me with fear.
Hence, I couldn't just stand still. I needed to be stronger... I wanted to be stronger.
Closing my eyes for a brief second as all the fatigue drained away, I dozed off, hoping to be a better man once I woke up.
I think QQ might have messed up your formatting and spacing.
It did mess it up big time, which is very annoying. I am already well ahead with about 38 chapters into this story or something, so I am just copy pasting from the files. But for some reason QQ has a messed up formatting system. I guess I will have to manually format this stuff later.

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