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Dungeon Thrills (DC AU Essence meta)



Coke Barker
Sep 5, 2021
Likes received
Story idea
Location: DC Universe
Plot Idea: Dungeon Chaos
MC: Two Identities
- Player: Aster Aurelius
- Dungeon Master: Name - Atticus Sayre / Cape name - Dungeon Master Arceus
MC Abilities:
Essence of the Dungeon Master
Essence of the Blank
Essence of the Arch-mage
Essence of the Crafter
Essence of the Mad Doctor
Essence of the Portal Master

Plot Synopsis:
MC finds himself in the universe of DC as a child orphan in Gotham. He also finds that he had several new ability each incredibly powerful, especially with time. After thought on what to do with these abilities, whether to be a hero, villain, neutral, A plan is formed in the MC's mind to create the most entertainment possible with said powers. After a decade the MC turning the age of 15 he begins his plan in the major stages, using a temporary elixir created with all his effort he briefly allows himself incredible power, he then begins a broadcast as his alter ego the Dungon master Arceus to announce to the world the creation of Dungeons. After the broadcast, while still with his boost he uses his energy to create dungeons spanning the whole globe with the energy spare he then develops a system that connects all the dungeons to alter their very reality. And so begins the chaos.

Dungeon Mechanics:
- Each and every dungeon is a unique dimension that is built around factors from the real world location it is in. This can be either the history, myth, beliefs etc. Anything based on these factors are a replica or re-imagination of the real thing. E.g Excalibur from legend may become an actual magic blade
- Max of 20 people inside a dungeon, unless it is an event dungeon
- Any items not originating from the dungeon (with the Exception of clothing for the first 3 entry's) will boost the dungeons difficulty
- Only humans are able to enter the dungeon
- Non-Humans are to enter into the dungeon in a party as long as they have permission from a human, human cannot be altered with or forced
- Any non-human entering the dungeon is forced out, if they somehow still stay the dungeon will lock them inside the space and Detonate the dimension
- While inside of the dungeon participants are able to access the 'Dungeon System' the system displays user's, Stats, abilities, achievements and Dungeon Mission/Quests
- A dungeon portal may break if left alone for at least 2 months. When a portal breaks it will release a bit of the dimension into the real world, it will only release one of the aspects out three of mobs, land, or outburst. Mobs are the enemies designated in the dungeon, anything from animals to NPCs to robots or tanks. Land is the atmosphere or the actual landscape of the portal, so if it was a jungle themed dungeon it may spawn a small tree with a low jungle floor. Outburst is when the dungeon boss will appear in the real world. All bosses are beings made of magic and are far superior to regular mobs.
- When entering a dungeon players will receive a quest. Upon completing the quest they may leave the dungeon. There are bonus quests that give extra rewards upon completion. Killing the boss of the dungeon will almost never be a main quest as every boss is usually above the level cap of the dungeon.
- Every dungeon has a level cap, players will be able to tell the level cap of a dungeon by standing close to it. If a human invites a non-human into the party the non-human is measured by the portal, if they are too strong for the dungeon they will not be able to enter.
- There are rare dungeons made by the Dungeon master personally that have its own set of rules, they are the Event dungeons.
- Once every player that Completed a Dungeon leaves, the portal leading to that dungeon will disappear.
- A dungeon that has been activated but not cleared will stay for 6 months.
- Players after completing a quest can only stay in the dungeon for 6 months from the initial spawn date, after that they are forcibly ejected out of the portal.
- Anything can be taken out of the dungeon and will not boost dungeon difficulty it brought back.
- Upon defeating mobs and completing quests the players will be able to gain stats, stats are determined on the way the player acts. Stats are earned, killing mobs with a gun will not earn any strength stats, but can get dexterity, if but a little. The dungeon rewards more stats for more effort.
- Under unique situations a player may earn a lot of stats if they complete quests in an entertaining way.
- Rewards can be found inside the dungeon, or by completing bonus quests. Rewards can be anything from a small amount of stats to items or even magic abilities.
- There is always a secret room in a dungeon that is difficult to find which contains Rewards that is always good. It will also contain one item of value that is over the level cap of the dungeon.
- Dungeons will progressively get higher level caps with time. Max level that a dungeon can spawn is 1000.
- A players level is determined by their stats. Stats is earned from completing quests and is not a representative of a players strength. A non-humans level is based on their individual physical strength and abilities.
- Non-humans do not get full access to the system, they only get as much access as their human party mates allow for them. But the minimum is the Status and Abilities Page.
- Non-human is a term referring to any being that does not have the basic human genome. This refers to Aliens, Metahumans, genetically altered humans, animals, deities, etc.
- Metahumans while not counted as a human are able to enter the dungeon on their own, however several restrictions are in place and they start at a level equivalent to their power level.
- Metahumans are able to restrict their powers in the dungeon allowing them the same benefits as a regular human. Accepting this restriction means that they cannot ever use their powers in the dungeon.
- Any magical item from the real world that draws its power from other dimensions or the real world will be blocked in the dungeon. While still exisiting any abilities will not work.
- If any rules or mechanics are broken, players breaking them may face penalties or punishments.

Story Plan:
MC wakes up in the body of a child by a random alley. While confused the MC gains a rush of memories for from the child he has inhabited. The MC realises he's in the world of a comic book, the DC universe, as a 5 year old child in Gotham city.
As the MC leaves the alley he see the sidewalk of a busy street, it looks like he's not in the slums of Gotham, so trying to remember where his home is he follows the weirdly familiar path. He finds himself at the entrance to an orphanage. The MC makes his way in and is confronted by the Matron, who gasps and asks why he is covered in filth. The Mc realises that the body was covered in muddy goo. Cleary not happy the matron shouts at the Mc and tells Him to wash himself and his clothes and go straight to his room without dinner. The MC in his room after washing himself see that he shares the room with three other kids due to the beds, he assumes they are all out or having dinner. Finally in his bed the MC thinks about his situation, he comes to a realisation that he can remember everything pretty well, even the most ambiguous parts in some random manga that he has read. But when he thinks of his past life he realises, he can't remember his name, what age he died, if he died, where he lived, who his friend or family were. It's like he lost everything that defined him as him. Without even a moment of wallowing the Mc tries to remember his current body's name, to his surprise it seems that the kids whole life he never actually had a name, just called kid or boy or some other nick names. The Mc decides to give himself a name and after a bit of thinking decides to name himself Aster Aurelius, a pet name he can remember from a game he played. It seemed to be the only name he can remember being from his past life that wasn't a character or celebrity. He then goes to sleep, quickly and quietly.
The Mc wakes up to the sound of the Matron banging some pans, he gets up, makes his bed and heads towards the banging sound. The matron turned out to be swinging a bell that in no way should sound like it does. Once a lot more kids are around the matron stops and does a roll count. As it looks names don't seem to be a thing in this place. After the count the matron announces duties and points to the group of kids, you were put on table duty. None of the kids seem to be very talkative, it was a rather quiet setting. After setting up the table the Mc copies what the other kids are doing and get a plate waiting for breakfast, oats and water. It seems that milk is reserved for the kids who have gold stars on their chests. After thinking for a bit the MC can see that the gold star kids seem to be old enough to be in school, so the MC assumes that doing well in school means you get better treatment here, a reward system perhaps. After breakfast the matron announces a duty board again, as some of the younger kids could not read the matron points to each kid and give them a chore. The Mc was given laundry, looking at the board it seems that kids were organised by age instead of names, as the MC can see that the kids doing chores all were number on the board by age. The other kids not doing chores were told to go study, reinforcing the Mc's thoughts on the gold star kids.
During the laundry chore throw MC was getting bored, wishing that all the stains would just wash away, like magic the Mc see the stains vanishing from the clothes. The Mc come to the realisation that it wasn't only his memory that was different he also has powers.
The matron came in after half an hour and complimented the Mc for cleaning all the clothes, she tells him that he can go and play in the yard for his good work. The Mc goes out to the yard and sits behinds a tree. The MC concentrates and tries to feel any weird energy in his body. After concentrating for a bit the MC is able to see a dark room with six orbs floating around him. The Mc instinctively is able to know what each of the orbs do. Each ability was incredibly powerful on its own, even in the DC universe, with enough time he could be able to go toe-to-toe with Superman, the Comic superman. It was a crazy notion that he has all these powers. The Mc then stops all of the sudden, a thought occurs, does he even want to be a hero? Villain? Some kind of vigilante or neutral party? The Mc ponders the point, if he is using his powers in a universe like DC, would it be safe? he could hide, gain power and curb stomp anyone that gets in his way but, what fun is that. So the Mc Began to think of what to do with all this potential, what could he do to entertain himself without being a hero or villain. After looking at each of his abilities, stopping at the Dungeon master he smiles and instantly he knows what he wants to do.
The Mc can be seen sipping a cup of cocoa on a white couch looking at the news, another Victory for superman as he stops the villainous toy man from his destructive campaign. The Mc turns off the tv, still sipping his cocoa and turns his head to look out his window, looking down at the streets of metropolis. Seven years have past since the Mc's entry into this world, a lot has changed. He used his abilities to improve his standing, showing immense potential for learning, after a year of gathering as much knowledge as he could he faked his death. Using his knowledge and magic he was able to Create a new identity for himself. Having spent a year learning everything he could about technology, he attuned his own unique magic to technomancy, all for when he makes his new identity. He created a fake family tree, branching off to some already dead line, he created an inheritance for himself, a rather hefty sum that would be his when he reached legal age. Of course since he could access that assets he organised another inheritance of a home in metropolis, an old home on the lower end of the city, as well as a small amount of money that would be accessible to him every month for each year until he is eligible for the entire inheritance. The MC had no desire to wait for the entire thing, but it was a necessity for creating the backstory of his persona. Having moved into the building the MC spent two years in the decent sized home building a fortune for himself. As the Mc was too young for the fortune of his inheritance he used his genius intellect to build tech and sell it to anyone who wanted it. He sold quite a few patents to some Large companies and even the government for his tech. He was approached quite a few times by different groups of people 'asking' him to work for them, even some government officials sending requests for the child to work for them. He turned down all the offers and with his little cash nest decided to buy an apartment in metropolis. The high rise apartment one of the suites of the building then became his 'offical residence. Fast forward to the current day, the MC sipping cocoa looking down at the city. He puts the cup away after finishing it, the cup instantly clean flys into one of the drawers. The Mc sits back on the couch thinking. He feels his current reserves of power and while substantial is not enough for his plans, while he could half-ass a version of his vision it will not be good enough for what he desires. He realises that if he wants this to happen soon he must find a way to strengthen himself if only temporary. He stops that train of thought and begins another one, one about the current situation of the world. The justice league formed around a year after his entry to this world. It seems that the league is also recruiting more heroes around the world. From his research the Mc believes that there is not a single comic that is completely accurate for his current universe. Villains seems to be a mix and match from several different dc comics or shows , while others are specific. From what he can tell the universe is a mix of the comics and the many shows. The plot line seems to be leading towards the creation of something rather than the end of the world, as many comics may have been. Hero's are far stronger than what the cinematic counter parts were and they don't waste time like their comic parts did. The Flash is incredibly more threatening, it seems that his powers are actually well Accurate, constant, or increasing bit by bit instead. The hero's and villains all have a limit, or lack thereof for their abilities. The Joker in Gotham actually has a execution lined up if he is put back into prison. Something that has made the joker stay underground for a couple months now. It fascinated the Mc how different yet similar this world was. While a few things didn't make sense, like how supermen isn't breaking all the windows when he flies by, flash gets a pass as his speed force is said to ignore certain aspects of physics. Supermen makes very little sense. Wonder Woman can fly and she doesn't have some kind of invisible jet. Batman, seems to use knockout gas and projectiles that actually incapacitates criminals peacefully. The Mc stops his thought train when a knocking comes to his door. He feels a regular being putting a letter under the door and walking away The Mc opens the letter and immediately burns it, another job offer from Lex. The Mc regrets ever selling to lex, but at the same time looks at his apartment and decides it was worth it. The Mc teleports to his other home in metropolis, the house he used after leaving the orphanage. He goes underground into the basement he made. In the basement the walls have some kind of rune that glows in a white light that covers the room, several tables all with strange plants and items. The Mc walks to the table on his right and picks up a glass bottle. The flask has a liquid inside it, blue in colour and slightly see through. The Mc puts the flask down and thinks of his next move. He is trying to create a potion that would grant him the energy to expedite his plans. The problem is the potion in mind, one that will have no side effects on him and can grant that kind of power will need something he is not sure he can get without destroying the planet. He could probably live, he has spent the last few years creating contingency's in case the world did blow up after all. The main ingredient he requires for the potion he's thinking of is the magical energy of a new star being birthed. The problem is not the gathering of the energy itself, it's just the location. Where is he meant to create a star, that would not endanger this planet. Sure he could teleport into space, or create another dimension and do it there but then he will need the energy to not only survive the stars birth but to transport the magical energy back to his lab and create the potion. So the Mc decides that that is what he'll do, he will create a temporary dimension for the star, collect the energy and store it.
A year has gone by since the idea to create a potion to strengthen the mc's power. The Mc can be currently seen preparing himself entering the portal in front of him. The Mc checks all his preparations, and satisfied he enter the portal. A large space devoid of any life can be seen, the Mc then creates a small light. The light seems to be circling itself. The process of a star being birth takes years but the Mc is expediting the process. The light spins and collapses into itself. The Mc suddenly pulls his hands together and leaves the dimension. Just before the light suddenly explodes in a vicious eruption that then disappears alongside the dimension. The Mc, outside in the real world, holding his hands together pushes the magical light inside towards a glass sphere, the light goes inside and the Mc then slams the sphere with his hand. The light stops moving, completely frozen. The Mc exhales and collapses on the floor. The Mc still conscious then drinks a flask on the chair next to him, the energy quickly restoring itself inside his body. The Mc then begins the next step of forging the potion, collecting ingredients from his workshop and the magical energy from the star he starts the process.
The Mc after what could only be hours after the initial start can be seen holding a potion of 'Infinite' power. The potion is meant to constantly ensure that reserves of energy are not drained when in use. It basically means that the Mc can spam spells and not run out of energy. But that is not why he created this potion, it's for the second aspect, which is the 'boost' in magical reserves, the potion is able to boost magical reserves up to the max potential of the body of the user. Due to his abilities his 'potential' is seemingly infinite. While he doubts the potion is actually able to do such a thing, it will increase his reserves to hopefully what he desires to accomplishing. That only thing left for his plans now is to start trail runs.
After several completely successful tests the 15 year old Mc is finally, after a decade of living in this world is able to start his grand plan. The Mc adopts a set of fantastical looking armour, making the 15 year old look like a large well built dark knight. The armour then changes to a gold trimmed, white cut set with the helmet supporting a t-section with blue fog like light seeping out. The MCs face completely hidden. The Mc then channels his magic and prepares the cameras facing him to record. The Mc's persona can be seen on every device, on every wall, even in the air informs of where a person is currently looking. The only exceptions were people currently in deep focus or asleep. The Mc began his broadcast proclaiming his Name as Arceus the Dungeon Master. He then talks about the situation with the aliens, hero's, villains on the planet, the stark difference in power they have and the danger they pose to regular humans. He then talks about how the world is not big enough to supply everyone forever, then he claps and his voice seemed to gain a different tone to it. He says to even the playing field and provide a source of endless resource and power he will introduced a new system. Behind the Mc a blue portal fizzes into existence and the Mc then talks about what it is and what it means. The Mc then decides to soar into the sky while showing the land below, a random ocean than back to the mc saying that he will show what it's like to feel power. At that moment every human watching the live stream felt a rush of energy, the feeling that they can do anything, the will to be whatever they want, the Mc laughs and states that the feeling is only temporary, if they want to keep feeling that rush, enter the dungeons, level up, get stronger and make your own destiny. The Mc end the Broadcast saying, 'Be sure to Entertain me'.
After the livestream e h nds the Mc looks up into the sky and holds both his hands up, what seems to have needing a bit of exertion from the Mc spreads his hands out. All around the world, in that very moment, portals of different colours fizzed into existence in every city around the globe, it seemed that somewhere in every single city there was a portal. The Mc then looking down looks at a screen, a floating screen in the air with him. The Mc seems to be doing something with the screen, as he stops the mc feels the energy drain away from him and teleports back into his home apartment, tired but with a smile on his face.
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Backstory for Idea
So I was 17 when I thought of this, recently I was going through my old stuff and found this. Wanted to share it, no real reason, just did. Might be the alcohol.
I know there's a lot of mistakes and inconsistencies, believe me even inebriated as I am I can tell.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I certainly loved the feeling of memory lane i experienced reading this.
Awesome. Amazing! I've been trying to fine a good Dungeon Master Essence fic for ages now, I'd definitely read that.

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