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Fate/Supernal Blessing V.2 [SFW MalexMale, Crossover with Mage the Awakening (CofD/nWod)]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Repentant_Dragos, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Threadmarks: Chapter One

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Fair Warning: Mage the Awakening (Part of White Wolf's Chronicles of Darkness/New World of Darkness) is one of the few fandoms which can outpower the Nasuverse, with Time manipulation being a common power amongst Awakening!Mages, who get their powers by directly interacting with the Supernal Realms, which is a nigh-identical concept to The Root/Akasha. Not just that, but there are several hundred Ascended Beings (Archmasters) with the same powers as Goetia from FGO or stronger, all capable of changing reality, resetting history, and undoing each others' changes, which in turn ensures that the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction keeps them from just doing what they want with Reality.

    But note that because power-wankery of this level isn't fun, especially when directed against a setting as well-loved as the Nasuverse, I will try and make sure that the latter has its own chance to shine and that my characters with powers from Mage the Awakening do not overestimate their own powers or go crazy with them. After all, the Nasuverse is their home now, despite having powers from Awakening...

    Chapter One

    Hello, my name is Daniel, Daniel Palaiologos. And this is the story of my second chance at happiness.

    What was my first chance at happiness, then? Well, as you can guess, this is a Self-Insert/Reincarnation story, although unlike other examples of this genre, my former life wasn't all that bad - I was even going back to college in order to get a proper job, my parents were supporting me in that endeavor, and I had online friends who were genuinely interested in meeting me in Real Life.

    Then I got hit by a car, and well, I was reborn in the Nasuverse. To a family which claimed descent from the actual Palaiologos Dynasty of 'Byzantine' (Aka Eastern Roman) Emperors. To a family of Magi who claimed independence from the Magus' Association and coveted its own share of Greece's Magical Secrets.

    Originally David Garcia Martinez from Lalin’s Curse, a Webcomic by Isaky on Webtoons, now used for Daniel Palaiologos with her consent.

    My past life loved Urban Fantasy, but focused more on World of Darkness (great lore, but I didn't like the mechanics) and Chronicles of Darkness (meh lore, good mechanics) than it did Fate/Stay Night. I did watch Fate/Apocrypha and the DEEN Studio version of Fate/Stay Night, though, as well as the first eleven episodes of Fate/Zero and parts of a Let's Play of the original F/SN Visual Novel until I got bored. No, I did not touch gacha games, including FGO - That's a waste of money. Anyway, although I was reborn into a Magus Family, my father was the seventh son of the family, and thus only had training in basic Magecraft plus was allowed a lot of freedom, enough that he was allowed to marry an ordinary person - A scientist, to boot!

    I was raised happily in my parents' Taverna (small restaurant) in Athens, and for a time, I thought I was born to ordinary life, an ordinary life where I was going to live in peace and finally have a shot at getting a proper career. I had friends, school wasn't so bad, and I got to help cook with parents who loved me. I was also taught basic Magecraft for self-defense, as well as what my father was permitted to tell me about the Family History.


    But as I continued to muse over my past life, about what I used to nerd at and what I used to (wrongfully) consider important, I began to want something more. Magecraft in the Nasuverse is slated to be destroyed by Human Progress, and the Magus' Association had become rotten and corrupt because of that, same for most Magus Families which remained independent from that, including my own. I wanted something more powerful, but at the same time, conceptually similar to what the Nasuverse had. Something which might seem to blow away the Nasuverse's way of seeing things at first, but at the end of the day, was comprehensible by its inhabitants.

    On my sixteenth birthday, I had my chance.

    I was walking home from school, taking my time as it was a great day, when I noticed the sunlight getting brighter, brighter, and the road rising up in a slope I knew shouldn't be there. I tried activating my sensory Magecraft, but it seemed muted, a sign that something very unusual was happening. All the while, my feet moved on their own, walking forwards even as the last of the ordinary world faded before my eyes.

    And I was in another plane of existence entirely, a plane of primal forces, light and heat and electricity and mana and raw, materialized Truth, with a Watchtower at its center, a structure of gold, silver, and glass clockwork whose perfect order was so harmonious as to be both sublime and unsettling.

    I knew what this was. The Watchtower of the Golden Key from Mage the Awakening, another setting entirely. Drawing a magic marker from my backpack, I knew that signing my True Name in it or some other signifier of my identity will link my soul to the Watchtower and the plane it was a part of for the rest of my life, turning me into a Mage with powers which transcended that of the Nasuverse's True Magic.

    There was no resisting temptation. I signed - Let the consequences come later.
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter Two

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Two

    After returning home from School (for real this time), I decided to take a few minutes' break in my room (a fairly ordinary bedroom with Anime posters on the walls, remember, this was back when Naruto used to be cool) not just to rest, but also to try and see how much of the canonical limits of my powers apply in the Nasuverse.

    You see, in Mage the Awakening and its spiritual predecessor, Mage the Ascension, casting obvious Magic on people who do not know or believe in the supernatural causes a phenomenon called Paradox, where the Mage and those whom he has forced to witness Magic suffer painful punishments from extradimensional entities who don't like Mages messing with Reality. In Ascension, Paradox is caused by the collective disbelief of Humanity in Magic, which punishes all who try and change that disbelief, while in Awakening, it is caused by The Abyss, a soul-devouring 'Anti-Reality' which wants to warp everything into eternal madness.

    What was the purpose of this exposition dump? Because I needed to know if the 'Incredible Cosmic Power!' I had come with 'Incredible Cosmic Risk!'. And because I actually loved my parents, I can't just cast my new Magic around/on them or their customers and expect everything to turn out all right.

    Wait, scratch that. My Dad is a Nasuverse-style Magus and will probably listen to me, especially with proof of my words at my fingertips (remember, he is involved in the supernatural himself). At the same time, however, I don't want to shatter his happy life and worldview by revealing to him that I got more powerful than most Nasuverse Magi literally a few hours ago.

    And what about the Counter Force? Will it squash me flat for being too powerful, too? Or send Counter Guardians to do the squashing for it?

    In a worse-written story, I'd be getting an Alien Space Bat/Random Omnipotent Being whispering telepathically to me in order to give me a summary of what I can or cannot do with my powers. But as minutes passed and no one began giving me a mental orientation or even a mission, I literally began praying that the quality of this twisted tale I was in would get reduced so that I can get free (or even 'free') help.

    Then I realized how pathetic I was being and decided to wing it - I just won't use my new powers around my parents or any ordinary people, and try and find more excuses to see my Magi relatives, including my cousin, Asriel Palaiologos (the heir to the Family and also a close friend, believe it or not).

    And with that, all was at peace.
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  3. Threadmarks: Chapter Three

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Three

    After accepting that mission, I went down to spend some quality time with my parents - No joke, I actually love them and they actually love me. My father, Deuel Palaiologos, is the best Dad ever, and also one of the best cooks I know. Sometimes I think that his real Magecraft is based on making good food, not putting up Bounded Fields. As I walked towards him, he said kindly to me, "Can you wait the tables today? We've been getting quite a few customers in the past few hours..."

    Originally Mateo Martinez from Lalin’s Curse, a Webcomic by Isaky on Webtoons. Used for Deuel Palaiologos with her consent.

    "Sure! Let me change to my work clothes!" I said eagerly before smirking, then saying, "I get a raise on my allowance for this, right?"

    Dad scowled, then smiled and said, "Sure. Just make sure not to spend it all on videogames or candy or whatever you kids spend it on nowadays..."

    Then he winked. Seriously, though, Dad is the best. Open-minded, accepting, yet has a spine underneath it all. He also taught me basic Magecraft, including some of the lore which should have gone to my cousin, Asriel. I wonder how he managed to escape being caught by Grandfather, though, considering the fact that the old man was a dyed-in-the-wool Traditional Magi.

    Either way, time to take some customers' orders!


    My mother is Maria, Maria Iagaris Palaiologos. While Dad is the cook who makes people smile with his food, my mother is the one who makes sure our business stays solvent and we have savings for a rainy day. After handing her the current orders, I see her smile as it seems that the customers have an extra craving for our Apple Pie. Patting my head, she asks, "So, how's your day, Daniel?"

    Originally Victoria Martinez from Lalin’s Curse, a Webcomic by Isaky on Webtoons. Used for Maria Palaiologos with her consent.

    "I'm doing well!" This wasn't a lie. True, I now have more power than the grand majority of Magi in the Association and I can't keep it hidden forever, but right now, I want to spend as much time with my parents as possible.

    Before I turn eighteen and strike out on my own path. Before I reveal to everyone that everything they knew was wrong. And, hopefully, before I bring a boyfriend home should I actually manage to snag a guy who likes me for who I am...

    "Penny for your thoughts?" she asks kindly, so kindly I can't help but want to hug her. But at the same time, I feel as though sharing my actual line of thinking would hurt her, so I tell a half-truth.

    "Just thinking about my future career prospects, I guess," I shrugged as she looked at the orders and receipts behind the cashier. Then I realized what I had just said, then shouted, "Not that I plan to leave you two behind, at least not permanently - I love the both of you!"

    Mom smiled, patted my head, then said, "I'll always support whatever you choose unless it's something illegal or highly dangerous. What are your plans?"

    "I'm thinking of taking up Photography," I blurted out another technical truth, as Photography would be my cover for going to Trifas Castle, where Yggdmillenia would be if this were the same universe as Fate/Apocrypha (was it?). "Maybe even food photography, although I love a beautiful landscape as much as any other."

    She believed me, good. But she'll wind up telling Dad, and the latter will be the slightest bit suspicious. I can overcome that -

    "Daniel," Dad interjected as he walked towards the cashier's desk, his face unusually grim. "Your Grandfather wants to talk with me and you later this afternoon. He says it's of utmost importance."

    Crap. Is it a coincidence that Grandfather is calling us just as I became more powerful than any Magus? Doubt it...
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  4. Threadmarks: Chapter Four

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Four

    My Grandfather's mansion was an old Victorian-style building with Byzantine-style mosaics and frescoes inside, mosaics and frescoes portraying the heroes of both Pagan, Christian, and Modern Greece. Lord Byron was prominently portrayed in the largest fresco, fighting alongside the scions of the Palaiologos Family against the Ottomans for the independence of my country.

    As I and my father were led into the building by armed guards, the mosaics and frescoes started to show the secret history of the Family, how we were Mages of some power during the Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire Era and used that to become its final dynasty of Emperors. How we, by luck and Magecraft, survived the yoke of the Ottomans and the scorn of Western Europe in order to rebuild ourselves anew when Greece regained its independence. How we kept only the loosest of ties with the Clock Tower, keeping a hoard of magical treasures and secrets from their hands.

    Finally, we reached the doors of my Grandfather's study, oaken doors engraved with his initials: A.P. Anastasios Palaiologos, Head of the Palaiologos Family of Magi. The guards left us as the doors opened by themselves, beckoning me and my father to where Grandfather waited behind his desk. As we entered, I felt the Bounded Field in the room scanning my physical and metaphysical self, as well as my father's, and I just realized: Sensory Magic still works on me as well as it does on Other people. If Grandfather didn't know then -

    "So I am right," Grandfather spoke in a grave tone. "Something has changed. But that's not important right now. What I summoned you here to speak about is to tell you that Asriel Palaiologos has renounced the heirship of the Palaiologos Family and joined the Yggdmillenia Clan... As my spy in it."

    "What?!" Father shouted as he realized the implications, "But he was the heir of the family - Well, I suppose he still is, but who's taking his place in public?"

    Grandfather looked at me, and I was tempted to burn him in Magic beyond the knowledge of any Magus of this world for causing my father to open his eyes wide in terror at what that gaze implied.

    "You cannot be serious!" Father's fists were clenched white as he spoke, "How long will Daniel be involved in this farce? And how do I know you won't just throw my son away once Asriel comes back? For that matter, why send him to spy on Yggdmillenia in the first place?"

    "I have my reasons," Grandfather said inscrutably. "Your son will move over to my place in three days. The pretext will be that I am making him the heir to the Family Corporation - He can still have that when Asriel returns from his... Sojourn."

    I was tempted to refuse, to launch the flames which would instantly consume Grandfather and his mystic defenses. But Father was there and he'd be distressed at me burning his father into a crisp. And Grandfather knew it.

    That old man simply said, "Now, I want to talk with your son in private. You can wait outside the doors."

    He looked at me again and his eyes glinted with certainty - He did know. And as Father prepared to resist, I patted him on the arm and said, "It'll be okay."

    "But Daniel -"

    I smiled at my father disarmingly, before saying, "I'll be all right - He needs me, after all. Don't worry about me, Dad."

    Nevertheless, as he grudgingly left, slamming the oaken doors behind him, I was sufficiently angry that my fingertips glowed with bright silvery fire, a fire which ignites magical defenses as easily as an Origin Bullet, only they can be used again and again and again without fear of wasting a shot.

    But my Grandfather just looked at me and said, "It seems I was right - You have gained power beyond any Magus in this world. A power which transcends even True Magic while calling into question the cosmological beliefs of millions of Magi."

    Originally Butler from Maoyu Maou Yuusha, now Anastasios Palaiologos

    His face turned grim as he continued, "You are not the first 'parallel world reincarnate' to be born into the Palaiologos Family. Nor the first one to attain powers from a different reality altogether. I have journals, secret journals, from our ancestors which describe this world as 'fictional', who describe their own native realities in such detail that they cannot just be dismissed as 'deluded'. There is something in our bloodline, and two or three others, which attracts such 'insertions', part of me has hypothesized..."

    The fire dancing on my fingertips dies as my fury is replaced by raw curiosity. There were others before me? The Palaiologoi Family based its strength on having multiple self-inserts through the generations? And not just them? I began trembling as I saw that I wasn't that special...

    "You are going to need a confidant, Daniel," my Grandfather continued, confident that he has seized control of the conversation. "Or do you plan to hold on to your secrets forever? Like it or not, I can help you... Not that you'd believe me if I said it came free."

    I recover and say as combatively as possible, "I don't. So what should I do to help the family, Grandfather?"

    "You know what the real reason I sent Asriel to spy on Yggdmillenia is, right?" Grandfather says.

    "The Greater Grail," I say, then nod as my insides metaphorically boiled at being used as a pawn despite my power. "You want me to help him steal it?"

    "Yes," Grandfather said. "You and Asriel can do whatever you want with it afterward, including destroy it. The previous generations of my family have warned me that the Grail was more trouble than its worth in multiple 'stories', and I am not one to fail to listen to warnings." He paused and pursed his lips, "Actually, you can do whatever you want with it except strengthen an enemy or potential enemy of our House. But you would not think of such stupidity, right, Daniel?"

    I sigh. I nod again. Then I say once more, "I don't trust you, Grandfather, not as far as I could throw you, but you've had me since you said I wasn't the only 'insert' into this setting. Teach me what you know and I'll do what I can to make sure the Grail does not end up in the wrong hands..."
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  5. Threadmarks: Chapter Five

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Five

    When Father was allowed inside Grandfather's study once more, he was still fuming as he said to him, "I know you're used to getting your way. But be warned, if Daniel gets hurt because of your plans -"

    "You would find a way to flay me alive," Anastasios said coldly. "Either way, I still expect to see Daniel in three days."

    Father took my wrist and stormed off - I can understand how he didn't take it well, and so I stayed silent lest I wound him further. Once we got back to the car Grandfather had sent to us (Father had his own car, but it was a cheap model), Father closed the door and looked at me, saying, "Daniel, if you're not okay with this -"

    I impulsively hugged him, saying, "Don't worry, I will be. Just remember, I love you and Mom, okay? That will never change."

    In Mage the Awakening (as opposed to Ascension), Prime (one of the types of power I have) wasn't just control over Mana, enchantment, and the occasional counterspell, it was also about metaphysical truth. That meant that should I want to, I can infringe on Mind Magic's domain and make people believe an objectively true statement as long as it is objective truth and I know it.

    Why did I just exposit that just now? To emphasize that I did not need to do so - My parents love me enough to trust me when I say things like this.

    Father - No, Dad - Pats me on the head, saying, "Be strong, Daniel. I don't know what Grandfather is planning, but stay strong."

    I smile warmly at him as the car's chauffeur drives back home. Yet I knew that he's not the only one who would be saddened by my departure...


    And indeed, Mom was not happy.

    "That. Old. Man!" she said in a livid tone as she, dad, and I stood in the now-empty lobby of the family restaurant (we closed early). "Taking our son away from us just because his cousin decided to go off somewhere - Wait, where did Asriel go again?"

    Father repeated the fake story meant for Nonmagi, "He went off to Romania to become a painter. Apparently, he wanted to pursue art and not the 'family business'."

    "Typical," Mom fumed as she clenched her fists, "Anastasios Palaiologos only cares about himself with no thought of the consequences to us and our family. At least Daniel gets visiting rights to us, right?"

    "Yes," Dad reassures her, "Father isn't a complete monster, after all - We get to see Daniel once a week."

    "Thank God for small favors," Mom said before she turned to me, "So, sweetie, are you okay with this?"

    I look at her, then give a small sigh, before blurting out, "I wish I was. But to be honest, it's not that bad - Grandfather won't hurt or abuse me, after all."

    Because I am more powerful than he is. Because I am more powerful than any Magus here and have access to powers which come from a nigh-identical concept to 'The Root', but from another franchise entirely.

    I must have scowled, because my Mom walks over to hug me, saying, "I wish this didn't have to happen..."

    Leaning into my Mom's hug, I lightly pat her on the back, before saying, "I'm a big boy now, Mom - Don't worry about me. Besides, I still have three days to pack, right? Let's make the most of it."

    The confidence in my voice has no supernatural or metaphysical force, yet it calms Mom down anyway. It was then that I vowed I'd return to her and Dad, come what may...
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  6. Threadmarks: Chapter Six

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Six

    Three days pass in the blink of an eye, three days of bittersweet happiness. At the end of the third day, Grandfather's Limousine drives by, ready to take me away. I hug my parents one last time, trying to restrain tears, and then I enter the car, trying to calm myself. After all, it may not look like it, but I chose this as much as I was chosen for this - This was my decision.

    Grandfather is sitting beside me. I must not show weakness. I must at least look determined and resolute.

    "You are not deceiving anyone," Grandfather says to me. "A child who loves his parents, no matter how ambitious, would still lament being parted from them."

    "As if you'd know what having loving parents is like," I blurt out without thinking, realizing how ignorant that statement is too late.

    "I did," Grandfather said. "Without them, I would not have become the Magus I was. Magi are permitted to love their own children, after all... Many just fail to do so. Besides, I'm not taking you away from your parents permanently - Your own decisions might do so for me eventually, though."

    The gall! I clench my fists and open my mouth, but I hear the truth in his words even though he does not have the power to put metaphysical force behind it.

    "How do I learn to be less rash, then?" I ask, the faintest note of pleading entering my voice. "Because I don't want to lose those I love."

    "You can start with not viewing me as an inhuman monster just because I am amoral," Grandfather says coldly. "Amorality can sometimes serve moral ends."

    To fume, or not to fume? Wait, trick question, so I change the subject.

    "The journals you spoke about earlier are in the mansion, right?" The journals were allegedly from previous generations of Self-Inserts, journals that detailed their original realities and the powers they received from other cosmologies. And also the intrigues of ASBs/RoBs/Oracles as they engaged in multiversal shenanigans with their 'pawns'.

    Grandfather answered, "Yes, yes they are. Also, I might have to teach you some of the Family Magecraft just to make appearances stick, as well as transfer a portion of the Family Magic Crest to you - Not that the power there compares with the Magic you now have, but you will need it to keep up appearances."

    "And what is the Family Magecraft, Grandfather?" I asked, barely able to restrain my curiosity.

    "Why, making members of our bloodline irresistible to Phantasmal Beings or their Mixed-blood descendants, and thus able to... Persuade them to give us their gifts," Grandfather said. "This, by the way, may have been what attracted 'parallel world reincarnations' to our ranks, not that I have any complaints about that."

    "That actually sounds cool when you put it that way, Grandfather," was my response before I go back to waiting for the car to reach the mansion where I was supposed to spend the next couple of years in.


    I was allotted my own set of rooms, including a bedroom larger than my parents' entire restaurant. My personal effects were already brought over from home - I will continue thinking of the restaurant as my real home for as long as possible - And I was left to myself for a few hours. What did I do first? Read the books on the nearby bookshelves? Do some inner meditation to advance my budding, but not fully-mastered, powers?

    Nope, I decided to test out the shiny new game console (this was 2002 so it was a PlayStation 2) and begin playing some Final Fantasy X (Hey, this is 2002, not 2020!). After a few hours of that, one of my Grandfather's servants called me down to dinner. Going down to the lavish dining hall, with one of those long oblong tables that had white silken tablecloths, I expected to find myself dining alone with my Grandfather as we discussed further actions against the Yggdmillenia Clan as well as how to prevent trouble from the Mages' Association.

    Needless to say, this expectation was immediately proven wrong, as beside Grandfather sat a young man of about my age, one who instantly set off a 'sixth sense' within me. This guy had powers similar to what I have (and was cute too)!

    "Greetings, Daniel," Grandfather said with the faintest smugness in his tone of voice. "Let me introduce you to Leon Kommenos of the Kommenos Family, one of your fellow 'Parallel World Reincarnates'. He has power over Death and Matter, and the very basics of talent over Mind, meaning he can fill in for some of your weaknesses."

    Custom Art by Jitobeans I paid for. Now Leon.

    I blink once, twice, before I remember something from my old life. An online friend on Discord. One who shared the same 'preferences' I did and didn't shame me for them. Someone who trusted me enough to have a voice chat with, and even the occasional video call. And now, he is here, much younger, but so am I.

    He looks at me, smiles in recognition, then says, "DanDan, I'm happy to see you again."

    "Glad we can finally meet offline, LenLen," I say warmly before the implications settle in my head.

    Oh, crap - He died as well, didn't he? My Online Best Friend died at some point after I did. Before I can express my grief over this, Leon sighed and said, "Yes, I died. It wasn't pretty, too - Pandemics suck. I did get to see your parents before then, though. Your original set of parents, I mean."

    "How are they?" I blurt out. My original parents were just like my Mom and Dad in this world - Good Parents. But unlike what I am now, I didn't try as hard as I should have to be a good son.

    "They miss you, DanDan," Leon said simply. "But otherwise, they are well." He pursed his lips and said, "I'm glad you still remember them - Let's face it, every other conversation we had in our former lives was you complaining that your parents were pressuring you to get a job and stop being a shut-in."

    Grandfather was giving me a mild glare. What, he was expecting my past life to be something other than a stereotypical Otaku? Well, time to establish facts.

    "I've learned to appreciate my second life," I say firmly, then gather my powers of Prime to endow my words with metaphysical, Capital-T Truth. "I am no longer the person I was - I've spent sixteen years trying to fix my bad habits. I've learned to appreciate work and play in equal measure, and I will not shame my new family like I did the old."

    The supernatural, transcendent force behind my words fades as I begin eating the food set before me, starting with some shrimp appetizers. My Grandfather and Leon stay silent for the next few minutes, and I use that time to relax my stirred-up feelings.
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  7. Threadmarks: Chapter Seven

    Repentant_Dragos Versed in the lewd.

    May 12, 2020
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    Chapter Seven

    "So..." Leon says next, "Want to romance Caules with me in two years?"

    I almost do a spit-take, but that'd be a waste of good tea.

    "You're the only one I want!" I exclaim, deciding to make my feelings plain to avoid awkward romantic comedy misunderstandings. "But you wanted to 'keep things professional' back in our former life," I continue. "Have you by any chance changed your mind?"

    I saw Leon's eyes open in shock as he says, "Maybe. This isn't our former life, after all. But are you sure this is wise? I mean, we both have out-of-context powers which can get us 'Sealing Designations' from the Clock Tower, after all. Plus who knows, your mind might wander to Caules, who's still a hottie, or Sieg once the latter is created -"

    "I. Only. Want. You." The words blaze with metaphysical force, literally burning themselves into Leon's soul.

    After a few seconds, the other boy looks at me and nods, saying, "I'm flattered, then. I suppose I can manage a monogamous relationship, especially if it's with one of the cutest guys I know, personality-wise as well as physically. Granted, this means no Sieg-seducing or Caules-canoodling, but I can manage..."

    Grandfather was rolling his eyes, muttering something along the lines of, "Randy teenagers."

    We continued to eat for a few more minutes, before Leon said, "Oh, by the way, one thing you should know - The journals your grandfather talked about... One of them was from a Self-Insert who received the power of a Sanctioned Psyker from Warhammer 40k. You know, nigh-uncontrollable psychic powers where one misstep could turn their wielder into a living portal for gibbering Eldritch Abominations from The Warp?"

    "Oh, no," I said. "Well, at least he was a Sanctioned Psyker and not a Chaos Sorceror - That'd be even worse. He'd have willingly let the Chaos Gods in, and without any Emperor of Mankind to balance them out..."

    "The Counter Force blasted Mr. Sanctioned Psyker into gibs," Leon followed up bluntly. "It wasn't pretty, and the point is that while we are powerful and have a direct connection to the Supernal Realms, which is a nigh-identical concept to 'The Root', The Counter Force can still squash us until we attain Archmastery, Ascend, and then get turn the tables on it if we want to. But until we attain the level above Mastery, be careful of the Counter Force."

    Grandfather cleared his throat, "There is also one more thing I have to ask: Does the term 'Exarch' mean anything to you? In a 'Mage the Awakening' context?"

    "They're the God-Kings of the Awakened City, called 'Atlantis' by ignorant Magi," I take the opportunity to lecture, "Who built a Celestial Ladder to the Supernal Realms, which in turn is nigh-identical to what you call 'The Root', and cast down the Old Gods and reshape Reality in their own tyrannical image. Which they succeeded in, which is why Reality is so crapsack and grimdark. However, there is another group of 'Awakened Citizens', The Oracles, who decided to sabotage the Exarchs and allow resistance to their tyranny by following them up the Celestial Ladder before it was destroyed and then setting up 'Watchtowers' which allow new Magi to Awaken, seek out the Supernal Realms, then try and Ascend so that they can reverse what the Exarchs have done to Reality."

    Grandfather frowns deeply as if swallowing something unpleasant. Then he says, "So, The Root - There can only be one Root - is occupied by a small elite of tyrants and an even smaller group of saboteurs and Mages in 'Mage the Awakening' are pawns between them. Might there be a chance that it is their machinations which make the efforts of our sort of Magi more difficult than usual?"

    "Yes," I say.

    "Yup," Leon follows up.

    "Well, two things," Grandfather follows up. "First up, Asriel is also a 'Parallel World Reincarnate', like you. Second, he's sent me a message that a being calling themselves an agent of the Exarchs has contacted one 'Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillenia', of the Yggdmillenia Clan, and promised her powers similar to yours' if she would serve them and open the way for them to interfere with this universe. You understand what that means, right?"

    "We are not going to let that disgusting asshole have her way with Astolfo or Sieg!" Leon shouted.

    "I was planning to purge her from this world anyway," I say more grimly than I normally show. "This just means that I have to actually spend the effort to do so..."


    The next day, my new life started. I woke up for breakfast, some boring lectures on the Family Magecraft and how to make ourselves 'delectable' to Phantasmal Creatures from my Grandfather, and then some not-so-boring physical training with Leon.

    Pankration was one of my favorites, even though we had to do it clothed like Modern Greeks and not Ancient Greeks. There was also track-and-field in the extensive grounds behind my Grandfather's mansion. And of course, fencing and archery and shooting (which might technically be illegal due to Greek laws regarding underage gun use). The training was punctuated with occasional cold showers (where yes, I got to see Leon's naked body and he got to see mine), then lunch, then more training, then the afternoon snack, and after that was nighttime of rest, relaxation, and reading.

    I got used to this routine quicker than was usual, even as I and Leon used the late nights to explore just how exactly we can advance our powers as well, not being in the New World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness world meant that some of the ways we can get stronger are barred to us. And by that, Mage powers in the nWoD/CofD advance in two ways (Exposition time!):

    One, when the character gets to experience the 'normal' way, by advancing their personal goals or dramatically failing an endeavor or just the passage of time, or when the 'Storyteller' deems it dramatic.

    Two, when the character advances their personal obsessions (different from a goal) with some aspect of their own Magic, has a meaningful new encounter with the Supernatural, or resolves a condition (either a problem or boon) that comes from their use of Magic.

    How are we gimped by being in the Nasuverse? Because us knowing a lot about it means that a meaningful encounter with its Supernatural elements needs to be special for it to count as 'adding to our knowledge'.

    When I brought up the subject to Leon when we went to the mansion's sauna, the latter told me, "Magus Families keep their Magecraft hidden for a reason. And just because you know plot-important things such as Artoria's identity and stats doesn't change the fact that actually seeing Excalibur would still count as 'meaningful'. Either way, to advance our powers, we need new knowledge related to the supernatural... Or you can just follow your obsessions."

    I responded to Leon, "But I can already summon Celestial Fire! What more do I need to be obsessed with?"

    "Summoning True Sunlight - The kind which destroys Vampires," Leon said plainly. "And you have a third type of power, right? Not one favored by your Watchtower, but not disfavored either?"

    "Time," I said. "I can do Time f-kery. But not as good as someone with an affinity for it -"

    "Oh, not like Asriel, then," Leon interrupts.

    "Of course Asriel has an affinity to Time, which means he probably got the Watchtower which also gives him affinity for Fate," I quietly grumbled. "That's probably why he can survive infiltrating Yggdmillenia..."

    "Point is," Leon spoke as he got up to get dressed for dinner, "Learn Time. You might need it."

    "I suppose I can just do a Time Reset when the Magus' Association winds up trying to 'Seal' me, then," I remarked as I got up as well.

    It was the fifth day after I went to my Grandfather's mansion, also the fifth day after I got together with Leon. I was not expecting everything to change again.

    Which yes, meant that everything changed again when Grandfather intercepted us in the hallway on the way to the feast room, saying, "Daniel, Leon, Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillenia has used the powers given her by 'The Exarchs' to dispose of Darnic and taken control of the Yggdmillenia Clan for herself. All other Yggdmillenia Magi are either serving her or being tortured, or have gotten away, including Asriel, who is also saying that she's forcing Gordes to make someone named 'Sieg' two years early so she can torture 'That Disgusting Homunculus' to death if you guys don't go over to Trifas to stop her."

    So Apocrypha is starting early. Dangit!
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    Chapter Eight

    "We need to go!" I shouted without thinking, only for Leon to facepalm and shake his head.

    My boyfriend then said, "We need to prepare a plan of attack first. I also noticed that you don't have any Dedicated Tools on you."

    "What are Dedicated Tools?" Grandfather asked Leon in a tone that silently requested all available information.

    Now it was Leon's turn to exposit, "Mage the Awakening Magic allows for the use of symbolic tools to focus on the deeper truths held by the Supernal Realms, which are what they call The Root. These can either mean rituals or ceremonies which call upon shards of those deeper truths, or the use of items made of materials 'attuned' to a specific Supernal Realm. Daniel's Magic benefits from Steel, Gold, Petrified Wood, and Double-edged swords, spears, and 'noble weapons'."

    "How like a 'King'," Grandfather mutters before letting Leon continue.

    "I, meanwhile, benefit from Bone, Lead, Gems, Buried Materials, and crushing weapons like hammers or maces," Leon says. "Arbitrary symbolism -"

    "I'm a Magus," Grandfather interrupts, "Nothing is arbitrary. And explaining all this does not weaken the Magic?"

    He already knew the answer, but Leon humored him by saying, "Nope, Our Magic isn't weakened by explaining it all or letting others understand it."

    Grandfather looked displeased, but said, "Well, at least it's better than the 'Dragonborn' we got during the Greek War of Independence who claimed to be able to use 'CHIM'. That was horrible."

    At seeing my look of displeasure, Grandfather asked, "Bad memories?"

    I nodded, then Leon followed up with further concerns.

    "And add the plain fact that despite our immense powers, we Mages are squishy just like a 'normal' Magus," my boyfriend then said in a worried voice, "And I'm not sure Celenike will just let us access the Greater Grail and make us Masters -"

    Grandfather interrupted, "About that... Asriel reached the Greater Grail before getting caught in the act and forced to flee and managed to activate the 'Reserve System'. The effects should shortly manifest."

    There was a slight burning sensation on the back of my right hand as Command Seals appeared on it. I was a Master!

    "Dibs on Archer Emiya!" Leon said, looking at his own set of Command Seals with glee. "Who are you going to summon?"

    I grinned. "Why, the King of Knights herself, Artoria Pendragon..."


    The very next day, Grandfather managed to procure a golden ring with Greek letters which he gave me to use as my 'Dedicated Tool', as well as a ring of bone for Leon which had been carved out of a Phantasmal Creature millennia ago. Not just that, but I and Leon set up the better part of the day setting up the summoning circles for our Servants (I made sure they brimmed with Mana, by the way).

    "So..." Leon said, "Your weekly meet-up with your parents is tomorrow. Are you going to introduce me to them?"

    "Yes," I reply bluntly. "Make sure to give them a good impression - They're going to be your family too, eventually. By the way, have you talked to me about your own parents yet? In this world?"

    "They're good people," Leon dropped that bombshell, before elaborating, "They know Alchemy in addition to their Family Magecraft, which no, you should not ask about."

    "They love you, right?" I asked him.

    "Yes, yes they do - Magi are permitted to love their own children, after all," Leon said. "Now, prepare to practice Mental Interference Magecraft to hide the presence of our command seals - It does not hold a candle to Mind Magic, but it's also cheaper. Now can we summon Artoria and EMIYA, please?"

    I nod, and set the catalysts on the summoning circles - Grandfather had acquired a piece of Artoria's throne or something which purported to be one, while Leon had transmuted a mundane pebble into a ruby vaguely resembling what Rin used to revive Shirou in the DEEN Anime. These, and the fact that I was channeling huge amounts of Mana into the summoning circles, ought to do.

    I began the chanting - Hopefully all this worked. Part of me did wonder how Grandfather had crucial catalysts ready on short notice, but it was probably because he was preparing for a Subspecies Holy Grail War himself before 'recruiting' me. Either way, time for Artoria summoning!

    This would be the perfect time to say that I failed and summoned something incompatible like, say, Giles de Rais or Oda Nobunaga or even Mehmed II (how humiliating!). Too bad, I didn't - I summoned Artoria perfectly while Leon managed to summon Archer Emiya at full power. Yay us!


    The next morning was supposed to be my first meeting with my parents in almost a week. And their first meeting with Leon, the prospect of which made me more nervous than when I summoned Artoria. I mean, seriously, what if they didn't like him?

    "Make sure Saber and Archer are in their Spirit Forms," Grandfather said as he followed us to the car. "Also, 'King Arthur' was originally a woman. I wonder how that happened..."

    "Someone in the 'Prototype Timeline wished for Arthur to have been born and identify as a woman in all other timelines," I answered as we got into the car. "Or at least, that's what hearsay says - I didn't have access to the original Japanese materials back in my former life and thus had to rely on a bit of rumor and fanon."

    I can feel Artoria - Saber - glaring at me even in her Spirit Form. Understandably, she didn't like it that her Master knew things without her telling them. Assuming she knew about the Prototype Timeline, of course, which might not be the case. And assuming too that my knowledge was accurate. Either way, the car began to drive and I began to anticipate seeing my parents again - Were they okay? Was the restaurant doing well? Would they like Leon? Would they be worried about my Grandfather 'corrupting' me?

    Leon placed his hand on mine, whispering into my ear, "It's okay, DanDan. I'm sure everything will be all right."

    I gave him a light peck on the mouth in response and said, "Thanks, LenLen. You're the best."

    As the car neared my parents' small restaurant, I instinctively began to feel something wrong - Something confirmed by both my Magecraft and Mage (nWoD/CofD/Mage the Awakening) senses. I slowly chanted a spell to enhance my magical senses further, all the while making small, subtle gestures with my ring, and all of a sudden, I can see a bright beacon of energy inside the establishment - A great mass of Mana which can only be a Servant.

    As I froze, I also saw a mix of Supernal Magic and Nasuverse Magecraft emanating from another person besides this mysterious Servant - a person who held power over Prime and Forces as well as Space, or to the uninitiated, someone with Metamagic/Mana Manipulation, control of Heat/Light/Fire/Electricity/Radiation/Sound/Telekinetic Force, and Portals/Distance Manipulation/Scrying.

    This was bad, this was bad, this was bad -

    The car stopped, and already on edge, I and Leon walked out of the car and along with Grandfather, entered in to find my father serving Greek Apple Pie to 1.) Waver Velvet, aka Lord El-Melloi II, who was the one giving off the Mage the Awakening Magic 'vibes', and Iskander, King of Conquerors, who had apparently been reunited with his old friend.

    And Lord El-Melloi II was giving me a death glare. How much did he know?
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    Chapter Nine

    Leon and I gingerly walked towards Lord El-Melloi II and Iskander as Dad waited on them, my own nervousness growing by the minute. Even if he hadn't been granted Mage the Awakening's 'Supernal Magic', I heard horror stories of how Lord El-Melloi II, formerly Waver Velvet, was a very smart and perceptive guy who compensated for his ineptitude as a Magus with sharp detective skills which can unravel entire families' Magecraft! And now that he had Supernal Magic and got reunited with Iskander, he can very well slap me with a Sealing Designation and actually enforce it.

    As if reading my mind (Oh, my, did he have Mind as well? I doubted it, but he was still scary), Lord El-Melloi II turned towards me, Leon, and Grandfather, and said, "Take the seats in front of me and Rider, please."

    We nervously did so, and I had to admit that I fidgeted and trembled more than I usually did, waiting for Lord El-Melloi II to give a lecture where he metaphorically dissects us. I can tell Leon was scared too, but trying to look defiant.

    By the way, neither of us have watched the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, so we only had what other fans had to say in our previous lives to go from as regards how Adult!Waver acted (although I did watch the first eleven episodes of Fate/Zero, as I said before). This made me more evidently fearful and Leon more defiant-looking as Lord-El-Melloi II finally spoke in an arch tone.

    "You know, I once used to believe that Magecraft can be strengthened in ways other than preserving and mingling bloodlines, that training and exercise can make up the difference even when the holder of the bloodline was not resting on their laurels," Lord El-Melloi II's tone was cold as ice. "I was proven wrong, utterly and completely, and so I dedicated my life to atoning for the wrong I have done my predecessor, the previous Lord El-Melloi, and came around to his point of view."

    He then gave the both of us a withering look, "Now, would you like to tell me how I should feel when a portion of The Root itself contacts me in the form of a mystical Watchtower which gave me the sort of power my naive younger self dreamt of acquiring? Power that does not depend on bloodline but rather personal exercise and dedication? Power that exceeds the senior members of the Clock Tower and which forces me to spend huge amounts of political capital to avoid getting a Sealing Designation myself in addition to being a mockery of my personal development, the direction I ended up taking in life, and the former Lord El-Melloi?"

    Leon snapped, "Maybe your younger self -"

    I interrupted my boyfriend, "Don't finish that!" I warned, "We need him as an ally, and given the fact that he is willing to talk with us, Lord El-Melloi II clearly has something he needs or wants from us."

    "Basic pattern recognition does not make you perceptive, Mr. Palaiologos," Lord El-Melloi II said as he looked at me. "And yes, I and Rider do need something from you two and Asriel."

    "What is it?" I asked, before adding, "We're willing to give it within the bounds of reason and our own personal moral codes."

    Lord El-Melloi II said bluntly, "Help me destroy the Grail. You and I both know that Supernal Magic plus Servants can only lead to mass destruction. And if you are as moral as you say you are, you will seize the chance to prevent loss of life."

    "Very well," I said. "But I, Leon, and Asriel want protection from the Clock Tower's Sealing Designations." Then as an afterthought, "And the right to ask you for protection for anyone else who manifests Mage the Awakening-style 'Supernal Magic' and isn't a threat to this universe like Celenike is. After all, if I am right and powers which exceed the senior members of the Clock Tower - Yes, I did catch that line - Are manifesting among people in this universe with increasing frequency, trying to seal them all would be a fool's errand, right?"

    "It would, yes," Lord El-Melloi II said. "To think that the demise of Magecraft will be accelerated by the appearance of this new power instead of Humanity progressing its understanding, while The Root turns out to be occupied by cosmic tyrants and symbols of metaphysical tyranny who are actively impeding all methods of Ascension not their own. If not for the fact that I managed to reunite with Rider and even recover his memories - No, I'm not giving you two tips on how to do that, as you two are powerful enough already - I might call this an unmitigated disaster, which for the rest of the Clock Tower, it is."

    It was then that Iskander, who had been having an animated conversation with my father about Milopita/Greek Apple Pie, finally chose to speak up, saying, "Add that to the fact that the Exarchs are seeking the Greater Grail as more than a curiosity and destroying it will be of paramount importance... After it grants my wish for True Reincarnation, of course!"

    I feel Artoria bridle through our spirit link. I tell her through my thoughts, All will be well, don't worry. And it's not as if Lord El-Melloi II isn't right that the Grail needs to be destroyed. I myself agree with him that it needs to be.

    Artoria's memories flashed in my mind. So she does remember the Canon Holy Grail War, the one where the Fuyuki Grail was corrupted. And even though the Grail in this timeline was not tainted, her trust in the Grail System had been shattered.

    Which was all very convenient. Was someone stacking the deck in my favor even as they raise the stakes to include reality as we know it?! Because I didn't reincarnate here for that.

    Father looked at me, it seemed that One, he had been listening all along and did not get distracted by Iskander's talk (not that something like that was likely anyway), and Two, he had been scanning me and Leon using his Bounded Field's sensory measures ever since we entered the restaurant. Oh, no, what if he no longer thinks of me as his son because I have Supernal Magic? What if he thinks I've deceived him by not telling him earlier? Oh, no, oh no, oh no -

    "Daniel, if you're going to save the world," Father said, "What you should be afraid of is not coming back home. To us. Also that I and your mother will have to try for more children if you and your boyfriend decide not to use surrogacy -"

    My ears turned red. Was Father genuinely asking us for grandkids? When we're sixteen?

    "And make your body language more discreet - You're like an open book," Father continued. "Now, I am irritated about how you didn't tell me up-front but I can understand sparing me these sorts of revelations till later... Not that a Clock Tower Lord telling me what you should have told me first was what should have happened, no offense, Lord El-Melloi II."

    "None was taken," said the Clock Tower Lord in question. "Anyway, is your wife asleep and your security measures turned up to maximum?"

    Father nodded, then turned to me and Lord-El-Melloi II, "I think you should help our guest augment our Magical Security before discussing the plan to get the Greater Grail from that Celenike asshole. We wouldn't want her eavesdropping now, would we?"

    I nodded, my nervousness replacing itself with exhilaration at working beside Lord El-Melloi II, and the both of us - I noticed he was wearing a gold ring he clearly didn't have in Canon - Then got up to go with Father to the upper offices of the restaurant, which in turn were empty of people. Then we began casting, first to see if Celenike did have magical eyes aimed at our place, then to block her magical sight and ward the place from magical scrying and attack.

    At my suggestion, I and Lord El-Melloi II also made sure to whack any attempts to establish a magical 'sympathetic connection' to us or the restaurant's location or warp the distance around the area so that all attempts to get to another location resulted in us looping back to this one - Yes, Space can do that at high enough levels, although the Counter Force might have something to say about it as Celenike is not an Archmaster yet even though she is under the Exarch's patronage. Either way, it's best not to take any chances and cast every protection we can!

    Then we went back down, to where Leon and Iskander were talking about how the latter reunited with Waver - I mean Lord El-Melloi II.

    From what I can infer, Iskander was summoned in a Lesser Holy Grail War (Okay, Subspecies Holy Grail War) in this timeline, when someone tried to summon a Grail of their own in some city not Fuyuki, where the previous Lord El-Melloi ended up dying because of causes, not Kiritsugu-related (I have a suspicion that Noritaka didn't get a Sealing Designation and Kiritsugu married Shirley in this timeline).

    Leon was literally handing pieces of his own share of the apple pie to Iskander, plying him with food while the latter drank copious quantities of my father's wine (hopefully he paid). Lord El-Melloi noticed this but chose not to do anything for a few minutes, letting my boyfriend have his fun for now.

    Then, when we were all comfortable, he cleared his throat and said, "Celenike must be stopped. Thankfully, thanks to Asriel Palaiologos 'Yggdmillenia's' actions, three members of Yggdmillenia's 'black team' - Asriel himself and you two are now on our side."

    He gave a light smirk at us as he dropped the bombshell that we were members of the Black Team, aka the (initial) bad guys in Fate/Apocrypha (who turn into the genuinely heroic protagonists later on).

    "And you're part of the Red Team, then?" Leon asked. "Do you know what 'Shirou Kotomine's' identity actually is?"

    Lord El-Melloi II nodded and said, "Yes. Shirou Amakusa Tokimune, the Servant named Ruler from the Third Holy Grail War. I and Iskander have dealt with him and Assassin of Red, Semiramis, thus derailing the 'Canon Fate/Apocrypha Plot' you knew in your former lives."

    I looked at Grandfather and said, "How much did you tell him and how much did he infer with his super-detective skills?"

    Grandfather gave me a 'Don't look at me, I didn't tell him anything' look, and after taking a few seconds, I believed him, especially when he added, "It was Asriel who opened his mouth just after escaping Trifas. He used literal Time Magic to give himself time to do that and 'several other things' which involved securing our safety just in case you ruined all chances of Lord El-Melloi II taking you under his protection. Now be grateful."

    I nodded, then replied, "So, Team Black and Team Red both have reduced numbers, and elements of both are working together to stop Celenike, who probably has Astolfo -"

    "She summoned Columbus in this instance, actually," Grandfather said. "Asriel told me."

    "But Columbus isn't as pretty as Astolfo!" Leon interrupted, causing me to glare at him jealously until he looked at me and said, "Not that Astolfo is as handsome as you, though, DanDan."

    I smiled and said, "Maybe you should have summoned Astolfo, then?"

    Leon shook his head and held my hand, leaning close and saying, "I'm happy with my choices, DanDan. Including you."

    Father cleared his throat, and Leon pulled away so that I can ask the important question.

    "So... Let's get back to planning! Are we attacking Trifas Castle sooner or later? And now that Shirou Kotomine/Amakusa has been dealt with, how many members of the Red Team are on our side?"

    "Only one other besides me for now," Lord El-Melloi II said. "One Rho Hisau, son of the woman who killed my Master, a woman who is now dead. He's the master of Saber of Red - You know his identity already, don't you?"

    I froze. One, Kairi Shishigou has been replaced by an Original Character? And two, Artoria is going to meet Mordred? Suddenly I began to regret summoning the 'King of Knights' in the first place. Then I decided to bite the bullet and said, "When can we meet 'Rho' and Saber of Red, then? Best to make it quick."

    The door to the restaurant opened, and a handsome young man who was too old for me and Leon, but nice to look at, entered the room, holding a gun I was sure it was illegal to openly carry in Greece.

    Originally Seha Lee from Closers Online. Now 'Rho Hisau'.

    Behind him walked a person in a female body, but whom I knew referred to herself/himself as a male (Mordred is Trans? Or am I gender policing?). Artoria bridled at the sight and prepared to manifest physically to attack, but I gave her a stern, No! We are not endangering innocents and my father's livelihood!

    Either way, the handsome young man seated himself in such a way that Lord El-Melloi II was 'sandwiched' between him and Iskander, then introduced himself.

    "Greetings, my name is Rho Hisau, brother of Sigma. My mother may have killed Lord El-Melloi II's predecessor, but I and Iskander are still dating the poor guy anyway."

    I turned beet red at hearing that, lost in romantic daydreams which prevented me from thinking clearly...
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    Chapter Ten

    A few minutes passed, and Rho felt he had to ask, "How long is the kid going to keep blushing?"

    "Daniel, you're embarrassing yourself," Dad said to me, causing me to snap back to reality.

    "Eh heh heh... Sorry," I said as I rubbed the back of my head, then said, "This is supposed to be my meet-up with both Mom and Dad. Can I see Mom before I have to go? I think we used up a lot of my designated time in this conversation..."

    "I am giving you all day," Grandfather said. "What do you think I am? A monster who wants to make your life difficult for inadequate reasons? That said, do not leak any word of this to your mother. If you want a conversation topic with her, make it about your lover."

    I blushed as I held Leon's hand again and said, "That's right, I need to introduce you to her. Let's go upstairs, she should be waking up by now, assuming that Dad used Mental Interference on her -"

    "I didn't," Dad said, "I just gave her the sleeping pills she uses regularly and neglected to wake her up."

    Oh, right, Mom had problems sleeping at times, something I hoped was merely an average problem and not a symptom of something more. Either way, I said to Dad, "All right, take us up, then."


    To her credit, Mom took waking up to see that her son now had a boyfriend at sixteen fairly well. And by fairly well, she was giving tips on safe sex and how to use 'protection' right, as well as telling us some fairly gross details about STDs and such.

    Finally, I interrupted, saying, "Mom, I'm not even sure if I'm going to do it with Leon yet -"

    "We're not?" Leon blurted with genuine surprise, making me, Mom, and Dad really displeased, and all three of us glared at him witheringly.

    Then deciding that I should keep my options open, I said. "I'm sorry, Leon. It's just that, I'm sixteen and I'm uncomfortable right now and while I really want to do it, I'm just..."

    "You're acting like a realistic teenager when faced with the unknown," Dad said. "Just know that whatever you choose with your boyfriend, we'll support you."

    Mom added her voice, "Just keep yourself safe and don't feel pressured, even by your own desires."

    Leon then patted my shoulder and said, "While my preferences are clear, I am not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. As I said, I love you, not just your body."

    That improved the family's impression of Leon, and I smiled back, then told my boyfriend, "Don't worry, we'll eventually 'do it'. But right now, I want us to do some dating first! Is that all right."

    "As long as I can still kiss you," Leon said, before realizing that my parents were still here, "Oh, sorry!"

    "It's all right," Mom then added again, "You two are young and just exploring your sexualities. So, want to help around while you're here? I can use someone to help your father wait on the tables..."

    "Sure!" I said, "Note that grandfather is downstairs, but who cares what he thinks?"

    Leon then smiled and spoke, "Let me help too! Imagine me and Daniel in matching work outfits..."

    All three of us shook our heads, then I told him, "No, you're a guest. We're not breaking hospitality."

    "Oh, right," Leon said. "Anyway, thank you for accepting me, Mr. and Mrs. Palaiologos - I can see why Daniel loves you two."

    My parents blushed in (mild) embarrassment at that. What, wasn't it true?


    After seeing me in waiters' clothes again, Rho was the first one to take advantage of the fact that I am helping my parents once more.

    "I'll have Salted Cod with garlic sauce, some red wine, and a Balkava for dessert, please," Rho said. "And yes, I'll pay for myself and my companion," he indicated Mordred, "So, Saber, what do you want?"

    "Pasta!" Mordred said with a wide toothy grin which made Artoria bridle in spirit form once more. "By the way, if I'm not going to fight Father, when will the action start? Can't wait to go up against those Yggdmillenians!"

    "Patience," Rho said. "By the way, Daniel Palaiologos, I am surprised you weren't able to get through Lord El-Melloi II's 'Suppress Aura' spell."

    'Suppress Aura' being a spell which made a Mage the Awakening Mage seem like a human to supernatural senses. Does that mean that Rho has Mage the Awakening Magic as well? Considering the fact that he replaced a flipping Canon Character, was he -

    "I'm the final 'Parallel World Reincarnate' you'll find - Any other Extracanonical Characters you find are just that, 'Original Characters'," Rho confirmed while making airquotes with his hands when he said 'Original Characters', "And no, I don't have Mind - I have Death, Matter, and Life - You're just an open book."

    A reminder that I am not omnipotent even within my own specialties, I can appreciate that. Either way, I went to give Mom and Dad Rho's orders, when Grandfather interrupted -

    "I would like some Metaxa Brandy, Daniel," Grandfather said in a honeyed-yet-annoying tone. As for our Clock Tower Lord...

    Lord El-Melloi II said, "Just a Greek Salad for me as a finisher. By the way, this taverna seems like a more hospitable place than the Palaiologos Manor, so Rho, Iskander, and I will be staying here."

    Rho then winked at me in a way that implied that yes, he and Iskander and Lord El-Melloi II will be having a lot of 'fun' in the upper guest rooms of the restaurant. So hot - It'd be even hotter if they were staying in my old room and using my old bed for their 'activities'!

    Dad then looked at me and said, "No, we're not giving them your former room. Now go take those orders."

    Like a dutiful child, I squashed my fantasies and finally took the orders, went to where Mom was, and then returned to serve the food and wine once those were done. Leon, meanwhile, clearly had several uninterrupted minutes of sexual fantasies even as Rho, Lord El-Melloi II, and Iskander were animatedly discussing how to take down Celenike.

    Then Grandfather interrupted, "I just got a message from my familiars. Apparently, Celenike teleported in 'Golem Keter Malkuth' to my mansion."

    I made sure not to 'comedically' drop the food and drink I was carrying at that revelation - I was a better waiter than that. Instead, I said, "So Avicebron willingly serves Celenike now. Asshole."

    "Who cares about that?!" Mordred said, "Time for bloodshed!"

    "Glorious battle!" Iskander shouted as he got up, "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

    "It's still daytime," Lord El-Melloi II said, "So let's go to the back of the restaurant, where I can make a portal to take us to where we need to go."

    He still sounded displeased by having Space Magic of his own for understandable reasons. Guess having power is bad when said power tips over how you saw the world before - I must take note of that.

    Also, this entire battle is cutting into my Mom time - Celenike and Aviceborn cannot be forgiven for that!
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    Chapter Eleven

    Portalling into the grounds of Grandfather's estate, there was some good news and bad news. The good news, none of the buildings in the estate were destroyed yet. Bad news, it was already 30 meters tall and causing the gardens to overgrow themselves into a 'Paradise' which is overriding Reality itself!

    Artoria and Archer Emiya manifest into physical form, realizing that this was an emergency, and I bark out orders without thinking, "Fight with everything you have! Don't hold back!"

    Rho says to Mordred, "I know you don't want to do this, but fight beside your 'Father' and blast that Golem!"

    "Fine!" Mordred says as he armors himself up, then launches a coordinated strike with Artoria against the gigantic Golem, with Mordred launching a red wave of energy from Clarent while Artoria invoked Excalibur, launching a golden wave of light which struck the Golem full-force, even as Archer Emiya took out his bow, a copy of Beowulf's Noble Phantasm, and shot an arrow-shaped sword (a copy of yet another Noble Phantasm which can be spent like ordinary arrows due to Archer being able to make more), at the growing Golem!

    Then all of a sudden, space refracted itself and the beams and arrow-shaped magic sword we launched at the Golem were turned back at us. And by that, they changed direction and now we are about to be hit by our own Servants' attacks!

    It was Archer's quick thinking which saved us, as he thrust out his right and projected seven petals of red-purple light that formed a mystic shield even against other Servants' attacks. These petals, a duplicate of the Noble Phantasm 'Rho Aias', needed a constant supply of Magical Energy to keep running, so I used my mastery of Prime to move around the entire local leyline and direct it towards Archer's shield!

    Even then, it barely stood, even as Lord El-Melloi II took the time to analyze, "Celenike must have used her Space Magic to give herself a sympathetic connection to Golem Keter Malkuth, allowing her to cast spells through it from a distance, including whatever inverted the direction of your Servants' attacks just now!"

    He then began weaving a set of complex gestures, saying, "I'll dispel whatever she cast - You all focus on destroying the Golem!"

    "On it!" I said, casting another spell of Supernal Vision on myself and seeing that the Golem was drawing Mana from the Earth itself to fuel its explosive growth and the slow overriding of Reality that came with it. And my specialty was manipulating Mana itself.

    Lending my efforts to the Servants' cause, I held out both my palms and pointed them at Golem Keter Malkuth's feet, before hurling a stream of Celestial Fire which burnt both matter and Mana, more so the latter than the former. This was enough to stop its growth, even as Artoria and Mordred prepared another wave of energy from their swords... Only for Iskander to say, "Give me my turn - Don't hog the kill!"

    Then he summoned his chariot - The one pulled by magic bulls which generated lightning - And drove straight towards the Golem even as Lord El-Melloi II finished his dispellation, wrecking it with a spirited charge which literally disintegrated the construct's upper chest and head.

    Servants were not to be trifled with, even by Magi with Mage the Awakening powers. While my targeting the feet and burning its Mana did play a vital role in making the Golem Keter Malkuth destructible, obliterating half of a 30-meter tall behemoth was not something to easily laugh at.

    As the arms and legs of the enemy construct collapsed onto the ground, further ruining the grounds, I began to smile as I thought that despite Celenike's unexpected trick, we might actually win this.

    Then Lord El-Melloi II collapsed to the ground, his weak constitution strained by the dispellation he had to do. Thankfully, the portal which led back to my parents' restaurant was meant to last for a few hours, meaning I and the others can go back there and Waver, Iskander, and Rho can get some more food and rest. And of course, I can resume my 'Mom Time'!

    As I turned back to the portal, intending to walk there, I found myself collapsing forwards, forcing Artoria to catch me in her arms. Apparently, even my own stamina was drained by burning up the Mana stores of a Noble Phantasm (which Golem Keter Malkuth was, being the manifestation of its owner's Legend), and while I can take the effort of such a feat better than Lord El-Melloi II could, it still came with a cost, especially as I also had to fuel Artoria's Excalibur use.

    But I didn't blackout, although I was very close to doing so. I looked at my Grandfather and said, "The Day isn't over. I'm spending my time with Mom and Dad even if you disapprove now -"

    "What makes you think I will?" Grandfather said. "I am amoral, not immoral, as I keep trying to tell you. Now let's go back to the portal while I remotely arrange for the cleanup and cover-up..."


    Once we returned, Dad had to cast a spell of Mental Suggestion at Mom to get her not to notice the state of our 'party' after our very first battle, and Leon had to fill in for Dad with his own Mind Magic because Mental Suggestion spells warped the mind of the caster as well. Either way, we were able to recover in peace.

    "DanDan," Leon said, "I think that you and Lord El-Melloi II may have scoured yourselves for Mage: The Awakening-style Mana." He then explained further for Grandfather's benefit, sounding more measured and less smug than I usually do when I lecture, "Mana from the Supernal Realms is different from the Mana normally found in this universe or other timelines in the 'Nasuverse' in that it is more potent - Nasuverse Mana can be converted into Mage: The Awakening-style Mana at a 2 to 1 ratio, which is inefficient when Nasuverse Mana is literally the majority of available energy."

    He sighed, then continued, "Which is where the 'Scouring' mechanic comes in. As Mage: The Awakening-style Mages, your physical forms naturally contain Supernal Mana, which is what I'm calling that energy from now on, and you can shred your physical body to get it. This in turn either reduces your physical capabilities, like strength, dexterity, and stamina... Or inflicts a wound resistant to magical healing. You two are lucky you only reduced your stamina - It'll turn back to normal after 24 hours."

    "I already knew that," Lord El-Melloi II said in an annoyed tone - He had already woken up. Then he continued, "That said, even with Prime being the type of Magic which allows us to siphon and convert Mana back and forth, the fact that people like us are energy-intensive creates another weakness. To be honest, I am glad that this new power I acquired has a drawback or a flaw not specific to its world - This might be a step to ensuring that this sort of ability does not destroy Magecraft entirely..."

    "Yeah," I said to Lord El-Melloi II, "I'm happy for you." Then I turned to Grandfather as I realized the plain and simple fact that people outside our bloodline and Leon's (and apparently whoever Rho's father was, because Maiya Hisau was definitely not someone with a bloodline which attracts Self-Inserts) were getting Mage: The Awakening powers. Celenike can be explained due to being contacted by an agent of the Exarchs, and Lord El-Melloi II was probably contacted by an Oracle... Oh, that's an adequate explanation, the Exarchs, and Oracles beginning to expand their conflict across multiple Universes.

    I have a job now and it just grew harder, didn't it?


    I had two or three hours left in the day, including a late lunch, to spend with my Mother. So I spent them quietly with her. I told her a few safe things to say about Leon (namely that his family is friends with Grandfather and that I knew him online before), and she repeated her blessing for our relationship. Once the sun began setting and it was time to come back to Grandfather's mansion, I stamped out the urge to cry and instead hugged her close.

    Then, I and Leon went back to Grandfather's car, while Lord El-Melloi II, Iskander, and Rho stayed in the restaurant. At least my parents won't lack company, I can rest easy on that.

    As the car was driven towards the mansion, Grandfather then said, "Ah, Asriel has arrived, along with two members of Yggdmillenia and their Servants, as well as his own. Fiore and Caules Forvedge, and Archer and Berserker of Black - This increases the number of Servants we have on our side. We also have Asriel's own Servant, Shielder, aka Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos, whom Asriel did some sort of devilry on to make him look like one 'Kirito' from a just-published web novel, Sword Art Online, which Asriel told me will be the next big thing in 2012 and beyond and also fairly badly-written with a slew of trashy imitators."

    Of course, my cousin would force our esteemed ancestor into that form if he could! Asriel Palaiologos was always someone who fancies himself the best joker around - Probably why he hid the fact that he was a Self-Insert from me (unless he truly didn't know I was one despite our bloodline being known for attracting SIs)...

    Edit: The next chapter will be made SFW.
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    Interlude One: Rho's PoV

    I plan to make 40 chapters of this fic. Interludes do not count.

    Warning: Mentions of backstory-related abuse.

    Greetings. My name is Rho Hisau, and I think you already know what I am.

    Getting torn away from my happy previous life (Damn Pandemic!) to be reincarnated into an abusive program to make child soldiers with Magecraft powers was not a good experience. Escaping with my brother, Sigma, and becoming a mercenary was also not a good experience, although the two of us did manage to take down the person who had 'forcibly impregnated' our mother and force him to give us his Magic Crest. Then Sigma and I parted ways, him going to America while I went to Europe, where I 'Awakened' as a Mage the Awakening-style Mage two months before I found myself in the service of the person who resented my mother for killing his predecessor.

    It was a rocky relationship at first, but I stuck with Lord El-Melloi II out of a combination of admiration for his intelligence, wonder at a Clock Tower Lord having some sort of moral code at all, and of course, attraction to how hot he was despite his frail constitution.

    Helping him reunite with Iskander and helping the latter's memories with Asriel's help (His Time, Fate, and Spirit Magic allow a lot of shenanigans) also helped cement actual ties with him, which culminated in him, Iskander, and me having sex from time to time - Including this night, when Lord El-Melloi II was recovering from 'Scouring' himself for Mana.

    I'm not sure if the guy was actually 'In-Character', aka acting in accordance to his Canon Characterization (I don't like detective stuff much, so I didn't watch Lord El-Melloi II Case Files). But right now, his newfound randiness after getting Iskander back is getting me laid, so I shouldn't complain too much.

    Warning: This section has been expurgated for SFW view.

    [CENSORED Scene between Rho, Iskander, and Waver. All participants are 18 or above.]

    Once I was back in my room, I saw someone sitting on my bed - The very person who had made this all possible in the first place. An Archmaster who was the Oracles' Agent in this world, Daniel's potential future self.

    Originally David Garcia Martinez from Lalin’s Curse, a Webcomic by Isaky on Webtoons. Used with her consent.

    "Hello there, Rho," the unbelievably powerful person/entity in front of me said. "I presume that the 'session' with Lord El-Melloi II and Iskander went well?"

    "Just give me the update," I said bluntly, causing Arch!DanDan to hand me a sheaf of papers which contained printed-out copies of [Name Withheld's] romantic fanfiction.

    "Here," he said, "The latest updates are really hot - I kept a few copies for myself..."

    "Uh-huh," I said to him, before continuing, "Are you sure you're not breaking some rule among Archmasters by doing this?"

    And by that, Archmasters in Mage: The Awakening has complete immortality, invincibility, and invulnerability except against Prime-based Celestial Fire (that could have been changed in 2e, though). They can also rewrite history like Goetia tried to do in Fate/Grand Order, only they don't because there are hundreds of them (maybe thousands) all ready to undo each other's changes in a weird version of Mutually Assured Destruction (or is it Mutually Assured Frustration?). So my question towards Arch!DanDan was perfectly legitimate.

    "I had to do some Ascended person politicking," was the Archmaster's vague reply, before continuing, "But yes, this is allowed. Just remember - Keep my past self and LenLen safe."

    "Don't stack the deck too much," I warned Arch!DanDan, "I know enough to know you're playing a dangerous game, and if the Exarch's Agents catch you cheating..."

    "I'm not quite cheating, Rho," was the response to me. "But yes, I'll be careful. Fair warning, though - Celenike must be defeated and the Grail destroyed. If the Grail falls under the Exarchs' hands..."

    "An everlasting tyranny for the sake of tyranny, with a hierarchy which monopolizes Ascension," I replied. "Hell on Earth. And we do not want that."
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    Chapter Twelve

    Asriel and his group of Yggdmillenia exiles arrived in Grandfather's mansion the next day, with Asriel himself driving a beat-up car that looked to have been hastily bought from a used car salesman. As he parked the car and walked out with his 'guests' in tow, he looked at me, Leon, and Grandfather as we went to greet him (Artoria and Archer EMIYA/Archer Emiya were in Spirit Form).

    Originally Tartagila/Childe from Genshin Impact. Now Asriel Palaiologos.

    "Daniel, Leon," my cousin said as he offered his hand to shake, "I haven't seen you two for a long time. And yes, I knew Leon from before - Back when I was the official heir."

    "And unless Grandfather has changed his mind," I said to Asriel, "You're going to be the official heir again once we've dealt with this 'Yggdmillenia Business', right?"

    I am definitely not going to stay with Grandfather forever!

    "Yeah, about that..." Asriel said, "I'm still a part of Yggdmillenia until the Greater Grail is used or destroyed or otherwise neutralized. That and being free from 'Heir Duties' is very exhilarating."

    Great, so no early escape from my duties as the Palaiologos Family's 'Heir', then, meaning I won't be back with my parents for good until the Grail was destroyed. So I said, "Then we shouldn't delay, cousin. We must strike at Celenike before she gains enough strength to break the walls of this reality - Wait, is that her plan? If so, what are the exact details?"

    I saw Asriel visibly sigh before saying, "We need to get Fiore and Caules rested first - It's been a hard trip for them."

    Then he gestured for Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillenia to come out in her wheelchair, followed by her younger brother Caules. Their Servants, Archer of Black/Chiron and Berserker of Black/Frankenstein's Monster (who is female in this setting), then manifested behind them, which Saber (Artoria) and Archer (EMIYA) took as a signal to manifest in their own physical forms as well.

    Asriel's Servant, Shielder/Constantine XI, then stepped out of the car, where he had been in corporeal form all along. With a wave and a smile, the Servant stepped forward and said, "Greetings, Daniel Palaiologos. Asriel told us of your victory against Aviceborn and the 'Golem Keter Malkuth'. You worked well with the King of Conquerors in that battle."

    Originally Kirito from Sword Art Online. Now Constantine XI, Shielder.

    "Thank you," I said with a bow. "Your Imperial Majesty, what made you consent to take up your current form, if I may ask?"

    Shielder frowned a little and said, "That is something I do not wish to answer. Now, let us get the exiles of Yggdmillenia their rest so that we can finally have that much-belated conference..."


    Timeskip to the much-belated conference.

    Lord El-Melloi II, Rho, and Iskander had portaled inside, which reminded Grandfather to ask me to work with the other 'Supernal Magi' to cast wards protecting the conference room and the wider mansion from any attempts by Celenike to eavesdrop remotely. Leon helped with Mind Magic-based spells, while Asriel used his mastery of Fate, Time, and Spirit to further reinforce our wards with curses and hexes which were just as potent as a high-ranking Caster Servant.

    And yes, I did use up a bit of Supernal Mana that time, but I kept a good watch on my stores of it and so didn't have to Scour myself for more. Either way, I was ready for a planning session on how to take down Celenike and thus get out of being the Heir of the Palaiologos Family now.

    But first, we had to listen to Asriel talk about how Celenike took over in the first place and how he managed to activate the Greater Grail's 'Reserve System' plus get Fiore and Caules and their Servants out, even as Celenike helped Aviceborn torture his own Master (Another kid, eww!) before using said master as the core of the 'Golem Keter Malkuth'. Thanks to Asriel having Fate and Time Magic, his narrative included several incidents of time travel ranging from several minutes to several hours, causing no small amount of confusion as my cousin freely admitted to having the ability to undo and redo scenes from his 'personal timeline' almost at will.

    "Hey, I have to gather information somehow, right?" Asriel told us all at the very end of his story, which also had a... Vivid description of Celenike hypocritically calling Darnic out on his immense personal flaws before defeating him and his servant personally and then erasing his mind entirely to turn him into a twisted servitor with even less of a sense of self than a Homunculus deliberately created to lack one. As this 'Servitor Darnic' still commanded his Servant, Lancer of Black/Vlad Tepes III, it turned out that permanently 'disposing' of him was not in Celenike's plans. It seems she was smarter than in 'Canon'.

    Fiore was weeping at the end of Asriel's account - Unlike me, she had lost her home, her mentor, and her family to betrayal by one of their own. While Darnic was a jerk of the highest order, even I felt pity for the guy, although part of me felt it could have been worse - Even with the highest levels of Mind Magic, memory wiping of the level Celenike used needs extra power to render permanent, meaning that there could be a way to bring him back.

    Despite my dislike, even hatred, of Darnic, and my wish that he had been permanently 'disposed of', I spoke up and told the wheelchair-bound lady, "I'll be honest, Darnic Prestone Yggdmillenia can still be saved if Celenike is killed swiftly enough and he is given enough time to recover. So we're going to have to win as swiftly as possible."

    Even though I don't want to save Darnic. Even though I'd rather burn him in Celestial Fire myself. But now that I've committed myself to saving him, I cannot take back what I've said and thus have to work to save him... Even though the Clock Tower will still issue a suitable punishment for that scumbag.

    "Thank you," it was Caules, Fiore's younger brother (Who was incidentally hot enough to 'attract' Leon) who spoke while adjusting his glasses. "Now, to develop a practical plan for stopping Celenike before she dooms us all."

    A much-displeased Lord El-Melloi II then gave us his plan, saying, "Celenike isn't invincible, and her command of 'Supernal Magic' isn't absolute. If someone remains who can dispel her 'tricks' with Space, Mind, and Spirit Magic, such as me and to a lesser extent, the boy named Daniel, we can perhaps swiftly assault her base."

    "And you have me," Artoria decided to remind us all that she was still here as she continued, "If all else fails, I can launch a long-range attack with my Noble Phantasm, although I would prefer not to resort to anything which would cause excessive collateral damage, especially to people we want to rescue." She then looked around, then said in a tone of challenge, "We are rescuing the people inside, right?"

    "We are," Leon said, "If they can be saved, then we should try and save them. It's only when they cannot be saved that we should stop trying. Besides, Gordes doesn't deserve to be Celenike's slave, considering his potential to be a better person. Asriel said she's forcing him to make Sieg early, right?"

    "Which gives us another time limit," I said. "I'm rescuing Sieg once he's created - No ifs, no buts. Anyway... We're committing ourselves to a frontal assault?"

    "In a battle between Servants, especially with Assassin of Black being replaced by Shielder," Lord El-Melloi II said with a continued tone of displeasure, "I don't think we have any other choice but a frontal assault. We will also need Shielder's 'Self-Field Defense' if we are to endure Vlad III, also known as Lancer of Black's, Noble Phantasm, Kazkili Bey."

    I grasped the situation, "And we're going to need to protect Shielder as well with our spellwork, as Self-Field Defense does not actually protect himself, just others." Then I sighed, "By the way, here's the million-dollar - Okay, million-euro - question: How are we to get to Trifas in Romania, where Yggdmillenia's castle is?"

    "I can arrange for a private jet," Grandfather said. "Travelling by land will make you more vulnerable to a tandem of Celenike, Rider Columbus, Lancer Vlad III commanded by Darnic, Caster Aviceborn commanded by... Himself, and Asriel, you mentioned that Berserker of Red is not Spartacus in this timeline, right?"

    "He isn't, Asriel said bluntly, "He's Berserker Lancelot -"

    Artoria slammed her gauntleted fist on the conference table we were using enough to crack and splinter the hardwood. Ouch. "Not again!"

    So... She remembered the Fourth Holy Grail War from Fate/Zero (The Canon one, right?) or something close to it. And with Artoria's show of emotion, Mordred manifested and said in a backhandedly concerned fashion:

    "I could kill Lancelot myself if you can't handle it, Father," Mordred said. "Besides, you need to fight the strongest Servant the enemy has anyway, and that would be Vladdy-boy in his home ground as a King."

    Artoria grit her teeth, and I decided to step in and spend valuable Mana to try and overcome both her and Mordred's own immense Magic Resistance (Which challenged even Supernal Magic) and immense composure which allowed them to mundanely resist the pull of Metaphysical Truth. I looked at the two Saber-class Servants, then said, "I can't believe I'm going to spend extra Supernal Mana for this..."

    And I layered my next words in metaphysical Truth, Truth which allowed Prime Magic to infringe on the area of Mind as long as the words said were objectively true and believed by the Mage to be true, and spoke with soul-searing words, "Mordred, you only wanted to usurp Artoria's Throne in order to free her from the duties of a King, which forbade her from crying or laughing and thus forced her to suppress her emotions. Artoria, not so long ago, you wished to use the Grail to undo your reign."

    Objective truth ended, and so did my ability to layer my words with it. Nevertheless, I kept on talking, "Now we need to focus on the assault on Celenike - No more distractions."

    I'm out of Supernal Mana. I'm going to need to inefficiently convert Nasuverse Mana to Supernal Mana after this, and I am a bit pissed off as I want to conduct the assault as soon as possible. Mordred was also staring at me with hatred while Artoria's face had turned impassive and unexpressive like stone, although I can tell she was pissed off at me as well.

    "All right, folks!" Leon said, "We need to know if Celenike has these Servants in her service: Karna as Lancer, William Shakesphere as Caster, and Atlantala plus Achilles as Archer and Rider."

    "She has," Lord El-Melloi confirmed. "Due to this battle occurring two years earlier than in 'Canon', a new set of Masters of Red got their Servants and accompanying Command Seals, and then she managed to kidnap and control them."

    "Great, just great," I said. "So, anything more to discuss?"
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    Chapter Thirteen

    Turns out, there was plenty more to discuss.

    "Celenike has an army, potential hostages - The Masters of Red, Gordes, and Darnic, assuming we're rescuing that last one - And also her home ground," Grandfather pointed out. "As for us, we have a higher number of 'Supernal Magi', better Servants, and insider knowledge from Yggdmillenia exiles. I'd call it an even match... If we can figure out what Leon and Rho can do in this battle with their own powers. What do 'Death' and 'Matter' do in 'Mage: The Awakening', again?"

    Leon states, "Well, I can control shadows and darkness, make it easier for ghosts to manifest - Although Nasuverse ghosts are sufficiently different that I wouldn't try to do so yet, make a target appear as though they were dead, instantly see the condition of a corpse and what killed it, plus speak with ghosts. At higher levels, I can move around souls, animate dead bodies, and cause ghosts to manifest themselves in the physical world better, oh, and displace souls from their bodies and move them around - Basically the Third True Magic from the Nasuverse. I can also control decay and wither living bodies and turn myself to shadows and my top three powers are, brace yourselves..."

    Rho steps in, "Reverse decay, potentially bringing the recently dead back to life but as an empty shell which lacks a soul, and they die again once the spell's duration ends, temporarily destroy all traces of one's existence until one attacks someone or physically breaks or destroys a nearby object, oh, and ripping out the Soul of another Supernal Magi. I think we can use that last part against Celenike, although losing a Soul does not kill a Supernal Mage, merely reduce them to the same Thralldom which she reduced Darnic to, but even more lasting."

    "Making them less than a Homunculus," Caules said. "How fitting a potential end."

    Archer EMIYA then spoke, "By the way, I can probably take on Atlantala if needed. As for Achilles, well, it's situational. Considering how he was friendly to the 'protagonists' in Canon, though... Perhaps he can be turned to our side?"

    Chiron/Archer of Black - Wait, there are two Archers of Black now? Ugh! - Chiron, promptly rejected that notion, saying, "No, Achilles serves his side loyally despite any personal qualms about said side. More to the point, Celenike has controlled his Master and he might feel the need to preserve said Master's safety."

    "In other news, we're going to need to ward the plane we're using with protective spells," Leon changed the subject. "All of us together should have all ten types of Mage: The Awakening Magic between us, so we can cast spells on the jet to ward it from most magical attacks and a few mundane ones. Plus Iskander can escort the plane on his flying chariot, too."

    My boyfriend then smirked. "Matter Magic can not only move around, break or repair, or transmute physical matter, but also turn physical matter invisible to mundane and magical eyes depending on the power of the person. If I and Rho can expend enough Supernal Mana to ward a small jet with it..."

    "Then we have a plan," my Grandfather said. "All we need to do now is to implement it. Preparations will begin immediately - I will handle logistics."

    "Very well!" Iskander said, "I will gladly handle such matters along with you, so that our glorious expedition will not lack for anything as we go, and so that I can escort your flying machine without care!"

    Part of me thought that he was planning to keep an eye on Grandfather just in case Celenike tried to make a deal with him remotely.

    "I'll be piloting," Artoria said, "Even with recent revelations..." She looked at me with pronounced ambivalence (?), "I know for a fact that my errant knight," she gestured to indicate Mordred, "Will be a most reckless driver."

    "I resent that!" Mordred said, regaining some of his fire. Either way, it's time to begin preparations, and perhaps engage in some last-minute kissing with Leon!


    After Leon and I locked lips in my room, the latter said, "So, we're about to fight and possibly kill. Are you sure your psyche can take this?"

    Well, that was a heavy question. So I tried to deflect, saying, "Our enemies are willing to fight and possibly kill as well - We should be talking about how Celenike doesn't just use Space to warp Vlad's stakes into our hearts and..."

    Leon's grim face showed that he was not going to be deflected and he confirmed it by saying, "Daniel, answer the question."

    But I kept my mouth shut.

    Author's Note: Sorry for the abrupt end, but after some deliberation, I've decided to end the story and either write an Original Universe or just select a more popular fandom (but not Nasuverse for now), due to the fact that, well, a story as ambitious as this doesn't just attract readers and viewers. Sorry about this, but Fate/Supernal Blessing is either dead or on hiatus.
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    Is anyone interested in a spinoff fanfic of this involving Kirschtaria Wodime being reincarnated into the New World of Darkness 2e/Chronicles of Darkness as a Mage?