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  • For prospective new members, a word of warning: don't use common names like Dennis, Simon, or Kenny if you decide to create an account. Spammers have used them all before you and gotten those names flagged in the anti-spam databases. Your account registration will be rejected because of it.
  • Since it has happened MULTIPLE times now, I want to be very clear about this. You do not get to abandon an account and create a new one. You do not get to pass an account to someone else and create a new one. If you do so anyway, you will be banned for creating sockpuppets.
  • Due to the actions of particularly persistent spammers and trolls, we will be banning disposable email addresses from today onward.
  • The rules regarding NSFW links have been updated. See here for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Apr 3, 2014
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I want my username/email address/birthday changed.
Send a Private Message/Conversation to one of the Administrators (alethiophile or ultima333) requesting this, with what you'd like it changed to.

I can't start Private Messages/Conversations!
Due to recent issues with spam, we have limited the permissions of New Users (users without any 'approved' posts, see below). Make a post somewhere, possibly the Introduction Thread. Once the post is approved, the system will change your permissions (it does it every short while, so you might need to wait a little bit).

Help! I've posted my thread in the wrong forum! \
I want to make my thread NSFW now.

Threads can be moved at any time to a different forum/subforum. Just ask a Moderator to move it for you, either by Reporting the thread with the request, or sending a Private Message to a moderator. Reporting tends to be a bit faster as any mod that's on can see it and get it moved.

What's with these weird titles under peoples' names?
Default Titles are set based on total post count. If you wish for a custom title, you can change it in the Personal Details page.

Why are some users' birthdays listed as January 1st, 1900? You can't be THAT old!
When Questionable Questing transferred to the Xenforo software, birthdays were not moved, and were set to that date for all users that existed at that time. Some users have since asked Administrators to fix it.

I believe a Moderator's action was inappropriate \
I'd like to contest an infraction

Post a thread in the Appeals subforum.

Be polite and present your case. If admins agree with you, they will take action.

Why does my post need 'Approval'?
This is an anti-spam measure. Once you make your first forum post/comment (NOT profile post) your permissions will be automatically set to not need approval. If your posts still require approval, reach out to a moderator/administrator via PM or IRC.

Some permissions, such as changing your Personal Details Page, are tied to this - if you are a new user and have made your first post, try waiting an hour, as the server only updates these once every little bit. If it's been a couple hours and you still lack permissions after making your first post, reach out to staff as above.

Why are certain names different colors?
Two reasons:
  • Staff members. Administrators and moderators have colored names as well as a banner to mark their positions.
  • Account upgrades. People that have bought account upgrades in order to donate money to help with server and software costs are recognized with colored names. Orange names are subscribers(monthly payment) and green names are donators(one time payment).
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