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Hard Day's Knight 1.2 OOC Thread

Discussion in 'PbP OOC' started by AndrewJTalon, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. AndrewJTalon

    AndrewJTalon I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Apr 24, 2015
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    The Disney World became truly aware of the Heartless threat and the rest of the Multiverse after the Heartless invaded. As a result, King Mickey has opened up Gummi Ship technology to the world, and a Knights Academy at the Castle itself to train newcomers to fight and defend the multiverse against Evil. At the same time, the intelligence agency SHUSH has expanded its operations off world to watch for danger, while numerous corporations ranging from McDuck Enterprises to Khan Industries are sending out Agents to find new sources of trade, technology and magic.

    Not all is black and white though. The World known as Earth, led by New Camelot and it's legendary King Arthur is an ally but a competitive one. Since their own Heartless Invasion, the humans, gargoyles and Third Race have settled into an uneasy but powerful alliance, and spearheaded by Xanatos Enterprises also seeks to become a great power in the Multiverse.

    Various factions across the multiverse have raided and hit other worlds, among them pirates, raiders and criminal empires. Among the most powerful is FOWL: The Felonious Organization for World Larceny, which has been taking people from numerous worlds for their own purposes.

    At the same time, Radiant Garden is getting back on its feet as it prepares to coronate their long lost Queen Kairi, who is herself a Keyblade Wielder. The various kingdoms and nations of the world are regaining their influence, and while most of them are united behind Queen Kairi, they have their own agendas. And while Kairi is friends with the other Keyblade Wielders Sora, Riku, and King Mickey, politics can strain even the strongest of friendships.

    Finally, ever lurking in the shadows are the forces of the Heartless, the Nobodies, and those who would command them to gain ultimate power and beyond that, the greatest prize in all Creation: Kingdom Hearts itself…

    - - -

    In any event, this is the basic OOC thread for the reboot RPG, as well as an interest thread for new players. A few key differences from the previous RPG:

    -We start at Gravity Falls, where our cadets are training to help the newest Keyblade Wielders in the multiverse-Dipper and Mabel Pines.


    Many of the same characters can be used, as well as others (Who in this case would be natives of New Camlot Earth).

    Everyone is age 17-18, just leaving high school and entering into the wide world of adulthood. Trying to protect the multiverse from the Darkness... And deal with a lot of other crazy crap in the infinite possibilities of creation.

    A number of campaigns have been proposed, with the following worlds as bases:

    -Prydain, from The Black Cauldron
    -Atlantis, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    Olathe, a world based on that of the game LISA: The Painful-But Disneyfied a bit.
    -Radiant Garden, where all the Final Fantasy games happened and is verging on Civil War.

    So feel free to repost your character sheets here, or propose new characters or ideas!

    The original threads:



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  2. Zaravan

    Zaravan Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 10, 2019
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    Name: Konstantin the Cleric
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mixed
    Eye Color: ???
    Skin Color: Notably tanned.
    Build: Large
    Height: 7'4"

    World of Origin: Prydain

    History: A wandering Cleric of The Light who came under the employ of Fflewddur Fflam, whose kingdom is small and poor in the land of Prydain. Was very close to Fflewddur's daughter, Eilonwy. He was very kind to the peasantry, serving as a Spiritual leader for the simple folk of Fflewddur's hold, as well as their protector, dealing with the occasional monster and beast that threatened them. One day, however Prydain was completely overrun by a wave of sheer Darkness, countless creatures swarming over the land to consume all. Konstantin had made his stand with the few guards Fflewddur had under him at his modest little castle. He'd called for his old friend and his daughter to flee as the hundreds of black claws began smashing down the doors, and he fought like a man possessed to give them time to flee. But even the powers of The Light, which burned the dark better than steel could, was not enough, and soon, he too was enveloped in Darkness.

    However, he was not consumed, and was lost in the Dark. He became a Knight Errant, wandering though worlds though use of the Darkness that had touched him, but due to his love in the Light, did not claim him. Now he has to try to and find Eilonwy.

    He promised to keep her safe...


    Blessing of The Light: As an ordained Cleric of The Light, Konstantin has access to a number of holy abilities, as long as he stays faithful, such as calling down bolts of Light to strike down his foes.

    Lay on Hands: Channeling his Faith and Mercy, Konstantin may heal even the most grievous wounds with ease. However, He can only do it so many times in a short period before he has to stop. Is also competent at using mundane means of healing. Can improve as he gets stronger.

    Master of Arms: Having spent much of his life in service of striking down evil, Konstantin is an expert in wielding his Hammer.

    Not one Step More: His massive size, heavy armor, and huge-ass shield means Konstantin is perfect for fighting defensively. He's tough to knock down, and tougher to actually kill.

    Zealous Preaching: Being so genuine in his faith, Konstantin is a fiery orator, able to inspire others with passionate speeches.

    Deny The Witch: Konstantin can cast a Miracle that temporarily applies a mild MP drain and MP regen decrease to one target. Can Improve as he gets stronger.


    Blessed Warhammer: A massive, ornate hammer that most others would have to wield two-handed. Jokingly calls it 'Captain Crunch'.

    Sanctified Armor: Heavy plate armor adorned with prayer seals. Anyone without the strength to properly wear it would just fall right over.

    Sacred Shield: A huge shield adorned with candles atop. It's made out of some of the toughest metals the Church can muster. Konstantin will break before this thing ever does.

    Book of Light: His personal Bible, filled with various teachings, verses, and sayings about The Light. It's incredibly precious to him.


    Benny, Lenny, & Clyde: Three former bandits who Konstantin picked up in Ivalice while he was wandering. They were actually really terrible at being bandits, being more of an entertaining nuisance at worst, at many times teaming up with adventurers to fight some bad guy due to Benny having a pretty soft heart. Are actually originally from New Camelot, but got tossed into Ivalice during the War when they were caught in a wave of Darkness.


    Benny: Clad in a biker jacket, a slicked up spiky mohawk, and toting around an entire enchanted arsenal of guns, 'Beltboy' would be a bigger threat to the enemy if his accuracy wasn't absolutely disgusting. Can barely hit the broad side of a barn if he was standing inside the damn thing. Thanks to a passing Wizard enchanting his guns, his magazines are bottomless. Despite his terrible aim, he's still able to pull his weight in a fight with the sheer volume of lead flying in the air. Can also shoot beams of magic out of his fingers. No, he hardly knows how he does it either. Is always wearing a big, shit eating grin.

    Lenny: Notably skinny and wearing a poncho and glasses, 'Lanks' is the wimp of the group, and his slaps sting himself more than they do the enemy. However, he can be so supportive with a bit of applause he can heal his friends, and can channel and cast fireballs of varying strength through his bottled up emotions.

    Clyde: 'Cyclops'. The muscle of the bunch. Quiet, scarred, and prefers to use his head over his fists in a very literal sense. His horned helmet and sizable strength means he can smash through obstacles and enemies alike with ease.

    Alex & Joel: Two old vagabonds Konstantin also encountered during his travels. After a rather eventful adventure in which Alex ended up getting brutally stabbed by a crazy man wearing purple gloves, the two decided to tag along with the Cleric after he healed Alex's terrible wounds.


    Alex Churchland: A disgraced martial artist with a lot of regrets.Kindhearted and rather passive, preferring not to get into fights unless he has to. His Velvet-Fu style means he's capable of doing some impressive moves, but his age holds him back in some cases.

    Joel Miller: A former scavenger and Alex's closest friend. Joel spent years looking for ammunition for his Grandfather's extremely powerful Bolt-Action pistol, and it was just after having met Alex he found a single bullet, which lead to him nicknaming Alex 'Lucky'. Having just one bullet means he can't even consider firing the damn thing, but he's a master at bluffing and intimidation. Anyone with any sense of self-preservation will be wary when he holds his gun high and singles them out.
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  3. Valiant

    Valiant Having a lookaround

    Jan 2, 2016
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    Name: Henry Hopps
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 17
    Race: Bunny
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Fur Color: Light Gray
    Nose: Pink
    Build: Medium
    Height: 2ft
    Hometown: Bunnyburrow

    History: A resident bunny of the Hopps clan (because there's a good 60+ kids in those shots.) A family that gained a good amount of renown.

    Henry much like the rest of his siblings is an ordinary Bunny, and he was utterly unsatisfied with it.

    But Bunnies didn't go out on adventures, they didn't go to Zootopia, or Disney Castle, or anywhere outside of Bunnyburrow.

    They absolutely did not.

    Not until cousin Judy paved the way, proved herself, proved that it could be done.

    It was then instead of a feeling of elation at his cousins accomplishment, that a sense of, anticipation began to build in his chest instead.
    If Judy could reach for and become something greater, do something really worth doing, couldn't he? Over the next few years Henry's grades rocketed upward like he was a bunny possessed. One possessed of a rather foolhardy plan to finally find a sense of purpose, of real accomplishment, beyond the weary exhaustion of a day of farming carrots and schoolwork.

    The harder point was watching for his aunt and uncles calls to Judy and working his way on to talk to her to ask how she started getting ready for the fitness stuff of the police academy.

    Phrased like that Judy had been happy to write up a letter detailing a workout routine a week or so later. They'd even managed a run or two through the academy obstacle course on the weekends a couple times. Though what Judy thought would be another bunny on the force would turn into complete surprise when Henry presented his parents not with the police academy scholarship papers, but ones belonging to the Knight program instead.

    He'd yet to apologize for that in person.


    Rabbit Hearing:
    A sharp sense of hearing with his long ears, they count as a weakness too given a strong enough sound can leave him debilitated.
    Rabbit speed and agility: Henry is fast and agile given he's rabbit. Henry has been trained to flow over, around, or even up obstacles. Henry can flip, leap, and is quick to react and move. Henry has been taught to overcome the obstacles by using his surroundings

    Staff and Spear training: Oriented into combat style for use against a myriad of larger and more massive opponents. Mostly non-lethal and knock out strikes. Not the useful against Heartless just yet, he lacks a killer instinct for the time being, Henry will have to work at finishing blows, you can't cuff heartless after all.
    Lesser Baton training: Started at the Baton training becoming okay at it, but it was mostly to lay groundwork for use of a stave to use against larger opponents.

    Wheeled Vehicle driving:
    Learned from Aunt Judy to give him a leg up, Henry has two settings while driving: Law abiding, and Speed/Pursuit/Eurobeat

    Bunny Farm skills:
    Farming takes a lot of work, with many small and varied mundane skills, from fixing motorized farming equipment, to sewing up seed bags, to the occasional stint in a crop duster.
    Large Family Cooking: Everyone get's a turn cooking, everyone helps in the kitchen. Everyone.


    Caster Pistol: McDuck Enterprises Hottentot TL-9b A Bunny sized Caster pistol, effective despite it's size. 'More kick than you'd think'
    Staff: A bunny sized staff with removable caps on the end allowing for different 'heads' to be attached.
    - Combat Knife: A 'long' Knife whose handle allows it to be attached to the staff.
    - Caster Rifle Bayonet: Khan Tech Caster Rifle Bayonet, what looks like park or a nightstick with a high tech handle. Low setting is Taser, High is essentially a caster bolt on a stick.
    Pepper Spray
    Back up Baton
    Book: Carlson and Peeters: A book of military/Police procedures/Advice
    Bag of Holding Camp supplies and cookware:
    Dutch ovens, a camp stove, snacks, non-perishables, cooler holding perishables in stasis, Henry had an interesting visit to the castle quartermaster getting these.


    Okay may refine/tweak this later.
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  4. dwennon

    dwennon Versed in the lewd.

    Aug 24, 2014
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    Name: Paul Leopard
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

    History: Paul was one of the many people of what's now known as New Camelot that became caught up in the chaos of the Heartless. Once the chaos was passed, he found himself as one of a number of people who were press ganged as part of Don Karnage's pirate fleet. For about a year he was just one of the forced crewmen under Don Karnage, until he alongside a number of others were able to steal seven ships and escape right before the space pirate could stop them. Two ships left to return people to their homes where possible, while the other five stayed together to form a small sell sail fleet. Now, Paul is the leader of this small group of sell sails. Trying his best to keep things together, as well as fighting Don Karnage when he can.

    During his travels, one of the places Paul would frequent would Ivalice. With all of the adventurer types and airships, it made it easy for him and his crew to slip in from time to time. Even set up a few roots/ties with some local places, as well as a number of people looking to join his crew. Over the years, and establishing one of their "clans" Paul's organization gained a bit of renown. Though nothing all too extreme, mostly just local notables.

    After a few years from Don Karnage attacking Baltimore, Paul and others being shanghaied, they were able to find their way back to Earth. Which was followed by some talks and negotiations. Much of it was to try and clear things up, see what the standing of certain things would be. But to cut things short, Paul and his organization were given a Letter of Marque to act as a sort of independent contractor for New Camelot. With him trading in a number of the ships he'd taken along the way, whether from Don Karnage or other pirates, and also testing some new prototype ships for groups like Xanatos Industries.

    Recently, Paul was brought in to help with the two New Camelot keyblade wielders. While he may not know how things will go with them, he'll still be trying to do what he can to do the job well...well as he can anyway.

    Abilities: Originally both a a game designer(hobby) and blacksmith(job), had left Paul with an interesting set of skills. Mostly with a degree of tactical knowledge, the ability to make metal tools, as well as a number of other sundry skills, Paul didn't have too much in the way of live combat experience outside of testing some of his blades. But after the Heartless and Don Karnage, he gained a few new skills as well as honed others. With a more decent, if unpolished, sword arm. As well as better tactical skills and experience working as a sailor...plus running a fleet more recently. Currently, Paul either fights in command of at least one of his ships. Or with a sword and pistol for personal combat, at least most often. And things haven't gone screwy because of weird luck.

    • Spell charged weapon: Having learned magic and with blacksmithing experience, Paul has learned how to channel magic as well as spells through weapons he uses for effectively charged shots or simply augmenting how the weapon normally performs.
    • Varied swordsman: Because of forging all manner of swords or bladed weapons and needing to test them out, occasionally even having practice matches with others, Paul has gained a decent amount of skill as a swordsman, enough to be competent to dangerous when fighting.
    • Marksman: While having some training in firearms before leaving Earth, since being shanghaied and having to survive/make a living he's become even more experienced in using firearms of various types. Even getting some training from some Moogle Gunners in how to use firearms more effectively with magic.
    • Ferrier: The primary form of blacksmithing Paul did before Don Karnage attacked Baltimore was ferrier work. Having to personally forge out horseshoes with just a hammer has left Paul with the ability to bring out a lot of force very quickly, and move metal quite capably with just a decent hammer. As well practice applying the horseshoes, and other various things like that.
    • Sailor: After escaping Don Karnage, Paul and a number of others were forced to learn how to sail just to make ends meet and have a real chance of going home. Since then, he's become a decently competent sailor.
    • Commander: Leading the escape, and the following squadron/small fleet of ships, has lead Paul to having a good amount of knowledge in how to lead others. As well how to operate a fleet or organization, from logistics ro delegation...even if there are others who are more capable then him.
    • Adhoc Magician: Having picked up magic in just the past few years, learning what he could while he stopped by Ivalice, has left Paul with a mess of spells/abilities he can call upon. Leaving him with a mix of spells from the various types of mages and jobs, as well the ability to make his own spells/magics to a degree. While not as good as a full on mage/sage/etc, it gives him precious options when fighting. From offense focused black magic, support focused white/green magic, and even a bit of Blue/Elementalist magic for another set of examples. Though he's only able to use so many in a short period of time, let alone in combat.
    • Blacksmith/tinkerer: Paul did quite a bit of work as a blacksmtih both before and after being taken from his home. Between making some simple knives for a bit of extra money and fun when he was home, to having to help produce new gear just to avoid spending more money than could be helped during his travels. Alongside testing out new things or simply tinkering, has given him a good ability to make new weapons or tools.

    • Spell forged damascene weapons: Having learned new ways to make weapons, Paul figured out a form of weapon crafting that doesn't seem to show up anywhere else. Spell forged damascus is a way of creating a magic weapon made of metal that is quite able to focus/channel magic through it, though not having much in the way of innate magical enchantments of their own. Outside of a possible affinity for channeling a specific element/s, such weapons are mostly more of a focus. Making them very useful for spellblades and the like.
    • Magic guns: In addition to the weapons Paul made himself, he picked up a few magic guns from places he has visited.
    • Misc other gear: In addition the guns/edged weapons, Paul also has a number of other pieces of gear. From potions, tools, and some armor. Most of which are less notable in comparison.
    • The Iron Baltimore: An Iron class ship design being made as part of the New Fleet program being done by New Camelot(the US in particular), is a notably armed exploratory ship. Given to Paul for both the sake of testing the design in the field, as well in return for him handing over more than a dozen ships of varying sizes, the Iron Baltimore boasts a moderate armament of three two barreled main turrets alongside a number of smaller secondary and tertiary turrets. In addition, the IB has four grappler arms as part of it's design for a mix of utility and combat purposes.
    • The Joyeuse: One of the few mother ship/flagship type vessels in Paul's squadron/fleet, the Joyeuse is a sort of carrier. Focused on operating/supporting squadrons of fighters as well as other smaller ships, with more modules added on overtime has left it a technically very versatile ship thanks to all of it's facilities. As well even if it does now support some decently powerful weaponry, it's place is effectively never near the front lines when it can be helped. No matter if it has decent armor or weapons, the primary role it plays is support a fleet or carrier operations. The Joyeuse is also one of the ships Paul kept from his travels, having been found in an abandoned dockyard and fixed up as best that it could've been with a relatively low budget.
    • The Constellation: Another one of the ships Paul kept from his travels, the Constellation was one of the ships he stole from Don Karnage when he escaped. With a form that's a mix between an age of sail ship and dieselpunk design that the pirate would've preferred, the Constellation is rather heavily armed and quick ship. Between six primary turrets and two forward fixed weapons, the Constellation was meant to be the primary attack ship of Don Karnage's new fleet...until Paul lead his escape and stole it alongside some others.
    • Other ships/craft: Otherwise Paul has a number of other ships in his fleet, either full ships or smaller craft like fighters, which are less notable at this point. With a number of the ships/members of Paul's organization being at one of the bases they have off of Earth. Doing jobs or maintaining things while there.

    • Jeff: A Gargoyle that alongside Paul was picked up by Don Karnage. Jeff is generally one of the people Paul will trust with command when he's not around. Having more focus on being a brawler, or on boarding actions after they escaped Don Kranage, the gargoyle picked up a few tricks while away. Mostly in the form of some job abilities from Ivalice(most notable the Dragoon and Monk job skills.)
    • Grimmy: A gummy bear that was also part of the escape from Don Karnage, he doesn't have much memory of his past. Only scraps and pieces from not long before Don Karnage picked him up. Though what he lacks in personal memories, he makes up for in skills. Having the look, and skill profile, of an assassin Grimmy is one of the members of Paul's crew that he'll generally trust to take care of things or act covertly. And while it's not too clear what his age is, he does seem rather young.
    • Chesapeake: One of the other gargoyles that were in a situation like Jeff and Paul. The old gargoyle mostly acts as an adviser for Paul and the other officer types, or as a trainer for any new recruits.
    • Swift: One of the few fey who was picked up by Don Karnage alongside the various others. Swift is for the most part a member of the bridge crew, acting as one of the communications officers for some of the ships Paul takes command of.
    • Various New Camelot individuals: As well, there were numerous other individuals who were picked up by Don Karnage that decided to stay as part of Paul's crew for various reasons. Split between the various races/intelligent species of New Camelot, they do what they can between places like New Camelot, Ivalice, and so on as part of Paul's fleet.
    • Argalon: While Paul was in Ivalice, the legal system was a problem that Paul had to deal with consistently even without much in the way of preexisting knowledge/experience. Such to the point that he simply hired a lawyer. Argalon was that lawyer, and has been a decent ally/friend to Paul since being hired. Even if he occasionally creeps out some of his fellow Nu Mou.
    • Kupothur: A Moogle Knight that is part of the ground troops in Paul's organization. Is supposedly the once and future king of his homeland, but currently on an adventuring sabbatical from his kingdom.
    • Kupolot: A Moogle Knight that is part of the ground troops in Paul's organization. Has a fancy sword, and occasionally speaks in a French accent. One of the supposed Mogs of the Chocobo table.
    • Kupohad: A Moogle Knight that is part of the ground troops in Paul's organization. One of the supposed Mogs of the Chocobo table. Is secretly Kupolot's son, and is also more skilled/capable than his parents.
    • Kupowain: A Moogle Knight that is part of the ground troops in Paul's organization. One of the supposed Mogs of the Chocobo table. Not quite as good or capable as his fellow Moogle Knights, but will certainly try his best...also possible has some anger issues.
    • Hraz: A Viera warrior mage, she joined Paul's crew not long after he came to Ivalice...which happened to be not long after she began adventuring. Hraz for the most part acts as a member of the marines that Paul keeps as a retinue, and is certainly one of the currently more notable members to outsiders thanks to her appearance...plus the varied skills she has.
    • Various Ivalice individuals/Paul's Clan: There are a few dozen individuals, and a couple small families, from Ivalice that have joined Paul's crew mixed between the various races of Ivalice(from Hume and Moogle individuals, to even Seeq and Gria individuals.) Some are sailors, others are marines/ground forces, then some simply just operate directly out of the bases while not focusing much on combat.

    Probably going to add some stuff to this later.
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  5. Jesse K the Bubba

    Jesse K the Bubba They call me...Bubba

    Jul 26, 2019
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    Name: Flare Wellwish

    Gender: Male

    Physical Age: 19 (in fairy or human years? x_x)

    Race: High Fairy

    Eye Color: Seafoam

    Hair Color: Turquoise with crimson highlights


    Height: Whatever he feels like (usually somewhere between 5"8' and 6"5' [172.5 cm to 195.5 cm])

    A magical forest somewhere (They keep changing the name!)

    History: Being a young High Fairy means simultaneously being looked down upon by elder fairies and looked up to by lesser creatures (oh to be a Pixie and be born into adulthood!). Flare also has been rather inept at his family's particular style of magic, one that works its greatest effects through the power of poem, verse, and song (or a particularly good speech if someone's just that skilled). Unfortunately, he has not been able to quite gain the oratory skills expected of him. While he can hold a decent tune and sometimes make a good rhyme, he has always been far behind everyone else of a similar age.

    However, a lack of skill did not stop him from trying, as the one time he caused a small volcano to erupt in the middle of a pond proved. With a speech about how he wouldn't let himself become a failure, no less. With a few random maps (half of which were actually useful) and a bag of snacks, Flare set off to find more ways to learn magic. Barring that, perhaps a place with good musical education.


    Flight: At any size, at any time, Flare can use his wings to reach almost any heights.

    Magic: As a fairy, magic is practically (or was it literally?) inscribed into Flare's very being. He's learned some forms of more common magic, but still has his fairy magic and song magic at hand.

    Quick Study: Flare has a knack for picking up the basics of pretty much anything he sets out to learn. Unfortunately, his short attention span means he will rarely stick around to learn more advanced techniques, and instead try to learn them on his own. The exception being if the subject is simply that interesting to him.

    Animal Empathy: Flare can talk to animals, wild, magic, or otherwise. This isn't all it's chalked up to be, as many animals are poor conversational partners.


    Bag: Flare isn't sure he can actually fill his bag. Must have been enchanted to hold infinite things. It's also indestructible and never gains weight. So there's that.

    Wand: To help in focusing his magic, Flare has a wand that was given to him by an elder relative. He's not sure how it works, but it seems to help him 'guide' the magic.

    Comfy clothes: Fairy-made cotton clothes. Can anything in the world make an outfit more comfortable than what a fairy can make? Probably not. Has several spares in red, blue, aquamarine, orange, turquoise, scarlet, and indigo. 100% organic

    Cutlass: Taking things from pirates isn't stealing, especially if he tried to stab you with it and got eaten by a giant squid soon after for his troubles. Now, at least, it's being put to good use.

    Lethal Boots: Flare found these lying around and they just happened to be a perfect fit! A blade flicks out of the heel when kicked, allowing a stab to be added to the blow. Great for dive kicks!
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  6. Jesse K the Bubba

    Jesse K the Bubba They call me...Bubba

    Jul 26, 2019
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    The Dozen Pixies Buzzing Around Flare (and Those Two on Hraz's Head)


    The Girls

    Tina Bubblewhite – Blue-White, Ice Pixie – A calm, collected young woman who says little unless needed. While she’s not very outgoing, she still enjoys spending time with others around. Most of her friends know she prefers to be the listener.

    Mahogany Quickling – Ruddy brown, Wind Pixie – One of the fastest of their cluster, Mahogany takes speed seriously, yet not timeliness. It’s less about getting things done, and more about how fast she can do them once started.

    Star Farwillow – Yellow-blonde, Light Pixie – Star is afraid of the dark, and pretty much anything that could possibly come out of it. She’s also fairly scared of most things one could imagine a person being scared of.

    Jade Rainswamp – Green, Life Pixie – Considered the healer, Jade is interested in making sure everyone’s health is in top shape, sometimes to the point of being a little overbearing. She has less interest in plants than most Life Pixies of the forest.

    Honey Silktwist – Black and Yellow, Insect Pixie – A caretaker of bees and spiders, Honey and other Insect Pixies are essentially ranchers to the rest of their cluster, keeping them stocked with food and cloth. Honey especially takes her work seriously, always keeping an eye out for threats to their bugs.

    Muriel Silktwist – Black and White, Crafter Pixie – Honey’s sister and helper. Muriel has crafted several innovations to make Honey’s life a drop easier (hehe), as well as defensive items like ant traps and needle-shooting devices to drive off lizards and toads. Recently, she’s tried taking a look at some human creations, though not with much luck.


    The Guys

    Trevan Citrustwig – Orange, Fruit and Seed Pixie – A farmer among pixies, more focused on plants than even Life Pixies. Trevan has planted vegetable, fruits, and mushrooms almost perfectly on time every year. He keeps to a habit of waking at dawn and not going to bed ‘til after dusk.

    Peanut Pearflip – Brown and Yellow, Fruit and Seed Pixie – Takes his job less seriously than Trevan, but does not suffer much for it. While his harvests are often lower, he’s also considered a fun-loving fairy among his friends, and a pretty good comedian.

    Timber Quickling – Brown and Green, Life Pixie – Oversees much of the wildlife of the cluster’s portion of the forest, making sure everything is in balance. Oddly enough, he has less work than one would expect, often just making sure the gnomes haven’t tried anything to make their lives miserable.

    Onyx Copperspice – Black, Metal Pixie – Onyx calls himself a Blacksmith, a human term that he has come to make his own. He often gets Earth Pixies to hand over any bits of metal or ore that they may have come across, then refines these into something new. Some think of him as a Crafter Pixie, but the Elders have stated that his chosen profession is refining material rather than combining it.

    Florian Bubblefield – Green and Blue, Water Pixie – Less of a job and more of a hobby, Florian like to swim, lay about on lilypads, and fish for minnows

    Magpie Toadbead – Black and Grey, Crafter Pixie – Less of an innovator or inventor like Muriel, Magpie is a collector and repairer. While his original creations are few, he seems to be able to repair almost anything, whether he’s seen it before or not. Muriel has actually brought her own creations to him for help, and he has often found whatever was wrong or malfunctioning with them. Rumors from Honey seem to indicate that they might be even more interested in each other than people have begun suspecting.


    The Couple

    Twig Figspring – Red and Brown – Earth Pixie

    Clover Figspring – Light Green – Life Pixie

    A couple who have recently decided to get together and find a place to settle down. Currently, they are seeing if the strange bunny woman they are riding on will lead them anywhere interesting, though it seems she may be going further from the cluster than they expected. Still, it seems safe way up high on her head, for now, so they’ll stick with it a while longer.
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    Name: Jack Mantlovich Wilkins

    Alias: Condorman

    Role: Counter-intelligence agent for SHUSH

    Bio: Born in 1986, Jack Wilkins grew up with a comic-book artist for a father and an ex-KGB agent for a mother. Naturally, he learned both espionage and storytelling devices, making him an expert at predicting how criminals would make mistakes and thus be more easily captured. By 2006 he was working as an analyst in Global Justice’s San Francisco branch. However, he wanted to get closer to the action. Then, the branch office played host to an unexpected invasion of mercenaries looking to steal an experimental stealth suit from Xanatos Industries. Jack donned the suit and managed to beat back the intruders. He ended up customizing the suit, and taking inspiration from his father, became the new Condorman. He beat back crime both in the Bay Area and abroad. When the Heartless invaded, he was one of the many heroes worldwide who helped to defend the innocent against the strange monsters. He was then selected by SHUSH head J. Gander Hooter to be a counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism agent.

    Suit abilities: Is equipped with a state-of-the-art Xanatos Industries stealth suit, which enables camouflage, allowing Jack to blend in with his surroundings. Other stealth abilities include sound-dampening and hologram projectors. The suit protects the wearer from small arms fire (the limbs are covered by a mesh of chain-metal esque scales; more vital areas have thicker armor-plating), and is equipped with a set of jet boosters with fold-out glider wings (which are normally attached to the suit by a harness; the harness can be removed if necessary). The suit was aerodynamically designed and can glide for long-distances. For close-quarters combat, sharp talons are integrated into the fingertips and boots (and are retractable), while long-range weapons include particle-beam blasters in the gauntlets. The cowl includes goggles that feed Jack information into his HUD, with a neuro-link and voice commands to activate functions.

    Gear: His armored belt contains smoke grenades, cutting tools, grappling hooks, and other stealth equipment. He can also use external weapons, including larger particle-beam blasters that lock onto his gauntlets. He also carries Fledgers, small aerial drones that act as surveillance cameras.

    Transport: Much like his father’s Condorcar, Condorman II possesses his own vehicle, the Condorjet. A sleek aerial vehicle, capable of Mach 4 speeds, is equipped with missiles and particle-beams for air combat, and has cloaking tech to prevent detection. Legs with talons can be unfolded to serve as landing gear, and to inflict damage on enemy aircraft.

    For reference: