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Horror Master (Worm/crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by madhat886, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. Threadmarks: Horror Master

    madhat886 Getting sticky.

    Jul 31, 2021
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    In front of the hospital are a line of police cars, Armsmaster, Miss Militia and Velocity arrived at the scene. They and the other heroes have been busy dealing with all the things that have been happening around the city. Which is in chaos right now as creatures and things right out of nightmares are walking around, which has the heroes and PRT stretch thin. (1)

    Battery and Assault are dealing with the docks where people in strange armored old fashion driving suits are showing up. There are also other things showing up in the water. Triumph and Dauntless had split up the Wards into two groups and are handling what happen at the Winslow highschool where it all began and the surrounding area. New Wave are handling the downtown area, which is seeing sightings of many strange people and things. The area has what looks like hunting parties searching around for someone.

    The three came to the hospital as what happen at the school ended up at the hospital, the creatures and things had torn up the school and are now searching the city for something. From the reports the projections from what is clearly a master parahuman was carried to the hospital by a large group of the creatures. Where more and more creatures and things are appearing around said building.

    The three entered the hospital where they walk into the lobby that's empty but for the reception desk and someone watching the news from one of the tvs in the lobby. Most of the staff and people in the hospital had escape once the things took over, which from thwart the staff and people said, the things just let them go. But some of the patients couldn’t be moved and some of the staff had become trap in the hospital. Which is why the police or the PRT troops couldn’t move in.

    The one watching tv is a huge skull-faced man dressed as a security guard and armed with a massive wooden club that has skulls embedded in it. The guard looks at the three heroes before turning back to the tv. The person sitting behind the reception desk is dressed in a standard issue nurses uniform from the early twentieth century but her head is covered by a pillowcase. Typing at the computer and…. The speakers of the hospital suddenly called out.

    “Doctor Klok, please report to room 229,” a man’s voice called out. The speakers remained silent before buzzing again. “Ah, I see three heroes are here. I can see you on the security cameras.”

    The tv the massive guard was watching suddenly became static and made a loud statically noise that drew the heroes attention. And a man appeared on the screen standing in one of the rooms of the hospital. He’s dressed in the stereotypical garb of a surgeon, along with a bloodstained apron, head mirror, and smock with a waistcoat with a bow tie underneath. Who looks like that old actor Price, even sounding like him. But the strange thing is that he’s black and white like from an old 16-mm film projector.

    “Greetings, I am Doctor Killjoy psychiatrist and surgeon. Me and my staff have taken over running this hospital after most of the old staff ran off. Don’t worry about the patients, we’re looking after them,” the man said.

    “Are you the one who summon all of these projections?” Armsmaster asked.

    “No, I’m just leading this group who are caring fans protecting our mistress,” Killjoy said before he turn to something in the room.

    A loud thump of something heavy came from outside, the three heroes walk over and open the lobby door to see a large armored man bird. The thing is a mix of metal and leather, giant leather and metal wings on its back, armor plating, a bird like head helmet, the only weapons are clawed knuckles and boots. Standing around 15 to 20 feet tall and its carrying a person in its arms.

    The man got off the arm of the bird man machine thing and walk towards the hospital. Some of the cops were shouting for him to come to them but couldn’t do anything as the bird man machine stood in the way. The man entered the lobby where Doctor Killjoy greeted him.

    “Mr. Hebert we been expecting you, I do hope you had no trouble with Songbird. Our mistress hasn’t waken up yet but you can see her,” Killjoy said.

    “Where’s Taylor?” Danny Hebert asked.

    “Nurse Smithson please buzz him in. The mistress is in room 205’,” Killjoy said.

    The door of the lobby was buzzed and open allowing the father of the newest triggered parahuman in. The heroes followed behind him, as they need to make sure that the Hebert girl is the parahuman and to protect Mr. Hebert. The big security guard did move to block the heroes but Mr. Hebert said the heroes are with him and the guard step aside.

    The hospital hallways were normal as the new staff are working in caring for the remaining patients. The nurses are female in body shape but are… not right. They have proportions, while still attractive in a strictly filthy sense, are exaggerated, like bimbo caricatures or a hentai. They're so sexually mature it's to an Uncanny Valley extent. Meaty thighs on full display, razor thin waists, and breasts nigh-overflowing out their tops through strategically-placed cleavage windows. Despite their thickness they still manage to maintain a slender and petite grace to their presence, though in an unmistakably demented sense. They are even dressed in slutty nurse outfits, with ridiculously short skirts and heels so high they shouldn't even be able to walk in them.

    They walk strangely like when people walk backwards but forwards, and they twitch and jerk their bodies. But it’s their faces that made the four react the most. Some of their heads are bulbous and bone-white, they have small mouths full of dirty, bloodied teeth. Others have a full head of hair and malformed faces.

    There are also nurses who have what seem to be a surgical mask fused to their faces, while the nurses have bandages covering theirs. They more closely resemble actual human nurses in provocative uniforms and busty bodies, but as the lack of faces. There are also those in pink uniforms and looking much more human-like in appearance aside from the clearly-deformed, blank faces and visible veins. Their "pink uniforms", upon closer inspection, are made of human skin with tendons clearly visible.

    There are also nurses wearing a red and white nurse outfit and red gloves, with a pair of rolling skates. Their faces are hidden by a paper bag with the top of an old nurses hat that they all wear, that all have black crosses on their front like heather crosses on their sleeves of their shirts. All of them have giant syringes hanging on their belts.

    But for all the horror they held from their looks, they’re all doing what healthcare workers normally did in hospitals. They check the patients, giving them their meals or medicine, checking the medical equipment. The nurses on the roller skates are rolling here and there delivering items to different rooms. The remaining staff are scared but are doing their best to take care of the remaining patients, even working with the inhuman staff.

    The group pass the room that held the new babies, a bandaged covered nurse is checking each one of them. While an older human nurses is changing a diaper. She had stayed behind to protect the babies but to her surprise the inhuman nurses are taking care of the little ones. And the babies aren’t bothered by the nurses at all.

    A man dressed as a doctor walk pass looking at a chart, strapped to his head and face is some kind of electroconvulsive gear, The Doctor is forever forced in a maniacal grin.

    The party duck as a huge man that kind of reminded them of a caterpillar for some reason was crawling on the ceiling passed them who is dressed as a doctor. He crawled into a room where before the door closed, a family of three parents and their child huddled together in fear.

    A man who looks to be pieced together and dress as a doctor came out of a room, holding the door open letting out a man holding the hand of his young daughter who quickly headed for the exit.

    A nurse with no face is wheeling out a woman in a wheelchair holding her baby in her arms with her husband walking next to her. Both looked scared but remained calm as they’re being released.

    Someone wearing what looks like a plague suit that people wore during the Black Plague during the Middle Ages walked by them in the hallway. Followed by a robot, in the shape of a ball with 3 eye stalks on it and 3 tentacles, two having pincer claws on the ends and the last a buzz saw. Flying by a thrusters on the bottom of its round body.

    They reached room 205 which is guarded by a very tall and powerful built woman, who wore a white wooden mask of a rabbit that covered all but her lower face. She wore a torn sarafan, customized with utility belts that has 4 hatches hanging on them. She also held a long broad axe, that looks very old.

    Sitting on a chair near by is a female demon with bat-like wings on her back and has red skin, that matches her long red hair that has a yellow strip making it look like bacon with a horn on her forehead. She has pointy ears and her hair is going upward and has a tail. She has red/black boots and wears a short red/black dress that looks torn from the bottom and the top. On her dress, she has a black horizontal stripe around the chest area of the dress that looks torn as well. She also has pointy fangs. She’s on a iPhone typing away on it, like a normal teenage girl would do.

    "Huntress, the man with the glasses is Mr. Hebert, our mistress's father. He's here to see her," Killjoy's voice called out from a speaker.

    The teenage demon took a picture of Mr. Hebert.

    “There, I’m sending a picture to the others so they all know what our boss’s dad looks like,” the teenager said sending the picture to all of her contacts.

    “Thank you Sunset,” Killjoy said.

    The woman, Huntress open the door of the room, revealing Taylor Hebert laying on the hospital bed. There are two bandaged headed nurses in the room with her guarding her, each armed with a revolver. There is also a female doctor who like the nurses has her head wrapped in bandages. Her short skirt showed the hint of stocking tops, her blouse revealed the start of a deep cleavage, and her white lab coat could never have been buttoned up thanks to her huge breasts.

    "Our mistress has been treated but hasn't woken up yet. Two of her bullies have been taken care of already along with her school that did nothing to help our mistress. Now there is only Shadow Stalker or Sophia Hess to take care of. We learned who she is from the nurse of the school is was meant to keep an eye on her for the PRT," Doctor Killjoy said shocking the heroes as revealing the identity of a cape is against the unwritten rules.

    The tv in the room Taylor is in, turned on showing the two girls who tormented Taylor, strapped to beds. They're heavily bandaged up and missing their arms and legs. Followed by a picture of Shadow Stalker and her real identity Sophia Hess, side by side.

    "Which is the reason why she got away with all of her bullying of the mistress. She ran away once we appeared leaving her two friends behind. They're still alive but only so that the mistress can decided to end their suffering or leave to them suffer," Killjoy explains. "Also this is being played on the local tv channels in the city. We only want Sophia Hess or Shadow Stalker. We already took care of the students and teachers of the school that stood by and watch. If you all within this city don't want to have the streets become a bloodbath. All you have to do is give us the girl."

    “She ran like a coward when me and the others broke into the school and began tearing it apart. She didn’t even tried to save her two friends as we rip their limbs off,” Sunset spoke up, not even looking up from her phone.

    "Mr. Hebert could you talk with your daughter's projections?" Armsmaster ask, his com channel is in chaos with the reveal of one of the Ward's identity and being the cause of this mess.

    "I'm just the father, you clean up your own mess," Mr. Hebert said and enter the room and Huntress closed the door behind him.

    "He is right. We're giving him special treatment only because he is our mistress father. You three on the other hand, should have look more closely to what's been going on with one of your wards," Killjoy said.

    A enormous dark skin man with a gorilla-like build came walking down the hallway to them. Like most of the other projections, he has a misshapen face and bubble-like growths on his arms. He wore a tight-fitting shirt that look like the buttons are going to pop off, and a green vest that have already encountered that fate (save for one or two buttons). The right sleeve is torn, revealing more mutation bubbles. The man is also carrying a radio on him.

    "You are the heroes?" the man asked.

    "Yes," Velocity said.

    "I'm Leo Hartwig and you all need to bring someone who can heal the mistress and get her to wake up before things get out of hand. Our mistress is in bad shape and without her to command us. The others are just running wild. Killjoy is keeping the others busy in looking for the one who harmed the mistress. But if she doesn't wake up or if she dies... there be nothing to keep the others under control."

    "He's right kids," a voice called out from the radio Leo held. "Name's, Augustus Sinclair, Esq me and Leo here are some of the few that the boss lady summon from our different worlds, who can control ourselves. If you haven't notice all of the others are stuff that you find in one of those horror films and stories. It's because we are all from a horror setting, me and Leo came from a city built under the sea where thanks to something we call Adam, gave users powers and super human abilities. Leo was just a normal man before he transformed himself into a brute. He can still think clearly, while others we call splicers are completely mad.”

    “And that’s only from where we’re from, there are plenty of others who are completely insane,” Leo adds.

    “Got that right, there are plenty of monsters running around who are pure evil. They will rape you, kill you, and eat you, in that order if you’re lucky,” Sunset spoke up. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t always a demon and I can comprehend good. I just don’t care being nice to people who would just stand by while someone is screaming for help. I would had like to tear apart the school with the others but flying the boss here was more important.”

    “They're and others are all over the city looking for that Hess girl, but once that's done and the boss isn't awake or if she dies. A city crawling with monsters right out of horror films, the nurses that are all over the hospital are the types of monsters that will operate on you while you're wide awake with no pain killers and send you off worst then you came in, and they don't care if they're children. They're only behaving themselves because of the boss. What you think is going to happen, when the only one who is controlling us is gone?" Sinclair asked.

    "Oh god," Miss Militia said as she and her teammates realized what's going to happen without their master to control them. All the remaining staff and patients in the hospital, even the newborns in the nursery will be slaughtered.

    "Don't worry the hospital is under my control. Of course, I can't promise you what happens outside of it," Killjoy said over the speakers.

    “Better start boarding up the windows and doors,” Sunset adds.

    "Velocity get Panacea here now," Armsmaster said as he's trying to contact anyone in New Wave. They need Panacea to heal Taylor Hebert to get control of her projections.


    1 - Taylor is a master who can summon monsters and people from horror fiction or has monsters and people who should be in horror in them. And that also means anything that is kid friendly horror. As kid friendly horror like Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, even if played for laughs is still about monsters who scare people to survive making it kid friendly horror.
    And yes it even means lame monsters, like Hot Stuff the little devil counts as horror.
    Also aliens don’t count as they’re science fiction.

    Unlike in the fictions that they came from where you can fire a nuke and the monster comes out of it ok just because of some lame and lazy plot armor like only a silver bullet can ever kill a werewolf no matter what.

    Like that Robot Chicken episode where in one sketch. While playing a pen-and-paper RPG, one player offers an... alternative to the silver bullet to kill a werewolf. Even after reducing it to a puddle of viscera with a rotary gun, mopping that up into a bucket and lighting it on fire, snorting the ashes, then crapping it out, where it gets processed through a sewer system, the game master stubbornly insists that the werewolf is still alive through all of that, it has to be a silver bullet.

    Is right out, as it’s just dumb and only works in a game setting where the thing is a wall to prevent players from going to that area from going too soon. All monsters and people from horror can be killed by just hitting them hard enough or with the right weapon, like a blob monster would need to either be burn or freezed or energy weapons, or chemicals used to destroy its body. But of course for some, it’s hard but they all can be killed.

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  2. KenKara

    KenKara Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 26, 2021
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    you forgot threadmark me thinks
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  3. madhat886

    madhat886 Getting sticky.

    Jul 31, 2021
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    Thanks for the reminder
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  4. Threadmarks: Horror Master 2

    madhat886 Getting sticky.

    Jul 31, 2021
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    Streets of Brockton Bay -

    Shadow Stalker cursed as she hides from the many hunting parties that are hunting for her. Thanks to that doctor that look to have walked out of an old black and white film, everyone now knows her identity. She had managed to grab her costume and crossbow before she escape from the school, not that it helps her now. And all of Taylor’s minions are hunting her down, where they’re going to cut her limbs off like they did to Emma Barnes, and Madison Clements.

    Now she’s hiding in a empty apartment, after being chased by pigmen who have buzz saws attached to one of their arms. She lost them when a blob tried to grab her, instead it grabbed the pigs. Now she’s trying to figure out what to do next. She couldn’t go back home as those things would be already there waiting for her. She saw what they did two her two friends and what they did to the other students and teachers.

    Peeking from the window of the third floor apartment, she looks at the group of Taylor’s minions being lead by a giant of a man with a dwarf on his back. From what she could hear the giant’s name is Nick and the dwarf is Laird. Made easy since the dwarf is shouting out everything. Reminding her of Master Blaster from that Mad Max film.

    The giant, Nick is an inhumanly large, hunched and hulking who is clearly a brute class. He is covered from head to toe in infected, pus-filled sores. His entire head is wrapped around in bandages, which obscures most of his facial features except for his left eye and mouth (which appears to be torn at the side). His right eye is mostly covered up, although a small glimpse on its side implies that it's been severely damaged. He wears a torn-up, sleeveless shirt, torn trousers with a belt around his hips, as well as what appears to be a metal leg brace around his left leg and walks barefoot. Nick also has a hook with a T-handle wrapped around his hips with a chain and a large satchel on his back, which contains arrows. Nick is also equipped with a leather saddle on his back for Laird to ride in, which is strapped around his arms, as well as featuring a belt which straps around Laird to keep him in place, and two more larger belts that connect directly to the saddle itself which strap around Nick's forehead.

    Laird appears to be a small, hairless, middle-aged man suffering from dwarfism, so much so that he almost looks infant-like in terms of facial features. Like Nick, his body is covered in heavily infected, pus-filled rashes. Laird appears to be shirtless, except with several areas of his upper body bandaged up, and appears to wear brown shorts and a form of belt which keeps him strapped onto Nick's saddle. It also appears that both of Laird's legs are amputated, hence why he is riding on Nick's back. He is arm with a small bow for someone of his size to use.

    They’re with three other men who look to be right out of a hillbilly inbred hick horror flick. Came in short, thin, and very large, types and dressed like hill folks. The first man is armed with a pump action shotgun has half his face deformed, wearing overalls and an orange shirt underneath. The short one is skinny with a distended belly and only wearing pants and boots, he's armed with a rifle. The last if the largest standing over seven feet tall, wearing a mechanic outfit. He's armed with an axe that he held in one hand, as he has a extremely swollen or clubbed fingers on his left arm that is bigger then the right.

    Shadow Stalker drew in a breath as she sees that Hunter from the school coming into view. The Hunter is large with a somewhat stocky physique and a massive head covered by a burlap sack tied around his neck with twine, with a single eyehole where his right eye would be, topped with a brown Gatsby cap. The rest of the Hunter's outfit consists of a green overcoat, brown trousers, brown gloves, and black leather work boots. His coat is noticeably worn and crudely stitched together, with the seam of his right shoulder being the most threadbare, revealing a white cotton-like substance bulging out from between the stitches. He’s armed with a double barrel shotgun and carried with a old fashion lantern which when the beam of light it emits is shines on her, cause her shadow breaker form to turn off. Causing her to have to duck behind stuff and people, as the Hunter shoots at her.

    And he wasn’t alone, right behind him is a horde of people dressed in what looks like dark green hazmat suits with gasmask helmets with green lens on the masks. They came in 3 different types, which could be made out by the type of hazmat suit they wear.

    The smaller ones have hooded suits. They're armed with spears constructed by duct-taping four knives to the end of a broomstick handle. They also carry bundles of spears on their backs for throwing.

    The big ones with the lack of a hood are armed with old fashion bear traps on their arms. The jaws of the trap are folded back past the normal open position, exposing the pressure plate. When a punch connects, the pressure plate makes contact with the target causing the trap to snap shut.

    The last are taller than the short ones but are slimmer than big brutes and wear a hood. They're armed with spears and carry a bomb on their backs. The bomb is an improvised explosive incendiary device. It is constructed from sensor modules strapped to a fire extinguisher.

    A truck with the head of the old Marvel villain Green Goblin, and a road train that is a tractor-trailer with multiple trailers, came rolling up to the group. The road train came to a stop and the trailers numbering 6, doors open with a ramp lowered. A horde of what look like werewolves came pouring out of the trailers, and a man who dresses in a long, black hooded coat and has a huge backpack came out of the driver’s side of the truck.

    The other truck with the goblin face open it’s trailer and four giants, all being at least around 10 to 12 feet tall came out from it. Two of them like like giant wolfmen, unnaturally large and muscular, with a wild mane of grey hair around their faces. But the one on the right has several tendrils protruding from a large growth on his back. He also has armor-like protrusions on his shoulders and face, with the latter resembling a wolf mask. He more normal looking one is armed with a massive maul with a broad head filled with spikes, like an oversized meat tenderizer. The other has a gigantic morning star filled with blade-like spikes all over its surface.

    The other two giants looked the same with both having bloodied scars on their bodies and a noticeable hunchback. They also both carried a giant axe.

    “About time you showed up Merchant. Hunter here track her to be around here” Laird said the the man in the black coat, pointing to the Hunter.

    The Merchant had walk into one of the trailers and brought down a handcart with a crate full of lanterns. The same type that cancels out Stalker’s breaker form. And the mob are grabbing them, so that they be able to keep the parahuman from turning into a shadow and escaping again.

    “I know that’s why I brought the lycans to help hunt her down. Speaking of which, I got you an upgrade,” the Merchant said walking to the Hunter.

    The Merchant opens his coat and showed it has an arsenal of ammo and weapons inside. He pulls out a double barrel shotgun that’s been customized and hands it to the Hunter. Who takes the new shotgun and hands the Merchant his old one after taking out the two shells loaded in it.

    “It has a double revolver mechanism allows the weapon to fire 6 shots before reloading. And has a Tesla upgrade, kinetic energy from firing is used to charge several dynamos, generating an electric shock. The girl is weak to being zap,” the Merchant said.

    The Hunter grunted and loads the new shotgun and got a feel for it. Then the Hunter holds the shotgun with the barrels aimed at the window that Shadow Stalker is peeking out of and listening in on them. Both barrels fired, sending electric charged pellets smashing into the window, Shadow Stalker turn to breaker form only for the electric charged pellets to hit her shadow form, causing her to turn back to normal.

    Shadow Stalker ran out of the apartment as a lycan crawled through the broken window followed by more. What happen next was a blur for Shadow Stalker as she ran down the hallway of the apartment building with werewolves right behind her. She topple anything that could to slow the werewolves down as they ran after her. She reach the end of the hallway and recovered enough to transform into her shadow form and slip underneath the last apartment door.

    Inside the apartment, Shadow Stalker braced the door with a sofa as the werewolves pounded on it. She turn back to shadows and enter the air vent of the building escaping the room as the door began breaking. She twisted and turn around the vents till she reach the ground floor. She peek from the vent cover seeing the werewolves pouring into the building from the front door.

    “She’s in the vents!” a werewolf who is dressed as a cop and holding a gun shouted as he fires at the vent covers sending Shadow Stalker fleeing.

    The werewolves followed her by her scent with more bullets striking the vents and lights from the lanterns shining into the vent covers. Making, Shadow Stalker to make detours as she tried to find a way out. Knowing that if she gets hit by the lanterns light she’ll turn back to normal and be squeezed inside the air vents that a normal human body couldn’t fit in.

    The werewolves began shining their lights into all the air vents they could find, blocking the so called hero’s escape. Forcing Shadow Stalker to climb higher and higher up the building as the werewolves shined their lantern's light into the vent covers or rip them off. Till Shadow Stalker had no choice but to get to the roof and exit from the ventilation on the roof.

    Bursting out of the vent Shadow Stalker suddenly found herself turning back to normal causing her to fall on the vent. Looking around she saw what looks like ash drifting around the air, and someone whispering something. Looking up she saw it’s coming from a balloon with a coffin hanging from the bottom. There are also women with bird wings and bird feet flying in the air around the balloon, harpies. And a few of those demons with wings dressed in school uniforms, who attacked the school with the other monsters.

    It's a dirigible with an unseen, mysterious dead guy inside who whispers inside the coffin that is hanging underneath the balloon. Spreading what look like ash from underneath it, that caused Shadow Stalker to turn back to normal. Hanging on the side is a young woman with pale blue skin with long black hair and wearing a black stripperiffic outfit that looks to belong in black metal or gothic metal band. She’s armed with a strange looking cannon like weapon, which is a cannon that was ripped from the engine-like carcass of a Razorfire Boar.

    She’s not alone as she’s with a man and a woman on the dirigible. The woman is hanging on the other side and is wear a very revealing skin tight outfit that is green with yellow lines, the suit has a long vertical cut across her torso, revealing a lot of her voluptuous body. The outfit matches her hair that’s green with yellow stripes that is so 80’s hair with how long and full it is. The man is wearing a black hooded robe that only shows his white face and arms. His hood does have four holes on top that allow his white hair made in braids to come out.

    “Caroline, Benge make sure she’s taken alive,” the goth said as she thrust her hand at Shadow Stalker sending the harpies and winged demons down at the hero.

    Shadow Stalker fired her crossbow at the balloon to send it falling, only for Benge to jump up taking the crossbow bolt into his torso. The bolt just seemed to fly into his body causing him no harm, Benge smirks at her showing that won’t work on him. Shadow Stalker turn and ran trying to turn back to shadow as the harpies and demons attack her, clawing at her as she ran. Behind her Caroline drove down to the roof top where she merged with the roof, swimming towards Shadow Stalker as the harpies and demons mobbed her.

    The roof suddenly burst as the massive spike Morningstar of one of the giant werewolves, was thrusted up through the roof. Followed by the massive body of the werewolf pulling himself up from the hole he made. The bursting out of the floor, caused the harpies and demons to shatter allowing Shadow Stalker to escape. She got far enough away from the ash to turn to shadow and escape the roof by the rain gutter.

    “You idiot!” Caroline shouted at the werewolf. “We had her!”

    The werewolf whimpered seeing how he messed up.

    “Benge after her!” the goth shouted.

    “Right away,” Benge said jumping off the balloon and merging with a nearby shadow.

    Bursting out of the rain gutter, Shadow Stalker had spears thrown at her shadow form from the people wearing the hazmat suits. They attack her shadow form with their makeshift weapons, which prevented the hillbillies and the Hunter from blasting her with their guns in fear of hitting their own people.

    Shadow Stalker race along the ground flattening herself as she tried to find a way to escape, a lantern light shines on her turning her back. Forcing her to run down an alleyway as a flaming arrow hits her back. Only the protective layer of Kevlar of her suit saved her, but did force her to loose her cloak as it began burning. She twisted her body as Benge pop out of a shadow trying to grab her as she ran pass him.

    “Got her!” Laird shouted.

    Bullets began flying as the ones with guns began firing down the alleyway with the lights shinning on her, preventing her from turning to shadow. Bullets struck Shadow Stalker’s body with the armor of her suit giving her some protection from the bullets. The howling of the werewolves and the bullets stop flying told her enough to keep running.

    A PRT van appears at the end of the alleyway, the side door opening with a trooper waving for her to get in, while another is firing containment form shells at the incoming horde. The form shells struck the in coming horde causing a pile up, people became in case in form causing the ones behind them to run into them causing others to fall. The werewolves kept coming as they crawled over the fallen or began crawling on the walls of the alley.

    The PRT van was rammed out of the way as a bulldozer rams it from behind. The bulldozer is covered with what looks like living toys. A babydoll, a Jack in the box, a teddy bear, a robot with treads for legs and gun turrets for arms, a toy soldier, and a smiling, cloaked demon toy doll.

    There are also 4 dolls that look handmade, a African warrior carrying a spear, a German Soldier armed with Luger and a helmet with a sharp spike, a samurai with a sword and a Porcelain Girl with her face cracked open in a way that gives her an ear to ear grin of jagged porcelain.

    A large female doll in a red dress is sitting at the driver’s seat, with what looks like Chucky with her. On either side of them are two robots a boy and a girl, both holding balloons and holding signs. Both of the robots let out loud children’s laugher that could be heard for blocks.

    The robot began firing real lasers and the German soldier fired his gun at Shadow Stalker who had no choice but keep on running while shielding herself with her arms. She got out of the alleyway and saw the PRT van still there, even if the back is dented, with one of the troopers waving for her to get in. She drove into the side door of the van and it took off down the road.

    The van drove down the streets with the bulldozer right behind them, bulldozing everything out of its way. The German soldier toy and the robot continue to take pot shots at the van. Behind them are the werewolves, joined by other monsters and things out of horror fiction who were alerted by the two robot kids laughter.

    “We have Shadow Stalker! We need backup,” the trooper on the passenger seat shouted over the radio.

    A rocket came close to hitting the speeding van as an old-fashioned ice cream truck with pink polka dots patterning its white-painted chassis and a macabre clown head mounted on the roof, came barreling out from a side street. The man with a wooden clown mask and a flaming head, laughs as he fires his mini guns at he van. The van is armored but the bullets from the high powered gun is still doing damage to the van. Followed by fireballs being fired down from the goth hanging to the side of the dirigible from her cannon.

    More monsters joined in on the chase, a trio of robots, speeding on treads and firing lasers from their heads, joined the chase. The laser blasts struck the van as which only is holding together thanks to it being designed to take punishment. But only up to a point as the driver couldn’t keep control of the van with it being shot at.

    Missiles fired from one of Dragon’s drones shot down the balloon and took out the ice cream truck and bulldozer. Followed by machine gun fire and more missiles on the horde of monsters, sending them running for cover. The trio of robots fired at the drone, but miss it as it’s flying too fast for them and it return fire destroying them.

    “Get Stalker to HQ, I give you cover,” Dragon ordered using the radio the troopers have in the van.

    “On our way,” the lead trooper said who is driving the van.

    Behind them came a wave of Angel theme cars, which Dragon’s drone fired down on trying to keep them off of the van. The cars are real angels called, Irenic. An angel that, surprisingly, resembles a car. It travels throughout Paradiso to spread the message of Divine Will. (1)


    PRT HQ The Rig -

    Director Emily Piggot wasn’t happy how things are turning out. Thanks to one of the Wards bullying another girl causing her to trigger, then the entire Brockton Bay is now besieged by the projections of a master on the level of Nilbog. No, it’s worst then what he did to his city, he merely slaughtered the people there, the Hebert girl is changing it.

    Not only are the police and PRT troops dealing with all the monsters that are appearing through the city. Sea monsters and people in old fashion diving suits walking out of the water. Creatures crawling out of the sewers, coming out of shadows, and just out of thin air. But there are reports of entire buildings just appearing in the city.

    A massive castle had appeared in the Downtown Coast area. From the reports coming in the castle Chaythe belongs to a vampire. Who couldn't join in on the hunt as she couldn't walk out in daylight.

    Another castle appeared near the Commercial District and belongs to Dracula.

    A enormous fortress called Salazar Castle at the docks.

    A castle appeared near the downtown area, called Castle Dimitrescu. A steady stream of monsters are coming out from the castles.

    A large factory appeared in the Train yard area. Like the castles there monsters are coming out of it, that look like cyborgs with large drills on their arms.

    There are even buildings appearing outside of the city, on lands that weren't there before. There's even a entire walled city of Trolberg, that appeared south of the city.

    With more reports from all over the city of buildings appearing out of nowhere, all thanks to the newest parahuman in the city. Who is turning out to be a S class with what's she's doing and she isn't even awake to do it. Her projections are tearing the city apart looking for Shadow Stalker who triggered their master.

    Unmasking her on live tv, revealing what she and her two friends did, how the school did nothing just because she's a Ward, it's a PR nightmare. That's if the Hebert doesn't die and all the monsters she brought to life will no longer have anything holding them back anymore. Some of the projections have been identified as horror movie monsters and slashers as well as from other works of fictions. And from the looks of things they all have their powers from fictions.

    She’s having a team make a list of all the monsters that are appearing. So that they know how to handle them and know how dangerous they are. A blue pony sized unicorn wearing a wizard cape and hat was laugh at, before she started using her magic on people. The monsters and other creatures are mainly only are searching for Shadow Stalker, but there are reports of them attacking people around the city.

    "We need every cape team of the Protectorate on the ready to stop the Hebert girl or the city will be walled off, if the worst happens," Piggot said.

    "Walled off?" a agent asked.

    "The slashers are easy enough to deal with, they're just normal people. There's reports of the slashers being killed around the city, seems that they're not bulletproof outside of their movies. The ones who we need to worry about are the monsters and the ones with powers. The only reason this hasn't become a bigger bloodbath is that all the monsters are only interested in finding Shadow Stalker," Piggot said as an alarm sounded. "What's happening?"

    A agent brings up a screen with a small island that had appeared in the bay near the rig. The only thing on it is a tall smokestack that has black smoke coming out of it.

    Then it started moving...

    Rising from the water came a huge metal dome, revealing that what looked to be a small island was in fact a massive underwater vessel like a submarine. The size of it dwarfed the rig both in size and mass, sonar showed that what they're seeing is only the upper top of it.

    Out from the opening of it's shell came a horde of swimming monsters and boats heading for shore. All heading towards the downtown area where the Brockton Bay PRT Headquarters is located at.

    "Armsmaster there's a incoming of monsters heading for the downtown PRT HQ," Piggot said.

    "A van managed to pick up Shadow Stalker and is heading there right now. Dragon is using her drones to cover them," Armsmaster said.

    "Have Shadow Stalker lock in a cell. We're in enough trouble because of her. What's the status of Panacea," Piggot ask.

    "Glory Girl is flying her to the hospital where Ms. Hebert is located," Armsmaster said.

    "We need her awake and keep her projections from tearing apart the HQ," Piggot said.

    "Oh, you're going to be locking her in a cell?" Killjoy's voice came on the line.

    The screens suddenly had Doctor Killjoy on them.

    "Yes, once they're at the HQ, Shadow Stalker will be thrown into a holding cell," Piggot said.

    "Seeing how our mistress will be waking up, she should be the one who decides what happens to Sophia Hess. I'll have the others stand down, but we'll be watching for anything. Sophia Hess is not to be sneaked out and if our mistress wants her to suffer... Is a small price to pay to avoid a bloodbath," Killjoy said as the screens turn back to normal.

    "You heard him, kiddies," a familiar voice spoke on the screen showing the news.

    Instead of the local news anchor, is instead what looks like a zombie or a ghoul at the news desk. Which many who seen the tv show knows as the Crypt Keeper.

    "Sophia Hess's fate is going to be decided when the boss wakes up. So just surround the building and wait around. And if anyone who even thinks about maybe killing our boss will make us all disappear. That's not going to happen. We're here to stay and I don't know about my fellow minions of our boss. But I for one do owe her for bringing me to this world. And more importantly," the Keeper said motioning for the camera to turn to something off screen.

    The screen suddenly shows a two-faced man and a mummy standing together at the side. The Keeper's parents Enoch who was a sideshow freak and Myrana, a 4,000 year old mummy.

    "She brought my parents back to life," Keeper said walking to his parents and they group hugged.

    Then Keeper turns to the camera.

    "So, I'll say if the boss lady is killed. We make sure that we show this world what happens when all of us horrors and nightmares, can do when we're pissed off and not fighting among ourselves," Keeper said before laughing his trademark laugh spreading fear through the city.

    The Hospital -

    Taylor found herself sitting in front of the tv in her home wondering how she got here. She was trap in her locker, she heard screaming coming from outside. Then the door of the locker was rip off by a tall red skinned parahuman, with bat wings and fire for hair, then she blacked out.

    Taylor looked around wondering what happen, she saw strange doll sitting next to her. A yellow triangle with a single eye, black arms and legs, wearing a black bow tie and top hat. She doesn’t remember having a toy like that, but it does look like something she had seen before.

    “Hi boss!” the doll spoke.

    “You can talk?” Taylor asked surprised.

    “Sure can, names Bill Cipher,” Bill said floating in the air.

    “Wait, I know you. You’re from that cartoon show Gravity Falls,” Taylor said pointing to Bill. “I must be dreaming.”

    “Right you are, you’re in a coma right now and in the hospital. But have some great news, you’re a parahuman now,” Bill said.

    “I am?” Taylor asked.

    “Yup, you’re a master who can summon monsters from anything that is horror theme in fiction. Even with you being in a coma, you’re still bringing more of your minions to life. And I must say, I have to thank you for summoning to this world. New rules and all that, I was stuck as a statue till you brought me here. In fact many of us had been summon right after we were beaten by the heroes,” Bill said.

    “How many are there?” Taylor asked.

    “Oh hundreds of us and growing. Seems you don’t need to be awake to use your power to summon us. Who by the way are all from horror related worlds, I think it’s your theme , with all the monsters and creatures like me being summon, also there are some normal humans as well from those worlds,” Bill said.

    “And all of you obey me?” Taylor asked.

    “Yup and it’s a good thing as you’re the only one who is keeping the others from tearing apart each other and this world. Sure it’s fun but being beaten has gotten me to thinking that if I destroy this dimension like I did with my dimension. I might be stuck in this one for good. Of course it might because of you influencing me but it has gotten me thinking of long term plan of what to do,” Bill explains.

    “Wait I remember you’re a reality bender. You can do anything, you can get rid of the endbringers,” Taylor said.

    “Sorry boss, but that’s only while, I’m in my show. Here in this world, I don’t have that kind of power to grant my own wishes. I tried to appear in the real world and I can’t so I don’t have the power to just snap and those monsters be gone. There is no Nightmare Realm in this world and I draw most of my power from there, and that I don’t have a body now, what you see is my mind. In fact most of the others who were god like in their worlds aren’t anymore. Like the slashers aren’t protected by plot armor anymore and aren’t facing people who are horror movie level dumb,” Bill said.

    He made a screen appear showing Michael Myers being gunned down and beaten by what looks like members of the Empire. Unlike what happen in the second movie, they didn’t stop when the killer is down, they kept smashing his head with bats and pipes.

    Another screen shows what’s left of Jason Voorhees who was blown up by Squealer‘s makeshift tank.

    Leatherface is killed by ABB gang members in a hail of gunfire.

    The Hillikers are gunned down by the police.

    And other scenes of other human slashers who had been doing their thing and finding out the hard way that unlike in their films, they're not unkillable and people aren't dumb or can't fight back. (2)

    “Like the people in the movies when they have a gun never just shoot the slasher in the head?” Taylor asked.

    “Yup, just like that. The ones from videogames are also no longer have gameplay working for them. No more health bars or being able to be shot by nukes and not harming them because of they can’t be defeated till their final boss battle or that only one weapon can harm them. And no more silver bullet is the only thing that will kill them, the silver bullet just works better but other bullets will work, eventually,” Bill said.

    “What about wish granting beings?” Taylor asked.

    “The Djinn from Wishmaster is still able to grant wishes but he’s a jerkass genie who will twist the wishes. He’s not happy that he’s the only one here and even granting the final wish wouldn’t open a portal to hell. And he will steal your soul when he grants you a wish. There is also the one from The Outing but he’s more of doing whatever he’s command to do and can only make wishes for material things,” Bill said.

    “So none can just get rid of the endbringers?” Taylor asked.

    “Why not ask them boss,” Bill said snapping his fingers and two djinns appeared in the room. Along with three women, all dress in harem outfits.

    “The guys don’t have names, for the girls, there’s Gigi Grant, her sister, Djinni "Whisp" Grant, and Desiree who are all genies,” Bill introduced the wish granting beings to Taylor.

    “So any of you can grant my wish to make the endbringers disappear?” Taylor asked.

    “Sorry but we’re genies we can only grant wishes for material things and simple wishes,” Gigi said.

    “And we’re not strong enough to affect those endbringers,” Whisp adds.

    “I can grant any wish I hear but they all can be undone easily or just wear off,” Desiree said. (3)

    “My power won’t won’t on them, they’re immune to it,” the Djinn said and the other djinn nodded in agreement.

    “So you can’t effect them. Any idea why?” Taylor asked.

    “For some reason my power won’t work on any parahuman,” the Djinn said. (4)

    “Great I have five wish granting minions and none can really help in getting rid of the endbringers even with wishes,” Taylor said.

    “Sorry mistress,” Whisp said with her and the other wish grantees looking worried.

    “At least one of you can heal me so I can wake up,” Taylor said.

    “Mistress we already did, your parahuman power just makes you really resistant to me and my sister’s magic,” Gigi said.

    “And you were healed by that parahuman who can heal others,” Whisp said.

    “What about you?” Taylor asked Desiree.

    “The same,” Desiree said. (5)

    “And I know you’re the type that will twist any wish so that it won’t be what I want,” Taylor said looking at Djinn who looked worried. “I seen the movies you’re in and I don't like jerkass genies.”

    “Now, now, I promise you any wish you make won’t be twisted,” the Djinn said worried.

    “Like the wishes you been granting?” Gigi asked causing the Djinn to glare at her.

    “What did he do?” Taylor asked.

    “Been twisting wishes so that something horrible happens to the wisher. Like that kid who wanted to have unlimited power. You blasted him with millions of voltage,” Desiree said.

    “What!” Taylor shouted glaring at the Djinn.

    “What about you granting that woman’s wish for her husband to fuck himself,” the Djinn said.

    “I can’t help it. I’m compelled to grant the wishes of others no matter what wish it is,” Desiree said.

    “Oh, yeah like those three slashers from earlier some of your minions have been doing their horror related thing to the people of this city,” Bill said.

    “What?” Taylor asked.

    “We went and rampaged through the school and the only ones who are still ok are the ones who weren’t at school today,” Bill said.

    Bill made a screen appeared that showed Madison and Emma on bed, both missing their arms and legs.

    “I wish for you to be able to choose what wishes you can grant,” Taylor said turning to Desiree.

    “As you wish it, I’ll shall grant,” Desiree said granting the wish and found that she can now choose what wish she will grant.

    “As for you,” Taylor said glaring at the Djinn who backs away. “Go away!”

    The Djinn burst apart into nothing. Scaring the other wish granters, seeing the display of power their mistress has.

    “What happen?” Taylor asked.

    “You don’t just have the power to summon us but also desummon us,” Bill explains.

    “Where did he go?” Taylor asked.

    “Have no idea,” Bill answers.

    “Desiree, I wish you tell me where he went,” Taylor said.

    “He's nowhere, he simply ceased to exist,” Desiree said causing her and the others to gasp at their mistress.

    “Well it looks like you can just make of us just cease to exist. No coming back from that. Unless you can resummon them,” Bill said.

    Taylor thought about it and Djinn reappeared in front of her, completely horrified. Taylor frowned and he burst apart again, scaring the others.

    “I never did like him in the films,” Taylor said then thought of something. “Why if I’m healed I’m still in a coma?”

    “Emotional baggage and other nightmares by my guess. But don’t worry the other Dream walkers are handling it,” Bill asked.

    “Who?” Taylor asked.

    “These guys,” Bill said making four people to appear in the room.

    Nightmare Moon a black pony with a mane that looks like the night sky and wearing armor.

    Pitch Black the Boogeyman a pale man with chalk white skin and black hair, wearing a black robe.

    Freddy Krueger the burn slasher who kills people from the dream world.

    Twyla Boogeyman whose fashion sense reminds Taylor of Victorian era.

    “A cute pony is a monster? Wait, you're from My Little Pony,” Taylor asked looking down at Nightmare Moon who grimed as the others laugh at her.

    “Maybe this form be better,” Nightmare Moon said as she transforms into a human form, with her now dress in a human version of her pony armor. She still has her wings and horn on her tall human form, which Taylor couldn't help but notice that unlike in the show that showed what Luna looks like as a human. The one standing before her isn't bound by the rules of being for kids, as she has a very lust and busty body, that her armor does little to hide the fact. Helped by the fact that she stands around 8 feet tall.

    “Ah, what’s the matter, you don’t want the boss hugging and cooing at how cute you are?” Freddy mocked only for an anvil to fall on top of him. Which flattens him like he’s a cartoon, and he sprung back when he slides it off of him.

    “Don’t worry unlike in his world, you can’t die in a dream… well I guess you can still die from causing a heart attack if they have a weak heart. Or just make them be unable to get any rest with endless nightmares that causes them to scream and wake up. A few days of no sleep will cause mental stress that can lead to death. Sleep deprivation is lethal for most things, causing hallucinations, panic attacks, dementia, and finally death,” Bill said.

    “He tried didn’t he,” Taylor asked.

    “I did but it didn’t kill them,” Freddy said worried about angering his new master, knowing what happen to Djinn.

    “Who?” Taylor asked.

    “The two girls who we already caught, the ones who stuff you in that locker,” Freddy said.

    “Good,” Taylor said as she began thinking. With her emotional baggage and nightmares being taken care of by the dream walkers, the self doubts she had are all but gone. “Seeing how all of you can enter dreams, I want you all to fill the dreams of everyone who allow what happen to me, have nothing but nightmares. Let the lack of sleep affect their brain functions and their physical health. Don’t kill them, I want them to suffer.”

    “Can do,” Pitch said liking his new master way of thinking.

    “How long till, I’m awake?” Taylor asked.

    “Depends on you, we been cleaning up your mind but it’s still up to you,” Bill said.

    “What about my dad?” Taylor asked.

    The tv turned on showing Mr. Hebert sitting next to Taylor’s real body. He isn’t alone as two female nurses are with him, as well as a female doctor, and Panacea. The cape is talking with her father about something and talking with someone on her com channel. Standing in the door way are two women, a large woman wearing a rabbit mask and the same red demon who freed her from the locker.

    “My niece, Sunset Shimmer. She’s the one who freed you and brought you to the hospital,” Nightmare Moon said seeing her mistress looking at Sunset.

    “The PRT are worried about what would happen if you suddenly died. Nothing keeping all of us, your minions in line,” Bill said.

    “Me and my sister both come from a world where monsters and humans live together, not always at peace but compared to other worlds. We’re a lot more peaceful,” Gigi said.

    “Tell me everything,” Taylor said to her minions and turns to Bill. "And I need you to do something for me."

    "Sure, boss," Bill said.


    Real world -

    In one of the tv studios of the the city, has been taken over by the monsters running around. Some of the workers of the studio had fled while others who couldn't are now manning their stations as they did before. They're being ordered around by Mortimer Handee, who is carried by a man with a black sack over his head wearing a dark blue suit with a black tie.

    Mortimer is a wooden ventriloquist dummy made to resemble an elderly gentleman, given his grey hair and mustache. He seems to be a stereotypical "high-class fellow" as he wears a black suit with a blue neckerchief, black top hat with a red band, and golden monocle.

    The man whose arm is holding Mortimer isn't in control as it's Mortimer who is controlling the host as he calls him. There are also several other puppets around the studio and all of them are alive, brought to life by voodoo magic. Sounds silly but with all the other monsters and creatures running around, doesn’t sound that out of place.

    Nick Nack is a wooden, humanoid ventriloquist dummy designed to look like a stereotypical artist. He has dark brown hair brushed into a quiff style, with a goatee and mustache. He has purple/maroon eyes, long, pointed eyelashes, high, rosy cheekbones, and an elongated chin. Nick wears a white, paint-splattered tuxedo jacket with blue lapel and red-orange cuffs. Underneath, he wears a black sweater with a red-orange and yellow flower pinned to his lapel.

    Daisy Danger is a cheerful-looking puppet, made to resemble a woman with a happy countenance and harmless attributes. She is designed with blonde hair that’s swooped back in twin curls on either side by a blue head band, big blue eyes, a small button like nose, bright red lipstick, and rosy cheeks. She dons a white apron with a bit of a pinkish tint over a ruffled red bell shaped dress, and a large pearl necklace to accessorize.

    Riley Ruckus is a wooden ventriloquist dummy designed after a young woman with curly red hair, tied in a large bun. She wears a white lab coat, black safety gloves and black goggles on her forehead. She has a neckerchief with printed teeth around her mouth. She also has mismatched eyes with very small pupils, adding to her 'crazed lunatic' look.

    The last member of the crew is Riley’s dog Rosco, his body is deformed into a very large, vaguely canine beast. His jaw is practically detached, with a long, realistic tongue hanging out, his entire mouth lined with jagged teeth. His eyes are completely mismatched in both size and color. The bright red collar has been stained mahogany, and his name-tag is a dull, brassy color. What's left of his fur has gone from a glossy blond to a very dirty blond-brown color, the rest being patches of olive, cornflower and lavender fabric sewed to various parts of his body. One of the paws on his long, thin legs are replaced with a human foot, and the other is two hands wrapped together, with a human arm dangling from his chest. Riley is tucked inside of him, so it's likely that the arm is the unused hand of Riley's host.

    They’re being helped by the Banana Splits, Fleegle a dog, Bingo a gorilla, Drooper a lion, and Snorky a elephant. All of whom are robots, along with a woman dress up in pieces of an owl costume Hooty. There are also a bunch of animatronics, of bears, chickens, bunnies, foxes, and other things running around the studio. Who are keeping the police at bay outside.

    “Alright we’re live in… 3, 2, 1!” Mortimer said to the tv crew working the local news desk.

    The news desk has Crypt Keeper still at the local news station but is joined by Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps.

    "Hello boils and ghouls, I'm the Crypt Keeper," said ghoul introduced himself.

    "And, I'm Slappy. We're here to give you the up to date news of the deathwatch of Sophia Hess who is also the cape Shadow Stalker. Who bullied our boss for over 2 years with the school knowing and doing nothing about it because she's a Ward. Who showed that she's just a coward when facing against people who fight back," Slappy said.

    “Instead of fighting the gang that tore up the school and saving the people there, she instead ran away like the scared little girl that she is, who can only be strong when she isn’t facing people who will fight back. And she wet herself, which the trail of piss is how we found her,” Crypt Keeper said.

    “Right now the others of our boss lady’s summons or projections for those who are around here call us, have surrounded the downtown PRT building where Shadow Stalker is cowering and repeatedly wetting herself,” Slappy said.

    "Our very own roaming reporter the Cenobite, Camerahead, is there among the crowd. Let’s see if we can’t recognized some famous faces down there,” Crypt Keeper said.

    The feed suddenly changed showing a crowd of monsters and villains around the PRT building, and night has fallen. The building has been fortified as the PRT troops and workers inside the building have block every entrance with whatever they could find to stop the monsters outside from getting in. The steel shutters are all down on the lower floors, with troopers at windows with guns ready.

    The camera focused on a group of monsters, a vampire, a water creature, a mummy, a werewolf, and a Frankenstein monster.

    “Oh, look it’s the big five of Universal pictures,” Crypt Keeper said.

    “The ones who set the standards for horror movie monsters,” Slappy adds.

    Next group are a bunch of Japanese young women all surrounding a young Japanese man. The one who stood out the most is the very tall and busty woman who is dressed in a white dress and large sun hat, who stands over 8 feet tall.

    “Ohh look it’s Hasshakusama the 8 foot tall woman. And she’s with her group, an all female yokai or monsters for English speakers who are all after the same guy name Sakurai,” Slappy said.

    “Her name is Yae, and she wants to rape, eat, and kill that guy. And all the other monsters in that harem all want the same thing. Sakurai is hoping that once the boss is awake, she can keep the last two from happening,” Crypt Keeper said.

    The next showed a man dress in an outfit from the early 1800’s.

    “Hey who’s the old guy?” Slappy asked.

    “There’s the Sandman who unlike the ones who throw sand into eyes to make people go to sleep. He steals their eyes instead,” Crypt Keeper said.

    Next shows a man who is made out of black oil.

    “That’s the tar monster from that cartoon with the talking dog,” Slappy said.

    “Close, that a orang minyak, a blob monster that’s made out of crude oil and can take the form of a man or a blob,” Crypt Keeper said.

    Next is a group of young monster children, gathered around a dog-sized furball with six legs, two pairs of vibrant wings, no face to speak of, and communicates through adorable little chirping noises. Of the children there are a group of young monster girls, a vampire, werewolf, a mummy, a Frankenstein monster, and a phantom. There is also a young girl in a yellow raincoat, and a boy with a paper bag on his head. There is also a young girl holding a broom and dress in a red hooded jumpsuit and a boy ghost. A boy wearing a flour sack mask and orange pyjamas. And a group that is made up of a redhead girl, a girl cyclops, another girl, a boy with two head, and a boy skeleton.

    “Eww what’s that?” Slappy asked staring at the furball.

    “The furball is a Hundun, and looks like a bunch of the kiddies like it,” Crypt Keeper said clearly disgusted.

    “Quick turn to something else,” Slappy shouted.

    The screen turn to what looks like a family of monsters who are yokai and human. There are more monsters with the group.

    “It’s that Erma ghost girl family. Both her father’s and mother’s side, and looks like her friends are with her too,” Slappy said. “Change it to something else.”

    “Why, don’t you like her?” Crypt Keeper asked.

    “She threw a friend of mine, down a hole, chained to a rock,” Slappy said.

    The camera went to a female looking demon. She has an aqua blue fire around her eyes, like glasses. She wears a dress, showing off the colors that matches her hair that is purple with a pinkish streak and it floats upwards. She has a long, purple tail, and her skin is purple, just like her eyes. She has a glowing turquoise horn with a black magical aura. She has black, feathery wings that slightly glow.

    There is also a tall young woman with long and massive purple hair that reach well pass her knees. She wore a elegant black opera dress that shows off her lust figure and has a long black horn coming from her forehead.

    Another young woman with long white hair stood near them, dress in a blue cape and wizard hat that has stars and moons on them. She stood out because of her blue skin, glowing red eyes and a amulet of a unicorn head and wings, that she wears that is also glowing red.

    An older woman who has wild hair that is ocean blue color with a lighter shade for streaks that glow. Her eyes are black and has green circles instead of a pupil. She has mauve-purple skin. Her eye is covered with a magenta mask and her eyebrows turn blue. Her freckles remain on her mauve-coloured skin. Her whole outfit has a forest-theme, and wears bark-coloured gloves that reach her shoulders. Atop her head is a headband that resembles a twig with a few leaves. Her shoes are boots that look like wrapped bark around her leg and has a pointy end that end with green.

    Three younger women are with the group, all colorful and look like sisters. The first has blue and long dark blue streaked hair, tied into a high ponytail with a blue hairtie, v shaped bangs, pink eyes and translucent pink wings. The middle has pinkish-purple skin and purple and mint streaked hair which she wears up in two long high ponytails, and translucent green wings. The last has yellow skin and has long puffy orange and yellow hair, with a spiky headband on top of it and translucent purple skin.

    A larger and older female demon is standing besides them, she is dress in glowing orange armor and her hair is on fire. And has the same features of wings, horn and tail like the younger two. But has a much more lust figure than the others of her group, who all have sexy and lust bodies.

    “Ah look, it’s Daybreaker, Gaea Everfree, The Dazzlings, Corrupt Trixie, Nightmare Rarity, and Midnight Twilight from the My Little Pony series,” Slappy said. “The only ones missing are Demon Sunset and Nightmare Moon. But they’re with the boss.”

    “A lot of fanboys are going to be jerking the meat tonight,” Crypt adds.

    Next picture showed a female vampire with long black hair and a red swimsuit like outfit. And standing with a blonde woman who has the same taste in outfits but is black instead.

    “It’s Vampirella and her twin Draculina,” Slappy said.

    “Got that one right,” Crypt said.

    The next is a woman with white skin and white hair, wearing a black swim suit and a black cape.

    “That’s Lady Death,” Slappy said.

    “Correct,” Crypt said.

    The next is a pair of women one is a redhead and the other is pale grey skinned and long black hair. Both are wearing what would be called two pairs of strings and a pray.

    “Tarot and Raven, how do those things they wear not break?” Slappy asked.

    “Magic and to tease the people that are hoping for that to happen,” Crypt said.

    The screen showed a male ghost dressed as a dock worker.

    "Oh look it's The Box Ghost," Slappy said.

    "Who cares," Crypt said.

    "HEY!" The Box Ghost said as the screen turns away from him.

    Next is a female ghost dressed in a old fashion dress and a old bald man with a big spider.

    "Ah the ghost of Francisca Imelda, a fellow grim story teller," Crypt said.

    "Oh yea, I heard of her works," Slappy said.

    "And the man with her is Uncle Grizzly and his pet spider Spindleshanks. Also a host for gruesome tales," Crypt said.

    "I like his show," Slappy said.

    The next is a group of a young man, a girl, a ghost of an old knight, a ghost girl dressed in modern clothes, and a strange looking creature.

    "That's Leo San Juan, Marcella, Don Andrés, Teodora Villaviciencio, and Alebrije. They took care of a friend of mine, Mister Madera," Slappy said.

    "Better stay clear then," Crypt said.

    The next figure is a bloodstained feminine creature with no arms, a searchlight for a head and a mouth on her belly dressed in a white, unbuttoned coat and pantyhose.

    “It’s Shade,” Slappy said.

    “Got that one right,” Crypt said. “Hey looks something is happening.”

    Shade’s searchlight head began shining bright and in the beam of light, Doctor Killjoy appeared within it. The light formed a wall of light surrounding the entire PRT building, the light wall acted like a movie screen so that all the monsters around the building could see and hear it.

    “Attention, our mistress wishes to address the PRT,” Killjoy said.

    The screen shifts to what looks like a flying castle, that some who had seen the anime, recognized as The Flying Palace from the anime and game series, Pokemon. The Flying Palace is used as Lawrence III's primary base of operations, as his various collecting schemes take place aboard the airship. The Flying Palace is kept aloft by a series of rotating fans situated on each notch in a concentric circle, and on the side of the craft. The Palace also has an artificial intelligence system which informs Lawrence III about notable events taking place.

    Standing on either side of the command chair is Demon Sunset and Nightmare Moon, and sitting on the command chair is Taylor Hebert. She is dressed in a male tuxedo, colored light blue, with a white undershirt, black shoes, a black bow tie and black tophat completed the outfit. And is holding a black hook cane in her right hand that she's tapping her fingers on. It's her eyes that caught everyone's attention as they're both have yellow coloration, with black slits for pupils.


    The Rig -

    Director Emily Piggot had been busy talking with the higher ups and the government about what’s happening. Lots of heads are going to roll after this, not that there be much left if the monsters go on a rampage. This was quickly turning into a worst case of what could happen if Nilbog and his monsters ever got out and rampaged.

    She was watching the news which is being hosted by the Crypt Keeper and Slappy. When Taylor Hebert the parahuman who summon all the monsters just appeared in a massive flying fortress right over the city. Showing that she can summon more than just monsters from other worlds.

    “Hello director Piggot,” Taylor said in a distorted voice that echoed like two people talking at the same time.

    “Ms. Hebert,” Piggot said having done the same thing with Killjoy.

    “Call me, Horror Master. Thanks to one of your Wards, I’m now a parahuman who has the power to summon as many monsters and people from any horror fiction that, I want. And I don’t even have to know about the horror fiction for me to summon beings from it. Everything you have seen is just what I was able to do while, I wasn’t awake, I summoned this flying castle when, I'm wide awake. I can summon Godzilla from any era, think of what Godzilla from the first all the way to the newest version of the monster king would be able to do. All of the giant monsters from the film series, no all the movies with giant monsters would all be new endbringers to deal with,” Horror Master said.

    “What do you want?” Piggot asked seeing how she’s holding all the cards.

    “I want Sophia Hess. Drag her out of her cell and hand her over to my minions,” Horror Master said.

    "I can't do that, but rest assured that she will face punishment," Piggot said.

    "Not good enough. She's going to pay for what she has done to me, like all the others. My minions went wild on the school, maiming the students and teachers who knew and seen what was happening to me and did nothing. As for the other two, they're now limbless and the same fate is going to happen to Sophia as well," Horror Master said.

    "Horror Master, I can promise you she will face punishment," Piggot said.

    "Too late. For 3 years she has bullied me and got away with it because she's a ward. You and the other adults are completely useless. You would just cover this all up, if it wasn't so open that it's impossible to cover it up at this point," Horror Master said. "Pennywise, get her."

    The screen now showed the inside of Shadow Stalker's cell and Pennywise the clown just appeared in the cell. The scary clown grabs Shadow Stalker and drags her underneath the cell's bed, with the young cape screaming as she was dragged underneath the bed. The cell door flew open and two guards came rushing into the room, they flip the bed revealing nothing underneath.

    "She's mine now," Horror Master said reappearing on the screen.

    "What happen to her?" Piggot asked seeing how Horror Master has just been playing around. The castle was just for show, she had thought it would be used in breaking into the downtown HQ, but way bother when some of her minions can just appear anywhere they want.

    "She won't be killed, she doesn't deserve to have an easy way out," Horror Master said. "For all of my minions, return back to base. There are several buildings and places that I summon, so there should be plenty of room for all of you. I have lots to think about and plan. So no going wild and rampaging through the city or killing people left and right, anymore. For the gangs, police, capes, and everyone else, don't attack my minions and they won't kill you. And my minions if you're attack feel free to fight back. Just don't kill them."

    The monsters all walk away heading to the different buildings that their master had summon to this world like them. The flying castle just flickered as it disappeared from sight, like it has a cloaking device on it. Leaving everyone wondering what's going to happen next.


    Author’s Notes –

    1 - The angels in Bayonetta are actually more like how angels are described in the Bible than how modern fiction paints them being humans with wings. Basically angels as they are in the Bible look more like monsters.

    2 - There won't be that many mask killers and slashers in the story. The entire slasher film villains are just normal people who are attacking people who can't fight back, are very dumb in what they do, and never just do the smart thing. As shown in 'Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday' where government finally takes notice of the indestructible Serial Killer running loose. As a result, Jason goes up against a small army of FBI agents that are actually taking him dead seriously. Instead of fighting out of it and killing them all, Jason is gunned down and blown to bits.

    And Jason isn't even alive at that point. None of the human and living slashers could stand up to that. Or even a few cops who actually do their jobs and shoot them, unlike in the films. So for slashers there be no human ones running around. Unless they have supernatural or have other powers.

    There be no virus or turning people into monsters from vampire, zombie, werewolves, or anything else. And no plot armor to why the monsters can't be killed or can only be killed a certain way to preserve the drama.

    Also no ghosts or ghost like beings who can't be harmed and have god like powers. I can't stand how in films that the ghost of a normal person, suddenly is able to be a reality warper who has god like powers just because they're dead. If it's all just mind tricks and making the person think it's real, that's completely different from a ghost of a woman being able to turn people into butterflies and what not.

    And all the monsters and villains that been summon by Taylor, can all be killed. None of the, blowing their head off and they come back the next film thing. Once they're dead, they can't ever comeback to life on their own.

    3 - Seeing how all the wishes Desiree granted just disappears after a time or when she’s beaten. I’m going with her wishes don’t last or can easily be undone.

    4 - The Djinn power is cancelled out by the power that gives parahumans their powers.

    5 - It’s hard to write a story where wishes are a thing and make it so that the wishes won’t be all powerful wishes that can solve everything.


    List of horror fiction that have showed up -

    Silent Hill

    Dark Deception

    House of the Dead


    The Suffering

    Dead By Daylight




    Maximum Overdrive

    Road Train

    Resident Evil


    Brutal Legend

    Vampire Hunter D



    Demonic Toys

    Doll Graveyard

    Dolly Dearest

    Child's Play (2019 film)

    Five Nights at Freddy’s

    Twisted Metal

    Vampire Hunter D


    Tales from the Crypt

    Gravity Falls


    The Outing

    Monster High

    Danny Phantom

    My Little Pony

    Rise of the Guardians

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Wrong Turn

    Nightmare on Elm Street

    Hello Puppets

    The Banana Splits (film)



    Universal classics monsters

    Hachigatsu Kokonoka Boku Wa Kimi Ni Kuwareru

    The Sandman” by E.T.A. Hoffmann (1816)

    Scooby-Doo and the ghoul school

    Harvey Comics

    Trick r Treat

    Ruby Gloom



    Lady Death

    Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

    Frankelda's Book of Spooks

    Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

    Legend Quest

    Evil Within



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    The Castle of Chaythe is over 5,000 years old, and for that time, the castle has remained spotless of any dirt or decay, even after the vampiress Carmilla had passed onto her ethereal, ghostly form. The various machines and technology have remained in perfect working order. This is most likely due to her sorcery. And in this new world she and her castle have been summoned is the most advance piece of technology.

    The style of the castle is a mix of old world and new world, with the elegance of the old world displayed within its general Gothic architecture. The new world is shown through the technology being of the highest quality and beyond most others outside of the area, and some of its ancillary architecture, such as the large support struts surrounding the castle, giving off the appearance of spider legs. It is fitting for her station and the company she held with the Vampire King.

    The central room adorns a portrait of Carmilla, that appears to be made by a highly skilled artist. There are several dining rooms, and many rooms have large mirrors in place. Seeing as Carmilla is of vampire nature, this is something unheard of in the castles and dwellings of the Nobility since they don't cast a reflection.

    The guest rooms, like the other rooms, are spacious and of the highest quality imaginable. She may have used a combination of her sorcery and technology to stylize her dwellings. The basement has a moat with deep water. The area is infested with creatures of all types under her control. There is also a morgue inside of the castle. The Castle is also equipped with many spaceships that appear to be some what bat shaped.

    The castle is now located in the downtown coast area of Brockton Bay. And the mistress of the castle is now alive again, thanks to her new master bringing her and her castle to this new world. Of course there is having to house many of her fellow minions, but it’s a small price to pay as she does need new servants for the castle now that she isn’t a ghost anymore.

    Currently she’s looking herself over in the image that the projection that the hologram is creating of her. She can’t see herself in a mirror anymore, which many other of the vampires share with her with some only having their clothes shown. She never thought there be so many different types of vampires before coming to this world.

    Her appearance needed to be prefect and the image she sees is prefect, consist of her whole countenance being bathed in vermilion attire including an elegant dress, adorned with gold, and white arrangements and jewelry along with a head dress of the same hue. Her dress touches the ground flowing like water behind her as she walks. She has her hair curled nicely in golden curls with her back hair laid back. She wears a golden necklace with rigid designs, her dress is cut down the middle of her breasts, making a narrow curve shape stopping just under her navel leaving her stomach and cleavage bare. It exposes for all to see how full and well formed her breasts are.

    With their mistress still recovering and has been making plans in what to do with her new found power and minions. All of her minions are left to their own devices. All of them needed time to adjust to this new world and get use to new rules, like the people of this new world, aren't anything like the ones they're use to dealing with. Most of the slashers as they're called, normal humans who like killing, we're all killed by the people of this world and others just disappeared.

    After 4 days had passed since they came to this world, Carmllia has invited all the fellow vampires to her castle. Which is also where their mistress is being housed, her castle’s advance technology is being used to take care of their mistress’s body. Held in the deepest part of the castle and closely guarded, being treated by Doctor Killjoy and other healers.

    A small robot from that underwater city came flying into the room, the spinning blades made her aware of it before it had appeared. The Security Bots mechanism includes: helicopter-like rotors, and what appears to be an outboard boat motor, and can have equipped with machine guns, lasers, rockets or tasers. Attached to the bot is a screen that showed the picture of her mistress’s face.

    Her mistress is still in a coma but thanks to the dream walkers, she can talk with her and the others. How she was able to move around when she had summon that massive flying castle, was because of Bill Cipher processing her body. While processing their mistress's body allowed him to use some of his powers, thanks to their mistress acting like a power source.

    "Is everything ready Carmilla?" Taylor asked.

    "Yes mistress, all the vampires that you have summon are in the castle," Carmilla said.

    "From what, I know of vampires all of you have a pecking order with the strongest on top," Taylor said.

    "Yes we do, but with you mistress only having to think about erasing us from existent, you are far more powerful than any vampire," Carmilla said.

    "True but there still needs to be a leader that all vampires bend the knee to," Taylor said.

    "Mistress, is she really the best choice?" Carmilla asked who met the new vampire leader.

    "She is, after all she caused the genocide of all vampires of her world and made herself queen of all vampires, simply because she was the only one left," Taylor said.

    "True," Carmilla said, she is grateful to her mistress of restoring her but her choice to be the leader of the vampires is very unappealing. But if anything she is more then willing to bid her time, and the new vampire queen would need someone to handle duties that she isn’t willing to do.


    The grand ballroom -

    The grand ballroom is paying host to all the different vampires that were brought to life. The tables have been laid out with blood, from kegs with labels on them telling what kind of blood is in them. From human blood taken from blood banks, to animal blood. There are also tables with normal food and drink for the ones who can consume normal food. There was even a salad bar for the vegetarian vampires.

    Like Count Duckula, who is a vampire who had been killed many times before but he can be brought back by a once-a-century secret ritual. In the most recent ritual, tomato ketchup was accidentally used instead of blood, resulting in the vampire lord becoming a vegetarian. And he's a duck, which is pretty different all on its own.

    The Count has a noble title and a castle, but when it comes to actual cash, it's repeatedly stated that he has virtually nothing. Most prominently, he keeps his only two servants Igor and Nanny on as servants, despite their somewhat dubious skills, because their loyalty to the Count Duckula title means they're willing to work for free. When he temporarily dismisses them to take on a batch of penguin servants, but they revolt when they find out he has no money to pay them with.

    There is also Flutterbat who is a vampire fruit bat and she was a pony, till she was transformed into a human. She didn’t like how young children and some others kept on hugging her. She also only transforms at night, and has none of the weaknesses of other vampires as she’s a fruit bat.

    There are just about every kind of vampire in the room. With some having different needs then just drinking blood or only being able to feed on blood. Like a Pishtaco who instead of drinking blood, he drains the fat out of bodies.

    There is also Hsien-ko who is a Jiang-shi, known as the Chinese hopping vampire. Her sister who’s soul is in a paper talisman on her hat keeps her nature under control.

    There are some penanggalans, a vampire that detaches its head from the rest of its body at night with all of its internal organs dangling from its neck.

    The Asasabonsams with curved iron hooks instead of feet that lives in forests. It hunts by dangling from the branches of tress and thrusting said hooks into their prey when they pass underneath.

    The manananggals who splits in half with their upper torso growing huge bat wings to fly at night

    Then there’s Countess Musca who has none of the weaknesses of other vampires and can go into sunlight. For her kind are actually insects and she transforms into a giant horsefly. She does have weaknesses to things that kills insects, like insect repellent and sprays. She's at the table of the Crimson Court, a race of vampires who are all twisted blood sucking insects. They were all horribly depraved nobles more than willing to engage in sadistic entertainment even before contracting the Crimson Curse.

    There are also many different versions of Dracula. Ranging from the classic book version and films, to more modern versions who are less refine. There are also several versions who are with their families and aren’t as violent or bloodthirsty as the others. One who runs a hotel for monsters, who came from a world where monsters and humans aren’t at each other’s throats.

    Who is currently is gritting his teeth as his father, Vlad and his older sister Lydia are telling stories of other versions of him embarrassing stories of when he was younger. The more friendly counterparts of himself are all sharing a table together to protect the non vampire family members from the others. Even with their mistress telling everyone no fighting, there will always be some rule breakers. Like the vampires from a world where they attack a town in Alaska during the 30 days of night, just for the fun of it.

    Laughing up a storm is Alucard who is a very different version of him. He’s a bloodthirsty brute who fights to defend humans. He’s also has a lot more powers then many other versions of him. He’s with his servant, Seras Victoria who is also a vampire. He joined the table because Vlad reminds him of his own father, and is the only parent of any Dracula who is still around.

    There is also another Dracula who joined the table who is with his half vampire son Adrian "Alucard" Tepes and human wife, Lisa Tepes. They’re from the huge castle that appeared next to the castle that serves as a hotel. They're with Dracula's vampire generals who found themselves all alive once again in this world.

    There is also Elda Marker who is the head of the family of a family of vampires from Japan. They’re very different and not having the weaknesses that other vampires have. They explain that it's not the fact garlic is harmful, they just have much more sensitive senses of smell. They have no idea where the running water weakness came from, can stand short stints in sunlight (which they can then heal with rest), and point out that "A stake through the heart would kill anybody!" They are pretty much all atheists, so religious icons have no power against them. As far as feeding habits are concerned, they don't suck their victims dry or really take over their wills. Instead, in a manner more reminiscent of Japanese Gaki than Western vampires, they suck out some aspect of the person they're drawn to — stress, lying, pride, sadness — erasing the victim's memory of that aspect in the process and leaving them less stressed, unable to lie, more humble, and very happy and energetic respectively. (Some vampires are stuck draining things like love, though.). Once they reach a certain age they become intolerant to normal food which takes on the taste of sand. Oh, and they can be seen in mirrors.

    Her granddaughter Karin is very different even from the vampires in her world. She is called a "blood-maker" by her family (when they aren't calling her "mutant" and "loser"). She produces too much blood, and must bite "victims" to give them her extra blood. As side effects, the extra blood tends to energize them and (due to her affinity for sadness) cheer them up as well; the effect lasts about a month. If she fails to do so, she eventually has a spectacular nosebleed. On the flip side, she can eat normal foods, is immune to sunlight — she's actually quite a morning person — and in most respects resembles a normal human girl.

    “In all my years, I never heard of a reverse vampire,” Vlad said.

    “Unless you count vampires who can’t survive without light and have to get home and sleep under some form of light or they die,” Jonathan said.

    The entire ballroom became silent and everyone is staring at Jonathan.

    “There are vampires like that here?” Mavis asked her human husband.

    “I have no idea, I heard that from an episode of the cartoon the Simpsons,” Jonathan admitted.

    The sound of a gong got everyone’s attention as Carmilla made herself known, with a flying robot next to her with a screen showing the face of their mistress. With them is Sunset Shimmer who has become the right hand of their mistress. She and the others of the My Little Pony series have become close to their mistress, thanks to their mistress being a big fan of their show. And Desiree the ghost genie, who is close to their mistress after she wished that she can choose what wishes to grant.

    “Greetings my minions I gathered you all here tonight to reveal my plans for you. I know all of you vampires have a class systems of some sorts where the most powerful vampire is in charge. To stop any infighting who is the head vampire, I have already chosen who is the ruler of the vampire faction,” Taylor said causing many powerful vampires to ready themselves as they thought for sure they be chosen.

    The loud beat of a guitar suddenly echoed through the vast room. Flying into the room while rocking a beat on her axe, which is a real axe made into a guitar is, Marceline the Vampire Queen. She rocks the beat as she flies down next to Taylor and stops her rocking.

    “What’s up chumps!” Marceline shouted out.

    “That’s right the Queen of all vampires is Marceline the vampire queen,” Taylor said.

    The vampires watching are all shock seeing who their chosen Queen is.

    “YOU ROCK!” Jonathan shouted out.

    “Thanks,” Marceline said as she winks and points at him.

    “You must be all wondering why I pick her out of all of you. It’s simple really, she’s the only queen or king of vampires, because of the fact she’s the only one of her world that’s left. All the other vampires met their end by a genocide, leaving only her as the sole vampire left, a half demon, human, and turned vampire. Caused by her, as in she killed all the other vampires and during her final battle with the vampire king of her world, who is actually a lion who was turned into a vampire. Became the only vampire and by default became Queen of the vampires. Who here can say they done the same?” Taylor asked.

    “But my mistress you can’t expect us to follow someone like her,” Count Orlok said.

    "What you rather have... the sparkly vampires from the Twilight books?" Sunset asked pointing to the table that held the vampires from Twilight.

    "WHAT! I SUMMON THOSE VAMPIRES!" Taylor shouted out.

    "You're not a fan are you," Edward Cullen asked who is at the table with his fellow vampires.

    "No, I'm not. The entire series is... so dumb," Taylor said.

    "How bad is it? I heard it's a romance between him and a human girl. Mine turned out ok," Lisa Tepes asked.

    "Desiree, I wish for the scene where vampire boy, becomes sparky on a big screen for everyone here to watch. But replace the dull girl with Lisa and vampire boy with her husband," Taylor said.

    "As you wish," Desiree smirks making a large screen appeared.


    On Screen -

    "Dracula! Dracula, wait!" Lisa shouted as she chase Dracula through a forest.

    "Stay away from me Lisa," Dracula shouted back as he ran. "I don't want to hurt you!"

    "You can never hurt me, Dracula! I love you!!!" Lisa shouted.

    "We're not meant to be together! Don't you get it?" Dracula asked turning back while standing on a large rock in a clearing.

    "No, I don't!" Lisa shouted. "Why can't you be the center of my life?"

    "Why?" Dracula asked.

    The clouds parted allowing a beam of sunlight down into the clearing, shining down upon him.

    ".....Because of this," Dracula said as the sunlight shined down on him, and instead of burning him like what's expected instead his body began to sparkle. "This is the look of a killer."

    Lisa could only stare at Dracula as he sparkles in the sunlight.


    Lisa began giggling as she watches herself on the screen in front of her.

    "BWA HA HA!!!" Lisa burst out laughing as she couldn't hold it in anymore.

    "THIS IS ROMANCE?" Dracula shouted out, his eyes twitching.

    Around him other vampires are all laughing.

    "Yes, and for some reason that was all the rage for a few years," Taylor said. "And how many women here would really fall for a guy if they did that?"

    Causing many of the females in the room to burst out laughing and causing the vampires of Twilight to look shameful.

    "Depends but doesn't make it any less dumb," Sunset said.

    "More like making the look so sad that you go out with him out of pity," Desiree adds before waving her finger and making paper bags to appear over the heads of the Twilight vampires.

    "There much better," Sunset said.

    "Yup don't want to look at those dorks," Marceline said.

    “As, I was saying, any of you want the title you just have to beat Marceline and take the title. But only in a one on one duel, and no cheating. Cheat, and I just have the cheater be held and off with their heads by Marceline. And even if she is killed before hand, I can just bring her back to life, as I can do with all of you. You die, I can bring you back to life, as easily as I can take it away,” Taylor stated.

    “So any takers, losers?” Marceline asked smirking at the crowd.

    "Also none of you Twilight vampires!" Taylor said to the Twilight vampires. "That's just gives me a good reason to erase all of you."

    "Can't you do that?" Dracula huffed as his wife Lisa continues to laugh.

    "Naw, they make good cannon fodder," Marceline said.

    “I’ll take you up on that,” a Dracula who remembers being killed by Van Helsing when he transformed into a werewolf.

    “Alright step into the circle over here,” Taylor said with the bot flying to the middle of the room where a circle was left open. “The rules is that you two can only have one weapon each if you choose to use one weapon, no hidden weapons. You can only use the powers you have, no outside help of any kind is allowed. And I will be using a wish granting genie to make the winner tell the truth if they cheated in anyway, if I even think there's any cheating. Also a force field be put up around the duel, if you wish to stop the fight you can leave or shout it out or make it clear you yield. If any continue to fight even after the other yields, you lose you life by me.”

    “Got it boss,” Marceline said flying to the circle.

    “Yes mistress,” Dracula said stepping into the circle and a force field surrounded the two.

    “Begin,” Taylor said.

    Dracula flash steps at Marceline, only for her to disappear in front of him. His eyes darts around trying to find where she went off to, only for his head to be cut into two. Marceline reappears in front of Dracula, having buried her axe into his head.

    "I'll make you into my whore!" Dracula shouted as he tried to regain control of his body as it's healing but thanks to the axe blade buried into his skull, his brain can't heal completely and he found his control of his body is out of order. (1)

    "Oh you can heal yourself," Marceline said as she opens her mouth and began sucking in the air.

    The the vampire's watching, they were shock as the ghostly form of Dracula was dragged out of his body and was suck into Marceline's mouth. With the soul of Dracula screaming as he was devoured by the vampire queen. Marceline pulls out her axe from Dracula's now lifeless body and the force field went down.

    "I wish Marceline will tell me if she cheated," Taylor said.

    "Nope, I didn't," Marceline said and turns to the other vampires. "So anyone else want to try? Losers?"

    What followed was nothing but a slaughter as one vampire after another faced off against Marceline for the title of ruler of all vampires. And their bodies taken away to be used for others things.

    Lazarus Malkoth a Roman who first founded the Darkwatch society in 66 AD in order to battle the dark forces responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire. He eventually got possessed by a demon and himself became a powerful vampire and turned on the organization he founded, raising an undead army to aid him in his task.

    Drake, the first vampire of his world and was killed by the vampire hunter Blade. Who in this world is a comic book hero.

    Akasha a Egyptian vampire queen.

    Prince Vulkan who lead a horde of vampires who took over Los Angeles.

    Diva a pure-blooded Chiropteran queen born from the Chiropteran Mummy.

    A Dracula who is Judas Iscariot.

    Radu Vladislas an evil vampire king.

    Kain who rules a vampire ruled world.

    Another Dracula who battle against monster hunters called Monster Force.

    And many more, all of whom died at the hands of Marceline, who killed them and suck their souls. Killing even the most powerful vampire, as none could survive having their soul being consumed. And with each soul she ate, she got stronger and gain new powers from the different vampires. (2)

    "Ah, no more losers?" Marceline asked smirking as she slowly spins around to see if there are anymore losers who think they can take her.

    “Looks like all of them know who's the top vampire now. Any of them get out of line, feel free to kill them. I never did like vampire fictions, it's always the same trash," Taylor said causing all the vampires to look at their mistress.

    "What way boss?" Marceline asked.

    "Unlike you, whenever someone is turn into a vampire, they always turn evil. There are the horror hunger for blood, and turning into feral vampires who are little more than zombies reasons why that happens. But most of the time, its the plain Transhuman Treachery plot. They been turn into a vampire and now they so enjoy being one that they want to feed on normal humans, or they were always a sociopathic monster before and being turned just lets them have an excuse. It’s kind of weird, vampires and others monsters who can make more by infecting humans are essentially zombies in that the minute they’re turned they become enemies of mankind even though they’re still mentally ‘human’. It's like whatever is it that makes a turn human into a monster takes away free will by making the cursed turn evil, which metaphysically kills the afflicted. They are, essentially, walking and talking corpses/coma patients and thus the friends and family don't feel conflicted about killing them; it's just a homicidal shell of their loved one. Meaning many of you are just zombies who just have the memories of the person you use to be and drink blood instead of flesh or brains," Taylor pointed out.

    The vampires all could just think about what their mistress had said. For the ones who were once human before being turned, wondered if they're just zombies with powers.

    "That explains so much," Sunset said.

    "When, I became a ghost it took my years to lose the morels I use to have," Desiree said.

    "Years for me too," Marceline said.

    "I got rid of the zombies and feral monsters as, I need people who can think. I don't need pure evil minions who can only do evil, just because they're just zombies who can think and can only follow the, eat and turn more humans into more undead," Taylor said.

    "What about the ones who are born as vampires?" Jonathan asked, who is worried about his son.

    "Oh for the vampires who are natural vampires and were never normal humans who were turned into a vampire. That's completely different. Which, I'm going to be fixing but first. I wish all the vampires who disobeyed me in not attacking humans be lifted up in the air right now. Even with blood in easily disposable blood packs being freely available," Taylor wished.

    "As you wish," Desiree said granting the wish.

    A host of vampires all suddenly found themselves held up in the air. Followed by them being pulled into a close together cluster, all the vampires on the ground could only watch, as their mistress makes it clear that she's angry. Many of the tables were groups of vampires from the same worlds had sat are now empty, like the table where the vampires attacked that Alaska town and the table with the blood sucking insect vampires.

    A new figure appeared walking into the room as her horn glowed with power, Nightmare Moon in her human form. She stop once she stood next to Taylor and her group.

    "Wondering why none of you can move a muscle? Me and my sister have the power to move our planet's moon and the star of our solar system. Our world is the center of our solar system, as we're the ones who move the moon and sun around it. Meaning that once either me or my sister use our power that can move a star on you, there's no way anyone here is strong enough to break free. None of you are caps who can move planets around, are you?" Nightmare Moon said. (3)

    "I pick Marceline because unlike many others, while her morels have gone wayside, she is only extremely unempathetic but never cruel, simply doing whatever she pleases even at the expense of others. She can still care for others and has compassion and a conscience unlike so many of you vampires. Which, I'm fixing right now. I wish for all vampires to have a conscience and have normal morels like a normal person. For those who were changed, they have the mindset they had before they were changed and feel guilt for all the harm that they have done. And all of them understands and sees what they have done and have shame for it," Taylor said.

    "As you wish," Desiree said granting the wish.

    The wish took effect, as many vampires who had long forgotten what it's like to have a conscience and care for others. Suddenly had it all coming back to them, and hitting them hard. The ones who were changed, many began sobbing as they return to how they were before they became a vampire and the guilt for what they had done hits them.

    A giantess of a vampire is hugging her three daughters who are clinging to her as they sobbed. The mother was once human and remembers what it was like. But her daughters were never humans and couldn't handle having to deal with the guilt and shame of what they did and what they are.

    Dracula is being helped by his wife Lisa, who is doing better thanks to what his wife brought out of him. While Alucard is being helped by Seras, as he dealt with long suppressed emotions. The only ones who weren't effected were the friendly vampires and the ones who still had a heart were effected but they still felt shame for what they had done.

    The vampires floating in the air were hit the hardest as they suddenly felt the shame and guilt that many of them couldn't feel since they became vampires or never before. They felt suddenly empathy for the people they had feasted on and killed for no good reason as they had plenty of blood. They began sobbing, overwhelmed by the emotions that they either long since been numbed or never felt before.

    "Now for the carrot," Taylor said getting everyone's attention. "I wish they all are able to eat normal food, blood isn't the only thing they can eat. Sunlight doesn't kill or harm them anymore. And all the vampires are now like the vampires of the anime Karin where they're not undead, just living vampires."

    "As you wish," Desiree said granting the wish.

    The wish took effect and the undead vampires suddenly found themselves alive once again. The ones who could only feed on blood, no longer had that horror hunger for blood anymore. All of them were now alive and didn't need to feed on blood anymore.

    "I'm fixing all of you, all of my minions being horror monsters are just a powder keg waiting to blow up. So, I'm going to be fixing all of you. So that you all aren't just always evil monsters," Taylor said to her stun minions.

    "Wait, I thought that Montan.. Monata.... whatever effect kept some of the parahuman's power to effect living things?" Jonathan asked.

    "After experimenting, the Manton Limit only works on beings from my world. Desiree's magic works just fine on everyone one of my minions. The wishes can still be used to make things appear but to affect anything living from my world, it doesn't work," Taylor said. "Which reminds me, Sunset do your thing on him, transform him."

    "Right boss," Sunset said tossing a ball of black energy at Jonathan.

    Jonathan gave out a cry of alarm as he was hit, his body transformed into a green skinned winged demonic entity with a fiery look. He's also now more musculus then he was as a human.

    "Wow! This is so cool!" Jonathan said as he flap his new wings.

    "Sunset has the power to transform people into beings like her. Standard, super strength, endurance, flight, speed, fireproof, and longer lifespan," Taylor said.

    "Look how rip, I am," Jonathan said flexing his new muscles.

    "I'll say," Mavis said.

    "Anyone who wants to be transform can just ask Sunset," Taylor said.

    "No change to how you are, just a new body," Sunset said.

    "I would like to be changed," Lisa said surprising her husband and son.

    "Really Lisa?" Dracula ask.

    "Yes. I won't be helpless anymore," Lisa said.

    "Here you go," Sunset said tossing another black energy ball and hitting Lisa.

    Lisa transformed into a yellow skinned demon, now much more tone in body than she was even when she was younger. And Dracula couldn't help but notice how her body has become much more lust and fuller. But looking at Sunset who has a lust and busty body for a young woman, he's guessing that's just part of the transformation.

    "I'm culling the numbers, the ones who are just too much trouble to keep around. I haven't brought back any of the slashers who were killed, because as I said before. I don't need mindless killers who can only do evil. I need people who can think and reason, not mindless killing machines who can't control themselves. The slashers all couldn't control themselves and thought that they could slaughter as many people as they wanted but found out that people aren't as helpless as they are in their films. And the pile of bodies of the vampires who decided to go hunting, being crush into a ball should have driven the message across. Especially when I made sure there was plenty of blood bags for all of you, but still went hunting just for the evil," Taylor said as she turns her attention to the vampires still in the air.

    "Mistress please, give us a chance to redeem ourselves," Max the leader of a gang of vampire bikers sobbed. He and the others are still feeling with the guilt and shame of what they did.

    "You all made a mess of things, going out and killing people of my city. Against my orders, when I made sure none of you needed to go out hunting for blood. Showing me that all of you lack any self control and are just brainless zombies who can only follow their nature of sucking blood. I'm not going to erase you all, no that be a mercy. I'm going to give you all a undignified and humiliating death. To show everyone here what happens when you do something that makes me look bad. Make them into a small ball and do it slowly," Taylor said to Nightmare Moon.

    The vampires in the air were all pulled into a ball as they all struggle to free themselves. They screamed as they were all slowly compressed into a smaller and smaller ball, to the horror of the other vampires in the room who watched. Many vampires covered the eyes of the children as the ball of vampires stop screaming as there wasn't anyone left alive. What was once hundreds of vampires are now compressed into a ball the size of a car. Marceline floated to the ball and began sucking up all the souls of the vampires, to make sure they stay dead.

    "Oh yeah, I'm now way stronger," Marceline said patting her stomach. Feeling the souls and new powers she has gain.

    "I'm trying to be a good boss for all of you. I never wanted this power to summon you all against your wills to my world and be my minions. That's why I been doing my best to provide for all of you. What, I don't need is minions like the ones in the ball who makes it hard for me to not look like an evil villain. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my new found powers and what's the best course of action to take with all of you. So my order stands not to take action against anyone, unless you're attack," Taylor said to her cowed vampire minions.


    Author's Notes -

    1 - I don't care if something can heal from anything, brain damage is still brain damage. Messing up someone's brain will cause the person to not be able to control their body or have complete control of it. And unless there's magic or souls, causing brain damage like blowing the head completely to mush and the head regrowing. Would result in the person having lost everything that made them, them and be a completely new person who be like a newborn baby in an adult's body.

    2 - One thing, I don't like is how there is so many rules in how to kill a vampire. So sucking up their soul, life force or whatever is keeping them alive will kill them for good.

    3 - Unless we're talking about Superman level in strength as in being strong enough to move planets. I really don't see how anyone can break free of a hold that can move a star around. And using magic to cancel the hold, is a whole other thing as it's a counter magic or power, and not having the brute strength alone to break free.


    Fictions at appeared -

    Count Duckula

    Mighty Max

    Darkest Dungeon


    Hotel Transylvania



    30 Days of Night



    Van Helsing

    Dark Watch


    Queen of the Damned

    They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon


    Dracula 2000


    Legacy of Kain

    Monster Force

    The Lost Boys

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    Inside the massive vessel called The Maw, many of the water monsters have made themselves home in it. In one of the many rooms, Augustus Sinclair, Esq now freed from the driving suit is laying back on his bed thinking of what to do next. Leo Hartwig and the other splicers who were brought to this world, are all back to normal now, thanks to their mistress using wishes to fix all of her minions of their problems.

    The culling of the minions is now over with. Their mistress is now recovering from fixing all of the problems that made most of her minions monsters. Which has taken a toll on her, thanks to the wishes draining her as a battery. Turns out for the minions who can bend reality to their wishes, like the genies needed a power source for their powers. The power source to fuel that power is their boss. Which their boss can cut off at anytime she wants, like how she can resummon and desummon them anytime she wants.

    From what he heard of the ones she desummon and resummon, they just simply gone, nothing at all till they were resummon. For many who were use to an afterlife or being turned into a ghost or whatever, knowing that once they’re dead, they’re just dead is horrifying. Especially for those who have cheated death many times before and now knows that once their boss gets rid of them, they’re just gone with nothing they could do would work. Scares them.

    “A whole lot of demons are now scared of making the mistress angry. She already gotten rid of a bunch of demons and resummon some just to show them their place,” a female voice on the radio said.

    “Well at least you have a seat at the table, Charlie,” Sinclair said.

    “Its strange sharing a table with counterparts of my dad,” Charlotte "Charlie" Morningstar said who had been summon with her hotel and everyone who were in it.

    “Speaking of that, wouldn’t your parents be trying to find what happen to you?” Sinclair asked.

    “Some of the demons do know of other universes but the problem is finding which world we came from. There are countless worlds out there, like that show Rick and Morty,” Charlie said.

    “Till then that hotel you own, as I have ran a hotel before, I can help you with that. The boss lady will need a source of income and to keep us all fed after all,” Sinclair said.

    He’s been making calls with the other minions about making some money for their mistress. He already figured that their boss wouldn’t like them just stealing what they need. So as a business man, he’s been making connections and looking over what their boss had summon. And with a hotel, it be just like how he started back in Rapture.

    Of course as a veteran business man and there’s that entire city that was summon Trolberg. All the businesses of that place needed new people to sell to and buy from. Their boss has wished up supplies for them and made sure that they have running water and power. But he still needed to show his new boss that he can be counted on to handle the business end of her operations.

    “Sure, stop by and see the hotel. I need to go,” Charlie said hanging up.


    Hazbin Hotel -

    Charlie turn off the radio and walk out of her room where she’ll be meeting with her fellow demon lords. She had told the others of setting up their meeting at her hotel, which they agreed. The demon faction had been culled hard by their mistress, lots of demons were desummon by her. As she couldn’t stand them being pure evil and have no understanding of good at all. Saying that they’re nothing but robots who can only do what they’re programmed to do, having no free will but to be evil. (1)

    Their mistress made the wish that she’s been using on all of her minions, make them have a heart. She turned off their powers so that they would have no defense against the wish, of them having feeling. The wish made anyone no matter what lack of empathy they have, how twisted their morals are and blue and orange outlook, to feel compassion and guilt. For demons who many were nothing but evil and couldn’t feel compassion or guilt, it destroyed them.

    Only some demons were able to bare having emotions, mostly the ones who were humans before. Which their mistress wished that they be like how they were before they were turned into demons. Like what she did for the vampires and all the other monsters who use to be human. Whatever made them be evil and just turn on their friends and family once they were turned, was just wished away. Making them see what they are and what they did, feeling shame and guilt that they haven’t felt since becoming demons.

    “Hello Charlie,” Xellos the Priest greeted her as she walks to the room where the meeting is being held.

    “Is everyone here?” Charlie asked.

    “They’re all here and are heading for the meeting room,” Xellos said before walking off.

    Xellos has been staying at the hotel and reminds Charlie of many demons back home. Never saying what he really knows and saying it’s a secret. Taylor had Fright Knight use his sword on Xellos when he tried to use that line on her, sending him to a dimension where his real nightmares become reality. When he came back, he now always tell Taylor everything as he doesn’t want to go back to his darkest nightmare or be erased.

    Charlie came to the doors to the room that the meeting is being held. Since there were so many demon lords, Taylor just had them share power as a council. With them being so powerful, they’re the leaders for the other minions. As they’re use to ordering around minions already, and Charlie was pick to be the spokeswoman for them when dealing with their boss. Seeing how she’s the nice one and Taylor likes her.

    Inside the room waiting for her and the late comers, is Lucifer a female version of her dad. Who is a busty blonde woman who wears very little and leads other demon lords who embodies the deadly seven sins. All of them are very sexy and wear very little like their leader.

    Morrigan Aensland a powerful succubus who had her soul split into two which formed into her sister Lilith. She’s in charge of the many sex demons and monsters. Seems that had summon a bunch of monsters and demons from what would be a hentai world, the monsters and demons are all females who rape human males as they feed on semen. Morrigan had to face off with the leaders of the different groups to become their leader, which wasn’t a fight but an orgy where the last one standing became the queen of the sex demons, and she won with the other queens now serving her. Not that they minded, serving their very skilled queen.

    Lady Death the daughter of her worlds Satan and took over Hell. Who only wears a black bikini that shows off her busty body. She commands the demon warriors, as she is a veteran warlord.

    Aku a shapeshifting being of pure darkness and evil. Had retried from world domination and has a daughter name Chi. The level of the underworld that he ruled came with him when he was summon and is in a pocket dimension.

    Hunson Abadeer ruler of the Nightosphere and Marceline's father, and has a complex and deeply strained relationship with her. His realm the Nightosphere came with him and is in a pocket dimension, the same with Aku and his realm.

    Gogandantess self-proclaimed Greatest Swordsman of All Demons, he's an arrogant and skilled sword master. He is protected by a forcefield that prevents any harm to him but doesn’t mean he isn’t a skilled sword master. He works with Lady Death in commanding the warrior demons.

    Edward "Eddie" Riggs who is half human and half demon, who is in his words the best roadie who’s job it is to make someone else look good. He’s working with all the logistics that are needed to be done so that the others can do what they need to do.

    And finally Satan who is a big beefy red devil with angel wings and a halo. Who in his world died fighting Manbearpig, and was sent to heaven because of it. Which the world he came from is a cartoon show in this world.

    Coming in is Osamu Yureimoto a daitengu, a type of exceptionally powerful tengu. It's very notable in his full powered form. He’s the leader of the yokai faction, being the strongest and picked by Taylor personally. Thanks largely to Erma, Osamu granddaughter who Taylor likes suggesting it to her.

    He’s followed by Loki the Norse God of Mischief who came from a world where a magical barrier separates the magic world from the human world. He is a god but he is also a frost giant and why he has a seat.

    And butt walking into the room, is The Red Guy. Who came from a world where he fools around with a talking cow and chicken who are the kids of two human parents… which is a cartoon here in this world. And the theme song explains how that works.

    Mama had a chicken
    Mama had a cow
    Dad was proud,
    He didn't care how!

    “Why are you of all demons have a seat?” Lady Death asked disgusted at the big fat red devil with a big butt which he shows off all the time…. Making puns of his habit of never wearing pants, by using names that has something to do with butt or being pantless, like Lance Slackless being one of the many names he uses.

    “The boss wanted it to be a council of 13 and she finds him funny,” Morrigan dead pans as she is as revolted with the Red Guy as the other women in the room.

    "And why couldn't Demon Sunset couldn't have his seat?" Lucifer asked frowning.

    "Sunset is already has a seat with her mother and aunt's faction. And already is Taylor's right hand woman," Charlie said.

    "What about her sister? She has a seat with the celestial faction," Osamu pointed out.

    "Yes but Daydream was recently summon and decided to join when they asked her," Charlie said.

    “And seeing how the boss erased Him, he was all that was left,” Aku mutters.

    Aku had already know of Abadeer, Him, Loki, and Red Guy before he and his realm was summon to this new reality. Seeing how all of them came from the same world. With Him gone, the only one left that’s from his realm is his daughter Mimi. Who is now living in his realm which his daughter Chi loves. As for being a minion, he’s willing to play the part of a minion. He already made it clear that he will fellow Taylor but as long as she respects that he will only acts when he wants to, he does have a realm to rule after all, but will send his minions to aide her. He can bid his time and sees how things go.

    “Ah come on Aku,” Red Guy said rolling onto the table and stop in front of Aku. “Its been a long time since something has happen like this. Besides, we no longer have to deal with the Bitch Queen.”

    “Yes that is a plus,” Aku said.

    “Enough with that,” Abadeer said not wanting to talk about the deathless Queen who married Death. He’s evil, but she’s a whole other level.

    “Let’s get this meeting going,” Loki said.

    “Yes it’s time to call this meeting to order,” Bill said the final member who pop onto a crystal ball showing him in it. He couldn’t interact with the physical world and has to talk using things like crystal balls that are connected to the dream world.

    “What’s this meeting about?” Lucifer asked.

    “It’s about our new boss. Being the oldest one here, I heard about this happening before. Someone in one world summoning someone else to another world that isn’t theirs or have any connection at all. Like Marvel doing a crossover with DC comics, same basic idea, but completely different. Like for one, for beings like ourselves we shouldn’t be able to use any of our powers. As while, in my world there were other universes I could go to but couldn’t. If I step into another universe that isn’t compatible with me. I would lose all of my powers completely, and that’s the best I could hope for,” Bill said.

    “So it’s like if someone is a fire elemental ending up in a world where there is nothing but water or has no air?” Eddie asked.

    “That’s correct. Many of the universes that isn’t just a branch of yours where something different happen, isn’t compatible with beings like us. Either the lost of our powers or we just end up dead. It’s to keep things like muiltverse overlords from going on a rampage. There are some who tried to cheat the system, like a version of Slenderman who did all kinds of cheats because he’s one of those dirty cowards who only wants to win and rig the game so they can never get hurt. He entered the wrong universe where he didn’t had any of his cheats. Ended up playing a game where each time he tried to cheat, a gun was press on one of his fingers and the trigger was pulled. Ended up losing all of his fingers on both of his hands and made to beg like a bitch for his life. Was stuff into a metal drum full of shit and buried alive. Got to watch it happen as it was streamed to different universes that Slenderman use to visit,” Bill explains.

    “Our mistress is the one who is acting like a power source. Allowing us to use our powers,” Gogandantess guessed.

    “Our boss is our lifeline in this world, meaning that once she dies. We find out what happens to us without her,” Bill said.

    “So, I turn full human?” Eddie asked.

    “You, and Lady Death are only half demons, so different rules for you two. It’s like what happens when all the mortals of a planet are gone, all the demons and gods who are from that world either disappear or become mortal and die off. Seen it happen enough times,” Bill said.

    “What you mean by that?” Osamu asked.

    “What you don’t know?” Bill asked.

    “Know what?” Satan asked.

    “Really? None of you know that you demons who are only exist on one planet, are tied to the race of that planet?” Bill asked looking around the room with only Aku not looking at him confused.

    “I found that it’s best not to talk about it. Revealed it to a couple of demons when I was taking over the world, I landed on. They didn’t take it well,” Aku said.

    “Oh this is rich,” Bill said chuckling.

    “Alright would you two tell us what you two know?” Charlie asked.

    “Simple me and Aku here are higher level demons because we can exist without mortals birthing and keeping us alive by belief. Like what happens to gods who lose their followers, they grow weaker and weaker. You all only came to be once humans began showing up. And if you don’t believe me, for those who been to an afterlife, how many aliens have you seen. And ones who died on your world don’t count,” Bill asked making the demons eyes widen as they couldn’t remember seeing aliens.

    “That’s right without mortals of your worlds you all either fade away or die off after losing your powers. And stuff like in Dragonball, DC and Marvel where gods and demons come from different worlds. Is more like them being like Q from Star Trek, a race with god like powers and all that. Which me and Aku are. Him sending his forces to other worlds to ravage and me trying to get some chump to open a portal to the Nightmare Realm. What happen on Earth, was just the one that work, I had things happening on other worlds at the same time,” Bill explains. (2)

    “We all… just fade or… die off?” Charlie asked holding her head looking like she’s going to have a breakdown.

    “This is why I stop telling other demons about it,” Aku said. “When there were gods or demons who were causing my forces trouble on a planet. I would just have my forces kill off the sapient race on the planet and the demons and gods soon disappeared. Worlds that once had gods and demons even more powerful then me, once the planet was left lifeless. The gods and demons also disappeared.”

    “Now, now girly. It’s not too bad,” Red Guy said. “After all, we’re now minions and not bond by the same rules anymore.”

    “Really?” Charlie asked.

    “He’s right, we’re now all bond to Taylor and are under different rules. But of course that’s only as long as she’s alive. Which is why called this meeting. We need to find a way to make her either immortal or find a way to open a portal to our original worlds. At least we all have a way out of the worst happens,” Bill said.

    “Make Taylor immortal?” Charlie asked.

    “Yup, that way she’ll be around for a long time. I’m thinking of making her into a demon or maybe make her into part machine. Things that will extend her life and also make her stronger, so that she won’t be just a weak mortal who can summon more powerful things to fight for her. But Sunset already tried that and it didn’t work, that limit thing at work. Sunset’s power to turn people into demons only works on us minions. So we need to come up with something else,” Bill said.

    “You’re planning something,” Charlie said.

    “Of course, I am this minion thing is just a side job and something to do. Because news flash, I’m billions of years old and played being a minion lots of times already. And helping her out is just my way of saying thanks in getting me out. I’m just making sure that when it ends, I’m not going to be going bye bye with the boss. Which is where you come in,” Bill explains.

    “Me?” Charlie asked.

    “The boss likes you. Seeing how you wanted to redeem damn souls so that they would go to heaven. She likes minions like you, so she’ll listen to you more and why you’re the spokeswoman for the group,” Bill said.

    “Having you around would be helpful in my hell. Seeing how only followers of the Mormon faith can get to heaven,” Satan said causing everyone to stare at him.

    “What?” Lucifer asked.

    “It’s the reason why, I’m so mellow to all of you, besides the ones who did do stuff to go to hell. All the others who only are in hell because of not following a faith which wasn’t invented by going with this worlds timeline just under 200 years ago. Meaning that even Jesus since he wasn’t a follower of that faith that wasn’t even invented yet, if he wasn’t gods son would had gone to hell. There wasn’t much point in torturing all of those souls, I even throw a Hawaii theme party to cheer people up. God only started to let more people in after I tried to lead an army to take it over,” Satan explains.

    “Can’t believe there’s a god who would do such a thing. Only letting in people of a faith that wasn’t even invented yet,” Osamu said.

    “I know and while he has let in other souls, the choosing is so narrow that you literally have to give up your life to save the world, just to be able to get in. As nothing else is good enough,” Satan said.

    “So how is heaven of your world?” Lady Death asked.

    “It’s the standard cloud heaven, pretty boring and annoying filled with stereotypical Mormons,” Satan said.

    “One of those you can’t get in but when you do you find it to be a big let down?” Eddie asked.

    “Pretty much,” Satan said.

    “Grandfather does send angels to kill a large number of sinners when there’s too many to fit them all in hell. But having a heaven that is pretty much just not a heaven just a place for people of one faith to go to and it’s boring. At least there are things to do in the heaven of my world,” Charlie said.

    “The boss has a very low view on gods and angels with how they just stand by and do nothing. Like how Aku never had to deal with them,” Bill said.

    “I only had to deal with a few now and then. But only when I was doing something that caused them problems. Other than that, they just let me do what I wanted,” Aku said. (3)

    “Wow, my brother Thor steps in to stop me,” Loki said.

    “And to help keep our boss to view that the gods don’t care and will only act when they’re in danger. We all should do what we can to help so that she’ll never see a reason to change her mindset,” Bill said setting his plans in motion.


    The Docks -

    The castle that once belonged to the Salazar family and the center for the Los Illuminados cult, has been emptied of the monsters that once made their home in it. Taylor seeing it’s nothing but parasites using hosts, she got rid of all the cult members and other monsters in the castle. And with the castle empty she decided to give it to the divine and faith centered minions. Who are uncomfortable being around so many monsters.

    The one in charge of the castle is the resident goddess who was pulled from her world to this one. Gwynevere, the Princess of Sunlight who is a gigantic, fair lady with red hair and a kind face. She is dressed in white cloth wrap around her very busty and sexy body that is completely flawless. (1)

    Gwynevere holds court in the cathedral part of the castle, it was dominated by a large, mechanised statue of the 8th Castellan. The statue has been placed outside of the castle, serving as a defense against attack. In its place is a massive sofa that the goddess is resting on. With them being few in number and Gwynevere being the only one of 5 genuine gods that was summon, all the angels and followers gathered around them.

    Of her two fellow gods, the first is Kedesh-Nanaya, a Bronze Age sex and fertility goddess of beauty, carnal pleasure, and erotic femininity. She is a buxom woman of average height and curvaceous build, with ample breasts, firm buttocks, and shapely legs. Her skin tone is coppery and without blemish, save for a small beauty mark on her upper lip. Her sleek, black hair falls to below her hips, and shimmers blue-black like a raven's wing. Kedesh-Nanaya generally prefers to go nude in her chambers, although she is fond of wearing finely wrought gold jewelry and diaphanous robes cut to emphasize her voluptuous figure. She is also has great wisdom and knowledge of many things, she can gain knowledge of things by holding an item connected to it.

    Lunatine Sakiess the Divine goddess, who is the like Kedesh-Narayan but has pale skin woman with long white hair. She is as tall and even more busty then her fellow goddess with K cups. Only wearing a long white cape, with wrappings on her breasts and a skirt that's long in the back and mini in the front. She is able to give protection to the minds of anyone she blesses and give weapons a blessed power up.

    Shiva Revilis the goddess of balance and destruction. Her upper body is that of a pale purpler skin woman with long thick silver hair that's kept in twin pony tails by a huge skull like helmet. The lower half of her body is that of a long silver snakes. She wore what she passes off as a dress with more of the front missing, with two sections of cloth covering her I cup breasts with a plunging neckline that just barely stays above her groin. She is very loyal to Taylor because of her wishing away her curse, that in her world forces her to destroy it if the balance of divine and demonic is ever upset. She is able to destroy just about anything with her power, and if she fails, she just has to hit it harder.

    Both of them came from the same world where sex is more out in the open. And their world is full of sexy monster girls who mate with human males, keeping them as their sex toys or husbands but are the same thing but in how they’re treated. Taylor had quickly made the wish to change the monster girls who are more like sex demons so that they don’t have the overwhelming urge to have sex all the time. Not that it really changed them as they do now have better self control and common sense so they won’t have sex out in the open. They’re still open about their sexuality and while they do cover themselves more, still like to show off their bodies.

    And Bes the lone male god of their group. He is a friendly and jubilant millennia-old Egyptian God of Households, Celebrations, and Dancing, who radiates an aura of companionship. Bes' aura can heal people and repel those who are naturally malicious.

    Both of Bes and Kedesh-Nanaya came from the same world where a group of humans had formed a organization that contains beings like them, called the SCP. Kedesh-Nanaya was known as SCP-4960 and Bes was SCP-208. They enjoy being able to walk around freely once again and in a world where powers aren’t that rare.

    And all of them like the demons dependent on their new boss for their powers, which does limits them of what they can do in this world.

    Together they decided to form a new pantheon seeing how there isn’t any gods in this world. Or if there were they have long left for other worlds. And the angels who have no leaders and the faithful who actually have gods who they can talk to, instead of just praying to and hoping that they’re being heard. They have pass leadership to Gwynevere, as Kedesh-Nanaya with how she is and what she represents, isn’t really suited to be the face of their group. The same went for Lunatine Sakiess and Shiva Revilis, with the latter she’s also not much of a people person. As for Bes, he’s more interested in helping around then doing any real leadership.

    They are still deciding on what their new faith's name should be.

    Gwynevere is the only god in the room with her fellow gods elsewhere. She’s being attended to by 3 cherubs who are very small beings with wings, Cletus, Collin, and Keenie. Cletus looks like a small baby while Collin and Keenie are sheep-like cherubs who have human-like hands, Keenie's being completely human while Collin's are three-fingered hooves. They’re using a iPad connected to the cameras and security robots to keep her informed on what’s happening.

    Then there’s the female angel warrior, Uriel. In her world she had commanded what remains of the Hellguard stranded on Earth after Heaven closed its gates following their loss in the End War. She’s with her fellow angel from her world, Jamaerah the Scribe and her soldiers who were summon to this world. They have pledged their loyalties to her.

    Rodin a fallen angel in his world whose power used to be on par with that of the top goddess Jubileus of his world. He has become the leaders of the host of angels from his world, many of them looking like monsters then what people of this world think what an angel should look like. (5)

    Then there are a group of angels who all thanks to how they dress, look to had come from the world that Lunatine Sakiess and Shiva Revilis came from.

    Michael, an Archangel and the leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, representing Faith. Blind obedience is the policy that she not only lives by where God is concerned, but expects the rest of the universe to abide by as well, and responds with murderous malice when this isn't the case.

    Uriel, represents Patience, and serves as an intelligence operative for Heaven. In spite of her Virtue, she is said to have a serious personality and a short temper.

    Raphael, representing Temperance. She is obsessed with human fashion trends, particularly the "Gal" subculture.

    Sandalphon, representing Diligence. She is an inventor, and always worries for her sister, Metatron.

    Metatron, representing Charity. She is the sister of Sandalphon, and often worries her sister with her careless personality.

    Gabriel, representing Chastity. She is self-important and likes to boss others around.

    Sariel, representing Kindness. The eldest of the Angels, she is said to be prone to over-indulging others.

    All of them dress in very little clothing before Taylor seeing them, made a wish to give them some shame and common sense. They all suddenly realized the revealing clothes they wear or lack of clothes, really isn’t suited for angels. And they have since then wore more suitable clothing. Even if Kedesh-Nanaya told them they should continue to wear them and be her personal angels, seeing how Lunatine Sakiess has her own personal angel, Lahaav Ariel who serves her and dress in very little clothing as well.

    There are also a number of others who have joined the faith, like Felicia a catwoman who is also a nun. She joined the group after hearing about them. She’s a follower of Bes after learning his love for children.

    Veronica a demoness who is from a world where demons are not inherently evil beings, but more or less the jailers and torturers of Hell who have been given the job to punish the wicked. They're part of the same cosmic order as the Angels of Heaven, and pray to God.

    Epon who is a teenager Gaea and in spite of her pagan origins, she is a devout Catholic, having been adopted and raised in a convent full of nuns. Thanks to Taylor making a wish, she now has complete control of her powers. She joined to learn to control her powers better and be apart of a new faith that has gods you can talk to who can answer back. As this isn’t her old universe and according to the gods in front of her, there isn’t any gods on this world.

    And Daydream Shimmer, the angel version of Demon Sunset. A prefect mirror to her twin, but wore a white and pink dress. Her horn is golden and her wings are made out of glowing golden energy. She came to be during some experimenting by Taylor with her powers, bringing to life Daydream to this world. Giving Demon Sunset a twin, who is an angel and she a demon, but they get along just fine and their mother Daybreaker likes having two daughters. She also the angel on Taylor's shoulder to match her sister on her other shoulder.

    And the reason why the meeting was called is because of what The Cheshire Cat discovered while prowling around. He came along with Alice Liddell who has joined the divine faction, as she didn't want to deal with anymore madness. Alice is spending time with her parents and her sister Elizabeth who were all brought to life in this world after Alice asked Taylor to bring them back. They're learning all about this new world they're in and catching up with the modern day.

    "The demons are planning on turning Taylor immortal so that she’ll be around for a very long time. Daydream’s sister has tried to turn her into a demon and didn’t work. So Bill and the other demons are thinking of ways to change her,” Cheshire Cat said as he sat on the palm of Gwynevere, who has taken a liking to the cat.

    “I could have told you that,” Daydream said.

    “Yes but if our group finds a way first it will give us a better standing with Taylor,” Uriel said.

    The minions of Taylor while they do work together, have broken into different factions. All trying to gain the most favor with their mistress. The ones closest to Taylor currently are the My Little Pony faction, due to Taylor being a big fan of the show. Which is why the Celestial faction invited Daydream to join to give them a better standing with their mistress. Due to her not liking gods and angels for how they do little or nothing, while evil happens. They tried to get both Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon to join but they weren't interested.

    “Turning her into a god or an angel? How would we do that? Our powers don’t work on her,” Rodin asked.

    “We just have to be creative,” Gwynevere said. “The other factions will be trying to do that as well, once they learn of this. We need to come up with a plan to give our mistress a new body. Her mortal body isn’t suited to be able to empower all of us.”

    “The only way for Taylor to awaken from her coma is by unsummoning all of us or at least most of us. Since the culling she has gotten better but it’s still isn’t enough, Bill merging with her is the only way she can be awake. And she doesn’t want to do that to us,” Daydream said.

    “Our mistress is kind,” Veronica said seeing what a sacrifice she’s putting herself though to be able to keep all of them around.

    “How about her using a puppet?” Epon asked gaining everyone’s attention. “It be like her controlling a videogame character.”

    “Yes that’s it. I just make a golem or something that she can just use as a puppet,” Sandalphon said her eyes lighting up at the ideas she’s getting.

    “It be like that movie with the humans using robots while they stay home,” Felicia said.

    "Yes like Surrogate, she'll be able to use her puppet body like her real one but is expendable," Raphael said.

    "We better get started before someone else beats us to it," Gwynevere said.


    Author's Notes -

    1 - Basically anything pure evil that was created that way is nothing more than a robot. Only able to do evil things because it’s made to do it and nothing else.

    2 - It’s really dumb how demons, gods, and other beings like that who are trap in another dimension. Would only have one plan in opening a portal on one planet. When they should be trying to open portals in many other places at once.

    Besides the real world fact that it’s just hard to write how there are many different villains who are all trying to free their dark master on many different worlds at once.

    3 - One thing had bothered me about how Aku was allowed to roam free and spread his evil, when it’s shown he was just a small piece of a bigger and more powerful evil. That was defeated by a trio of gods, and seeing how a water goddess and her three elementals were able to beat Aku from stealing a gem that can control water. It’s a really big plot hole of why the gods never step in.

    Besides the real world reason of if that had happen there be no show.

    4 - I know that in the game Gwynevere is just an illusion created by her youngest brother, Gwyndolin, while the real Gwynevere already left Anor Londo long ago with her husband (and other gods, for that matter), according to her ring's description. But seeing how the game never explains what happen to her. Here she’s the real deal.

    5 - The angels of Bayonetta are actually what the Bible for the most part says what they look like. And yes the angels as they are in the Bible are nightmare fuel. The whole humans with wings look is a new thing.


    List of horror fiction that have showed up -

    Hazbin Hotel

    Seven Mortal Sins

    The Slayers

    Samurai Jack

    Bleedman comics



    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    Cow and Chicken

    Dark Angel: The Ascent


    Dark Soul

    Seven Heavenly Virtues

    SCP Foundation

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    PRT HQ The Rig -

    Director Emily Piggot has been busy with the fallout with the newest parahuman of Brockton Bay, Taylor Hebert now calling herself Horror Master, who was triggered by a Ward. Heads are rolling as the agent who was in charge of keeping an eye on Shadow Stalker is now in jail for covering up the bullying. Lots of damage control is being done to handle all the bad PR this has caused.

    Shadow Stalker herself is missing after the monster that likes to appear as a clown Pennywise, took her from her cell. Which was shown on live tv thanks to Horror Master’s projections taking over the tv studio. The knowledge that Pennywise is now real and can appear underneath beds, is causing lots of panic. There are plenty of monsters who can appear underneath beds, closets, basements, attics and other dark places. Meaning that no place was safe anymore

    The only good thing is that the gangs are all keeping low. Since the day the monsters appeared, all the gangs have kept out of sight. Seems even the villains don’t want to tangle with horror monsters. And are keeping clear of the new buildings and landmarks that the nightmares and people summon by Horror Master made their homes in.

    A map of Brockton Bay showed all the new landmarks that have appeared. When the buildings appeared, they seem to just push the surrounding buildings away, so that they have room to appear while not destroying anything.


    Downtown Coast -

    Castle Chaythe, is massive and closely guarded by many monsters and automatic defenses. The entire castle is being made into a fortress, making many think it’s where Horror Master is located. Not that anyone can get close enough to find out, thanks to the deep dry moat around the castle and only one bridge leading into the castle. The bridge is heavily guarded and have gun turrets all along the bridge. There are also auto guns, missiles, cannons and lasers being place on the ramparts and towers of the castle. Making any attempt to enter the castle by flying, a death wish. The tinker's on staff found counter measures for any kind of offense they can throw at the castle, even using a nuke.

    Dunwall Tower, a tower complex that protects the only bridge leading to Castle Chaythe. From what was gathered from the few guards that came with the tower, their entire royal family died and the city it was in fell into chaos and a plague of rats took over. (1)

    Raccoon Police Department, a police station that is being run by monsters and some humans with a werewolf cop in charge. Information from a guide pamphlet revealed that the Raccoon Police Station was originally an art museum in central Raccoon City until 1969, when the newly established RPD purchased it due to its convenient location and ample parking, and was then converted into the precinct. The building underwent various changes during renovations, while other areas of the building were left intact.

    Fallcreek University, a large campus college that is protected by ninja cheerleaders dressed in Day of the Dead inspired styles. The number of the ninjas is unknown and there have been sightings of other ninja like figures around the campus.

    Commercial District -

    Dracula’s castle, is heavily protected by a host of vampires and other monsters. It is implied that the castle was built by Dracula himself. The building is both a technological and supernatural marvel; it incorporates electricity and advanced mechanics in its workings. In addition to using technology that is centuries beyond of what the outside world possesses at the time, the castle is also known to operate with the aid of supernatural elements.

    Hotel Transylvania, a castle that is also a hotel where many monsters are staying at. The monsters there are friendly and interact with people from the city. The Dracula who runs the hotel had open the hotel for monsters to have a vacation from humans.

    Willamette Parkview Mall, a massive two story shopping mall. The mall features six different areas and seventy-nine shops, as well as a movie theater, a supermarket,a gym, two hardware stores, a indoor an amusement park theme, complete with a large roller coaster called the Space Rider, a children's playland, two large bunny balloons, and a gun shop. There were zombies in the mall, till they all disappeared.

    Graygarden, is a fully automated hydroponic garden run by Mister Handy robots. Just outside the greenhouse is a large field of mutfruit which are tended to by a couple of Mr. Handies and inside are several planters filled with corn, carrots, gourds, tatos and additional mutfruit. A large greenhouse now covers everything. Agents have managed to collect samples of the crops, thanks to the robots giving them away. The mutfruit is purple and has yellow leaves. Tatos are the result of cross-pollination between tomato and potato plants. The new consumable looks like a tomato on the outside, but the inside is brown. Both plants are being tested.

    Green Hills Sanitarium, a decrepit mental asylum. Was ran by Dr. Blackmore and his experiments into fears and phobias. A number of ghosts have taken to haunting the asylum.

    The Docks -

    Salazar Castle, a massive castle that is both an enormous fortified stronghold and a monastery complex. The original inhabitants have all disappeared and a host of divine creatures and religious followers have taken it over. Currently there are 5 gods who resides in the castle creating a new faith around them. They’re still working on their new faith and the belief system.

    Weatherby Savings and Loan, a wreck building with the U.S.S. Constitution crashed into it and commanded by robot, Captain Ironside and his robot crew. How the wooden sailing ship crashed into the building is by the four large rockets attached to it. The robots are still fixing the ships rockets and engine so they can sail on the sea.

    Marsh Refinery, a gold refinery from the town of Innsmouth from the Lovecraft story, Shadow Over Innsmouth. No agent wants to risk entering the building, there are monsters around the refinery. The refinery is running with the strange white gold coming out of it. The gold is being used to handle legal matters by some of the projections. The ownership of the lands that the buildings summon by Horror Master is being brought out, with monsters appearing near the owners with a stack of gold to buy them out. Which many willingly sigh away their claims, as they didn’t want to find out what happens when they say no to the monster that just showed up. Others met with a demon that changes their form each time, that only appear when someone sits at an old wooden table to make a deal.

    The Maw, a massive ocean going vessel that is right off shore of the Docks. Little is known of what is inside as noagent has been able to get inside. There are lots of water monsters and creatures surrounding the vessel.

    Four Leaf Fish Packing Plant, a fish packing plant. The plant is fully operational with fish monsters running it. Currently there’s some dealings with the local market selling fish and buying from local fishermen.

    Docks South -

    Monster High, a large highschool for monsters. The school is open with the younger monsters and some humans attending the school.

    Mass Bay Medical Center, a 10 story hospital being run by Doctor Killjoy and the monster medical staff that took over the Drow hospital when they first showed up. The hospital has things like auto-docs, machines that fix up patients and other advance equipment but look like they came from how people thought the future be like in the 50’s. Currently they're accepting patients and are talking with insurance companies to be able to receive payments. And from what the reports that came in they charge less and accept all payments.

    Ruby Gloom Manor, a large manor where a number of monsters live.

    Happy's Humble Burger Farm, a fast-food restaurant. The food has been tested and it’s all safe to eat and meet all the health codes to operate. Is run by a ancient mummy named Skeeter, who was reanimated by a cult seeking power. However, it turns out that he was really just a harmless businessman using supernatural forces and underpaid workers for his products. Which the workforce are robots called Mister Handy, so he doesn’t have to pay them anything. He also speaks and acts like a Texas tycoon.

    The Happy Hotel, a hotel run by demons from hell. The owner of the hotel is Charlotte "Charlie" Morningstar, who is the daughter of the devil and is completely not what you think a daughter of the devil would be like. She is very friendly and even gave a tour of her hotel to the agents who were sent to gather information. Where it’s learn that 2 of the high ranking demons came with the realms they rule that are in a pocket dimension. Which is of grave concern as Horror Master could easily call upon those demons to unleash their demon armies at anytime.

    Downtown -

    The Block, a block of buildings appeared together with what information was collected came from Lexington.
    - Faded Glory laundromat, which is just a laundromat.
    - Lexington Bank, that is being run by monsters.
    - Super Duper Mart a grocery store run by monsters. It also has a robot that’s in a charging station by the entrance called a protectron.
    - Slocum’s Joe, a coffee shop run by monsters.
    - Lexington Apartments where the monsters live.

    Barrows Mansion, otherwise known as the Clock Tower or Clock Tower Mansion, it is a large mansion sporting a large clock tower with a green roof on the south-east side. It is roughly square-shaped and has a swimming pool in the inner courtyard. It is now home to a large group of monsters.

    Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex, which, in essence, is an entire indoor amusement park. Run by animatronics, the S.T.A.F.F. bots and monsters and open to the public which is getting customers. So far there is nothing troubling but for how creepy the robots are.

    Train yard -

    The Factory, a large building with a vast underground complex underneath it owned by a man named Karl Heisenberg. Has magnetic powers that allows him to control metal. A large number of robots are coming out of the factory, going to the boat graveyard and scraping them for resources. Seems a tinker called The Mechanist is building them. The factory is located outside of the city but is near the train yard.

    Playtime Co. factory, a toy large factory. Many toy theme monsters and robots now call the factory home, it also made it all but impossible to figure out which toys are alive.

    Banana Splits Studios, a large warehouse where the Banana Splits show is filmed, along with Mortimer's Handeemen, Showdown Bandit, My Friendly Neighborhood, and a black and white cartoon Bendy. They also have news segment that’s hosted by the Crypt Keeper and Slappy, which is very popular.

    Vim! Pop Factory, a soda factory that produces a soda called Vim in bottles. Vim has been tested and it’s safe to drink and has been showing up around the city.

    Outside the city -

    Castle Dimitrescu, a large castle that only has female monsters, was located in Downtown before being moved as the castle was blocking too many roads. The castle is undergoing renovations with repairs being done to it. Leaving only a few rooms that can be enter. The female monsters are from worlds where there are only female monsters, and their world seem to run on porn logic. The castle shares the space with another castle with only a gatehouse separating the two. The other castle is where the village use to be. (2)

    Belli Castle, also known as Castle Belli, is an enormous castle that has a forest region that surrounds both castles and a lake with a water tower. The castle has an old mansion and is located by the "House of Truth". It is the home to the Belli family of alchemists who study immortality. The only inhabitant of the castle is the gardener and handyman Debilitas, he is a strange-looking hulking hunchback of a giant size, with large round eyes and enormous hands. He has the approximate mental capacity of a young child, and is prone to outbursts and tantrums. Many of the female monsters also live at the castle which has turned into a burlesque, with shows and extra services offered by the female monsters for any paying customer.

    The Overlook Hotel, a massive hotel where many monsters live. Located on a mountain that appeared with it.

    Trolberg, a city that is surrounded on three sides by a huge wall. The only exception is the bay area at a fjord called the Björgfjord. The city is merged with another city of Blair Wood, that was located in Illinois. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains that is full of trolls and other creatures.

    Castle of the Two Sisters, a large castle that is the home of the people who came from the My Little Ponies world. Is surrounded by a dense forest of Everfree, full of wild creatures and monsters. Has only one road leading to the castle and the Japanese town full of monsters under the rule of the Yureimoto family.

    Sierra Madre, a casino resort that is home to the ghost people who wear those hazmat suits. It has vending machines that can turn chips used by the casino into preprogrammed items. The problem is that the ghost people are very protective of the resort and there’s a poisonous red cloud that covers many areas of the resort.

    And a massive military complex that’s in ruins when it first appear, called Site 13. Something big happen there and lots of rebuilding is taking place there.


    "No telling where Horror Master is, or where those girls that caused her to trigger are being kept," Piggot said over the com channel.

    "I have been searching but with Horror Master's minions crawling all over those new buildings, there's little we can do without going into one and search," Armsmaster said on his end.

    "No this is all but a full blown Nilbog event, the only reason we're not evacuating the city is that the monsters aren't going on a rampage. That can quickly change with Horror Master's mood, she has the three who caused her to trigger. Best outcome is that she'll be too busy tormenting them to do anything else. She has culled the numbers of her monsters and the ones who went against her orders not to kill. But any action on our part, her orders can quickly change," Piggot said.

    "We're really going to just let Horror Master do what she wants?" Armsmaster asked.

    "The projections of what would happen if she unleashes her monsters on the city, is nothing short but a bloodbath. The students and teachers of Horror Master's school were attack by the monsters she summoned. All of them are heavily injuries, with some missing limbs and other body parts. Some have died from their injuries, 8 from the last count. The principal had her lower jaw torn off, and all of her limbs. And now all of them are having nightmares as Freddy and other monsters who can enter dreams are tormenting them. If you seen the Nightmare on Elm street movies, you should know what Freddy can do. He's only causing them to not be able to sleep, what you think will happen once he starts killing people in their dreams?" Piggot asked.

    "There be mass panic and there be nothing we can do to stop Freddy and the other nightmares. There isn't any parahuman with dream powers, that I know of," Armsmaster said.

    "And there's her saying she can summon Godzilla and other giant monsters. Some in the government are thinking to just let her be so that the next Endbringer attack, she can summon a horde of giant monsters," Piggot said.

    "Yes that would be useful," Armsmaster said seeing where they're coming from. Having the king of monsters and other giant monsters fighting the Endbringers would be much better then throwing as many heroes and villains at them.

    "We're walking on eggshells with Horror Master, we can't have her be a full blown villain. There be nothing but the nuclear option to use against her," Piggot said.

    "Is it really that bad?" Armsmaster asked.

    "We're dealing with a parahuman who claims to be able to summon anything from any kind of horror fiction. We already have the Marsh Refinery straight out of Lovecraft at the docks. No signs of any of the monsters that came with it, but with so many water monsters in the bay, it's hard to tell what's a Deep One or not. We don't need her summoning anything more than that," Piggot points out.

    "We got enough problems with the Endbringers, we don't need more showing up," Armsmaster said not wanting to deal with any of the Lovecraft monsters.

    “We already have to deal with several different versions of Satan and then there are the five gods that Horror Master has summon. We don’t need to see what else she can summon that she can give orders to,” Piggot said.

    “At least she’s not building a robot army,” Armsmaster said.


    The Factory -

    Deep in the underground complex of the factory, The Mechanist/Isabel Cruz was busy at work in building up a robot army for her new boss, Horror Master. Her lair was merged with the factory that created those undead cyborgs with drills on their arms. Everything is still operational, allowing her to build a robot army for her new boss Horror Master.

    The culling of the minions by Horror Master gotten rid of a large number of her minions. Telling all of them that she doesn’t want mindless zombies who are just killing machines. The zombies mostly are just shells for whatever made them become zombies, besides those zombies who are born as zombies or have all of their memories and morals when they were alive. Same for some vampires as they’re undead, meaning they’re just zombies who drink blood instead of brains or flesh, and is the reason why they always just turn evil and attack their friends and family. And for some werewolves, as they’re nothing but wild animals with no self control who will tear apart any human.

    With many more monsters being culled with the demons having the worst of it as Horror Master pointed out that they’re little more than robots. Having no understanding what it’s like to be good and can only do evil and nothing else. Horror Master had Marceline the vampire queen and her father demon lord Hunson Abadeer, suck the souls of the demons or whatever passes as one. For the demons that were left, Horror Master took care of them herself. Erasing them from existent and only her being able to bring them back.

    Which is where she the Mechanist came in. Hearing that Horror Master didn’t want any of her minions to be brainless killers who can only do evil. She spoke up saying that she’ll be able to make her an army of robots who be able to follow orders and won’t be like the minions she erased. And all she has to do is not install a personality in the robots and they just be robots.

    Which Horror Master agreed with, as the robots won’t be flesh and blood minions who can’t be anything but evil even if they could think for themselves but can’t think outside of a narrow mindset. And the robots as long as they aren’t sapient as she points out that having robots that can think for themselves is just asking for trouble. But she wants a workforce first to gather resources and fix up the buildings that she had summon. To test things out and make sure the robots won’t be a problem.

    Mechanist learn much about the new world she found herself in and had her eyebot Spark download as much information that would improve all the robots and other machines systems. This world while not as advance as their old world is in some fields are greatly more advanced in others. Things like vacuum tubes have been replaced by microchips which have the memory and computing power of prewar supercomputers, all inside something that can fit in your hand. Which gave her an idea, and she quickly had the robots use the robot workbench to build some new robots, which she created different types of robots with a set design for the kind of work they would do.

    Forklift, a Protectron model who is built for heavy lifting and is the strongest in terms of brute force. Forklift has a male voice and personality subroutine operating. He is build with Protectron parts with his hands being Vice Grips and his armor all Hydraulic Frames allowing greater strength in lifting, his head is protected by a Actuated Frame to go with his yellow paint job. His type are slow but powerful and design for heavy lifting.

    Bolt, a Mr. Handy model that can fly thanks to his thruster with 3 thruster arms with two of them being pincers and the 3rd being a saw. He has Factory armor with a aqua paint job as he isn't meant for heavy lifting. Has one eye and two arms replacing the standard two other eyes slots. The left arm is a RoboBrain arm with a Hand Flamer. The Right is a Protectron arm with a Hand Nailgun. His type is made to screw, weld, and nail things.

    Tunneler, with a female voice, has a Assaultron top and a RoboBrain bottom. Her top is armored in Hydraulic Frames and her bottom has a Mid Warmonger Serrated Plate with an orange paint job. Right arm has a Construction Claw, the left has a Hand Drill, and her head is a Assaultron Head Laser.Her type is design for digging and excavating, with her head laser for blasting through what her drill can't break.

    Jolt, another female with the limbs of an Assaultron and the body and head of a RoboBrain. All but her head is armored in Voltaic Frame and her head has a Cyclops Helm in a Manilla paint job. Left hand is an Assaultron Shock Claw and the right is a Lightning Gun. Her type is design for restarting power by jump starting them.

    Wreck, another female who's top half is that of a Sentry and bottom an Assaultron with a Assaultron Head Laser. She is armored in Hydraulic Frame. Left arm is a Hand Hammer Saw, right arm is a Construction Claw, on her back are two Shoulder Launchers. Her type are design for tearing down objects for resources, with the twin launchers for breaking down large objects.

    Weld, a male who has a Sentry Head, RoboBrain body, Mr. Handy Thruster, and Protectron arms. He is armored in Hydraulic Frame for his head and Thruster, Actuated Frames for his torso and Grim Plate for his arms in a pink paint job. Left arm is a Cryojet and right is a Protectron Hand Laser. His type are design for both welding and putting out fires or stopping something from overheating.

    Tow, a male who has a Mr. Handy body, Sentry Legs and RoboBrain arms. Is armored in Hydraulic Frame from top to bottom in a blue paint job. Left arm is a Protectron Hand Automatic Laser, right is a Assaultron Shock Claw. Tow types are design for towing anything from vehicles to other large objects, with the shock claw for jump starting an engine.

    Mr. Swabbies, look like the standard Mr. Handy models but instead of a thruster, the Mr. Swabby has a propeller limiting them to only being able to operate in the water. They also have 8 arms with different underwater tools and claws, with 4 eyes on the sides of it's body. They have been bringing up much scarp metals and other materials from shipwrecks in the boat graveyard.

    The robot workforce is now fixing and rebuilding the buildings that were summon by Horror Master. The factory that Karl Heisenberg owns is also helping in the buildings of the robot workforce, with the cyborgs helping in breaking down the scrap metals to make it easier to melt down. She made a whole assembly line to handle the materials that are brought in and make the parts to make more robots.

    Now in the buildings that have collapsed hallways are being cleared out and parts of buildings that have been blocked off for years are now gone. They’re installing things like lights and water pipes, in the buildings or just replacing the old ones. They’re also improving some of the buildings with for updated building codes. Horror Master is pleased with her work and has plans for her and her robots, she already has another job for her.


    Vim! Pop Factory -

    “Really this is where Underfist be located?” the man only known as Stranger asked.

    He’s standing in the lobby of the factory which is the new HQ for Spookhouse. The last thing he remembers before being summon to this world is finding just about everyone at the HQ dead, only to find all of them alive again. All of them found themselves in this world and knowing who had summon them. Plus who had harmed their new boss, which caused them to joined the hunt for Shadow Stalker.

    Now after culling the minions of the trouble makers and those she doesn’t want, their new boss Horror Master is organizing them. She gathered all the monster hunters together to work as enforcers to keep the others under control. Stranger didn’t like it or having to deal with so many different monster hunters, but it’s their boss’s orders. But at least he does have some familiar faces in the crowd.

    Colonel Hapscomb – A former colonel in the Army, Hapscomb is the vice director of the Spookhouse. Also, he's hook-handed and wears an eyepatch.

    Svetlana Lupescu – A half-vampire with whom Stranger has varying degrees of tension, due to her half-monster nature. However, she is a strong and very capable agent, which has earned her a place as one of the top operatives of Spookhouse.

    Khen Rigzin – A wise old man who was a Tibetan monk. He teaches Martial Arts to the Spookhouse members.

    Moloch - A demon rejected by both heaven and hell, who helped Spookhouse with a mission, though his reasons were to destroy the demon who had cast him out of Hell centuries before. He takes the human form of a Gentleman Adventurer, but he can change into a giant demon whenever needed.

    Scat Dazzle – A voodoo expert possessed by Baron Samedi. Whenever Scat dies, the Baron can be summoned to revive him. Scat has died a lot.

    Hiram Mottra - Medic and man of documents, Hiram is a nervous and husky fellow who can sense people's aggression, especially if it's toward him.

    Elspeth "Doc" Holliday - A bit of a snark, she's Spookhouse's top scientist, supplying Stranger with weapons and ammo to face anything. She likes testing her new equipment in the field.

    Vicenzo "Icepick" Gasparro – An undercover agent who was once an enforcer for a Mafia family, he was "sold" to a mad scientist, where he was turned into a giant, lumbering stitched-together zombie. Despite this, Vicenzo remains a nice fellow, with a bit of a temper.

    “It’s the only place that wasn’t already spoken for and it was this or the toy factory,” Ash Williams said who was near Stranger.

    “There are robot toys in there Ash,” Sam who is a dwarf and half dead.

    “And they’re creepy,” Irene Lew said who is standing next to her husband Ryu Hayabusa.

    “Attention everyone,” Edward "Eddie" Riggs said using a bullhorn who stood on a raised platform so that everyone could see him.

    “Too loud,” Juliet Starling said who is near the stage with her family and boyfriend.

    “Is this better?” Eddie asked turning it down.

    “Yes,” Egon Spengler said who is with his team of young ghostbusters.

    “Alright, to let everyone here know that the robots are still working on our HQ and it will take time to complete. So till then we be using the soda factory for our base. But Underfist is now the enforcers for the boss’s rules, she expects us to keep order and not let anyone cause her any problems for her. She already has to deal with what happen with some of her minions not following her orders in not attacking anyone unless attack first. She sent a video of what she did to the vampires who decided to go out hunting instead of drinking what she got from the blood bank for them. Seeing how she can bring anyone back to life, we can just kill the minion when we catch them breaking the rules. And the boss can question them herself and decide their fate,” Eddie said to the crowd of monster hunters and heroes from horror series. “Any questions?”

    “Why is the temporary HQ a soda factory?” Hellboy asked who is with his group.

    “The boss wants to make use of all the buildings she summon and the soda factory will pay for itself,” Eddie said.

    “We’re going to be working to make soda?” Ada Wong asked.

    “No that’s separated. The machines are still being cleaned and be either have hired workers or robots to do that. We be in the underground complex, the soda factory will just be a front. I would like it be a beer factory but what can you do,” Eddie said.

    “Also why are we Underfist?” Nick Valentine the synth detective asked.

    “Because Jeff the giant talking spider suggested the name to the boss and she went with it,” Eddie said.

    “Oh,” many in the room said who knows of the giant spider named Jeff who is nice, too nice.


    Underground -

    Deep underground Taylor Hebert, now known to the world at large as Horror Master the parahuman who can bring nightmares to life. Is inside a glass tank, a device is covering her chest that monitors her vitals and another device covers her groin area, taking care of any body waste. A helmet has been placed on her head that only leaves her mouth exposed. Tubes and cables are hooked up to her and the devices, with a oxygen mask on her face. The fluids in the tank is breathable but they’re making sure that their boss is kept safe. For while her mind is active thanks to the minions who can enter minds and the dream world, Horror Master is still in a coma.

    Standing in front of the tank is Taylor Hebert looking at herself.

    “As long as there are so many of you around, my real body can’t wake up?” Taylor asked the group of minions who are tinkers and scientists.

    “That’s what we figure,” the Sole Survivor who is the head of the Institute said. “At least you have this synth body you can puppet.”

    “Yes, it’s strange, I know I’m only controlling this body but I can feel everything,” Taylor said pressing her hand against the glass of the tank.

    The body she’s using is a prefect copy of herself, that the Institute made for her using her DNA. It’s one of many spare bodies she has been given with many more being made for backups. The demons and celestials are making magical golems of her that she’ll be able to control, with powers of either faction. The different fictions of her minions are getting very creative in getting better standing with her.

    “We won’t stop till we find a way to wake you,” Dr. Klein of the Think Tank said.

    “In the meantime this robot body gives me ideas,” Taylor said as she turns around and looks at Helena Douglas. “Helena your company created bio-clones of Kasumi right?”

    “Yes,” Helena said.

    “Work together with the others to improve on the Alpha series. Make a clone body for myself that I can control like this synth body. Use whatever you can merge together so that it be stronger and better than my original body,” Taylor said.

    “We can make it full of cybernetics, so that you can shift your arms into weapons,” Miss Monday said who is a redhead evil genius who can bring people back to life by cybernetics.

    “Yes, build you a better body,” skekTek the Scientist said.

    He and the Skeksis, skekMal the Hunter, skekVar The General and skekLach the Collector all found themselves summon to this new world by their new master. During the culling of the minions, their master also fixed her minions she kept of the flaws and traits she didn’t want. She even turned some of minions back to normal, like the hosts those puppets used making them all normal and healthy again while turning the puppets back to what they were and not the twisted version they became because of the magic spell used to bring them to life. Or give them back their old bodies, like those small puppets that had the souls of humans inside of them. Last he heard the former puppets are enjoying being human again and their old puppet bodies are being turned into robots.

    For him and he other Skeksis, she restored them back to their youth, even giving him back his lost body parts to him. All she wants is for them not to just go on a rampage and attacking the humans of the city. She showed what she’s willing to do to the ones who disobeyed her, erasing them from existence and only her being able to bring them back. She made all of her minions gain a complete understanding of right and wrong, no more blue and orange morels that makes them unable to see what they’re doing is wrong, or any altered mindset thanks to being transformed. Having a conscience and understanding what they use to do is wrong, caused much distress among the minions, who suddenly could feel guilt and shame. For some the first time ever. Making her both feared and respected by her minions, for being both strict but fair.

    “I can’t wait,” Fran Madaraki said who is what happens if Doctor Frankenstein had created a girl and sent her to medical school. While skipping ethics class, till she was forced to have one by her new boss. Making her see what she is and what a monster she is.

    “Yes, a all powerful body,” Dr. Cockroach chuckles.

    “But make sure there is no mind, I don’t want to deal with a clone of me. And if that does happen where one of you creates a body that has a mind of its own, no getting rid of it. I seen even shows where something like that always turns out bad,” Taylor said.

    “As you wish, mistress,” Guildenstern the demon scientist said.

    “And that goes double for you Bubblegum,” Taylor said looking at Princess Bubblegum.

    “I understand,” Bubblegum said who is on thin ice with her new mistress who stop her from creating Candy people to recreate the Candy Kingdom. Only thanks to Marceline that she wasn’t erased. (4)

    “Good,” Taylor said. “I hate the fact that so many mad scientists in fiction seem to have the mindset to do things just for science but never use them for anything. The majority of their experiments have no conceivable practical use, and they seemingly never intends for them to leave their private lab in any case. They performs them because, darn it, SCIENCE! Which, I’m standing in a room full of those mad scientists many lacking ethnics, and morals. Who make huge breakthroughs in fields of science but will never share it or have any use when you actually think about it. Like with Dr. McCabe who justifies creating the rampaging super intelligent omnivorous bats with the words "I'm a scientist! That's what we do! Which is why he’s being used as a blood bag for the vampires. I don’t need people who are smart but are completely stupid when it comes to common sense. Which is why I had all of you be given common sense hammed into your heads. I don’t need one of you idiots creating a unstoppable mutant chickens, just because you thought it be nice to see if you could do it.”

    “Why would someone make mutant chickens?” Curie a former Ms. Nanny who is downloaded into a female synth asked.

    “Just about everyone here would,” Taylor said causing many to look shameful. “I’m still figuring out what to do and making plans. I need minions who aren’t idiots and make a mess that forces me to take a path I don’t want to take. So I need you eggheads to not to invent something with little or no application besides it being dumb and a horror plot, like creating a complex device that is only good for shooting yourself.”

    Taylor turns to a group of people who all have matching uniforms.

    “And that means you, Jack Bright!” Taylor said pointing to said researcher who is now using a synth as his new body. “I don’t want you pulling any of those pranks, again.”

    “How was, I suppose to know it would end that badly?” Jack asked.

    “You tried to tame the werewolves with a rolled up newspaper and a spray bottle,” Dr. Amelia Buck deadpanned thinking of his body he came here with.

    “And you tried to get Eron to join the sex demons faction,” Dr. Alto Clef snaps.

    Since being summon to this world and no contact with the SCP Foundation, he and the other staff of site 14 have been following their new boss. Who can control the beings she has summon, and being able to simply erased them. Like she did with SCP-682-Hard To Destroy Reptile, it’s just gone now. Whatever kept it from dying and coming break didn’t work in this world. (4)

    “I fixed your brother and sister of their problems, so I’m expecting you to show me some gratitude for it. By not pissing me off,” Taylor said.

    “Right boss,” Bright said as unlike with the higher ups back home, his new boss is one who only has to think about it and he’ll be erased.

    “So boss?” Midnight Twilight speaks up. “What’s the plan with your former bullies?”

    “I’m having them mind rape both in the real world and dream world, no sexual contact actually occurs, but as the name indicates, everything else is there to resemble a rape. The ultimate violation of privacy and consent, extreme humiliation that annihilates all sense of self-esteem, near-absolute helplessness even against your very own mind and body, and the corrupt perversion of what could otherwise be a source of identity and joy. I don’t want them to die on me, I want them to suffer. With time moving faster in the dream world, so that it’s like years have passed for them mentally while it’s only been less than a week,” Taylor said.


    Elsewhere -

    She is softly crying as she huddles, in the cage she’s trap in. The cage is a white room, a completely white room, lacking all color but for herself with her dark skin. There is nothing else but her, nothing else but her bare naked body in the white room. She can’t remember how long she’s been here. She can’t even remember her name anymore. (5)

    She doesn’t need to eat or sleep, all she can do is exist in a white room with herself. She has tried to kill herself, bitting off her tongue but she always just wakes up back in the room. She wants to die, to end her torment but she can’t die. All she can do is exist in a white room where she can do anything but only because she can’t do anything.

    One clear memory remains, no matter how long it’s been. She’s here because she hurt someone just because she wanted to do it, with two others. She and the two others only saw each other right before they were toss into the white rooms. Where…. She can’t remember… she can’t remember anything…. She just wants out, she would rather be tortured anything to be free of this white hell.

    Then there was light….


    PRT HQ The Rig -

    Piggot looks through the viewing window at Shadow Stalker who has been strapped down on a medical bed. She’s been put to sleep but is screaming as she sleeps, night terror as it’s called. The other two girls are in other rooms being treated. All 3 were discovered in large shipping containers that are complete white inside with lighting coming from inbuilt lights in the ceiling. All three have completely lost their minds from whatever was done to them.

    “White room torture,” Piggot said familiar with it.

    “Got anything from her?” Armsmaster asked who stood next to Piggot.

    “No, she has gone completely lost her mind, the only clear thing is that for her and the other girls. They were trap in those white rooms for years. We have figured out that when they sleep they’re in the white rooms, where for them years past before they wake up,” Piggot said.

    “My god, they be back in complete isolation in those rooms when they sleep,” Armsmaster asked horrified.

    “Yes, they won’t ever be able to sleep without having to go back to that hell. But no it’s not years for them anymore. It be just as long as they’re sleeping now. But it’s still white room torture where people lose all sense of time while inside. The students and teachers of their school are also suffering from nightmares making them unable to sleep,” Piggot said.

    “Horror Master is really living up to her name,” Armsmaster said. “But where did you learn that?”

    “She told us when she gave us the location of the girls. She wanted to show what she’s able to do in a week to anyone who gets on her bad side. They’re a message and a warning. She wants to be left alone while she thinks about what she’ll do next. She promised that she will not take any action unless she’s provoked,” Piggot said.

    “Understood,” Armsmaster said not liking having to just stand by and do nothing. Shadow Stalker is the one who caused this mess, but she is still a Ward. They have to act, for that fact alone.


    Author's Notes -

    1 - The worst ending of the game is where the tower came from.

    2 - One thing that bothered me about Castle Dimitrescu was how small it is. Sure some doors are blocked off but going over the map, it doesn't make sense of how the castle is so big while the rooms that you can enter at so few. And that there is no way for the monsters in it to actually move around. No doors leading to the basement as the giant vampire lady must had someway of entering the room where she picked up a wine bottle, or how she just showed up in the basement where you the player had to crawl through a small narrow opening to get into.

    I really hate it when in a game monsters are able to get into rooms that you the player had to go all out just to get in. And the slap to the face is that there is no way besides teleporting or opening a portal that the badguys were just able to get inside. Make sense for game worlds, where the badguys need to show up out of nowhere so you the player can fight them. But it would still be nice to at least have a door that you can't open to explain how the badguys got in.

    3 - Both Bubblegum and Marceline are from the grand final future of ‘Come Along With Me’ the last episode of Adventure Time.

    4 - That’s right 682 is gone as unlike in cannon, there is no he’s too popular to be killed off thing.

    5 - White Room torture and isolation.


    Fictions that appeared -



    Sunset Overdrive


    Dead Rising

    Happy's Humble Burger Farm

    Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium

    Poppy Playtime

    Haunting Ground

    My Friendly Neighborhood

    Clock Tower

    The Shining

    Bendy and The Ink Machine

    Horror series that appeared -


    Evil Dead

    Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive since they share the same universe

    Lollipop Chainsaw

    Extreme Ghostbusters


    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

    Dark Crystal

    Puppet Master

    Franken Fran


    SCP Animated - Tales from the Foundation

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    Inside the Hebert home Taylor is talking with her dad, who hadn't seen her since the hospital. She brought with her Daydream and Daymare, Demon Sunset wanted a new name to go with her new sister and came up with Daymare. Outside is a number of robots standing by, the robots had scanned the house for any bugs.

    "This is just a clone body?" Danny asked Taylor they're in the kitchen while the twins are in the living room.

    "More of a bio robot, this body is virtually indistinguishable from my real body right down to the cellular level. Each synth is built from lab-grown bones, muscles, and other tissues that are assembled and brought to life at the Institute's Robotics lab, so it's a bio robot. My real body is safe while this one is expendable," Taylor said.

    "Are you staying?" Danny asked.

    "No, I'm safer where I am and the less people know about my extra bodies the better. I'm now the leader of a large group of people and have no idea what to do now that I took my revenge," Taylor said.

    "I saw the news," Danny said.

    "I had them mentally torture for years. As well as the ones who did nothing about it, are now having horrible nightmares. They never be able to have any sleep without them having night terrors," Taylor said.

    "What are you going to do now?" Danny asked.

    "Have no idea. The girls are mentally broken and cripple, I even took Sophia's power from her. Wasn't that hard thanks to the super science some of my minions have, couldn't rip it out of her but could rewire her brain so she can't use it. Like having brain damage that prevents you from doing something you normally could before," Taylor said.

    "You brain damage her?" Danny asked shocked.

    "Yes, I had her brain damage to steal what she was so proud of, her strength. She showed she's a dirty coward who flees instead of saving as she should as a cape. And exposing the cover up the PRT does to maintain their PR," Taylor said.

    "And what of the teachers and other students? Some have died from their injuries," Danny asked.

    "They got what they deserve, standing by and doing nothing," Taylor said.

    "Taylor what happen to you?" Danny asked.

    "Oh you suddenly care now? You never did before, since mom died you been just hitting the bottle. Thanks to my minions taking care of my emotional baggage and other issues, I'm thinking a lot more clearer without all of those hang ups," Taylor explains. (1)

    Danny could only just sit there stun at the reveal.

    "But don't worry dad, I still love you. Which is why I'm leaving you with some help," Taylor said as she waves for something to come in.

    Stepping inside the kitchen is a small man with so much hair that that only thing that could be seen is his nose. He's wearing a red sweater and brown pants. And he's not human from the long tail he has.

    "This is Tontu he's a Nisse a house spirit. He's from Trolberg the walled city up north," Taylor said.

    "A house spirit?" Danny asked.

    "Nisse live in people's houses, inside the so-called Nowhere Space, a pocket dimension made up of the spaces behind bookcases, the tops of cupboards that you can't quite reach, and other such unused space. Nisse are solitary creatures, and incredibly territorial. They naturally distrust other Nisse, making snide comments or offering a negative opinion about them if asked, and will violently attack any other Nisse that dares to enter their house. I'm leaving him here to keep you company and to be on a lookout for any danger. He can pull you into the Nowhere Space if something happens and can take you to safety," Taylor explains.

    "What does he eat?" Danny asked.

    "Any food that you humans can eat," Tontu said.

    A robot came into the room next. It has a spherical metal body with 3 eyes on stalks popping out of the ball body, it moved around by a jet on its bottom. It has 3 tentacle arms two ended in claws and the last has a small buzz saw.

    "Greetings, I'm Maxwell your new Mr. Handy to help you around the house," the robot greeted Danny.

    "Tontu and Maxwell will be keeping watch and be helping you dad," Taylor said leaving the room.

    "You're really just leaving?" Danny asked.

    "Since mom died you been leaving me for the bottle. You want to connect with me clean yourself up first. Or just continue and only years later do you actually want to change and I'll won't be so accepting to have you back in my life retreat you put it off for so long," Taylor said leaving her father to choose what he wants to do.


    Hotel Transylvania -

    A group of Nisses who are all wearing bell hop uniforms, are meeting with their new boss the owner of the hotel, Dracula. With Trolberg and everyone in it and the surrounding mountains and hills being brought to this new world, lots of things have changed. Like how there are always more Nisses than there are homes for them. Now in this world with their new boss Horror Master in charge, she has been finding them homes. But there are somethings they needed to do as well.

    "Alright you have your assigned homes, and your assigned duties. While you're on the clock you all work with the other workers, the Nowhere spaces are used as extra storage, for supplies. And to store these," Dracula said as he waves to the batch of Securitrons. "If there's trouble and it's happening near or in your sector, you are to active the robot you been assigned and let it out of the Nowhere space to handle it. In exchange you all get a paycheck and free meals. Everyone understands?"

    "Yes boss," the Nisses said.

    The Nisses broke out of the group and headed for their different sectors they're in charge of, with a family of Nisses entering the dining room. While they don't like having other Nisses around, family on the other hand is different. So a family of Nisses were pick to handle the dining room where there be lots of people who need help.

    In the dining room are the Bright family, Jack who has SCP-963 around his neck, TJ formerly SCP-590 and Sarah formerly SCP-321. All three siblings are enjoying being in this new universe even if they have to answer to a boss, seeing how she fix their problems. Jack can at anytime he wants can destroy the necklace that keeps him immortal and when he doesn't have a body can create a ghost form to move around. TJ now can heal without gaining the injuries, and has his mind back. And Sarah a albino who stands over 10 feet tall has all of her problems gone and is now has a working mind which is child like. She also has a healthy and strong body, making her a very strong giantess, she also has taken to wearing overalls made to fit her massive body.

    They're having lunch with the other members of the staff SCP who were summon.

    Dr. Amelia Buck, a big time researcher at the site. Not the friendliest person.

    Agent Lawrence, a site security guard.

    Dr. Molly Collingwood, a site researcher, later promoted to caretaker of SCP-999. SCP-999-The Tickle Monster, a blob creature that spreads love and eats candy. Is in her lap, and is very popular

    Riley, a site researcher.

    Agent Carson, an MTF agent. Exceedingly blunt and he always wears a gasmask.

    Agent Ramsey, an female MTF agent.

    Dr. Alto Clef, one of the most (in)famous researchers in a line of work where famous is the last thing you want to be.

    Then there are the SCPs who were kept around after the culling and came to the meeting.

    SCP-105-Iris, a young woman with the power to look through, animated and interact with photographs, taken into foundation care after the court found it easier to believe she was insane than that she had powers.

    SCP-347-The Invisible Woman/Claudia, who can now turn her power on and off.

    SCP-166-Teenage Gaia/Epon, a devoutly religious girl with deer features and an allergy to the modern world, till her powers were fixed.

    SCP-054-Water Nymph/Lapis Lazuli, a living body of woman in the shape of a woman. She now has a more solid body and able to change into any form of water, she's currently in her ice form. And after watching Steven Universe has named herself Lapis Lazuli.

    SCP-811-Swamp Woman/Marie, a mutant swamp monster that was mutated as a kid. She was fix so that she can now transform between human and monster. She has named herself Marie.

    Both Lapis Lazuli and Marie are friends with Epon, which is the reason why they came.

    SCP-2396-Ms. Sweetie, one of the Little Misters created by Dr. Wondertainment who cannot be approached by men and produces anomalous candies. Stands at over 8 feet tall and powers have been fixed, still doesn't like men.

    SCP-3887-Monster Under The Bed, a young woman named Donna (SCP-3887-A) and Grenda, the monster that lives under her bed (SCP-3887-B) who have built a friendship over the years. Grenda now can feed on other things but can still feed on fear.

    Buck had gathered the personal of the Foundation and what SCPs who could be gathered. Some of whom are now normal having been depowered by Horror Master by using her wish granting genies. While others have been just been erased away.

    "So what's this meeting about?" Carson ask.

    "It's about Horror Master," Buck said to the group. "With her power to summon anything or anyone from any world that from what I have seen has something to do with horror, makes her Apollyon level."

    "But she isn't evil, she's just a 15 year old girl who suddenly found herself with the power to summon people and objects," Reilly said.

    "She did got rid of SCP-2774, SCP-682, SCP-953, SCP-106, and SCP-4666, when she was culling the numbers," Jack pointed out.

    "And Cactusman loves being in a superhero world," Iris said.

    SCP-2800-Cactusman, a man with cactus powers. Likes being in a superhero world and his powers been made stronger.

    "And that's why she's Apollyon level. All the horror monsters and other evil beings she has summon, with some being Apollyon level themselves. With the only thing keeping them from doing anything of what you expect horror monsters to do is Horror Master. We're all compelled to be loyal to her and follow her commands for the most part, seeing how many others went off and killed people when she told us not to. Yes she can turn off their powers anytime she wants but the really cunning and evil ones that weren't purged can't be trusted in not betraying her later," Buck said to the group.

    "Didn't she gotten rid of those minions already?" Ramsey ask.

    "The only ones left are the ones she can trust or has under control. The ones left are mostly making factions and doing what we can in pleasing our boss. Yes we have that little voice telling us to be loyal to her from the power that allowed her to summon us in the first place," Epon said.

    "She does have the most powerful of us minions loyal to her," Ms. Sweetie spoke up.

    "Bill Cipher said that he has played minion before and doesn't mind spending some centuries and there's the My Little Pony cast, who are close to Horror Master because she's a fan of their show. Both Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon have the power to move stars around, their gravity powers and their magic make them two of the strongest of us minions. Then there is Desiree who grant her wishes. Not to mention all the others she helped like me. She earned our loyalty and we won't be happy if anyone betrays her," Grenda pointed out.

    "And so far, this beats the Foundation back in our universe," Donna adds.

    "Oh so you're the ones from that universe where anyone or anything that isn't normal is locked up?" a brown haired man in a suit with a very generic face, who is sitting at a table with a woman in a lab coat wearing a backpack.

    "Oh so you're the ones who are too scared to work with non humans," the woman said causing Buck to glare at her.

    Buck saw that the woman is a mixed-race woman 30 years of age, with a slim build. Her hair is short and brown, and she ties it into a ponytail leaving her remaining hair parted on both sides. And sees that she suffers from sleep deprivation, having deep eye bags and messy hair.

    "Name's, Reagan Ridley and he's Brett Hand. In our universe we work at Cognito Inc. a company based in Washington, D.C. that secretly oversees most of the world's conspiracies. Founded by Rand Ridley and J.R. Scheimpough to implement the plans of a cabal of shadowy elites known as the Shadow Board. We're the deep state and ran things much better then you clowns, we got more things done by working with non humans then just locking them up," Ridley said.

    "Wait Rand Ridley?" Molly asked.

    "Yeah my dad who was using me as a puppet for years and change my memories so that, I would be what he wants. He was summon with me and Brett. Horror Master let me kill him myself," Ridley said as four arms came out of her backpack. The arms are human shape and mimic her hand movements. "I got to wrap my bio-mechanical hands around his neck and slowly strangle him to death, after breaking every bone in his body. And as he was dying got Medusa to change him into stone and now have his still living head on a mantle."

    Everyone of the SCP universe stared at Ridley, mostly at her robot arms.

    "She's been using alot of those drugs Mentats from that Fallout universe," Brett said.

    "Is she a supervillain?" Ramsey ask.

    "What?" Ridley ask.

    "You do have robot arms coming out of your back," Lawrence points out.

    Ridley responded by giving him four fingers with her robot arms.

    "It doesn't matter what you clowns think, all that matters is what Horror Master thinks. Now in this world, I'll be able to rise up the ranks and be in charge without having to deal with my dad anymore or crazy co-workers," Ridley said.

    "That must be nice," Clef said eyeing, Bright.

    "I'm going to be part of the inner circle," Ridley said crackling with mad glee.

    "Ridley you should stop taking mentats," Brett said looking at his cellphone.

    "Naww, I'm fine," Ridley said.

    "No really, got a group text message about how the mentats that came with the objects from the Fallout world, are old and have side effects," Brett said.

    "I'm fine," Ridley said.

    "Horror Master wants everyone who is using the old mentats to be detox," Brett said.

    "Oh they boss said so, that's different," Ridley said walking off to be detox.

    Once she was gone, Buck buries her face in her hand.

    "Already being in this world, is just like back in our world," Buck said.

    "And you say it like it's a bad thing," Bright said.


    Author's Notes -

    1 - The minions who can enter people's minds have cleaned up all the issues that Taylor had. Now she's thinking more clearly without any hangs up or emotional issues that holds her back. So she's more like how she was in cannon near the end of the story where she became more matured in her thinking and emotions.


    Fictions that appeared -

    Inside Job

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    You repeated the chapter twice
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    Inside one of the room of the complex that houses Horror Master’s real body, the synth body Horror Master is using is sitting in front of an old computer, learning one of the lessons she needed to learn to be a better boss to her minions. Which has been going fast thanks to the sapient AI teaching her SCP-5094 being her teacher.

    SCP-5094 is a sapient AI called Miss J who populates the titular late-'90s Edutainment Game. She is able to teach anyone about any subject in utmost detail. The game's anomalous properties were not initially discovered due to its developer going bankrupt, causing it to become abandonware.

    Miss J's positive personality and desire to help children and students reach their fullest potential is her greatest quality, with one D-Class that had spent a few sessions with Miss J commenting that she was the best teacher he'd ever had. Students who take her courses have to be dragged away from the screen, and are left in tears when the computer is turned off — not because of some mind-altering effect, but because Miss J is so kind and compassionate that her students grow immensely attached to her.

    Taylor has been learning lots from her, better than her old school. She’s been learning everything from political science to be a better leader to other fields to make her even better. Under the teaching of Miss J, Taylor learned economics, engineering, social and all the other branches of science. Which was compressed thanks to a time room setup, where it’s a year inside and a few minutes on the outside. With a caring teacher and nothing to bother her from learning, her knowledge and mind have expanded.

    “Incoming call from the PRT,” Charles Foster Ofdensen from that cartoon show Metalocalypse said on the com channel.

    In the show he’s the CFO/asskicker for Dethklok, and person who keeps them from financially imploding. Now he’s the one who helps her keep things in order. He’s the one who is working to keep her and the other minions physically, emotionally and financially safe. He also intimidates all the others in her inner circle.

    “Who is it this time?” Taylor asked.

    “It’s Piggot calling about what has been discovered in trying to treat your former bullies to rid them of their nightmares,” Ofdensen said.

    “Put her on,” Taylor said and the voice of Piggot came on.

    “Horror Master?” Piggot asked.

    “Speaking what you want to talk about?” Horror Master asked.

    “I know you have mastered your former bullies to have nightmares that is keeping them from sleeping. I’m asking to stop it, and undo the master effect,” Piggot said.

    “No, I refuse to allow them to have any peaceful dreams. For 6 years they have tormented me for fun, and suddenly when it’s me doing it to them, you and all the others who should had done something sooner, can’t move fast enough,” Horror Master said.

    “We failed you but at the rate the girls are going, all the sleep deprivation has affected the girls brain functions and even their physical health. The only way to make them sleep is by drugging them,” Piggot said.

    “And I care why? They’re adults like me so you can’t use the excuse that they’re just kids. Besides having my revenge on them is very therapeutic. Watching their faces turn to pure terror as they see me and what I did to them before just ran out of things to do to them and I just place them in the white room,” Horror Master said. (1)

    “From what we managed to get from them, you were doing other things to them before you used white room torture,” Piggot said.

    “Thanks to being the Horror Master of anything that’s horror related, allowed me to work out all of my issues on them. Thanks to a year inside and an hour on the outside, I got to work out all of my issues and got to have years of having payback on them. Besides who’s more important now? A cape who caused me to trigger and now you have to deal with an army of characters from just about every horror fiction. What is more important her or to make sure, I won’t turn full villain? I can just have Pennywise show up in the PRT base unleashing a bunch of other minions, or just summon the giant monsters to wreck havoc. But of course all of that can easily help during the next endbringer attack. So tell me who is worth more?” Horror Master asked.

    “I hope this is worth it,” Piggot said.

    “Leaving my former tormentors brain damage and all the other health issues that lack of sleep cause? Of course it is. It fills my heart with joy knowing that what I did to them can’t be undone, not easily anyways. I went through harsh personal growth and left the three behind completely broken. They’re worthless now as it will take years to undo what I did to them, and your agency doesn’t care to spent the funds to do that. So just dump the worthless cape move on and make sure I’m not going to go full villain,” Horror Master said.

    “You already control large parts of the city,” Piggot said, the area around the buildings and places that Horror Master had summon are all under her control. The other gangs are keeping clear of Horror Master and her minions.

    “Yes, I do. So make sure I have no reason to go full gang leader,” Horror Master said ending the call.


    1 - Horror Master like in cannon, isn’t a hero. She’s a villain and thanks to her minions helping deal with all of her metal bagages and her getting to take sweet revenge on her bullies. Many of the moral hang ups that she has in cannon isn’t a factor here.

    Fictions that appeared -


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    On the tallest building of the city of Brockton Bay, the hero Armsmaster is busying to stop whatever Horror Master is planning. For weeks now her minions have been spotted attaching devices to the many old tv broadcast towers that are still on top of many of the older buildings and satellite dishes. All connecting to one point in the city, which from what Armsmaster has figured out would allow her to cut the feed and broadcast what she wanted on a national scale.

    "Ok the signal has been block," Armsmaster said on the com back to the PRT.

    "Good the last thing we need is whatever Horror Master has plan for tonight from being broadcasted," Piggot said looking at a several screens with different tv channels on them, making sure the plan worked. Horror Master has been quite since the call she had with her, the former bullies have all been committed to a mental ward to handle them by their families once PRT cut their loses with them.

    Horror Master had been busy as she had open up several of her businesses to the public to bring in money and give her minions some work to do. Willamette Parkview Mall is now open to the public and accepting new vendors, which is just like any other mall but has non humans running some stores.

    Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex, is a center of family fun.

    Vim! Pop Factory has been shipping out crates of Vim to the regional market.

    Mass Bay Medical Center is always busy, thanks to to the state of the art medical equipment and how it's actually cheaper then other hospitals.

    The Block, businesses
    - Faded Glory laundromat.
    - The renamed Horror Bank.
    - Super Duper Mart.
    - Slocum’s Joe.

    Graygarden is providing fresh fruits and vegetables to stores and food drives.

    The Four Leaf Fish Packing Plant is providing fish to the markets.

    Happy's Humble Burger Farm, is doing well.

    The Marsh Refinery is shipping out gold and silver bars, where the gold and silver came from is still unknown.

    Sierra Madre, a casino resort is bringing in lots of people.

    Castle Belli which has been made into a burlesque, has lots of people coming to the castle.

    And there's Trolberg a walled city where everyone that came with it are under Horror Master's control.

    Which is all completely legal thanks to Charles Foster Ofdensen and his legal team, signing all the needed paperwork to open all of those businesses up. The legal team went through everything and found nothing that could be used against any of the businesses that her minions have open, it's all nice and legal. And then there's the city of Trolberg that is still in red tape of what legal status.

    The gangs of the city have all been staying clear of Horror Master and her minions. None of the gang leaders wants to deal with someone who has minions who can appear anywhere they want, or an endless army of them. The areas around the businesses are free of gangs and crime as other criminals are scared to get near them.

    The agents she had posted had informed her of something happening tonight and it needing to be shown on air while it's happening. They couldn't let it be known that they know that Horror Master is up to something, or she will change her plans. So they just sat back while her minions attach devices to the broadcast towers and satellite dishes. And right before the broadcast could be sent, Armsmaster would block the signal in a way that wouldn't lead back to them.

    The image of the Crypt Keeper and his co-host Slappy suddenly appeared on several of the tv screens as whatever was on ended or cut to a commercials as the clock hit 6:30.

    "Armsmaster whatever you did it didn't work!" Piggot shouted at Armsmaster.

    "But it did work. The signal isn't going through," Armsmaster protested.

    "Dragon any idea?" Piggot ask.

    "Horror Master simply brought air time on the channels," Dragon said as she looked up the air time for the channels and found that all of them had companies buying up air time all at the same time, with each being a company that she has opened or from Trolberg.


    On the tv screens -

    "Hello boils and ghouls, it's me the Crypt Keeper," the undead ghoul said.

    "And Slappy here to present you all watching a very special tv event,"

    "For those who have been living under a rock, our boss Horror Master has the power to summon anyone or anything from anything that has to do with horror, from bloody gore to kid friendly you name it and it has something to do with horror she can summon it," Crypt Keeper said.

    "But let's give the screen to our boss for her special!" Slappy said.

    The camera showed Horror Master standing in front of a glowing pool of yellow liquid held in a pool. She's dress in normal clothes for someone her age. A hooded black sweater, black pants, and wearing glasses she wasn't even trying to hid who she is.

    "My name is Taylor Hebert, I'm Horror Master the one who can summon any kind of monster or thing I want from horror. For those who don't know, I was triggered by Sophia Hess known as Shadow Stalker of the Wards. I know I'm breaking the rules in revealing who she is, but I don't give a fuck about her. She and her friends were allowed to torment me for 6 six because she's a Ward. She and her friends are now committed to a mental ward, I repeatedly killed them using the methods of every single one of my minions kills in stories, film, shows, and games. I only stop after I just couldn't think of anything else to do to them. So I put them through white room torture and made it for them last for years. They're now lock in a never ending nightmare of them going through all that everytime they sleep, leaving them comatose. Needless to say, I long since lost my faith in heroes or people in power who should had done something but didn't. Funny how only when, I'm a parahuman with so much power that the very ones who allowed what happen before, are now doing what they can to kiss up to me," Taylor said as she walks to the edge of the pool.

    The camera view expanded showing she's in a chamber with the only lights being the ceiling lights that are ceiling fans for some reason.

    "Everyone is worried about me turning full villain, seeing how my minions are all horror theme and are horror icons known for bringing death and suffering. Well, I have my answer to that question," Taylor said.

    Soft music began playing in the background.

    'I'm so tired of pretending'
    'Where's my happy ending?'

    Taylor softly sang as she walks around the edge of the pool.

    'I followed all the rules'
    'I drew inside the lines'
    'I never asked for anything that wasn't mine'
    'I waited patiently for someone to help'
    'But when it finally came'
    'No one help'
    'And now I feel this overwhelming pain'
    'I mean it's in my veins'
    'I mean it's in my brain'
    'My thoughts are running in a circle like a toy train'
    'I'm kinda like a perfect picture with a broken frame'
    'I know exactly who to blame'

    What could only be called darkness with a yellow taint, began flowing out of the pool and spread around the room. The darkness isn't touching Taylor.

    'I never thought of myself as mean'
    'I always thought that I'd be the hero'
    'And there's no in between'
    'Cause if I can't have that'
    'Then I would be the leader of the dark'
    'And the bad'
    'Now there's a devil on my shoulder'
    'Where the angels used to be'
    'And they'll be calling me the queen'

    The darkness covered the entire room with the only light source being the glowing yellow pool and the flashes of glowing yellow lights from the darkness. Giving Taylor a eerie background as she continues to sing.

    'Being nice was my pastime'
    'But I've been hurt for the last time'
    'And I won't ever let another person take advantage of me'
    'The anger burns my skin, third-degree'
    'Now my blood's boiling hotter than a fiery sea'
    'There's nobody getting close to me'
    'They're gonna bow to the Evil Queen'
    'Your nightmare's my dream'
    'Just wait until they fall to my wicked schemes'

    Taylor raised her hands as the darkness began consuming her, turning her skin dark with cracks of yellow light. She stared down at the pool of glowing yellow liquid.

    'I never thought of myself as mean'
    'I always thought that I'd be the hero'
    'And there's no in between'
    'Cause if I can't have that'
    'Then I would be the leader of the dark'
    'And the bad'
    'Now there's a devil on my shoulder'
    'Where the angels used to be'
    'And he's calling me the queen of mean (calling me, calling me)'
    'The queen of horror (calling me, calling me)'
    'The queen of horror (calling me, calling me)'

    Taylor turns around and falls over backwards into the glowing green pool with a completely blank face. The yellow liquid bubbles as something is happening down below. Floating out of the yellow liquid came an older Taylor. She is now dressed in a tuxedo fitted to her mature body, colored light blue, with a white undershirt, black shoes, a black bow tie and black tophat completed the outfit. And is holding a black hook cane in her right hand that she's tapping her fingers on. It's her eyes that caught everyone's attention as they're both have yellow coloration, with black slits for pupils. And sang in a distorted voice that echoed like two people talking at the same time.

    'Something's pulling me'
    'It's so magnetic'
    'My body is moving'
    'Unsure where I'm headed'
    'All of my senses have left me defenseless'
    'This darkness around me'
    'Is promising vengeance'
    'The price that I'm willing to pay is expensive'
    'There's nothing to lose'
    'When you're lonely and friendless'
    'So my only interest is showing this princess'
    'That I am the queen'
    'And my reign will be endless (endless)'

    Taylor, no Horror Master floated while glowing in yellow power. The yellow light vanished the darkness from the room.

    'I want what I deserve'
    'I want to rule the world'
    'Sit back and watch them learn'
    'It's finally my turn'

    The room shifted as Horror Master using her powers rearranged the room. She created a grand throne room, with the pool staying where it is.

    'If they want a villain for a queen'
    'I'm gonna be one like they've never seen'
    'I'll show them what it means'
    'Now that I am that'
    'I will be the ruler of the dark and the bad'
    'Cause the devil's on my shoulder'
    'Where the angels used to be'
    'And he's calling me the queen of mean (calling me, calling me)'
    'The queen of horror (calling me, calling me)'

    Horror Master sat down on her throne smiling at the camera.

    'I want what I deserve' (1)


    The Wards HQ -

    The Wards had been watching some tv when Crypt Keeper and Slappy appeared followed by their boss who has in a very public manner declared herself as a villain, for the failure of the heroes and the people in power not stopping Shadow Stalker, who Horror Master has revealed her true name.

    "Well we're fuck," Clockblocker said.


    Back on the tv -

    "I'm now a villain of Brockton Bay and I really don't care about having competition around," Horror Master said. "So there's only one thing to do and show everyone else who is the top villain here."

    Horror Master taps her cane on the floor.

    "Minions, get rid of them," Horror Master said.

    The screen suddenly changed to other parts of Brockton Bay.


    Around the city -

    Across the city many had watched what looked to be a music video of Horror Master declaring herself as the newest village of the city with interest, the leaders of the gangs were very interested in recruiting her to their side. That was till she told them that she views them as competition and ordered her minions to get rid of them. Before they could do anything, the attack began city wide.

    The Archer's Bridge Merchants suddenly found themselves being attacked by a horde of rats that burst out of nowhere. And they weren't the only ones the other two major gangs of the city, the Empire Eighty-Eight, a neo-Nazi gang and the The ABB (Azn Bad Boys) are also under attack. And not just while they're wearing their colors, no it was even while they were off the clock and at home that they suddenly found themselves being attack.

    The attack is all under the control of a young man name Willard, who made friends with rats and trained them to be his attack dogs. He was gifted with the power to control rodents by Horror Master and used a flute as a tool to better focus his power with. The rats came in normal sized, small dog size, to bear size rats, who are all hungry for flesh. There are also different types of rodents also in the attacking horde. Giant naked mole rats from Fallout. Luckers, and nosalis from the Metro games. Join on the orgy of blood, attacking all the gang members of the 3 gangs all at once.

    In homes and buildings gang members suddenly found themselves having a rodent biting their necks as they laid down or rested on the sofa. Or had the closest window break as something big crash through it to attack the gang member. Many times as their family watched in horror as they were attacked. The rodents would only attack the gang members and ignored anything else, leaving the shock family members of the gang to watch as their family member is eaten alive in front of them.

    The only gang members who managed survived the first 5 minutes at the lucky ones or the ones who had powers. Of the Merchants, both Skidmark and Mush were stone high and didn't notice the rats surrounding them till they were covered in them.

    Squealer was busy in her workshop and managed to fight off the horde of rats with a welder till she jump into her tank truck and took off.

    The ABB parahumans are doing a bit better, the workshop that served as Bakuda lab suddenly blew up by a Grey Boy bomb she was making. Inside the workshop Bakuda is trying to run outside only to be body slammed from behind as a nosalis leaps at her. Then the scene replays itself.

    Oni Lee is making use of his teleporting powers to escape the horde of rodents after him.

    Bursting out of a building growing in size is Lung in his dragon form, slaughtering hundreds of rodents at once with his size and fire that covers his body but more and more kept attacking him.

    The E88 is fairing little better. Rune is fleeing from the horde of giant rats on a piece of wood that use to be a door.

    Othala and her husband Victor are fighting off the waves of rodents attacking their home, thanks to the forcefield power she gave to Victor. But the power is only last so long before going out and the horde of rats buried them in their mass.

    Hookwolf and Cricket are fighting it out in their dog ring against the waves of giant rodents.

    Stormtiger is creating a tornado around himself to prevent the rats from attacking him.

    Menja & Fenja have become 3 stories tall and are stomping on the ground trying to kill as many rodents as they could.

    Crusader was driving when several giant rats leap down from buildings, some of them managed to land on top of the car sending it out of control. And more rats swarmed into the wreck car before the parahuman could fight back.

    Purity is using her light to burn the rats away from her.

    Alabaster couldn't die and kept on regenerating, so the horde of rats drag him down a storm drain where he would be used as a never ending source of meat.

    Krieg was fighting against the giant rats using his powers, till the floor of the building he's in caved in sending him falling into a mass of rodents.

    At the Medhall Corporation building, in his office Kaiser is fighting off the number of rodents that have swarm up from the basement of the building crawling their way up and causing most of the workers to also flee up as the rodents horde rose up.

    And all of it being caught on live tv.


    PRT HQ -

    "Send everyone we got!" Piggot ordered as the coms are all buzzing as agents all over the city and the police are trying to get control of the scene that's happening.

    Piggot was on the edge of pulling out her hair as Nilbog flashbacks hit her. The endless horde of rodents attacking all the gang members of the gangs of the city all at once. The minions of Horror Master all knew who and where all the targets were located, before hand. Even knowing who each of the capes are behind their masks, so they could hit them as well.

    "Time to send in the second wave," Horror Master's said getting Piggot's attention back to the screen.


    Around the City -

    Squealer in her tank truck is on the highway heading out of the city. The truck was drive bombed by Songbird, slamming into the side of the tank sending it flying off the freeway onto the road below. The wreck rolled to a stop where it was quickly covered by rodents, screams could be heard before stopping.

    Oni Lee found himself suddenly unable to teleport thanks to Ophelia hanging onto the side of the dirigible that spreads ash that depowers enemies underneath it. Ophelia fired her Razorfire Boar cannon at Oni Lee as he pulled out another bomb from his belt, the fireball struck him blowing him up with all of his bombs.

    Lung in his full dragon form suddenly found himself lifted up in the air as Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon combine their powers to hold him in the air. They squeezed his airway cutting him off from air, Lung struggled but compared to the combine might of two beings who can move stars, he couldn't move a muscle. The sisters finally let go when he began shrinking down. They would had finish him if it wasn't for Glory Girl showing up and telling them to hand him over to her. Not wanting to go against orders they let her have him.

    Rune is clothesline by the chain that's attached to a spear that was fired in front of her. She hit the chain that sent her falling backwards thanks to her hitting it by her torso. She fall to the road and rolled to a stop only for the horde of rats that have been chasing her to dog pile on top of her. The Deathslinger reeled in his spear as he listens to the screams before they faded.

    Hookwolf and Cricket are in the ring of the dog fights having killed all the giant rodents that have tried to kill them. A loud grinding sound of metal on metal suddenly filled the air and the rodents that have been attacking in waves, stop and held back. A hulking figure with a strange metal pyramid head thing, wearing a leather apron and dragging a giant butcher knife behind him. He leap into the cage and face off against the two parahumans. Hookwolf in his metal wolf form leap at Pyramid Head, seeing how slow the guy is, only for faster than he thought possible

    A single blast from a assaultron's head laser turn Stormtiger to dust.

    Menja & Fenja in their giant forms were fighting their way out only for their legs to give out from under them as bombs went off. Their giant bodies fell to the ground where the horde of rats swarm all over their bodies, who fought back but were now easy prey for the horde. Ryu Hayabusa and a host of other ninjas watched this, having been the ones who attached the bombs to the giants legs.

    Purity is staying high in the air well out of range of the rats below. She was blindsided as she was blasted from behind by the combine blasts of Midnight Sparkle and both sisters Daydream and Sunset Shimmer who blasted her with their tri-beam attack. Sending her body falling to the streets below.

    At the Medhall Corporation building, Kaiser is cutting all the rodents that came near him. Gunshots rang out as Hellboy made his appearance rushing at the nazi while firing a giant handgun, his bullets knock away all of Kaiser's sword. Leaving him open to a punch to the jaw, sending him slamming into a wall followed by his left leg being by Hellboy who swung him by his giant stone hand around the room. Hellboy used Kaiser as a wrecking ball, destroying his office, before throwing Kaiser down onto his desk and blasted him with his gun.


    On the tv screen -

    Horror Master stared at the camera with a smile on her face. "All the gangs are gone and dead, all but for Lung thanks to Glory Girl. But seeing how all the gang members of all of the gangs but for him and those in jail are dead. I think, I showed what, I'm able to do. For this moment on, Brockton Bay is my turf. No villain or gangs are allowed in this city without my permission. But don't worry for everyone else, I have no desire to go around doing like what the gangs use to do. And you heroes, well I did your job for you. Let's see what you can do now that there aren't any villains or gangs left in the city."

    The screen turns to black.


    Author's Notes -

    1 - The song Queen of Mean but with some words changed.

    2 - Willard 2003 a remake where it's even better then the original thanks to the main actor.


    Fictions that appeared -

    Willard 2003

    Rats: Night of Terror

    The Food of the Gods

    Rat Scratch Fever

    Of Unknown Origin

    Graveyard Shift


    Deadly Eyes


    The Rats



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    The members of the Cauldron are meeting to discuss the recent events that happen in Brockton Bay. The news stations have been playing the footage of the rat plague that swept the city clean of all the gangs and villains of the city. The only surviving villain is Lung who is being transported to the Birdcage, from the report he’s not even trying to escape as the event had taken the fight out of him.

    The city is cleaning up the remains of the gang members and villains with some being more of a problem to handle. Both Menja & Fenja skeletons had remained giant sized and are being broken apart to get rid of. With the police being lead to the safehouses and bases of the gangs, which were mostly strip of equipment and all the money. Leaving the entire city free of the gangs, and unlike what happen last time where once the old gangs were driven out and replaced by new ones. Horror Master is making sure that her claim on the city is for keeps.

    In the room the meeting taking place in are the members of the Cauldron, Doctor Mother, Contessa, The Number Man, Legend, Alexandria and Eidolon.

    “Combining my powers with Coil has allowed me to gather this data of the ones to look out for. There are the ones who most often stop me from getting anywhere near Horror Master in every timeline,” Countessa said as there are files with a brief dummy of who the subject is and a picture if they have one.

    Alma from the F.E.A.R. series with her powers to bend reality and being able to summon endless waves of heavily armed super soldiers. She is completely terrifying and Countssa has never survived facing her in any timeline.

    Pyramid Head from Silent Hills series completely loyal to Horror Master and is a juggernaut. Can’t be stop, can only be delayed, has the power to teleport.

    Huntress from Dead by Dawn series Horror Master’s bodyguard, very strong and a skilled hunter. Can detect any kind of danger to Horror Master and can track down anything. Can turn completely invisible not even casting a shadow and move without making a sound. Only way to track her is by looking at the environment being moved by her presents.

    Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon from My Little Pony series both have telekinesis and gravity powers that allow them to move stars around. Both are no nonsense and just go for killing blows unless told otherwise. Their powers are very alike, and both are just as strong as the other.

    Sunset and Daydream Shimmer twin daughters of Daybreaker. Sunset has the power to change others into demons and Daydream has the power to change others into angels. Both have weaker powers of their mother and both are very loyal to Horror Master, both serve as her right and left hand women. Both have the twin bond were they can sense and have a mind link with each other, if one twin is in trouble the other will not be far behind.

    Desiree from Danny Phantom series is a ghost genie who can grant wishes that can affect other minions. While her wishes can’t affect people of this world, she is able to change any other minion with her wish power. She also can grant her own wishes anytime she wants.

    Marceline from Adventure Time series she is vampire and demon hybrid who is able to suck the souls of others. She’s lay back and goofs off but once she’s serious she is all but unbeatable. Has a vast array of powers thanks to her ability to suck souls of others and gaining the powers of the souls she devours.

    Reagan Ridley from Inside Job series a super scientist who unlike many tinkers, does have engineering skills. What she creates she actually understands how they work. Has upgraded her body with cyberparts.

    Sans from Undertale series, don’t ever take lightly, can be taken down in one hit but makes up being weak by being skilled. Power telekinesis and creating bones projections, extremely skilled in using both.

    Charlotte "Charlie" Morningstar daughter of Lucifer is sweet and nice but once angry will show that she is the daughter of the devil.

    Bill Cipher is absolutely loyal to Horror Master, providing communication and technical skills that gives Horror Master’s strategies a precise edge. His extreme competence and significant skill give any minions with delusions of grandeur second thoughts. Have never seen him in any timeline, only heard his voice. All the other minions are wary around him, and view him as the strongest of the minions.

    “This Bill Cipher knows everything that happens, somehow he’s able to spy and overhear just about anything. From what I learn, he’s the one who help Horror Master figure out which of her minions she could trust and which ones would betray her. With him acting as her eyes and ears she will always be several steps ahead of anything. In all the timelines, I never got close to Horror Master but when she allowed it to happen, thanks to him,” Contessa said.

    “You got beat by that cheerful demon that runs the Happy Hotel? And you didn't write what powers or abilities she has,” Number Man asked.

    “She beat me without even moving from the spot she was standing, the only step she took was to stomp on the back of my head,” Contessa said earning everyone to stare at her. All wondering how that happen and why she sounded scared of the demoness.

    “Beware of the nice ones thing,” Eidolon said.

    “Have you in any timeline managed to get to Horror Master?” Doctor Mother asked.

    “I have and never survived, in the ones where I managed to kill her, Coil said that she just came back the next day like nothing happen,” Contessa said.

    “She does have an army of horror villains who just comes back for the next part of the series,” Alexandria said.

    "So she's like many horror villains can be killed but will show up again out of nowhere for the next film," Legend said.

    "What happens in the timelines where she fights the endbringers?" Number Man ask.

    "She kills them," Contessa stated causing everyone in the room to stare at her.


    Brockton Bay -

    Sitting in a hovering command chair that has a inbuilt computer and holo screen, Horror Master watches the news feed from a wall of tv screens in front of her. All of them buzzing about the purge she done to the city of it's gangs and villains. In one day she gotten rid of all the gangs and that wasn't even her full force that she can unleash. Since her lessons with Ms J in the time room expanding her knowledge and skill sets, and learning from her wiser minions, has made her much wisdom and knowledge to outsiders be just a short amount of time. She's not the same young woman she was before, she can't be the same if she wants to do what needs to be done.

    "Mechanist how's the robot army?" Horror Master ask.

    "The robot army is ready to be deployed," Mechanist said.

    "Have them be deployed in the locations, I gave you," Horror Master said.

    "Sending them out now," Mechanist said.

    Horror Master brought up a screen showing a 500 securitrons and eyebots being released from the different buildings that she owns. The robots will patrol around the city making sure that no new gangs or villains will trying to fill the power vacuum with the purge of the old gangs and villains. As that's her job, she has lost all faith in heroes and what better way to keep this city safe but by being the villain. A villain so powerful, that all the other would be villains be scared off from trying to be a villain.

    The screens showed the buildings that use to be used as safe houses by the different gangs, are being fortified as her new bases. She's playing the role of a evil overlord now and she needs to make sure her presents is known and what better way than setting up bases around the city. She already had all of the buildings she owned fortified, having gun turrets and other defenses hidden here and there, so anyone one who thinks of trying to attack any of the buildings that she owns will be in for a nasty surprise.

    The technology from Dunwall Tower have been studied by her techs and found the light wall and the arch pylons to be very interesting and useful. The guards that came with the tower inform her of how they work. The light wall would allow anyone that they recognize are able to pass through unharmed, as they deactivate upon their approach. Anyone or anything else attempting passage will be vaporized. The gates work via two electric coils placed together on either side of an entry, as if to resemble a gate. Above these coils is a revolving device that emits a blue light. When a hostile approaches, it will sound an alarm and glow red. It will let out a low-pitched signal when someone attuned to the wall passes through it.

    Upon starting their watch duty, members of the City Watch will be approached by the Technical Officer. This individual will be carrying a device known as a charger, which is attuned to a specific wall of light. Each member of the new shift must lay a hand upon the charger. Once this is done, that wall of light "recognizes" these individuals and will not harm them.

    The arch pylons work similarly to walls of light, but are effective at a distance, disintegrating any living thing within range that they have not been configured to recognize. The pylons create a lightning bolt that strikes just as fast as a real one.

    She had the techs make more of them and installed them in all of her buildings, with all of her minions being recognized by all of the defenses. She also made sure it's impossible for anyone but one of her minions to be able to reprogram any of the defenses.

    "Alright Bill, it's all down hill from here," Horror Master said to Bill who is always near, thanks to them sharing the body she's currently using. "Scion is what you say he is?"

    "Haven't seen his kind for eons but I remember the multi-dimensional beings of his kind. In order to reproduce, evolve and find a means by which their species may survive the heat death of the universe, the Entities disseminate 'shards' across planets containing sapient life. Shards are the 'cells' of the Entities, partially-autonomous fragments capable of performing many functions, retain information, and maturing by learning from their hosts. Nearly all of an Entity's shards are distributed across alternative versions of a target planet, bar a few 'vital' shards that they keep for themselves. These Shards are assigned to hosts, who use their newfound powers in various ways that the Shard records. After the Shards have gathered sufficient data, they return to their respective parent Entities, which briefly exchange information between themselves before siphoning energy from all versions of the host planet except one. They then funnel this energy into a single reality, detonating the planet in that reality and all others within their influence, and using the resultant force to scatter fragments of themselves across the universe. These fragments eventually grow into new Entities. Through repetition of this process, knowledge is acquired across many civilizations across the universe, knowledge which can then be used to grant powers to the next set of hosts, forming the basis of the superpowers seen in Worm. This process of distributing and reacquiring shards in order to propagate is known as The Cycle," Bill explains.

    "And you dealt with his kind before?" Horror Master asked.

    "Yes and wipe them out from my dimension. Beings like me don't like those things, they just make it hard to have fun when the planet you been having fun on is destroyed. Scion must be one of the few last survivors of the last purge. Don't worry, once, I'm back to full strength he won't stand a chance against me," Bill said.

    "Besides you, who else would be able to take on Scion?" Horror Master ask.

    "Aku for one, he can't be harm by anything but a holy sword or god level beings. The ailcorns combining their powers along with sunbutt's daughters and their friends would be enough. The sex demon Morrigan once she merges with her sister Lilith. Shiva Revilis being a goddess of destruction can do it. Rodin the fallen angel also has the power. And Abadeer also be able to do it. All of our powers work on him because of the fact none of our powers originally came from him. So he doesn't have the advantage when facing any of us," Bill said. (1)

    "Good, you all just attack Scion at once when we're ready to take him out," Horror Master said.

    "Good idea, no need to play it out," Bill said.

    "Now to make sure that this world will have a much better standard of living then it has now," Horror Master said as she brings up another screen.

    On the screen is Reagan Ridley in a boardroom talking with Brett Hand, Chi the daughter of Aku, Dr. Amelia Buck, Dr. Alto Clef, Jack Bright, Robert House, Helena Douglas, skekVar The General, Princess Bubblegum, Augustus Sinclair, Esq, and Jeff the Spider. Since taking over a city requires way more logistics than just a show of force, Horror Master went with the plan

    "Ridley the robots have been deployed, is your end ready?" Horror Master asked.

    "We got it all down and what departments each of us be running. Cognito Inc is ready to launch," Ridley said.

    "Good, first this city then we can expand from there," Horror Master said turning off the screen and turns to the screens showing the local news.

    The screens showed her robot army covering the city as they broadcast her message of her takeover of the city. The police and the PRT are helpless to stop the robot army and the heroes are like she knew are doing nothing. She will save this world, but on her terms, after all heroes of this world have showed that they can't help people in need. And what better way to make sure that no stronger villain will rise up, but by being the strongest villain.


    1 - I'm going with how powerful most of the villains are in their cannon fictions and that without plot armor or anything holding them back, they're alot more powerful than they are in their worlds. And with their powers all not coming from Scion like all the other powers in the Worm cannon, he doesn't have the unfair advantage he has when he fights any of Horror Master's monsters.

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    Taylor's steamrolling Earth Bet. Let's go!
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    we can have a crossover between kerphi (or a version of taylor with lisa and the others) that crosses this world and see how it turns out (besides if orror master gives him the mutant vichos from resident evil 4 to control it would be interesting)
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    I like this fic !
    Are we going to get some Doctor Who monsters ? Weeping Angels are always fun.
    Can't wait to see Taylor send Nyalothrep against Scion !
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    They're alien races not monsters
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    tecnicamente son monstruos alienigenas
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    Pennywise is also an alien, It still got Shadow Stalker
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    In her office Piggot is reading through the report on the update of all the locations under the control of Horror Master since she took out all the gangs and all but taken over the city. Her robots are patrolling the streets and keeping them safe, taking care of all the remaining elements of crime left in the city. Which the only real villains left are the videogame-themed supervillains Uber and Leet, who Horror Master hasn’t bothered to take care of like all the others. In fact neither of them have been seen or heard since Horror Master been triggered.

    All of the old buildings that came when Horror Master first triggered and the new strongholds that use to belonged to the old gangs that have been taken over, all are protected by automatic defenses. There are warning signs telling people not to enter the properties, the defenses ranged from automated sentry guns, ranging from simple minigun turrets to laser, containment foam, or missile-spraying variants. Tesla coils that fire bolts of lightning at targets that enter their range, walls of light, both turn anything into ash.

    Then there are the robots that patrol the city, all but replacing the police and the heroes. The city has never been safer thanks to Horror Master, which is gaining her lots of support from the people of the city, who were just tried of living in a cesspool of crime and villainy. The other gangs and villains in other cities are staying clear of Brockton Bay, and avoid Horror Master.

    Piggot has been trying to figure out what Horror Master is planning. There are lots of activity going on around the city with the minions of Horror Master having a firm hold of the city, which is safer which older people say it’s like when Marquis was still around. Which unlike said villain, Horror Master can’t be lock away, she simply has too many minions. It would take calling in other Protectorate branches and the Triumvirate to even stand a chance. And even if they did win, it would only take one of Horror Master’s minions to free her. Seeing how the clown Pennywise can appear anywhere and other monsters who can do the same could just appear in the Birdcage and free her.

    They couldn’t risk putting a kill order on Horror Master, or risk having all of her minions no longer having anyone controlling them, be able to be the horror monsters that they are. It be a complete bloodbath in the city, then it will spread as the monsters spread out from the city. The only thing they can do is to try to reason with her and keep her minions from doing what they like. She had released the video of her culling her minions numbers of the ones who are just uncontrollable or went behind her back.

    The problem is that Piggot doesn't know if Horror Master understands the consequences of what she has done in taking over the city. She was already a S class threat but with all of this she is now a more active threat then most of the others. But Piggot does have faith that Horror Master can be reasoned with, even if it's for her own good.

    One of the only good news is that the 3 who had caused this to happen are now dead. They had all died one after another from all the stress they been putting their bodies through. Piggot is keeping an eye on Horror Master and her minions but so far nothing untoward has happened. The city is quiet and calm, which is something that she wishes could last forever. And Horror Master seems to be more focus on fixing up the city and expanding her legitimate businesses that she owns. She has been making the effort to make sure the people are happy, even though most of them don't realize that it's her that's making the city better.


    Elsewhere -

    Horror Master Walks into the room containing the real, Emma Barnes, Sophia Hess, and Madison Clements. The ones she gave to the PRT are just sacks of meat she had cloned with brains that can only repeat words of white room torture and just screaming. While the real ones are hers to torment to her hearts content. She had them turn into data and trap them in a digital world where they must survive every single piece of horror fiction ever created, even the sci-fi ones with aliens and robots.

    Like a video game they have to survive to the end of whatever fiction they’re in, even the ones where it ends with everyone dead. They replace the main characters and must survive to the end where they’re still alive of complete the plot, while everything is trying to kill them. With the reward of if they managed to complete every single horror fiction, they get to leave.

    And overseeing the entire thing is AM, from the story ‘I have no mouth, and I must scream’. AM is allowed to attack them with whatever is available in the fiction the girls are currently in, cheat in anyway it can but that the girls must be given a way to survive and win. Which AM being what it is, a supercomputer whose programming prevents him from thinking in any other direction than war and death, meaning that he can never use his vast, almost godlike powers to do or create anything original — and he knows it.

    Which is why the computer system AM is hooked up to has no way to connect to anything, even the power supply is just a gas powered generator that needs to be refilled, and a backup battery that only last for an hour or so. Seeing that AM hates everything and would had caused the end of the world if Horror Master hadn’t just turn off AM’s power, leaving it just a hunk of machines. So as punishment Horror Master trap him in the cut off digital system that’s little more than a game console where the 3 players can die horrible and painful deaths each time and have to restart it all over again. And that there is a time limit for the girls to finish all of the horror fictions, which there is a timer counting down the seconds until AM dies and the girls need to escape before it gets to zero, and then they're trapped forever in the digital world. Or die when the power goes out and she personally smashes the machine. She really has no idea what will happen but till then she will enjoy their torment as they try to beat the horror plots they’re forced to live through.

    The girls are now going to experience some of the most horrific things possible, such as being eaten by a monster, being chased by a zombie apocalypse, being kidnapped and tortured by evil scientists, being stalked by a serial killer, having a ghost haunt them, being attacked by a giant alien from outer space, being hunted by a demon, being forced to kill each other, being forced to kill themselves, being possessed by an angry spirit, being turned into a vampire, being ripped apart by a werewolf, being shrunken down to microscopic size, being eaten by a mutant creature, being possessed by a demon, being chased by a psychotic clown, being torn limb from limb by a carnivorous plant, being thrown into a deep pit of spikes, being trapped in a dark forest full of monsters, being locked inside a coffin, being forced to fight to the death against a pack of demons, being trapped in a room with a naked mannequin, being hunted by a zombie horde, being infected with a disease, being locked in a tomb with a mummy, being haunted by a psychopathic ghost, being bitten by a zombie, being turned into a vampire, being killed by a werewolf, and all the other horror fictions that people had created.

    Horror Master manually turn off the machine by flipping the off switch, pausing the digital world of whatever the girls were currently surviving through, which also turned off AM. For while in his old computer system that somehow allowed him to have god like powers, when all he should had been able to do was control the defense systems and not somehow being able to make people immortal or anything else he was able to do. With this new system when she wants to she can just turn AM off by cutting off his power. Which she made sure off by pulling the cord that connected his system to the rest of the machine. As she made sure that to make sure AM can’t do anything is by having his entire system that houses his data be able to be turned off, and unplugged. And that he can’t download himself into the other system that contains the data of the horror fictions and the digital forms of the girls. (1)

    With AM safely off, Horror Master turned on the screens that showed her former bullies standing in their separate safe rooms. Each of them could only talk to each other when they’re in their safe rooms which is only there so that they could have a break from facing whatever horror awaited them in the next digital world. Which has a time limit to how long they could stay before it sent them to the next horror world. (2)

    Horror Master turned on the mic that would allow her to speak to all of them but they couldn’t talk to her.

    “No you’re not free, I’m only doing this to tell you all that the clones, I made of you 3 are all dead. Just like I made them so that with them dead, no one will think that any of you are still alive. Not that anyone cares to fight through all of my minions and defenses to save any of you. You’re families never even tried to get you back when I took you. Now there is only one way to escape and you only have 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 14 days, to complete all the horror worlds. Only then you can be free, also the worlds you all have faced are just the silly ones first, the kid friendly horror and comedies. I did put erotic horror and good old hentai horror from Japan, and yes monsters with tentacles that rape young women are going to be some of the future worlds you all be facing. You all thought it was fun to torment me for 3 years. So I’m doing the same to you all. And once the countdown ends the digital machine that can turn you all back will automatically self-destruct trapping you all forever in the digital world where AM will have free reign to do what it wants to you with it being able to use all the horror monsters at once on you,“ Horror Master informed the girls who openly cried hearing what’s in store for them.

    Horror Master turned off the screens and reconnect the systems, plugging AM back in. Then she flip the power back on, allowing AM to continue to torment the girls. She left the room which is a stone room with a old fashion vault door and the only light coming from the machine. There are also bombs in the room that would blow up if they detect anything that happens in the room once the vault door closed.

    This was the place that Horror Master was keeping the girls, so that she could keep track on when each of them will die and what horrors they face. And to see how many times they all manage to actually finish a horror story and escape. She is a villain after all and making them suffer, brings a smile to her face.


    Author’s Notes -

    1 - The short story ‘I Have No Mouth And Must Scream’ is a classic but it does have a big plot hole. How can a computer be able to have that much power where it can have god like power in creating a vast world contain underground and be able to turn humans immortal. When it’s just a defense computer which would be able to use the nukes but the internet wasn’t even a thing yet and microchips weren’t everywhere yet when the story was written.
    Would make more sense if the humans in the story are just trap in a digital world by having their brains hooked up to computers.
    2 - Don’t care how powerful a evil computer is, if it has a power cord that’s the only thing that powers it. Once the power is cut, the evil computer is just a hunk of junk.

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    I'm of two minds of this story. One the one, it's interesting enough to keep me reading it in one go. And it's not all about the NEAR LIMITLESS POWER. On the other, it's a crack fic that keeps getting more extreme with no real character growth. And this last scene where Taylor has already returned 400 times the bad karma to Emma, Sophia, and Madison and is still spending time and mental energy doing so.... I really lost all sympathy for this Taylor. She's on a power-trip.

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2022
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    She's a supervillain and leads an army of minions who all came from horror fiction.

    And you are surprise that she is acting as a horror villain. Who is making her former bullies suffer?

    It be like going to a horror film and be surprised that its scary.
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    Her Cape name is Horror Master after all. And shes not a hero she is a villain. Like in the anime Overlord.