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This is a story that dares to ask a few "What Ifs".

What if mana exists and is a finite...


Mar 11, 2023
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This is a story that dares to ask a few "What Ifs".

What if mana exists and is a finite resource; Voldemort won in the First Wizarding War and now governs the world with an iron fist; Harry's parents are still alive but in hiding; Hogwarts is merely a faint shadow of its former glory, and a mysterious catastrophic event has drained the world of magic, leaving a barren land where mana has become a rare commodity, one to be hoarded and jealously guarded.

An experienced Isekai world-hopper finds himself in said AU dystopian Harry Potter world, racing against time and Eldritch Chaos—a crazy yandere that wants him as her bed-warmer, something he doesn't want—to reclaim his powers while navigating the world with scarce magic and hidden monsters.

What you can expect:

- Yanderes (I love them)
- Harem done well (I'm fucking tired of trash harem)
- Characters done well
- An experienced world-hopping main character that's a "Chad" instead of the regular wuss that needs decades to get used to the "new world" (Hate that shit)
- A Multiversal fic done right

Fair warning: I'm fucking up the canons very quickly and sometimes even before MC arrives in any given world, if you're not cool with that, please don't read.

The first chapter is inspired, might even say copied, from a novel named Keiran—you can find here on Royal Road—please check them out if you like the concept of an old monster reincarnating into a child. It is an original; I have permission from the author to use it for my fanfiction. I loved the novel's world as well as start and MC that it sparked this idea. So, I'd appreciate if you don't be a bitch about it.

This is merely a time-pass fun thing I'd be writing for some stress-relief.
my apologies, posted in wrong thread. updating link here in a min. if any mod is seeing, again, apologies, you may delete this thread if that's possible.

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