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My Mind-Reading Unicorn Can't Be This Cute! (An Original One-Shot)

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A/N : This is a one-shot I made for 2020's Valentine's Day before I started on Reincarnation of...


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Jun 17, 2020
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A/N : This is a one-shot I made for 2020's Valentine's Day before I started on Reincarnation of A Worthless Man. Original title was The Cute Librarian. Thought I'd try for a more clickbaity title to garner more clicks.

For those who think I can't write lighthearted stuff, well, here it is.

Aaahhh, how nice it must be nice to have a harem…

A young man in his late teens sighed. His gaze wandered aimlessly to the air in front of him, instead of the pile of books he was supposed to be reading.

There he goes again. Really, how many more times he's going to be sighing instead of studying?

Near her was a young woman of a similar age, wearing a simple beige long-sleeved shirt coupled with a long skirt that reached down her ankles. She had a long wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her most notable feature, however, was the small white horn jutting out of her forehead.

As you might have guessed, she was not human, unlike the man. She belonged to the Unicorn tribe, a race of exclusively female demi-humans who had the capability of telepathy and telekinesis, amongst other things.

And, naturally, she could hear every single thing the man was thinking to himself.

And be a genius at magic. You wouldn't have to bother studying like this, just to pass an intermediate-level magic test. Just to be a simple crafter mage in the end, laboring like a cog in a machine, producing magic items for the benefit of some rich and fat merchant until you die.

With cheat powers like that, you can actually go outside and have as many adventures as you want. Not stuck here in cities like generic NPCs that are irrelevant in the long run.

He sighed yet again, returning his eyes towards the open book on his table.

"You know, if you're going to be all depressed like that every time you read one of those trashy books, please don't do it anywhere near me."

The girl suddenly walked over her with an upset expression.

...Oh great, she's at it again. Why can't she stop bothering me for once?

Of course, he was well-familiar with her. She was the librarian of the academy's library, and ever since he started reading and borrowing books from the place, he had to deal with her.

She was the overly serious type, the librarian that would "shhhh" you if you made even the slightest noise. Her sternness had turned some of the library's patrons away, making them borrow books instead of just reading them here.

Not him though. No. He hated having to carry all those heavy books to his dorm room. He just wanted to sleep and forget everything there, not study.

And that's how he became one of the library's most frequent patrons.

And how he ended up being at odds with the librarian.

She just had to be a Unicorn demihuman… I don't know how her mind-reading works, but she certainly never stops on reading my thoughts every time I'm here.

It's really annoying, you know. And a little disturbing. Where's my privacy?

Her expression turned even more sour after he broadcasted those thoughts.

"Hey!" She slammed her hands on the table. "I wouldn't bother reading your mind if not for the fact that all your depressive, and perverted—" she added "—thoughts, were broadcasted clear and ready to anyone near. I can't be blamed for catching them!" She defended herself.

"Alright, alright, whatever you say." He surrendered to her argument with a huff, returning his attention back to his book. "Now can you please leave? I'm studying for my exam here."

Instead of doing as he said however, she instead did her classic "Hmph!" before pulling over a chair for her to sit.

"What are you doing?"

"You know—" She was now crossing her arms while glaring at him. "—I hate those kinds of books as well. If it were up to me, I would never let them be in this library. In fact, I'd actually burn them."

"Wow, that's certainly something. A librarian who wants to ban and burn books. That's a new one," he replied with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

"I only care about books with worth," she replied with a grumpy expression. "Not those… trash…"

He gave a short, dry laugh in return.

"You know, I used to be like you. I used to scoff at those books, thinking how they were such an eyesore, not accepting their rising popularity in the slightest."

"But now, I'm honestly quite tired of being angry at them. It's simply inevitable. They have simply dominated the market now. And I say, if you can't beat them, join them, or in this case, read them."

She raised her eyebrows in return.

"You… you're a fan of—"

"Traditional fantasy stories, yes," he interrupted her. "The Ballad of Eden, The Saga of Freyja, The Story of the Great Sage Hephaestus; books like that."

Her eyes widened in disbelief. She too was a fan of those books. A big fan, actually. So much so that she had letters exchanged with other fans of the books, discussing everything there was to discuss about them.

"I-I don't believe you," she replied, crossing both her arms and legs. "You can't be a fan of them if you like those… those garbage!"

"Oh, don't misunderstand me. i'm not a fan of them. Not in the slightest," he replied with a grin.

"Then why?" She slammed her hands on the table once more. "Why do you keep reading them?"

"Because I got nothing else," he answered, smiling sadly. "You know that we're no longer getting those kinds of books in this day and age."

She couldn't say anything back.

He was right. There really was a drought in the so-called "traditional" fantasy. She knew that.

And she hated it. Hated it with every bone in her body.

Which made her all the more grumpy.

"Fine." She sat up, looking defeated. "I'll leave you to your own devices. Excuse me."

And with that, she left, leaving him once again only with his pile of books.

Aaah, Master blew it again…

The two weren't the only one present in their conversation. As a mage, he had a familiar whom he had made a pact with. And his familiar was a fairy, small enough for him to store in his chest pocket.

He thought she was sleeping inside. The truth was, she was eavesdropping on his conversation with the librarian girl.

When will he ever realize that she is totally having a crush on him?!

Gah, why must you be so dense?! You keep thinking how fun it must be to have girls throwing themselves all over you, yet you can't even realize one single girl that's paying a terribly close attention to you! She's not just bugging you for the heck of it! She wants to talk and be close to you!

The fairy, of course, was just going off her own assumptions. She didn't really know how the librarian girl actually felt. But she confidently declared that she must be in love with her Master, just because her instinct said so.

Aaah, should I just tell him?

No! That would ruin the surprise! She must confess her own love! Or he must be the one to catch on! I can't ruin a perfectly good love story, can I?

She started to giggle on herself. Like many other fairies, she loved a good romantic story.

"...Hey. You're awake, aren't you? Get out."

Without a care in the world, he stuck in his hand, grabbing the fairy with it. He moved her to be in front of him, and then gave her a glare.

"...You were eavesdropping, weren't you?"

"N-no, not at all! Not at all, Master!" She giggled nervously.

Uuu, Master is so scary when he's mad….


Aaah, I wish I could have a harem…

"Really, how can you say that when your girlfriend is right here?"

It had been a couple of years since that day, and now, he was in his finals, just a little more until he would graduate from the magic academy.

And now, the librarian had somehow become his girlfriend.

With a loud clanking noise, she dropped the tea she made noisily onto the table. Just like before, he was currently in the library with a pile of books, as he was studying for his final exams.

"I didn't say that. I was just thinking that," he replied.

"It's the same thing to me, you idiot!" She hit him (gently) in the head with her right fist. Now that she had become his official girlfriend, she was far more willing to yank, grab, and even hit him like this.

"Really, why did I ever agree to actually become your girlfriend?" she said with a huff as she took her seat. "I even gave up my opportunity to become a tutor for the Varesh family's son."

She actually already graduated, unlike him. She was a year older than him after all. And now, she worked as the librarian full-time.

"In fact," She smirked. "I remember you begging me not to go."

He immediately blushed in response. Averting his gaze away from her, he replied, "W-well, I can't let you be anywhere near that womanizer. Haven't you heard the rumors? He already slept with his maids, his previous tutor, and even his half-sister. If you go there, you'll be defiled by him to be sure."

"Ah, is that jealousy I hear there?" Her smirk only grew bigger. "You don't want him having his hands all over me, whispering sweet nothings as he slowly undressed me, groping my breasts from behind as—"

"O-oh, shut up!" He slammed his hands on the table. His face was now as red as a tomato. "You know you got jealous too, when my mother visited and you thought she was my girlfriend! You got all grumpy and mopey about it!"

This time it was her turn to blush furiously.

"W-well, it was your fault that you didn't say anything! And she looked so youthful anyone could think that she's only a few years older than you! A-and, and the way she clings all over you like that… y-you spoiled mother's boy!"

She was indeed correct. His mother looked amazingly youthful for her age. Something that both him and his father never really understood how.

"Yeah, i'm a mother's boy! So what?" He replied defiantly. "I love her very much, like any good son should!

"Ha, she's the only girl you ever get close to before me, you clumsy, uncool, average-looking at best perv!" She fired back.

"And yet, you still fall for me nonetheless."

That was it. He won their argument this time around as she bolted out of her seat, leaving him with a beet red face.

And now, all he could think of was…

Dammit she's being too cute again!

Now that we're actually together, I just keep noticing her charms more and more!

She's actually cute! Really cute! Unbearably so even!

Goddamn, how could I have not noticed it earlier? Her tsundere mannerisms… it's simply the best! Her smart tongue and her seriousness just add even more on top of it!

And of course, there are those large, soft boobs of hers…

Of course, I can't tell her that! She'll tease me mercilessly about it!

I want to be a cool boyfriend, goddamnit! Not an easily flustered one!

Little did he know that she was feeling the same way.

She too thought of him as unbearably cute. She noticed how he would keep stealing glances towards her breasts, the perv, and how he would get all jealous if she got close with another guy. She also knew how hard he tried to keep the "cool guy" act in front of her.

He didn't need to do that, goddamnit! She loved him not because of his coolness, but for how adorable he was! If he would just drop the act, she would have no problem whatsoever in burying his face in her bosom, which was certainly one of the many perverted things he wanted to do with her.

And of course, him lusting over other girls, fictional or not, was also a big no-no as well.

Two years had passed since then. He had graduated and earned a job as an artificer under Drahma Corporation, a company owned by Drahma Sorsori, the richest man in all of the kingdom. From day to night he spent creating magic items to be sold to the masses. He only went home around 8 o'clock, tired and exhausted from spending his mana all day.

Luckily, he had his beautiful Unicorn wife to recharge his spirit immediately.

"Something went wrong at work, didn't it?" she asked him.

They were now in their bedroom, preparing to go to bed. He was in his green pajamas, while she was wearing an innocent-looking, yet flattering white nightgown.

"I see… you got scolded again… and the statue you've worked so hard for the past two weeks were dumped, just like that…"

"You're actually deeply hurt, but you need to keep up your calm appearance in front of them, and even your own wife…"

"...Heh, there really is no hiding anything from you…" he replied, looking away with a wry smile on his face.

And then, she grabbed him and pulled him down to the bed, pressing his head downwards to her bountiful cleavage, embracing him with a hug.

"Come on now, let it out… let it all out…" She gently patted him in the head with a smile.

And then, he cried.

"Damn, that was really lame of me…"

They were now laying on the bed beside each other, with his right and her left intertwined.

"Crying to my wife about work… Aaah, you must think less of me now." He smiled bitterly.

"Not really," she replied. "I always know you're really lame and uncool. This doesn't really change my view on you."

"Ouch, that hurts, you know," he replied back, turning his head to face her. However, a smile now adorned his face.

"I just hope our daughter won't be as uncool as you," she continued, a smile adorning her face as well. She gave a gentle rub at her lightly bulging abdomen, the ultimate proof of their love with each other.

"Our son," he quickly responded with a joking pout. "I know he's a guy. I can feel it, you know." He rubbed her belly as well.

She giggled looking at his face. He's so cute when he pouts like that…

"So…" She looked at him with a smirk, wrapping her arms lovingly across his neck. "Now that you've let it all out from your system, it's my turn to be relieved from my stress, don't you think?"

And here she goes again.

Ever since she got pregnant, she became much more aggressive like this. Are all women like this, or it's just her unicorn blood?

Or maybe it's just her?

I still remember our first night. That was so painfully awkward, for both of us.

But now, it's just sex after sex every single night.

I'm not complaining though. I initiated half of them. Because goddamn those breasts, hips, and butt. Stare too long at them and you just can't resist grabbing her right on the spot and doing it with her.

"You know, I never imagined that you, that annoying and prudish librarian that kept bugging me, would be this horny in bed," he replied, wanting to tease her. "Won't you turn to a bicorn if you keep doing this?"

"Oh no, that only happens if the unicorn does it outside of the holy bond of marriage," she explained. "Since you're mine now, I can use you as much as I want and still remain my pure unicorn self."

"Use? That's a bit harsh, is it not?"

"Well, you're a lame, uncool, crybaby of a husband who can't do anything without his beautiful wife, so you should just shut up and put that perverted rod of yours in her already," she said with a smirk as she used her left hand to grab his fully erect member.

He could say nothing back as she immediately pressed her lips into his.

Well, it's my loss this time, it seems…

Two years passed since, and their life as a married couple went on as well as you would expect.

Now that they had their first child, they naturally began to compete for her affection (yes, it was a girl after all, to his chagrin). So far however, the toddler seemed to love both of them equally.

It was Sunday morning, and he was in the study, writing a manuscript for his book.

Yes, he had taken the art of book-writing. And no, it was not because his wife encouraged him. In fact, he was hiding the fact that he was writing from her.

The reason? Simple embarrassment.

Even after marrying and having a family, his shy nature never really went away.

He tried his best to never think about his writing while his wife was around. However…

"Dearest, what are you doing?"

He nearly jumped from his seat. Her arms had suddenly wrapped themselves from behind.

He did not notice her entering the room in the slightest, too preoccupied by his muse.

Her voice wasn't mad however. Instead, it was one of amusement.

"W-wait, d-don't look!" He quickly slammed the parchment upside down.

"Oh dear, you've been writing a novel behind my back, haven't you?" She grabbed his parchments before he could protest. "Let's see here… hmm? A journey of a country bumpkin turned hero and a sheltered priestess?"

I'm gonna cry. I'm going to cry any second now.

She was the last person he wanted to see his manuscript, especially when it's still in an unfinished state.

To his surprise however, instead of mocking or teasing him for it, she instead ran off without another word.

He wouldn't know what her opinions would be until night came and they were in their bedroom for the night.

"So," She was the one to initiate the conversation. "I've read that junk you call a novel—" Here his heart was already hurting. "—and I have to say…"

"How dare you base off the main heroine on me?" she shouted.

It was not out of anger however, but rather, embarrassment, as her blush proudly told him.

"Let me tell you something. I'm not that proud, or prudish, or lonely!" she continued her rant, now making him take a seat on the bed as she slowly walked over to him.

"And then… and then you dare make your protagonist be a full blown pervert who peeked on her changing and taking a bath! All the while having a harem of other girls as well!"

He knew she must be jealous from the harem stuff, but unbeknownst to him, the reason she hated the protagonist was not because he was a pervert, but because she… never really experienced being his object of perversion like that

She was jealous. Of both reasons.

"W-w-w-wait, the others are just there for eye candy! He'll only marry the priestess, I-I promise!" He quickly replied.

With a huff, she finally decided to stop her assault.

"Fine. But I'm going to read all your manuscripts from now on, okay?"

"Y-yes, that's fine," he answered. "Would be quite embarrassing for me though…"


She then suddenly pushed him down on the bed before she climbed on top of him.

"You're adding some… perverted stuff in it, don't you? About me too…" Her index finger started circling on his chest. "T-then, I have to make sure you get it all right, you know…" she whispered, blushing.

He smirked. "All right. Tell me how a girl feels when a boy accidentally grabs her chest "

A month later, he almost finished the short novel.

The only problem was of the ending.

He could not bear separating the protagonist from the other girls, after all that they had gone through together.

But if I make him marry them all… no, that would just not feel right!

He was reminded of his old self, how he dreamed of having a harem.

Now, he was perfectly satisfied just having one loving wife such as her.

But, reading all those popular novels where the lead manages to marry two or more girls and they all get together in (relative) peace and harmony still annoy him.

Yes, he admitted that some of that was jealousy. But another came from disbelief that the first wife would just willingly share her husband like that. Especially when he first bedded the new wife before asking for her permission, thus making him a cheater.

If his dear wife would ever get knocked up by another man willingly, he'll…

Well, he probably would just fall into a spiral of depression and kill himself. Instead of getting angry, his low self-esteem would make him blame himself for not being a good husband and lover.

She was everything to him after all.

And so, he decided to gather his courage and ask her wife for her thoughts on the matter.

He didn't need to say much. He let her sort out his thoughts on her own.

When she finished scanning his mind, she let out a long sigh.

"Really, why must you bother yourself with such useless thinking?"

"U-useless?" he replied.

"Yes. You'll never get another girl to like you after all. You're so clumsy and uncool and your looks are average at best. Only me would ever love you and take you as my husband," she replied matter-of-factly. "As for me cheating, what kind of a girl you take me for?" She gave him a glare. "I might be beautiful and a looker compared to you, but I'll never betray you. Because I know—" She suddenly brought his head to her bosom. "—you can't live without me." She smiled triumphantly as she gently rubbed his head.

"But…" Her expression suddenly turned melancholic. "If I were to be gone one day, I want you to get another woman to marry."


"Shh, just a hypothetical scenario, nothing more," she interrupted him. "You're the kind of man who needs a woman to be by his side, or else your life would turn terribly. You can't even clean the house on your own, for starters."

"H-hey, that's not true, I—"

"Now, as for your little novel, you can make him marry all the girls if you want. I've read it, and I believe how they all need him to obtain their happiness. Good job on that."

"T-thanks…" He blushed.

"But… on one condition…"

His novel was eventually finished. He then sent it to a publishing house, in hopes that it would be accepted for printing.

He didn't know if he really wanted to become a full-time writer, but it certainly would be nice to have a second source of income.

In the end, he made the protagonist have multiple wives, just like the popular trend dictated.

However, as he had agreed with his wife, he dedicated pages after pages of him being conflicted on his decision, how his first wife reacted, and how the other girls reacted.

It's like I'm writing a romance novel and not an adventure fantasy one.

Little did he know that in just a few years, his novel would turn out to become really, really popular, allowing him to leave his day job, giving him the freedom he always wanted.

All thanks to his wife's advice.

She, of course, didn't admit right away that her husband's work had any literary merit.

Instead, for his next work, she demanded him to do an actual, full length epic novel. An even better fantasy story, with a full-blown world behind it.

As for the romance part?

"M-make me be the heroine again…" She told him with a blushing face, looking away from him as she always did when she became embarrassed.

It was all that he needed to hear.
It's freaking cute! I love it! Make more one shots monster girls please!

I'd like to but I need to get inspired first.

I don't know where I got this story from to be honest. The idea just hit me one day out of thin air. And it just so happened to be Valentine so it was perfect.

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