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Not a Spider But a Dragon

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by DragonsEye, Feb 16, 2024.

  1. DragonsEye

    DragonsEye Getting sticky.

    Feb 16, 2024
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    Peter had thought that he would die that day, yet he lives now, with such powers he had never thought of even in his dreams. He admired a Spider, tried to be a Lizard but now he faces the world as a Dragon.
    Witness Peter Parker in a completely different form you have never seen before in his journey throughout the multiverse of Marvel.

    This is a Marvel fanfiction with elements from various other fictions.
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    DragonsEye Getting sticky.

    Feb 16, 2024
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    Chapter 1
    Peter Parker’s POV
    Every breath I took felt like thousands of needles piercing through my lungs. The cold hard concrete underneath me did nothing to dull the pain coursing through my veins. A monstrous reminder of the ordeal I had just endured because of my foolishness. I was dying and I knew it.

    “No, No, No. You can’t die, Peter!” I could feel Gwen hugging my body and crying. Hoping that somehow I could survive this ordeal.

    But unfortunately, it was too late. I could feel it. There was no way I could survive today.

    I could already hear police sirens nearing where we were. After what had happened, there was simply no way that the police would not come to check the situation.

    “Gwen, go! I can't survive but you still have to live your entire life. You must escape.” I tried to persuade Gwen to leave me and escape.

    “Peter?” Gwen tried to interject but upon seeing my stubborn look, she finally relented.

    Hesitantly, she let go of body and started to move away from me. Even as she was leaving, Gwen constantly looked back at me.

    Watching her leaving back, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the foolishness which had put me into this situation.

    Gwen and I, we were always together in the Midtown High. She often used to protect me from bullies who always ganged up on a shy nerd like me. As the daughter of a police officer, she had inherited a strong sense of justice.

    As such, I was the first one to learn when Gwen gained her spider powers. When she decided to become a vigilante to fight crime, I supported her.

    It was me who designed her Spider-Woman suit and developed her web shooters. Whenever she came back injured after a night of patrol, it was me who provided her first aid.

    Yet, I often felt helpless. More than often, she came back injured and I could do nothing except provide her first aid and hear about her worries.

    I could still remember the day when she came back crying, broken because she could not save a person. It was at that time I felt true helplessness.

    Gwen was breaking under the mantle of Spider-Woman, yet I could do nothing. I wanted to share her burden. However, I had no powers.

    But then I saw hope. When I saw Dr. Connors’ research papers, under whom I interned, I realised that maybe there was a way for me to obtain powers.

    So I stole Dr. Connors’ research papers in a bid of desperation and using it, I made the lizard serum. Unfortunately, it seems that fate had another plans for me.

    The lizard serum I had created was truly revolutionary but unfortunately it was not perfect. The serum was just too powerful for me to use without any consequences. It transformed me into a monstrous being who could not even control himself.

    It was fortunate that Gwen was nearby. Otherwise if I had killed anyone in that state, I would never have forgiven myself even if I survived.

    Upon seeing my monstrous form, Gwen engaged me so that I could not hurt anyone. Our fight had been truly a great one.

    My monstrous lizard form had such strength that it could easily defeat Gwen if she was hit by even a few of my attacks. But it was Gwen’s spider sense which helped her win the fight.

    Because of her spider sense, I was not able to even touch her. In the end, Gwen took advantage of my berserk state and caused me to crash into a construction site, leading to me being crushed by the debris.

    After I was crushed under the debris, the injuries I suffered caused me to revert to my human form. But unfortunately, it was too late. The injuries were simply too severe, making my survival impossible.

    I remember Gwen’s face when she discovered who I was. The shock, the despair….. It was too much for her.

    I don’t know if she will ever be able to overcome the guilt. I just hope that she has a good life.


    A sudden prickling sensation pulled me back to reality. I looked down to see an injection embedded into my side. Its contents whatever they might be had already been introduced into my system.

    “Do you want to live?” A voice echoes around me. Was I hallucinating?

    “Do you want to live?” The voice sounds once again as a figure suddenly materialised before me.

    He was wearing a web themed black suit similar to that of my initial sketches of Gwen’s suit which Gwen had later redesigned.

    It was clear from his voice that he was a man. He was wearing a red clock around his suit pinned by an eye shaped brooch. Honestly, he looked like some sort of a wizard.

    “Don’t worry about the injection. It will stabilize your condition for a few hours.” He reassured me. “Now I ask you again, do you want to live?” He asked once again.

    “Who doesn’t want to live in this world?” I replied weakly, my voice barely a whisper.

    “I can give you another chance at life. Not only can I save your life, I can also give you such powers which will make the power of your lizard form look like that of a real lizard.” The Spider Wizard offered me another chance at life with powers greater than I had ever imagined.

    “What is the catch?” I asked knowing that there was nothing free this world.

    “The chance of success of the procedure is not 100% and it is very likely that you won’t be able to initially control your newly obtained powers. You can think of this whole procedure as a sort of experiment for me.” The man explain his reasoning for providing me with this chance.

    “Why?” I asked my voice raspy. “Why give me out of all people this power? I have already caused so much damage…. How can I be worthy of them?”

    Although I was not able to control myself in that lizard form, I clearly remembered what kind of monster I had become. I didn’t want to become that kind of monster again. As such, I didn’t think myself worthy of such powers.

    “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility,” the man quoted the very words that have been my guiding principle throughout my entire life. Something my Uncle Ben had taught me since childhood.

    “No one knows this better than Peter Parker in this world or any other one.”

    I was surprised by his weird answer but before I could it respond, a wave of sleepiness washed over me.

    As my eyes began to close, the Spider Wizard suddenly removed his mask. The last thing I saw before darkness engulfed my vision was a face I recognised all too well, it was my own face- the face of Peter Parker.

    Hello, my dear readers! This is the first time I am seriously writing a story. I hope you all like it!

    Also, English is not my first language. So, there might be a few grammatical errors although they should not hopefully interfere much with the story.

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or support
    me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n.c.o.m /DragonsEye
  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    DragonsEye Getting sticky.

    Feb 16, 2024
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    Spider Supreme’s POV

    As I watched Peter’s unconscious form, his body still adorned with lingering green scales, I could not help but be reminded of the various tragedies I saw befall upon those connected to the Spider People while traversing the multiverse. A Spider Person’s life was often filled with tragedies but it was their loved ones who often had to endure the true burden of those tragedies.

    I lifted Peter gently with telekinetic magic and created a portal to African Savannah. What I was about to do now was not something which could be performed in a public area of a bustling city.

    Upon arrival, I first administered some tranquilizers into Peter’s body so that he will not feel any pain during the procedure.

    Then I took out the various equipment necessary for monitoring the actual procedure from my spatial bracelet. Soon, various drones were floating around Peter’s body, ready to start the procedure.

    Although I started as a sorcerer, after hundreds of years of traveling throughout the multiverse, I was just as experienced in technology as I was in mystic arts.

    “Activate the monitoring! Ready the preparations for the procedure!”

    I gave a command through my tablet to the various drones floating around Peter’s body.

    “What are the results, Aria?” I asked my personal AI, Aria which was installed into the tablet.

    “Subject’s condition is very dangerous. The procedure can’t be used on the subject directly.” Aria gave the results dutifully.

    The damage to Peter’s body was as I had expected. Before Peter could be subjected to the procedure, his body had to be healed and immediately. Because I could not stay here for an indefinite time.

    “Administer the Heart-shaped Herb!” I gave the order. As per my orders, a drone administered a purple serum into Peter’s body.

    Heart-shaped Herb, the greatest treasure of Wakanda, something only the King of Wakanda had the right to use and as such, extremely difficult to obtain. However, it was not something difficult for someone like me who could easily traverse through the vast multiverse to obtain.

    Actually, the heart shaped herb was more than enough to heal Peter and even provide him superhuman strength. Yet, it was not enough to allow him to escape his fate.

    If I left Peter after just using the heart shaped herb on him, it was very likely that he would die within a year. Such was the curse of those who were connected to Spider People.

    As such, the only way to allow him to escape his fate was to change him so much that he could not even be recognised by fate.

    “Carve the designated magic circle!” I once again gave an order. This time, the special drones which I had created using magic started to move.

    Soon, the magic circle was completely carved by the drones. It had a sigil of a spider at its heart, a symbol of its true purpose. I channelled my magic into the magical circle, causing it to glow a beautiful rainbow colour.

    This magic circle was a masterpiece I had created using my hundreds of years of mystic arts experience. It was able to siphon magical energy directly from the Web of Life. However, its true ability was to grant someone the power of a Spider Person temporarily.

    The magic circle would not only enhance Peter’s chances of surviving the procedure but if he managed to actually survive, Peter may even obtain certain aspects of a Spider Person.

    As soon as Peter’s body assimilated the heart shaped herb completely, I put his body in the centre of the magic circle. The earlier I started the procedure, the greater his chances of surviving.

    I activated the circle causing a symbol of a spider glowing a rainbow colour to appear on Peter’s chest.

    “Inject the supplementary medicines.” I gave the order causing drones to inject the medicines I had developed after several years of research to be injected into Peter’s body.

    It was now time for the main event. I took out a red serum which had lightning coursing through it.

    Looking at it, I could not help but be reminded of the events which led to the creation of this serum. I was traversing the multiverse like usual at that time when I activated a one in a million chance.

    I actually fell into a different multiverse which worked on completely different laws. This serum was created using the genes of a dragon from that universe.

    This serum could very well be considered my life’s work. As the serum was created using the genes of a creature from a different multiverse, it had been truly difficult to create it. It had taken me nearly ten years to create this serum even with the help of technology from nearly every powerful civilization of this multiverse and my own personal mystic arts knowledge.

    Peter had the greatest chance of surviving this serum because I had created it on the basis of lizard serum. With the remains of lizard serum still in his veins, Peter’s chances of surviving were even greater. Moreover, the heart shaped herb would also increase the success rate. With all these conditions, Peter should be able to obtain the greatest benefits.

    “Ready the maximum monitoring. It is time for the main event.” After giving the order, I stabbed the serum directly into Peter’s heart and injected it. Although it increased the risks a little, it also increased the chances of greater results.

    Peter's body immediately began convulsing after being injected with the serum. The last of his green scales shed, soon to replaced by black ones. Glowing red lines appeared on his body as it started emitting red lightning.

    The magic circle pulsed with a rainbow light channelling magical energy into Peter’s body helping him complete the transformation. Soon, the red lightning formed a cocoon around his body.

    “Warning, warning.” The tablet suddenly gave a warning alarm. What could have happened? According to my calculations, the procedure till now were perfect.

    “What is the matter, Aria?” I asked worried.

    “There is an external presence interfering with the procedure.” Aria dutifully reported.

    I looked throughout the data I was receiving from the drones to see what was the actual matter. But when I saw what was the problem, I could not believe my eyes.

    I saw something I never found during my entire journey throughout the multiverse in any Peter Parker.

    “An X-gene,” I said in amazement.

    During my travels across thousands of worlds, I had only once found a mutant Peter Parker and his mutant powers were basically just his Spider-Man powers with a little variation. But this Peter’s X-gene could not have the powers of a Spider Person as there was already a Spider Person in this world.

    According to the information being transmitted from the drones, the X-gene was being affected by the serum and had awakened in response to it.

    “Warning! Warning!” The drones once again transmitted a warning but this time, to my shock, it was of the highest nature.

    I looked at the data to see what had happened. However, to my surprise, the drones could not understand what was actually happening.

    At this moment, there was nothing I could do. The procedure was now at its peak stage and couldn’t be stopped. The only thing I could do, was wait and hope that Peter would survive.

    “Subject’s condition is now analysable.” After what felt like an eternity but was actually just a few minutes, Aria informed me that Peter’s condition could once again be analysed.

    When I saw the data, I was truly surprised by what I was seeing. According to the data, the X-gene had become dormant once again and was now in its developing stage but it had become so much stronger that its presence could be recorded even in its dormant state.

    As the data could not tell me what had happened, I used a special spell I had developed by researching infinity stones to analyse Peter’s body to check what was the actual matter.

    This! This! When I saw the status of the X-gene, I was shocked. Although it was still developing now, its power was something I had never seen before even in Omega-level mutants.

    Although there was no precedent of this accident, it was clear to me what had truly happened. The X-gene had mutated. My words may seem nonsensical but it was true.

    “A dragon’s X-gene!” I can’t believe what I was saying. This X-gene would truly be unprecedented in this entire multiverse.

    The procedure had now left its violent phase. All that was left was for the transformation to be completed smoothly. The transformation had not been completed yet but I could see that the features of a dragon were already developing in Peter.

    It was a sign that the procedure will be completed smoothly.

    I had thought of giving Peter just the powers of a dragon albeit a very unique one. But, unexpectedly it granted him a truly unprecedented X-gene.

    He is the one! As soon as I saw this unique X-gene, I knew that he is the one I was trying to create.

    I had thought that it would require thousands of experiments before I would be able to create the one who had the potential I required. But who would have thought that my very first experiment would create him?

    Peter Parker, I would make you the strongest of us all in the entire multiverse. Stronger than any Peter Parker, even me.

    Spider Supreme is what I imagine to be the very peak of a Spider Man without any cosmic bullshit. What are his intentions and what was he trying to create? These questions will be answered much later in the story.

    Also, the power Peter will obtain from his X-gene has not been decided yet. So, all the readers are welcome to suggest what power will this mutated X-gene which is likely Omega level and can even be Beyond Omega level will contain?

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or
    support me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n.c.o.m / DragonsEye
  4. mpbjunkie

    mpbjunkie I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Feb 27, 2021
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    Cool stuff. I'm intrigued. You should really threadmark the chapters, though.
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  5. Threadmarks: Chapter 3

    DragonsEye Getting sticky.

    Feb 16, 2024
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    Ancient One’s POV

    In the hallowed halls of Kamar Taj, I sat immersed in my study, my eyes tracing the words of an ancient tome. Suddenly the air around me shimmered and a message materialized from a communication spell requesting my presence at specific location.

    This was something truly unexpected. Having the time stone, I knew my future too accurately and this event was clearly something that was not supposed to happen.

    As such, I was immensely surprised by such an unforeseen event. The only possible event was that it was interference from an other dimension. So, I had to investigate.

    Reaching for the time stone, I attempted to peer into the future for insight. However, to my shock, the stone revealed nothing. The gravity of the situation was clear and I knew that I must respond.

    After alerting the other sorcerers of Kamar Taj of the potential danger, I conjured a portal and stepped through, arriving in the vast expanse of the African Savannah.
    Before me, an isolation barrier shimmered in the faint starlight.

    With the sense of trepidation, I crossed the barrier. To my surprise, I found a Spider person inside wearing a sorcerer’s garb. Furthermore, the Eye of Agamotto on his cloak clearly revealed him to be a Sorcerer Supreme.

    He was standing in front of a magical circle which housed a cocoon formed of red lightning. The magical circle glowed a rainbow colour creating a symbol of a spider on the cocoon, constantly channelling magical energy into it.

    The importance of Spider people who bound the multiverse was a secret known only to the Sorcerer Supreme. However, the Sorcerer Supreme was bound by strict rules to help a Spider person only when he contacted them first. The sorcerers were not allowed to contact a Spider person on their own.

    As such, it was very rare for a Spider person to become a Sorcerer Supreme in any universe.

    However, I did not know why a Spider-Man who was even a Sorcerer Supreme had come to this world and contacted me.

    But one thing was clear from the magic circle in front of my eyes. This Spider Person was clearly interfering into this world’s fate and doing something which should never have taken place.

    Interfering into another world’s fate could cause damage to the world which was only lesser to the damage caused by the breaking of an absolute point in time.

    “How dare you interfere in this world’s fate? As a Sorcerer Supreme, you should know what will be its consequences?” I shouted angrily at the Spider Sorcerer for doing such an immoral thing.

    “Before you start judging me, examine the situation clearly to see if there are any dimensional distortions.” The Spider Sorcerer asked calmly.

    “How can there be none?” When I used a scan to check, I was stunned to find that the world was as stable as ever.

    “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. I have long since mastered how to do these tricks.” The Spider Sorcerer explained. From his tone, it seemed as if he had lived nearly as long as me.

    “Now let's discuss why I called you here. You may call me Spider Supreme.” The Spider Sorcerer or rather Spider Supreme finally gave his title.

    “I conducted an experiment on young Peter here who would have died if I had not conducted this procedure to save him.” Spider Supreme gestured to the red lightning cocoon.

    “This procedure involved granting him the powers of a certain being and you can see the results.”

    Indeed, I could feel the massive amount of magic coursing through the cocoon. If I hadn’t been told that it was a human in front of me, I would have mistaken the person inside the cocoon for an other-dimensional being.

    “After Peter awakens, he would not only need help in controlling his newfound powers but he also would require proper guidance to nurture his magical potential. I want you to take him in as your student. Teach him all you can.” Spider Supreme asked me to guide Peter and teach him all I could regarding magic.

    Hmm… It was not a bad proposal. Besides, having such a powerful person in Kamar Taj would only be beneficial to us.

    As I contemplated his request, Spider Supreme asked another one. “Furthermore, reach out to the martial artists of Ta Lo. Peter must also learn their mystical martial arts. Make him the strongest you can.”

    Asking the people of Ta Lo to take a student was not impossible although a little difficult. But first, I wanted to know something.

    “Why do want to make him so strong?” I asked curiously. His request to make Peter the strongest we can seemed to be quite suspicious. As such, it was necessary for me to know his motives.

    “That is not something you need to know. I just need Peter to do me some favours once he is strong enough.” Spider Supreme replied coldly, clearly not wanting to reveal his motives.

    Before we could continue our conversation, a call came on Spider Supreme’s wristwatch.

    “Hello, dear!” Spider Supreme responded to the call in such a sweet tone as if his cold and powerful persona from before was nothing.

    A cold, female voice sounded from the device. “It has not even been a few days since our marriage and you have already started gallivanting the multiverse again, my dear husband.”

    Hearing his wife’s voice, Spider Supreme became flustered and spoke in a bid to calm her anger.

    “Morgan, dear. Don't get angry. I have my reasons. I am coming back in a few minutes.” Spider Supreme consoled his wife Morgan, promising his imminent return.

    “It seems that I must return. Don’t worry. From now on, I will not interfere much in this dimension.” Spider Supreme announced his imminent departure.

    Before he went back to his own world, he turned to me with his final words.

    “I forgot to remind you but Peter here also has an X-gene although it is currently developing. As such, you should be prepared for mutants to contact Peter later.”

    To think this young man actually has an X-gene. No wonder, Spider Supreme said that he had great potential.

    “Take care of Peter. He may have escaped his fate but his journey onwards will be a tumultuous one. I hope you will be with him throughout this journey.” Spider Supreme requested me to guide Peter.

    “Don’t worry. He will be in good hands.” I assured Spider Supreme that I would take care of Peter.

    “Very well, then.” Having received my assurance, Spider Supreme opened a unique rainbow coloured portal and leaped into it, returning to his own world.

    Soon after he left, the lightning cocoon enveloping Peter slowly disappeared and the magic circle also deactivated. Let’s see who is this new disciple of mine?

    And thus, the prologue of this story is finished. From now on, most of the story will be in Peter’s POV.

    Also, a hint to my dear readers. Spider Supreme’s wife Morgan is not from Marvel multiverse but from the multiverse Spider Supreme fell in. That multiverse is from which fandom, you all will know in a few chapters.

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or support
    me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye
  6. Wivk

    Wivk Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 28, 2021
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    Is it short for Morrigan or Morgana?
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  7. Grene

    Grene Getting out there.

    Mar 15, 2018
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    Chapter one is not threadmarked.
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  8. Threadmarks: Chapter 4

    DragonsEye Getting sticky.

    Feb 16, 2024
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    Peter Parker’s POV

    When I woke up, I found myself seeing the blue sky down in a bed. Looking around, I found that I was lying in a bed which was strangely in a courtyard. The courtyard was surrounded by eastern architecture, although it was completely empty.

    I was nearly naked, with only a pair of pants on my lower body. How I got here, I had no idea. The last thing I remembered was agreeing to the proposal of that strange spider wizard who was in fact, somehow, myself.

    Confused, I tried to lift myself, but to my surprise, the bed collapsed beneath me as it was made of paper.

    However, I did not have time to question my newfound strength. My hands suddenly grew into claws covered by black scales. Red glowing lines appeared on my body and it suddenly started emitting a strange red lightning.

    It felt like a beastly presence was stirring inside me. Like I was of two minds. A beast was howling inside my body wanting to destroy something, anything.

    “It seems like you are awake.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, a woman appeared before me. She was bald and dressed in monk robes, her eyes brimming with a strange calmness.

    “Don't come near me. I can't control myself.” I warned the woman. My instincts were screaming at me to attack her but somehow I was restraining myself.

    “Don’t worry, attack. You wouldn’t be able to harm me.” She asked me to attack, assuring me that I could not harm her. Despite the chaos within me, something told me that she was right.

    As soon as she said that, it felt like the chains binding the beast inside me were broken. I raised my right hand, releasing a red bolt of lightning towards her.

    I, myself was surprised by my own power but something told me that the beam was not going to hit. And as expected, she created a shield of light, effortlessly stopping the attack without even a flinch.

    Then, suddenly I felt a new sensation on my back. What I think should be wings had emerged from my back.
    Instinctively, I used my new wings to lunge at her. However, my claws only slammed down on the concrete ground, creating a crater.

    The woman had somehow vanished, reappearing at another end of the courtyard. As soon as she reappeared, she shot rays of light at me but I evaded them with ease, my wings carrying me swiftly.

    Over the next few minutes, I attacked her relentlessly, unable to control my instincts. Yet she only defended, only occasionally attacking with her light rays.

    However, I had now understood her attack style. As soon as she vanished, I released another streak of lightning towards her where I somehow instinctively knew she would reappear.

    As soon as she reappeared, the woman hurriedly created a light shield to protect herself. While she protected herself from the lightning, I dashed at her using my wings.

    My claws slammed on the shield, breaking it. However, the woman released a shockwave, stopping me in my tracks and fortunately stopping me from further attacking her.

    Unexpectedly, I could see a slight smile on her face.

    “I believe it is more than enough for today,” The women suddenly said out of nowhere.

    As soon as the woman said these words, I sensed impending danger and dodged sideways instinctively.
    Beams of light more potent than anything the woman had launched before, seared the spot I had just left. That woman, was she trying to kill me?

    “Don't worry. The spell would have only knocked you out.” The woman reassured me as if the beams of light she had launched at me just a moment ago were no big deal.

    “I believe that you are now ready for the next phase.” The woman said.

    Before I could comprehend her words, the women created a light circle using her hands and suddenly a large border was flying towards me.

    However, for some reason, I felt no fear. I launched myself at the boulder using my wings, my own strength amplifying the momentum and shattered it into dust easily.

    Afterwards, the woman continued attacking me with obviously magical means. She conjured several fireballs in thin air and launched them at me.

    Surprisingly, I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of danger from them. Still, I tried to dodge them using whatever control I had left over my body.

    Despite my best efforts to dodge, I was still hit by a few fireballs. But, to my surprise, I didn’t even feel the heat from the fireballs, much less was burnt.

    Afterwards, the woman launched a large variety of elemental attacks at me. From freezing blizzards and small tornadoes to thunderbolts, the woman launched nearly every possible natural disaster at me.

    And it was even more surprising that I either dodged those attacks or weathered through them as if they were nothing.

    “This is going nowhere.” The woman muttered after seeing the results. Then, she created another circle of light through her hands.

    Several ghostly armoured warriors appeared around the woman as she created the light circle. Then, on her orders, these warriors lunged at me.

    The warriors’ attacks were not anything special but as I didn’t have any prior fighting experience, I had difficulty dealing with their attacks.

    As such, I was hit by a few of their sword attacks but for some reason, they didn’t have any effect on this new body of mine. So, it didn’t take much time for me to dispatch these ghost warriors.

    Seeing that the warriors were even less useful against me, the woman once again switched to elemental attacks.

    As I fought the woman, my mind gradually became one with my body and eventually I started regaining control over it.

    But upon seeing this, the woman not only didn’t slow down her attacks but instead of the other hand, increased their frequency.

    It was only when I gained complete control over my body that the woman stopped her attacks.

    “Interesting, I thought you would take more than a few hours to regain control. However, you managed to control yourself within only two hours.” The woman congratulated me for controlling myself so quickly.

    “Who are you?” I asked curious about this woman who was able to hold out against this new monstrously powerful body of mine.

    “I am Ancient One, the leader of the sorcerers of the Kamar Taj.” The woman introduced herself surprisingly as the leader of a society of sorcerers.

    I would have that she was joking with me if I had not seen those various magical attacks of her and met that Spider Wizard who was probably me.

    “The person who healed you and gave you these powers has entrusted you into my care so that you can learn how to control your newfound powers. Moreover, the procedure has given you great magic potential. Therefore, you will learn magic from us.” Ancient One explained why I was here with her.

    From her words, it was clear that I will be in her care from now on.

    With a wave of her hand, she opened what looked to be a portal to another courtyard, similar to the one we had just destroyed. It was filled with several robe clad individuals practicing their magic relentlessly.

    “Come, I believe it is time for you to take your steps into this new world.”

    So, my dear readers! Did you like this chapter? As I have said before, this is the first time I am writing seriously. As such, this is the first combat scene I have written. Hope you liked it!

    Also, I decided to show Peter’s powers in this way because of something I had heard somewhere which just stuck with me that ‘Power is shown, not described.’

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or just support me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye
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    As I stepped through the portal, I could feel the eyes of the magic practitioners on me, their gazes heavy and curious.

    It wasn’t surprising given how I looked with horns on my head, the claws where my hands should be and wings sprouting from my back. It was as though I were a creature from a different world.

    “Would I have to live like this my entire life?” I asked Ancient One as I became conscious of the gazes on me.

    “I believe you should be able to revert to a normal human body given that you only took this form after you woke up. Feel your power, try to guide it.” Ancient one guided me with calm and composed demeanour.

    Closing my eyes, I tried to focus, taking deep breaths as I centred my thoughts on my powers. Gradually, I could feel my body shifting, changing until I opened my eyes to find myself in a human form.

    Yet this human form was different, unfamiliar. It was lean and muscular, much different from my previous body.

    Moreover, I could still feel the beast within me. My instincts were still sharp and barely within my control. I felt like I could call upon my powers in an instant.

    Suddenly, I felt embarrassed as I realised that I was nearly naked. The fight had nearly destroyed the only article of clothing on my body.

    Now that I think of it, how did these pants survive such a ferocious battle? Suddenly, my eyes fell on the some glowing letters written on the pants. Were these pants enhanced with magic?

    Feeling the gazes of various magic practitioners on me, I could not help but feel embarrassed. Seeing my discomfort, the Ancient One led me to a room in a nearby building.

    “You go and clean yourself up. Once you are properly freshened up, I will let you have a call with your guardians.” Ancient One told me what I should do.

    As soon as I heard about my guardians, I felt like I had once again entered that near death state. How could I forget about Uncle Ben and Aunt May?

    So much had happened so suddenly that I had no time to think about them.

    I was dying then suddenly another me appeared before me and said that he would save me. And then when I woke up, I once again entered a monster-like form. Now that everything had calm down for me, I could think about other matters.

    “How many days has it been since I was here?” I hurriedly asked Ancient One.

    “I believe you are worried about how your guardians will react to your disappearance. For your information, it has only been 4 days so don’t worry too much.” Ancient One informed me in her usual calm tone.

    Four days, hearing this anxiety gripped me. Although it was only 4 days instead of weeks, I was still worried deeply about Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

    They must be worried sick due to my sudden disappearance, trying all means to somehow find me and what would Gwen be thinking?

    She was there when I was almost dead. What would she think when she finds that my body was not found? She could not even tell anyone what had actually happened.

    With these thoughts in my mind, I went to clean up.
    However, as soon as my eyes looked at the mirror, all of my thoughts vanished. Because the face looking back at me could not be the face of Peter Parker.

    Instead of brown hair, I now had silvery white hair. What was more important were my eyes. Where my once brown eyes were, there were red eyes, slitted like that of a beast.
    Moreover, my features were much sharper than before.

    Combined with my muscular body, I looked more like a superstar than a nerdy kid from the Queens. Although, my slitted eyes give me quite a wild look.

    Looking at my appearance, I was once again reminded of how much I had changed. What would Aunt May and Uncle Ben feel when they see me like this? Would they even recognise me?

    Fortunately, my voice was still quite similar to my previous one. Otherwise with so much changes, I think I would have had an identity crisis.

    Shaking off my worries for the moment I went to clean up. For some reason, everything was automatic here. I didn’t even need to touch anything as I was cleaned by the self moving tools.

    When I finished cleaning up, I was also made to wear monk robes by another automatic tool. As such, my entire cleaning experience was quite a weird one.

    After cleaning up, when I left the bathroom, I found Ancient One in the dining room. She had readied quite a sumptuous feast for me.

    Although I had a lot on my mind, I could not skip on food. But as I was about to touch the food, I suddenly remembered what had happened when I had touched the bed when I had woken up.

    “Let me help you.” Ancient One said and then her hand created a familiar circle of light. Then, the various utensils started floating and she helped me eat the food using these floating utensils.

    Now, I understand why everything was automatic in the bathroom. It was to prevent me from breaking anything.
    Although, I understood that it was all just for prevention, it was just too embarrassing for me. Due to my embarrassment, the entire dinner was a silent one.

    “Now let’s discuss your future.” Ancient One began to discuss my future after I had finished eating.

    “Let me first explain to you what kind of group we are.” Ancient One started explaining what were the sorcerers and what was their purpose.

    “The Kamar Taj is a hidden society whose entire purpose is to protect Earth from dimensional threats. As such, we do not interfere with the outside world. Even most of our members come to join us. Not many of them are actually recruited by ourselves.” Ancient One explained.

    “So you can understand that your presence in Kamar Taj is a peculiar one. Moreover, nearly all of our members generally do not step out of Kamar Taj, once they enter it.”

    As soon as Ancient One explained the general procedure for the sorcerers of Kamar Taj, I became fearful about my existence here.

    “Does that mean that I would have to live my entire life here?” I questioned, fearful for my future. If I could not leave Kamar Taj, it would mean that I would never be able to meet Aunt May, Uncle Ben and all of my friends.

    “Don’t worry. It is only the case for the general sorcerers. Your very powers give you such magical potential that it is nearly unmatched in the entire history of Kamar Taj.
    Moreover, do you think the person who gave you these powers had given them to you so that you could spend your entire life here?” Ancient One reassured me while hinting at the motives of the one who gave me these powers.

    Indeed, that Spider Wizard would not have helped me and left me at Kamar Taj if I was only going to spend my entire life here.

    “Once you have complete control over your powers and have learnt an acceptable amount of mystic arts, you would have a sort of freelance relationship with us. You would continue to learn from us but you would also have a life separate from the world of Magic. However, you would still have some responsibility towards Kamar Taj.” Ancient One explained her plan for my future.

    As I had learnt about the circumstances of other sorcerers in Kamar Taj from Ancient One, I knew that she had given me an enormous opportunity. Where else would I be able to learn magical knowledge while still being able o live an ordinary life.

    “Now come. It’s about time you had a call with your family. They must be worried sick about you.”

    And so Peter enters the world of magic as a completely different person. What will he experience in this new world which is completely unfamiliar to him? Find out in the next chapters of ‘Not a Spider, but a Dragon’.

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    I was anxious to make the call but Ancient One stopped me.

    “Before you make the call, we must discuss a few things first.” Ancient One said that there were some things to be discussed before I could call them.

    “As you know, what has happened to you may seem nonsensical to any ordinary person. Moreover, too much information can be quite dangerous for your Uncle and Aunt to know. Therefore, we must fabricate a story.
    Knowing the true story is not necessary for your uncle and aunt and can even cause danger to them.” Ancient One told me that I could not tell Uncle Ben and Aunt May what had actually happened.

    I was hesitant as they were my only family. I did not want to lie to them. However, after some thinking, I agreed as knowing too much could indeed be dangerous for them.

    “I did not tell you before but you have an X-gene. At this moment, it is dormant and we do not know when will it awaken.” Ancient One dropped the bomb that was the fact that I had an X-gene.

    To think that I actually had an X-gene. But if I had an X-gene then does it mean that my efforts to obtain powers through the lizard serum were for nothing. I could have easily obtained them when my X-gene awakened.

    “Peter, you with me.” I came out of my thoughts when Ancient One called me.

    “Yes.” I decided to put my thoughts in the back of my mind. There was no need to dwell on my past, I only needed to look forward to the future.

    “So we will treat your power from the procedure as if they are your mutant powers. By the way, have you heard about the mutants who recently appeared in the news.” Ancient one asked me if I knew about those mutants.

    “Yes, I know.” It was after all one of the biggest news nowadays. As such, these mutants were quite famous. For example, there was this woman who could shoot lightning and cause blizzards who was caught on camera a few months ago fighting with another mutant.

    “But how do you know about them? You said that Kamar Taj was a closed society.” I asked curiously.

    “We are indeed a closed society. But we always keep a close eye on the mutants in chance they have a magic related or dimension related mutant ability.” Ancient One replied.

    “So, you will say to your uncle and aunt that you are currently in the care of these mutants and you can’t return now because your powers are currently unstable.” Ancient One explained the fabricated story I had to tell Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

    “Now, you can have a talk with your family.” Ancient One then stood up from her seat and took me to another building.

    “Kamar Taj does not allow network connection to the outside world. We generally use communication spells to communicate with each other. Thus, the only way to connect to the global network is inside here.”

    Inside the building was a telephone similar to the ones seen in a telephone booth. Ancient One floated the telephone to me and dialled the number as I told her because I could not control my strength.

    My heart pounded as the phone rang, the reality of the situation sinking in.

    “Hello?” The phone was picked up and Aunt May’s voice came from the other end. She must have been worried for me.

    “Aunt May, it’s me, Peter!” I said, my voice a little shaky.

    “Peter, where have you been? We were so worried about you.” Aunt May replied, relief evident in her tone.

    “I…..I need to talk to Uncle Ben as well. I don’t think I would be able to call again. Is he there?”

    “Just a moment, Peter.” Aunt May said and I could hear her calling for Uncle Ben in the background.

    Once Uncle Ben joined the call, I took a deep breath and began to tell them the fabricated story.

    “Uncle Ben, Aunt May, I need to tell you something. I have…..I have become a mutant.”

    There was a pause on the other end of the line and I feared the worst. There were many people who were ostracised once it was found that they were a mutant.

    “Are you alright? Do you feel any problems? Where are you now?” Aunt May started a barrage of questions, worried about me.

    Fortunately it seemed that it did not matter to my family whether I was mutant or not.

    I told them the fabricated story that my mutant powers attracted the attention of other mutants and that I was currently with them, learning how to control my powers.

    “Are you okay there? You are not having any problems right?” Aunt May and Uncle Ben were surprised that I was with a secret mutant society but in the end, they were more worried about me.

    “I am okay. I am learning a lot here and everyone is very supportive.” I assured them.

    “But when will we see you, Peter?” Aunt May asked, her voice tinged with worry.

    I did not know how to answer this question. It would obviously take a lot of time before I would have complete control and a great knowledge regarding mystic arts.

    “Hello, Ben, May. This is Ancient One. I am the leader here.” Ancient One introduced herself.

    “Don’t worry about Peter. He is learning how to control his powers here. Once he does, he will be able to visit you sometimes. I promise I will personally bring him to meet you once he is ready.”

    I looked at Ancient One in surprise. I had not expected her to make such a promise but I was grateful. Even if I could not tell my family the truth, at least they knew that I was safe and they could see me again soon.

    And so Ancient One asks Peter to tell his family half truths when she doesn’t know the whole truth herself.

    Also, the mutants and X-Men will be a major part of this story. Although they will not appear before this whole training and magic arc is finished.

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    Those three chapters feel like one chapter.
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    “By the way, how is it over there?” I asked.
    “Don’t remind me of those sad times. As soon as it was found that you disappeared, Captain Stacy had launched a search team for you. By the way, why did you never tell us that you were bullied so much?” Uncle Ben asked with a judgemental tone.

    Fuck! I cursed mentally as I realised that Uncle Ben and Aunt May now knew how much I was bullied. I always tried to downplay how much I was bullied whenever I was asked about it. Besides, because of relentless efforts from Harry, Gwen and MJ, the bullying had gone way down before this whole debacle began.

    “Although I am angry at you for not telling us about that matter, I will let it go for the time being. But we will have a talk when you return, alright.” Uncle Ben said with the tone he used at me whenever I did anything wrong.

    “But how did you learn about this?” It was not easy for them to learn about this matter unless they were specifically searching about it in the school.

    “It was because of Captain Stacy. When he didn’t find anything, he decided to take advice from your friends and they pointed him at your bullies.

    From what I have heard, Captain Stacy had taken them to the police station that very night and grilled them for every detail. Captain Stacy was so angry when he learnt about the bullying that he would have put those bullies into jail if they were not minors.”

    Looks like I would have to thank Captain Stacy next time I meet him. After all, it was about time those bastards got their just deserts.

    “Well, now you can tell everyone that I am alright.” At last, everyone will be able to take a sigh of relief upon knowing I am safe. Especially Gwen. Who knows what would she be feeling now?

    “But, what would we tell everyone? We can’t just tell them that you are a mutant.” Uncle Ben asked me.

    This was indeed a dilemma. As the story was fabricated hastily, we didn’t have time to think about this topic.

    “I have an idea.” Aunt May said from the other side of the call.

    “We can tell everyone that you had a medical emergency and a Good Samaritan helped you. You were not able to contact anyone till now because you were unconscious. However, you will not be able to return because you health is still not okay.”

    “This plan is great, Aunt May. Although it is not perfect, I believe that it can work.” It is good that we had a good cover story. But in the end, I ended with not one but two cover stories which just didn’t fit right with me.

    I talked with them for quite sometime but eventually time came for us to end the call. Uncle Ben and Aunt May reluctantly ended the call but not before telling me to take care of myself.

    Glancing out the window, I noted that the darkening sky had stealthily turned into night while we were talking.

    Ancient One took me to the previous building to have a dinner. Having had a sumptuous feast earlier, I opted for a light meal. After dinner, Ancient One took me to a building that was to be my sleeping quarters.

    “Put this belt on before you go to bed. This will restrain your strength. Although, you will easily be able to break free from the restraint, you don’t want to break another bed, do you?” Ancient One gave me an enchanted belt which would restrain my strength so that I would not break another bed.

    I knew that the belt will stop me from having any further accidents, but I was reluctant to wear one. It somehow felt like I had to wear a diaper despite being an adult.

    As I lay in my bed, sleep eluded me. My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, recollections of the day’s events replaying in a loop.

    I recalled how I suddenly became berserk as soon as I woke up. Thankfully, Ancient One was there. Otherwise, I did not know what would have happened.

    Even then, it took me near an hour to finally control myself. And given Ancient One’s expression at that time, she had thought that it would take much longer.

    I knew that even now, I was barely controlling myself. The beast within me was only asleep lightly, ready to awaken at the slightest provocation.

    I did not know when I would be able to tame that beast but I knew that I had to do it. Otherwise, I would never be able to return to my normal life.

    With such thoughts in my mind, I gradually fell asleep.

    I could see a huge, white dragon, its scales gleaming with a metallic lustre. The sight was awe inspiring; the dragon was mountainous in size, standing on its hind legs.

    When it flew in the sky, the other dragons flying felt small both in the matter of size and the matter of sheer presence.

    It was like a god-like being for the other dragons. Yet, it was a carefree creature, never interfering generally in the matters of the humans.

    One day, the white dragon felt that the planet would soon not be able to sustain its very existence. It saw its dragon kin leaving the planet to a different world through a portal.
    However, perhaps due to its arrogance feeling that it could survive this catastrophe with its strength, the dragon didn’t leave immediately. And that was its greatest folly.

    It saw a great tragedy being brought to the entire planet due to an alien lifeform. In front of its eyes, the enormous continents were destroyed and what was left was just an endless, lifeless ocean. A sea of nothingness.

    At that moment, the dragon knew that it had to escape. But unfortunately, the portals had already closed.

    It flew through the sea of nothingness, seeking a way to somehow escape the planet. Using its great wisdom, the white dragon found a way to the other world deep beneath the earth’s crust.

    It used its giant body to sink into the depths of the earth. Eventually, it succeeded and reached the portal.

    But even so, the dragon could not enter the portal due to the passage being too narrow.

    Eventually, the dragon died due to exhaustion as it circled the empty sea of the world.

    Awakening from the dream, I rose up haphazardly. Even now, I could still feel the dragon’s despair of not being able to save itself.

    Looking outside the window, I found myself staring at the early morning sky.

    My instincts were getting out of control once again. I somehow managed to control them, yet my powers felt wilder than before.

    Almost reflexively, I turned my hand into a claw covered in black scales which gleamed with a metallic lustre.
    Looking at the black scaled claw, I pondered why my scales were black while the dragon in my dreams was a white one.

    Besides, just the genes of a lizard had turned me into a monster. But if the powers I had gained were from this freaking great dragon, then they should not only be this much.

    The dream, the dragon and my powers felt connected, yet the answers remained out of my reach.

    Well, I believe that the fate series fans should have now realised which dragon’s genes were used to make the serum which was used on Peter.

    For those who don’t know, the dragon is Albion from fate series. And since the dragon is from fate series, you should also have realised which Morgan is Spider Supreme’s wife.

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or just support me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye
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    As my instincts were acting up, I immediately went to see Ancient One after freshening up.

    She was in a nearby courtyard, talking with some other sorcerers. As soon as she saw me, her eyes widened.

    “Your powers are acting up. This could be dangerous. Come, we must start another spar so that you can increase your control over your body once again.” Ancient One immediately discerned my state and hurried me.

    “Ancient One, may I have a few moments?” We were about to depart when suddenly, a dark skinned man interrupted our plans.

    “Yes, you may, Master Mordo.” So, the man’s name was Mordo and he was a master at Kamar Taj.

    “Ancient One, you are the Sorcerer Supreme of Kamar Taj. As such, you have great responsibilities.” Master Mordo spoke of Ancient One’s duties.

    “I understand that this new apprentice has great potential. However, I believe that any master at Kamar Taj is enough to train him. So, I believe you should relegate his training to a master. I myself would be more than glad to do this task.” Master Mordo politely implied that Ancient One has greater duties than training me.

    Upon hearing this, Ancient One didn’t get angry that someone was challenging her position as the leader of Kamar Taj. Instead, she just slightly smiled.

    “It is my fault that I had forgotten to talk to you about Peter’s true powers. Master Mordo, why don’t you spar with Peter today instead of me? Then, you will understand why it is necessary for me to train Peter.” Ancient One invited Master Mordo to spar with me.

    “It would be my pleasure, Ancient One.” Master Mordo said bowing to Ancient One.

    “Do you have any objections, Peter?” Ancient One asked my opinion.

    “No, it’s fine. I am fine as long as I get trained.” I did not have any objections in the first place.

    Although, I only knew Ancient One, I would be happy to be taught by anyone. I was more than grateful to the Sorcerers of Kamar Taj that they were training me and helping me control my powers.

    Ancient One opened a portal after the whole arrangement was confirmed. Entering it, I found a courtyard similar to the one before we had entered the portal. The only exception was that there were no people here.

    “This is the Mirror Dimension. Here, we can train without the fear of damaging anything or injuring anyone.” Ancient One explained this new strange world to me.

    I and Master Mordo took our positions in the courtyard, ready to start the spar.

    “Start.” Ancient One’s voice echoed in the empty courtyard.

    As soon as I heard Ancient One, I stopped holding my instincts. It felt like the beast within me was unleashed.

    Yesterday, the transformation had happened suddenly and I had no time to observe it properly. However, now I could feel how my body was transforming.

    My hands became claws and my skin was covered in black scales at various places.

    Two horns appeared on my head and a pair of wings unfurled from my back. Several red lines appeared on my body glowing brighter than yesterday.

    My entire body felt like it was surging with power. Red lightning was also emitting slightly from my body.

    Master Mordo was obviously surprised by my transformation. It seems that he was not in the courtyard when I had appeared there yesterday.

    I started the battle by shooting a bolt of red lightning at Master Mordo. The red lightning indeed seemed to be stronger than yesterday.

    Master Mordo’s boots started glowing and suddenly he dodged the lightning bolt by leaping into the air.

    Upon seeing my surprise, Master Mordo took advantage of it and summoned a staff which glowed with magical energy and then elongated. He rushed at me while walking on the air.

    I could easily counter him by releasing another bolt or even use my superior strength to overwhelm him.
    However, I instinctively used a move I had not used yesterday.

    I discharged a wave of red lightning from my body, engulfing my surroundings.

    Master Mordo, surprised by this move of mine, hastily created a magic shield. Furthermore, a ring on his hand glowed and another shield appeared behind the hastily created shield. However, the shields were unable to withstand the lightning discharge and Master Mordo was propelled backwards, somewhat shocked by the lightning.

    Seeing Mordo momentarily incapacitated, I launched another series of bolts at him. But, Master Mordo was ready this time, deftly dodging the barrage of attacks.

    Seeing that I would not be able to attack him by just launching bolts, I started to attack seriously.

    I used my wings to dart towards Mordo while simultaneously launching lightning bolts.

    Mordo dodged the lightning bolts but was caught off-guard by my speed and agility as his boots could not surpass my wings.

    As I came near Mordo, I instinctively used another move I had not used before. I swung at Mordo using my claws, this time covered with red lightning.

    However, Mordo was more prepared than before this time and therefore conjured a more stable shield along with the shield from his ring.

    However, my claw easily broke through the magical shields as if they were paper.

    As I saw Mordo’s look of terror, I tried to halt my attack. However, it was already too late as I could not stop the momentum.

    Suddenly, Mordo vanished before my eyes. Seeing this, I released a sigh of relief. I had almost thought that Mordo could not teleport like Ancient One.

    “This is enough. The spar is over.” Ancient One’s voice rang out.

    Looking over, I could see Master Mordo at the side of Ancient One looking ashamed.

    Could it be that Master Mordo really couldn’t teleport like Ancient One?

    And so ended Peter’s first proper fight. I hope you liked the surprise fight. Honestly, with Mordo’s rigidity, it was pretty obvious that there would be a fight.

    As I have said before, this is my first story and I only know about combat scenes from what I have read in the novels and seen in the movies. So, I hope everyone liked the combat scenes.

    If you want to read 7 chapters ahead or just supp
    ort me, visit my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye
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    “Now do you understand, Master Mordo? Why only I can train Peter?” Ancient One calmly explained to Master Mordo why only she was able to train me.

    “Peter not only has an immense magic potential but as you can see, also great powers he can’t properly control. As such only I can train him properly.”

    “Just because you are a master now, it doesn't mean that you know everything. If you had not underestimated Peter, you would have lasted longer against him.” Ancient One criticized Master Mordo for not taking me seriously.

    Master Mordo calmly listened to Ancient One’s admonishment knowing he was in the wrong.

    “Go and reflect on your actions during the fight, it will help you learn more.”

    Hearing Ancient One’s command, Master Mordo bowed his head in respect and opened a portal in return to Kamar Taj.

    Ancient One then turned her attention to me.

    “Forgive Mordo, he has been learning in Kamar Taj since he was a child. Thus, his thoughts are set in stone regarding the duties one must perform in Kamar Taj. As such, he can't help but be a little traditional.” Ancient One explained Master Mordo’s past to me and the reason for his obstination.

    “It is nothing. Moreover, I also learned quite much from him.” I brushed off Master Mordo’s behaviour as it was nothing much. I had faced much worse from my bullies.

    Also, it was true that I had learned something from him in this short battle.

    Ancient One had battled quite defensively in the fight yesterday as I could not properly control myself then.
    Moreover, she was also testing me as we fought.

    However, Master Mordo fought quiet offensively. I even got to use new moves such as lightning discharge and the lightning infused attack.

    “But why could you teleport so rapidly when Mordo could not?” I asked Ancient One curiously.

    Upon hearing my question, Ancient One just smiled. She conjured several magical circles and pasted them to various corners of the courtyard. Some magical circles were even in the sky. Then, the circles turned invisible.

    “I could warp so rapidly because I had already stuck various warp circles in the surroundings. It is one of the primary methods of the sorcerers. We always try to prepare the field if possible.” Ancient One revealed the secret.

    “Moreover, I already knew that your power had lightning attribute as you were under my care. So, I only used lightning resistant shields during the battle yesterday.”

    “Do you remember how easily you had broken my shield yesterday when you had gotten close?” She reminded me of the fight yesterday.

    “Now, come. It is about time we started our training today.” Ancient One ended her lecture and we began sparring.

    For the next few hours, we continued sparring. It was quite similar to the spar yesterday in that I continued to attack and Ancient One only used shields while sometimes attacking and continuously warping.

    However, there were also a few differences. My powers were indeed stronger than yesterday and I was more in control of my body. Thus, I could often take advantage of her openings.

    Moreover, I could now use the sixth sense I had felt yesterday more properly. It was a little similar to Gwen’s Spider sense in that it was also a warning system for danger.

    However, it also provided me a sort of insight in everything. How strong someone in front of me was, how much would this attack hurt me, something like that. It was because of it that I was able to grasp when the warp circles activated allowing me to know where Ancient One was going to appear.

    I decided to call it ‘Dragon sense’ as a tribute to the dragon I saw in my dreams.

    “I believe it is enough for today.” Ancient One said as I broke her shield and she warped for the umpteenth time.

    “Seriously, you fight like a rampaging beast. If it was anyone other than me, he would not have even be able to activate the warp circles before you reached them.”
    Ancient One said how frustrating it was to fight me without using her full power.

    We soon returned to Kamar Taj using another portal.

    “Now, I must leave. As Master Mordo said, I indeed have several duties as the Sorcerer Supreme.” Ancient One said reminding me of her various duties.

    “Wait, Ancient One. I have something to tell you.” I decided to tell her about my dream as I could not conclude what it meant.

    “What is it, Peter?” Ancient One questioned.

    I explained to her how I saw a mountain sized white dragon in my dreams.

    “Don’t worry. I believe it is just the side effect of your body accepting your powers. It seems that Spider Supreme used the blood of quite a unique creature to provide you these powers.” Ancient One said to me after giving it some thought.

    So, the Spider Supreme indeed used a procedure similar to the Lizard Serum to give me these powers. In this case, I obtained the powers of a dragon instead of a lizard.
    Although I still had some doubts, there was no reason to mull over this topic when I would likely not find any answers.

    “Apprentice Tenzin,” Ancient One called a young apprentice who was practicing nearby.

    “Yes, Ancient One.” Tenzin was a young man of Asian descent about a few years older than me.

    “Take Peter to the library so that he can obtain the introductory magic books.” Ancient One instructed Tenzin.

    Turning to me, Ancient One said, “ Don’t forget to tell Master Wong to put telekinetic spells on the books. We do not want you to destroy any precious books.”

    And so I left with Tenzin towards the library all the while silently cursing my lack of control over my super strength. Honestly, it made me feel like I was treated as a baby who would break anything.

    The Dragon Sense Peter has is a mutated form of Spider Sense which he obtained from the magic circle Spider Supreme had used, in case anyone of you forgot.

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    “Greetings, Master Wong,” Apprentice Tenzin greeted the librarian Master Wong as we entered the library.

    Master Wong was a man of Asian descent, somewhat fat, giving him a slightly pudgy appearance.

    “Hello, Tenzin,” Master Wong greeted us. “Ah! You must be the new apprentice everyone is talking about. Peter, right!”

    “Yes, Master Wong. I would need the introductory magic books.” I asked Master Wong for the books.

    Hearing this, Master Wong simply created a small magic portal and took out the books I had asked.

    “Um… Master Wong. Could you please put a telekinetic spell on the books?” I asked embarrassingly.

    Upon hearing this request, Master Wong simply laughed.
    “I believe that the last time an apprentice required a telekinetic spell for reading books was about a thousand years ago.”

    Hearing his comment, my ears turned red because I felt ashamed.

    “Don’t be embarrassed. This is just a reminder of your great potential.” Master Wong sternly said, seeing that I was feeling ashamed because of my lack of control.

    Then, he took out a bracelet. Magic circles appeared on his hands and a green glow then covered both the books and the bracelet.

    “I have put the telekinetic spell on the books and linked them to the bracelet. With the help of the bracelet, you can easily read the books without touching them.” Master Wong instructed me.

    Testing the bracelet, I put it on my right hand. Indeed, using the bracelet, I could easily lift a book and even turn its pages easily.

    Having obtained the necessary books, I decided to return to my lodging. However, Master Wong’s voice echoed behind me.

    “Apprentice Peter, I understand that you are new to this world. A new place with new powers. Even I was once like you.

    However, Ancient One has great hopes for you. These powers you have, come with great responsibility. I hope you will fulfil them.”

    Hearing this, I did not know how to respond. Although Uncle Ben had taught me about responsibility since I was young, this was the first time I was actually feeling the weight of it. I just gave Master Wong a nod before moving.

    After settling into my lodgings, I carefully opened the books ready to dive into the world of magic.

    As I continued to read, I noticed something strange. My intelligence and comprehension ability seemed to have increased dramatically.

    At first, I did not believe it thinking I might just have a talent for magic. So, in order to test this theory, I began running several complex calculations in my mind which even I with my genius intelligence required several minutes to solve.

    To my astonishment, I could solve them quite easily. What calculations once required minutes, I could now solve them in a few seconds. I was even able to identify errors in the Lizard serum I had created but could not previously identify.

    This discovery was great and if my intelligence had been enhanced this much before that whole incident, I would have been dancing with joy. Yet now, I only felt a slight amount of joy and was rather more motivated towards reading the books I had borrowed from the library.

    Perhaps it was because I was more mature after the whole incident or it was because I was more motivated to learn the mystic arts as fast as I could do that I could meet my family. Whatever the reason, it felt to me like I had changed much from how I was before.

    The following day, I was once again in the presence of Ancient One in the same courtyard where I had first appeared.

    Around me, several apprentices were focusing on creating portals, their hands flickering with a fiery energy.

    “You must have already read all the introductory books you have received from the library. So, do you understand why apprentices start with a portal spell rather than something like a fireball one?” Ancient One questioned me.

    “Yes, I understand. When the sorcerers start their training, they do not have their own reservoir of magical energy. So, they initially siphon energy from other dimensions to cast spells.

    Thus, the portal spell is first taught to the apprentices as it teaches them how to siphon magical energy from other dimensions. It is only after the sorcerers are much more experienced that they form their own reservoir.” I dutifully explained.

    “Now, let me explain why you have a great potential compared to the other sorcerers.” Ancient One directly pointed her finger to my heart.

    “You already have quite a large reservoir of magical energy in your heart. Moreover, this reservoir is quite efficient not only in utilising the energy but also in absorbing it.

    Comparing it to a general sorcerer’s magical energy reservoir is like comparing a backup generator to a nuclear reactor.” Ancient One explained why I had a great magic potential.

    “What! A nuclear reactor!” I finally understood why everyone said that I had a great potential and why they had great hopes for me.

    “Now, try to create a portal like the others are doing. Imagine some place in Kamar Taj you are familiar with. For example your room.” Ancient One said handing me a sling ring.

    I already had a feel on how the other apprentices were trying to create a portal with my dragon sense. So, I closed my eyes and focused on that feeling. Then, I used that feeling to try to create a portal with my sling ring.

    Upon opening my eyes, I didn’t know what to say. I had created a portal with the other side showing my room.

    However, the portal was surrounded not by a fiery energy like the other portals. Instead it was sparkling with my unique red lightning.

    The portal seemed, however, at least usable, although only by me. But after a few moments, the lightning energy surrounding the portal started becoming unstable and then –Boom!

    The portal self imploded causing a small shockwave in the surroundings.

    “It seems that you still need quite some training. You still can’t control your powers properly.” Ancient One only said this much.

    However, I felt despair knowing that not only my strength but also my control over magic was shot to hell.

    Well, my dear Peter. It seems that although you have obtained great powers, they come not only with great responsibility but also great grind. So, get ready. After all, the grind never stops.

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    I was sparring once again with Ancient One. Like always, I started with a bolt of red lightning. However, this time, the lightning bolt was different.

    Instead of a single bolt of red lightning, I launched a spear formed of concentrated red lightning.

    Ancient One created a lightning resistant shield. However, the shield was already wavering after being hit by single spear, despite it being a lightning resistant one.

    It had been a week since I had arrived at Kamar Taj, and started my training in the mystic arts. The days where I created portals of red lightning were long gone.

    However, seriously, it took me a lot of effort to move past the portal spell.

    At start, whenever I created a portal, it was shrouded with red lightning and self imploded.

    After some rigorous training, I could finally create stable portals although they were still shrouded by lightning.
    When after much training, I could only reduce the amount of lightning surrounding the portal, Ancient One simply gave up and said that I would be able to create normal portals with time.

    Then, I started my training on energy constructs. It was at this point that my combat ability soared.

    When I had created my first energy construct, an energy whip, it was again formed of red lightning instead of neutral magical energy.

    Fortunately it was beneficial to me this time as I could use the lightning constructs in combat and it also helped me in training my magic.

    Ancient One had said to me that I should know focus on energy constructs as I would not be able to use other spells until my lightning attribute stopped bleeding into my spells. So, I should try to create energy constructs of just neutral magical energy.

    Fortunately it did not affect me as much because I could easily produce the same effect as that of most lightning spells with my lightning constructs.

    Moreover, I had confirmed that my intelligence had indeed been enhanced. Actually, only the introductory books in the library were available in English. The rest of the books were in freaking Sanskrit language.

    I didn’t even recognise the script it was written in, much less the actual language. Yet, I was able to learn Sanskrit in just two days.

    Now, back into the fight, Ancient One’s shield broke after just taking another spear. Seeing another spear coming after her, she warped to another spot.

    This time, however I did not attack immediately like a rampaging beast as I did earlier. Instead I took to the skies claiming the higher ground to take the upper hand.

    This was another change. Now, I could control my instincts enough that I could make my own decisions in a fight instead of just relying on my instincts.

    Ancient One launched a barrage of energy blasts at me which I easily dodged with the help of my wings. This was also a way for me to train my flight ability.

    I launched a barrage of lightning bolts at her forcing her to warp once more. This time, however, I was prepared.

    With the help of my dragon sense, I easily knew where she would appear. As I sparred again and again with Ancient One, I could easily feel when a warp circle was activated.

    This was what had happened during our first fight. During that battle, as I had fought her continuously, I had unconsciously sensed the activation of the warp circle near me using my dragon sense.

    Forming a lightning blade in my hand, I plunged downwards, ready to strike as she materialised. But it was not that easy to take advantage of the Ancient One.

    She created a wind tornado forcing me into my tracks and thus we continued our dance of magic, After some more time into the spar, Ancient One finally stopped it.

    “It is getting more and more difficult to spar with you. You attack like a relentless beast, a truly unfair opponent for any sorcerer.” Ancient One admitted with a look of exhaustion on her face.

    “To stop you, I would have to use more lethal spells which I can't use because we are just sparring.” Ancient One reminded me to not get arrogant.

    “Moreover, we sorcerers are not at our full strength unless we fight using the mirror dimension which I can’t use because you have not advanced to that point.” Ancient One explained that a sorcerer’s greatest strength was the mirror dimension.

    Ancient One didn’t, in fact, have to explain since I had fought her once at her full power. She had used her full power at me in that battle so that I did not get arrogant after suddenly gaining such tremendous powers.

    I still get shivers whenever I remember that battle.
    Ancient One had distorted the mirror dimension so much that I could not even get near her, much less attack her. All the while, she was raining lethal spells at me as if they were nothing.

    “I believe that your training is now reaching a bottleneck. You still can't stop your lightning attribute from bleeding into your magic spells. Also, you have not achieved any matter of control over your tremendous strength.” Ancient One said to me and I fully agreed with her on this point.

    I knew that I would not be able to advance any further until I achieved some proper control over my body.
    However, I didn’t even know where to start from in order to move on this path.

    “I think that we must start with the basics. Which in your case, I believe, is your lack of control over your strength.”

    “However, you will not be able to train it on Kamar Taj. As such, I have reached out to another hidden society which will teach you how to control your strength.”

    Ancient One suddenly dropped the bomb that I would have to go to another hidden society.

    “Would I be able to maintain contact with Uncle Ben and Aunt May there?” I questioned as I had only been able to survive this whole new world with a whole new me because I could always relay on Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
    They were always a call away, ready to listen to all of my problems no matter what they were.

    “No, they are a completely closed community.” Ancient One said, completely thrashing my hopes.

    “However, before going there, I believe I can give you a little reward for all your efforts here. I will take you to meet your Uncle and Aunt tomorrow.” Ancient One said raising my hopes.

    “Seriously. Thank you, Ancient One.” I was so happy that I wanted to hug her. But, unfortunately I couldn’t, remembering my lack of control.

    “However, you will not be meeting them at your home. I can only allow you to meet them at the New York Santorum. Now, go and tell them the good news.”

    Although, I could not meet them at my home, it did not dash my hopes in the least. At last I would be able to finally meet them.

    Thus, Peter has finally a chance to meet his family after the whole debacle. Be ready for a eye watering reunion because there are just too many tears waiting to drop.

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    Aunt May’s POV

    I was engaged in some of my daily household chores when the phone rang.

    As I answered the call, my nephew Peter’s voice rang. “ Aunt May, it’s me, Peter. How are you doing?”

    “I am doing fine as always. It is you I am worried about, Peter.” My face lit up like a Christmas tree as soon as I heard Peter’s voice. After all, it had already been ten days since I had seen Peter’s face.

    I had been truly terrified when Peter had suddenly disappeared. I had raised him since his childhood. As such, he was like a son to me.

    I had been truly relieved when Peter’s call had first arrived following his disappearance. However, I was worried when I would get the chance to see him again.

    “Aunt May, I have some really good news to share.” Peter said, joy easily perceivable in his voice.

    “Ancient One has finally allowed me to meet with all of you.” Peter said the good news to me.

    “Really, that is great news, Peter.” Upon hearing the news, my joy was palpable.

    “So, when are you arriving, Peter? I would make all of your favourite dishes.” I asked as this was a great occasion.

    “Um… Aunt May, I am not actually coming to the home.” Peter said hesitantly.

    “Ancient One said that my powers are still unstable. As such, it is not possible for me to come home.” Peter sadly explained his circumstances.

    “So, you and Uncle Ben would have to come to meet with me at a special location where my powers can’t harm you because of sufficient security.” Peter told me that we would have to meet him at a special location.

    “It’s okay, Peter. I understand.” My joy was reduced quite a bit when I heard the whole matter but I knew that a mutant’s power could be quite unstable.

    “I would tell you everything once we meet, Aunt May. So, don’t worry.” Peter promised to tell me everything he had been hiding till now.

    I didn’t even know what were his mutant powers. Peter had not even told me the name of the secret society he was in or what were its motives.

    As such, it was easy for both me and Ben to be suspicious about all these circumstances. The only relief was that Peter seemed to be happy whenever he talked with us. So, at least he was happy wherever he was.

    “Aunt May, could you also bring Gwen?” Peter requested.

    “Don’t worry, Peter. I will bring her with us. She is quite lonely without you these days.” I told Peter regarding Gwen’s circumstances these days before he ended the call.

    After all, since Peter had disappeared, it felt like she had lost all of her cheery attitude. At least, it was a little better after she learnt that Peter was okay but she was still quite gloomy.

    Peter and Gwen were always quite close from ever since they had met. It is said that opposites attract. It was true in the case of Peter and Gwen. Peter was a shy and nerdy boy while Gwen was a vivacious and outspoken girl.

    Gwen had quite a challenging childhood. Her mother had died when she was young and her father George Stacy, being a police captain often did not have enough time to take care of her.

    This had allowed negative influences to creep into her life. She had got piercing on her right eyebrow and had even joined a band. Fortunately, Peter’s influence had prevented her from going down a dark path. So, it was not uncommon for Gwen to spend nights at our home when her father could not be around because of his work.

    Both Ben and George often used to joke that Peter and Gwen would get together when they were not hearing.

    However, her behaviour was quite erratic these days, from long before Peter had disappeared. She often came home late and dark circles around her eyes showed that she was not getting enough sleep.

    Moreover, she often disappeared out of nowhere without giving any reason. Peter, being her best friend always tried to cover up for her but we as parents knew that something was afoot. We were about to confront them regarding this matter when this whole debacle happened.

    When my husband Ben came home, I eagerly shared the good news.

    “That’s great, May. But….” Ben was also happy but he seemed hesitant to say something.

    “But, what? Ben.” I asked curiously. It was such a great occasion. What could be wrong?

    “It is just that I can’t help but be a little suspicious. You know that Peter never tells us something about that secret society whenever he talks with us.” Ben laid out his suspicions. It was indeed suspicious but I believed that it was not a big matter. Besides, Peter had already said that he would disclose everything tomorrow.

    “You should not be so cautious, Ben.” I admonished Ben.

    “You know how most people treat mutants. Despite this, Peter told us that he had become a mutant without any hesitation. Moreover, you know how joyful Peter is whenever he talks with us there is no way something is afoot.” I told Ben that there was no need to worry.

    “Still, I believe we should be a little cautious. I think we should take an extra measure.” Ben still decided to be a little cautious.

    “What are you planning, Ben?” I said concerned about Ben’s plan. Just what could be thinking.

    “Oh! It’s nothing much, dear. We will just take Captain Stacy along with us when we go to meet Peter. After all, we are already taking Gwen with us.”

    “ 177A, Bleecker Street. This must be the place.” Ben said.

    I along with Ben, Captain Stacy and Gwen were standing in front of a relatively large building.

    So far, nothing seemed odd.

    I saw that Gwen was feeling quite nervous, probably because she was going to meet Peter soon. After all, she was the last one who saw Peter.

    “Don’t worry, Gwen. It will be alright.” I comforted Gwen that everything will be okay.

    And then, we approached the building, ready to meet Peter.

    This chapter was necessary to show the other side. Peter's family who had to deal with his sudden disappearance and also all of their emotions regarding Peter.

    It also shows how they were not oblivious to Gwen and Peter's actions and were going to confront them when the whole debacle happened.

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    As the group entered the building, their eyes were drawn to the profusion of artefacts adorning the entrance. The items were a diverse mix of eras and cultures, creating a fascinating tapestry of historical artefacts that hinted at a deep and rich past.

    “Wow, it really looks like a secret organisation occupies this place. Although I wonder where is Peter.” Gwen quoted, enchanted by the unique decoration but she didn't forget the real motive for which they had come to this place.

    However, the group’s curiosity suddenly turned to horror as they saw the scene twist and change suddenly before their eyes.

    Gone was the entrance adorned with antiques from various eras and cultures. In place of it was a vast library without any entrance or exit in their sight. Shelves filled with ancient tomes and parchment scrolls were all they could see in front of them.

    Captain Stacy, seeing the growing pecularity of the situation drew his service revolver. Although Uncle Ben had not called him to deal with such a peculiar situation, now that this kind of situation had happened, only he could provide them a sense of security.

    “What is happening, father?” Gwen instinctively drew close to her father upon sensing the weirdness of the situation. She was ready to use her spider powers if anything happened.

    “Don’t worry, Sweetie. I am here.” Captain Stacy assured his daughter although he himself was somewhat scared.

    Suddenly, the scene changed once again. This time they were in a lobby.

    There was a grand staircase in front of their eyes, above which a colossal window in the shape of an eye loomed ominously showing its grandness.

    At the foot of the staircase stood two figures. Captain Stacy pointed his revolver at them but slowly put it down upon realising that one of them was Peter.

    Peter was standing there along with a bald woman who was wearing monk robes with the staircase at their back.

    Peter Parker’s POV

    At this moment, I was welcoming my family and loved ones with Ancient One while wearing an illusion spell casted by Ancient One so that they would be able to recognise me.

    However, when I had thought about how I would meet my family, it was definitely not like this, with Captain Stacy’s gun pointing towards us.

    It was not that odd for Captain Stacy to accompany them given that I had called everyone to an unknown place.

    When Ancient One had told me how she planned to introduce them to magic, I had vehemently opposed it. After all, I did not want our first meeting to be something out of a horror movie.

    Unfortunately, Ancient One rejected all of my objections. According to her, it was the best way to introduce people to the world of magic as it made the perfect first impression.

    “At ease, Officer. I do not have any ill intentions towards you.” Ancient One said to Captain Stacy. She made a gesture with her hand and then the gun in his hands suddenly flew out of them and afterwards it disappeared into thin air.

    “I will return it to you when it is time for you to go back.” Ancient One promised Captain Stacy.

    “First, I apologize to all of you for making you go through such a horrifying experience.” Ancient One bowed slightly to all of them in order to apologise despite her great position as the Sorcerer Supreme.

    “However, it was necessary to make all of you realise the existence of magic.” Ancient One clarified the reason for making them go through the sudden warps.

    Already, gears were moving in everyone’s mind. The various antiques, the vast library and the sudden warps.
    Now, all of them realised what kind of secret society it was, a secret society of magic.

    “Now, why don’t we get ourselves comfortable?” Ancient One said and suddenly all of us were warped once again.

    All of us were now sitting in sofas in a cozy, living room. We were sitting directly opposite to each other with a table between us.

    As soon as Aunt May adjusted to the sudden change in scene, she rushed over in order to embrace me.

    However a barrier suddenly sprang up between us, preventing her from approaching me.

    It truly hurt me to see her sorrowful face when she realised that she couldn’t hug me. But it was for the best as I still couldn’t control my strength.

    “Why can’t I touch Peter?” Aunt May asked in anger.

    “It is for your own good. Let me show you an example.” Ancient One conjured a rock to use as an example.

    Ancient One then floated the rock over to my hand using a telekinetic spell. I changed my hand into a claw and effortlessly crushed the rock as a way to show my powers.

    “Now, you see why I did not let you have any physical contact with Peter.”

    Everyone was extremely sad to find that they would not be able to have any physical contact with me.

    “Just what are Peter’s powers?” Uncle Ben asked the question as it seemed that Aunt May was too disheartened to ask so Uncle Ben asked in her steed.

    “You see, Peter’s powers are much more complex compared to other mutant powers.” Ancient One started explaining my so called mutant power.

    “He has changed quite a lot because of his powers.”

    “How much?” Uncle Ben asked seeing that Aunt May was too afraid to ask.

    “Show them, Ancient One.” I urged her to remove the illusion. Although crippling fear gripped my heart when I thought about how they would react when they see my new appearance, it was something necessary. My family deserved to know what happened with me

    “It seems that I must show you.” Ancient One sighed and removed the illusion.

    Now, everyone could see my true appearance. A striking, silver haired youth with slitted red eyes. Someone who looked nothing like the previous Peter.

    And so, the truth is revealed to Peter's family at last. Although they had to go through a literal horror movie experience to find the truth.

    How will they react to this new Peter who is still their Peter yet so different? Find out in the next chapters of ‘Not a Spider But a Dragon’.

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    Peter Parker’s POV

    In the quiet confines of New York Santorum, the air was thick with emotion. Everyone was filled with great concern upon seeing my new appearance.

    Tears welled up in Aunt May’s eyes as she looked at the new me, her heart filled with anguish.

    “You have changed so much, Peter. You must have suffered a lot.” She said while sobbing.

    It pained my heart to see her cry. She had taken care of me since I was a little child. As such, she was like a mother to me.

    Gwen was also crying silently, tears streaming down her cheeks. She must be thinking that she was the cause of all this which happened to me.

    Uncle Ben was somehow holding up, trying to be a pillar of support for everyone else. Captain Stacy was however, staying silent, feeling that he should let us have our moment.

    Unable to look at all this, I stood up and walked to the edge of the barrier and looked at everyone directly.

    “ Don’t worry, Aunt May. I am still the same Peter.” I said softly drawing everyone’s attention.

    “I am still the same Peter who called you ‘mother’ when he was a little boy.” At this, Aunt May smiled slightly, despite tears streaming down her cheeks.

    “The one Gwen always protected from the bullies.”
    Hearing this, Gwen also started to smile. Her heart should be a little less heavy now.

    “The one who always knew that with great power comes great responsibility.” I saw Uncle Ben wearing a proud look after hearing my words.

    My words hung in the year, a balm to their troubled hearts.

    Aunt May and Gwen had now stopped crying. The room was now silent, save for the sounds of our breathing which was now gradually steadying.

    “I don’t want to ruin the moment. However, we must discuss why we called you here.” Ancient One’s voice rang out in the silent room.

    Everyone opened their ears and waited silently for Ancient One’s words.

    “So far, Peter’s training in training my powers has been going well. However, his training has now reached a roadblock.” Ancient One described my progress.

    “In order to continue his training he must go to a different secret society. However, that society is a completely closed one.” Ancient One told them that I must go to a secluded society.

    “So far, all of you have been able to contact Peter ever so often. This, however will not be possible from now on.” Ancient One them that they would not be able to contact me anymore.

    Everyone's face fell at the news. I could understand their feelings somewhat.

    I suddenly disappeared out of nowhere. Although, it was later found that I was safe, they could only call me and not see me in the flesh. Now, when they finally saw me, they found that they could not touch me. Moreover, I would be out of contact from now on.

    “Don’t worry, everyone. Everything will be fine.” I tried to console them.

    “When I have finally completed my training, I would be able to visit often. I would also be able to hug you, unlike now.”

    Although their eyes brightened slightly when they heard that I would be free from my current restrictions, the atmosphere was still a sad one.

    “Why are all of you so sad thinking about the future? I am here today. We have whole day ahead of us.” I tried to change the topic.

    Indeed, upon hearing my words, their faces brightened, as they were relieved that at least today I was with them.

    Now that they knew that I was at Kamar Taj learning sorcery, I could share my experiences with them.

    I showed them my red lightning. Explained how powerful it was and how much of my struggles in sorcery were because of it.

    Like how it always interfered whenever I was trying to create portals. Even now, when I created portals, they still somewhat sparkled.

    Yet it was one of the most powerful abilities in my arsenal. I also showed them my energy construct ability I had learnt by creating a blade of red lightning.

    I also spoke about my sparring matches with Ancient One albeit in a censored way so that they knew how strong my powers were. How in the entire Kamar Taj, only Ancient One could spar with me.

    Now that they knew the extent of my powers, they realised how necessary it was for me to complete my training. Thankfully, no one was fearful of my powers just curious.

    We talked for hours. But, unfortunately time continued and everyone had to leave. They were reluctant to leave but they had their own duties to perform.

    I along with Ancient One, were now at the entrance of the Sanctum, watching them leave.”

    “Take care, Peter.” Aunt May said to me softly.

    “We are always with you.” Uncle Ben spoke, giving me his support.

    “Officer, your gun.” Ancient One returned Captain Stacy’s gun to him. As soon as it reached his hand, he was literally hugging it.

    “Gwen!” I suddenly addressed Gwen as they were leaving.

    “For a long time I have been your only friend but now I wouldn’t be around for a while. So, please, for me, try to make some more friends.” I encouraged her to make new friends knowing that she would be lonely without me.

    I did this because her friend circle had grown incredibly small since she became Spider-Woman. Other than me, there were only Harry and MJ in her friend circle and that is only because they were my friends.

    Now that I will be out of contact, I am afraid that the burden of Spider-Woman would be too much for her alone. That is why I encouraged her to make some more friends.

    “I will try.” Gwen said with misty eyes.

    I watched everyone leave with a sorrowful heart.

    I sighed and then said to Ancient One, “I believe I am now ready.”

    Although Peter did not have much time with his family, what time he had helped him bolster his heart and gave him hope for a brighter future.

    Anyways, next is the Ta Lo training arc. Get ready for Peter to begin his training into mystic martial arts.

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    Peter Parker’s POV

    The next day, I received a summon from the Ancient One from an apprentice. Following the apprentice, I found Ancient One sitting in a serene tea room, overlooking the scenery. Her hands cradled a steaming cup of tea. Seated opposite her was a woman of Asian descent wearing battle robes. Her aura radiated calm strength and power.

    “Peter, meet Master Ying Nan, a warrior from Ta Lo.” I bowed to greet Master Ying Nan.

    “I was just discussing your training in Ta Lo with Master Ying Nan.” Ancient One had already explained to me that I had to go to Ta Lo to continue my training.

    “You should already have read about Ta Lo, right?” Ancient One asked me with a questioning gaze.

    “Yes, I have.” Master Wong had given me a book about Ta Lo yesterday so that I would be prepared.

    Unlike the sorcerers of Kamar Taj, the martial artists of Ta Lo were not initially the natives of Earth. They were originally refugees from a different dimension.

    Their native dimension was destroyed in a battle against interdimensional beasts. When they arrived on Earth, they created Ta Lo where they live from then on.

    Ta Lo is a completely closed society. It is actually nested in a separate dimension on Earth. They generally never contact the outside world their only contact are the sorcerers of Kamar Taj.

    The relationship between Ta Lo and Kamar Taj has always been cordial. The sorcerers of Kamar Taj had played a crucial role in the creation of Ta Lo. Further, several sorcerers have married the people of Ta Lo, thus strengthening our bonds even more.

    “Ancient One, Kamar Taj and Ta Lo have always been friendly. Several sorcerers have studied our martial arts. And even more people of Ta Lo have become sorcerers in Kamar Taj.” Master Ying Nan said politely to Ancient One.

    “However, I do not understand why Peter, a budding sorcerer requires training in the mystic martial arts of Ta Lo, especially when his journey into mastering the mystic arts has only recently begun.” Miss Ying Nan questioned Ancient One.

    Upon hearing Master Ying Nan’s question, Ancient One merely smiled.

    “You will realise why once you see it.” Ancient One only said this much to Master Ying Nan before standing.

    “Come, Peter. It’s time for another spar.” Ancient One said to me.

    Soon, we were in the mirror dimension ready for another spar.

    Ancient One chanted a spell for several seconds, creating a powerful barrier around Master Ying Nan allowing her to witness our battle without any harm.

    Then, I transformed for the battle. I had decided to call this form of mine the draconic form after much pondering. Seeing my transformation, Master Ying Nan’s eyes widened in surprise as she was clearly taken aback by my unexpected transformation.

    Then, I commenced my spar with Ancient One. Honestly, I had an upper hand against Ancient One in these spars.
    She could not use her more powerful spells as they could prove fatal. Moreover, she couldn’t manipulate the mirror dimension to alter the field to her advantage.

    This was a clear disadvantage for Ancient One.

    I attacked relentlessly like always. Launching spears of lightning continuously and closing with my wings to attack whenever possible. Moreover, now I could create small ball shaped energy constructs in quick succession full of my red lightning, keeping her further in check.

    Also, now that I could feel with my dragon sense where she would appear using the warp circles, they were not much of a trump card to her.

    However, Ancient One was not the Sorcerer Supreme for nothing. She had now changed her style of battle completely.

    She now multi-casted spells to keep me in check as she could not use her more powerful spells.

    As my attacks were getting stronger, she used layered magical barriers to protect herself. They were strong enough to slow me down for enough time for Ancient One to counterattack.

    Also, she now used a barrage of magic spells to counterattack and prevent me from getting the upper hand on her.

    The spar continued for quite some time before Ancient One called it off.

    “It is getting more and more difficult to keep up with you, Peter. Although, I can keep up with you, you would definitely win in a battle of attrition.” Ancient One admitted that I would win in a battle of endurance.

    “But that is only because you are holding yourself back.” I reminded Ancient One of this fact because I refused to call myself superior to her in battle when she was not even exerting herself fully.

    “But even this level of power is something not many can handle this long in Kamar Taj. Even Master Mordo himself is often not able to keep up this long in a spar with me.” Ancient One said to me, encouraging me to take pride in my battle prowess.

    “Now, do you understand, Master Ying Nan? Why it is necessary for Peter to train in mystic martial arts?” Ancient One said, turning to Master Ying Nan.

    “Indeed, I understand.” Master Ying Nan admitted after seeing our spar.

    “Peter’s powers are tremendous. He has such raw potential. Yet his control over his abilities are erratic. His fighting style felt like a rampaging beast, barely kept in check.” Master Ying Nan said, analysing my battle prowess.

    “Learning the mystic martial arts will indeed help Peter in controlling his abilities. Very well, I shall train Peter.” Master Ying Nan finally agreed to train me in the martial arts.

    “Peter, pack your bags. We shall depart for Ta Lo tomorrow.” Ying Nan asked me to prepare for Ta Lo immediately.

    “As you wish, Master Ying Nan.” I said, bowing to her and recognising her as my master.

    It's time to learn some Kung Fu. I will make it clear first that I know not the slightest thing about martial arts.

    Fortunately, I have read quite a lot of wuxia novels, although I rarely finished any of them as I often got bored in the middle parts. So, I hope it wouldn't be anything bad and you will like it.

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    As I had only joined Kamar Taj for a few days, I didn’t have any particular important things to pack. So, I only packed a few sorcerer robes. The only important object was my sling ring which I wore on my hand.

    The next day, Ancient One opened the portal to Ta Lo. Ancient One had already told me that to reach Ta Lo, one needed to use a special portal as Ta Lo was in a different dimension.

    After entering the portal, my eyes widened in surprise upon seeing the beautiful scenery before my eyes.

    Lush mountains adorned with greenery were spread before my eyes. As a city boy, I had never seen such a sight.

    Although Kamar Taj was also settled in the mountains, they were the Himalayan mountains and Kamar Taj was at a relatively higher altitude. As such, there was not that much greenery on them.

    I was just enjoying the sight before my eyes when I saw a few birds shrouded in fire flying in the sky.

    “Are those phoenixes?” I asked Master Ying Nan excitedly.

    “Yes, they are Feng Huang who you can say are phoenixes in a way.” Master Ying Nan replied to me while smiling.

    As we continued walking, my eyes widened with wonder as I spotted white coloured nine tailed foxes playfully frolicking with their adorable pups.

    Some faceless animals with colourful wings started walking alongside us as we continued further.

    Suddenly, a green scaled horse shaped creature stopped our way. I believe it was called a Kirin.

    The Kirin at first, was stopping our way haughtily but it was immediately frightened as I looked at it and walked away from us.

    Now, after seeing this beautiful world before me, I understood why Ta Lo was such a closed off community. Other than being a home for the people of Ta Lo, it was also a sanctuary for various mythical beasts.

    Soon, we reached the village. Looks like almost all the villagers had arrived to greet us. There were also some villagers riding a top large lion like creatures who had huge tusks.

    “Who is this young man, Ying Nan?” An old man asked my master. He seemed to be a person of quite some authority in Ta Lo.

    “This is Peter Parker, a new sorcerer at Kamar Taj.” Master Ying Nan introduced me. I bowed slightly to greet all the villagers.

    However, the villages did not seem to be happy to see me for some reason.

    “Ancient One has asked me to teach Peter in our ways. He has already acknowledged me as his master.” Master Ying Nan told the villagers my purpose in Ta Lo.

    “Very well. Since it is Ancient One’s request. We shall allow Peter to learn our way of mystic martial arts.” The old man acquiesced after some hesitation.

    Master Ying Nan then took me inside the village. She pointed out a cozy cottage to me.

    “Put your things here. It is your place in Ta Lo from now on. Meet me in the training area in five minutes.” She instructed me and left.

    Soon, I arrived at the training area after putting my things in the cottage. Only Master Ying Nan was here waiting for me.

    “Before we start Peter, you must wear this.” She showed me a belt which was very familiar to me by now, a strength restraining belt.

    “Must I wear this belt?” I did not like to wear this belt as it left me feeling rather stifled.

    “Your basic strength is too much for me to endure. Without this belt I would not be able to train you.” She replied saying that it was must for me to wear this belt.

    “Ancient One knew that this would happen. So, she gave me this enhanced restraining belt especially for you.” Apparently, Ancient One had already given the necessary accessories to her for my training.

    With a sigh, I decided to wear the restraining belt. Soon, we were on opposite sides ready to spar.

    “Come at me, Peter.” Master Ying Nan gestured at me to start the spar as she took her stance.

    Although I didn't know a single thing about combat before I had gained these powers, after several spars with Ancient One where my body moved because of my instincts, I now knew a little about fighting. So, I moved towards her and threw a punch. However, she easily diverted my punch with a single hand and pushed me backwards with her other palm.

    “I know that you do not have any prior martial arts training. So, focus on your instincts to fight me.” She advised me to fight using my instincts like I did in my draconic form in previous spars.

    I focused on my instincts, trying to bring back the feeling when I fought in my draconic form. The way my body moved instinctively even when I didn't know a single thing about combat. Then, I launched a determined attack.

    This time, I was not defeated in my first move. I fought rather aggressively, giving her no time to attack my openings even if they appeared.

    However, Master Ying Nan was not a martial arts master for nothing. Although the fight continued for a few minutes, soon she found an opening and attacked using her palm.

    It seems that this time she used her mystic martial arts as I flew backwards some distance instead of just being pushed backwards.

    As I faced defeat this time, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a large amount of anger out of nowhere. Before I knew it, my instincts went out of my control and I had already transformed into my draconic form.

    “Control yourself, Peter.” Master Ying Nan instructed me. Surprisingly, she was not affected by my unexpected transformation.

    I took deep breaths, trying to regain my composure. Soon, I regained control and reverted to my human form.
    Surprisingly, the restraining belt was still intact, although deactivated. Looks like Ancient One had sent quite sturdy artefacts for my training.

    “I believe, I understand what is your problem, Peter.” Master Ying Nan declared.

    So, we are finally at Ta Lo ready for some martial arts training. As I have said before, I don't know a single thing about martial arts. But I will see what I can do after reading dozens of wuxia novels.

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    “You do not have any prior combat training,” Master Ying Nan said and I nodded in agreement.

    Although I had once tried to learn some combat skills because of how much I used to be bullied, I actually never had any time to learn it because I was busy learning science where my talent actually was. I thought that once I was out of school, I would never see the face of them as our lives would be much apart. As such, I never learnt any combat skills despite wanting to learn them at one time.

    As someone who was an Oscorp intern and whose best friend was the heir of Oscorp, my future could already be said to be secure. And this was something which could not be said about those idiotic bullies.

    “So, whenever you fight, you use your innate instincts to fight. This is your actual problem.” She pointed out my problem to me.

    “The more you use your instincts to fight, the more you lean on them, the harder it is to control them. As long as you lean on your instincts, you will never be able to conquer them.” Master Ying Nan explained that the reason I could not control my instincts was because in the end, I was being controlled by them.

    “So, what is the solution?” I asked Master Ying Nan anxiously.

    “It is simple. You just need to learn how to fight without being controlled by your instincts.” She answered calmly.

    “Fortunately, Ancient One realised what was your problem and sent you to Ta Lo. Otherwise with your condition, it would have been very difficult for you to progress into mystic arts. No matter how much you would have tried, your body would never have been your own.”

    “Your instincts prevent you from unleashing your true potential. However, as you learn the ancient martial arts of Ta Lo, you would slowly be able to conquer your instincts and unleash your potential.” According to Master Ying Nan, I must learn the martial arts so that I can continue my study into the mystic arts.

    “Come, it’s about time I start teaching you the ancient martial arts of Ta Lo.”

    Then, Master Ying Nan began teaching me the fundamental forms of the Ta Lo martial arts. According to her, the Ta Lo style of martial arts could be said to be a mixture of various martial arts which had been continued to be improved from ever since Ta Lo was created.

    Perhaps, it was because of my increased intelligence or my earlier experience in fighting, I could easily grasp the fundamental forms.

    “I had thought that it would take a few days for you to have a proper grasp on the fundamental forms but you did it in only a few hours.” Master Ying Nan was quite pleasantly surprised by my natural talent in martial arts.

    “That is enough for today. We shall continue tomorrow.” She stopped teaching me after I had a proper grasp on fundamental forms. This was surprising as it was only late noon.

    “Today, I will show you around the village.” So, this was Master’s plan.

    As we roamed around the village, I saw how much the villagers were dedicated towards their work.

    Some people are working in the field while many other villagers were training with their weapons. There were also some middle aged and elder villagers who are crafting weapons and armours.

    Some villages greeted Master Ying Nan but others were just engrossed in their work. It seemed that the villagers were cold towards me for some reason.

    After finishing our tour around the village, Master Ying Nan took me towards the lake behind the village.

    As I stood at the shore of the lake, I saw a large sealed door on a mountain at the other side of the lake. The door was engraved with various runes and I could feel strong magic on the door even from such a distance.

    I could feel a sense of danger through my dragon sense from the sealed door even though it was tightly sealed.

    “That door seals the Dweller in Darkness. It was the leader of the interdimensional beasts who destroyed our original dimension.” Master Ying Nan explained what was behind the door.

    “It was quite a ruthless beast. It pursued us even after we came to this dimension. It was so powerful that we could only seal it with the help of sorcerers of Kamar Taj.”

    I wonder how powerful it was. After all my own powers came from a dragon from a different dimension.

    “Now, let me tell you why I took you here.” So, there was also a purpose for bringing me here.

    “In order to gain control over your instincts, it is not enough for you to master only the physical aspect. You need to also master the mental aspect.”

    Well, it was true. My mind needed to resonate with my body so that I could control my rampant instincts.

    “This task will require meditation. And the serene lakeside is an ideal place for you to start meditation.”

    So, this was what it was all about.

    As per Master’s orders, I sat down underneath a tranquil tree beside the serene lakeside and attempted to empty my mind.

    Yet, it proved fruitless. Although, it didn’t like this from the outside, my mind had to constantly fight for control over my body so that I did not do anything under my out of control instincts.

    And now that I tried to calm myself, my instincts grew even more restless. And the instincts of a dragon were quite hard to ignore.

    Already, scales had started growing on several parts of my body and red lightning started crackling around my body. Instead of being calm, I grew rather frustrated.

    As I contemplated how to calm myself, I saw an unexpected phenomenon before my eyes.

    The previously still surface of the lake came alive before my eyes, its waters swirling and churning.


    The tranquil nature of the lake was destroyed completely as a large serpentine figure appeared from its churning waters.

    I watched speechlessly as before me stood a shining white Chinese dragon.

    So, this chapter was based on my experience in reading fantasy fusion martial arts novels. I hope your experience in this Ta Lo arc was good so far and would continue to be good. Just three more chapters and we will return to Kamar Taj where the true magical training will begin.

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    My heart pounded in my chest as I saw the white dragon which had suddenly appeared before my eyes. Its appearance was truly magnificent, as I realised when I saw its shining white scales and flying whiskers.

    I did not know why the dragon had appeared before me but somehow I felt a connection with this majestic creature. Before I know it, I was raising my hand towards the dragon and to my astonishment, the dragon also moved its head towards me.

    The moment my hand touched the dragon’s head, I was filled with an inexplicable energy. After a long period of time, I felt a sense of tranquillity.

    My wild instincts, which had tormented me since I had gained this powers, were suddenly silent.

    I did not know how the dragon had done it but I knew how to make use of this sudden opportunity.

    Without wasting a moment, I immediately sat down and closed my eyes, attempting to enter a state of meditation once again.

    This time, without the interference of my wild instincts, I was able to clear my mind and enter a state of meditation. I focused on my inner self and tried to control my instincts which were now more silent than ever, and tried to make them my own.

    After what felt like an eternity meditating, I saw an image in my mind. It was a dragon similar to the one I had seen before in my dream but it was smaller and black in colour radiating with vibrant red lightning. It flew in the sky, its wings unfurled, emitting a vibrant red energy as they were jets.

    I focused more to see if I could find something else. But unfortunately, it offered no results so I emerged from my meditation in the end.

    Although it had only been a few hours, I had made greater progress than I had done in days. My instincts now felt more in tune with my mind although they were still quite wild.

    My eyes opened to see the beautiful sunset sky. I could see that a crowd of villagers had gathered near the lake, a little far away from me. Master Ying Nan was among them. When she saw that I was now awake, she started to walk towards me.

    However, I ignored her for now. I was too excited with this sudden progress and wanted to try some things.

    I gently picked up a pebble from the shore of the lake and tried to exert a little pressure on it. As a result, quite a few cracks appeared on the pebble. But, this too was a great progress, as before I would have instantly crushed the stone to dust.

    Thrilled by this progress in controlling my strength, I decided to check my progress in magic. I created an energy construct blade, trying to make it a neutral attribute one.

    A neutral attribute energy construct glowed a fiery orange colour but whenever I created a energy construct, it was always totally formed of red lightning. I always felt ashamed by it as despite it being much stronger, it signified that I was not able to control my magic.

    However, Ancient One always said that I was already faster than the other sorcerers as they had required months before they could even create energy constructs.
    That this overwhelming red lightning of mine was just a symbol of my potential and power and the obstacles it caused me would have been cleared one day. So, there was no need for me to hurry so much.

    This time however, the construct was different. It glowed an orange colour although it was still shrouded by my red lightning. This too, was a great progress.

    Emboldened by this chain of successes, I tried something I never could do before. I transformed into my draconic form.

    Seeing my sudden transformation, Master Ying Nan was taken aback and stopped in her tracks.

    I unfurled my wings and then flew into the sunset sky. Although I could also fly before, I could never control it as I flew instinctively. Now that my instincts were more in tune, I wanted to fly freely at least once.


    As I flew in the sunset sky, I roared instinctively as I felt truly exhilarated.

    I flew past the phoenixes flying nearby, surprising them. The breathtaking beauty of Ta Lo, combined with the glow of the sunset looked truly beautiful.

    On the ground, I could see various mystical animals doing their own thing. Some even looked back at me.

    I flew for quite some time enjoying this new ability of mine but seeing that night was coming, descended on the ground before the villagers who were still there.

    To my surprise, as soon as the villagers saw me, they clasped their hands to greet me.

    “We greet the Great Warrior.” Every villager greeted me in unison. The only exception was Master Ying Nan who was smiling at me.

    “What is happening, Master?” I asked Master, confused.

    “Let me tell you. Follow me.” Master gestured me to follow her.

    “The villagers called you Great Warrior because you were acknowledged by the Great Protector.” Master Ying Nan explained to me as we returned to the village.

    “The Great Protector is that white dragon, right?” I questioned.

    “Indeed. He is actually a being from our original dimension.” Master Ying Nan explained.

    “It was because of his protection that we were able to escape to here. He was also the who tied down the Dweller in Darkness, enabling it to be sealed. Even now, he protects us. As such, we call him the Great Protector.”

    “However, most of the time, he usually sleeps. So, the people before whom the Great Protector appears and acknowledges them are called the Great Warrior by us.” Master Ying Nan explained why all the villagers called me the Great Warrior.

    The villagers probably only thought that the Great Protector acknowledged me.

    But it was much more. He helped me in controlling my wild instincts when I did not even know where to start.
    Still, I wonder why he helped me. Was it because I had obtained my powers from a dragon?

    And thus, Peter has received a headstart in his training soon after arriving in Ta Lo. The Ta Lo arc will be finished in the next two chapters so you don't need to worry that it will stretch too long.

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    I was battling Master Ying Nan once again on the training grounds of Ta Lo. Unlike the first battle with her where I just took a one sided beating, this time however, I was matching her blow to blow.

    It had been a month since my arrival at Ta Lo. At first I had thought that it would take me months to reach this stage but the encounter with the Great Protector was truly a blessing for me.

    This encounter had given me a much needed head start in controlling my instincts.

    Although I never encountered the Great Protector again, I always experienced a soothing feeling whenever I sat down at the lakeside for meditation. This further helped me in reigning in my wild instincts.

    The effect of the Great Protector’s blessing could be easily felt in my training speed.

    According to Master Ying Nan, I had mastered so much in a month which she had expected me to learn in at least six months because of my condition.

    Furthermore, it helped me to polish my martial arts style which I could never have done when my wild instincts were raging.

    Master Ying Nan had suggested me to use my martial arts in combination with my instincts. According to her, my instincts will always be a part of me so I should take advantage of them, not suppress them.

    I was reluctant at first because if I depended on my instincts to fight, it was very likely that I could take a wrong decision at a critical moment.

    However, I believed Master Ying Nan and tried it anyways. The results were simply phenomenal.

    I could easily breach the gap of experience which existed between me and her and match her blow to blow.

    Moreover, my worries lessened as I continued making impressive strides in controlling my instincts. The combination between my dragon sense and the martial arts was simply too great, easily allowing me to find openings in mid combat.

    The villagers also started respecting me ever since I was acknowledged by the Great Protector. Although I still do not know why they were initially cold towards me.

    I also took pictures with the adorable unique creatures of Ta Lo when I was free after borrowing a camera from the villagers. Although it had been quite difficult for me to get close to them because they were scared of me for some reason.

    Master Ying Nan and the villagers also offered me training in weapons as I had made impressive progress in martial arts.

    However, I denied it because I believed that my claws and my lightning were enough as my weapons for now.
    Perhaps I would give it a thought after I had complete control over my body.

    Returning to the present, I was fighting Master Ying Nan, matching her blow to blow. Although it was not as power intensive as my spars with Ancient One, it was just as intensive for my mind.

    “Alright! That’s enough.” Master stopped the spar after a few minutes seeing that it was likely to end as a draw.

    “Peter, I have already taught you everything I could for now. You have also made tremendous progress in controlling your instincts.” Master Ying Nan declared as we stopped the spar.

    “Now, I just have to test you. Remove the restraining belt.” Master ordered me.

    “But Master! You know my strength. I could give you a critical injury if I lose control for a single moment.” I hesitated because of the consequences.

    “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” She showed me the bracelets she wore on her wrists.

    “Ancient One gave them to me for such a moment. However, I did not know that this day would come so soon.” She seemed a little wistful for a second as she spoke.

    Master Ying Nan activated the bracelets causing a protective cover to enshroud her body.

    “Get ready, Peter. For here I come.” She attacked me immediately after the bracelets fully activated.

    I instinctively defended causing ripples to appear on her protective cover. It seems that my strength slipped slightly out of control for a second there.

    Seeing that there would not be any accident, I fought fully focused on the fight all the while trying to control my strength.

    During the initial few minutes, it was okay but as the battle progressed, I become swept in the flow and my control started wavering.

    Ripples started appearing continuously on the productive cover surrounding Master, a signal that my control over my strength was slipping.

    “Master, I believe that is enough.” I urged her to stop the spar but she continued her relentless assault.

    This spar continued until finally I lost control over my strength enough to shatter the protective cover. As the cover shattered, Master was pushed backwards by the remaining force.

    “Master, you alright!” I moved towards her, worried.

    “I am alright, Peter. Sorry, I needed to assess the true extent of your control over your strength.” Master Ying Nan said, apologizing for her conduct during the battle.

    “Now, let me tell you what I analysed from our spar just now.” I eagerly awaited her analysis.

    “You should now be able to have physical contact with people and carry on your daily life as long as you consciously restrain your strength. You should even be able to maintain control over your strength in a battle, if needed for about a minute.”

    I was truly relieved when I heard that I would be able to carry on my daily life. I was truly tired of wearing a restraining belt while going to bed.

    “However, don’t be too happy. Excessive emotions such as anger or hatred can lead to you losing control easily. So, be cautious of such situations.” Master Ying Nan warned me of the potential danger.

    “Now, there is only one test remaining before you complete your training and return to Kamar Taj. Follow me.” I followed her curious of the last test.

    We did not go out of the training yard. She took near a large boulder which was on the training yard.

    “You just need to show that you can channel chi energy through your body to enhance it as I have taught you. Let me show you how.”

    The chi energy was what the martial artists of Ta Lo used to enhance their body. It was an energy created from one’s lifeforce as well as spiritual energy.

    I had also learnt how to use chi a little during my training in Ta Lo. But I knew that the chi energy would never be the energy I would use much despite me being exceptionally gifted in it due to my body.

    It was because my body was just too much saturated with magical energy for me to freely use chi energy.

    Master Ying Nan showed me how to channel chi energy through one’s body by channelling chi energy through her fist causing it to glow with a fiery light.

    Then she punched the border, creating cracks on it. However, I knew that these cracks were not created by the punch but had burst from inside.

    “This is what you have to do. Inject the chi energy into the boulder which will then burst from inside.” Master Ying Nan explained.

    After hearing what I had to do, I channelled chi energy through my fist. However, it glowed with a familiar red lightning instead of a fiery light.

    Although I had now enough control over my powers that I could now use neutral magical energy instead of my red lightning, the chi energy was formed from one’s lifeforce. As such, the red lightning always bled into my attacks whenever I used chi energy.

    I hit the boulder like how Master had done and injected it with red lightning. Cracks burst out of the boulder along with my red lightning.

    “Well done, Peter. I am proud of you. You have now completed your training in Ta Lo.” Master Ying Nan congratulated me.

    “Although they are other arts of Ta Lo, this is extent to which I can teach you for now because you are only starting your journey into mystic arts. As such, it would not be beneficial for you to learn more.” Master said that she could not teach me anymore because it would not be beneficial for me.

    “However, you should be able to use the mystic martial arts to create your own personal style by combining it with the teachings of Kamar Taj. Several sorcerers have already done it before. You should look into their records when you return to Kamar Taj.” Master Ying Nan suggested me to find my own style.

    “Now, go and get cleaned up. You will leave for Kamar Taj tomorrow.” Master Ying Nan ordered.

    Now, one more chapter and we will be back in Kamar Taj. The Kamar Taj arc will soon end and I promise this to all of my readers that it will end with a bang.

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    “I was really surprised when I saw the Great Protector in front of my eyes.” Uncle Xin said animatedly.

    I along with the other villagers were currently sitting around a bonfire sharing stories with each other.

    As I was going to leave for Kamar Taj tomorrow, the villagers decided to hold a feast for me this night.

    But seriously I never thought that they could make such delicious food. They made some amazing dishes with just vegetables which were so delicious that I made sure to ask the aunties for the recipes so that I could gift them to Aunt May.

    And now everyone was sitting around the bonfire talking and laughing together.

    “And then you touched the Great Protector’s head. Just when we thought that was it, you decided to meditate out of nowhere.” Everyone laughed at that.

    “And what you did after waking up after two to three hours? You decided to grow horns and wings out of nowhere and decided to fly for another hour.”

    Although the villagers were surprised by my draconic form, thankfully they did not discriminate against me and even liked that form, perhaps because of the Great Protector.

    “Now that we are talking about the Great Protector, do you know what this guy did to win me over?” Auntie Lin said pointing to her husband.

    “I had just jokingly said that I would marry him if he became a Great Warrior. Do you know what he did?”

    “What did he do?” I curiously asked.

    “He dived into the lake and started calling for the Great Protector. Thankfully, some villagers were nearby. Otherwise who knows what he would have done. However, he had received some fierce scolding after that fiasco.” Everyone laughed while Auntie Lin’s husband just bowed his head down, looking ashamed.

    “Ying Nan and Ying Li also used to frequently dive down into the lake now that I think about it.” Auntie Lin said while laughing.

    However, everyone suddenly fell silent after the words left Auntie’s mouth.

    “Auntie, we agreed not to talk about Ying Li.” Master Ying Nan said angrily and suddenly left after hearing those words

    Although it was not my place to interfere in the village matters, but I was really worried about Master, so I hesitantly asked.

    “Who was Ying Li?”

    Grandpa Shin who was the old man who had first greeted me when I had arrived at Ta Lo answered.

    “She was Ying Nan’s sister. We can’t tell you more than this. Only Ying Nan has the right.”

    “Just know that what happened with Ying Li was the reason we were initially cold towards you. But now, I apologize for that treatment.” Grandpa Shin bowed his head towards me.

    “There is no need for this, Grandpa Shin. I had already forgotten about it.” I immediately prevented Grandpa Shin from bowing his head by clasping his hand.

    “Go, you have become quite close with her in just a month. Maybe she will open her heart to you.” Grandpa Shin suggested.

    “Then, I will take my leave.” Saying this, I left to search for Master Ying Nan.

    When Auntie Lin had said that Master used to dive into the lake with her sister, I had an inkling that she would be there. Fortunately, she was there otherwise it would have been quite difficult to find her in the mountains at the night.

    “Master, are you alright?” I asked gently.

    She was sitting there on the lakeshore, silently sobbing. Upon hearing my voice, she noticed that I was there.

    “It’s alright, Peter. I had a long time to think about what had happened with my sister. I am sorry for ruining the mood on your last day in Ta Lo.” Master Ying Nan apologized.

    “It’s nothing, Master.” I was hesitating whether to ask her about her sister when she started speaking herself.

    “My sister and I had always been together since we were young. We did everything together and shared with each other everything. But all changed when he came.”
    Master’s face darkened when she mentioned that man.

    “Have you ever heard of Ten Rings?” Master questioned me.

    “Yes, I have heard that they are a terrorist organisation.” But why was a terrorist organisation related to Master’s sister?

    “Ten Rings is much more than a terrorist organisation. Its leader is Xu Wenwu, a man who has lived for more than 500 years with the help of a powerful artefact in the shape of Ten Rings. Hence the name.” Master Ying Nan explained.

    “Xu Wenwu came to know about the existence of Ta Lo and tried to enter it. Although the entrance of Ta Lo is a giant forest maze which is nearly impregnable, there was still a slight chance that he could somehow enter it. So, my sister protected Ta Lo from him at that time.”

    “Although the Ten Rings were a powerful artefact, it had a crippling weakness for some reason. It had little to none resistance against magical interference. Even my sister who was a mystical martial artist, easily gained control over the Ten Rings.”

    Then, the Ten Rings were truly a weird artefact and whoever made such an artefact was also a weird one.

    “Using this weakness, Ying Li easily defeated Xu Wenwu. But for some reason, Xu Wenwu fell in love with Ying Li. He continuously came to the maze, relentlessly pursuing Ying Li. Eventually, Ying Li also fell in love with him.” As she said this, Master’s face was filled with anger for Xu Wenwu.

    “However, their union was against the rules of Ta Lo. Even if Xu Wenwu said that he wanted to live with Ying Li in Ta Lo leaving everything behind, it just was not possible.”

    “But, by that time, Ying Li was too infatuated with Xu Wenwu. She decided to leave with him even if she had to have her magic sealed.” At this point, tears had started coming out of Master Ying Nan’s eyes.

    “After Ying Li left Ta Lo, we could only obtain some information regarding her from the sorcerers of Kamar Taj as we were forbidden from going out of Ta Lo.”

    “Later, I learned that she had a son and a daughter with Xu Wenwu. She was living a simple life with her family.” Master spoke in a wistful tone as she talked about her nephew and niece.

    “But then we learned the dreadful news. Xu Wenwu’s past caught up to him. His enemies came to fight Xu Wenwu but he was not there and Ying Li lost her life trying to protect her children.” By now, Master was openly sobbing.

    “Peter, may I ask a request from you?” Master asked me.
    “You are my master. If I can do it, I will do it definitely.” I said confidently.

    “After Ying Li’s death, Xu Wenwu restarted Ten Rings. Due to Wenwu’s tyrannical behaviour, my nephew and niece escaped from his influence. Moreover, they do not live with each other.” Master Ying Nan explained her nephew and niece’s situation.

    “After you have left Kamar Taj, can you meet them and tell them that they are not alone in this world? That they still have an aunt. As the other sorcerers do not have as much benefits as you who can easily leave Kamar Taj, I can only ask you.” Master Ying Nan asked rather pleadingly.

    “Don’t worry, Master. You can place your trust in me. I promise you, I will fulfil your request.” I promised her under the moonlight by the tranquil lake.

    And thus, the Ta Lo arc is finished. This chapter also established the Shang Chi storyline which will be seen later in the story. I think probably in the early 100s.

    I will do a little giveaway for my dear readers. For the rest of this month, there will actually be 8 advance chapters and the Wyvern tier will get a total of 5 advance chapters.

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    Great story so far, I can't wait to see more!
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    Kinda going hard in Marry Sue (at least in build) for Peter. Innate Magical power (via dragon), insane Ki/Chi potential due to being a dragon, well being a dragon, X-Gene, and likely a spider totem.

    Not saying it can’t be done well (it’s not even that hard), just saying you are going in hard with the build. Granted seeing the crossover it is a needed level of power for late stage FGO stuff.
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    As I stepped out of the portal and entered Kamar Taj, I should have felt happy. After all, I had returned to Kamar Taj after a whole month of secluded training which could easily have been much longer.

    But as I remembered what I had promised to Master Ying Nan under the shimmering moonlight by the tranquil lake yesterday, my heart only felt burdened by a sense of duty.
    I resolved to further my study in mystic arts more seriously so that I could complete my studies early and return to the outside world as early as possible.

    As I entered Kamar Taj, I saw that Ancient One who had opened the portal was watching me with surprisingly a smile on her face. It was rare to see such an expressive emotion on her face as she often represented herself as a calm and collected person.

    “Congratulations, Peter!” Ancient One congratulated me first on my completion of martial arts training.

    “When I had sent you to Ta Lo, I had thought that I would not see you again for at least six months. That was how serious your condition was.

    So, imagine my surprise when Master Ying Nan called me yesterday with a communication spell that you had completed your training already.” Just from her expression, it could be seen that Ancient One was very proud of me.

    “As your teacher, at this moment, I am truly proud of you.” As Ancient One praised me, I could feel a sense of pride inside me. After all, it was the best gift for a student that his teacher was proud of him.

    “Alright, that is enough. It is time to check your progress. Create a portal.” Ancient One immediately started her examination as soon as she finished praising me. Although, it was quite typical of her as she was a hard master.

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then, I opened my eyes which shone with determination. With a not so little amount of trepidation, I created a portal.

    As Ta Lo was a sealed dimension, it was not possible to create a normal portal there. So, it was the first time I was creating a portal after I completed my training.

    When I had first created a portal, it was completely formed of red lightning and soon imploded. But this time was different.

    It was quite similar to a normal portal which had a fierce orange glow. The only difference was that it had a slight reddish hue and little sparks for were emitting from it.
    Seeing my success, I cheered mentally. Although my happiness could easily be seen as I was smiling quite brightly.

    “Well done, Peter. It seems that you have finally mastered the basics of mystic arts. Now, you are ready to advance in your study of mystic arts.” Ancient One gave the results with a faint smile.

    “I know that you are quite anxious to contact your family but you can call them at night. Now, go to the library and ask master Wong for the next part of mystic arts.” Ancient One ordered.

    “Greetings, Master Wong!” I greeted Master Wong as I entered the library.

    “Ah, Peter. Welcome! When I had heard that you had completed your training in Ta Lo early, I was truly happy.” Master Wong praised me.

    “Ancient One ask me to collect the books of mystic arts now that I have completed my basic training.” I asked Master Wong.

    “Well that was the purpose of your training. Wait a second! I will bring them to you in a moment.” Master Wong asked me to wait as he opened his portals.

    “These books should be what you want.” Master Wong showed me the books he brought.

    As I read their titles, they were books about advanced energy constructs, barrier spells and shield spells. But one book surprised me.

    “Basic elemental arts?” I asked Master Wong, surprised.

    “Although most sorcerers of Kamar Taj do not have any affinity in elemental arts, I believe that with your powers, you should be able to learn them. After all, your unique red lightning is already quite astounding.” Master Wong explained the reason.

    “This stage is where sorcerers start specialising in a particular mystic art. The books I have given you are only the compulsory ones. Do you want to learn any other mystic art?” Master Wong asked me.

    “I want to learn enchantment.” When I had first seen enchantment described in the introductory books, I had already been fascinated by this special mystic art which could be used to create powerful artefacts.

    “Ah! You are interested in creating artefacts. But enchantment is quite a demanding mystic art. Would you have enough time to devote to enchantment?” Master Wong asked me.

    “Don’t worry, Master Wong. I think I will manage.” I assured Master Wong that I would have enough time to study enchantment.

    “If you think so, Peter.” Master Wong said and brought me the introductory book to enchantment.

    “See you later, Master Wong.” I bid him farewell and started to leave the library.

    “Wait!” Master Wong asked me to wait suddenly.

    “What is it, Master Wong?” I asked him confused about why he stopped me.

    He showed me a leather bound book which was covered in runes. The title read “Thunderclap and Flash” and the author was Master Zenitsu Agatsuma.

    “I wanted to give you this.” Master Wong passed the book to me.

    “Thunderclap and Flash, what kind book is it, Master Wong?” I asked him. It seemed to be about a lightning spell.

    “ This book contains a mystic art which was created by a Master of Kamar Taj who trained in Ta Lo. As it is a unique mystic art , it has a lot of requirements before one can use it. As such, it has always been ignored by the sorcerers.” Master Wong explained the origin of the book.

    “However, given that you also trained in Ta Lo and your exceptional lightning attribute, I believe that you can learn this special mystic art.” Master Wong expressed his belief in me that I would be able to learn this unique mystic art.

    ‘Thunderclap and Flash’, I wonder just what kind of mystic art it was.

    After returned to my lodging, I could not control my curiosity and sat down to read what this book was about.

    ‘Thunderclap and Flash’ was written by Master Zenitsu Agatsuma. He was a master sorcerer of Kamar Taj in the early 1600s. Before he joined Kamar Taj, he was a samurai in Japan. As a samurai, he was master of Iaijutsu aka quickdraw.

    He used his experience as a swordsman to create this mystic art. The reason this mystic art was so difficult was because it required quite a high lightning affinity to use.

    Master Zenitsu Agatsuma had a lightning attribute because he was struck down by lightning when he was a child. However, it was difficult for any other sorcerer to have such a lightning affinity so no one else could use it until now.

    No wonder, Master Wong gave it to me. With my lightning powers, it would be easy for me to fulfil the requirements of ‘Thunderclap and Flash’.

    Yes, that's right. Peter will now be using ‘Thunderclap and Flash' soon. From now, I will be inserting several elements from various fictions if possible.

    So, all my readers are welcome to give any suggestions. I will be waiting for your comments!

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    Runes swirled around my hand, glowing and moving around a bracelet. The bracelet itself was at this moment atop a magic circle which attracted the runes towards the bracelet.

    My entire focus at this moment was on the bracelet and the runes surrounding it. I did not want to fail once again.
    This was already the third time I was trying this process. I had spend more than a week trying to perfect the process and how I implemented it.

    Slowly but surely, the runes started entering the bracelet and the blue gem on it started glowing as a result. Soon all the runes entered the bracelet and the gem on the bracelet gave a bright blue glow as if confirming the process was complete.

    I gave a sigh of relief as I finally received success as a fruit of my efforts. I had finally made my first enchanted artefact.

    Previously, whenever I tried to finish the enchantment, I failed to align the runes properly leading to failure.

    Although I had completed the enchantment, the bracelet could not be called a proper artefact. After all it had only a basic shield enchantment.

    It had been a month since I had returned from Ta Lo and since then I had made great in my mystic art studies.

    Putting the bracelet on my arm, I activated it to check how powerful it was. The bracelet created a shimmering blue coloured shield in front of me.

    I put my index finger on the shield and started pressing it, increasing my strength slowly. Soon, as a result, the shield broke as it was unable to withstand my strength.

    It seems that the shield was quite sturdy given that the strength I had used was more than enough to shatter a boulder.

    Unfortunately, this artefact was of no use to me. Not only could I create more sturdier barriers, I could also easily withstand the amount of strength it could defend against.

    I think I should gift it to Gwen. As she often faced danger as Spider Woman, this bracelet can serve as an extra means of protection for her.

    Speaking of Gwen, I wonder how she is doing. I hope she has taken my advice and made at least a few friends. Otherwise without me, it would definitely be quite a lonely life for her.

    Satisfied by my progress in the field of enchantment, I went out to practice my mystic arts. Soon, I had reached the library.

    “Greetings, Master Wong.” I greeted Master Wong as usual.

    “Here to enter the Mirror Dimension as usual?” Master Wong asked.

    As I nodded my head in affirmative, Master Wong created the portal to the Mirror Dimension.

    Now that my instincts were not as wild as before and my powers were more controllable, I did not require daily training from the Ancient One.

    As I had not learned yet how to enter the Mirror Dimension, Ancient One had asked Master Wong to create the portal to the Mirror Dimension whenever I needed to practice my mystic arts as my powers were quite destructive.

    Moreover, Master Wong guided me whenever Ancient One was busy. As such, it could be said that Master Wong was my second master at Kamar Taj.

    Entering the Mirror Dimension, I slammed my hand on the ground and slowly several boulders appeared from the ground.

    What I had used now was a basic Earth spell. It could be seen from the speed of the formation of boulders that I was not well versed in earth spells.

    Although I had some affinity for Earth spells, it was not that much so I had not focused much on them.

    After boulders appeared on the ground, I floated them using a telekinetic spell. I floated them around for a few moments but then I got bored.

    So, I did something for which anyone would find me insane. I hurtled them towards myself!

    But not a single boulder touched me as I created a shield to protect myself. Then I once again hurtled boulders towards myself.

    But this time, instead of creating a shield, I created a giant baseball bat shaped energy construct and hit them as if I was playing baseball.

    As I watched a boulder fly far away, I believe I made a homerun.

    I had made quite a progress in my spells as I continued practicing. Seeing my speed in learning, it was no wonder that Ancient One said I was almost ready to be a proper sorcerer from an apprentice.

    Now it was time for some special training. I floated some boulders once again but instead of using them for target practice, I put them down on the ground in an almost random manner.

    It was now time to practice that unique mystic art, Thunderclap and Flash.

    I took a unique posture and red lightning started emitting from my body. A significant amount of it was being emitted from my legs.

    As I used Thunderclap and Flash, I became a red streak of lightning. I moved at an unprecedented speed as the sound of thunder rang behind me.

    I quickly moved towards where I had placed the boulders. I maneuvered around them, sometimes even bouncing atop them causing them to shatter.

    Soon, after I had moved by around 10 boulders, I was unable to stop my momentum. As another boulder appeared before me, I turned my hands into claws and smashed into it. I pierced through it as if it was not even there.

    It seems that the smashing of the boulder slowed down my momentum enough that I was able to stop myself.
    When Master Zenitsu had created Thunderclap and Flash, he had referenced Iaijutsu. It was often used for a single, ultimate attack.

    This mystic art required channelling the lightning attribute magical energy through one’s body in a special manner by using the martial arts of Ta Lo, mostly through one’s legs to move at an unprecedented speed.

    The channelling of magical energy through one’s body and the lightning attribute was what had been the obstacles for the sorcerers who had tried to learn it before.

    Even if someone had a lightning attribute, he would have to go to Ta Lo to train in mystic martial arts before he can even start learning this mystic art. On the other hand, the lightning attribute was known for its powerful spells. As such, no one was interested in learning this mystic art because it required just too much hassle.

    However, Thunderclap and Flash was not that beneficial to me yet as I could not use it with my wings.

    To do it, I would have to modify the mystic art which I could not do at my current level.

    I was about to again start my practice when I suddenly received a signal that I needed to come out of Mirror Dimension.

    This signal was something that I had discussed beforehand with Master Wong. As soon as the signal came, following it a portal appeared before me.

    After I entered the portal, I could not believe the scene before my eyes.

    Bells were ringing everywhere in Kamar Taj and various apprentices were moving around hurriedly.
    Just what had happened while I was in the Mirror Dimension.

    Get ready, my dear readers! For something big is coming!

    I have already said before that for the rest of the month, there will be a total of 8 advance chapters as well as 5 advance chapters on Wyvern tier on my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye
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    I was confused by this sudden commotion before my eyes, not knowing what to do next. Fortunately, Master Wong came to me before I could decide to do anything.

    “Follow me, Peter. Ancient One has summoned you. She will explain what has happened exactly.” Master Wong said to me.

    As we moved out through Kamar Taj, I could see that although the apprentices were moving around with a sense of urgency, there was no trace of terror on their faces. It seems that the situation was not be too dire.

    We arrived at a hall to find Ancient One with a group of sorcerers gathered around her. She seemed to be explaining something to them.

    Master Mordo was one of the sorcerers around her. From the looks of it, almost all the sorcerers gathered here were experts.

    “Ah! Peter, you have arrived.” Ancient One greeted us upon seeing that we had arrived.

    “What is happening, Ancient One?” I asked worriedly.

    “What is the purpose of Kamar Taj, Peter?” Instead of answering my question, Ancient One posed another question to me. However, I remembered what she had told me when we had first met.

    “Kamar Taj is an organisation of sorcerers whose entire purpose is to protect Earth from the invasion by different dimensions. Oh!” As I answered her question, I realised what was happening.

    “Exactly, Peter. A dimension invasion is imminent. The bells were ringing because it warned the sorcerers about the invasion and alerted them to be ready for battle.”
    Ancient One explained the reason for chaos in Kamar Taj.

    As I heard about the dimensional invasion, I felt worried. Although I had joined Kamar Taj not that long ago I had become quite attached to it.

    “Don’t worry, Peter. It is just a minor invasion. It is very likely that there will be no casualty.” Ancient One assured me in order to assuage my fears. It seems like her words worked as I indeed felt much better after her words.

    “Moreover, we already know their target. It is Ta Lo.” Ancient One revealed that the dimensional invaders was heading towards Ta Lo.

    “But why would the target be Ta Lo?” I was surprised as there should be nothing attractive for invaders in Ta Lo. Moreover, Ta Lo was in a hidden dimension so the invaders should require much more effort to enter it.

    “Do you remember the Dweller in Darkness?” Ancient One asked me.

    “How could I forget it?” I still remembered that bone chilling feeling I felt when I saw that door.

    “These invaders are actually the soul sucking interdimensional beasts who are subordinates of the Dweller in Darkness. They are attacking in an attempt to free their master.”

    So, these bastard underlings were attacking Ta Lo in a bid to free their master even if they knew that they would likely die in this attempt.

    “Actually, this type of invasion is not that rare. The hierarchy among these beasts is quite rigid. So, they often attack every few decades in an attempt to free the Dweller in Darkness.” Ancient One explained that the invasion of these soul sucking beasts was actually a recurring phenomenon.

    “Peter, although you have only recently joined Kamar Taj, you are already one of the strongest among us.
    So, I ask you as your teacher and the Sorcerer Supreme of Kamar Taj, would you join this battle against these invaders?” Ancient One said in a dignified tone. At this moment, it truly felt that she was the Sorcerer Supreme of Kamar Taj.

    “Of course, I will battle, Ancient One.” I said, my voice full of vigour.

    With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. This is what Uncle Ben had taught me since I was young.

    Moreover, I knew that the sorcerers present here were weaker than me. If even they are fighting, then it would be simply shameful for me not to join the battle.

    “Ok, let’s talk about our strategy for the battle. The actual battle will actually not take place in Ta Lo.” Ancient One started explaining the strategy.

    “Pardon, Ancient One. The actual battle will not take place in Ta Lo?” How can this be possible when the invading beasts were targeting Ta Lo?

    “Be patient. I will explain.” Ancient One told me to be patient.

    “As you know, these beasts often try to invade Ta Lo. In order to counter this, a previous Sorcerer Supreme created a small artificial Mirror Dimension to combat these invasions just outside Ta Lo’s dimension.” Ancient One explained.

    “So, the invading beasts will not appear in Ta Lo but will be trapped in the Mirror Dimension where they will be easy prey for us.”

    So, in short, the invading beasts would be tricked to the artificial mirror dimension where we would be waiting for them with our spells ready.

    “There it is still sometime left before the battle. Go and get some rest, we will leave tomorrow.” Ancient One ordered us to get some rest so that we would be ready for tomorrow’s battle.

    “You wait, Peter.” All of us were leaving when Ancient One called for me to stop.

    “What is it, Ancient One?” I asked her curiously.

    “Follow me.” She opened a portal to the mirror dimension and ordered me to follow her.

    Once we were inside the mirror dimension, she explained why she called me here.

    “As you have always been practicing in the mirror dimension, do you know the true power of it, Peter?” She questioned me.

    “Yes, sorcerers can easily manipulate the mirror dimension to distort it as if the law of physics hold no power here.” I answered her question. After all, how can I forget that battle when Ancient One had used her true power on me?

    “And the battle tomorrow will take place in such a distorted mirror dimension. Do you think you would be able to fight properly on such a field, Peter?” Ancient One asked me.

    “I don’t think I would be able to, Ancient One.” I answered honestly.

    “So, in order for you to become familiar with a distorted mirror dimension, we must hold an impromptu lesson for you.” She explained why she called me.

    As she said so, the floor of the hall started tilting. The ceiling opened and it looked as if a mountain was falling towards me.

    I dodged a pillar which fell towards me by flying with my wings. I readied myself to survive this impromptu fatal lesson which Ancient One had started for me.

    So, how did you like this plot twist? I wanted to end the whole Kamar Taj arc with a bang. So, here it is, the dimension invasion on Ta Lo.

    As I have said in the previous chapters, for the rest of this month, there will be a total of 8 advance chapters as well as 5 advance chapters for Wyvern tier on my p.a.t.r.e.o.n /DragonsEye