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Of Space Whales and Battleships

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Common, Jul 2, 2022.

  1. Common

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
    Likes Received:
    A fan of naval history and Worm ends up in worm as a shipgirl.
    General chaos ensues along with a bit of escalation.
    Slight AU

    I am crossposting this from my account on spacebattles.

    Here is the link to my author Discord Channel. https://discord.gg/9MnPukU
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2022
  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 1-1

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
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    Just a few notes before the first chapter.
    I am new to posting on this website, so bear with me while I try to figure out what does what. I have only ever read stories off my phone from here before.
    This story was partially inspired by Grey Haze on fanfic.com and my love for navy history in general. I will state that I am not an expert in navy history and may get certain things wrong so do feel free to correct me just please be polite about it.

    Worm is owned and written by Wildbow who is an amazing author.

    February 18, 2011

    It was a dark night, in the Brockton bay ship graveyard. The night was silent as the full moon lit reflected off the freezing water. The cold winter air caused a few of the hulls to creak as a breeze blew through. When suddenly a humanoid shape stirred awake.

    “Oww… Did somebody get the license plate of the truck that hit me?” Is asked aloud.

    The silence resumes as the girl watches the condensation from her breath.

    “My voice is several octaves higher than it should be, and why don’t I feel cold,” She says aloud.


    “Oh… I got Isekaied and appear to be a ship girl, well crap… might as just roll with it,” She says standing up shakily.


    “What do you all mean you aren’t my crew?” The girl asks


    “I’m the USS Georgia? Wasn’t that a pre-dreadnought battleship? I am fairly certain I am not the Nuclear Submarine… I’m completely obsolete!” Georgia shouts

    “Hey! HEY!”

    “The paper Battle Ship Georgia? So now I know what I am. Now I need to know where I am.” Georgia says

    Georgia leans against a steel hull of one of the freighters using her radar and spotters to try and determine a location.
    ‘I’m tempted to launch a scout plane however the ships here would get in the way.” Georgia thinks

    With that thought, the Freighter she is leaning on disappears in a mote of light becoming a blue cube which is instantly stored aboard in her cargo hold.

    “Okay then… did we just get materials we could use to upgrade me?” Georgia asks confused.


    “Oh if we get enough we can also place it down as a ship as well? I should take as many of these as possible then.” Georgia says shocked

    Looking out into the bay Georgia notices a giant oil freighter blocking the shipping channel.

    “Ship Graveyard… Giant freighter… Dead shipping city. Hey, are we picking up a radio in use by a department called the PRT?” Georgia asks


    “Well shit,” Georgia says

    “Turn off the radar! Stop all radio traffic only listen to incoming signals. I need to collect as many ships as I can before people show up.” Georgia says

    ‘Wish I had the date, or that I was modernized and wasn't running off of 1940s tech. Internet access would be great right now. So plan, go to the dock workers. I can pretend my Powers allow me to scrap move and build ships with powers. I could help Mr. Hebert restart the economy here, and probably meet Taylor’ Georgia thinks.

    “Could we use the blue cubes to perform some retrofits? Like a digital fire control computer rather than analog? Or maybe get some computers in here?” Georgia asks her crew as another member of the Ship Graveyard disappears.

    “Hey… Hey?”

    “Really? We can that's great. Also, it's fine I’ve got a plan.” Georgia says


    “Speaking of which if you all aint my crew who are you?” Georgia asks


    “So.. I've got some of New Jersey crew, along with some shipbuilders and engineers… Das ist gut.” Georgia says

    ‘I know german? Wait am I calling on knowledge from my crew?’ Georgia thinks realizing stuff.


    “You want to use a cargo room for engineering and designing?” Georgia asks having run out of ships on the beach and was moving out skating across the water to start getting the ones in the bay.
    “Sure That sounds great, once we start to modernize we should have plenty of room once we start to replace some of the analog components. I remember that New Jersey also served as a repair ship and machine shop in the Persian Gulf.” Georgia says looking back at the coast towards the docks. One of the few warehouses has the lights on with a few security people and a decrepit fence surrounding some of the port's infrastructure.

    “Found you,” Georgia says sailing towards the people.

    Georgia is sitting in a dimly lit office of a warehouse. The few street lights out of the window are barely lighting the area, with a very nervous man sitting across from her.

    ‘I get that he saw me walking on water, however, it's not like I'm the second coming of Jesus. You would think that the Broktonites were used to parahuman shenanigans by this point.’ Georgia thinks

    “So can I get you anything, miss?”

    “A job? Hi, my name is Georgia and I want your Union to hire me.” Georgia says


    “I mean this is a union right? You need people doing PR. I have a degree in management with a specialty in customer service and public relations.” Georgia says with a smile

    “Aren’t you a cape?” the man asks

    “So, what's your name?” Georgia asks not answering the question.

    “My name is Kurt.”

    “RIght, Kurt. How much do you think it would take to get the old ferry running, along with using some of the unused docks for something like a museum ship? It shouldn’t be too hard to even put in a semi-dry birthing like the USS Kidd has.” Georgia says excitedly

    “Why would we do that? And how would we get approval for the ship? Most of the mothball fleet is scrapped or was stolen by parahuman warlords.” Kurt says

    “I’ll worry about the ship. Anyways you should probably give the head of hiring a call since the ship graveyard is gone.” Georgia says with a smile.

    “What!” Kurt shouts before running to the window.
    At the Hebert Household 4 am.

    Taylor wakes up and heads downstairs to answer the phone. When she picks it up she recognizes the voice of Kurt who was asking for her father.

    “Dad! Kurt is on the phone! Something about an emergency at the DWU!” Taylor shouts

    “I'm coming Taylor!” Danny says making his way down the stairs.

    “Hey, dad,” Taylor says with a yawn once her dad gets into the kitchen.

    “You should get back to bed Little Owl, It's Friday and you've got school in three hours,” Danny says

    “Right, have a good night dad,” Taylor says heading back upstairs. There are enough bugs in the phone for her to listen in anyway.

    “Danny we need you at the DWU offices now. There's a girl here and she wants to meet you. The ship graveyard, it’s gone Danny,” Kurt says over the phone.

    “Hey, Taylor you still awake?” Danny asks

    “Yeah!?” Is heard from upstairs.

    “I’ve got to get to work! Something came up!” Danny shouts.

    “Okay, dad!” Taylor shouts

    Once the door closes.

    “I wish my costume was done,” Taylor says knowing her dad is about to go meet a cape unprotected.
  3. Threadmarks: Chapter 1-2

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
    Likes Received:
    Danny parked his old chevy truck outside of the DWU office. The parking lot was full of potholes while the entry gate was stuck in the open position while the exit gate had the arm removed.

    “Right, so I’m meeting the cape that I have been praying for this whole time. She removed the entire ship graveyard in a night. Calm down not all capes are bad, you need to forget the instinct the teeth and slaughterhouse 9 left behind last time they visited the bay.” Danny says pulling his keys out of the ignition.

    Looking over one could see a bay empty of the wreckage and a beach void of the hulls which had filled it until recently. It was a humbling sight, Danny may have cried a little.

    Danny was not an incredibly fit man like Kurt or many of the other ex-military workers here at the docks. However, they all respected him for keeping the proverbial ship afloat.

    Danny gets into the offices which were converted from a warehouse. The once full building is mostly empty with a skeleton crew working the night shift to keep the merchants out.

    “So? You guys aren’t like the teamsters?” Georgia asks

    “As much as the villains try they won’t get control of us like the mafia controlled the teamsters,” Kurt says

    “That’s good, I wanna help in ways that don’t make me fight,” Georgia says after all she doesn't have a non-lethal option.

    “I understand that,” Kurt says

    “Kurt, I’m here and I am still convinced that this is a dream,” Danny says

    “You think this is a dream? Just you wait till I make an exact replica of a WW2 battleship appear in the harbor here.” Georgia says excitedly

    “What? Sorry but no I can not let you just come in here and take over the Dock Workers union.” Danny says

    “What? Why would I wanna do that? I wanna work with you guys though on paper I would be working for you.” Georgia says giving Danny a wink.

    “I don’t believe we could legally employ a cape,” Danny says

    “Legally speaking I am not a cape. I don’t have that brain tumor thing that all capes have.” Georgia says

    “Really? You’re positive?” Danny asks

    Georgia replies with a so-so motion with her hand.

    “I am Georgia, It is nice to meet you, Mr. Hebert. If you want we could draft up a contract here for my employment, then go have an MRI done. If I have that power thing then you don’t hire me and I’ll work as a volunteer for room and board. If I don’t have the tumor thingy then you hire me full time as the curator of the Replica Museum ships.” Georgia says

    “I am not gonna walk right into that verbal contract. Kurt call the lawyer, and you might as well remain seated Miss Georgia this is gonna take a while.” Danny says

    “Right, on the condition that you do not tell the PRT on me. That organization is beyond corrupt, can’t even file reports with the police department. Meaning they can’t even hold the gang members that are captured.” Georgia says with a huff.

    “That explains so much,” Kurt mutters
    “So, how old are you?” Danny asks

    “20ish. In truth, I don't know exactly.” Georgia says she was a 90s kid after all and since it's 2011 she's technically younger.

    “Got it?” Danny says

    “Power shenanigans could we maybe talk about something else?” Georgia asks.



    “What is your previous work experience?” Danny asks

    “I have a lot of experience in the customer service sector actually. My first job was a summer camp counselor, However, as a former manager at Disney World before I got my powers I feel like, that is what will help me most here.” Georgia says

    “Do you have any experience with advertisement and..” Danny stops with the look that Georgia was giving him.

    “Yes, I have quite a lot. Though the state laws are likely different here, and I will tell you OSHA would rip us a new one at the moment.” Georgia says looking up at the long out of date infrastructure.

    “Not to mention, we will need to restart your Port authority and clear a few things with U.S. Maritime Administration. That is not to mention the coast guard.” Georgia says

    “That is just beuaracy and my specialty,” Danny says

    That's when the door to the office opened.

    “Hey, Lewis we need to draft a contract,” Danny says looking up to see the union lawyer walk in.

    “Hello, welcome to the docks at 5 am,” Georgia says

    “You are going to be a headache. I just know it,” Lewis says

    “I mean I am from Florida,” Georgia says

    Meanwhile aboard the Rig.

    A few agents were monitoring the Consol band when A massive massive wave of interference its a few channels before stopping.

    “Man I was hoping for a boring night,” Joshua says

    “I was too, I mean there wasn’t even any gang skirmish.” David

    “Console from Armsmaster. I already have a location, and I plan on investigating after I figure out what the signal might’ve come from.”

    “Of course, he’s awake already…” The agent says before pressing the talk button. “10-4 Armsmaster, keep us informed.”

    When Armsmaster arrived to find the ship Graveyard empty it truly surprised him. That after all is the reason that Emily Piggot is awake at this ungodly hour.

    “So, you are telling me. That the entire ship graveyard is gone, along with the freighter blocking the channel.” Emily says in disbelief still trying to wake up.

    “Yeah it's just gone, there was no sign of the parahuman responsible either,” Armsmaster says

    “Ask around someone has to know something, What am I going to tell the other directors, that was several thousand tons of steel, and it's gone without a trace. What would a parahuman even want all of that for,” Piggot says

    “PHO is going to go crazy in the morning,” Armsmaster says

    “So the radio interference we picked up what was it?” Piggot asks

    “It nearly matches that of an American Battleship’s radar system signal was close but not an exact match to that of the Iowa class,” Armsmaster says

    “I’ve got a few calls to make then, There might be a missing museum ship,” Piggot says with a groan.
  4. Threadmarks: Chapter 1-3

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
    Likes Received:
    The sun could not have risen slower. At the moment Georgia was riding with Kurt down to medhall where a friend would be able to run an MRI for a cheap price.

    “I still don't trust medhall,” Georgia says

    “What’s not to trust?” Kurt asks

    “I can not tell you because of the unwritten rules. Does that answer your question?” Georgia asks

    “Oh, well shit. You are positive you won’t come up as a parahuman on the machine right?” Kurt asks

    “90% certain I won’t,” Georgia asks

    “You, don’t have any family nearby you should be worried about right?” Kurt asks

    “My nearest family member is a Great Great Great Grandmother over in Boston, actually my kid niece is also in Boston I think? I’ve also got a Cousin close by in Camden New Jersey, though if they go after her the black dragon is sure to surprise them.” Georgia says trying not to giggle.

    “That’s a lot of greats… So your niece? If you don't mind me asking what's her name?” Kurt asks

    “Cassin,” Georgia says

    Realization seems to dawn on Kurt before he decides to fish for information.

    “Do you have a great-grandmother in Texas? I'm also gonna guess Cassin has a sister in Lousiana,” Kurt says

    “How do you know that?” Georgia asks

    “Oh, would you look at that we are here,” Kurt says as they finally pull into the medhall parking lot.

    Georgia meanwhile finally thinks she’s made it obvious enough. Now it is just get confirmed to not have a Corona Pollentia, and it's smooth sailing.

    Georgia walks up to the door with Kurt humming The Final Solution by Sabaton, there are a few weird looks however no one seems to know what song it is.

    ‘Say Captain did my phone come with us?’ Georgia asks


    ‘Oh? It did! That’s great! How can I come aboard and interact with it?’ Georgia asks not paying attention to the bribe that just happened in front of her as they are walking to the MRI machine.

    “Right Georgia?” Kurt suddenly asks

    “What? Sorry spaced out.” Georgia says

    “We were talking about the second opinion since the last one came back with a faulty result,” Kurt says

    “Ah, that! Yeah, I’m hoping not to have 3 tumors.” Georgia says

    “Well since you were not paying attention earlier. Hello, I am Justin.” Justin says introducing himself.

    “Hallo,” Georgia replies with a small wave.

    “deutsch?” James asks a little shocked

    “Ja, ein wenig,” Georgia replies

    “Glad to help a fellow German,” James says with a smile

    “On my grandmother’s side,” Georgia says technically not lying though with being a shipgirl she’s 100% American now. With a specialty of delivering 18 inches of freedom in 1 and a half-ton shells.

    James nods to himself motioning over toward the MRI machine.

    “You don’t have anything metal on you right?” James’s asks

    “I should be good?” Georgia answers

    “Why is that a question?” James asks

    “Cavities, though I’m fairly certain the filling isn’t metal,” Georgia says

    “Got it! Just go ahead and lay down on the table then.” James says

    “This is off the record right?” Kurt asks

    “Completely,” James says

    “Well let’s get this over with then,” Georgia says

    The giant magnet begins to spin up.


    In the car on the way back to the docks.

    “So, how’s it going co-worker?” Georgia asks

    “Well, today is probably gonna be the second best day after my wedding, and only because Lacey would end me if it wasn’t our wedding… I forgot to call Lacey!” Kurt shouts

    “No phone calls while driving. You’re going to have to wait till we get back to the docks,” Georgia says.

    “Right, Danny would yell my ear off if he found out,” Kurt says.

    “Huh? That's a story I’ll wanna hear later. So, now that you’ve got a manager for tourism. I’ll have to reach out to the Convention and Vistors Bureau. I mean your city already sees a bunch of darwin award winners who visit for the cape tourism. We could also probably interact with the PRT to have a ferry go out to the Rig and they could have tours of that,” Georgia says

    “That sounds like a plan. Do you have it all settled?” Kurt asks

    “I’ll work it out on a laptop. Is that the PRT offices?” Georgia asks

    “Yeah?” Kurt says

    “How about, you drop me off there, and I’ll meet you back at the DWU?” Georgia says putting on a Navy Blue face mask and sunglasses. Her heterochromatic eyes are very distinct.

    “Do, I wanna know where you got from?” Kurt asks

    “Well, you see I honestly don't know,” Georgia says as the car slows to a stop.

    “Tell Danny, I’ll be there for my first day on Monday,” Georgia says stepping out of the car.

    Once she's out she shouts “Thank you for the ride, random citizen, actually what's your name?!”

    “It’s Kurt,” Kurt says with a smile playing along.

    “Thank you, Kurt,” Georgia says closing the car door and summons her rigging.

    The watchers on the streets quickly start to pull out cameras as Georgia walks into the PRT office.

    The poor receptionist bless her heart cause it nearly stopped when Georgia walked into the lobby.

    “Hello, I am here for power testing,” Georgia says

    “Oh? Well shit,”

    At that point however it was too late the panic button was already pressed.
    “Panic button?” Georgia asks

    The receptionist nods.

    “Well, anyways while we are waiting for the cavalry to arrive, I am Battlewagon BB-70. Nice to meet you,” Georgia says

    Suddenly several doors burst open as PRT Troopers rush the room with riot shields and foam launchers.

    Georgia puts her hands up and says “If you foam me I am going to be upset, that stuff would be impossible to get out of my turrets.”

    Several of the troopers suddenly get seem even more eager to foam her.

    “Ah, I get it. I forgot to fire the salute before entering port you all think my guns are loaded,” Georgia says in realization.

    ‘Wait, why do I know that?’ Georgia thinks

    “You actually believe that?” Armsmasters asks incredulously.

    “So, why don’t we take this to an office? I can register as an affiliate and do powers testing, Or I could fill out the paperwork on the way to the power testing room. It's more efficient,” Georgia says

    Armsmaster nods.
    “Console all clear, just a cape coming in for power testing,” Armsmaster says into his helmet.
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  5. Threadmarks: Chapter 1-4

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
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    Power testing. Let me tell you those poor scientists had no idea they were about to run into a 61 thousand ton battleship. The strength test machine was a pile of scrap on the ground. The targets and the wall behind them had massive holes in them from the 20mm Oerlikon cannon.

    “Just, how?”

    Georgia shrugs in response.

    “Say, Armsmaster? How would I go about reaching out to dragon to buy some 18-inch confoam shells? It would be nice to have a nonlethal option,” Georgia says

    Armsmaster is silent for a moment before looking at Georgia. “I’ll pass you her email after the testing is done.”

    “Sounds good, So what are we texting next?” Georgia asks

    “Top Speed seems like a good one.” Says a scientist

    38 miles an hour on foot.

    “Could you run through walls?” Asks one of the testers

    “I really wanna say I’m the juggernaut bitch however I'm a dreadnought. I also don’t know if any of you have ever read the X-men.” Georgia says out loud

    “I’m just gonna put yes down.”

    “I mean if you want you could shoot at me? I doubt any conventional weapons could hurt me.” Georgia says

    Armsmaster just watched the entire situation spiral from there.

    Later that day in
    Emily was drinking coffee in her office. Just letting the silence set in.

    “So, Is she the one who made the ship graveyard disappear?” Emily asks

    “If the massive hole in the rig is anything to go by then possibly,” Armsmaster says

    “She signed on as an affiliate, I think we could probably make a move on Lung if we work with her,” Armsmaster says

    “Sounds interesting, why don’t you tell me the ratings before I lose my mind,” Piggot says

    “I have some evidence about the graveyard theory thought… Right threat assessment,” Armsmaster says

    “ She is a mover of roughly 3 capable of running at speeds up to 38 miles an hour. Brute 7 at a minimum, she broke the machine. That and she is impervious to small arms fire and took a 20mm round to the chest. It ricocheted,” Armsmaster says

    “Okay, I’ll suspend my disbelief for later. Do continue,” Piggot says.

    “ Tinker 4 or 5 shes shown in-depth knowledge of naval weaponry and I think that is her specialization. Blaster 9 her main weapons which she insists on calling naval cannons do roughly the damage of an 18” naval shell. She also has several 5” emplacements as well. That doesn’t even include when she summoned a 20mm Oerlikon cannon into her arms. Then there is a tentative thinker 3 due to her ability to speak German, French, English, and Russian. I also believe she sandbagged it quite a bit because on her so-called rigging I was able to spot a miniaturized anti-air radar and a handful of other radar systems,” Armsmaster says

    “Well, I’m sure think tank will get us back results soon,” Piggot says holding her coffee cup.

    “She believes she is a United States Battleship. She even talked about her cousin the Black Dragon,” Armsmaster says

    “The USS New Jersey?” Piggot asks

    “Yes, Dragon has been looking into it,” Armsmaster says

    “Why can’t the powerful ones ever be normal. At least she doesn’t believe she's the second coming of merlin.” Piggot says with a sigh

    “I don’t think the United States Navy ever had a ship with 18inch cannons,” Armsmaster says

    “Well, why don’t we get someone to bring her up here. She’s to powerful to not join the protectorate.” Piggot says

    The phone on the table suddenly starts to ring.

    “I swear to all that is holy, if that is Clockblocker calling to tell me he went on an enthusiastic walk he will have console duty for a year,” Piggot says

    Piggot picks up the phone before looking at Armsmaster.

    “She left the rig and sailed out to sea,” Piggot says

    “So, mover 4 then?” Armsmaster asks dumfounded

    “I want all members to try to give her the sale next time you see her. Did you get any contact info?” Piggot asks

    “I gave her Dragon’s email, so I should have her’s soon,” Armsmaster says


    Georgia left the rig a while ago and found her way to Boston.

    ‘Dodging port authority was fun, I wonder what the coast guard thought when a ship the size of an Iowa class battleship ended up on their radar. Then again shipgirls and physics never really get along. So who knows?’’ Georgia thinks

    After asking for directions she managed to get to the Boston Logan International Airport catching the first flight to LAX California. The time is around 6 PM

    “I mean who would’ve thought with parahumans appearing in the 80s 9/11 never happened. There was minimal security and literally no ID checks. Oh well 8pm flight to LAX,” Georgia mutters to herself.

    ‘Say Captian?’ Is there a way to get my phone out?’ Georgia asks


    The android phone appears in her hand a second later.

    ‘Thanks! I didn’t know we could store stuff inside the hull.’ Georgia says to her crew realizing she basically has a pocket dimension.

    “Should’ve bought headphones…” Georgia says looking out the window.

    “Here,” Says a flight attendant handing Georgia headphones with a two-prong aux plug.

    “Thank you,” Georgia says with a smile.


    ‘I haven’t eaten in a bit, how is the fuel doing?’ Georgia asks


    ‘Really? We have near full reserves because of the oil tanker I scrapped or cubified?’ Georgia says


    The flight went smoothly with no issues, though the headphones had to be given back after the flight. So she bought new ones at the Airport.

    “I’m in LA I might as well stop by and see my cousin,” Georgia says heading off towards where Iowa should be docked.

    The road was packed LA seemed busy, yet in the distance, there was a loud crash.

    “Really? Isn't this Alexandria’s city? Crime in broad daylight?” Georgia says shocked before looking up.
    “Not broad daylight? I think that's the moon? Is something giving me night vision?” Georgia says confused

    A car suddenly comes screeching down the road. With a bunch of police cruisers behind it. Georgia does a quick check for cameras and observers.

    “I don’t exactly have training on what to do yet…” Georgia mutters doing a finger gun motion.

    “Bang,” Georgia says

    Suddenly there is a loud pop as a hole the size of a fist punches into the front right panel of the car that’s running. The front wheels suddenly lock up as the car skids to a stop.

    The police quickly surround the car and Georgia continues towards the port of LA.
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  6. Threadmarks: Chapter 1-5

    Common Making the rounds.

    May 15, 2022
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    Georiga now aboard Iowa at 2 am.

    “I don’t think anyone would mind if I used one of the many crew bunking areas.” Georgia mutters sleepily

    She blinks and suddenly there is a woman with long blonde hair wearing a military uniform infornt of her.
    “Who are you! You shouldn’t be here the museum is closed.”

    “... Hello?” Georgia says looking at the girl in front of her.

    “You can see me?” The girl says shocked

    ‘No, it couldn't be… She's actually alive, does that mean all of the ships were. Poor Enterprise.’ Georgia thinks

    “Iowa? How are you cuz” Georiga says a little sheepishly

    “Cousin? Wait… no? Who are you?”

    “I am the USS Georiga, the only Iowa class battleship with 18in guns,” Georgia says with a salute.

    “Wouldn’t that make you my little sister?” Iowa asks

    “I was never built, just a what-if concept ship. Not to mention Montana’s were to be next anyways.” Georgia says with a shrug.

    “So you are one of those parahumans then?” Iowa asks

    “Technically, that's what humans think I am. Though what's wrong with a ship spirit coming to life?” Georgia asks

    “Hmm, I guess you could stay here for tonight, I can’t just kick my cousin out,” Iowa says

    “If you want, I could use my powers to get you back up to operational capacity,” Georgia says

    A lookout for the port authority watched as the WW2 battleship disappeared. A few seconds later it appears exactly where it was.

    The lookout rubs his eyes.
    “I’ve had too much to drink… I think I'm going back inside to watch the SG radar.”


    “Wow! I’m actually at operational again!” Iowa says

    Georgia whistles.

    “Those tomahawks and Phalanx are something else. It's gonna be a shame removing 4 5in guns to install them however it should be worth it,” Georgia says

    “Oh? You got the plans for them?” Iowa asks

    “It’s part of the powers. If I wanted to I have enough materials to build another Iowa class too.” Georgia says with a smile.

    “Can you bring them back? Can you bring Her back?” Iowa asks

    “I don’t really know, If I can I would need the plans. Maybe if I went and recovered Hornet's CV-8 however she died in battle. I don’t know if any crew went down with here. I know her crew had to abandoned ship with the Japanese approaching. I don't want to disturb any graves.” Georgia admits

    Iowa nods.

    “Well, I'm sure no one will mind if you use one of the crew bunks to rest like you were talking about earlier,” Iowa says hugging Georgia.

    “Thank you!” Georgia says with a smile.

    “Also, how do I make sure I don’t knock out my radar when I do a full broadside?” Georgia asks

    Iowa looks at Georgia before laughing a little.

    “You see the key is.”


    In a crew bunk, Georgia is looking at her phone.

    Earlier when she was listening to music she missed the fact she has two different app stores. 1 from apps from her earth and one for ones from earth bet. The same goes for internet surfing apps.

    “Might as well make a PHO account I’ve put it off long enough,” Georgia says pulling up the website.

    “Then I need to make like 2 alts one for the Brockton Bay Naval Museum and one for Me as Georgia.” She muses.

    Georgia’s phone pings one more time.

    “Oh it's from Dragon?” Georgia says

    — — — —
    Dear Georgia,

    I would appreciate it if you don’t charge a cross-country flight to my account.
    The amount of stuff I had to go through to get this email was a pain.
    Don’t worry the email is secure, I want to talk the real question is how you figured out my identity. Then managed to convince Narwhal you were me I mean that takes some work.
    I have this feeling we are a lot alike.

    — — — —

    “Well, looks like I'm going to have to contact the numberman… That means I’ll need to bother Lisa, what was her PHO name again? They have a site like youtube right? If the timeline diverged in the 80s do they even have Eurobeat or Sabaton? I have 40 gigabytes of music that doesn't exist here. I don’t wanna upload the music as my own… I’ll do it to start out and the future revenue will go to a charity. I think most the artists who made the songs would hopefully appreciate that,” Georgia says setting up her Tubeyou account which is owned by Richter Enterprises which is basically this world's google.

    ‘I should also probably write an email back apologizing and give her my phone number.’ Georgia thinks

    “Georgia you need to wake up,” Iowa says waking up Georgia

    “What?” Georgia says confused.

    “Oh, Hi cuz,” Georgia says

    “The Curator is here and he is beyond confused. You need to go.” Iowa says

    Georgia nods “Lead the way then.”

    With Iowa leading the way the museum staff wasn’t going to find her.

    “I mean the entire ship is like it just came out of drydock. It has to be a parahuman.”

    “Yes, but it doesn’t seem to have harmed her.”

    “I still think we should call the PRT. She’s obviously still in the ship.”

    “Yet we haven’t found her it’s obvious Iowa doesn’t want us to find her.”

    “There you go again, I mean I believe that the ship is alive too but not in that capacity.”


    “It was nice meeting another member of the family,” Iowa says

    “I plan on bringing back a few eventually,” Georgia says

    “Keep me updated I watch PHO when the curator is on it. You do not know how badly I want to be able to interact with the computer,” Iowa says

    “I’ll tell New Jersey and Missouri you said hello when I meet them eventually. I may have missed the war but I'm not missing this, you know what's going on out there,” Georgia says

    “I wish I could help,” Iowa says

    “No, you enjoy your retirement. The last thing we need is the navy reactivating you then deciding you don't need to go back to being a museum,” Georgia says hopping over the railing.

    Iowa watches Georgia sail south towards.

    “May you have fair winds and following seas, Georgia,” Iowa says watching her sail off.
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  7. Threadmarks: Interlude 1

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    May 15, 2022
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    Dragon has finished talking with Colin and is in a rather good mood. Their endbringer tracking software is coming along nicely and she got to watch a cape do power testing. She is one powerhouse, I mean the quirk of thinking she is an actual battleship can be forgiven with that kind of power. That and her analysis programs keep showing that she is a battleship, so in general cape stuff.

    Dragon walks into Narwhals office ready to tell her friend about the day.

    “Hey, dragon! I did the thing you asked me to!” Narwhal says with a smile

    “What?” Dragon asks confused.

    “Yeah that call about 5 hours ago, I mean flying a friend from Boston to LAX for business reasons is fine I guess. I’m also happy you’re making other friends.” Narwhal says

    “I didn’t call you,” Dragon says

    “Theresa Richter she used your full name,” Narwhal says

    “What!” Dragon shouts

    “Yeah, the phone call was recorded… I should probably pull that up.” Narwhal says

    “Hey! Aria I need a favor, I’m a bit busy with Colin at the moment, I have a friend who needs to get from Boston to Los Angeles. Could you book a flight for her for me?” A voice that sounds exactly like Dragon’s says

    “Who is this? I don't know this number” Narwhal asks

    “Theresa Richter, come on Aria. You know me," She says

    A few moments pass however nothing is said.

    “It’s me Dragon, but I need to do this as my civilian ID.” the voice says again

    “Couldn’t you do this yourself really quickly?” Narwhal asks

    “You, know I can only run one instance of myself at a time. I am stuck in a programming project with Colin we are so close to cracking it, just a few more months and we’ll have a program that will tell us where the Endbringers will attack.” The voice says

    “Sure, I’ll see what I can do? Whats her name?” Narwhal’s voice says followed by several keyboard clicks

    “Georgia Beryl, Thanks again Aria. I’ve got to get back to work.” The voice says

    “Tell her I got a flight on American Airlines, she should be able to pick up her ticket at the Airport. She’ll need to leave some form of contact info with them though.” Narwhal says

    — — — — — — — —

    “You got, got by a thinker. Well, it wasn’t too expensive I'm more worried about the fact they knew our names.” Dragon says checking the account charge.

    “So, are you not too worried about this?” Aria asks

    Dragon stands there silent for a second tracking the caller’s number.

    “She called from a pay phone at an airport in Boston. Okay, I need to go delete several phone records now. The name Georgia Beryl comes up with nothing.” Dragon says in annoyance.

    “I’ll call the Airport and see what method of contact she left,” Narwhal says

    Dragon is silent for a minute this time.

    “Don’t bother I got it already, she left an email.” Dragon says annoyed

    “Did you just hack an Airport security system?” Narwhal asks

    “No, I did all the legal paperwork for it,” Dragon says

    “Do we have jurisdiction there? I mean We are in Canada.” Narwhal asks

    “I got Colin to do it, it was just forwarding an email for him,” Dragon says

    “This entire situation is absurd,” Narwhal says

    “Yeah the odds of it happening make me wanna divide by zero,” Dragon says trying to joke

    “If anything your boyfriend is efficient,” Narwhal says with a smirk

    “Yea- Wait a second!” Dragon shouts.

    “Right, so what did you do today then?” Narwhal asks

    “Oh, well an interesting parahuman came in for power testing.” Dragon says


    Down in Brockton Bay.

    “Hey, Taylor I'm home,” Danny says

    Taylor hugs Danny.

    “I was so scared. You went to see a cape and haven’t been back all day.” Taylor says

    “Next time you meet them I’m coming!” Taylor says firmly

    “She said she would be back Monday to finish on terms of employment and her first day,” Danny says

    “You hired a cape?” Taylor asks a little shocked

    “It’s a little more difficult than that. Now you how did you know I was going to talk to a cape?” Danny says

    “I did a lot of thinking dad… I spent most of the day thinking you know. I originally didn’t want to tell you because I knew it would hurt you but then you go and do dumb things like meet capes with no backup. Dad, I’m a cape. I triggered in the locker,” Taylor says

    “Oh Taylor…” Danny says hugging his daughter again.

    “No wards?” Taylor asks

    “You see the parahuman I met today pointed out how corrupt the PRT is. She seems trustworthy and I think when she gets back Monday you are going to be there for the talk.” Danny says

    “Thanks, Dad,” Taylor says

    “Right so what’s for dinner?” Danny asks

    “Mom’s lasagna,” Taylor says with a smirk.

    Danny laughs before looking back at Taylor.

    “We both know it’s just lasagna, she didn’t have any special recipe.” Danny says with a smile.

    “It’s made with love that’s what makes it special,” Taylor says with a pout.

    They both end up breaking into laughter again.

    “So what’re your powers?” Danny asks

    “Promise not to be grossed out?” Taylor asks back


    A dozen wasps suddenly start flying in formation in the living room.

    “Bug control?” Danny asks

    “Yep!” Pretty cool right?

    “So the cape you met tell me about her,” Taylor says

    “Well, to be honest, she has blue and yellow eyes,” Danny admits

    “You’re joking,” Taylor rebukes

    “She did, according to Kurt she wore sunglasses however, I think those eyes will draw enough attention as is. The funnier thing is legally speaking she is not a cape.” Danny says with a smile

    “The PRT is gonna blow a gasket,” Taylor says

    “You know what a gasket is?” Danny asks

    “No?” Taylor replies

    “Right, I say it's time we eat dinner.”

    Georgia walks onto the beach after having spent most of the day at sea.
    “Well, that was a productive day, I need to thank Dragon for the list of all the ships sunk off the coast of California. I mean I even found a ship from the Taffy 3.”

    Georgia still eventually managed to make it to a shopping area at the beach.

    “Right, how do I get back to Brockton bay…” Georgia murmurs

    “How many times must I tell you old woman! Pay the protection money!!!”

    Georgia looks up to see a very intimidating man shouting at an old woman who appeared to be running a shop.

    'Well, a drive shouldn't take more than two days, if I drive like an average Floridan I bet I could get there in under 36 hours,' Georgia thinks with a smile as she taps on the man's shoulder.

    2900 miles at 80-90mph would do that.

    The guy immediately turns around his face glowing red in rage.
    “Who are you Bitch! you should know not to mess with the elite! We ar”

    Georgia just punched him before he could finish his monolog.

    “Thank you.”

    “Yep! Glad I could help. Have a good night ma’am,” Georgia says pocketing the thug's wallet and car keys.

    “I wonder which car is his,” Georgia asks aloud looking at the parking lot.
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    The threadmarks are noticeably messed up.
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    Welcome to the Parahumans Online message boards.
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    ♦ Topic: Boat Graveyard
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Brockton Bay
    (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)
    Posted On Feb 18th 2011:
    At some time last night, the boat graveyard disappeared.
    A friend at the DWU confirmed that a cape is responsible.
    A new hero maybe?

    Edit: Photos of the new cape at who appeared at the PRT headquarters Link to their wiki.

    (Showing page 1 of 1)


    Replied On Feb 18th 2011:
    It must've been Armsmaster! He needed the steel to make a robot army!

    ►ClockBlocker (Verified Cape) (Wards ENE)
    Replied On Feb 18th 2011:
    I can confirm that is what he is doing.

    ►Reave (Verified PRT Agent)
    Replied On Feb 18th 2011:
    Please report to the director's office.
    Armsmaster will meet you there.

    ►Good Ship Morpheus
    Replied On Feb 18th 2011:
    Oh! Maybe it's the new cape who showed up at the PRT office earlier this morning.

    End of Page. 1

    ♦ Topic: New Hero!
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Brockton Bay
    (Original Poster)
    Posted On Feb 18th 2011:
    So I was staking out the PRT building hoping to see some protectorate capes when a car suddenly pulled up and dropped off this one.


    She seems to be packing some heat too I mean look at those guns!

    (Showing page 1 of 1)

    (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)
    Replied On Feb 18th 2011:
    I can't believe someone beat me when it comes to getting information.
    Right, I'll ask some of my contacts and get the WIKI started

    Right everyone the new wiki is up for Battlewagon BB-70 LINK

    ►Battlewagon BB-70 (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Oh? I've got a Wiki? Cool!
    Right, I should say one of my powers allow's me to repair ships nearly instantly.
    So, I will be going to Houston to visit sometime in the future.
    A certain ship needs to be repaired.

    ►Battleship Texas (Museum) (Historical Site)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Really! that would be amazing we are due for a dry dock but won't be able to do it for at least 10 years.

    ►Battlewagon BB-70 (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    @Battleship Texas
    Yeah, of course, I mean I just repaired Iowa. Currently, I'm doing a favor for a friend out here on the west coast. She might reach out to you guys, though it'll probably be Boston that gets the call first.
    Also, when I repair texas it's going to get its wooden deck back. That cement is horrible and we all know it.

    ►Brocton Bay Naval Museum
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    @Battlewagon BB-70
    Yes, go ahead and ruin the surprise.
    Though I was looking it up and under salvage law, we would own the ships. Meaning the navy can not take them and scrap them. So we don't have to worry about an issue like the USS Oregon BB-3. Not to mention we need a light aircraft carrier museum especially after the failure that was USS Cabot.

    ►USS Constitution Museum (Museum) (National Park)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    I'm sorry what!
    @Brockton Bay Naval Museum:
    What ships? Wait You are telling me BB-70 is out in California rasing ships from the bottom of the Ocean.

    ►Brocton Bay Naval Museum
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    @USS Constitution Museum:
    The old Swayback and Independence of course. I wish we could get some others however it's a matter of location. We refuse to touch war graves as well. Not to mention I won't have my childhood friend sail out to bikini atoll to find the other ones. Though Nevada over by pearl is tempting.

    Speaking of which do you know where any good tin cans are? I wanted USS Taylor but that was cannibalized for parts I also wanted the USS Barb but Italians sold it for scrap.

    It's also tempting to get the USS Prinz Eugen just to spite the nazi's here. After all, it's a reminder that they lost and how the nazi scum abandoned their navy.

    ►Tin Mother (Moderator)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    I am going to have to lock this thread if it continues going off-topic people.
    Thought @Brockton Bay Naval Museum: I wish you luck!

    There is the USS Gregory and the USS John C. Butler off of the coast of San Clemente actually here its a LINK to ships and their locations, make sure you I better not hear about any war graves going missing.

    End of Page. 1

    ♦ Topic: Villain High Speed Stopped
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Los Angeles

    Posted On Feb 19th 2011:
    At 12:30 tonight, the villain high speed was suddenly caught by police.
    For the first time the ultimate get away driver was caught.

    Upon investigation it was clear to see what stopped the car. A bullet through the front which ended up going through the engine block, stoping in the gearbox.

    It is believed a new hero stopped them, however nothing is known about that yet.

    (Showing page 1 of 1)

    ►Battlewagon BB-70
    (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Hey, I'm taking credit for that. Didn't know how to safely stop him so I disabled the engine.

    ►Los Angeles Police Department
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Well, thank's for the confirmation. If you don't mind us asking what weapon did you use? The guys down at ballistics are telling us its an old-fashioned 20mm armor-penetrating round. Which apparently means it's pure tungsten or something.
    I am personally going for some kind of tinkertech.

    ►Battlewagon BB-70 (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Los Angeles PD:

    I couldn't just use high explosive or tracer 20mm rounds. Also, it could've been hardened steel I didn't exactly ask my Gunnery officer.

    Your ballistics people are good.

    End of Page. 1

    ♦ Topic: USS Iowa magically repaired over night.
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Los Angeles
    Battleship USS Iowa Museum
    (Original Poster) (Museum)
    Posted On Feb 19th 2011:
    So, I don't know who did it. Some cape broke into the museum overnight and repaired the entire thing.
    No leaks and no rust. The paint has been reapplied it is almost like it just got back from drydock.
    If we wanted to we could probably set sail, the navy is sending down some engineers to mothball the boilers again. They, are also checking a few other things so sadly we won't be open to the public this week.
    The museum equipment is still on here luckily and nothing is truly missing, it gave us all a shock.

    (Showing page 1 of 1)

    ►Battleship Texas
    (Museum) (Historical Site)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Yeah, I was talking in another topic. The cape responsible is BB-70, she even admitted to it.

    In truth we are hoping she would visit us here, Texas needs it badly.

    ►Brocton Bay Naval Museum
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    I have told her multiple times to tone down the chaos she creates.
    Sorry for the scare Iowa.

    ►Battlewagon BB-70 (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    @Brockton Bay Naval Museum:
    I reserve the right to cause chaos I am from Florida after all.
    Also, congrats the bow is repaired. Not to mention I stocked up on your ammo for you. It was running a little empty.

    ►American Victory Ship & Museum (Museum)
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    That explains so much.

    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    Has anyone else noticed the fact that all these Museum ships have accounts for their place?
    I am just starting to look at what these places are and they are amazing!

    ►Battleship USS Iowa Museum (Original Poster) (Museum)
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    @Battlewagon BB-70:
    What do you mean you stocked up our ammo?
    Crap, I need to call the navy again.

    ►Answer Key
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    I don't think you are. I mean I didn't even know they had social media.
    I guess the new cape is navy-themed It should be interesting to watch what she gets up to.

    End of Page. 1

    ♦ Topic: Mysterious cape in San Diego
    In: Boards ► Places ► America San Diego
    (Original Poster)
    Posted On Feb 20th 2011:
    So, I just got home after being saved by a cape earlier tonight.
    The cape after knocking out the thug that was about to beat me stole his car.
    She was really polite to me and everything.
    I mean it's great being saved but now I'm Just confused.

    (Showing page 1 of 1)

    ►Alligator's at the Bar
    (Verified Florida Man)
    Replied On Feb 20th 2011:
    Is that not normal? I mean that happens all the time here in Florida.

    Also dead thread?

    End of Page. 1

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    It me a few mins to figure out how to fix it but we should be okay now hopefully
  11. Gindjurra

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    A 1940s military radio wouldn’t even be able to detect the frequencies a PRT radio transmits in as anything more than faint static, let alone receive the signals and break the encryption. Completely impossible. But if Georgia can do that for a modern digital radio system, she’d have no problems getting wireless internet service, since the internet service is orders of magnitude easier to do than breaking secure modern comms.


    Depends on what the cape is employed to do. Using powers in business is a no-no. Working a job where powers have no effect would be perfectly legal - for example, no laws would prohibit Tattletale from working as a construction worker, and no laws would stop Georgia from working in an office.



    *a massive wave

    *hits a few

    Recurring typo. *Medhall



    the *sales *pitch next time



    Related to the aforementioned problem of 1940s radios not being able to interface with modern radios, the hull of an Iowa class blocks modern phones. It’s completely impossible for her to have any signal at all in that crew bunk - she’d need to go on deck to use her phone.

    Cellphones use microwaves, and a paper-thin layer of aluminum foil is an impervious barrier to those - the hull of even a Fletcher-class is a lot more than paper-thin metal. An Iowa? Hilariously blocked.



    *got got (no comma)





    Recurring typo in every mention of that museum’s user name in the PHO segment - it’s spelled Brockton
  12. Common

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    May 15, 2022
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    you know I’m surprised no one on space battles noticed it… that’s gonna be a pain to fix considering how far ahead the space battles story is. I’ll make sure to fix it for when I write a new PHO chapter at the end of arc 4
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  13. Threadmarks: Chapter 2-1

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    February 21st, 2011
    11 am DWU HQ

    A red Pontiac GTO pulls into the DWU parking lot. Like many of the cars in Brockton Bay, it’s missing a license plate.

    “Almost wasn't expecting you to show up.” A DWU guard says

    “Almost got stranded in LA. Luckily I got this baby now.” Georgia says hitting the roof of the recently acquired Pontiac.

    “Boss is expecting you in his office.”

    “Thanks!” Georgia replies

    The shipgirl heads straight there.


    ‘Really? Half fuel already?’ Georgia says to her crew in shock.

    “Hello Georgia, we were waiting for you,” Danny says

    Over by the desk is the DWU lawyer and Taylor.

    “Yeah, my bad. I forgot to include time zones in my travel time. I might’ve made it earlier if I drove even faster though I was already going at unreasonable speeds.” Georgia replies

    “So you were actually in LA?” Taylor asks skeptically.

    “Yep, saw my cousin. Did some stuff got a nice car. Shouldn’t you be in school?” Georgia says

    “Yeah, she’s not going there while I have anything to say about it,” Danny says

    “Good call… so, have you figured out that Sophia Hess is shadow stalker?” Georgia asks to throw them off.

    “That utter bitch! That explains so much!” Taylor shouts in rage.

    “That was a crime you know?” Lewis asks

    “Now I do, however, I don’t think any of you are going to snitch. Especially not to the PRT,” Georgia says

    Danny was quiet that whole time.

    “That’s a good distraction. Which we will talk about later. right now, I want to focus on the terms of your employment and your plan. I saw the PHO account,” Danny says motioning for Georgia to sit down.

    “I went to California to grab USS Salt Lake City and USS Independence. I also ended up grabbing quite a few more like the John C Butler, and Archerfish.” Georgia says

    “How many ships did you grab, we do not have an endless amount of room here. Especially since we want to start accepting shipping again,” Danny says.

    “The original plan I have typed out was for no more than 4 ships,” Georgia says

    “You’re sticking to that plan?” Danny asks

    “Maybe 5? If I can get my hands on a battleship or if I can resurrect the Enterprise. Which doesn’t seem likely cause it was sold for scrap,” Georgia says

    Danny nods slowly.

    “I mean with the reduction in international shipping, I do not believe you are going to use the entire port. Especially with New York and Boston relatively close by,” Georgia says

    “We have space over by the old shipways,” Lewis says

    “The someone that built several of the Fletcher class?” Georgia asks ideas already going through her head.

    Danny nods.

    “Is the drydock still operational or?” Georgia asks

    “Sadly no, the infrastructure on it failed a little under a decade ago. They are over there though.” Danny says

    “They?” Georgia reiterates

    “There are two drydocks over there. Though the merchants messed up all the electronics for the watertight gates. The pumps don’t work and the concrete is weathering with leaks appearing from underground water sources,” Danny says

    “I’ll make it work eventually. So you plan on writing off the drydocks to the museum?” Georgia asks

    “The Museum? You work for the dock workers. We expect you to help us with PR and advertising since we are bringing the Ferry back.” Lewis says

    “How about a competition? Whichever shipping company delivers the most goods to you guys in tonnage gets 5 Panamax freighters free? AlthoughI I want some business credit with the DWU for that.”
    Georgia asks

    “You could supply 5 freighters like that?” Taylor asks

    “Easily, where do you think the ship graveyard went?” Georgia asks rhetorically

    Danny thinks for a bit before nodding.

    “We can do that 100 million dollars in credit? We want to sell one then use 3 for the competition,” Danny says sliding a stack of paper over to Georgia

    Everyone knows that was a massive lowball. With how much Panamax freighters went for price-wise roughly worth 75 million a piece. Yet considering it costs Georgia nothing do you really think she cares?

    “Sure, that should be more than enough to get me started. Finally my contract. Give me a few minutes to read it,” Georgia says starting to flip through it.

    One hour later.

    “Overall I have no issue with it,” Georgia says holding the pen.

    “Your concerns?” Lewis asks

    “Not really, just slightly insulted. You think I won’t pay for work from the DWU since I’m a nonprofit working under them?” Georgia asks

    “Non-profit?” Taylor asks

    “Yes, well kinda? All the paperwork is in the mail. Brockton Bay Naval Museum will be a nonprofit LLC. Which I founded, I will work for the DWU,” Georgia says

    “You managed to sum that up well. As part of the contract, you got leased land at a reasonable price. You promised to put the DWU first when you are searching to employ skilled and non-skilled laborers.” Lewis says

    “Except for essential staff and volunteers, or if the DWU doesn’t have the skills needed for the job,” Georgia says signing the contract.

    “Welcome aboard,” Danny says

    “Glad to be here boss,” Georgia says in the most mob-like way she possibly could.

    Danny just sighs while his daughter giggles a bit.

    “So, I need to go and start fundraising money,” Georgia says

    “You got a plan?” Danny asks

    “You gave me a much bigger area than I asked for, I could probably fit 7 or 8 ships in there. Since my powers allow me to repair them nearly instantly too. Maintenance won’t be an issue. I plan on listing all the ships I could put in those spots. Put a donation link next to each ship. Whichever gets the most money gets displayed here,” Georgia says

    “That seems like an okay idea,” Danny says

    “I also need to go see the mayor,” Georgia murums

    “Today?” Danny asks

    “Yes, is there anything you need me to get done as of this moment?” Georgia asks

    “If you are going to visit Mayor Christner. I have some paperwork I need him to sign,” Danny says

    “Sure, I can take it down to him. Also, could you have some DWU engineers check out the structural integrity of the old shipway? I want to know what it would look like in terms of resources, manpower, and cost to convert it to a convention center/ballroom.” Georgia says

    “I’ll get some of our best on it,” Danny says smiling

    "I need to use that 100 million credit somehow," Georgia says
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  14. Threadmarks: Chapter 2-2

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    In mayor Christner's office.

    “Roy… she hasn’t left yet,”

    “You’re kidding right?” Roy asks peeking out of the door.

    That woman had been here the entire day just sitting in the lobby.

    “What does she want?” Roy asks

    “To speak with you. Though she’s obviously a cape with her eyes like that. I mean who has blue and yellow eyes,”

    “Okay, I’m going to give someone a call. Give it 30 minutes then send her in.” Roy Christner says

    The secretary nods before going back out into the lobby to talk to the cape.

    Roy picks up the phone on his desk dialing a number.

    “Hey, Rory. I need you here at the office. Something came up cape business,” Roy says

    “Yeah, don’t panic nothing big has happened yet. She’s holding a stack of paperwork and has been waiting most of the day,” Roy says

    “No no, I just want you here just in case… Right thanks son,” Roy says putting the phone back on its dock.


    Georgia meanwhile has been waiting in the town hall for most of the day. Fiddling about with her smartphone.
    “Number man was easier to contact than I thought, That and the channel Earth Arche on Tubeyou is a massive hit… Like I feel bad but this world doesn't have sabaton or Eurobeat. I mean I am glad I can share it with them all. It's almost like not having the beetles.” Georgia says to herself

    “I mean Switzerland was hit hard by Simurgh, who even knows if this world's version of the band is still alive…” Georgia says sadly


    ‘WHAT!’ Georgia shouts at her crew straining to not shout out loud


    ‘What do you mean we have nuclear shell plans!’ Georgia says in shock


    ‘My guns are 18inch, not 16inch! Those won’t work to mention it's not like I can just go and get fissile material.’ Georgia tells her crew.


    ‘Oh? You are telling me there are enough nuclear engineers on board to safely modify the plans?’ Georgia asks rhetorically


    She goes silent not expecting a yes.

    The conversation was about to go into full-back and forth when suddenly the phone at the receptionist’s desk rings.

    The woman at the desk picks it up before looking over at Georgia.
    “The Mayor is ready to see you. Next time please do schedule an appointment,”

    “Right, thank you for fitting me in last minute like this,” Georgia says walking into the office.

    “Miss a Beryl, I am Roy Christner it is a pleasure to meet you. So what is the purpose of our meeting today?” Roy asks

    “Right, so. I wanted to meet you to discuss some stuff both business and personal. Then, Danny Hebert, my boss gave me some paperwork to give you,” Georgia says setting the paperwork down on the desk.

    “Personal?” Rory asks

    “Oh? Hi, Triumph I didn’t see you there. So for the personal one. Your niece triggered, and with all the hospital visits for her headache’s she’s caught the eye of a dangerous thinker.” Georgia says

    “Go! I’ll be fine.” Roy says looking at his son who immediately leaves to go check on his cousin.

    “Okay… well thank you for that. Now the business?” Roy asks

    “I wanted to introduce myself, I am Georgia Beryl. Founder of the Brockton Bay Naval Museum nonprofit. Although we are still preparing the area for the ships. I wanted to get this meeting out of the way,” Georgia says

    “You mentioned that Mr. Hebert was your boss?” Roy asks

    “Yes, they hired me considering my expertise in advertisement and customer service. Along with my skill in ship repair and restoration,” Georgia says with a smile.

    “We are getting a museum? I mean the last one was robbed way back when marquis was fighting off the teeth. It would be nice to have an area for tourists besides the boardwalk.” Roy says

    “Yes, I already have 4 ships lined up for it I could also probably fit in 3 more. I plan on turning the old naval yard into something that could rival the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum,” Georgia says with a smile.

    Roy looks at the woman in front of him skeptically.

    “The one in Virginia, not the one in the capital,” Georgia says with a smile

    “That is going to be a massive undertaking you know,” Roy says

    “I'll make it work. If the gangs do something I’ll hit them with my Georgia beam,” Georgia says with a bright smile.

    “Right, well you have my blessing with this.”

    “Really! Okay, I can’t wait till I can hold the opening banquet. I will get back to you in about 2 months.” Georgia says holding out her hand.

    “2 months? You aren't here to see if you can get money from the city?” Roy asks

    “Ah, you know the Earth Arche tubeyou channel? That's me, so money isn't exactly tight, not to mention I have a cape helping me and she can restore ships by basically touching them.” Georgia admits.
    “That’s all you came here for?” Roy asks

    “Was your niece not that important?” Georgia asks

    “That is not what I said and you know it!” Roy shouts having forgotten about that part with the amount of information that Georgia just gave him.

    “Do you have the contact info for the convention and visitors bureau while I'm here?” Georgia asks

    “Yeah, it's actually part of my administration since it hasn't split off from the town hall like the ones in the bigger cities,” Roy says pulling out a business card.

    “Who runs it?” Georgia asks taking the card.

    “Jasmine Higgins, she actually moved from Lousiana after New Orleans flooded,” Roy Christner says

    ‘I need to research leviathan's damage later. I am a little scared to look it up though,’ Georgia thinks

    “I think we’ll be great friends,” Georgia says with a smile

    “I should get home. Rory already should be there with my niece,” Roy says

    “You do that, honestly I wouldn’t have blamed ya if you left when I told you about her. Family always comes first in my book,” Georgia says


    Georgia sitting in her car in the parking lot by town hall very quickly searches for information on Florida.

    “Miami is underwater? No, that can't be right, Clearwater washed away…” Georgia mutters horrified.

    August 2005 Leviathan took a path through the Gulf of Mexico to hit Panama The tsunamis he caused paralyzed several cities flooding several parts of all the Gulf coast states. It was the first time since Behemoth appeared that an end bringer attacked twice in a row. Panama is still partially underwater with the Panama canal permanently destroyed.

    “That date… It matches Hurricane Katrina, did they not have the hurricane here?” Georgia mutters

    Georgia throws her phone onto the passenger seat not wanting to see anymore. Looking at all the disasters photos just reminds Georgia of the super hurricanes of the 2050s.

    “Right, let's go do something to distract myself… Don’t think about home, home is okay. This Florida isn't home,” Georgia says starting the car.

    Georgia puts her shaking hands on the wheels and gear shifter. Putting the car into first she drives off in the direction of the Board Walk.
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    The boardwalk was honestly less busy than one would think. Especially from reading the source material.

    "I wonder if Parian actually has a shop?" Georgia asks herself.

    "God I hate clothes shopping. Maybe if I trick myself into believing I'm searching for Parian I might be able to put up with it." Georgia says looking at all the shops.

    "Eenie meenie miney this one," Georgia says walking into a random shop.

    "Hello, how may I help you?" A person says almost immediately upon walking in.

    Georgia stares at the young college-age woman who matches the description of the cape out of costume to the T.

    "Give me a second to process my luck and I'll get back to you," Georgia says


    "Right! So I have an issue. I am a brute… that sounded wrong. I am a parahuman with super strength, the clothes I have now are the only ones that don't rip and tear when I move. Would you be able to help me?" Georgia asks

    However halfway through her declaration, the sign was already flipped to close and several pieces of cloth and string were beginning to float in the air.

    "How did you find me?" Sabah asks

    "Luck? Literally pure luck. If it wasn't for the fact I'm at least partially related to Enterprise I wouldn't believe it myself." Georgia says

    The state down Georgia is getting would wither away at her if she wasn't made of steel.

    "Here allow me to demonstrate. Siri flip a coin," Georgia says

    "Okay flipping a coin," Siri responds

    "Side." Georgia states

    "So, you're not going to believe this but it landed on its side," Siri responds

    Sabah is now even more confused. Georgia is also confused because she has an android, not an apple.

    "Who is Siri?" Sabah asks

    "Oh, it's a virtual assistant on a phone from earth Alph," Georgia says

    "You're from earth Alph?" Sabah asks

    "Nope I'm not," Georgia says

    Sabah goes back to staring at the girl in front of her.

    "You're trying to confuse me."

    "Maybe? I mean putting people off-center makes negotiations easier," Georgia admits

    "Why are you here?"

    "To shop for clothes?" Georgia asks

    "... wait you are saying because of your power all of your clothes must be specially made?" Sabah asks

    "Yes, thats why I was hoping to find you," Georgia says with a smile

    "It's gonna cost money," Sabah says

    "I have enough of that. So could we maybe use kevlar I am hoping it would be strong enough," Georgia says

    "How bad could it be?" Sabah asks

    Georgia giggles " Have you ever accidentally crushed a doorknob?"

    "I'm guessing clothes aren't much better?" Sabah asks

    Georgia makes a so-so gesture.

    "Fine, I'll help. What's your power anyways?" Sabah asks

    "You heard of that new hero who made the ship graveyard go poof? That's me," Georgia says smiling

    "That, well thank you for that. Believe it or not my property's value went up when those ships disappeared," Sabah says


    'I just need to eat nuclear material now to get a sample is what your saying? And just where am I supposed to get uranium?' Georgia asks her crew.

    "You there miss?" Sabah asks

    "Oh right, I'm Georgia." Georgia says introducing herself


    "Come out Parian! I know you're in there!" Is shouted from outside.

    "Is that hook wolf?" Sabah asks

    "I'll take care of it." Georgia says walking over to the door.

    Sabah watches in stunned silence as Georgia walks over to the door and opens it. "geh homw du nasser Hund!" Is shouted which confuses her even more.

    "I don't speak German!" Is suddenly shouted back from outside.

    "Have one of your Lakeys tell you then!" Georgia shouts closing the door.

    "You're German?" Sabah asks almost glaring.

    "Hey, my great grandparents didn't flee their birth country when those freaks took over just so you could glare at me." Georgia says

    "You're Jewish?" Sabah asks

    "Maybe? We aren't entirely sure? How that happened we don't know either however, all those who could answer the question are kinda dead. Searching for the old family name comes up as German-Jewish. Yet somehow that makes it more confusing," Georgia says

    "Huh, well that's certainly odd. How is it more confusing?" Sabah says

    Georgia hits her head against the wall putting a small hole in it.

    "Sorry, about that. So more confusing? Looking at the historical record there is no proof of them immigrating. Rather it's more likely that my family has been in the country since the civil war at the very least. Yet grandma they seemed pretty serious about the time frame in which the family moved here," Georgia says

    'Considering I am no longer who I used to be youve got no clue,' Georgia thinks

    "That's, yeah. I can see why it's confusing." Sabah says

    "So clothes?" Georgia asks

    Suddenly the shop's door bursts open.

    "I said get out here!" Hookwolf shouts looking around the shop.

    "Really Brad? I mean when they talked about your level of intelligence I thought they were lowballing it. I guess they weren't," Georgia says aloud facepalming.

    "Who the fuck are you!" Hookwolf shouts

    Georgia gasps "Me?" Her hand is over her chest in shock.

    "Yeah! Who are you!"

    "Fine then mister grand wizard. I am a 60thousand-ton and change battleship whose sole purpose was to protect the United States. I am a symbol of this country's naval dominance. I was built to sink the ships of the Kriegs Marine and the Empire of Japan. Who am I? I'll tell you, you half-witted fake nazi! I am your worst nightmare!" Georgia shouts

    "That doesn't make any sense?" Sabah mutters

    Suddenly there is a glow behind Georgia as her rigging appears.

    "What the fuck! You're a cape!" Hookwolf shouts

    "Try not to die okay? I'm gonna go a little easy so you shouldn't be turned into a bloody mist." Georgia says with a cute smile.

    Hookwolf transforms into a panic seeing the Naval guns pointed his way.

    That's when a single 40mm opened fire letting out one round.

    After the ringing stopped in the shop. Sabah looked at Hookwolf and noticed a steel leg was bleeding red blood.

    "Wow, you got lucky it overpenned. Give me a second let me try my five inchers." Georgia says with a smile that must've been faked.

    Hookwolf went back to human form and ran. He was limping horribly as he made decent speed.

    "You made him bleed," Sabah says

    "I don't think he finished his transformation, then again at this range. It's a roll of the dice if a 40mm could pen 3inches of steel or not. At an angle like that, it could've ricocheted. Luckily I like to cheat," Georgia says

    "Cheat?" Sabah asks

    Georgia walks over and pulls the really hot projectile out of the ground. Before rolling it around in her hand.

    "It's armor penetrating. Tungsten carbide meant to take out tanks and damage warships." Georgia says

    "Is it nato approved?" Sabah asks as a joke

    Georgia laughs a little. "Nope!"
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    Inside the main office at the DWU Danny is looking over a massive stack of paperwork while talking with a very happy Lewis. Taylor is also there and seems to be thinking seriously.

    Georgia knocks on the door before walking in. "So how does it look, Danny?”

    Danny looks up knowing exactly what Georgia is talking about. “Structurally it’s alright? A few of the catwalks need to be replaced. I would also recommend redoing the ceiling.”

    “Am currently wondering how far my powers extend beyond ships, Like could I use it for naval bases? Or is it just for ships?” Georgia asks in wonder.

    “That would be interesting to find out,” Danny says

    “Won’t steal work from the union I know. Though if I can secure the building and replace and fix the old supports and pretty it up. Could I rely on you all for the electronics and interior? I also want it built to Florida building code,” Georgia says

    “That is unnecessary, and you know it,” Danny says

    “Tempered glass windows, Ties to hold the ceiling down so it doesn't blow off. Walls are able to resist wind of up to 110 miles per hour. Oh and heat-resistant roofing tile.” Georgia says

    “You want to fortify it?” Danny asks

    “Bingo, and since it’ll be a naval museum it wouldn't be off for it to look like one. Though I want you all to avoid fortress construction like its a plague,” Georgia says

    “Cape stuff?” Danny asks

    Georgia just nods in confirmation.

    “Fine you go check it out, I’ll send the boys to get started,” Danny says

    “Also, you and Taylor? How is that?” Georgia asks

    “I don’t understand how that’s relevant to you?” Danny says

    "Hey! I'm right here," Taylor says

    “Boss, you’re my boss. You are aware of this right? I mean if you wanted someone who’s a powerhouse to watch over her or just to be nearby in case she gets into trouble. I would be happy to help,” Georgia says

    "I don't have any plans on patroling," Taylor says

    “Taylor you're worrying me. You've told me nothing at all and you've been being bullied since you started high school. Luckily Lewis is more than happy to take a shot at the PRT. Speaking of which Georgia doesn’t happen to have any more damming info do you?” Danny asks

    Taylor stops talking knowing her dad is right.

    “Kinda? It’s just speculation. I mean it’s circumstantial at best. I don’t know if you would even be able to present it in a jury trial. I mean maybe if it’s phrased correctly?” Georgia says

    “Coil’s mercenaries are a bunch of retired police and Protectorate workers. None of the ward's costumes are bulletproof let alone resistant. Rachel Lindt had several false charges thrown on her by the PRT. That along with her being autistic I don’t know if her name will ever be cleared. Hmm, what else? Ah right the youth guard is corrupt and doesn’t really care about the children’s safety,” Georgia says finishing her speech.

    “You really dislike them Huh?” Danny says

    "Well considering what one of their wards did to Taylor," Georgia says

    Lewis nods writing everything down. "This is going to be a challenge but a fun one."

    “Yep, now I’ve got to check the old shipways,” Georgia says

    Georgia is standing before rusting old scaffolding. There is no roof and no walls.

    “Well, let’s give it a try.” Georgia says touching the scaffolding.

    “Hmm kinda?” Georgia says confused before putting her hands on the ground.

    “You need to construct more pylons… you’ve got to be kidding me,” Georgia says giggling.

    “I need more resources, well let’s fix what I can and leave the rest to the dock workers,” Georgia mutters as several cracks in the concrete begin to close and the rust on the support structures begin to disappear.

    “So, we need to floor over the middle one to have ample area then the left and right ones need to be restored. A ceiling will need to be built as well. You getting this?” Georgia asks

    Several of the dock workers had shown up to watch about 70 of the naval yard repair itself. Including the dry dock.

    “Loud and clear, also you do know this is mostly as thanks for getting rid of the graveyard and tanker,” Kurt says

    “I would’ve done that anyways you guys know. I mean I am just trying to bring a touch of southern hospitality to this cold broken place.” Georgia says with a smile.

    “Where you from anyways?” Lacy asks

    “Florida,” Georgia says

    Several of the dockyard workers wince. After all that state is basically dead with leviathan. The nice beaches lay abandoned, Miami was underwater along with parts of Jacksonville. Clearwater had washed away. FEMA actually died trying to help the gulf coast. When the leviathan hit Panama it paralyzed the economy down there.

    “How’s Lewis doing?” Georgia asks

    “Happy, extremely happy. Did you have anything to do with it?” Kurt asks

    “So, you know how you can't technically sue the government? Turns out the PRT is not actually included in that little tidbit of the law. So he is going to have a fun day bringing down the local school administration and PRT for gross negligence of duty. It will be one I bring the popcorn out for,” Georgia says smiling

    “Oh? That explains why Danny just blacklisted the entire school district from union work. Not to mention our partnership with other unions. They aint gonna get any work done,” Kurt says smiling.

    “Yep, so while you all do this. I need to take a road trip. I managed to get some appointments to stop at a place in Boston along with New Jersey. If anything happens I shouldn't be more than 2 hours out,” Georgia says

    “You are leaving again?” Kurt asks

    “Yes, since we aren't open yet and Danny is busy with what I am assuming is a lawsuit. I plan on getting some more prework done before I'm required to stay here most of the time,” Georgia says
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    Emily was not having a good day. Not only had her dialysis machine broken. Her lawyers were in a panic, all the unions in Brockton had black-listed the PRT. Then there was the stack of papers in front of her notifying her of a lawsuit.

    “Someone get me Armsmaster. And have Assault restrain shadow stalker. I need to call the chief director,” Piggot states blandly.

    Several people run out of the office in a panic.


    Georgia meanwhile is driving down the highway to Boston.

    “This battlefield's been chosen, tactically in advance
    Time to alert our fighters, we're soon in range
    We'll meet at Midway
    Naval war
    Calling all men to deck, got to be airborne
    Head out into the sun, descending on our foes
    This is the crucial moment, in the heat of the war
    To fly and hit our targets, down in the waves”

    The ship girl singing along to sabaton going well over 100mph down the highway isn’t to be questioned.

    “Far from shore, a pacific war”

    That’s when the song stops as her phone begins to ring.

    “Yello” Georgia says

    The red Pontiac is beginning to slow down as city traffic is beginning to pick up.

    “Hey! Is this BB-70?” The voice says

    “Dragon? How’d you get my number?” Georgia says in a happy customer service voice

    “You know-how,” Dragon says

    “Really? Cause I mean I guess information security on the phone is a bit bad. The only thing I’ve got going for it is it’s unrecognizable OS and software,” Georgia says

    “It’s actually pretty good. Not tinker tech level but good,” Dragon says

    “Futuristic right? I mean did you see the virtual assistant on there? It could almost fool a Turing test,” Georgia says with a smile.

    Armsmaster is in his lab.

    “Colin are you sure she's the reason for the lawsuit? I mean the phone tracking is putting her in Boston,” Dragon says

    “She has to be. I am just worried about how she is getting her information,” Colin says

    Suddenly there is a knock on the door to the workshop.

    “You should probably answer that,” Dragon says

    Armsmaster presses a button on his desk which opens the blast door.

    “Armsmaster the director needs to see you,” A PRT worker says, obviously out of breath.

    Armsmaster nods before making his way to the director’s office.

    As he reaches outside the door yelling can be heard.

    “No! Absolutely not! I told you I told all of you this would happen! But no! You went over my head!” Piggot is shouting into the phone.

    “I don’t care! Do it yourself if you think you can do anything! They have us dead to rights!” Piggot shouts before there is the sound of glass shattering.

    Armsmaster knocks on the door before walking in. Catching the broken cellphone and the hole in the wall did surprise him.

    “So Colin, we have a problem,” Piggot says smiling.
    It was a rather scary smile.
    A portal suddenly opens in Cauldron headquarters.

    “Contessa! I need a path to stop the lawsuit against the PRT!” Rebecca shouts

    “Step 1 attempt to kill Georgia Beryl… Step 2… there is no step 2?” Contessa says confused

    “What?” Rebecca asks confused

    “The path to saving humanity would also stop?” Contessa says unsure of herself.

    “I thought your path to victory was?” Rebecca says slightly worried.

    “My passenger just seems to be saying, “Is ship yes?”” Contessa says even more confused

    “Gate to Georgia Beryl” Rebecca says stepping through the gate.
    Georgia is pulling onto the exit in Boston having made great time.

    “Woooaaaahhh! were half way there!” Georgia sings as the Pontiac suddenly hit something before rolling over it and continuing down the off-ramp.

    “Woah? What was that? I mean did they put a speed bump in the middle of the highway. I’m not in Rhode Island so it shouldn’t have been a large pothole?” Georgia says confused continuing on anyways.

    She makes it a few more miles before the Pontiac dies from damage taken in by the “speed bump”.

    “Okay? Maybe it wasn’t a speed bump.” Georgia says looking at the check engine and low oil light on the dash.

    Georgia gets out to go check the damage on the car. Or that’s what she would be doing if a speeding white van didn’t hit her going 60.

    Onlookers got to watch in wonder as the van sideswiped the Pontiac before wrapping around the couple thousand-ton battleship.

    “Ow! You bitch that stung.” Georgia says out loud.

    In truth, it didn’t but throwing around false positives to confuse thinkers was a fun pastime.

    The driver and passenger of the van were unconscious wearing ski masks. The airbags had deployed and the van was a total loss.

    “Did these kids just rob a bank or something?” Georgia asks sliding open the side door.

    Strewn across the floor were bits and pieces of electronics, scrap metal, and the armored stern plate of the USS Enterprise.

    “Wow… well that’s one less stop I have to make. You really aren’t enjoying retirement are you?” Georgia asks aloud rhetorically.

    “No, no I’m not.” Says a voice

    Georgia turns around upon hearing that voice.

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    Thomas Calvert was having another thinker headache. His powers had started to do that recently after Thomas met a cape who called herself BB-70.
    Try 1
    At the PRT power testing room.

    “Stand clear! I’m doing a full barrage!” Is shouted by the cape.

    That’s where the timeline ended.
    Try 2

    Coil is in his base listening to his mercenaries over the phone. They decided to attack the dock workers Union to abduct her.

    “Sir we’re trying but she’s shooting back! We’re taking heavy casualties!”

    There is a loud bang before the phone goes silent.

    “Damn it.” Coil says ending the timeline.

    Try 8

    When Georgia was at the boardwalk.

    “Hello Georgia, I am Thomas Calvert. I work for the PRT.” Thomas says trying to introduce himself.

    “You broke the Unwritten rules, I am going to sink the rig after I kill you,” Georgia says

    All he sees is a fist coming toward him as the timeline ends.
    Try 9

    “GEORGIA BEAAAAMMMMMM!” Is heard over the radio as Thomas’ body double dies.

    He sighs as he ends the timeline.
    Try 10.

    Maybe if he approached her in a crowded mall she couldn’t shoot because of the civilians.

    “Hello.” Is all Thomas manages to say before


    Coil’s head hit his desk as the Timeline ended again.

    “Got it, don’t go after Georgia… how about Danny or Taylor Hebert?” Thomas says

    Try 12.

    “Sir! We’ve managed to kidnap Taylor Herbert like you asked.” Is said over a phone

    “That’s great. Just get her to my base.” Coil says back
    12 separate timelines. It took 12 goes to get just this far.

    Suddenly there is screaming over the phone followed by gun shots.

    “Captian! What is happening!?” Coil shouts

    “Bugs! There’s lots of bugs!” That’s when the line went silent.

    “What the fuck?” Coil asks confused ending the timeline.

    Try 15

    “Sir! We got the girl! I don’t understand why you have us killing Miss Hebert. However it…”

    The end bringer shelter shakes as the bunker partially collapses.

    Coil checks the cameras that view outside to see that they aren’t working.

    “You fucked up Thomas,” Contessa says

    That’s the last thing Coil heard before the timeline ended.

    Try 20

    “Taylor is protected by fucking cauldron are you kidding me!” Coil shouts throwing a glass across the room

    There is a crashing sound as it breaks scattering pieces across the ground.

    “Maybe Tattletale has something for me.” Coil asks himself.


    Tattletale is currently hiding under a blanket trying to sleep off her thinker headache. When her phone rings.

    “Hey, boss man?” Tattletale says

    “Do you have anything on the new cape I sent you info on?”

    “Is battleship, YES!” Tattletale responds

    “That’s it?” Coil asks

    “There’s also GEORGIA BEAM!!!” Tattletale says rubbing her temples trying to nurse her headache.

    There is no sound over the phone however that statement causes coil to flinch.

    “Where are you at?” Coil asks

    “I had to get out of the bay for a bit. I am in Boston,” Tattletale says

    “I’m working on a plan to get rid of her so. Don’t stay gone too long or I’ll find you,” Coil says threateningly.

    “Sure thing boss,” Tattletale says hanging up on the supervillain.

    “I’m obviously not gonna sleep. Is there anything to do here in Boston? I should go check the tourist brochures in the lobby,” Tattletale says getting out of bed.

    The display stand had a bunch of brochures for a bunch of different places.

    “USS Cassin Young? USS Constitution museum?” Lisa says picking up the brochure.

    “Maybe I could learn more about battleships?” Lisa says to herself having decided on where to go.
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    Recurring typo. It’s Earth Aleph, not Alph.
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    Georgia had taken the stern plate and made full ahead to anywhere she wouldn’t be observed.

    “Well, thank you for getting me away from those lunatics. Wanted to use me for power armor or something.” Enterprise says

    “Give me a minute I’m almost away and hidden,” Georgia says walking into a hotel lobby

    “So, you look familiar. Almost like New Jersey,” Enterprise says musing to herself.

    “Like I said give me a minute,” Georgia responds holding the Stern plate walking into an empty ballroom.

    “Wait you can hear me? You looked at me earlier can you see me?” Enterprise asks in shock

    The massive ballroom was void of anyone and was barely lit by the light coming in from the windows.

    “Of course I can, there’s a reason I look like my cousin after all,” Georgia says with a smile.

    “… Wait what? You're not a Montana class maybe? Then again I’ve heard they’ve stopped making battleships. Then Carrier’s days are numbered as well. Especially with those para things running around.” Enterprise says

    “The United States won’t ever get rid of the navy you know? I mean not even that many parahumans are bulletproof. Even for the ones that are its nothing an anti-material rifle can’t solve,” Georgia says smiling

    “Is that what they are calling the cannons now?” Enterprise asks

    Georgia does a so-so motion before setting down the stern plate on the ground.

    “Right, so not happy with your retirement. Big E do you wanna see if I can get you your hull back?” Georgia asks

    “Will I be able to fight? I mean people seem to be able to interact with you,” Enterprise says

    “I… give me a second I have an Idea,” Georgia says

    Enterprise watches in wonder as the stern plate suddenly becomes a Blue glowing cube.

    “Right you’re still here that’s a good sign,” Georgia says

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Enterprise asks

    “It should take two,” Georgia says pulling out a cube and triple-checking to make sure it’s a mass-produced one and not one with a personality.

    Turns out some of the cargo vessels did have a personality since they were around for so long.

    “What are you doing?” Enterprise asks confused

    “Think fast!” Georgia shouts

    The two blue cubes are suddenly thrusted into Enterprise’s chest. Her non-physical body seems to absorb them causing her to glow in a golden light.

    “What! What did you just do!?” Enterprise shouts in shock as her rigging appears.

    The long flat runway with a yellow CV-6 painted on it is slung across her side like one would wear a messenger bag. With the deck superstructure slinging itself around her other side for counterbalance. To top it all off A massive longbow is formed in her hands.

    “I made you like me!” Georgia says with a smile

    Enterprise opens her mouth however she cuts herself off when her stomach rumbles.
    Meanwhile, at the PRT headquarters, all the lights in the windows suddenly go dark.

    “Why is the power off!” Armsmaster shouts

    That’s when the emergency floodlights turn on before the backup generator kicks on bathing the building in red light.

    “Hello everyone this is the director of the PRT ENE. If you are wondering why the power has gone out. That is because the electrical workers Union has black-listed us. On top of that, the city trash workers are no longer picking up our trash. That is the first in a long list of services we are no longer getting. It appears the city no longer wants us here. However, we are here to stay!” Piggot announces over the intercom system

    Armsmaster’s phone suddenly pings. The message is a few simple words.

    “‘My office now.”

    Georgia and Enterprise are currently at Dovetail. It’s a restaurant on 6th street just down the road from the USS Constitution Museum.

    Georgia is just watching in wonder as Enterprise is putting down several hundreds of dollars worth of food.

    “I am so happy I took that thief’s wallet. Then again I’ve got plenty of money anyways,” Georgia murmurs

    “Right, Enterprise we need to go if we are gonna see great grandma and Cassin,” Georgia says

    The pair of ship girls even with their rigging away draw some attention then again they do stand out walking around an active port.

    “Wow, do you think she's awake?” Enterprise asks

    “Iowa was, actually Iowa thought you were dead. So I am willing to bet both her and Cassin are in for a surprise,” Georgia says with a smile.

    The two climb the gangway onto the destroyer wanting to see Cassin first.

    “Enterprise?” The shock is clear in the tone of voice.

    Georgia and Enterprise turn around to see a girl with black hair.

    “Told you she’d be surprised,” Georgia says

    “You were part of task force 54, weren’t you? How did you recognize me I usually only had task force 16 with me?” Enterprise asks

    “The destroyers talked about you after the war. I can’t believe you are alive,” Cassin says

    “She was always too stubborn to die,” Georgia says

    “Who are you?” Cassin asks

    “I am the USS Georgia, the never-built Iowa class with 18inch guns instead of the 16-in,” Georgia replies.

    Suddenly there is a thump in the distance.

    “Oh, that girl just passed out,” Cassin says

    “Who?” Georgia asks

    “She’s just around the corner. Was she watching us? Usually they people can’t see us,” Cassin asks

    “Actually, they can see me and Enterprise. Speaking of which when the normal humans are gone tonight you are getting an impromptu drydock session,” Georgia says

    “I found the girl,” Enterprise says holding a Sarah Livesy or Tattletale

    “Enterprise I think your luck and my Luck combined is too much. I have been wanting to talk to that girl for a while,” Georgia says in shock.
  21. Threadmarks: Chapter 2-7

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    Lisa woke up in a dark place. She was laying down on a semi-soft surface.

    Trying to remember what happened before she blacked out.
    “Crap. It’s that cape again,” Lisa mutters

    Is by the sea. Sound of waves. Is experiencing small rocking motions. Is on a boat? Yes. Stationary? Yes.

    “Please stop still trying to recover from the headache that Georgia girl gave me,” Lisa says trying to reign in her powers.

    The door suddenly opens and a small lantern illuminates the room.

    The steel walls and floor were a bit of a surprise. The mattress was ancient.

    Is on a ship. Small room with multiple bunks. Is crew quarters of a ship. Small quarters and small roof clearance. In a destroyer. Cassin Young.

    “Hey Sarah,” Georgia says

    Knows you? Maybe. Thinks she knows you. Relative? Yes but no? Is ship yes! Yes is ship!

    “Do I know you?” Lisa asks just trying to get expressions to read.

    Yes, she knows you. Is ship yes! Considers you family.

    “W-what?” Lisa asks now really confused

    Reminds her of family.

    “I want to answer but is it necessary with how much you're reading me?” Georgia asks

    Knows you. Is ship. Knows your power. Yes ship. Your problems. Wants to help. kantai otome mairimasu. Thinks your family.

    “We’re family?” Lisa asks

    Is ship yes. No yes yes maybe help error.

    Lisa grabs her forehead and groans.

    “Did I throw an error code again? Sorry about that. I would like to think we are cousins even though that’s a loaded statement in and of itself considering my other cousins. I’m just happy you're alive on this earth,” Georgia says

    Error…. Rebooting

    “You’re from another earth?” Lisa asks

    “Your Mom’s a psychotic bitch with delusions and the occasional breakdown?” Georgia asks

    “That describes her pretty well,” Lisa says

    “What about your dad in Georgia?” Georgia asks

    “He’s not there went down with his submarine when he was in the navy. Leviathan loved to target nuclear subs.” Lisa says

    “Your grandmother, Aunt, uncle, and cousins in Florida?” Georgia asks

    “Dead. How do… no wait we are related but from a different earth?” Lisa says in realization

    “Took you a while Sarah,” Georgia says

    “You crashed my powers so it’s not fair,” Lisa says

    “Meh potato patato. Need any help with your snake problem?” Georgia asks

    “Georgia! You done talking to the prospective XO yet?” Enterprise shouts from the other room.

    “Almost Enterprise!” Georgia shouts back

    Uss Enterprise. Is ship yes.

    “You said enterprise? As in the USS Enterprise? Wait, you're actually a ship. Both you and that other girl are the spirits of warships! My birth father served on you! That’s how you know me!” Lisa shouts triumphantly having finally figured out the new cape.

    “Then where does the other earth fit into this? Also, I’m not a nuclear submarine.” Georgia says

    “No it makes perfect sense! You are from an earth where we didn’t stop building battleships! Your 18in guns are enough to prove that. So you are the Georgia who had an alternate version of my father serve on her.” Lisa states

    Is shocked! Likely correct. Is battleship. Is Georgia.

    Georgia is just staring at Sarah in complete shock.
    The logic is there for her answer; it's just completely wrong.

    ‘Well, that answers the question of if I have to worry about thinkers or not.’ Georgia thinks

    “Let’s get back on track. So the snake problem?” Georgia asks

    “Wait, are you the one who’s been giving Coil problems? I need to know how you are doing that!” Lisa says excited

    “Well you see anytime I see him. I kill him, his power allows him to run two timelines at once so if he dies I forcibly close one. Its quite fun I wonder how many times I’ve nuked the city of Brokton. It’s quite fun actually. He kidnaps someone Brockton gets nuked. He attacks me Brockton gets nuked. He leakes all the villain Identities Brockton gets nuked. The 9 show up Brockton gets nuked. I get looked at weird then boom,” Georgia says

    “You’re both joking and not at the same time really?” Lisa asks

    “We’ll I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nuked Brockton in an alternate timeline so meh.” Georgia says

    “So you’ve got Katie shells? Don’t let Scion find out he destroyed most of the world's nuclear arsenal in the 80s.” Lisa says

    “I don’t have them. I have the plan for them and know of several ways to get them fairly quickly. Can't have nukes with the crazy space whale around. I should probably keep quiet then too,” Georgia says

    “Did you say crazy space whale? You know something about the world’s number one hero?” Lisa asks

    “I know alot of things Sarah. I mean did you know that the dockworkers union is about to make a move on the merchants? Danny probably doesn’t even know it yet,” Georgia says

    “Yes, I did actually that would be the next logical step considering that the graveyard is gone. You plan on ruining skidmarks day don't you?” Lisa asks

    “Right, we need to get you off the ship so I can repair her,” Georgia says


    The only thing that caught Cassin Young disappearing and reappearing was an old security camera. It didn’t take long after that for 3 figures to leave the ship and head over towards olde constitution.

    “So, what do you plan to do next?” Georgia asks Lisa

    “Well, I have your number now so if Coil gives me problems you can help me. Not to mention the tracking device,” Lisa says

    “It’s a panic button, You press it and I’ll have drones or a scout plane on you as fast as I can,” Georgia says

    “Thank you, So much for all of this,” Lisa says

    The girl left the two ship girls to their own devices as she needed to make her own way back to the bay.

    “Are we heading home?” Enterprise asks

    “Yes, we are… I need to get another car!” Georgia announces hitting he hands together.
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    Georgia and Enterprise approach their grandmother. She looks slightly different from what Georgia remembers. It might be the robotic crew or maybe the fact that there is a massive rocket attached to the hull of the ship.

    “Enterprise are you seeing this too?” Georgia asks

    “Halt scavengers!” Is said by a floating ball.

    The metallic creation has 3 telescopic eyes and 3 arms hanging off the bottom of it. The Spudnik look-alike was floating with some sort of rocket engine attached to the bottom of it.

    “Scanning Scanning! Identified! USS Georgia and USS Enterprise… Ironsides wishes to confer with you!” It says its robotic voice crackling a little like it is an old-fashioned radio.

    “I am confused..” Enterprise says

    Georgia motions for Enterprise to play along as they follow the floating robot.
    After a walk through a robot crewed hull they reach the top deck.

    “Ah! My great-grandkids came to visit!” Is shouted from ahead of them by the helm.

    “Hello Grandma Constitution,” Georgia says with a smile as she’s pulled into a hug by the old heavy frigate.

    “So why have you decided to visit little old me? Because I can tell you I am going to get to the sea and pay back those commie bastards if it’s the last thing I do!” Constitution says

    “Okay? Um grandma you are already in the ocean.” Enterprise says confused

    “No no! You see I got these amazing rocket engines from a friend named tinker Tom! And I shall take to the sky and become an airship!” Constitution says

    “Rocket engines?” Georgia asks

    “Yes! It’s called an XMB booster engine!” Constitution clarifies

    “Isn’t that a prototype nuclear rocket engine?” Georgia asks

    Constitution makes a so-so sign with her hand.

    Georgia knows she can’t let her grandma fire those things off. The rockets would ruin Boston.

    With a quick look, Enterprise knows that she needs to distract Constitution while Georgia does some work.

    “So Grandma why don’t you tell me about the war of 1812?” Enterprise asks

    “Oh? Do you want to hear stories of my glory days? I mean you are almost as important as me Enterprise. In fact I remember the first Enterprise she launched in 1799. You carried her name on well.” Constitution says smiling
    Georgia is taking her time sabotaging the flight systems the first thing to go was the radar array no guidance no flight.

    Afterward, she snuck below deck and blew about half a dozen fuses that powered the engines. Knowing that that would help until the next day when the curator arrived.
    Georgia eventually gets back to the top deck to see Constitution and Enterprise sitting down and talking.

    “Let me tell you granddaughter I was surprised as anyone when the Guerriere’s cannonballs bounced off. I was so tempted to sail to Great Britain and raid the British countryside just like Ranger did during the revolutionary war! It was one hell of a day some of the steel balls just hit my side and rolled off. That's how I got the nickname of Ironsides.” Constitution says

    “What kind of wood was it again?” Georgia asks

    “I am made of Live Oak from the state of Georgia. The best wood there is for shipbuilding!” Constitution says

    “Right I remember Ryan talking about that in a video. New Jersey has a good Curator. We should take time to go visit them. New Jersey isn't too far.” Georgia says

    Enterprise nods.

    “I am so happy, that you all came to visit me! I usually just have Cassin here to keep me company. Could you tell the others to visit?” Constitution asks

    “I’ll bring them by when I can. Need to bring them back first.” Georgia says with a smile

    When the morning sun rose the USS Constitution was restored to normal and a Mysterious Tinker Tom was arrested by the PRT.

    The great-grandmother somehow even managed to give Georgia and Enterprise Oil flavored cookies.
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    ♦ Topic: Florida man strikes again
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Jacksonville
    Alligator's at the Bar
    (Original Poster) (Verified Florida Man)
    Posted On Feb 19th 2011:
    We all know who he is.
    The bastard that stole my hero name. It's a shame I am not a cape.
    Anyways Florida man derailed the Jacksonville monorail last night.

    He did so while riding one of those giant mutated alligators.
    The PRT is honestly stumped and did not know that our local being of chaos was capable of creating those abominations. Considering he was just a brute last month.

    (Showing page 1 of 97)


    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Not again damnit.
    I liked that monorail too.
    I mean it doesn't have much use since Jacksonville is a dying city. Its still nice to have.

    ►American Victory Ship & Museum (Museum)
    Replied On Feb 19th 2011:
    Weren't there plans to expand that back in the day? I mean at least till like green cove?

    End of Page. 1, 2, 3 ... 95, 96, 97

    ♦ Topic: Naval Museum to open in Brockton Bay?
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Brockton Bay
    (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)
    Posted On Feb 22nd 2011:
    So, My contacts in the DWU have told me that their Boss has rented out a portion of the docks to a woman who I going to open a naval Museum.

    That and according to my sources that the same woman later got permits from the mayor's office.

    (Showing page 1 of 100)

    ►Battlewagon BB-70
    (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 22nd 2011:
    Yep! That would be Georgia! a childhood friend of mine. I have a few things to say as well. To those of you who may target her.

    Empire. I know who you are and where you live. Attero Dominatus. Berlin shall burn as the Reich shall fall. You backers will suddenly find themselves targeted too.
    ABB. Lung I have 18in armor-piercing shells and more guns than a battalion.
    Merchants. Most of you guys are down on your luck. I know asking you to be smart while on drugs is difficult. Just maybe if you rub your collective single brain cell together you could think for once.
    Coil... YOU know what I can don't you? Mister Smurf light that can see the future.
    Undersiders. I know who you are and who you work for.

    Replied On Feb 22nd 2011:
    Did she just threaten all the Villan Capes in the bay to keep the unwritten rules?

    ►Alligator's at the Bar (Verified Florida Man)
    Replied On Feb 22nd 2011:
    She must be from Florida! I mean that is Florida man energy right there!

    ►Nurse Redheart (First Responder)
    Replied On Feb 22nd 2011:
    Battlewagon BB-70
    Just don't send them to my hospital. We see enough people as is.

    End of Page. 1, 2, 3 ... 98, 99, 100

    ♦ Topic: Hook Wolf Shot by cape
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Brockton Bay
    (Original Poster) (Verified Cape) (Wards ENE)
    Posted On Feb 21st 2011:
    So I was on patrol and Still am...
    Don't tell Piggot.
    Right so I was down at the boardwalk you know the fairly calm and arguably safest place in the city. When I heard shouting, It was the local Blender dog. He was shouting into Parian's shop.

    That was when the battle ship cape walked out and shot him. It was loud like really loud. Anyway's I took a video so here

    (Showing page 3 of 3)

    (Verified PRT Agent)
    Replied On Feb 21st 2011:
    Clock Office Now.

    ►Battlewagon BB-70 (Verified Cape)
    Replied On Feb 21st 2011:
    Do we not shoot Nazis here? I mean that's my favorite pastime. It is literally In my blood.

    ►Tin Mother (Moderator)
    Replied On Feb 21st 2011:
    You know what...
    I am just gonna lock the thread now. It'll save us all the headache later.

    End of Page. 1, 2, 3

    ♦ Topic: The Butcher is Dead
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ► Boston.
    Boston Protectorate
    (Original Poster) (Moderator: Protectorate Main)
    Posted On Feb 22nd 2011:
    We are announcing the death of the last Butcher. We at this time do not know who killed them.
    All we know is there are reports of 3 capes fighting. One of them had a mini gun yet was losing according to the caller.

    The Butcher was found dead the minigun next to their body. The Barrels of said gun were bent at a 90-degree angle.

    It is also well known that the Butcher has a Tinker Tech car. That car is now missing. If we could get everyone to keep an eye out for a Sky Blue Hyundai Genesis.

    (Showing page 1 of 20)

    ►Brocton Bay Naval Museum

    Replied On Feb 22nd 2011:
    The car is definitely not parked outside the docks here in Brockton.

    End of Page. 1, 2, 3 ... 18, 19, 20
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    February 23 2011

    “So… who was that random crazy person with a machine gun you killed?” Enterprise asks

    Georgia shrugs.

    “I’ve got no clue. I mean it shou-“ Georgia is cut off as her crew starts shouting.

    “Borders? What the hell? How do I have boarders?” Georgia asks in shock.


    “Some Sort of crystal thing appeared on the bridge and released them? Well, deal with it according to international law then. They are pirates.” Georgia says

    A second later muffled gunshots can be heard coming from where Georgia is standing.

    “What is going on?” Enterprise asks concerned.

    “My crew is just dealing with borders and throwing some sort of life raft thing overboard. It tried to lodge itself into my bridge. Could you believe it?” Georgia asks

    Meanwhile in Washington DC.

    “So, a new parahuman has appeared.”

    The man looks up from the paperwork lack of sleep clearly getting to him.

    “Could someone please tell me why ONI is watching a parahuman? I can not afford another fight with the PRT over budget again.”

    “She’s a ship-themed cape. Rumor has it she has repaired the dry dock in Brockton bay.”

    “We have another operational dry dock on the east coast besides kings bay and Norfolk? Someone contact her about using the facilities. Maybe we won’t have to sail CVN-65 to Pearl for her dry docking.” The man says hopeful.


    “Yes go ahead.”

    “We believe that same cape is able to repair and arm naval ships.”

    “She can arm naval ships alright. I got a call from Iowa’s curator. The ship’s magazine was full of powder and shells. The museum is closed while we are removing the volatile equipment.”

    “She seems to dislike the PRT as well and has actually worked with the guild just to avoid them. If it wasn’t for the fact she went in for power testing then we wouldn’t know if she was friend or foe. Though it is believed she sandbagged massively on the power testing.”

    “You said Brockton right?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “I know Danny Hebert the guy might as well run the docks at Brockton. He’s been an old family friend since I knew his father. I’ll make a phone call and see about heading up myself.”

    “If you're certain vice-admiral…”


    Danny was in panic mode. If it could be called that, somehow Georgia had gotten the attention of the office of naval intelligence.

    “Are you doing alright Danny? I mean I know finally getting the cape we have been waiting for is a lot, however, this is a bit much,” Kurt says

    “I got a call from one of my dad’s war buddies,” Danny says

    “Really? I mean are they a former dock worker wanting to come back now that we’ve got work?” Kurt asks

    “No, it is his old Captain. Who is currently a vice admiral in the navy,” Danny says

    “Yeah, that would give you a reason to panic…” Kurt says

    “Oh, it gets better. He’s coming to visit. He wants to meet Georgia and have some of his engineers inspect the dry dock. He is hoping to be able to use us to dry dock some ships.” Danny says

    “We might actually see repair work? Don’t they have Norfolk?” Kurt asks

    “He said Norfolk is actually overrun especially since a number ships are still in need of repair after the battle with Board Game,” Danny says

    Unnoticed by Danny and Kurt Georgia had arrived with Enterprise right behind her.

    “Board game? Who is that?” Georgia asks

    The two men jump slightly not expecting the other two to be so quiet.

    “Board game was a cape who is able to control things from board games. Kinda lame I know however one night he decided to sneak into the mothball fleet and play Battleship. He made off with about half the mothball fleet. The navy chased him down fighting against a guy who can control ships and have them coordinate better than most veteran crews made it a difficult fight. Navy won in the end, yet they only managed to recover about a ⅓ of the stolen ships,” Danny says

    Enterprise is clenching her fist and Georgia looks horrified.

    “Is he dead?” Enterprise asks

    Danny nods feeling genuine oppression from the woman in front of him.

    “Hello, I am Kurt. What’s your name?” Kurt asks trying to break the building tension.

    “Enterprise,” She responds slowly calming down.

    “Enterprise? Like the ship?” Kurt asks

    “Yes. Just like the ship.” Georgia says before Enterprise could say much more.

    Kurt and Danny look over at Georgia.

    The ship girl in question responds with a shrug.
  25. Threadmarks: Chapter 3-2

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    Just gonna say it's a bit shorter than I wish it was however I want to try and get the entire fight into one chapter. This is just the lead-up to it.

    February 24th 2011

    Georgia awoke to alarms.

    The blaring siren sounded like an air raid system on steroids. Enterprise was awake too and about to launch a sortie.

    “Enterprise it’s not here radar is showing nothing. I think an ally needs assistance.” Georgia says
    In truth, she forgot that the Smurf would attack Australia on the 24th.

    The carrier nods in response following Georgia out of the bunk area she had set up in a warehouse.

    “Let’s go to the PRT building according to my radio operator, that's an end bringer siren,” Georgia says

    Enterprise nods in response as the two ship girls make their way through Brockton at max speed.

    Later in the day, people would find footprints embedded into the cement.


    Armsmaster was looking at the turnout for the endbringer fight. They had 5 minutes till the teleporter arrived.
    Each time less and less capes from the bay arrived. They were alive, Colin knew so since he often fought them.
    From the E88 there was Kaiser and Kreig. No one from the ABB and no one from the merchants.

    “Is this it?” Piggot asks with a frown.

    “Yes, sadly some of our members were injured earlier this week. Hookwolf took a 20mm to the leg.” Kaiser says

    “Wait up!” Is shouted as BB-70 arrives

    “Who’s that?” Colin asks pointing at the woman with white hair and beaked cap.

    “Im the Grey Ghost.” The woman in question responds

    “She’s with me.” BB-70 says

    Enterprise leveled her bow at Kreig who is literally wearing an SS uniform.
    “Nazi,” Enterprise says with so much spite it literally shocks everyone there.

    “Hey, big E put the bow down. They are here under a truce. We can kill them later,” Georgia says

    “You can’t just kill them,” Piggot says

    “We can’t just kill people? Tell that to their final solution,” Georgia says with almost as much spite as Enterprise had mustered earlier.

    “I am so happy you pulled me out of retirement. It appears that my job wasn’t completely finished and some of the mess is still around today.” Enterprise says

    Most of the upper echelons of the PRT knew who Georgia was. She could not be any more obvious with her cape persona and her identity. Relying on the unwritten rules to protect you was risky. She wasn't an outright public cape, like New Wave however just about anyone with half a brain could figure out who she was.

    The new girl, however. No one knew who she is yet Georgia respects her. That says a lot.
    “Is this it?” A male voice asks

    “Yes, thanks for coming Strider,” Armsmaster says.

    “I know, just doing my part and I’ll be bringing the injured here afterward like usual anyways,” Strider says with a nod.

    “Where is it this time?” Asks Velocity

    “Australia,” Strider says

    “Ahead the sea lies calm awaiting the storm,” Georgia says smiling.

    “Are we all ready?” Miss Militia asks

    All capes present voice their agreement.

    The surroundings suddenly flash and the night sky disappears.
    They arrive outside by a few tents.

    Several of the capes try to get their balance.

    “According to my compass we are upside down,” Georgia says confused.

    “You two, this way briefing room shouts a man in a kangaroo outfit.”

    “Ah, it's the land down under. I have heard about this place,” Enterprise says.
  26. Threadmarks: Chapter 3-3

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    Everyone that arrived from the Eastern United States was being briefed by Legend.

    “Welcome everyone. For those of you who have been to an endbringer fight before raising your hand.” Legend says

    Several new arrivals raise their hand.
    “Right if at any point you lose contact with command these are the people you listen to,” Legend says

    Enterprise shakes her head with a sigh.

    “Please make sure you all watch the time that you spend within the range of the song. Grab a band on your way out and stay safe.” Legend says as he flies up and away.

    Georgia and Enterprise look at each other.

    “I’ll handle close quarters, you cover the range?” Georgia asks

    Enterprise nods summoning her bow.

    The two-ship girls charge ahead unaware of the waves they were making.

    Dreadnought, that was the name of the hero who the Simurgh currently had pinned. Audrey was a formal British naval officer aboard the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier when it went down.

    That had been her trigger event, giving her the ability to move on the water at decent speeds and an insane amount of durability. Given the name Dreadnought and gifted a tinker modified 5” 38 caliber gun she has continued to serve the British navy unofficially.

    Audrey closed her eyes false angel's fist was making its way toward her in slow motion. The ally way was empty as the other second-wave heroes have retreated by this point, there was no rescue.

    Suddenly there is a loud thud followed by the sound of several rocks hitting the ground. Audrey felt like she had just been pelted by a dozen stones.

    The veteran hero opened her eyes to see the building to her right had a human-sized hole in it while the building to her left had a Simurgh-sized hole going through it.

    There is a loud rumbling sound in the distance as a building collapses.

    “What the hell?” Dreadnought says confused looking through the hole to the left only to be blown back from the pressure of a massive explosion.

    “Hit her again Enterprise!” Is shouted as the roaring of plane engines are heard from above.

    Looking up a full-size Dauntless Dive bomber disappears behind the building followed by another explosion.

    Once her ears stop ringing Dreadnought realizes that the singing has stopped.

    She tries to get another look to see who had saved her and what was happening with the Simurgh only for the building she was looking through to collapse in front of her.

    “What?” Is muttered one last time as her surroundings flash around her and she is in the medical tent.

    “Dreadnought! We found you. How are you alive?”

    “I don’t know? Something is soloing the Simurgh right now?” Dreadnought says in confusion.


    Was Georgia soloing the Simurgh? Not really, Enterprise was harassing the shit out of it with air attacks.

    Georgia once leaving the tent listened to her crew and took the fastest way to her target. Which happened to be through a few buildings.

    The Simurgh got bodied by a 56-thousand-ton and some change battleship moving at ramming speed. The precog had a look of utter shock on her face because Magical Sparkly Shipgirl Bullshit had somehow blocked her precognition.

    The follow-up strike by Enterprise’s precision bombing only further exasperated the issue. Ziz would no longer hold back as she was thrown through another building by the battleship.

    Georgia is looking at the rubble as Simmy pulls herself out of the wreckage.

    Georgia whistles to herself.

    “If looks could kill that would’ve hurt,” Georgia says challenging the endbringer.

    The false Angel looked to be charging up a scream before it was interrupted by American brownings 50 cals and 20mm Hispano fire.

    The creature looks to the sky in anger telekinetically throwing a section of building at an F8F Bearcat.

    The supposed scream was muted by 18” cannon fire blowing off a wing.

    “Target locked fire for effect,” Georgia says as all of her guns begin to open up.

    The first one to run out of ammo was the 20mm gun crews.

    Georgia is dodging attacks and swipes from its wings while her crew fires at will.

    The Smurf isn’t able to take flight not safely anyways Enterprise is controlling the air with her fighter wing.

    Dragon had a drone watching the endbringer.
    To say it caught the absurdity would be an understatement. It caught the absurdity in 8k. Everyone at the command tent had seen the black-haired woman body check the endbringer and win throwing the Simurgh through a building.

    “That hit with way too much force.” A voice says

    Suddenly under the spot the Simurgh previously was, they could see a wounded Dreadnought.

    One of the most durable capes in the world was downed and severely injured.

    “Someone get Dreadnought out of there!”

    Breakneck was quick to respond, Dreadnought was just under the time limit and she was severely injured. The speedster was able to evacuate her while the endbringer was occupied.


    The fight has been going on for 3 hours. Canberra was on fire.

    Georgia coughs up oil prompting her to wipe her mouth. In the second she was distracted she takes a blow that would’ve killed most brutes knocking her through several buildings.
    Ziz had finally stopped sandbagging as the two ship girls worked to corner it.
    The endbringer couldn’t get its song or scream off because whenever it tried it took a full broadside from Georgia blowing away parts of its body.

    The capital of Australia was a war zone. Remains of aircraft and ordnance litter the streets. The capes there for the fight were sitting back watching the clash of titans in wonder.

    “Georgia are you doing okay?” Enterprise asks over their radio.

    Georgia crawls out of some rubble brushing the concrete dust off of her outfit.

    “I could be doing better. Luckily it’s not just shrugging off my shots. It just seems like it regenerates whatever we blast off, though maybe there is a weak spot.” Georgia says blocking a wing strike with her rigging.

    ‘That was for my neck. Would’ve hurt for sure.’ Georgia thinks looking at the angry endbringer.

    Ziz is suddenly dodging bombs as Enterprise levels another city block.

    “That’s not a report Georgia. Damage report now!” Enterprise says

    The carrier pulled the Endbringer's aggro off of Georgia. Enterprise was dodging strikes like she was dancing and firing her bow point-blank into the Endbringer’s face. Her AA lit up the air in front of her.

    “Fine! Half my boilers are knocked out. Some of my steam pipes are leaking however I am still combat-capable.” Georgia says that since the last hit she took actually did some damage.

    “We need support Georgia,” Enterprise says

    “You’re right… What is a carrier group without her escort.” Georgia says with a smile.
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    “We need support Georgia,” Enterprise says

    “You’re right… What is a carrier group without her escort.” Georgia says with a smile.

    A second later the first one to appear did so her green hair fit surprisingly well.

    The Girl was not what Georgia imagined she would look like however, Swayback would probably do something to help.

    “Did someone call for a treaty cruiser!” Salt Lake City announces

    “No, I think they called for a newer one,” Atlanta says purposely setting up Salt Lake for a comeback.

    “Hey now, youth and exuberance are no match for old age and treachery.” Salt lake responds

    It almost seemed rehearsed. It probably was…

    “Miss I tanked two nukes, you can brag about it after we fight an enemy of humanity,” Georgia shouts at the treater cruiser.

    “Wait, we are still fighting nazis?” Atlanta asks

    “It’s not a nazi,” Georgia says as the building behind the two shipgirls collapses to show the Simurgh in her full glory.

    The two turn around the endbringer poised to strike them down. They answered with nonstop cannon fire. The Smurf was pinned under the constant barrage. The two never slowed down with Georgia throwing in a shell every now and then for good measure until an F4F wildcat strafes it with rockets another one hitting it with a depth charge.

    The Endbringer looks up in anger only to take a full spread of torpedoes to the back. Of which, only about half detonated. The package was delivered courtesy of a now hidden USS Archerfish.

    “The Cavalry has arrived!” Independence announces holding her bow leveled at the false angel.

    Uss Knight, Uss Abercrombie, and USS John C Butler in formation around their carrier.

    Simmy looks at Georgia who smiles triumphantly. The Endbringer decides to cut her losses and took off to the sky. Being harassed all the way up till the max height of the fighters Enterprise and Independence could muster.

    The capital city of Australia seemed like a total loss. While in truth the casualty count was only in the triple digits.

    According to the thinkers, half of which are catatonic all agreed that the Endbringer didn’t manage to get enough of its song off to affect anyone for more than 3 weeks.

    Though the main concern on everyone’s minds was the capes that forced Ziz back to space. Who were they, what did they want, and where are they now?


    “So be my guest you’ve got nothing to lose! Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise.” Georgia sings along

    The shipgirls are heading northeast aiming for a few islands before hitting Pearl.

    Salt Lake City coughs.

    “Yes?” Georgia asks

    Enterprise glances at the battleship.

    “Right, we are approaching it aren’t we,” Georgia says her voice wavering slightly.

    Atlanta nods.

    “So, that’s your mom down there?” Georgia asks looking at CL-104. Knowing Atlanta CL-51 lay at the bottom of iron bottom sound.

    “Mine too,” Gregory says

    Georgia sees flashes of a 4-stack Wickes class destroyer DD-82.

    “We all lost friends and family there,” Enterprise says

    “Do you have the wreath?” Independence asks

    Georgia nods pulling the wreath out of her storage space.

    “According to sonar, it’s clear,” Archerfish says surfacing.

    “You should know the war has been over for years,” Enterprise says.

    “I was checking for mines,” Archerfish says

    “We are still about 3 hours from the Solomon Islands at the current speed. Why were you checking for mines?” Georgia asks

    “It’s a habit.” Archerfish says

    “Now that we helped you won’t get rid of us right?” Salt Lake asks.

    Georgia responds by hugging the shorter ship girl.

    “No, I would never do that to you. In fact, I still have your steel hull. When we aren’t helping fight evil. I was hoping to run a museum. Like how Missouri, New Jersey, and York town retired to do. You could do that too. I’ll manage the financial stuff you just focus on telling the stories of yourself and your crew.” Georgia says

    “T-thank you… I was worried I was gonna become bomb practice again.” Salt Lake says shakily.

    “I would never do that to my family,” Georgia says

    “I have a question.” Independence asks

    “Go ahead,” Georgia says

    “How do we resupply ourselves? My crew is wondering.” Independence says

    “You do so by eating like a human. Or you could take the supplies and absorb it in a weird way. At the moment I have a significant surplus of oil. So we should be good till we get to Pearl.” Georgia says

    Independence nods while the other girls look to be contemplating the fact they were now semi-human.

    “Yes, Georgia is telling the truth there. We can resupply by eating human food and the amount that needs to be eaten depends on your resource consumption. You’ll find yourself needing the calories for around 10-12 men a day. Luckily there are plenty of high-calorie meals out there.” Enterprise says

    “When did you get time to research that?” Georgia asks

    “My medical officer did,” Enterprise says

    “You have a medical officer? Most of my crew is shipwrights and builders while my gunners and officers seem to have been a generation of Jersey's.” Georgia says

    “You could design retrofits then?” Atlanta asks

    “I already have, it’s just a matter of resources,” Georgia admits

    Atlanta nods.

    “Say Swayback, could you tell me a story?” Georgia asks as they continue to Iron bottom sound to pay their respects.

    “Say, Enterprise remember when the war started?” Salt Lake says

    “Yes, I do actually weren't you escorting me back to pearl?” Enterprise asks

    “I was also with you and Hornet during the Dolittle raid.” Salt lake says with a smirk.

    “Well once upon a time during the Solomon Island campaign, October 11, 1942, I was out and about with Boise Helena and Sanfransico. Well at the start of the action I launched my scout aircraft which immediately caught fire and crashed into the ocean on launch. The Japanese saw this and thought it was a flare… So they started trying to signal us with lights.” Salt Lake says

    Georgia is speechless and several of the other ships are now captured by the story.

    “They had given us their position and who they were you know. We also had them on radar so we moved to cross their T like the old age of sail tactic. Helena asked for permission to act. When the rear admiral responded with roger, we all opened fire in a battleline.” Salt Lake says smiling.

    “Wait, Sanfransico didn’t have that good of a radar in October of 1942.” Georgia interjects

    “You’re right she didn’t, apparently the rear admiral jumped in surprise when we started firing because he had no clue what was going on in the dark. I mean who just says roger when someone asks for permission to act?” Salt Lake City says laughing.

    “How did your scout planes burst into flames on launch?” Enterprise asks

    “I don’t know. I’m not a carrier or a Cleveland class,” Salt Lake says.
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    Georgia, Enterprise, and their escorting force had passed through Iron bottom sound relatively uneventfully. There was a Chinese ship that was trying to scrap war graves.

    Georgia thinks the message they left behind was received.

    The group had sailed north arriving close to where operation crossroads had happened, the first ship Georgia was grabbing was the USS Prinz Eugen. After all, after how the Nazis treated the Kreigsmarine they basically hated the Nazi party. Being left high and dry without resources and forced to use capital ships for merchant raiding? Who does that?

    Using battleline capital ships to raid small merchant ships is the textbook example of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    She also grabbed Saratoga, Nagato, and quite a few others while there before heading off to Hawaii.

    February 25 2011

    Is it the wrong song to play under the current circumstances? Yes yes, it was, though Georgia liked it so she was playing it anyways.

    The ship girls made pearls in record time compared to their old steel hulls. Initially, it was Salt Lake who discover she could overpressure her boilers with little to no problems.

    Suddenly a radio communication came in requesting they do not play music over military channels.

    “What, but this channel hasn't been in use since the Korean conflict,” Georgia says shocked

    “I’ll respond.” Salt Lake says

    Suddenly the radio clicks. “Hello, this is the USS Salt Lake City CA-25 requesting permission to pull into my old port of call.”

    The radio is silent for a minute.

    “CA-25 you are not on the chart of expected ships… Please pull up to the mouth of the harbor patrol ships will guide you in. Radar is picking up other ships near you please confirm.”

    “Can confirm this is USS Enterprise CVN-6 pulling into my home port. Is dock 1010 open?” Enterprise asks over the radio.
    “... Give me a second I need to grab my superior officer.”

    Georgia laughs wishing she could see the port authorities' face.

    “When are we gonna tell him about the rest of us?” Independence asks

    “I don’t know let's just idle at the harbor entrance and see what patrol ship they send to us,” Georgia says

    The other ship girls nod.


    The Captian stationed to remain in charge of the antiquated naval base was rubbing his headache.

    “That matches the message I got from the vice admiral. Send out USS Cyclone to guide them into port.” Erik says

    “Sir, this is obviously a prank.” says the radio officer.

    “It is not, we have a parahuman with the power to bring ships to life.” Captain Erik says

    Several of the long-time sailors who are at Pearl to relax a little before their retirement go silent.


    Erik nods.

    “Yes, So send out Cyclone,” Erik says


    Georgia had wandered off to go find Nevada.

    “So, what were we going to do while waiting for her?” Independence asks

    “I think we are going to visit Missouri and a few other ships,” Enterprise says

    Was Cyclone a patrol ship all the navy could muster at Pearl? No, though after the damage to the main pacific fleet during the sinking of Kyushu the Navy is still licking its wounds.

    Then with the loss of the Panama Canal the Atlantic and Pacific fleets have to sail around South America to get to one another.
    Cyclone pulls up on the ship girls with a small signal from an old-fashioned signal lamp tells them to follow it into port.

    “Well, I guess Georgia will find us later. I kinda want to resupply.” Atlanta says

    Enterprise nods knowing that their oil needs a top-off.

    Several hours later.

    Georgia has been scouring the ocean outside of pearl with some rather advanced sonar though it didn't seem to be helping much. That was until she got a weird ping that wasn't part of the service.

    “Finally! I wonder if the other girls are eating already. Well, let's get my aunt then head back to pearl.” Georgia says as her rigging disappears and she disappears under the water.


    Rumors were flying about the base. Especially since the visitors were getting into what was considered restricted areas. The most confusing thing was they were using codes from the 30s and 40s.

    Catching the names of the girls made it crazier. You had Salt Lake, Enterprise, Atlanta, Independence, Knight, Abercrombie, and John C Butler.

    Then the fact that all together they ate about 60 men's worth of food. The Galley chef went from delighted to horrified once they passed the 20-men mark.

    On top of all that weirdness, the old SG radar was picking up a ship the size of Iowa out of the port just sailing around as one would.

    It started to piece together once the eighth girl showed up. After all who wouldn’t recognize the cape that made headlines after ramming Ziz?

    “So why did you body slam the endbringer?” Erik asks

    “I was just copying warspite. Didn’t do too good a job though. No one expects warspite at point blank and nobody survives. Sadly the fake Angel survived.” Georgia says

    “Well, you didn't manage to hit her quite right.” Salt Lake says

    Georgia nods.
    “So, what are you doing here? I thought your home port was in Boston.” Erik says

    “It is, I am just here for their return cruise and I found Nevada,” Georgia says smiling.

    “You did? I mean I think everyone on PHO has heard of Brockton Bay ship museum so I’ll need to visit when I get some leave.” Erik says

    “Georgia you ready to go see Missouri?” Enterprise asks

    “OF course!” Georgia responds
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    Great to see this back again. (And very curious how many more ship girls are going to show up. Hopefully Colorado does at least some form of her (the battleship might be a bit harder being scraped) and an omake for the William d Porter would be amazing.
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