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One Positive Change at a Time (ASOIAF: Viserys SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flightless Man, Oct 12, 2021.


Future wife (need time to shape things in the chosen direction)

Poll closed Nov 5, 2021.
  1. Brienne of Tarth

    47 vote(s)
  2. Arianne Martell

    158 vote(s)
  3. Margery Tyrell

    184 vote(s)
  4. Asha Greyjoy

    64 vote(s)
  5. Ygritte

    47 vote(s)
  6. Sarella Sand

    22 vote(s)
  7. Nymeria Sand

    31 vote(s)
  8. Tyene Sand

    15 vote(s)
  9. Mya Stone

    44 vote(s)
  10. Rhaenys Martell

    135 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Wyman and Gerion will be retiring. Tywin will become Hand. A few Kingsguard spots and 2 new roles Stannis is adding are options.
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 44: Shake On It
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 44: Shake On It
    Theon Greyjoy

    Watching Rodrik sail off for the Arbor is a strangely freeing feeling. It’s only me left on Pyke now and Father has already insisted I start pulling my own weight. With Maron fallen in the attack on Seaguard and Asha in Oldtown with her new Tyrell husband, I’m going to have to train with Uncle Aeron’s crew.

    Despite Victarion’s claim of the dead rising beyond the Wall, Euron has been sent to reclaim the ships stolen by the craven. Abandoning us for the Basilisk Isles has let the North and Vale purge their lands far too quickly.

    The Hightowers have barely managed to secure the Rock and won’t have long to enforce the change in Westerland leadership. It’s obvious even to me, that our allies on the mainland aren’t going to hold out for long against the now able to unite Kingdoms.

    “You’re old enough to wet your blade on greenlander blood.” Smirks Father as he slams his empty mug onto the stained table, his driftwood crown tilting with the weight of a clam shell on the left side. “You’ll sail with him and raid the Riverlands before they can deal with the Golden Company.”

    “He’s only ten and two!” Mother tries to raise a complaint but gets shut down immediately.

    With a drunken snarl, Father backhands hard enough to split her lip. “Exactly! He’s already a year behind his brothers first kill.” He growls bitterly as he thinks of Maron. “Theon cant laze about with you like a whore anymore. It’s time he learns to be a man.”

    “Only for a few more moons and then I’ll be three and ten.” I find myself puffing my chest up when the men in the hall burst into mocking laughter. “I want to go.”

    “I don’t give a damn what you want Boy,” Spits my Father with glassy eyes and pink cheeks. “You’ll do what your King commands!”

    “And what do you command Brother?” Aeron comes to my rescue with a look of pity thrown in my direction.

    This question makes Father’s smirk grow to an unsettling size. “The Freys are going to need help sacking Riverrun and I want you to bring back the older Targaryen girl. Your brother’s children will have a claim on the entire Seven Kingdoms once she bleeds.”

    “Whatt aboutt Robert’s bastard?” Aeron frowns at what seems to be a change in assignment.

    “The Frey’s lost her and six patrols have been torn apart as if by wild animals so far in the search.” Snorting at the idea of animals fighting for some princess like it’s a children’s tale, Father snatches a fresh mug from the passing wench.

    He swallows half the drink in a single breath and belches louder than the storm.“Theon will just have to settle for a saltwife for now… If he has the balls to claim one that is.”

    His men roar with laughter and I feel my face go pink with shame. I’ll show you just how brave I am on this raid Father, you won’t be able to scorn me like this anymore.

    Jaime Lannister
    The moment my hand was severed, it felt like all my dreams got tossed overboard with it. Lynesse and her family have locked Kevan and his family in the depths of the Rock. If she births a son… it will be a lot harder for Father and Tyrion to reclaim our home.

    The knowledge of how bloody a vengeance they will bring in retaliation is all that allowed me to endure the Ironborn’s questioning. I ignore the fact that I can’t be damaged in any long term way and what happened to the men I brought with me.

    Finally in Oldtown where I am to spend the rest of this ramshackle rebellion, I’ve only been in he Hightower’s deepest dungeon for a few hours before I hear the whispers Lynesse spoke of. The voice sounds wet and hisses with so many of it’s fellows I lose track of how many different pitches watch me.

    The mocking taunts of how not even Tyrion will have a use for me if I get freed, are the easiest to ignore. When the hisses bring up something only Cersei knows, I start to wonder if Lynesse was speaking the truth.

    “Your son will be King once the second Stag dies.” The smugness is thick like oil and makes me clamber to my feet. “Aren’t you proud of betraying your King?”

    “The Baratheon lout, is not my King!” I only serve him because my true King has commanded it.

    Cackling from the hallways draws closer to my door and soon saltwater begins to flood in from under it. “But how will you serve Viserys, with only one hand?”

    “I’ll just need to learn how to fight with my left.” I hadn’t actually thought that far before now, too lost in my shock for the last few weeks. Not going to let some nightmares declare me useless.

    “The ones who lived here before… they broke faith with us.” The freezing water is already a foot deep and I’m forced to pull myself into the air with one of the hanging shackles. “They have also taken from you… have they not?” The one speaking now is wheezing more than the first one and has a far raspier voice.

    “Are you talking about the Hightowers?”

    The first creature hisses again with a very pleased tone. “Yes. And what if I offered you the chance to bring this vengeance in our name?”

    “I’m kind of locked up and about to drown if you hadn’t noticed.” The water is almost at chest height even with the aid of the chain and I know I only have a few minutes left.. “You’re also the one who seems to think I’m useless right now. Why are you even speaking with me?”

    “Lannisters always pay their debts… this one will be quiet the long term repayment and we won’t appreciate a second pact being broken.” This time the voice is in the room with me and I can even see a pair of shadows swimming in circles around me. “If you wish to live… just hold out your stump.”

    I intend to drown and ignore the dark offer but find it growing more tempting by the second. When my lungs begin to burn and my vision grows dark, I lose the will to resist salvation.

    My arm thrusts forward and I see a greenish blue claw emerge from the darkness to meet it. It’s a scaled limb with six webbed fingers and a thumb on each side of it.

    Pressing a black shape to my stump brings pain intense as a lightning bolt coursing through my body. I writhe in pain as disturbing visions flash before my eyes.

    I see a sprawling city several times larger than King’s Landing lining the both sides of an undersea canyon. The greasy black stone at first looks like shadows on the rock but I can soon make out buildings of impossible angles going all the way down to the black depths.

    All of a sudden the occupants of the city look up at me simultaneously, with thousands of orange glimmering eyes filling me with overwhelming fear. I know they wish nothing but pain for any human they can’t use and am already regretting my moment of weakness.

    Bubbles erupt around me and I’m suddenly in the middle of a howling blizzard. A wave of water hundreds of feet high surges across the landscape and devastates entire forests.

    The only reason I’m not washed away with the hundreds of fleeing people below, is the western side of the wave breaking against the foothills of the mountain peak I find myself standing on. The wave crashes into an endless horde of shrieking blue eyed bodies and breaks the army with the sheer mass of water.

    When I think the wave will wash the dead out to sea, it suddenly stops in place. The rest of the water slams into the still part at the front, rising what has to be nearly a thousand feet in the air. It doesn’t collapse once the movement is gone and I watch the full force of the blizzard slam into the water.

    Freezing faster than I can even believe possible, the wave soon looks like the tales of the Wall. The snow still in the air whirls around me and I blink against the stinging cold on my eyes.

    After the snow buries me and I fear I’m going to die anyway, I pull myself free with the last of my air.

    I struggle to climb free from the snow and blink to clear my vision. Doing so reveals I’m no longer in my cell and I find myself clawing across a sandy beach a few miles outside of Oldtown.

    My hands push into the sand still damp from high tide and I nearly collapse in shock. I have two hands!

    Where I had a stump the last time I checked, I find my right wrist is bonded with a fist made of oily black stone. It’s carved to perfection and reacts as if it was the one I was born with when I try flexing it.

    Give us the Hightowers or we will come for your entire family.” I hear the raspy voice echo in my mind and I whirl around to find it nowhere in sight. “We are losing patience with your kind, this is your last chance.”​
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  3. ATP

    ATP I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jun 24, 2020
    Likes Received:
    So,there are some kind of living people still there.Look like Morlocks to me.Viserys need miracle to beat both them and their master.And even when he win,he still need somehow heal all survivors.
    Baelish knew who win,interesting - if Stannis manage to discover then he supported rebels initially ?
    how they wont to reclaim Casterly rock ?
    Reach did too much to be forgiven - and they knew that.minor lords could surrender,but not Tyrrels or Hightowers.
    With whom Jaime made deal? with deep ones,or mermeids? seems like deep ones to me.Why they do not support Ironborn? And did he get deep one waifu to seal a deal ?
    Well,Hightowers are even more fucked.But - they would die anyway.
    P.S Deep ones fighting others - logical
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2021
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  4. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Some remnant of people have survived somehow. We're going to have a nice little adventure.

    Baelish better hope Wyman's replacement (he's retiring) doesn't find out.

    The Rock will be a doosy to retake.

    Reach will be facing internal issues very soon.

    Deep Ones.

    Hightowers are SCREWED.

    Thanks, I like the idea of the old races having some connections.
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  5. Threadmarks: Chapter 45: Feast With Freys
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 45: Feast With Freys
    Garlan Tyrell

    “This is my son Samwell,” Randall introduces the shy and chubby seven year old who tries to stand tall for my inspection. “He will serve you dutifully.”

    “If he’s anything like you, I have no doubt he will.” My courtesy makes Asha scoff.

    “He looks pretty soft to me.”

    Samwell flushes pink and looks down at his feet and Lord Tarly doesn’t see fit to correct her. He’s going to need some special attention in the yard it seems. Can’t bring him to battle with less than average skill. Not losing another kid in battle.

    “He’s young and still just unbaked dough.” I give Samwell an encouraging smile and remember how intimidating it was to begin training beside Willas. “We’ll decide what you’re going to be and you’ll turn out as hard as you need to be.”

    “If anyone can get him to stop flinching away from every blow, it would be you Lord Garlan.” The genuine respect Randall has been giving me is hard to adjust to after a lifetime of him scorning my Father. “All I ask is you… bake him into a warrior worth the name Tarly.”

    Tyrion and I may never be able to be friends but he has shown more than one way the be a capable warrior. “First thing I’m going to do, is find you a good beginner’s bow to get your arm strength up. “It worked on Viserys and I see no reason you’re going to be any different. It took the Prince a few years before he was decent with a weapon, so we just need to try everything until something works for you.”

    Forcing a warrior to use a weapon they have no talent for will triple the time it takes to have them battle ready. They will never reach a level beyond decent either and no squire of mine will settle for average.

    Maybe I’ll start him with a spear… the illusion of distance should help Sam get over his skittishness. The boy finally returns my smile with a cautious grin of his own, assuring me he’s no craven and only needs a different style of motivation.

    “The Fossoways and Rowans have thrown in with the Baratheons…” Lord Tarly explains with a vein bulging on his brow. “Most of the northern lords are siding with them.”

    “Bring my forces to the Mander and hold it.” Father will have to deal with his own problems right now. I don’t really see it going well now that Grandmother has taken Margaery and Loras to the Arbor.

    Doesn’t look like they’ll be sailing for King’s Landing anymore… Grandmother must be wroth that her plans are falling apart. “If we’re going to lose, I want to make sure we can at least negotiate from a position of strength.”

    “My brother will crush the Kitten’s fleet and do what the boy King failed at.” My wife brags and I find it hard to dismiss her claim. Forty long-cogs and a hundred long ships being added to the Redwynnes, is more than enough to outmatch the Royal Fleet in open battle.

    “The war has been lost and all we can do is make sure we keep our seats.” Randall rolls his eyes and somehow manages not to rudely dismiss Asha’s bravado. “The Riverlands inability to see the obvious will hopefully distract the Baratheons ire and let us avoid the Hightower’s fate.”

    We aren’t fighting to win this war anymore, only trying to be the faction hated the least everyone. The Ironborn and Golden Company will fight until the end, Randall and I need to make it clear we stand apart from the choices of my father.

    Maybe choosing a new sigil would help keep the Tyrell branches separate in the King’s mind, it worked for Viserys. “As long as Rodrik can keep Tyrion from crossing the Dornish border, we might just manage to keep our titles.”


    Daenerys Tully
    Once the Freys arrive at the castle, Ser Desmond brings me to the nursery so we can spend the evening with the twins. Ser Jonothor is already in the room and happily giving Bae a ‘dragon ride’ to the sound of Jae’s clapping.

    I’m not too big for them anymore, he’s just getting old. “Ask Desmond if you really want one, it’s your sister’s turn next.” He notices my scowl and laughs merrily when he switches twins. Grabbing Jae under the shoulders and lifting her into the air to the sound of roars.

    “Don’t worry Dany, I’m not too old to give you one.” Giving me a warm smile, Desmond shows why he’s my favorite knight. Viserys doesn’t count, he’s my brother.

    I consider the offer and almost say yes but know I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m almost as old as Viserys was, when he was King of the Seven Kingdoms.

    “I need to act my age Ser Desmond. I can’t have ‘dragon rides’ anymore.” No matter how much fun they are.

    The music from the main hall ends suddenly and I see the two knights exchange worried looks. “What’s going on? The feast just started.”

    “We’ll find out once you three are somewhere safe.” The Darry knight gives me a reassuring smile that I can see doesn’t make it to the eyes. “Now come along Dany, Owell will bring your mother to the rear gate if something is truly wrong.”

    “Jonothor is right, we’re just being cautious old men.” Adds Desmond as he grabs my brother carefully. “Now hurry up, you know the way Dany.”

    We run through the halls as quietly as my siblings allow and nearly get to the boats before I hear the sound of swords clanging. Desmond tells me to cover my ears when the screaming starts but I’m too scared the sounds will get closer.

    It’s getting hard not to break into tears but I manage somehow. When we reach the water gate I breath out in relief to find Mother already in one of the rowboats.

    Ser Oswell is waiting for us with nine panicking men and breathes a sigh of relief when we arrive. “I’m so glad you’re safe. The Frey’s struck as soon as the poison took affect and I barely managed to get Rhaella from the hall.”

    “What’s wrong with Mother?” She’s not moving aside from some shallow breathing.

    “I only noticed the effects once she had had a few bites of her meal. She collapsed in my arms halfway here.” Oswell explains with an angry look on his face. “People staring falling over and the Frey’s drew steel. It was a massacre and I even heard the bastards say the Ironborn are coming.”

    “Where can we go?” Snarls Desmond as he puts me in the boat with Mother. “We don’t have enough people to actually fight back!”

    “We follow protocol and split them up.” Oswell commands sternly. “You’ll bring Baelor to the Stormlands at Harrenhal, Jonothor will bring Jaenaera to her aunt in the Vale. While I bring Danaerys and Rhaella to the Lady Catelyn in the North.”

    Desmond stops and stares at the Whent knight, his eyes flashing dangerously. “Why are you not going to Lord Brynden and your family at Harrenhal?”

    “Because I was wrong and the Riverlands will not be safe once the Inonborn and Golden Company arrive.” Shame fills Oswell’s voice and I realize he’s had some part in all of this. “We cannot let any of them get a hold of the children or Rhaella.”

    “What happened to Father?” I only now notice he isn’t with us and remember the talk of poison. “He’s okay… right?”

    Oswell doesn’t answer and I start to get angry. “You’re horrible!” My face gets hot as I scream at the man who swore to protect us. “Get away from us!”

    “You heard her.” Desmond hands his twin to one of the equally horrified guards and draws his sword. “If you want to make even a shred of what you’ve caused up… you’ll buy us as much time as you can and not tell them which exit we took.”

    “The plan to take them to the Tully sisters is a good one and I’ll ensure the twins get to Lady Lysa safely.” The grim faced Jonothor growls. “You just get these two ladies North safe.”

    I try not to cry as Desmond pushes off with four men as an escort, while my siblings instead go down the other fork in the river. He leans down and turns my gaze away from Oswell and the lone man who decided to ensure he follows through on his promise.

    “Don’t worry Dany, Lady Catelyn will love you. She even has some girls of her own about your age.” His whispers are comforting but I’m scared for the twins, though Desmond of courses knows what’’s really bothering me. “And you’ll see Bae and Jae again before you even forget how much they annoy you.”

    We sail forever on the dark river, with only the sound of paddles churning the water making any sound. Frogs croak loudly around us and it makes me giggle when I remember Uncle Brynden saying it means they’re looking for a Princess to kiss.

    Eventually I while I stop being terrified every second and I’m really just starting to get tired now. Desmond notices me trying to fight off a yawn and wraps his cloak into a bundle for me to lay my head on.

    “You can sleep Dany, we’ll keep you safe.” His words are supposed to be comforting but it only makes me think of how many people are being bad in the Riverlands and want to find us.

    “Um…” Bartrim Rivers stops his rowing and points a shaking finger into the night. “I think we have Ironborn coming for us.”

    A bunch of lantern shine on the river and I start to cry when I realize they’re people who want to hurt us. Desmond doesn’t hesitate and gives a swift order, getting the boat closer to the riverbank.

    “You need to get Rhaella out of here safely… but just in case.” He grabs me and leaps onto the shore with one of the guards named Bronn following without a splash. “We’ll make sure Daenerys makes it safely. We’ll wait for you at the ford but only for one day, so good luck.” His words are a hissed goodbye as the three of us dash into the gloomy woods.​
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  6. ATP

    ATP I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jun 24, 2020
    Likes Received:
    So,Whent do not betrayed,but Ironborn would still get Rhaella.She would be safe as bargain chip.Maybe Ironborn would backstab Tyrrels and propose peace? Nah,Balon agree to stop being King only when his castle would be captured.
    If Garlan survive,asha would have good husband and Samwell good mentor.But - i doubt it.They lost on land.
    I remember name of city of flessmiths in Sothorys - Golgossos or something.They died out,but if you need monster/cure/ plague/potion/demihuman/monstergirl/whatsever,you just could say that flessmith did so,and it would be perfect explanation.Of course,you still need go to blasted city to get it.Not good for living long.

    P.S Do you plan to introduce mermaids as another race? and would Jaime be obliged to get deep one bride ?
  7. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Whents did betray, but Oswell Whent gave up when Aegon surrendered and realized he was wrong.

    Balon won't surrender, but the Tarly's and Garlan are trying.

    Gogossos will make some form of appearance.

    Merlings is too big to reveal.

    Jaime only has to give the Hightowers to the Deepones.
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  8. Threadmarks: Chapter 46: After Her
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 46: After Her
    Viserys Ashtar

    “How much water do we have left?” I’m starting to realize this might not be as quick a voyage as I first thought and have Elyse double check our stores. “We left with enough for a year but I’m not very good at keeping track of time.” After a few hours it all just kind of blends together for me.

    “If we don’t lose anyone else…” She smirks at me and it want to yank on her braid, though I know that’s exactly the kind of response she wants to get out of me. “We can last at least another eight months without rationing.” As long as we keep stirring the water twice a day you mean.

    The ‘Shalescale’ goes deeper into the Smoking Sea, with larger chunks of landmass becoming far more common sights rising out of the steam. I can even seen a few dark shapes flaying against the orange glow above us, letting out raspy squawks as they seek shelter from something.

    The pillar of light that is our target grows larger in the sky, looking nearly twice the size of the one we sheltered at last night. As the orange glow in the sky begins to fade the eerie green shimmer returns to the mist and keeps us from smashing to pieces on the obsidian spires. They’re a lot smaller closer to the core, but the broken off pieces will still tear a hole in our ship.

    I feel the vibrations when the oars drag us as far onto the shore as the tide will allow and breathe out in relief. No sea monsters in the day so far, looks like we’re starting to figure this place out.

    “It’s raining fire!” The panicked voice of Spitlick cries out and I only now see the flickering embers… rising from the mist.

    “Rain doesn’t go up, it’s embers!” I start to worry when they get closer and give out the command to wet our cloaks. “Smack them out wherever they land!”

    The fist sized embers begin landing on the wood and I realize they are in fact moths. The wings aren’t on fire but the powder on the wings ignites above them with each flap.

    Sections of the railings and deck start to smoke as the swarm of insects nearly blanket the Shalescale. Even after being soaked in the sea, my cloak is soon blackened with ash and starts to smoke itself.

    “Don’t let up, we can’t lose the ship!” Roars Barristan as he and Arnold finish hauling our rowboat back up from the sea. “Now someone give us a hand with this thing!” His words get two more men to help tip the boat and spill the salt water across the deck.

    It drowns most of the moths and scatters the rest on the hull. My relief doesn’t last long though as the entire swarm settles on the mast.

    “Get them off-” My words die as the ropes ignites as if they had been doused in gas.

    The roaring fire races across the cross beam and spreads to the entire mast in just moments. “Never mind, get as much food and water off the ship as we can!”

    As the fire spreads I manage to roll four barrels of water off and into the sand. Barristan saves me when I try to rush back for a fifth and heaves me off the ship with those who already abandoned ship.

    He throws himself off next and breaks his fall by rolling with far more grace than I had managed in my surprise. “You alright Viserys?” I wheeze on my back and try to force air back into my lungs. “Didn’t land on anything I hope?”

    “Only what little pride I’ve managed to scrounge up.” Elyse snorts at my comment and soon everyone is chuckling despite our ship aflame in the surf beside us.

    “No idea how you still have any of that, we all saw how easily Arianne led you around.”

    My face heats up and I find no witty response on my tongue. So like all men who find themselves embarrassed… I act incredibly maturely and let it slid off my back. Once I blow her a raspberry of course. She’s just lucky we have witnesses or I would be shoving her face in the sand right now.

    “He was like a little puppy,” Toddrey the slightly slower thinker among my crew blurts out with a lopsided grin on his face. “We know you aren’t really scary Viserys, unless someone wants to hurt your family.”

    The vocal agreement from everyone is enough to drown out the crackling of the wood and I feel a sense of pride fill my bones. “That’s each and every one of you now. No one gets to hurt any of you, not while I have the strength left to avenge it.” That’s why we’re looking for the asshole who killed Gerold… I will not let that slide.

    “What did we manage to save?” Barristan saves me from having to continue my impromptu declaration and points to the very meager amount of supplies we got overboard in time.

    “A couple months worth of water and maybe that much food… if we ration.” Grunts Arnold when he rolls the last barrel of salted meat out of the water.

    The scream of Marya has all of us whirl about as one, only to see several shadows escaping towards the hills in the distance. In the opposite direction from the pillar of clean air, which makes my mind race with thought.

    “Can’t go back on my words now.” I feel my heart begin pounding as conflict nears. “Get these supplies to the place we’re calling home for now. We’ll bring Marya back and find out what exactly we’re dealing with here.” Including six very eager men in my party isn’t enough to satisfy Barristan though.

    “I should be the one going, not you.” He counters with a scowl.

    Your skills are needed far more here with everyone else. “Someone needs to teach these people how to swing a sword and we both know I can’t do it. Besides, someone died last time we checked a pillar… you really going to let my go in first?” And it’s not like I can wait on the ship anymore, so it’s time tto deal with me growing up.

    “Just bring her back safe, I need someone sane to deal with all your insanity.” He finally relents and lets me lead the men after Marya. “And you six better make sure Viserys comes back with you.”

    Tyene Sand
    I barely managed to sneak out of Riverrun before the guests arrived and can only hope the poison kills every Frey and Tully both. Ser Thorne and the Golden Company will be here soon and we can recover the Targaryens safely.

    Slipping Rhaella the fever dream poison was almost ruined when she didn’t ask for her usual, but a little salacious flirting got that guard to bring me what I needed. Bronn thought he was so charming and yet he never even got to lay a finger on me… the men in the North are so easy.

    The ‘Loyalists’ have shown themselves to be anything but and I’ll have to consider this my vengeance on both sides for Father. Alliser at least I can trust to look after the children… he has some honor in his body.

    I freeze at the sight of Ironborn long ships sailing towards Riverrun under the cover of darkness and carefully crouch behind some reeds. Of course they brought in the Ironborn, the ones who lost the North and Stepstones will only guarantee victory here.

    I can see a rowboat come towards the bank and two men leap towards me, calling out orders to the men left behind. Once the boat is seen by the Ironborn I only have the courage to watch the first men fall to arrows.

    I need to go! They’re going to start looking for anyone else escaping. Swallowing my fear, I dart into the woods to late to remember which way the other two went.

    An arm grabs me around the waist and pulls me to the dirt. A second hand covers my mouth firmly before I can even think of screaming.

    “It’s just a girl, I think she was running from the attack the same as we are.” I recognize that voice! Bronn lets me sit up and even takes his hand of my mouth once he commands me not to yell.

    “Aye, it is a girl. I even recognize this lovely lass from the castle and am very glad she got away from the Freys.” He winks at me and I swallow the bile I feel at having someone nearly twenty years older do so. “Tasha here still owes me a kiss.”\

    “We can bring her with us as far as the ford, I’m not risking the chance she’s working against us.” The other man sighs. “Dany needs somewhere to rest for the night and I’m not going to waste time arguing right now.”

    Bronn snorts again. “I guess this means the Tully war bonuses aren’t coming. Better be getting my gold’s worth for bringing the girl so far North.”

    “I’ll knight you myself once we’re within sight of Winterfell and Lady Catelyn will ensure her husband rewards you due your station.” The less smarmy man answers and it’s only now I see the silver hair on the girl sleeping in his arms.

    “You got the Princess away safely!” Someone in Riverrun actually did the right thing?

    “Curious you call her that…” Bronn realizes something and smirks down at me. “Looks like you’re coming all the way now. Something’s off about you and I’m not going to chance a Frey army in my arse.”​
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  9. Threadmarks: Chapter 47: Deathbed Confession
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    Chapter 47: Deathbed Confession
    Aegon Martell

    “You’re serious, aren’t you!” The King’s bellow of disbelief has me nearly fall off the bench outside his room. “If that’s what you want, I’ve learned not to argue.” Whatever the Queen is telling him, it must be something big.

    Ser Benjen rolls his eyes in front of the door and the Waters boy doesn’t even try hiding his laughter at my expense. “You seemed so impressive in the Sept of Baelor but you aren’t the Father in the flesh. You’re just some kid.” And I really miss my mother. When is she going to get here with Uncle Doran?

    “Why would you even think that in the first place?” Aurane’s violet eyes blink at my comment and I start to think he might be a Velaryon bastard when I look at his shoulder length silver hair. “That’s very specific.”

    “Everyone’s been saying it since your trial, after you turned it into such a scolding for the rebels.”

    I didn’t think it would matter this much, I just wanted to make it clear my family was not involved. “Oh.”

    For the last few days, Lords have been coming to say farewell and be given final rewards. But with the Queen and Princess back, it’s only the three of us and Lord Tywin still waiting.

    “Your uncle Viserys showed the Realm the Targaryens didn’t all need to die.” The Lannister stares at me like he’s weighing my soul’s worth by sight alone. “And you have now reinforced this idea. I have managed to convince Queen Lyanna to speak on your behalf.” What does that even mean?

    “But why am I here?” Aurane wilts under Tywin’s scowl over being interrupted. Or maybe it’s just for having a bastard dare speak to him. He really doesn’t seem very nice at all.

    Ser Benjen is the one who finally answers after nearly ten whole seconds of frosty silence. “King Robert was very impressed with how you handled yourself on the voyage and I believe he’s intending to play matchmaker for you.”

    That makes no sense, why is the King so interested in a bastard? I’ve always been told you need a name in the North or you’re worth less than nothing. The Seven are the only ones who treat us all the same and even the Faith can’t live up to such high standards all the time.

    “He’s found his rage gone now that my sister is safe.” The still half starved Benjen grins at me. “Seven years was a long time for him to cool off and it looks like he’s got some regrets to rectify. My Mother did the same thing, made sure all her favorite servants got a nice bonus.”

    “My wife did the same.” Admits Lord Tywin and the startled look in his eyes reveals he’s just as surprised to have spoken the words.

    We’re saved from him silencing us when the door behind Benjen is opened by the bright eyed Princess. Jennelyn sticks her head into the hallway with a confidant smile beneath her curly raven locks.

    “Pa says he wants to talk to you.” With an arm on each hip she scowls at us as severely as a five year old can. “But he’s really sick and getting tired.” She lifts one hand to wag a finger in her Lord Tywin’s face. “So don’t be too loud or I’ll have to make you all go away.”

    “Of course not Jen,” The stiffness he was showing Aurane and I, is gone the second he speaks to the commanding little girl. “I will make sure these boys behave to your very reasonable standards.”

    She considers this for a moment and finally nods slowly. “Okay. But I’m watching you all.”

    “Let them in sweetness, I really do need to speak with them before I… go to sleep.” Croaks King Robert and a wave of foulness washes over me when I enter his room.

    The Queen is on the bed at his side and rubbing a damp cloth on his sweaty brow. Once we’re all arranged in a line at the foot of the King’s bed, Benjen blurts out a snarky comment.

    “My niece is insisting we be quiet, but you’re the one we heard out in the hall.” The Stark knight smirks at his goodbrother playfully. “Must be a sign you’re really faking all of this, if you can hollar like that still.”

    “Lyanna was just telling me a funny story about…” The King only hesitates for a half second, but I’m sure Tywin also saw it. “The Selmy boy she likes to pretend is her nephew. Reminded me of my own girl Mya and how she needs a good future.”

    This seems to bother Lord Tywin. “Oh?”

    “Yeah, Lyanna wants out of this cesspit and I can’t say no to her.” Thing King struggles to sit up and look less feeble. “So she and Jennelyn are going North with Benjen for protection. Wyman is done with being Master of Whispers and will take them home… but Aurane here will bring Mya and Lord Baelish back here.”

    For what purpose your Grace?”

    “So she and Aegon here can go live with Renly.” He looks me straight in the eyes and bows his head just a smidgen. “This whole mess started because I was set on taking the last of the Dragon’s land. But Viserys just had to prove himself again keeping my family safe this time.”

    “Since Renly has been given Griffin’s Roost… I think you should have Summerhall.” I nearly collapse on my trembling knees. “It’ll take a while to rebuild but I’m sure your mother will like being able to live with you. She’ll be sailing up for his wedding anyway, Elia can just stay once everyone else goes home.”

    “I… uh… thank you, your Grace.” I stumble over my words and start feeling light headed.

    He just chuckles and waves a hand at my gratitude. “Thank Viserys for giving me a worthy name I can give you and my wife for talking to me about this.” And Lord Tywin, for instigating the conversation in the first place.

    “Stannis can’t have you running around as a Targaryen, but we have a shiny new name you can use now.” Robert coughs and I see his sheet go pink when he wipes his lips. “So if you want the land… you need to take your Uncle’s name.

    “But I’m supposed to join the Faith?” I was always told to avoid this massive man and his wrath biut right now he’s being incredibly kind.

    “So do that and give them the land, I don’t care.” He starts coughing even harder and it takes a while for him to stop this time. “But you only get it if you take the name Ashtar. No Martells or Targaryens will have a castle in the Stormlands.”

    “Doran’s already put in a request to claim the Stepstones and it’s made me think of what should be done with the Reach and Iron Isles… but then I remembered you and Stannis can worry about that now.”

    Duncan Selmy
    “Hey, come back here!” I’ve had to send White-eyes and his pack on ahead while we get within sight of Riverrun but the smell of smoke has spooked my horse. Bella clings to the horse and I dash after them.

    Bonnifer and a few of his men are quick the follow, with their own horses easily outpacing me. Once the pass me, I know I should just walk back and wait with Sandor. But I’ve been getting so restless just sitting in a saddle, that I decide to ‘help’ get Bella back instead.

    The river is slower here and lots of dead fall has collected along the reed covered bank. It’s not until I see an overturned rowboat that I start to get worried by the now visible smoke coming from the castle.

    “Over here!” Calling out my location, I walk closer to the water’s edge.

    A body is under the boat and another one is covered by some branches. Who are you? I pull the debris off the body and gasp at the sight of a silver haired woman.

    Her gown is soggy after so long in the water and her skin has gone pale and clammy. I don’t hear anyone approach, so lost in shock at the sight.

    “Rhaella Tully.” Sandor growls low as he walks into the river, carefully lifting the dead woman in his arms. “Which means we aren’t going to Riverrun anymore. Looks like I’m taking you to Winterfell after all you little brat.”

    He lays Rhaella down on the grass and Melisandre pushes her way past the somber Sandor. She kneels beside the woman who was once Queen and places a kiss on her lips after whisper a prayer. Melisandre starts to stand only for one of Rhaella’s hands to suddenly wrap around her wrist.

    “Where are my children?” The voice is raspy and filled with the promise of violence if the answer given is not to her satisfaction.
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    Oh shit, Rhaella survived! I fully expected you to kill her off with that setup, lol. Also, nice to see the Ashtar name being spread. Perhaps from this ash a new story for this family can bloom.

    Though, given the people moving around here, I'm wondering if the Ashtar's are going to end up living (and probably having kids with) Robert's Baratheon bastards, which possibly further confuses things down the line.
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    No, she died. I think they cut it from the television series, but some red priests can breathe life into a body.
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    It could be either way, since the poison given to her isn't meant to kill I think?The feverdream poison.
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    She did die and rose as Queen Stoneheart.
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  14. Threadmarks: Chapter 48: Two For One
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    Chapter 48: Two For One
    Viserys Ashtar

    I slow my sprint to a job as the sand gives way to acres of red clay and create a ridge of jagged hills. Tunnels dot the sharpened landscape like pockmarks, with a group of shadows skittering into one just as we reach the base of the hill.

    “Don’t let them get away!” Marya lets out a scream that echoes of the baked tunnel and giving me even more motivation.

    “Last chance to go back…” I let the offer hang for a moment and smile when no one even twitches. “Let’s do this fast then shall we? Everyone kneel, I’m knighting you all at once.”

    It’s not like it means anything now that we’re in Valyria, but it might make them fight a little bit harder against whatever we face. “In the name of the Seven, I charge you to kill the damn monsters!” I tap them on the shoulder in pairs of two and roar once I’m finished. “Now let’s go save Marya!”

    We charge through the tunnel and soon it narrows into a smooth round tube barely big enough for us to go single file.

    The roof and walls are glistening and moist with some kind of clear slime and yet the ground is covered in deep scratches. At least it’s giving us some traction.

    Chittering hisses make my skin crawl as we reach the end of the entrance way. It opens up into a series of terraces descending downwards in ever smaller rings. Eleven floors below us and I think four above. Looks like this might not be as simple as I thought..

    Dozens… maybe hundreds of the clawed humanoids interact. The society seems only a bit beyond what I remember from chimpanzees but they do seem to be communicating with a language of some sort.

    Spitlick sees someone with pale and skin unblemished with oozing blisters, pointing out the altar of glitter green obsidian she’s being held down on. Not going to have time to plan this one out and I don’t have nearly enough arrows on hand to kill an entire village worth of monsters.

    “Go and get her!” My hiss sends the six of them charging down the terraces and I string my bow as fast as I can.

    I have no wind to worry about and the lichen is giving off enough of a glow to give me a great outline of each creature. Cracking my neck to relieve some tension, I take quick aim at the altar.

    Fourteen shots in a minute is still my best, but it leaves a ring of screeching creatures writhing on the ground. I glance at my knights and smirk at how even they seem to be far more trained than these troglodytes.

    These things must be used to overwhelming with numbers and shock, because none of them know how to do more than wildly swing those claws. Durrick goes down first when a trio of creatures leap onto his back, his long sword clattering out of his grip.

    I find myself with only eight arrows left and snarl when I’m too slow, Manfred Storm falling when a set of claws tear open his throat. My last arrow saves Spitlick from being the next brave memory as he slings Marya over his should.

    They won’t make it back up here! The realization burns but I shoulder my bow and charge out of my hiding spot. I need to meet them at one of the lower tunnels or we’re all dying in here.

    “I’ll meet you outside!” My roar draws both my allies and the swarm of creatures’ attention. “Don’t wait for me and get the Seven Hells out of here!”

    Drawing my axes I don’t slow down at all as I swing for the first creature to get in my way. The one with the blue haft slices through the emaciated figure at the waist, sending the top half to the ground before the legs even start to fall.

    I didn’t think Valyrian steel was going to be such a game changer, but I think even I could learn to use a sword made from this stuff. It doesn’t consciously sink in that the swarm has become more cautious in it’s approach until I find myself at a tunnel near the one everyone else took.

    “Stay away from my people or I’ll be back to finish you damn cretins off!” My savage roar seems to do the trick and none follow me as I dash out the tunnel.

    I can hear scrapping on the clay but far enough behind me I can slow down to a manageable pace. This tunnel winds down and to the left, taking me farther and farther from where I think the others will emerge.

    Hope I was enough of a distraction. The images of Durrick and Manfred flash in my mind and I force the thought of everyone else being dead from my head.

    Can’t think like that… this is clearly some kind of Lovecraftian horror show and means I need to keep positive thoughts in my mind. Think of Arianne naked and not Marya being devoured alive.

    The mental image works a little bit and I keep the willpower to trudge all the way out of the tunnel. The four surviving knights are waiting nervously with Marya just at the edge of the steam line.

    “Well it looks like we’re going to have a real whopper of a tale when we get to the others.” Bartrim sees me first and roars with laughter. “You look like you painted yourself black with their blood.”

    I reach up to my cheek and wipe away a thick ichorous substance that is indeed a tarry black color. “Well this isn’t washing out of my hair for a long time.”

    Robert Baratheon
    “I’m sorry Lyanna but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it until Stannis gets here.” My ribs ache from all the coughing and I don’t even have the strength to get up and piss anymore.

    “You say this all started when you tried to give Renly Summerhall but we both know this goes back even farther.” She looks as beautiful as the day I first saw her and I know Jen will be just as precious one day. “I played my own part in this and you forgive me.”

    “Besides… you’re the only reason I gave Ned a chance to explain himself.” She laughs softly so as not to wake our daughter curled up under my arm. “To think it was the ‘Warrior’ himself, who recommended I use my words and not my fists.”

    “I can’t believe you really thought he was off in the Vale trying to sell you off for a castle.” Why didn’t she just talk to her brother before running off with Rhaegar? I snort as old frustrations try to rear their ugly heads and force them back into the bowels of my mind.

    When she wipes my hot and sweaty brow like the darling she is, I thank the Seven for giving me such a perfect best friend. “He was just bragging about how impressive his family was because he didn’t think he had anything about himself he could.”

    “I know that now you oaf, but I was a confused maiden who’s father really didn’t care what kind of husband I ended up with.” She lays her head on my shoulder so I can’t see her eyes water. “I’m really going to miss you, you know. I still wish I was just honest from the beginning, we could have lot more fun together and a whole lot less responsibility.”

    “Jenny doesn’t have to wed unless you decide it.” Stannis will do a fine job as King and doesn’t actually need to bind his son to my little girl. “Maybe we can avoid all this trouble from happening again when Jen is ten and five.”

    “She can marry if and who she wants.” Lyanna answers simply and I close my heavy eyes in relief.

    She and her brothers will look after Jen and Gendry, while Renly looks after not so little anymore Mya for me. Even Lyanna’s first child survived and I can’t even blame her for hiding it from me. I know exactly how angry I used to get before Edric was born.

    Thinking of my son brings a surge of pain to my heart and I don’t even have the strength to say more than a single sentence. “I love you both, never forget that.”

    “And you have been a better husband than I had any right to hope for. I do love you in my own special way Robert.” Her words wash over me with warmth and I focus on the last time all four of us had been together.

    I’m so sorry we failed you Edric but I’ll be with you soon. I’ll have all the time in the world to play with you now, I’ll never be too busy for you ever again.
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    Not Quite I feel. She would become that Force of avenging nature if she "finds out" her family is all gone I feel.

    I mean, she's still gonna shank a bitch, but not go full Stoneheart if a single one of her loved kin is breathing and in reach of her.
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    Damn. Well, as tragic as this is, at least this Robert gets to die well. Also Revenant Rhaella huh.

    lol, is this going to be an excuse for his hair turning black/salt-n-pepper?
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    That was unexpected.
    Undead Rhaella ? interesting,how her children would react to that.Maybe undead are good mothers? .And reaction of dragonboy Viserys when he finally fly home.Maybe on his own wings.
    Interesting,how many would survive from his group.Considering that they enter another wizard place without ship to run,their chances are no great.There is big possibility,that nobody but him survive.

    Good waifu for Aegon - Mya,maybe ? some Lannister chick? North girl? he need waifu from loyal family.

    Hightowers had some mad doughter which dabbled in sorcery - could she save some of them with her knowledge,or only made it more painfull? I remember some fanfiction,when she ended as Euron salt waif.Not happening now.Malora? i think it was her name.also knewn as "Mad Maid"

    It seems,that Valyria get its own ecosystem - quite logical,to be honest.Only place on Earth where really nothing live is inside of Atacama dessert,becouse there is really no water there.Every place you have water,you have life.Althought,strange that people survived.Without magic it would be no possible.

    I remember important thing - Lovercraft is the same universe like Howard,only difference that in Lovercaraft is much later,we have technology,but no hope - people do not have chance there.
    In Conan world - we have the same demons and mad gods,but also barbarian who belive that good blade would kill anything they face.And they really could do so.
    So,being optymist and beliving in your own blade help survive there.

    P.S what about meeting some Salamander/lizardgirls/dragongirls there? Viserys need monsterwaifu!.
    So she could meet his undead mother and talk over tea.
    They would made very interesting family...
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    True, I'm really just saying Queen Stoneheart so everyone knows what I mean. But you are very correct. I have a different path for Rhaella to take. Her goal is finding her children/nieces and nephews.

    The Valyira voyage switched around a bit and Arianne originally and then Robert was going to die in the Stepstones get revived by Thoros and go back o KL and give his life to Lyanna (like Beric did) Lyanna (which is why Thoros was sailing south and I never mentioned him again). So this is draft 3 of my revenent choice.

    It is. Magic/Radioactive blood soaking into his scalp will have an effect.

    She only was dead for 1 day instead of 3, so 'more' of her soul is in the body. Viserys would slaughter those responsible down the the last adult. And he'd get really creative.

    No more than 7 have a chance at leaving alive.

    Aegon I haven't decided. I want him to be devout and want to be a Septon, but he needs challenges to face and love is the death of duty.

    I have some big plans for the Hightower arc.

    I want the outside of Valyira to be like Mordor/Oblivion/Hellfire Penninsula/Shadowmoon Valey. All instant death and volcanic chunks of rock.. As the get closer to the center, I wanted a more Morrowwind/Zangarmarsh/Bladesedge mts/terrokar forest, feel. Like a magical chernobyl. With some pockets of protected land to explore (they're basically the Nagrand sections) for treasure/knowledge.

    That's exactly what Viserys is trying to do. Keep the horrors Conan style and not give up like it's lovecraft. EXCELLENT analogy.

    Something else not quite human is in Valyria.
  19. Threadmarks: Chapter 49: Gone Fishing
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    Chapter 49: Gone Fishing
    Theon Greyjoy

    Finding Riverrun with only a single Tully inside and already dead left Uncle Aeron enraged. All of our long ships have been sent out the find the Targarens, but I can already see pillars of smoke rising all around me.

    Most of our men have already moved on to raiding the villages instead of some pointless search. But of course my crew will report back if I try to do the same. How am I supposed to make a name for myself, if I’m stuck looking for children?

    The river starts to pick up speed, with a series of rapids making me groan at the idea of rowing back up them later. A lone rowboat with several men inside appears and grows larger as we gain on them.

    “Search the boat!” My crew doesn’t need my command and comes right alongside the four men frantically paddling.

    They manage to get close enough to shore that running becomes an option, with everyone on board leaping for the riverbank. Two of them have no weapon in hand and instead cradle a pair of blanket wrapped bundles.

    The twins. “Don’t let them get away!” This time my command does seem to be what prompts my thirty men to action and soon we’re beaching on the shore. “You four stay with the ‘Rusty Ax’.” I snarl when I nearly stumble on my landing, skidding a few feet forward before I manage to catch myself.

    The woods are filled with long shadows and thick with bushes to hide in. My eyes scan for movement in the brush as I run past but nothing stands out to me. Where did they go?

    We fan out and eventually I find half of a boot print in the damp dirt. With adrenaline coursing through me, I decide not to call out my find. No reason to mention it until I know it’s not a false alarm… and it gives me all the glory if I find them myself.

    It’s only four old men and two of them can’t even fight back. I can do this all on my own… finally show everyone Rodrik isn’t so impressive.

    More tracks reveal themselves and I draw my sword in preparation. One man leaps from behind an oak tree when I race past and swings for my face with his mace.

    I only barely avoid having the splintering bark be my skull and thrust my blade up through the ginger’s jaw. He dies almost instantly and I freeze with him still on my blade. Rodrik’s mockery of never being a real man echoes in my mind and I finally realize how full of shit he’s always been.

    Killing people is scarily easy. I didn’t even think about it and this man is dead. Staying alive is what really takes skill.

    “Over here you lack wits! I already got my blade wet on one of them.” Now where did the rest of ou run off to?

    My shout alerts more than just my crew and I find myself running into slightly more than a dozen armed men. The men I had been chasing are safely at the rear of this new group of knights.

    “You got something alright…” Growls the man in filthy clothes but who is still clearly in charge of the group. “A damn death wish for thinking I’d let Ironborn sack my family home. Going after my niece and nephew here, is just going to make sure I don’t go easy on yo-”

    His threat is interrupted by my crew roaring out of the bushes, facing the shocked soldiers with two-to-one odds. My eyes lock onto the babes and the men holding them, as they race away with only a paltry escort.

    This time I’m not alone in my chase and several of my men beat me to the punch. Three of them dash after our targets and soon it’s just me and the snarling Blackfish.

    The men with the babes are dead and dying, which means this legend is all that stands in the way of becoming my own. “You’re better of coming quietly. My men will be here soon and I’m not going down easily.”

    I’m not dumb enough to think I can face this man on my own and try stalling for time. He sees right through my attempt and spits in my face.

    “You may have more iron,” He thrusts at me with far more speed than I expected and pain blossoms on my thigh. “But steel is worth far more and we seem to have the advantage in that!”

    I’m stabbed in the should and slashed across my cheek before I manage to even think about defending myself. When he kicks me in the chest and I land in the mud, he looks down at me with only contempt on his face.

    “You are right about how many Ironborn I’ve seen and I don’t have Alliser to use as a distraction anymore.” He kicks me hard in the ribs and growls dangerously. “You’re coming with me so I can make your boys back off. If they don’t, you’re just dead weight I’ll need to cut loose.”

    Renly Baratheon
    “You better not be going off to die,” Arianne growls when I make my goodbyes before leaving with my army. “And you better make the Tyrells pay for being a part of this madness.”

    “I need to link up with Lord Selmy before I can lead the assault upon the Reach.” Finally get a chance to hit these flower pickers back and I’m going to savor every second of it. “The Daynes have very eagerly given word they will join us before we besiege Highgarden. That will put us over thirty thousand fresh soldiers.”

    However the Sea Lion managed to convince them I’ll always wonder, the Daynes seemed fully intent on sitting this war out before Tyrion arrived a Starfall.

    “With Tyrion keeping the ‘Greywynne’ Fleet distracted, I can rip the Roses right out of the garden.” The Florents and Rowans have sent word they will side with us and they only want the Tyrells removed from power.

    Of course that means they both want to be the ones who claim the titles… but who says the Warden of the South and Lord Paramount of the Reach must be the same family? She rolls her eyes at my bravado for the men and crosses her arms like a scolding sister.

    Or at least what Galladon says they’re like every time he goes home for a visit. Brienne sounds like quite the little spitfire, maybe I should see about her coming to ward once Mya ‘Baratheon’ arrives with Aegon. It was nice having so many boys around my own age and I don’t see why girls would be any different.

    “We may have gotten a rushed marriage to make things official, but Father and Elia will insist on planning for a proper celebration once this war is over.” She smirks at me playfully and I find this arrangement oddly freeing.

    I always thought I’d have to go to great lengths to hide who I really was but now Arianne and I can simply coexist. Having someone who knows and doesn’t care in the slightest has given me an intense sense of protectiveness over her. Cersei found that out the hard way last time she got a little too cranky.

    “Leave some for me,” I do not whine. “I want some hand in choosing the colors at least.” I pout like a Prince and press a kiss to the back of her hand for appearances sake. Though in a few weeks it’s really going to show. “I’m only getting one wedding feast you know.”

    “You better only be planning one, my Targaryen blood is a hundred years old. Polygamy isn’t really going to work for me.” At least not how Westeros would accept the form we would both prefer.

    “I promise no more charging headlong into danger,” I finally concede to her stern glare and crossed arms. “Learned my lesson at Summerhall.”

    This seems to convince her and she relaxes her stance. “Good. Because I’m not going to be able to do this without you.”

    The double meaning of her words isn’t lost on me and thankfully our audience takes it as a lovers farewell. I ride off and only hope things stay calm in the Stormlands until I can return. I worked hard to keep us from being ravaged like the Riverlands and can only spare eight thousand to maintain our coastline.

    Knowing when I return it will be as Lord Paramount of the Stormlands is still hard to wrap my head around. The idea of Robert being killed in battle, even with poison is not something I had even believed possible. Edric’s fate is a horror I can only hope gets avenged with the same viciousness.

    Stannis will be King and I can finally be free of that yowling lioness. Going to need to make sure Patchface goes with them, he was Father’s gift to Stannis after all.​
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    Chapter 50: Rising From The Flames
    Sandor Houndsworth

    When Rhaella jerks upright and speaks, Duncan just freezes in place. Not that I blame the boy, this is not something you can prepare for. A dead woman walking around and demanding we find her children is a few steps beyond the more obedient than believable animals Duncan keeps finding.

    Since everyone including the annoying woman in scarlet responsible for the whole mess is unable to find their words… I draw Rhaella’s attention to myself. “You might want to look at yourself in the river… you’ve definitely looked better Lady Tully.”

    She examines me closely and an unnerving smile grows on her pallid face. “Ser Sandor. My son’s guardian...” Her eyes grow sharp and her voice promises violence. “Where is Viserys?”

    “You know what happened.” I refuse to let such a slight, if unsettling woman frighten me.

    “I do and you failed him.” The stare bores into me and I feel a bead of sweat build on my brow despite my best efforts. Okay… she’s scaring me now.

    “Sandor did his best!” Duncan finally finds his voice and blurts out words in my defense. “But he can’t fight a disease with a sword, you’re not being fair!”

    “They call you Duncan Selmy… correct?” Her milky eyes dart down to my squire and she raises a hand to brush the bangs out of his eyes.

    Despite his fear, Duncan manages to answer with only minimal stuttering. “That’s what we’re trying to find out. No one will tell me who I really am.”

    “You don’t look like a Dayne…” Rhaella’s smile loses it’s edge and seems genuine.. “I don’t know why it took me so many visits to notice my son’s smile. But you really do have your mother’s eyes.”

    Don’t let her pull Duncan into this, keep her focused on me. “You know who his parents are? Want to save us a pointless journey and just give us the truth.”

    “He’s my grandson of course.” The words shock me but Duncan is so overwhelmed he faints.

    “How are you alive?” Melisandre finally speaks as I check on the boy and find his eyes even whiter than the dead woman’s.

    Glancing down at her reflection one more time, Rhaella “I don’t believe I am. I think you just gave me enough time to say a proper goodbye.”

    “What did you do to Duncan?” He’s growling and snarling like one of his coyotes in my arms.

    “It seems you did not fail Viserys… he just gave you what he saw as the more important task.” She’s making a leap in logic I choose not to correct. The creepy smile is a far sight better than her death stare.

    The sound of hooves approaching has me look over my shoulder, Bonnifer and his men are back safely with Bella. His face goes from one of smarmy pride to horror when he sees Rhaella.

    “What happened to you Ella?” His voice sounds like a boy who just had a nightmare. “You don’t look well.”

    She raises a hand to her chest and pulls her gown to the side, revealing the broken arrow that goes right through one of her lungs. “I think I died. But I’m glad you’re here, the Mother brought you all to me today.”

    “The light of R’hllor brought us to you, not some false idols.” finding her fire, a scowling Melisandre is quick to correct Rhaella. “He is the one who brought you back.”

    “It was Duncan’s friends who brought us here.” Bella snorts at the Red Woman and clambers down to help me with the boy. “You and Sandor argued with them every mile. Was funny seeing a grown man and woman lose so many arguments to some wild animals.”

    “What do we do with your guards?” It’s Bonnifer who remembers the three bodies in the river. “They deserve a proper send off after giving their lives for you.


    Duncan Selmy
    When Lady Rhaella says she’s my grandmother, the shock sends me reeling. That isn’t what sends me to the ground.

    One of my friends is trying to get my attention but somehow the howling is only in my head. I try to reach out and assure him I’m fine, only for everything to change.

    My vision dims and the colors around me grow faded, with some shades simply no longer existing. The lose of color isn’t as hard to deal with as I first started to panic over.

    The trade off for my new sense of smell has me nearly overwhelmed by how much of the world I was missing before. I can hear voices clearly that would have been muffled whispers moments ago.

    I’m lower to the ground as I lope forward and it takes a few seconds to realize I’m doing so on all fours. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable and in fact seems like the most natural way I could move.

    Running all around me are my coyote friends who are leading me towards something. We exit the treeline and find another a wide shallow ford in the river.

    Two men with drawn blades are protecting a pair of girls. One girl is about my age and has a head full of strawberry pink hair, while the other is closer to Viserys’ own. Their words are worried at first but grow resigned when my entire pack shows themselves.

    “They don’t look hungry. I think they want to help us.” The youngest girl declares when I lock eyes with her, the scent of strawberry nearly overwhelming me as she strides forward confidently. “See. He’s a good boy.”

    I let her scratch behind my ear and feel my brain explode with the sensation of pleasure. I swear I’m petting each of you every day now, can’t believe this feels so good. No wonder dogs are man’s best friend, I’d do anything for her to keep doing this forever.


    I sit up and groan, my head roaring with pain. “What’s going on?”

    Bella hears me and is first by my side. “Lady Rhaella is making us give her men a proper goodbye. So Ser Bonnifer has his men looking for tinder and dry wood.”

    We watch as the rowboat is emptied of water and turned back upright. The three men are lain in the boat and offered a few words of prayer.

    “You can ride with me Ella,” Offers the Bonnifer and I can hear longing in his voice. “We’ll find your children.” That look in your eyes makes it obvious you wish they had been yours as well. How do you know my Grandmother?

    “I saw some people…” I realize how crazy my words will sound and almost decide not to say anything. “The pack is bringing them here.”

    Sandor snarls in frustration like he does whenever I throw a new surprise his way. “What are you talking abo-” His words cut off when the sound of a branch snapping has him reaching for his sword.

    White-eyes struts ahead of three terrified people and one confident little girl. “See. I told you they wanted us to follow them.”

    “Dany…” Gasps Grandmother in disbelief and I take a closer look at the girl.

    Her hair is indeed pink but I can clearly see some berry bits revealing it was only a hasty dye job. “Mother!” Her eyes light up in glee when she sees Rhaella and throws herself into her arms. “Your alright. I was so worried about you.”

    “As was I.” One of the men with my aunt agrees with an awkward chuckle, seeming to understand things aren’t exactly fine. I have an aunt and I know who she is!

    “I’m glad you’re here Darling. Lady Melisandre was able to give me a chance to say goodbye to you properly.” Rhaella strokes the pink hair gently and smiles sadly. “I need you to find your brother and sister for me.”

    “We can find them together.” Argues my aunt with as much determination as I have ever seen Viserys show. That means Viserys is my uncle too!

    No Dear, we can’t. The longer I exist, the more I want to hurt the people responsible.” Grandmother explains with a darkness leaking into her voice. “Ser Sandor will keep you safe as he did your brother and is doing for your nephew now. But I refuse to crave violence like my brother Aerys… so this must be goodbye.”

    She smiles at me and gives a whispered goodbye to Ser Bonnifer. A voice echoes in my mind and I move as if someone else is guiding my actions. While Grandmother climbs onto the rowboat pyre, I start digging in Sandor’s bag.

    One of the men sends a flaming arrow into the boat, spreading flames roaring to life. Put them on the pyre. I can’t explain the purpose but I also can’t resist.

    With a single motion I heave the cloth wrapped bundle onto the boat. Sandor roars at me with more anger directed at me than I can ever remember seeing but I ignore it when I hear the sounds of chirping.

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    Theon fate is suffering.But - maybe nobody castrate him this time ?
    Poor Bonnifer.He really deserved better.Well,maybe he get some good waifu in future.
    Rhaella should get prize for most glorious death.And her grandson have dragon.Viserys would get second,so who get third?
    They would be no need against Others,so they would be political asset.Duncan Selmy must get waifu from loyal family now to keep him in check.Mya Stone ?
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    Brynden would just kill him.
    Bonnifer is going to be clinging to Melisandre and the Prince she can now identify. Holy Hundred are going to be followers of R'hllor now.
    I really wanted to combine the Tully fire boat, Targaryen cremation, and the Dany canon dragon pyre. Duncan, Bella, Dany all get one and 4th is extra until someone bonds it (will be the more wild one, kind of like how Shaggydog was nearly feral at first. Viserys has his egg, Renly has 2, and Illyrio has 3. Euron also says he throws one overboard/pays faceless men.
    Others have terrified Victarion into fleeing Westeros, so something is going on in far north.
    Duncan has the girl next door vibe with Bella and he's impressed with Dany. He's also 8 and doesn't really like girls, he just thinks these two are alright. Mya Stone/Baratheon will be more in Aegon/Renly/Arriane arcs.
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  23. Threadmarks: Chapter 51: Answers At Last
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    Chapter 51: Answers At Last
    Viserys Ashtar

    When we trudge through the gloom with far more pride than I would have imagined, I start to listen to Arnold brag about his ‘amazing’ kills. Spitlick doesn’t remind him that we can all see the piss staining his breeches and instead shares his own best moves.

    No knee high mushrooms grow on this island, instead the ones here stretch nearly a dozen feet above my head. The massive caps create a shaded path slick with the dripping red fluid that leaks from each bone white fungus.

    We pass several dozen loose piles of scorched black stone and I can almost imagine the homes once standing. The ash grass here is nearly all gone, with only a few patches of it undisturbed over the centuries. So this island either has more activity or more wind.

    Yennet the fisherman uses his dragon bone spear with a gleaming smokey tip as a walking stick and leads us to the pillar of fresh air maybe half a mile across. This one should be big enough we can actually set up base for a while.

    As soon as we cross the barrier of shimmering amber light, the overgrown garden fills my vision. Nearly concealed from view in the middle of the vegetation is a single rounded roof. The masonry is the standard fused black stone, but the glass of the curved skylight seems more like glittering ruby instead of simple blasted sand.

    What was once a cultivated grove of cherry, orange, birch, and maple trees, is in a ring around what had to have once been a stunning garden. The plants have grown wild and soaked up the ambient magic in the environment, with tomatoes nearly as big as my head on display.

    Keeping the garden from reaching the round building in the middle, is a moat of crystal clear water flowing enough to keep it from stagnating. Lily pads and bull rushes grow massive like the vegetables, nearly concealing dog sized goldfish from view.

    “Get in here, you’ll never guess what we found!” Stevron the butcher catches sight of our approach and laughs when we’re forced to climb over a watermelon as large as an ox.

    He’s not scared and seems to be able to contain his excitement, so that narrows it down quite a bit. “Gold or knowledge?”

    “You’re no fun.” A pout grows on the father of fives face and he really doesn’t seem like a man of fifty and three. “How did you guess so fast?” His chubbiness keeps a youthful cheer to his cheeks and he has more energy than most of the crew.

    “You don’t seem to believe me when I say each weapon we found is worth more than a castle, so gold and jewels is what I’ve heard you lot whining about for days.” The terror of the unknown is growing in all of us and I know a few answers would give everyone some confidence in surviving.

    He doesn’t even look chagrined at my words and just shrugs. “Barri thinks this was some Magistrate’s workshop.”

    “I told you not to call me that,” Chides Barristan as we’re led inside the single domed room. Inside I find the floor covered in little round nuggets of brown and here a soft squeaking sound.

    “Whoa…” I look up and see dozens of fox sized rabbits lining rows of shelves. Each shelf has nests of dried grass and leaves from the garden but it’s the little rack of deer antlers on each one that makes me snort. “Jackalopes, I thought them just a legend.” And one from my first life at that.

    Elyse isn’t happy when I name the beasts and whines so I know.”Aw. I wanted to call them Stabbits.”

    “Looks like whoever lived here was experimenting with crossbreeding species.” Explains Barristan before the arguing devolves into needless name calling. “The stairs go down into a workshop filled with bones and pots of different colored blood. A few bookshelves may have some answers but none of us can make out more than a few words.”

    “I’ll give them a look.” I can muddle my way through them over the next few weeks. It’s not like I have anything better to do. “Rest of you may as well start cutting down the birch trees, it’s going to take us a while to get a barge we can float. And hammer a nail into each of the maple trees, with a container under them to collect the sap.”

    Barristan sends some people out to do just that and stares at my head of sticky black hair with a growing smirk. “With the tan you’ve put on sailing over here, the new look actually works for you.”

    My hair has grown out to just below my ears after Arianne’s encouragement to do so and my reflection on the polished silver mirror is striking. Now jet black, my locks seem to absorb any light that strikes me.

    Itching even after trying to wash as much blood out in the sea as I could, my scalp is starting to grow red with an angry rash. I ignore the sensation for now and start directing people to set up camp.

    “Let’s see what the mad scientist in charge of this place thought was light reading.”

    “What’s a scientist?” Barristan frowns at the strange word and rolls it around in his mouth experimentally. “Some kind of sorcerer?”

    Growing used to deflecting my far looser tongue as the voyage has continued, I give my confused crew a fast answer that makes them all lose interest. “Valyrian version of Maesters.”

    A week later and we’ve nearly gotten the garden under control. Having fresh meat and eggs from the jackalopes has been a great motivator for everyone and the variety of fresh produce has even cut through my near total lack of taste.

    The layer of grit on my tongue isn’t a good sign and I’ve noticed all my patches of grey are spreading visibly each day. Bathing in mutant blood wasn’t good for my long term health after all.

    The first few tomes I looked through with incredible care for the age of the pages, had very little relevant information. One was filled with recipes that all require ingredients I can’t even recognize by name, while another only contained notes of blackmail on the neighboring Dragonlords.

    While learning of how the Targaryens always being the ‘hillbillies’ of the Valyrians was amusing, it doesn’t really do more than explain the Doctrine of Exceptionalism was only because of my ancestors perversion. ‘Pure’ blood only needs to be five generations removed from a dragon rider to retain the gift.

    With only nine Kingdoms in Westeros, my family could have intermarried with the ruling families of each Kingdom and still kept the magic needed to control our dragons. We didn’t even leave Valyria because of some dream… we got chased out for diddling or siblings.

    Interbreeding too much only causes mutations in the minute amounts of… dragon genes grafted to us. When the Empire of the Dawn fell, most settled in Yi Ti where they created the Storm Dragons. Or as I know them, the Quilin.

    Another group settled in Valyria and used the magic of the Fourteen Flames to imbue the eggs with a new element. Dragons of fire grew larger and far more powerful than the ones our Yi Ti cousins commanded, though also far more difficult to control.

    Some more settled on the Thousand Isles and created an ice variety but the flames of Valyria melted their cities and flooded the islands. The survivors fled West and eventually rumors of an aquatic variant reached Valyria.

    Our only Emperor was known as the Bloodstone, first to bond a dragon and defeat Yi Ti after decades of war. Binding the dragons blood to the forty families gave us control of everything west of the Bone Mountains.

    As interesting as learning the origin of my lands is, it doesn’t actually help me now. I nearly give up hope of learning anything more until the last tome gives me some answers I can actually use now.

    Hatching my egg should be far simpler than I had considered. A willing sacrifice of the bloodline that will bond with the dragon, a surge of magic the hatching can feed on, and a natural element to shape the dragon’s growth.

    With volcanoes so rare, it left nearly all the dragons of Westeros lacking a key element. No willing sacrifices stopped anymore eggs from hatching and the few that somehow managed… withered and died.

    Once the Shalescale starts spreading to my brain, I can use myself as the bloodline binder. My first and last command can be to kill the Emperor. Which means I can use the last of my time finding my crew a cure. They should still have a few years before it becomes irreversible.

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  24. Threadmarks: Chapter 52: Trouble At Home
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    Chapter 52: Trouble At Home
    Margaery Tyrell
    Watching Grandmother read the letters is concerning, especially when she sends Loras and my friend Sarella from the room. The solar she’s taken control of while we wait in the Arbor suddenly feels far too small for the both of us.

    Her frustration begins boiling over into actual anger, making me shift uncomfortably in my velvet armchair. “It seems we won’t be bringing you and Loras to King’s Landing anymore.”

    I blink in surprise when she crumples the letter and just tosses it over her shoulder instead of laying it with the other two on the desk. She steeples her fingers and scowls at me as her mind whirls to come up with a new plan for whatever is going wrong.

    “Aegon seems to have been inspired by his uncle Viserys. He gave the crown back to the Baratheons willingly.” Why would both of them just give up being King?

    I’ve always been told that was the ultimate goal of every family, but two of them now have just given it all away. Garlan and Willas have both claimed Viserys thinks the Iron Throne is cursed… maybe they know something we don’t.

    The Baratheons seem to have suffered horribly since ascending to royalty and my history lessons say the Targaryens rarely went more than a decade without some tragedy occurring.

    “Your Father’s lords have hung him out to dry, allowing Prince Renly to ride straight to Highgarden unimpeded.” Grandmother continues with a pinched look to her eyes and I feel my blood run cold in worry for everyone.

    “But Garlan and his forces will save them…” He’s the greatest knight in the land now that Ser Jaime has been defeated. “They must have arrived by now.”

    She dashes me hopes with a grim shake of her head. “Your brother has been led astray by the combined efforts of his new wife and Lord Tarly. His reinforcements have stopped at the Mander and show no intention of relieving the siege.”

    “They have enough food to last three years though,” I try to argue against the facts being thrown in my face.

    “But with men who are turning traitor by the day as the army between them and Renly’s.” One of her feet starts to tap the floor in frustration, a clear sign she’s close to yelling.

    With that hope dashed I try to convince myself Garlan is still going to save our family. “Garlan isn’t really going to leave our home to burn.”

    “He doesn’t seem to consider it his anymore, I’ve even been told not to return once the Imps fleet departs, seems to think he doesn’t need proper guidance now that he’s a man.” Grandmother snorts ungraciously at the idea. “But we both know your brother’s head is filled with dreams of battle and not these conniving plans.”

    “You and Loras will need to be the ones to guide him back to the garden, you can even bring Oberyn’s bastard with you… since it seems Sarella is our responsibility now.” Learning of her father’s death was shocking but the rage left Sarella once she learned the King will soon be dead.

    With my last argument I try a final time to change the reality of the world. “We need to send some of the fleet to Highgarden and save them ourselves.”

    “If we do, Lord Tyrion will be able to overpower our blockade.” She meets me tear stained gaze with a stern one of her own and reaches a hand up to wipe away my tears. “Don’t worry Margaery, we can just try again with this Prince Joffrey. You will be Queen one day, I promise you.”

    But what if I don’t want to be Queen anymore? As soon as we tried to put me with Aegon, it seems like the same curse has now spread to my own family.

    Garlan who was once the most loyal and dependable brother one could ask for, has now left our parents and Willas to die. Willas’ leg was injured during Grandmother’s first attempt years ago… will it be Loras or myself who is next to suffer some horrible fate?

    Tyrion Lannister
    “Who does he think he is?” I snarl to my drinking companion each night since my arrival here at Starfall. “He’s not King yet and he’s already decided to just steal the seat Viserys gave me!”

    Gerold Dayne waves for another round of Dornish Red, that arrives just as I finish my glass. “Technically with Rhaenys gone you can’t fulfill the terms lain out. You should be ecstatic he’s letting you have the Stepstones.”

    I can see the envy in his eyes and I decide it might be a good time to start making my own friends. Not like I can rely on Viserys to get people to ‘forget’ how tall I really am anymore.

    “It’s only so the Martells can’t have it and he can keep my father from being insulted.” But I know this is indeed a punishment being thrust on me. It was impossible to completely cover up my soldiers’ actions and Stannis was very displeased that I carried them out in his name.

    “Arthur’s plan to usurp Starfall and bring our forces against the Yronwoods would have succeeded if you had not been so brutal. You say seven islands surrendered without need of battle and you only had to devastate two for that to be achieved.” His reminder sours my mood and I take a long swig of my wine. “Sounds great but we still have to beat the Reach before that’s possible. And the Westerlands seem to be in a spot of trouble if I recall correctly.”

    “You do and the Hightowers better enjoy living so well, Father and I will be making sure they suffer for betraying our kindness.” I clench my hands so tightly my nails leaves bloody lines in my palms.

    With confusion in his hazy eyes, Gerold pus his own now empty glass down. “But you said they gave your family half the wealth they escaped with. How was that a kindness?”

    “That’s just semantics my friend.” Trying to pat him on the arm fails and I end up stroking the hairy arm of some passing by. “We could have just taken it all and left them as exiles.” I miss Gerold glaring the man away and wave for another drink in my own growing stupor.

    “You’re a free man now…” Thanks for reminding me my best prospect is now Lolys Stokeworth. “Have you given any thought to who you’ll marry now?”

    “Whoever will say yes and not piss my father off with the match.” That maid of Jaime’s he saved a few years back always stirred an excitement in me. Maybe Tysha is still working for Lynesse in the Rock and I can have some fun once I take my home back.

    A calculating smirk crosses his face. “With Lord Dayne dead and Lady Ashara acting as regent for little Gulian… why don’t you speak to her about Lady Allyria? Asharra knows you to be Viserys’ friend and you are now a war hero.”

    “I’m not giving up on saving Rhaenys from Ser Arthur’s clutches.” She must be so scared with only Quentyn with her.

    “I can’t wait to show the world it’s only his sword that gives my cousin his legend.” Gerold’s eyes flicker with venom as he slams a fist onto the table, shocking those nearby into silence. “Once Dawn is mine, the legend can pass to the worthy Dayne.”

    “Well if such a miracle could occur… why don’t you come and rule Grey Gallows for me?” He gets a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes and he eagerly accepts my offer. “I’ll need lords I can trust while I figure out what to do with such undeveloped rocks.”

    Jaime Lannister
    Each night the whispers remind me of my pact and drive me North. It was difficult to slip unseen past the forces gathering along the Mander river but eventually I managed to find a gap in patrols.

    The large group of Florent forces outside Highgarden are far easier to avoid as they only seem focused on threats coming from the East. It takes weeks of only daring to travel at night before I finally cross into the foothills of the Westerlands.

    Almost home. The thought fills me with enough energy to keep going even as I become aware of the troubles now facing my people.

    Houses who have thrown in with the Hightowers are flying banners over the lands stolen from the ones in my fleet and it forces me to avoid any settlements on my journey. The Crakehalls, Plumms, and Allgoods leave a rage inducing trail of captured keeps on my march home.

    Even Lannisport has been taken and it means I’ll have no help until I manage to get inside. Tysha will do anything for me after letting her work in the castle. Combined with the fact Father made me oversee the reconstruction of our sewers… I can do this.

    He’d never shown such rage at me when I told him I wouldn’t marry Lynesse but I think he’s regretting his own choice in the matter now. Though I’m going to be forever grateful I can never be locked out of my home.

    Lann the clever took the Rock from the Casterly’s and I’m now one of three people alive who knows how he did it. The only part I need to decide now, is if I bring in rats or a mountain lion.

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    Okay, so here me out. Birth a dragon of some element, maybe Blood(?), idk. Then get a bunch of its blood and splice/inject all of the Shalescale group with it in the hopes of changing them enough to beat back the disease/curse.

    dragonblood stemcell treatment :V
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    Westerland in ruins,but Jaime would save it.And told his father that Hightowers were no best idea.Tysha as waifu - even better idea.
    Tyrion would go for Rhaenys,and maybe get her.Not important now.
    Margery less and less impressed with her grandma.Good future waifu which do not want crown.
    Viserys would do something suicidal to save remnants of his crew,survivors would go Westeros taking about his sacrifice,if he gave them writing about Targeryns it made that family even less popular as potential rulers.
    And after he somehow survive,and go live leisure life,till Gerion found him.Hopefully,with monstergirl by his side.

    Are Others here kind of Valyrians,too? icedragons suggest that.

    P.S why dead wizrd do not take over this orchad using his minions ? there must be something more then jackalopes there.
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    I've already revealed the cure, just not given the phrase that will make it clear for readers yet.

    But I love the idea of dragon stemcells and that's totally part of how they made mutant animals now.

    He was still in love with Cersei, wasn't really anything about the Hightowers specifically. Tywin will not allow it, but I wanted it clear I didn't leave her to die. So she gets a bit part.

    Tyrion being worried about Rhaenys being scared, was to show he's not completly a lost cause yet.

    It was nice having MArgaery know a bit of the overall plans and be unhappy with Olenna/Rebels. She is basically every reader who had all the info and knows the rebels made dumb choices.

    Telling Westeros about being inbred, will only make it worse on my family. I'll keep that a secret.

    Ice dragons escaped into the Shivering Sea, when Valyria melted the thousand isle cities and drowned the Godking (Creating the Drowned god). Surviving nobility created Sea dragons and went West to Iron Isles. Which is why those still living in the Thousand isles look so fishy and fear water.

    His servants can't enter the pillars of light for some reason and he got really weak killing only a single person, ending his call.
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  28. Threadmarks: Chapter 53: Death Row Determination
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    Chapter 53: Death Row Determination
    Viserys Ashtar

    “This thing is never going to make it across.” Grunts Arnold Goodear as the eight of us roll the flat bottom boat along logs down to the beach. “I’m not even sure it’s going to float.”

    “We’ve dried out the wood and sealed it all with sap,” I remind him needlessly as we finally reach the high tide line. “If this doesn’t work, nothing will.”

    Which means we’ll be spending the rest of our lives here, so I’m going by myself if need be. I’m making sure I can send you all home… even if it has to be without me.

    I refuse to let Marya die here and leave Davos to fumble through life on his own. Yenneck will be able to see his girls get married and Elyse can finally say something to Dale. Barristan is going to tell Duncan which Stark he comes from once he gets home to Ashara and the kids.

    Arnold will finally have the coin to go to the Citadel and Simon Rogers will be able to rub his very earned knighthood in his brothers’ faces. Even Spitlick Saltspray – as he’s decided his new house will be called – is going to be able to make life a lot easier on his sister’s family.

    “If anyone found a cure for this nightmare it was the Valyrians.” They faced the worst of it right after conquering the Rhoynar but that first outbreak seems to have been the only major one suffered. “So I’m going to search for it until I start speaking gibberish. You all know what to do when it gets to that point.” Someone found a cure and we just need to pray it’s in one of the safe zones.

    “And none of us like the idea of burning you alive.” Growls Elyse as she makes sure her gear is secured firmly. “Not even if you say it will hatch a dragon. I really don’t think becoming a blood crew and shaking bloody palms will be enough for any of us to bond it.”

    I don’t have any better ideas and this way I can at least keep protecting them in spirit. “Well I’d rather die than lose my mind permanently. My family has kind of a bad history with madness and I really don’t want to find out what horrors I’ll inflict on you.” My Shalescale is spreading so fast, I probably wont even last the rest of the month.

    “Tides coming in.” Barristan brings my attention the rising water that’s already under half of the twelve foot boat. “Time to find out how many people this thing can carry.”

    He makes sure to be the first one to step on board and cautiously take a seat. Being forced to sit out Marya’s rescue has been bothering him for weeks now and he’s not going to let it happen again today.

    “Alright, let’s try two more of you now.” Arnold and I climb in next and feel the barge sink a few inches. “We’re going to need to keep the crew light, Elyse and Kennet next.” He signals for the only two people lighter than myself, since even Marya outweighs me with her armor on.

    We end up only being able to bring three more men before it gets to close for comfort and I make Yenneck get off. “Looks like we’ll be able to bring about four hundred pounds back with us.” As long as I manage to keep you all alive this time.

    “That doesn’t sound like very much.” Herbert Gower grumbles from the relative safety of the shore. “You sure this is worth the risk?”

    “Only way we can leave the Doom is with a cure. Does playing it safe really matter anymore?” I’m running out of time to be useful to any of you.

    My fingers are already to stiff to play my flute anymore, I’m starting to feel it spread to my knees, and I’m getting worried I won’t even be able to turn my neck soon. Doesn’t seem like this ‘dragon’ is going to be waking from the stone.

    “Taking chances is one thing… but that doesn’t mean you just throw yourself headfirst into each possible danger.” Yenneck agrees with the middle aged Gower knight standing beside him. “You just said madness was a bad sign and we’re watching you for any suicidal tendencies.” Aw… you guys.

    “Marya says your acting weirder than usual.” Not bothered in the slightest at being outed, Elyse makes sure I’m not going to be angry with anyone on the beach over this. “We know know she’s the only one you still listen to so can you maybe try this time, for her? Marya’s one of the only people who could accurately judge my behavior… so maybe I am being a little reckless.

    “Good luck and hopefully we see you tomorrow.” Yenneck is the one to say good bye as the tide finally gets high enough for us to leave.

    The section of the Smoking Sea we’re trying to cross is only a few hundred feet but we know very well what kind of dangers await us. The pillar of clear air is far smaller than our current shelter but so is the island it’s on. Hopefully that means we don’t have to deal with nearly as many of the mutants.

    The seven of us row with our make shift oars in tense silence, with everyone’s eyes watching the water for any sign of motion. I see a few black shapes slither deeper into the water when we disturb the steam cover but whatever they are don’t seem hostile right now.

    “Is that a ship?” A large shadow reveals itself as we approach and it is indeed a galleon. It’s an older style for sure and only the tattered remnants of red sails still hang from the mast.

    Barristan seems to agree with me and notices something I failed to. “It’s a Westerosi design and that really narrows down the candidates. Only a few fleets had both the time and courage to enter this place.”

    “Tommen Lannister’s ship?” He nods at my question as we reach the same rocky shore it’s been beached on. “Doesn’t look like it would be to hard to fix once low tide drains the hull.” A gouge has torn through three boards leaving the lower deck flooded with sea water.

    “May as well check for anything useful before we go inland.” Arnold is starting to get worried about approaching the smoke belching into the air.

    It’s near this islands safe zone and on the other side of what looks to be a very narrow canyon in the jagged cliffs. Maybe wide enough for three men to walk abreast of each other if they have narrow shoulders.

    “Since I’m apparently taking all the risks, I’ll keep lookout this time.” I smirk at the other six and motion to the ship with my chin. “You can decide which three of you check it out.”

    It’s amusing when Barristan insists on going and Elyse yanks on Arnold’s ear when he tries to take her spot. In the end they find nothing more than an empty boat and we hustle towards the cliffs to make up for the wasted twenty minutes.

    When we enter the canyon it begins to wind back and forth through the jagged cliffs that must be nearly a hundred feet tall. A feeling of paranoia rises in me and I know we’re being watched.

    “Something’s spotted us.” The hissing chirps are nearly drowned out under the growing sound of stones clattering against each other.

    Is it a landslide? My gaze darts across the ledges above us but I don’t see any thing but rocks. And none of them are falling right now.

    “What the in the Seven Hells is that thing!” Roars a horrified Kennet as he barely rolls out of the way before he’s turned into paste.

    What looked at first to just be a section of jagged stones that had fallen strangely clustered in a nine or so foot line, rears up and lunges forward. The centipede’s carapace looks like obsidian pieces overlapping like scales once it starts to move and the gnashing mandibles look like they can shear through rocks.

    Elyse gets her shield up in time to avoid being torn in half but is sent rolling across the ground with an audible snap from her arm. Barristan moves before my rage can even inspire me to act.

    While the creature is distracted he races up it’s back and leaves rends right through the stony carapace.. Barristan’s swings leaves an orange ichor leaking from each wound and the beast screeching in pain.

    “We need to get out of this canyon or the rest are going to devour us!” In the brief time the fight has taken, four more of the centipedes have gotten close enough to lunge. So not fair that they can climb on the walls, they can just get above us and fall.

    I grab Elyse as I dash past and drag her with me as we flee, her shield being grabbed by Arnold only a few paces behind me. The pillar of clean air is getting closer with each step and I try ignoring the clattering catching up to us.

    Kennet’s screams chill me to the bone but I can’t go back until I know Elyse is going to be okay. I can’t save everyone and need to commit to my decisions or everyone will die.

    A shadow passes over us and blankets the canyon in darkness for several seconds. The creatures roar booms over the island and instantly the clattering stops. We don’t have that luxury and emerge into an open valley with our target less than half a mile away.

    “Don’t even think of slowing down!” Snarls Elyse right when my lungs begin to burn and we throw ourselves towards the golden barrier. The shadow roars and a stream of violet fire splits around our shelter.

    “That’s a big fucking dragon.” I pant from my back as I finally see the dragon and it’s approaching the size Balerion’s skull suggests that monster was.​
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    With how fantasy this story is going why do I suspect that the cure for Grayscale is like special magic dragonfire.
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    Viserys would be saved by bathing in holy promethium,i mean dragonfire.I like it.Others in more conventional ways,but must leave thinking that he die.
    All he need is dragongirl/lizardgirl/salamander to save him.Then small voyage on his own dragon to Golgossos,and Paradise islands then.When he meet Gerion.

    Westerland galleon - they should find their King with Brightroar,and take it to Westeros.Gerion would not need to die.
    From that moment - how many sailors would ask them for way to safely voyage to Valyria? they would be not safe.Or they dump all on dead/in their opinion/ Visersy as genius who knew ways but died heroically - so,when Viserys come back,he must hide from dudes trying to capture him for info how safely robb Valyria.

    Only safe way - after taking good bya to friends,sail West.Nobody come back from that,right?
    Except Viserys with harem of monstergirls,that is it.Poor dude.When he would hide next ?
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