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[RPG] Super Robot Wars Aurora: Jamais Vu Zero Chapter Sign Up and Rules Thread

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by The Ero-Sennin, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. The Ero-Sennin

    The Ero-Sennin Professional Shitposter

    Oct 2, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The year is 1995, despite incredible advances in technology allowing humanity to even reach into and begin the colonization of space, the hearts and souls of people still remain tightly grounded on the Earth. Two of the most powerful countries on the planet are locked tightly in a Cold War, staring one another down across the ocean, ideological tempers held back by the barest of threads.

    Recession has ground entire economies to a halt, leading to rises in nationalism, and in turn skirmishes at borders and disputes over resources and technologies that were once thought to save the world, inviting belligerence and tensions.

    Terrorism and violence is also rampant. With mercenaries for hire taking any job regardless the consequence. Madmen with contempt of humanity cast panic and terror, from the depths of the sea to unrivaled positions of power. The oppressed, on land and above, bend and twist under these pressures, as emotions ferment and boil.

    In this anything but peaceful world, a single spark is all that is necessary to create a conflagration unlike any ever seen before–a war that will engulf the world.

    Aurora: Jamais Vu Zero Chapter

    Rules from the Game Master

    1. You can have one character. Your Player Characters can either be an Established Character, or an Original Character. An Established Character (EC from henceforth) is a character that already exists; a character from one of the series' used within Aurora's plot. For Original Characters (OCs hence forth), the sky is the limit. Have fun with it. You're free to choose to play from any series used in AJV with an OC. Also allowed are transplanting characters from other RPs to go nuts with.

    And below is the character template.

    Theme Song(s):
    Brief History:
    Physical Description:

    2. On NPCs. All NPCs are under the express control of the GM, therefore no NPC signups are allowed. If you have an idea to pitch a vital NPC or villain at the GM, do so knowing that the GM will ultimately be controlling this character. What you CAN have, however, are support characters. Say that you are playing as Kouji Kabuto in Mazinger/Kaiser. You can also have Sayaka and Boss as support characters (as was their role). You CANNOT have Tetsuya and Great Mazinger as a support, though.

    3. As with Aurora, original mecha creation is limited depending on what sort of series you decide to choose. If, for example, you choose a Gundam Wing machine, your mecha creation can pool from Gundam Wing. You are allowed to make original mecha based on the series you base your character in, but EVERY aspect is subject to my approval. As opposed to previous RPGs, crossover of technology is allowed, but it is also subject to my approval.

    Mecha Data:

    Model Number:
    Code Name:
    Unit Type:
    Equipment & Design Features:

    For Reals
    Standard Combat Equipment:

    For Supers

    4. The Game will be running on a very simplified d20 system. The only stats that you the player should be concerned about are Armor Class and Initiative. Everything else will be free-form role playing at your discretion. As a quick guide, this is what you will be rolling for your machines.

    Armor Class

    Ships: 2d8+10
    Super Robot: 2d6+10
    Real Robot/Planes: 2d4+10


    Real Robot/Planes: +7
    Super Robots: +5
    Ships: +3

    There are additional stats, but for the sake of efficiency, these stats are invisible and as GM I will be the one keeping track of the invisible stats. For PvP situations, the GM will act as a referee of sorts to determine when and how a fight does end. The combat will be much like the SRW games, where Ally and Enemy sides take turns with an attacking and defending phase (talking is a free action during these phases).

    5. This is the list of series to be featured in this RPG, if you have comments or suggestions, pass them to me the GM.

    -Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
    -New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
    -Full Metal Panic!
    -Mazinkaiser OVA/Mazinkaiser vs. Ankoku Daishougun
    -Hades Project Zeorymer
    -Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Pre-Series)
    -Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (Pre-Series)

    6. Expect more rules to change/come as this develops.

    Setting Information

    General Information: The setting of Aurora Jamais Vu does not take place on Earth as we know it, but on the alternate reality Earth known as Strangereal.


    Strangereal, as can be seen, is a different world than ours but technology, culture, and history are recognizably similar. Geopolitically, in the world of Aurora Jamais Vu the scene is dominated by the Cold War between the two largest and most powerful nations, Osea and Yuktobania. The next biggest power in the world is Holy Britannia, which currently resides in what canonically is the Democratic Federation of Wellow. It has a total of eight colonies known as Areas, comprising of the nations of Cayenne (Area 2), Brasalium (Area 3), Carranza (Area 4), Valverde (Area 5), Leasath (Area 6), Aurelia (Area 7), and the former Sanc Kingdom (Area 8). Following Britannia in the global power chain is The Empire of Verusa (China), Europa (Mideast Analogue), and Usea.

    Space is under development in this setting, The Republic of Levant and and the island nation of Adama lead the world in colony construction, having developed dozens of space colonies in the last fifty years thanks to the miracle mineral Sakuradite. These colonies include the PLANT hourglass types that provide food for the colonies commissioned by the Britannia, Belka, Yuktobania, Verusa, and Osea. The colonies, as of late, have begun to desire self-governence, while the PLANT colonies have begun organizing a civilian militia equipped with state of the art technology.

    Adama is the world's leading supplier of Sakuradite, and has avoided the brunt of economic hardship that has left world tensions high. It is also considered a nexus of advancing science and technology, a nation of warriors turned scholars–though the honorable traditions of their forefathers are proudly kept.

    Technology is dominated by the proliferation of Black Technology developed by super intelligent youths known as Whispered, and Sakuradite-based high tech. While more mundane examples of technology such as smartphones and quantum computers have become commonplace, esoteric tech including optical camouflage and AI remains under military development.

    Throughout the world, military technology is evolving rapidly. While the majority of the world still utilizes conventional forces, Black Technology has created the Arm Slave, a humanoid combat unit. Yuktobania and Osea lead the world in Arm Slave technology, though Verusa and Usea are close behind. Britannia has little interest in Black Technology, but is well ahead in development of its own humanoid units, the Knightmare Frame. In space however, the “Mobile Suit” has become popular, with PLANT leading the technology race as they distance themselves further from their Earthbound sponsors.

    The military industrial juggernaut in the world, however, is Belka. With unprecedented military and industrial buildup, Belka’s increasingly belligerent nationalist and revanchist rhetoric is cause for concern among its neighbors, including Osea, and even Britannia. The Belkans are fiercely self-determined and proud, rivaling Britannia in many respects, and the world will soon know it, if they don’t already.

    Faction List

    The Osea Federation is the biggest dog on the block and the Strangereal version of the Cold War Era United States. A liberal democratic republic with a large military, it is currently locked in cold war with the communist Union of Yuktobanian Republics, which lies across the Ceres Ocean to the west. Osea has close ties with most of the nations situated on the Osean continent, with the exception of The Principality of Belka, which accuses Osea of fraud and causing severe economic upheaval that resulted in a great loss of territory.

    The Cold War with Yuktobania has led to Osea possessing one of the largest and most advanced militaries on the planet. With a large army, navy, and air force, it’s also one of the world authorities on aerospace and robotics development. In addition to cutting edge fighters such as the F-14D, F-15, F/A-18, and stealth aircraft such as the B-2 bomber, Osea is in the midst of trialling the XM9 Gernsback Arm Slave–purportedly the most advanced combat mecha on the planet.

    Yuktobania: The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, or simply Yuktobania, is a Socialist military state currently embroiled in Cold War with Osea. Yuktobania’s closest ally, Estovakia to the north, relies heavily upon Yuktobanian military and financial aid, while Yuktobania itself has close ties to the Oil-Producing states that like west of it. Despite mutual enmity with Osea, Yuktobania and Belka are ideological enemies, due in large part to a war nearly 50 years ago. It also cares little for Britannia and its Emperor, who frequently accuses Yuktobania of attempting to undermine its control of overseas territory.

    Possessing one of the most well trained and organized militaries on the planet, it holds the edge in ICBM technology and shipbuilding in the world. Its mainstays include the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighter, as well as the F-16C and Tornado attack planes. It is close behind Osea in the field of mechanics, fielding the Rk.92 Savage and the much larger and more heavily armed and armored MSJ-04 Fanton “Mobile Suit”. Its greatest strength, however, is in its large population of Black Technology-developing Whispered.

    Holy Britannia: The Holy Empire of Britannia (replacing Wellow on the map) appears to be a harmless relic of the past on the surface–but is well and truly a modern country with economic power, technology, and a military rivalling Osea and Yuktobania. Led by the Emperor Charles zi Britannia, who commands absolute rule over the country, Britannia is a nation of Social Darwinists that exists under the maxim of “might makes right”. Britannia has been Belka’s oldest enemy since the early years of both nations, and as such is frequently finding itself on the good side of Osea in conflicts with the former nation, due to the barrier between them that Belka represents. It regards nearly every other nation as weaker than itself, even the superpowers Osea and Yuktobania, for their naïve ideals such as equality and democracy.

    As a highly self-determined nation, Britannia’s military is unlike any other, still employing medieval nobility ranks in its military. However it’s technology is anything but dated–making extensive use of Sakuradite Ore to produce weapons and equipment unlike any the world has seen. With an official refusal to adopt Black Technology full scale, Britannia lacks combat mecha as of January 1, 1995. Though in truth, they have been evaluating heavily modified XM9 Gernsback Arm Slave within its most elite unit, the Knights of the Round, as part of its own in-house mecha development–the Knightmare Frame. Its revolutionary passive-stealth aircraft designs, such as the F-117 Knighthawk and F-22 Raptor have been stolen and copied throughout the world as a cheaper alternative to the limited Electronic Concealment System (or ECS). The only area that Britannia seems to lag behind the rest of the world, is its naval capabilities. It employs no aircraft carriers, preferring guided missile cruisers and arsenal ships.

    Belka: A country scorned, within the last decade The Belkan Federation has undergone sociopolitical and economic upheaval due to recession and bad business dealings with neighbor Osea. A nation now half its size following the Federal Law Review of 1988, Belka has been all but helpless to watch former territory break away including the newly independent Ustio, Gebet, and Recta. Most Belkans are fierce, prideful nationalists and self-determined, much like Britannians, and the bitterness of the past decade is like a poison in their words and hearts.

    In spite of its losses, Belka is still a military juggernaut on the Osean Continent, with quality of forces able to make Parity with both Osea and Britannia. Its legendary air force, with many pilots trained and descended from nobility, are a source of romantic stories the world over. Belka operates many different kinds of aircraft, but especially the Rafale Multirole fighter, the JAS-39 Gripen, the Europan-built Eurofighter Typhoon, and the MiG-31 Foxhound. It also has a substantial in-house aircraft and weapons development program. In terms of robotics, Belka is rumored to be evaluating different combat mecha units, including the Zy-98 Shadow, the XM9 Gernsback, the ZGMF-1017 GINN, and a weapon system known as the Multipurpose Agile Tank.

    Eastern Osea: Consisting of the countries Sapin, Wielvarkia, Ratio, Fato, and Britannian Area 8 (formerly the Sanc Kingdom) most are separated from Osea by Belka and its recently separated territories. They represent a third world, leaning more upon Usea to the east than their superpower brother to the west, in order to avoid influence from Britannia to the north. The fall of the Sanc Kingdom 15 years ago at the hands of Britannia and the Far Western Nations is a source of enmity for these nations–to Osea as well, for their refusal to intervene on the destruction of a sovereign, pacifistic nation.

    OPEC/OCC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries/Organization of Colony Constructors: Comprised of largely Islamic nations west of Yuktobania, Europa, Sotoa, Levant, Karabastan, Rahseedi Tamudia, and Azadistan (replacing Central and South Sotoa on the map) represent the leading Oil Producing nations in the world. Europa, Sotoa, and Levant, along with the nation of ORB (replacing Indus/Vedia on the map) were also the leading colony constructors. For 50 years they have been building space colonies in the various lagrange points above the Earth, including the PLANT Cluster, which is responsible for most of the food grown for the growing space colonist population.

    15 years ago, the non-PLANT colonies began a movement for independence that the OCC nations quickly crushed through a military alliance known as the Organization of the Zodiac. This led to the dissolution of the independence supporting Sanc Kingdom and the rise of the Attha family in ORB, which withdrew from the OCC and became a neutral power alongside Usea. The PLANT colonies, using their leverage as food producers, claimed independence and created the ZAFT militia in order to protect itself from aggression. In response, the Organization of the Zodiac still commands a heavy presence in the non-independent colonies, making extensive use of mass produced mobile suits derived from the OZ-00MS Tallgeese prototype, particularly the OZ-06MS Leo. On Earth, the Leo is joined by the OZ-07AMS Aries and OZ-07MS Tragos artillery Mobile Suit.

    PLANT/ZAFT: PLANT, named for the Hourglass type colony that its inhabitants live in, is a cluster of colonies that identify as an independent nation at Lagrange Point 5. Its population is made up of Coordinators, genetically engineered humans who, over the past fifty years, have fled various persecutions on Earth. Unlike the colonies under the control of the OCC, PLANT was able to leverage its political power as a food producer (and its population of near superhumans) in order to gain a recognized independence from both Osea and Yuktobania in spite of the protests of the OCC and Britannia. With this, they formed ZAFT, a civilian militia meant to repulse belligerence from the Earth below.

    Despite recognition from both Osea and Yuktobania, a large number of unmodified humans (Naturals) in both countries despise Coordinators, and numerous terrorist attacks have been carried out against PLANT. Full on war is unlikely however, due to ZAFT’s extremely powerful and dangerous ZGMF-1017 GINN Mobile Suit and the highly advanced Nazca-class space cruiser.

    ORB: An island nation (replacing Indus/Vedia) located between the OPEC/OCC Nations and Usea, ORB was formerly a member of the OCC until the crushed colony resistance movement in the late 1970s/early 1980s saw the fall of the then ruling Sahaku family and the rise of the pacifistic Attha clan. In protest of the brutality of the Organization of the Zodiac, ORB withdrew from the OCC and entered the growing third world movement fostered by Usea.

    In effect a neutral country within Usea’s sphere of influence, ORB is most influential for its Mass Drivers and space transport companies. It is also considered a safe haven for many mercenary groups who wish not to operate out of any of the main powers. The largest of these companies, Rebel Yell LLC is an in-house developer of a new series of combat unit based off data collected from Arm Slaves and First Generation Mobile Suits–The Multipurpose Agile Tank.

    Adama: The State of Adama, located south of the Osean Federation, is another third world power. It sits upon the world’s largest reserves of Sakuradite Ore on the planet. As a result, it is an economic powerhouse, able to sway markets and allegiances without firing a shot. It is also the only country that Britannia bends at the knee to in order to maintain its Sakuradite revolution. Despite its economic supremacy, Adama is a nation with a rich warrior heritage, and a history of wars against even Osea in days long past–including an allegiance with Belka that saw Osea’s crushing defeat in a war 80 years ago.

    Adama’s defense forces are unexpectedly conventional for its economic power, making use of licensed versions of Osean weapons for the most part, but also employing mercenaries from ORB to make up for its numerically small defense forces. Its real protection is the military strength of Osea serving as a deterrent from potential aggressors… that and the world’s first and only Super Robot: Mazinger Z.

    The Factions Continued

    Photonic Power Laboratory:
    The leading authority on the research of Sakuradite and similar rare metals. They stand as the core of Adama’s successes throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Founded by Professor Juzo Kabuto over six decades ago when he kicked off the Sakuradite Revolution, the Photonic Power Laboratory has seen itself evolve from a peaceful rare earth producer, to a clean energy advocate, to Adama and the world’s last line of defense against true evil.

    Not a decade after the start of the Sakuradite Revolution, Professor Kabuto accompanied an international party of scientists to the country of Estovakia, where a Belkan scientist unearthed large mechanical monsters created by a long dead civilization. The Belkan Scientist, calling himself Dr. Hell, unleashed an onslaught that wiped out the party except for Professor. Kabuto. Recognizing the threat to humanity, and that Dr. Hell would need Sakuradite to achieve his goals, Professor Kabuto fled to Adama and began work on what would become Adama’s greatest heroic figure–Mazinger Z.

    Mithril: A highly secretive and elusive Private Security Company that specializes mostly in counter-terrorism and personal protection. Equipped with bleeding edge technology ahead of Osea, they are an organization dedicated to bringing about peace and defusing volatile situations. In recent days, they have become heavily involved in the acquisition and protection of the special class of people known as “Whispered”. They are opposed primarily by the Private Military Company Amalgam.

    Mithril, despite its secrecy, openly takes in personnel from other countries. Osean, Yuktobanian, even Belkan, Britannian, and ZAFT. The mission of the organization takes precedent over such things as political boundaries and ideologies, and this camaraderie is strong within its ranks. In terms of military equipment, Mithril’s small forces are technologically advanced, employing the M9E Gernsback Arm Slave, F-35B Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier II fighters, several attack, recon, and transport helicopter types, and–most importantly, the TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan, a Black Technology Enhanced Amphibious Assault Submarine with Ballistic Missile capability.

    Amalgam: The dark reflection of Mithril, a PMC with deep pockets and deeper ambitions, they are considered a destabilizing force in the world due to their penchant of inflaming and supporting regional conflicts and criminal enterprises in order to test new weapons systems under the table for their manufacturers. Much like Mithril, they have a strong interest in acquisition of the Whispered, but intend to exploit and profit off the information they possess.

    Like Mithril, they take on all sorts. They do not discriminate so long as they are useful to the organization. Recently, however, they’ve gotten a strong influx of Yuktobanian support once leaks became apparent that Osean equipment was being heavily fielded by Mithril. As such, the conflict between Mithril and Amalgam has become another proxy war between the two superpowers. To match the top of the line M9E, Amalgam employs Yuktobanian built the Zy-98 Shadow–with projects based on its frame advancing steadily.

    Verusa: Verusa is a “closed country” located south of Yuktobania. Sealed off from the rest of the world by an absolute imperial monarchy known as the Hau Dragon Dynasty, they have been locked away from the world since a war in the 1940s with Holy Britannia. Little is known of the geopolitical scene inside of Verusa, but since the Colony Independence Movement and the deepening of the Cold War between Osea and Yuktobania, precious glimpses of the world past its sealed borders have provided stark and disturbing imagery.

    While boasting quite possibly the largest population in the world, the majority live in poverty while the imperial court live in such lavish wealth and luxury that it seems like an entirely different world. Despite this disparity, the billions living within Verusa are well tended to, to the point that upward social mobility is nonexistent outside of the military. Verusa’s military, though its full extent is ill understood, is powerful enough to hold its own against its neighbor Yuktobania–and rumors abound that its capabilities are only growing.

    Last Guardian: An Adamanian Black Organization, connected to Amalgam and Adama’s Photonic Power Laboratory. Very little is known of Last Guardian, other than the rumors that they have acquired technology developed by the secretive Hau Dragon Dynasty of Verusa–technology that has since been buried deep underground out of fear of its power. This buried tech is simply known in intelligence circles as “Zeorymer of the Heavens”.

    Mikene Empire: A powerful entity that lurks in the seas of the Ceres and Pacific Oceans, targeting mainly Adama but lashing out at whatever nation it feels stands in the way of its goals, this terroristic organization is led by the mad Dr. Hell–a megalomaniacal genius dead set upon ruling the world. To that end, he employs elite shock troops, powerful weapons, and unheard of Mechanical Beasts to achieve his goals. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for the world… he is directly and successfully opposed by the Photonic Labs and their “Super Robot”, Mazinger Z.

    Unfortunately, despite Mazinger’s successes… Dr. Hell’s genius makes him difficult to track and defeat once and for all. It is believed that his evasion is assisted.

    Rebel Yell LLC: A Private Military Company based out of ORB. Much like Mithril and Amalgam, they are an open organization with an in-house research and development wing for the construction of weapons. Seen as a more accessible alternative to Mithril and Amalgam, they handle low-intensity conflicts and threats with a surprisingly large (if dated) set of equipment. They do jobs at a higher rate than most other organizations, but afford complete confidentiality to their clients, with no records of communication kept and all transactions done in cash.

    Rebel Yell LLC tends to not discriminate towards its members except for one case: They do not, under any circumstance, take in Britannians as members–even those who’ve sworn against the Empire. This is due to the fact that a large proportion of Rebel Yell’s staff are Numbers–people from the conquered Areas of the Holy Britannian Empire. Their current most up to date Equipment are the F-15C Eagle, the E-2D Hawkeye, the F-14B Bombcat, the Sk-92 Savage, and an in-house machine known as the Bogart MAT, the Multipurpose Agile Tank.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please share them with me.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
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  2. Magecrafter

    Magecrafter Not too sore, are you?

    Jun 24, 2016
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    How'd you make the map?
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  3. Bailey Matutine

    Bailey Matutine (Verified Pooka)

    Jan 10, 2015
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    I know next to nothing about the series involved, but I'm interested in playing. Would some kind of guided character creation session be possible?
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  4. Seru

    Seru Lodissian Cross

    Jun 15, 2015
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    What is the level of tech development for ZAFT Mobile suits? Do Co-Ordinators and/or Newtypes exist?
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  5. The Ero-Sennin

    The Ero-Sennin Professional Shitposter

    Oct 2, 2014
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    Added a faction list.
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  6. The Ero-Sennin

    The Ero-Sennin Professional Shitposter

    Oct 2, 2014
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    Updated the faction list.
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  7. Spectral Waltz

    Spectral Waltz Warrior of Lewd

    May 1, 2017
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    Room left in this one? I don't know much about the particulars of the series on offer but I do like some Mecha action, so I'd really like to be a part of this if possible.

    EDIT: Would you be alright with allowing mecha from the 'Armored Core' series? That's what I'm most familiar with...
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