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The Epic of Kriemhild Gretchen [DEAD]

Discussion in 'Play-by-Post' started by Reinhard Von Lohengramm, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I do not sponsor nor do I condone the characters, events, ideologies or actions in any of my fictional material.

    This is a thread were we try to pool our efforts together to create a online play-by-post system for grand strategy space opera. Please indicate at the top of your post what your suggestion concerns in bolded text.

    "The Epic of Kriemhild Gretchen" is the name of the story I am making this for, so I'll treat TEoKG as the the acronym I'll use to also call the system.

    To start off, these are the goals of the TEoKG project:
    • To build a consistent and deep, well-ordered system used to play Space Opera Strategy Playing, consistent and hard as Victoria II.
    • To create a system that can tell the story of individuals who have "greatness thrust upon them", as in CKII, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Infinite Space
    • To create a system that allows the storytelling of infinite possibilities, as in EUIV.
    • Ultimately, to create a system that allows game masters of grand space opera campaigns to run epic, awe-inspiring, glorious campaigns, that fits a play-by-post format but can also tell small, humble, beautiful stories.

    There will be disagreements in this endeavor. However, I am optimistic that despite, or rather because of them, we will all get a lot better at building systems.

    Indeed, this is the theme of this thread. We are on an epic mission to create an epic system and only our own fears can stop us.

    Currently, these are the mechanics I am thinking of translating:

    • "POPs" a system of simulating population from Victoria 2. This will be the hardest to translate, but I think also the most rewarding.
    • "Consciousness and militancy", also from Vic 2, which represent the growing political awareness and frustrations of POPs, respectively. I think the translation for that would be "Reform Desire and Revolution Desire"
    • Casus Belli, justifications for war, which I have made a start on.
    • Colonisation and imperialism, which I know from Vic 2, including Colonial Power and Sphere of Influence. Vassalage from CKII is also something to be considered.
    • Holy Wars from CKII, translated into Ideological Wars, that allow free upkeep for certain units.
    • Neo-Industrial Revolution, where species and the way they live are dramatically changed by emerging technologies.
    • "Galactic Heroes", basically great individuals who are the exemplar of an era's flaws and strengths. I will be drawing from CKII.
    • For smaller campaigns, spaceships can be customised.
    • And finally, d10. A roll of a ten sided dice will represent random factors.
    I have started with Casus Belli. Please feel free to design more.

    Casus Belli
    • Casus Belli are necessary to justify wars and limit infamy (infamy - a measure of a nation's threat value. When a certain threshold of infamy is reached, other nations will band together, with increasing infamy banding together strange bedfellows.)
    • Casus Belli can be added on after a war has been declared.
    • Conventionally, upon victory, the attacking power is bound by a 10 year truce.
    • There are also Cassus Bellis exclusive to certain factions.

    The default Casus Belli is Annexation. If a war is declared without any other Casus Belli, it is assumed it is this one. This means that in the event of a Victory, one nation obtains all the territories the nation it has declare war against. In the case of a White Peace, the attacking nation loses Prestige and causes a lost in Ideological Power for the ideology they correspond to. In the event of a Surrender of the Attacking side, the Attacking nation must pay Reparations and loses far more ideological power.

    Using the Annexation Casus Belli also gives the defender the right to use the Counter Casus Belli of Debellatio.

    Using the Annexation casus Belli always increases a nation's Infamy value.


    Granted by a nation attacking with the Annexation Casus Belli, Debellatio is a Counter Casus Belli that extends the war for the defender (now known as the Counter-Attacker after using this cassus belli) beyond suing for reparations.

    In the event of a Victory, the nation using Debellatio installs a puppet government and receives extremely heavy reparations from the losing power. Furthermore, the nation using Debellatio also gains huge amounts of Ideological Power. In the case of two Debellatios against the same enemy, this may cause a nation to be partitioned. In the case of a White Peace, the counter-attacker loses Prestige. In the case of a Surrender, the attacking nation, the aggressor of the original conflict who used Annexation, succeeds as per Annexation.


    There are other, more limited Casus Bellis.

    Annex Core
    Distinct from the Annexation Casus Belli, if a nation "has a core" on a different nation's territory, it may declare a far more limited war for it. A core is a territory is considered an integral part of a nation's territory, disregarding actual control.

    On Victory, the attacking nation gains the Core territory and Prestige.
    On White peace, the attacking nation loses Prestige and Ideological Power.
    On Surrender, the attacking nation loses Prestige and Ideological Power and must pay reparations.

    Salvation (Major and Minor)
    A Casus Belli only available to Factions associated with Kriemhild Gretchen, using the Salvation cassus belli serves to expand the empire associated with Kriemhild Gretchen.

    This Casus Belli can only be used against Nations not worshipping Kriemhild Gretchen. Using this Casus Belli requires spending Ideological Power. Using it also allows the defending power to call other nations of their same ideology into the war against the attacking power.

    On Victory, the attacking nation gains the territories for which the Casus Belli was declared. It it was Major, the whole nation is Annexed. Furthermore in cases both Minor and Major, the Destroy Incubatorians event is enabled in the captured region. Prestige is gained and there is a net increase in Ideological Power.
    On White Peace, Prestige and Ideological Power is lost.
    On Surrender, Prestige, Ideological Power is lost. The Salvation Casus Belli may not be used for another century for that particular goal for which it was declared.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
  2. Wootius

    Wootius I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 18, 2015
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    Posting so I remember to come back to this.

    Also, countertheme.
  3. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
    Likes Received:

    There will be two forms of combat, being Space Battles and Planetary Assaults.

    Space Battles are the focus of this game as they decide whether or not Planetary Assaults are stopped. Planetary Assaults are the means by which belligerens occupy territory within the game.

    Space Battles - Skirmish of the Sagittarius-Perseus Straits

    There are five stats at play in a space battle: Attack, Defence, Hull points, Mobility and Officer Skill.

    For a case study, we shall have the Skirmish of the Sagittarius-Perseus Straits.

    Two Cruisers. the GFS Freedom and PUGRS Equality, are fighting each other.

    They both have equal stats in Attack, Defence, HP, Mobility and Officer Skill 10/10/10/10/10

    However, only one or neither will be victorious.


    GFS Freedom and PUGRS Equality have sighted each other. Respectively, they are under the commands of Captain Eagle and Captain Bear, one a skilled veteran, the other a talented youngster, but ultimately of the same capabilities. They saw each other at exactly the same time so there is no element of surprise.

    Under orders from both of their high commands, they are to attack and destroy each other, despite the lack of decisive advantage.

    The main tactic all major ship-to-ship space battles is the Wall of Battle, a 3D version of the Line of Battle from the Golden Age of Sail. However, there are only two ships altogether, so such a tactic is irrelevant.

    With both sides of equal skill and equal power, both sides, OOC, roll for initiative.

    1. As per https://rolz.org/dr?room=The Epic of Kriemhild Gretchen, Captain Eagle almost had a heart attack from stress (3+1) and Captain Bear (9+1) had a wonderful cup of coffee and therefore has initiative.
    2. Captain Bear rolls for attack. He gets a 7. Bonus from a officer skill is determine by dividing skill by 10, so Bear gets a modifier of +1, thereby making it 8.
    3. Now, Captain Eagle rolls for mobility to dodge. Captain Eagle rolls a 9+1 officer modifier, getting a 10.
    4. The Equality fails to land a hit.
    5. In this particular combat, the Equality has the initiative, but it is now the Freedom's turn.
    6. The Freedom rolls for attack. Freedom rolls a critical, 10 + 1 from Eagle's skill.
    7. The Equality rolls for mobility. The Equality rolls a 6 + 1, which is under the roll for attack. The Equality is hit.
    8. Therefore, there is now a roll for defense. Equality rolls for defence, a 4 + 1. Its defence is 5.
    9. Damage is calculated by the ratio between attack and defence. In this case, it is 11:5. All rolls are rounded to the nearest unit, so we've got a ratio of 2.2, or a damage value of 2. However, since it was a critical hit, we increase it, after rounding down, to 3.
    10. The Equality has been hit for a damage value of 3. Its HP is now 7/10.
    11. The Equality counterattacks. It rolls a 2+1.
    12. The Freedom attempts to evade. It rolls a 7+1. The Freedom crew had nice coffee.
    13. The Freedom counterattacks. It rolls a 4+1.
    14. The Equality Evades! It rolls a 1, a critical failure for Evasion regardless of modifier.
    15. The Equality rolls a 6+1, equal to 7.
    16. The ratio is 5:7. This rounds to 1.
    17. The Equality is damaged for 1 point, its HP is now 6/10.
    18. The Equality counterattacks. It rolls 4+1.
    19. The Freedom Evades. It rolls 4+1.
    20. The Freedom manages to barely evade.
    21. The Freedom Counterattacks. It rolls another 10+1.
    22. The Equality Evades. It rolls a 2+1 and is hit.
    23. The Equality Defends. It rolls a crit 10+1. That cruiser armour is strong and barely manages to stave off the plasma attack.
    24. The Equality Counterattacks (now shortened to CA). It rolls a 4+1.
    25. The Freedom Evades. It rolls an 8+1.
    26. Freedom CAs. It rolls a an 8+1.
    27. Equality Evades(EVs). It rolls a 3+1
    28. Equality Defend (DFs). It rolls a 5+1.
    29. The damage ratio is 9:6, which rounds to 2.
    30. The Equality is Damaged for 2 points, its HP is now 4/10.
    31. Luckily, this is a region of space where it is easy navigate. Equality may choose to Withdraw. It is assume Equality Withdraws.
    32. Both ships roll for mobility. Equality rolls a 4+1. Freedom rolls a 3+1. Since Equality's Withdrawal Roll is larger than Freedom's Pursuit Roll, Equality withdraws successfully, managing a coherent retreat to Lux Starzone. The battle ends inconclusively.
    Principles of single ship-on-ship combat:
    • At the beginning of combat, both sides roll for initiative until one roll is higher than the other. If one side has a critical ten, it will always have the initiative. If both have crit 10, they must reroll.
    • The side with 1st initiative (henceforth referred to as side A) rolls for Attack.
    • The side with 2nd initiative (side B) rolls for evasion. A critical roll for evasion always succeeds regardless of final modified amount.
    • If Attack is higher than initiative, it hits, and side B rolls for defence. A critical roll for defense always succeeds regardless of final modified amount.
    • Damage value is calculated as a ratio between attack and defence.
    • Side B counterattacks.
    • Side A rolls for evasion. If it fails, Side A rolls for defence.
    • Side A counterattacks.
    • This repeats until both sides are sunk or one withdraws.
    • In the case of withdrawal, the Withdrawing side rolls for Withdrawal and the Pursuing side, should it wish to Pursue, rolls for Pursuit.
    • It Withdrawal Roll higher than Pursuit roll, Withdrawal is successful. If it is equal, both sides must roll again. It Withdrawal fails, the Pursuing team may attack once more. The formerly Withdrawing side may choose to counterattack or Withdraw again.
  4. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Planetary Assaults

    Planetary Assaults are much more intense. There is no withdrawal at all. All Planetary Assault fights are to the death or to surrender. There is no evasion value. Furthermore, the original defending side has a 50% defensive and counterattacking bonus unless the attacking troops are specialised Planetary Assault troops. The attacking side always has initiative unless the other side is also specialised in defending.

    Raid on Canus Alpha Mining Asteroid

    Attackers - Astarian Reich
    Defenders - Isle-Hexagon Union

    Troop numbers: 10 attackers to 10 defenders.
    Troop types: 10 Astarian Infantry to 10 Union infantry.

    Leaders: Corporal Spider (Astarian Reich), 10 skill. Corporal Zetabit (Isle-Hexagon Union), 10 skill.

    Summary: 10/10/10/10 (Troops/Attack/Defence/Leader) for all sides.

    However, Zetabit is likelier to win this combat.

    1. Astarias storms the IHU's mining asteroid with the goal of capturing it and taking POWs.
    2. Astarias rolls for attack. It rolls (8+1)*10, equal to 90, where 1 is leader skill divided by 1 and 10 is troop number.
    3. IHU rolls for defence. It rolls (4+1)*10*1.5, equal to 75.
    4. The casualty ratio is 90/75, equal to 1.2. Rounded down to 1.
    5. IHU has one casualty (9/10)
    6. IHU counterattacks. IHU rolls (2+1)*10*1.5, equal to 45.
    7. Astarias (AR) rolls for defence. AR rolls (8+1)*10, equal to 90.
    8. The ratio is 45/90 equal to 0.5, rounded up to 10. Astarias takes 1 casualty (9/10)
    9. Astarias presses the attack. Astarias rolls a (4+1)*9, equal to 45.
    10. IHU defends, rolls a (9+1)*9*1.5, equals 135
    11. The ration is 45:135, equal to 0.33, round down to zero.
    12. IHU takes no damage.
    13. IHU counterattacks. Rolls a (4+1)*9*1.5, equal to 67.5.
    14. Astarias defends. Rolls a (4+1)*9, equal to 45. The ratio 67.5/45 is equal to 1.5, which rounds up to 2. Astarias takes 2 casualties (7/10)
    15. Astarias continues to attack regardless. Astarias rolls a (2+1)*7, equal to 21.
    16. IHU defends. Rolls a (10+1)*9, and a critical 10 always succeeds.
    17. IHU counterattacks. Rolls a (9+1)*9*1.5, equal to 135.
    18. Astarais defends. Rolls a (8+1)*7, equal to 63.
    19. The ratio 135/63 equals to 2.14, rounds down to 2. Astarias takes two casualties (5/10)
    20. This particular unit of Astarias do not belong to the crack SS division. They are the regular army, rather than the military arm of a political party. Seeing the clear disadvantage, the officer in the unit opts to surrender.
    And so the Raid on Canus Alpha ends with an Isle-Hexagon Union victory.

    Principles of Planetary Assault
    • The attacker has initiative.
    • The defender has a 50% bonus unless the enemy troop type can negate it.
    • Casualty is defined by attack-defend ratios.
    • Rolls are modified by addition of leadership skill. This is in turn multiplied by troop number and if possible, a defensive-counter-offensive bonus.
    • Thus between two similar unit types in a planetary assault, on average, the defender possesses an advantage.
    • There is no withdrawal, only fighting to the end or surrender.
  5. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
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    Space Battles - Combined Arms, Skirmish

    The goal of creating this space battle system, however, is not for 1 v. 1 battles. I want to create a system that works on the scale of hundreds, maybe even thousands of ships.

    Firstly, we shall cover ship classes.

    Ship Classes:

    Carrier (CV): No attack power on its own, defense depends on armour type, low evasion. These stellar vessels are meant to be platoforms for spaceplanes are not meant for anti-ship battles on their own. They've got decent defensive anti-air capability.
    Battleship (BB): Heavy attack power, heavy defense, low evasion. These vessels are superior vessels that can only be matched by other Battleships. They may be equipped with anti-air guns, although this limits their firepower
    Cruiser (CG): Medium attack power, medium defense, medium evasion. These are balanced vessels that excel at lone engagements with weaker vessels. They have offensive bonuses against them.
    Destroyer (DD): Low to medium attack power, low to medium defense, high evasion. They negate the stealth of submarines, cannot be first striked by them and have mobility and offensive bonuses against them.
    Submarines (SS): High attack power, low defense, low to medium evasion when not warp-submerged, high-evasion when warp submerged. They have first strike capabilities. First strike means one counterattack round is skipped for the other side.
    Gunboats (PG): Low to medium attack power, low defense, medium evasion. Designed for planetary defense, they are not the main choice for nations that desire strong navies.

    In a combined arms battle, there are three distinct phases of combat, in contrast to the skirmish depicted earlier. These phases are Skirmish, Main and End. The Skirmish phase focuses on erosion of defensive and escort capabilities (involving mainly Carriers, Destroyers, Submarines, Gunboats and Cruisers), the Main phase focuses on a decisive battle (Carrier, Battleship, Cruisers) and the End phase focuses on pursuit and annihilation (involving Carriers, Destroyers and Subamarines.)

    Hence, here, we shall introduce Tactics, which depend on a roll at the start of each phase using each admiral's skills.

    This might be a spoiler battle, so I'm name it with aliases.

    Battle of the Inner Pheonix Starzone

    On one side, team Black.
    On the other side, team Red.

    Stats are formatted in (Attack/Defense/Mobility/HP)

    Cruisers are (10/10/10/10) with 50% offensive bonuses against submarines.
    Battleships are (20/20/5/20)
    Destroyers are (10/5/20/5) with 50% offensive and bonuses against submarines and when attacking them, attack them as if they are unsubmerged. They cannot be first strike by submarines and will counterattack fiercely if struck by them.
    Submarines are (20/5/10S-5US/5) with first strike capabilities against Battleships and Cruisers, where S stands for Submerged and US stands for unsubmerged.

    Both sides possess 1000 cruisers, 500 battleships, 2000 destroyers and 1000 submarines. Both admirals are of similar capability, at 10 as are their vice admirals.

    Is a fancy term for which collective class of ships attack which and isn't really the true definition of tactics as it is known. But bear with me.

    Conventional tactics in Skirmish are:
    • Cruisers attack destroyers
    • Submarines attack cruisers
    • Destroyers attack submarines
    Bad Skirmish tactics are:
    • Submarines attack destroyers
    • Destroyers attack cruisers.
    Conventional tactics are used when a tactics roll for each officer is five or above, bad tactics occur when the tactical rolls are below 5. In the below skirmish phase, we have assumed the tactic rolls for all of black's admirals and vice admirals are five or above, due to my forgetfulness in including them earlier. :V

    The Skirmish Phase

    Destroyers, Submarines and Cruisers dominate this phase, inflicting and receiving most the damage. All excess damage from this phase is transferable to the next phase. The Admirals will attempt to destroy each others screens and escort fleets. The Skirmish Phase continues until one entire class oout of Destroyers, Submarines and Cruisers are destroyed on any side.

    The total collective power of each class are here:
    • (attack/defense/mobility/hp)
    • 1000 Cruisers (10000/10000/10000/10000)
    • 500 Battleships (10000/10000/2500/10000) where battleship is only included for reference
    • 2000 Destroyers (20000/10000/40000/10000)
    • 1000 Submarine (20000/5000/10000S-5000US/5000)

    Firstly, eight initiative rolls in total are made, the first two deciding which admiral has initiative in the battle. From this first roll, the admiral with initiative then has their vice admirals roll for initiative, to decide how the skirmish phase below proceeds. For the other admiral with lower initiative, the rolls decide the order of counterattack.

    https://rolz.org/dr?room=The Epic of Kriemhild Gretchen

    1. Admiral Black rolls a 5+1 Admiral Red rolls a 1+1. A 1 is a critical failure which always allows the other side to go first.
    2. Admiral Black now rolls for his Cruiser V. Admiral (cva), Submarine V. Admiral (sva) and Destroyer V. Admiral (dva). cva has 3+1, sva has 6+1, dva has 4+1.
    3. In the case of any two or more vice admirals rolling the same, there is a reroll for all three.
    4. The initiative order in this case is therefore submarines-destroyers-cruisers. We are assuming the tactical rolls for black are all above five, as said in purple above. Battle commences!
    5. Black Submarines attack Red Cruisers, which is 1d20000 + tactical modifier 1 x 1000 submarines = 14427 + 1000 = 15427
    6. First strike means that although Red Cruisers can't attack Black Submarines in the next turn when it is possible for Red Cruisers to attack Black Submarines, they can still evade and defend with their ship armour. So we roll for evasion, 1d10000+ vice admiral modifier 1x1000, which is 5835+1000=6835, which is smaller. If it were 10000, it would've been a critical evasion and thus Red Cruisers would've evaded anyways, but alas, this is not the case.
    7. Now we roll for defence. 1d10000+1000 from tactical skill. We have 1043+1000, equal to 2043.
    8. We calculate a ratio to determine damage. The ratio is 15427/2043=7.55, rounded up to 8. Since this is a fleet battle, we must account for large numbers, so HP is on the collective scale. The collective multiplier is the original number of Red Cruisers, that is 1000. This is equal to 8000 damage in total. Collectively, hull points of red cruisers are now (2000/10000). The first strike of the submarines is devastating.
    9. Admiral Black is still attacking. Vice Admiral Black for Destroyers now attacks. Since Vice Admiral Black for DD is assumed to be using conventional tactics, we assume this to be a Destroyer on Submarine Strike. dva rolls a a 1d20000+2000 (a roll of a dice with the same number of faces as the collective attacking power of all Black destroyers, adding the leadership modifier (which is stat/10) adjusted for collective, which is 1*2000), resulting in a 11147 attack roll. Multiplied by offensive bonuses against sub, 50%, this is equal to 16720.5.
    10. Vice Admiral Red, Submarines, roll for evasion, where their stealth has been negated by destroyers. 1d5000+1000. The roll is 3692.
    11. Vice Admiral red Submarines must now roll for defence. 1d5000+1000, equal to 3982.
    12. The ratio is 11147/3982 is 2.79. Round up to 3. There are 1000 submarines, so it it multiplied by 1000, the ratio is 3000. This means 3000 damage, so Red Submarines' a nearly dead at (2000/5000)
    13. So it is now Vice Admiral Black Cruiser's turn to wreck everything, attacking Vice Admiral Red Destroyer as per Conventional tactics. VABC rolls a 1d10000+1000, equal to 7240.
    14. Vice Admiral Red Destroyer Evades. 1d40000+2000, equal to 5744.
    15. Vice Admiral Red Destroyer Defends. 1d10000+2000, equal to 3769
    16. The Ratio is 7240/3769=1.92, round up to 2. Collectively, it is 2*2000, so 4000 damage. Collectively, 6000/10000 hull points.
    17. Alright, now it's Admiral Red's turn to retaliate. Admiral Red's vice admirals, for Cruisers. Destroyers and Submarines, roll for initiative. 3 for Cruisers, 2 for Destroyers, 6 for Submarines. For fairness's sake, I going to give them Conventional Tactics, due to my forgetfulness earlier.
    18. Vice Admiral Red Submarines attacks Vice Admiral Black's Cruisers. On a collective scale, we must adjust attack, defence and hull points for the fact that many vessels have been destroyed. We scale Vice Admiral Red Submarines capabilities according to their hull points. This is unlike in single ship-on-ship combat. Mobility and HP remains the same. So, we times every attack, defence and HP stat on Vice Admiral Red's side by 2000/5000, or 2/5. 400 Submarines, collectively at (8000 attack /2000 defense /10000S-5000US/2000 hp). So, the attack is 1d8000+400, at 6456.
    19. Vice Admiral Black's Cruisers evade. 1d10000+1000, at 8005. No hit at all.
    20. Vice Admiral Red Cruisers now attack Vice Admiral Black's Destroyers. Adjusted for casualties, 2/10 of every stat except mobility and HP, so 2000 cruisers at (2000 attack/2000 defense/1000 mobility/ 2000 HP). They attack at 1d2000+2000, equal to 2209.
    21. Vice Admiral Black's Destroyers roll for evasion. 1d40000+2000. Equal to 41077. Red's Cruisers lands nothing.
    22. Vice Admiral Red Destroyers now attacks. Adjusted 6/10, 1200 destroyers at (12000 attack/6000 defense/40000 mobility/ 6000 HP). So 1d12000+1200 at 3304. Multiplied by offensive bonuse of 50%, this results in 3964.8.
    23. Vice Admiral Black Submarines rolls for evasion, remember that being attacked by destroyers means zero stealth and an offensive bonus for the destroyers. 1d5000+1000, at 4888. Red Destoyers land nothing.
    24. So Team Red has been very unsuccessful. This highlights the power of initiative, which can be affected by factors outside of the battle, such as sleep or being well fed, represented as modifiers.
    25. We now return to Team Black. Team Black Submarines has the highest initiative, therefore it is their turn to attack once again. Vice Admiral Black Submarines attacks Vice Admiral Red Cruisers with roll 1d20000+1000 with roll of 4573.
    26. Vice Admiral Red Cruisers evade at 1d1000+2000, a roll of 2640, too low to escape being hit.
    27. Vice Admiral Red Cruisers defend at 1d2000+2000, a roll of 2681.
    28. The damage ratio is (4573/2681)*2000, equal to 3411.41, round down to 3000. So, -1000 HP, or complete destruction of Vice Admiral red's Cruiser detachment.
    The skirmish phase has ended. Red has lost the skirkish phase and now Black can bring their skirmish ships into full bear against Red in the Main Phase.

    Of course, there are a few questionable thing's I've down, Why is leader-defence and leader-evasion bonuses tied to the amount of ships remaining? Shouldn't evasion remain the same?

    I will try to write that in writings as decreases in morale for the time being, but I will have to address it later regardless.

    • Initiative matters in space battles. It will be tied later to logistics.
    • First, there is a roll for initiative for the two top officers on both sides. This determines which side attacks which in what order.
    • Secondly, for there are twos set of rolls for initiative and for tactics for three junior officers on the other side. This determines the order in which they strike the other side and at which class of vessels they direct their attacks at,
    • Thirdly, skirmish ends when all of one class of ships on any side is destroyed.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
  6. Reinhard Von Lohengramm

    Reinhard Von Lohengramm Con Tý

    Dec 24, 2015
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    Space Battles - Combined Arms, Main
    Battle of the Inner Pheonix Starzone, 2nd Day

    Team Black
    • 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp)
    • 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp)
    • 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp)
    • 1000 Submarine (20000a/5000d/10000Sm-5000USm/5000hp)
    Team Red
    • No cruisers
    • 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp)
    • 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp)
    • 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp)

    Master Main Tactics (any admiral rolls critical 10 for tactics)

    • Decapitation (All units attack battleships only, 2x attack bonus)

    Good Main Tactics (tactics roll 8 or over)
    • Easy Target (Battleship attacks cruisers, 1.75x defence bonus against next attack)
    • Good Hunting (Destroyers attack submarines, 1.75x bonus instead of 1.5x)
    • Implacable Predator (Cruisers attack Submarines, 1.75x attack bonus)
    • David vs Goliath (Submarines attack Battleships, 1.75x attack bonus.)

    Conventional Main Tactics (tactics roll 5 or over)

    • Wall of Battle (Battleship attacks Battleships)
    • Submarine Hunting with Destroyers (Destroyers attack Submarines)
    • Submarine Hunting with Cruisers (Cruisers attack Submarines)
    • Death from Below (Submarines attack Cruisers)

    Bad Main Tactics (tactics roll 5 or under)
    • Futile Fire (Cruiser attacks Battleship)
    • Futile Fire, Destroyer (Destroyer attacks Cruiser)
    • Death Wish (Submarines attacking Destroyers). Death Wish allows an immediate counterattack by the other side without waiting for the next team's turn.
    • Uncoordinated Fire (Battleships attacking Battleships with 0.75x attack penalty)
    If the class that contains the capital ship (in both these instances, Battleships), is completely destroyed, the Admiral on the other side is presumed dead and the other side may not have Admiral NOR Vice-Admiral skill bonuses, since command has been thrown into disarray.

    The Main Phase continues until the other fleet strikes their colours (surrenders) or all successfully retreat. If some retreat while others surrender or are defeated, it counts as a minor victory for the victor.

    So without further ado, the Battle of the Inner Phoenix Starzone continues into its 2nd day.

    1. Both Admirals against roll for initiative. Admiral Red and Admiral Black roll. The result is a close 7 for Admiral Red and a 6 for Admiral Black.
    2. Now the Vice-Admirals for Red roll for initiative. In the Main Phase, the Admiral rolls alongside their remaining vice Admirals. The main Admiral, the Destroyer Vice-Admiral and the Submarine Vice-Admiral roll. The rolls are 6, 2 and 10. The submarine vice-admiral goes first, the main admiral goes second and the destroyer vice-admiral goes last.
    3. Now we roll for tactics. Admiral Red, Vice Admiral Red Destroyers and Vice Admiral Red Submarines roll. The result is 4, 10 and 9. There is a critical 10, disregarding the bad roll of 4. This results in the tactic Decapitation, which confers a 2x attack bonus and focuses all units on the enemy battleships, where there are flagships.
    4. The Submarine Vice-Admiral Red attacks Admiral Black's battleships. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp). Roll 1d8000+400. Result is 1105. Multiply by 2, due to Master Tactics. Result is 2210.
    5. Admiral Black rolls to evade. 1d2500+500. Roll of 2212. It is extremely close.
    6. Destroyer Vice-Admiral Red attacks Admiral Black's battleships. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp) against 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp). Roll 1d12000+1200. Result is 8390. Multiply 2 as per Master Tactics. Result is 16780.
    7. Admiral Black rolls to evade. 1d2500+500. Result is 990. Admiral Black's battleships have been hit. Calculate for defence.
    8. Admiral Black rolls for defence. 1d10000+500. Result is 9968. Calculate for damage ratio.
    9. 16780/9968 = 1.68. Round up to 2. Multiply by amount of Admiral Black's Battleships, i.e. 500. 1000 hp damage. Admiral Black's BB hullpoints is now 9000. This means 450 BB (9000a/9000d/2500m/9000hp).
    10. Notice how I forgot initiative and let the destroyers attack before the Battleship. Disregard that. Now Admiral Red attacks. It is 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp) against 450 BB (9000a/9000d/2500m/9000hp). Admiral Red rolls a 1d10000+500. The result is 3074. Multiplied by 2, it is 6148.
    11. Admiral Black rolls for evasion, 1d2500+450. Result is 1681.
    12. Admiral Black is hit. Admiral Black rolls for defence. 1d9000+450. Result is 1853.
    13. The damage ratio is 6148/1853=3.31, which rounds down to 3. 3x450 = 1500, 1350 hp damage. Admiral Black is reduced from 9000hp to 7650hp. Adjusting for the casualties, Admiral Black now has 383 BB (7650a/7650d/2500m/7650hp.)
    14. It is now Admiral Black's turn to attack. Admiral Black rolls initiative for four admirals including themselves due to having 4 available ship classes. Roll for Cruiser, Battleship, Destroyer and Submarine. 4d10. Results are 2, 3, 4 and 5. Submarines attack first, Destroyers second, battleships third, cruisers last.
    15. Roll for tactics for CG, BB, DD and SS. Result is 5/4/4/4. Tactics are Submarine Hunting with Cruisers (Cruisers attack Submarines), Uncoordinated Fire (Battleships attacking Battleships with 0.75x attack penalty), Futile Fire, Destroyer (Destroyer attacks Cruiser) and Death Wish (Submarines attacking Destroyers).
    16. Vice Admiral Black Submarines (henceforth OF-8 B SS) attacks Vice Admiral Red Destroyers (henceforth OF-8 R DD). It is 1000 Submarine (20000a/5000d/10000Sm-5000USm/5000hp) against 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp). OF-8 B SS rolls 1d20000+1000, a result of 2851.
    17. OF-8 R DD rolls for evasion, 1d40000+1200, a result of 25324. OF-8 B SS does not hit OF-8 R DD.
    18. Death Wish allows an immediate counterattack without waiting for Red's next turn. OF-8 R DD rolls 1d12000+1200 in attack. Result is 5771. Multiplied by Destroyer Bonus against submarines, is 8657.
    19. OF-9 B SS rolls for evasion, having been detected by destroyers, treated as unsubmerged. 1d5000+1000. Result is 3854. OF-9 B SS is hit.
    20. OF-9 B SS rolls for defence. 1d5000+1000, resulting in 2042. Damage ratio is 8657/2042, equal to 4. Multiply 4 x 1000 = 4000 damage. Collective hull points of submarines down by 4000, to 1000. Now is 200 Submarine (4000a/1000d/10000Sm-5000USm/1000hp). Ouch.
    21. It is, properly speaking, still Team Black's turn. Black Destroyers attack Red Cruisers. It is 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp) against 0 cruisers.
    22. This is a "Confused Order". Where there is a "Confused Order", that order cannot be carried out, so the lower tier of tactics is scanned for results. There is no lower tier of tactics. Team Black Destroyers wastes their turn.
    23. Team Black Destroyers will continue to waste their turn as Tactics are for entire phases and cannot be changed mid-phase.
    24. It is now Team Black BB's turn. Uncoordinated Fire (Battleships attacking Battleships with 0.75x attack penalty). It is Team Black BB against Team Red BB. It is 383 BB (7650a/7650d/2500m/7650hp.) against 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp). Admiral Black rolls for attack 1d7650+383. Result is 3832.
    25. Team Red BB rolls for evasion. 1d2500+500. Result is 2396. Accounting for Bad tactics (0.75x) is 1797. Red BBs are hit.
    26. Team Red BB rolls for defence. 1d10000+5000. Roll is 6701.
    27. Damage ratio is 1797/6701=0.268. That rounds down to zero. There is no significant. damage to Team Red BB.
    28. It is now Team Black CG's turn. Tactic is Futile Fire (Cruiser attacks Battleship). It is 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp) against 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp).
    29. OF-8 B CG rolls for attack, 1d10000+1000. Result is 2947.
    30. OF-9 R BB rolls for evasion, 1d2500+500. Result is is 2064. Team Black BB is hit.
    31. OF-9 R BB rolls for defence. 1d10000+500, Result is 5892. Damage ratio is 2947/5892. Result is 0.5, multiplied by 500, equals 250 hp damage. Team R BB is now 488 (9750a/9750/d/2500m/9750hp). Let's not say "'tis but a flesh wound yet"...
    32. We return to Team Red. Tactics are for the whole Phase. The Tactic for Team Red continues to be Decapitation.
    33. Red SS attacks. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 383 BB (7650a/7650d/2500m/7650hp). Red SS rolls 1d8000+400. Result is 2728*2=5456.
    34. Black BB rolls for evasion. It is 1d2500+383. Result is 503 Black BB is hit.
    35. Black BB rolls for defence. It is 1d9750+383. Result is 2079. Damage ratio is 5456/2079=2.62, rounded up to 3. 3*383 is 1149. Team SS receives 1149 hp damage. Team Black BB is now 325 BB (6501a/6501d/2500m/6501hp).
    36. Red BB attacks. It is 488 (9750a/9750/d/2500m/9750hp) against 325 BB (6501a/6501d/2500m/6501hp). Red BB rolls for 1d9750+488. Result is 8447*2=16894 due to Decapitation tactic.
    37. Black BB rolls for evasion. 1d2500+325. Rolls a 418. Is hit.
    38. Black BB rolls for defence. 1d6501+325. Rolls a 6646. Ratio is 16894/6646 or 2.54, which rounds up to 3. 3*325 = 975 hp damage. Black BB is now 5525/10000 hull points. Black BBs are now 276 BB (5525a/5525d/2500m/5525hp).
    39. Red DD attacks Black BB as per Decapitation. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000hp). Red DD rolls 1d12000+1200. Result is 3327*2=6654.
    40. Black BB rolls for evasion. 1d2500+276. Result is 2022. Black BBs are hit.
    41. Black BB rolls for defence. 1d5525+276. Result is 3322. Damage ratio is 6654/3322 equal to 2.00, rounding down to 2. 2*265=530. Black BB's Hp is now 4995/10000. Black BBs are now 250 (4995a/4995d/2500m/4995hp).
    42. It is now Team Black's turn again. Black Submarines attack Red Destroyers as per Death Wish. It is 200 Submarine (4000a/1000d/10000Sm-5000USm/1000hp) against 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000hp). Black submarine attacks, rolling a 1d4000+200. The result is 3710.
    43. Team Red DD rolls for evasion, 1d40000+1200. The result is 5225, modified by DD evasive bonuses against submarines is 7838. Team Red DD is not hit.
    44. As per Death Wish, Team Red DD can now counterattack out of its turn. It rolls 1d12000+1200 4015, modified by offensive bonuses into 6023.
    45. Team Black SS evades. 1d5000+200. Roll is 3602. Team Black SS is hit.
    46. Team Black SS defends. Rolls 1d1000+200, result is 557. Damage ratio is 6023/557, equal to 10.8, rounded up to 11. Multiplied by number of submarines, 200, damage is 2200 hp or -1200hp. Black submarines have been completely destroyed. Vice Admiral of Black Submarines is presumed KIA, this does not affect the rest of the battle.
    47. It is now Team Black DD's turn to attack again. There are no enemy cruisers. They continue to waste their turn as there are no other tactics of a lower tier to turn to.
    48. It is now Team Black BB's turn. Team Black BB is under the effects of the Bad Tactic Uncoordinated Fire (Battleships attacking Battleships with 0.75x attack penalty). Team Black BB attacks Team Red BB, it is 250 (4995a/4995d/2500m/4995hp) against 488 (9750a/9750/d/2500m/9750hp). Team Black BB rolls 1d4995+250. The result is 3169. Modified by Uncoordinated Fire and it is 2377..
    49. Team Red BB rolls to evade. 1d2500+488. Team Red BB rolls a 1801. Team BB is hit.
    50. Team Red BB rolls for defence. 1d9750+488. Result is 2722. Damage ratio is 2377/2722. Result is 0.87, rounds up to 1. 488 hp damage in total. Hull points of Red BB are now 9262/10000. Red BB is now 463 BB (9262a/9262d/2500m/9262hp)
    51. It is now Team Black CG's turn to attack Team Red BB with Futile Fire. It is 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp) against 463 BB (9262a/9262d/2500m/9262hp). Team Black CG rolls 1d10000+1000. Result is 4795.
    52. Team Red BB rolls for evasion. 1d2500+463. Result is 2219. Team Red BB is hit.
    53. Team Red BB rolls for defence. 1d9262+463. Result is 6158. Damage ratio is 4795/6158, equal to 0.78, rounded up to 1. HP damage is 1x463. Team Red BB's hull points are reduced to 8799. Team Red BB is now 440 BB (8799a/8799d/2500m/8799hp). Team Black's turn has finished.
    54. It is now Team Red SS' turn to attack Team Black BB. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 250 (4995a/4995d/2500m/4995hp). Team Red SS roll 1d8000+400. The result is 4374. Decapitation mutliplies it by 2, so it is 8748.
    55. Team Black BB rolls to evade. 1d2500+250. Result is 2225. Team Black BB is hit.
    56. Team Black BB rolls to defend. 1d4995+250. Result is 2494. Damage ratio is 8748/2494, equal to 3.5, 4 when rounded up. Damage is 4*250, equals 1000. Team Black BB is now 200 BB (3995a/3995d/2500m/3995).
    57. It is now Team Red BB's turn to attack . It is 440 BB (8799a/8799d/2500m/8799hp) against 200 BB (3995a/3995d/2500m/3995). Team Red BB rolls 1d8799+440, result of 6587. Modified by x2 as per Decapitation, this is 13174.
    58. Team Black BB rolls to evade. 1d2500+200. Result is 924.
    59. Team Black BB rolls to defend. 1d3995+200. Result is 3418. Damage ratio is 13174/3418, equal to 3.85, rounded up to 4. Damage is 4*200, equal to 800. Team Black BB is now 160 BB (3195a/3195d/2500m/3195hp).
    60. It is now Team Red DD's turn to attack. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000hp) against 160 BB (3195a/3195d/2500m/3195hp). Team Red DD rolls 1d12000+1200, result is 6169. Due to decapitation, this is modified to 12338.
    61. Team Black BB rolls to evade 1d2500+160. Result is 1844. Team Black BB is hit.
    62. Team Black BB rolls to defend. 1d3195+160. Result is 431. Damage ratio is 12338/431, equal to 28.62, round up to 29. Damage is 29*160, equal to 4640. Team Black BB's hp is now -1445. Team Black BB is eradicated. Team Black main admiral is presumed KIA.
    63. What this means: Team Black is now "in disarray". They may no longer use any of their leader's bonuses including their Vice Admirals'
    64. It is now Team Black's turn. Submarines attack first, Destroyers second, battleships third, cruisers last.
    65. Team Black CG attacks Team Red BB. It is 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp) against 440 BB (8799a/8799d/2500m/8799hp). Team Black Cg rolls 1d10000, without a leader bonus. Team Black CG rolls a 9011.
    66. Team Red BB rolls to evade. It rolls a 1d2500+440, the result 1477, and is hit.
    67. Team Red BB rolls to defend. It rolls a 1477. The damage ratio is 9011/1477, equal to 6. 6*440 = 2640. Team Red BB is now 6159 in hp, standing at 308 BB (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp).
    68. Team Black has now finished its turn. It is now Team Red's turn. Due to the decapitation tactic being no longer valid, team Red shifts down to Good Main Tactics and Conventional Main Tactics.
    69. The submarine vice-admiral goes first, the main admiral goes second and the destroyer vice-admiral goes last. Tactics have downshifted. Red SS is now using "Death from Below (Submarines attack Cruisers)". Red BB is now using "Easy Target (Battleship attacks cruisers, 1.75x defence bonus against next attack)". Red DD is now using "Futile Fire, Destroyer (Destroyer attacks Cruiser)".
    70. Team Red SS attacks Team Black CG. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp). Team Red SS rolls 1d8000+400. The result is 3538.
    71. Team Black CG rolls to evade. 1d10000 alone. Result is 1664.
    72. Team Black CG rolls to defend. 1d10000 alone. Result is 2341.
    73. Damage ratio is 3538/2341, equal to 1.51, rounded up to 2. 2*1000 is 2000 hp damage. Team Black CG is now 800 CG (8000a/8000d/10000m/8000hp).
    74. Team Red BB now attacks Team Black cruisers. It is 308 BB (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp) against 800 CG (8000a/8000d/10000m/8000hp). Team Red BB rolls 1d6159+308. Result is 4870.
    75. Team Black CG evades, rolling 1d10000. Result is 682. Team Black CG is hit,
    76. Team Black CG defends, rolling 1d8000. Result is 6615. Damage ratio is 4870/6615, equal to 0.74, rounded up to 1. Damage is 1*800. Black CG is now 720 CG (7200a/7200d/10000m/7200hp). Red BBs gain a 1.75x defence bonus against the next attack.
    77. Team Red DD attacks Team Black CG, as per Futile Fire, the next valid downshift tactic. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp) against 720 CG (7200a/7200d/10000m/7200hp). Team Red DD rolls 1d12000+1200. Result is 9596.
    78. Team Black CG evades, rolling 1d10000. Result is 2092. Team Black CG is hit.
    79. Team Black CG defends, rolling 1d7200. Result is 2124. Damage ratio 9596/2124, equal to 4.51, rounded up to 5. 5* 720 is 3600. Team Black CG is now 360 CG (3600a/3600d/10000m/3600hp).
    80. It is now Team Black's turn. Team Black's Cruisers attack Team Red's BB. It is 360 CG (3600a/3600d/10000m/3600hp) against Team Red's 308 BB (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp). Black Cg rolls a 1d3600+260, result 2846.
    81. Team Red BB evades. Red BB rolls a 1d2500+308, result is 748. Team Red BB is hit.
    82. Team Red BB defends with the earlier Easy Target defence bonus. Team Red BB rolls a 1d6159+308. The result is 3477. Modified by "Easy targets," it becomes 6085. Damage ratio is 2846/6085, equal to 0.47 which rounds to zero. Zero damage.
    83. It is now Team Red's turn once again. The submarine vice-admiral goes first, the main admiral goes second and the destroyer vice-admiral goes last. Team Red SS attacks Team Black CG. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 360 CG (3600a/3600d/10000m/3600hp). Team Black SS rolls 1d8000+400. Result is 3851.
    84. Team Black CG rolls to evade, rolling 1d10000. Result is 5263. Team Black successfully evades.
    85. Team Red BB attacks Team Black CG. It is 308 BB (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp) against 360 CG (3600a/3600d/10000m/3600hp). Team Red BB rolls 1d6159+308. Result is 5565. "Easy Targets" 1.75x defensive modifier will be applied later.
    86. Team Black CG rolls to evade. Roll is 1d10000. Result is 7710. Team Black CG successfully evades.
    87. Team Red DD attacks Team Black CG. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp) against 360 CG (3600a/3600d/10000m/3600hp). Team Red DD attacks with 1d12000+1200. Result is 8003.
    88. Team Black CG evades. Rolls 1d10000, result is 6897, does not evade.
    89. Team Black CG defends. Rolls 1d3600. Result is 252. Damage ratio is 8003/252, equal to 32. 32 * 360 is equal to 11520hp worth of damage. -7920. Team Black CG is completly destroyed.
    90. It is Team's Black turn. Unfortunately, Team Black remains on Futile Fire as there is no valid tactic to downshift to. This continues to wastes turns.
    91. It is Team Red's turn. The submarine vice-admiral goes first, the main admiral goes second and the destroyer vice-admiral goes last. There are no cruisers, Team Red Submarines downshifts to the next available tactic: "Death Wish (Submarines attacking Destroyers). Death Wish allows an immediate counterattack by the other side without waiting for the next team's turn." Team Red Submarines attacks Team Black Destroyers. It is 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp) against 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp). Red SS rolls 1d8000+400, a result of 5214.
    92. Black Destroyers evade. Roll 1d40000+2000. Result of 41616. Black Destroyers successfully evades
    93. Black Destroyers counterattack immediately as per Death Wish. Black DD rolls 1d20000. Result is 14792. Multiplied by offensive bonus is 22188
    94. Red SS rolls 1d5000+400 to evade. Result is 1785. Red SS does not evade.
    95. Red SS rolls for defence. 1d2000+400. Result is 953. Damage ratio is 14792/953, equal to 16. 16 *400 is equal to 6400 hull points of damage. Red Submarines are completely destroyed. That attack was indeed a death wish.
    96. At this point, these are the numbers on both sides: Red is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp) and 308 BB (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp). Black is 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp).
    97. At this point, Red Destroyers, Red Battleships and Black Destroyers are only wasting their turns, because they have downshifted to the lowest possible tactics and these do not target any ships on the other side.
    98. Thus the main phase is over. The winner of the main phase is the side with the most ship classes remaining. Thus Team Red has won the main phase.
    Space Battles - Combined Arms, End
    Battle of the Inner Pheonix Starzone, 3rd Day

    Team Black
    • 1000 Cruisers (10000a/10000d/10000m/10000hp)
    • 500 Battleships (10000a/10000d/2500m/10000hp)
    • 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp)
    • 1000 Submarine (20000a/5000d/10000Sm-5000USm/5000hp)
    Team Red
    • No cruisers out of original 1000
    • 308 Battleships (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp)
    • 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp)
    • 400 Submarines (8000a/2000d/10000S-5000US/2000 hp)

    End phase
    In the end phase, we must first check if in the retreat of the losing party in the Main Phase, it is a rout or a retreat. If less than 50% of the the ship classes are intact, it is a rout. Hence, demoralized and disturbed, Team Black is routing. In a rout, in the Pursuit phase, there can be no counter-attack by the routing party and the routing part will always retreat. The routing part will always use bad tactics.


    Master (any critical 10)

    • Leyte Gulf 2.0 (Battleships attack Destroyers, x2.0 attack bonus)
    • Leyte Gulf 2.0 (Destroyers attack Destroyers, x2.0 attack bonus)
    Good (8 or above)
    • Pursue and Destroy (Battleships attack Destroyers, x1.5 attack bonus)
    • Pursue and Destroyer (Destroyers attack Destroyers, x1.5 attack bonus)
    Conventional (5 or above)
    • Pursue and Fire (Battleships attack Destroyers)
    • Pursue and Fire (Destroyers attack Destroyers)
    Bad (below 5)
    • Disorganised Retreat (0.75x penalty on mobility, retreat, no attacks), only for side that loses in the main phase
    • Half-hearted Pursuit (Battleships attack Destroyers, 0.75x attack penalty)
    • Half-hearted Pursuit (Destroyers attack Destroyers, 0.75x attack penalty)
    Worst (any 1)
    • Surrender (Strike the Colours) only for side that loses in the main phase
    • Mercy (Ends pursuit phase for winners of main phase)

    The 3rd and final phase of the Battle of Inner Phoenix Starzone commences.

    1. Both sides roll for initiative. Red Admiral and Black DD Vice-Admiral roll. Red Rolls a 1, Black rolls a 3. It is clear that Black goes first.
    2. Black rolls to retreat. 1d40000m, results in a roll of 4989*0.75=3741.75.
    3. Red rolls to pursue using the highest mobility class. 1d40000m + 1200. Result is 26654.
    4. Pursuit is successful. That means at least one round of combat. Red rolls for initiative among admirals and for tactics. Main Admiral and Vice-Admiral Destroyers roll for initiative. Result is 8 and 2. Battleships attack first, destroyers second. Red rolls for tactics for BB and DD. Result is 10 and 4. Since there is one critical 10, Master Tactics Leyte Gulf 2.0 are used, both variants for both BB and DD.
    5. Red BB attack Black DD. It is 308 Battleships (6159a/6159d/2500m/6159hp) against 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp). Red BB rolls 1d6159+308, resulting in 3749*2=7498.
    6. Black DD rolls to evade, 1d40000m. Result is 18062*0.75=13546. Black DD evades successfully.
    7. Red DD attacks Black DD. It is 1200 Destroyers (12000a/6000d/40000m/6000kp) against 2000 Destroyers (20000a/10000d/40000m/10000hp). Red DD rolls 1d12000a+1200. Result is 11493.
    8. Black DD rolls to evade. Rolls 1d40000. Result is 35459*0.75=26594. Successful evasion.
    9. Red DD rolls to retreat. Rolls 1d40000. Result is 36070*0.75=27053.
    10. Black DD rolls to pursue. Rolls 1d40000+1200. Result is 8790. Unsuccessful pursuit. Upon failure of a pursuit roll by any class, the pursuit phase ends.
    The Battle of Inner Phoenix Starzone has thus ended. Both sides started with 4500 ships in total. Red ends with 1508 ships, black ends with 2000 ships.

    The Battle of Inner Phoenix Starzone has ended in a Pyrrhic victory for Team Red in terms of ships. But lets check the casualties.

    On both sides, Cruisers are crewed by 1000 spacemen. Destroyers, 500 spacemen. Battleships, 2000 spacemen. Subs, 250 spacemen.

    Red lost 800 DD, 400000 men, 1000 CG, 1000000 men, 192 BB, 324000 men and 1000 SS, 250000 men. A loss of 2992 ships and 1974000 spacemen in total.

    Black lost 0 DD and therefore no DD men, 1000 CG, 1000000 men, 500 BB, 1000000 men and 1000 SS, 250000 men. A loss of 2500 ships and 2250000 men in total.

    Thus while Red lost more ships, Black lost more men. These facts will be of significance later when we review POPs.

    I'm going to need to refine the mechanics, especially Submarines. What's the point of having submerged and unsubmerged stats if not both are used?

    I also need to expand more on tactics.
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