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The Pink Blossom Quest Library

Discussion in 'Quest Archive' started by Biigoh, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version

    Sauce is Danbooru /posts/426045/

    [X] What if those three, unlike you, were not the only ones who remembered their past lives? Investigation~
    - - [X] Naruto seems to have vanished again... where did she go? Follow the Fishcake!

    Hinata Event - 1d100 → [77] = Hmmmm! Hmmmm!

    There has been something vexing you for the last few days. Something that should have been... impossible and yet was.

    Somehow, Naruto was able to give you the slip. She had been running off into the city now and then for the last few days for a few hours.

    At first, you had given no thought to it, why would you? Then you got curious because... she had managed to vanish from your byakugan sight. This was something patently impossible, but it was something that kept happening.

    Each and every time, Naruto went out into the city, she didn't run out of your range of sight. Rather, she did... something. Something which momentarily disrupted your sight in the area she was in and then... she was gone as if she had never been.

    You had tried focusing with your fully activated byakugan. But the result was still the same. Which your byakugan wasn't as powerful and able to focus in on the finer details, it was more capable at the larger picture. Your father had praised your ability to observe everything around you.

    That there was a way to disrupt the byakugan, even if unintentional, that was... it made you concerned. It hinted that your eyes were not as perfect as they could be, should be, had to be.

    Still, that didn't mean that Naruto could hide what she was doing! Indeed, if one's bloodline limit wasn't sufficient, one merely had to go back to basics and work one's way back up! This was just common sense.

    And when you found her doing whatever she was doing to disrupt and escape your byakugan, you were going to slap her silly and make her stop it. And slap her even more afterwards.

    Ah... this was far too stimulating.


    No, it wasn't.

    Not really.

    It was, however, giving you more material; Bloodline limits failing a legendary princess or some such as she struggled to find her sister, facing a bloodsucker and his harem. And along the way... some animated statues in the service of a legendary demon would also show up.

    You mentally nodded as you made your way to where you last saw her before she vanished.

    Looking about, you can't find a trace of her.

    It was... vexing.

    Yes, you were growing attached to that word.

    Still, as you searched for Naruto, you kept an ear open and your eyes gazing... everywhere.

    - - - ​

    Wandering about by yourself... proved to be less useful than expected, even with your eyes to provide a roving point of view, you sighed.

    You could keep count of everything within your sight. But you could not find one girl. It was as if she never was.

    It appeared that Naruto would once more escape your sight once more. You huff out a breath as children around ran about the street around, urging each other on, saying something about how that story teller is back, and... stories. At least if your ears were right in the words that they caught from the cacophony of voices as house-wives and the common folk who walked about.

    You blinked once before giving into your curiosity, for while you could read lips (somewhat) and your eyes allowed you to see everything... there was something to be said about hearing a tale directly.

    Thus, you found yourself with a group of children, both younger and older than you, some dressed poorly while others were dressed as nicely as you were.

    Seated upon a makeshift seat from cleaned up rubble beneath a tree while a cool breeze blew about in the shadows cast from the ruined towers about the plaza, was a man.

    His slender build and appearance harkened to that of the old blood from the west and north, there was a certain cast to his mien that spoke of classical well breeding from the Country of Earth. Refined and gentle, if somewhat scruffy and bearing the dust of long travel. Your caretakers and family would be scandalized to see you in such company.

    Listening to the whispers about you, it is clear that none knew from whence this teller of tales came from. Only that he was but newly arrived. Scant days even, and yet... and yet, his tales, they brought forth visions of what once was.

    High above in the blue skies amidst the golden ryou of Amaterasu-ômikami lay slow moving white clouds and falcons that flew high above commoner birds such as gulls.

    As you settled down to listen, the this teller of tales sipped a a drink of water from his gourd before brushing away the dust from his dark pants.

    With a smile and a nod at the children... you had the feeling he was smiling at you, for some reason, he spoke up. "Between the time when world came into being as Pangu separated the heavens and the earth, and the coming of the Sage of Six Paths, there was an age undreamt of, when the gods walked the world, and a keen sword can bring the darkest of evils to justice."

    The silence from his audience allowed his voice to whisper and slip about, that rasp... it spoke to you, and you closed your eyes. You could see the world he spoke of. "And unto this, hither came Linghu Chong the carefree swordsman, black haired, laughter upon his lips and a song in his heart, sword in hand, an orphan, swordsman, hero, villain, a warrior without peer."

    "It is I, who, alone can tell you of his saga once lost to the winds of time. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!"

    And thus did the day past by as you listened to something new. Something you had never heard or read before. You wanted to claim that the tales were just flights of fancy, and yet... something inside you stated that they were truth. Just ones that had been forgotten by time.

    Before you knew it, it was dark once more and you had returned to the Hyuuga mansion for dinner and a tale of heroism from days long past.

    You found yourself putting to paper the story that had been told you, that it not be lost once more.

    Vexingly, Naruto was also back with a smile on her face and an absolute refusal to say where she had been.

    - - -
    Lavender Blossom Quest - Nothing beside remains.

    What Do?
    [X] Keep trying to follow Naruto?
    - - [X] Keep an ear and eye out for that story teller?
    [X] Give up on following Naruto, she can keep her secrets... really, you're not wanting to know them. O.... or anything.
    - - [X] Keep an ear and eye out for that story teller?
    - - [X] Do something else, see below?
    [X] Have fun with your peers?
    - - [X] Exploration of the forests and catching of beetles. No cheating now~.
    - - [X] Go swimming.
    [X] Interview Haruno and Ino?
    [X] Haruno Sakura is asking around for people to spar with...
    - - [X] Give in and spar with Sakura?
    - - [X] Watch Naruto give in and spar with Sakura?
    - - [X] Watch Ino give in and spar with Sakura?
    - - [X] Watch someone else give in and spar with her?
    - - [X] Wait... how did we end up in a free for all? Oh gods, property damage!!!
    [X] Write In.
  2. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru /posts/650605/
    [X] .... what... what just happened? And why are we tagged "Team Evil"?

    You are uncertain HOW it happened. Only that it DID happen... there was a sigh from you as you thought back to when it started.

    You had noticed that Sakura had been somewhat morose lately, as if realizing that she hadn't doing anything with the rest of you beyond studying... and occassionally drawing one of your mutual classmates. Still, you know that she studied hard at medicine, command and field tactics. She was good at anything that required actual study and theoretical aspect, very good at taijutsu and genjutsu. Her one weakspot, such as it was, was ninjutsu and even then... that was a skill on par with the normal classmates.

    All in all, Sakura was what one called a prodigy. An understandable circumstance given that she was able to remember her past life to the point of interacting with it, and it was a fierce past life. Most people didn't have that.

    And yet, for all of her skill, power and intelligence, Sakura... proved to be not a very social person. That is, her skill didn't lie there. She really couldn't or wasn't able to properly connect with her peers.

    Still, she did seem to try... like now, in how she had asked around for a spar. Most of your classmates weren't in her class, you suspected that only you were in the area of her skillset without using special techniques.

    Shikamaru would have to cheat to win, Ino... might have something to meet her face on. Chouji would just end up being beaten but he had a chance due to his great size and oddly swifter than should be possible movements of his.

    Naruto would have some odd technique from her clan or that confused elder brother or sister, something. Shino would use his disgusting bugs to fight... and that was pretty much it in terms of people of their class who might be able to match the Haruno heir.

    Which was surprising when one thought about it, but such was life. It wasn't fair or just.

    Still, you had noticed her asking around for spars and in your benevolence for your new sister, you agreed to it.

    Which was how you found yourself in the back garden facing off against an overly excited Sakura while your classmates and some of the staff in the Hyuuga mansion watched from the side.

    Somehow... knowing that you were stuck fighting her for up to the next three minutes gave you no comfort. And yet, you had agreed to it.

    At the least, it would be stimulating, even if it couldn't hold up to your stories.

    You bowed at her and she at you, hands extended in respect, and yet the two of you kept a careful eye on the other in the bow. There was a sense of danger from as you returned from bowing at her.

    It wasn't too surprising as the two of you circled each other, moving ever closer, that she was the one who made the first move. A text book perfect punch, performed at the average speed and strength of an academy student.

    Your response was in its own way a mirror of what she did. A simple turn using you body weight, shifting the stance of your feet, thrust out your arms in the proper manner at the same speed and strength as Sakura and smile gently as her fist was deflected.

    Two could play at that game.

    You continued with your turn and performed a textbook perfect roundhouse kick, but just a smidge faster and harder than Sakura's punch.

    She parried with a text book perfect with equal amount of speed and strength as your kick.

    And from there, the spar proceeded with a set pattern. Step by step, move by move, ever faster, ever harder.

    Of course, once the two of you were out of techniques taught by the academy and their variants, the two of you ventured into your respective family styles... which was where you discovered something unpleasant or at least uncomfortable.

    Sakura was able to counter your family's style. While the style she used was brutish and focused on power than finese, she fought in a way that indicated that she had faced someone who had used your style before.

    Even your personal variant on Jyuuken moves proved... fruitless as she dodged and parried them.

    It was in a word vexing, especially as you found more and more of her hits striking your and bypassing your defenses.

    A punch to the sight of your head that you barely avoided. You avoided it, you knew you had... but you could feel the air pressure from the force of the punch itself, that was enough to hit you.

    Your vision doubled for a moment, and blots of darkness ate at your sight before you shook your head and cleared it.

    Your racing heart skipped.

    Just in time to see Sakura use one of her... chakra shots. You wanted to call it something else, the words were at the tip of your tongue, even so, you could see how the technique was done.

    It was so simple.

    Elementary, in fact.

    As the chakra composed attack flew at you, you didn't dodge or parry. Instead, you pointed your right fist and allowed your chakra to surge from where it lay and up your arms, while you held your left hand to your right wrist. As your chakra moved within your body, you could feel the air and darkness around you being pulled towards you and feeding your technique.

    Your hair flared backwards away from the backwash of your So͏ul ̶F̨ist̡ counterattack.

    A shimmering hue of azure and yellow, a creature... wings... surrounded by an aura bubble flew from your fist to collide in a mutual destruction display of pryokinetics.

    From there the fight escalated the only way it could, body reactions giving way to half dreamed instincts. Now, the fight was more even with Sakura unable to simply intuit, to more know than guess what you were going to do.

    Punches followed kicks, paired with sweeps, uppercuts with shadows trailing alongside your fist, edges keener than a kunai...

    Despite your instincts and vague memories of dreams long forgotten, of battles in the darkness of night, you fell.

    Those words "Nekketsu Hadouken", the flare of pink brilliance that had reached out to you. Your instincts had tried to counter it.

    Tried to...

    But that wasn't enough time to perform So̢̢ų̀l͝ ͞Ę̛͢r҉àse̷r̷͝. Not enough time to pull on the air and shadows around you. It was there... but the time needed.

    And thus, you had launched yourself away from the attack, only for it to follow and strike you down.

    As you fell, you could only sigh. So this was what defeat was like.

    Darkness crept inwards, and as it did so, you could hear someone saying it was their turn, something about the invincible east... how unfair, the fight wasn't finished.

    You wanted it to go on and on and on...


    - - -​
    Lavender Blossom Quest -

    What Do?
    [X] Have a nice dream...
    [X] Wake up... just in time to encounter branch house elders...
    - - [X] You're in for a lecture... no escape.
    [X] Something else

    - - -​
    Notes : still somewhat dissatisfied by what I've got here... but posting it. -_-
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2014
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  3. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is the internet and not Danbooru

    [X] Have a nice dream...
    Event Roll - 1d100 → [92] = Looking good there

    The darkness was soft, and you floated within it.


    Guinevere galloped swiftly across the glen like a white ghost, the immaculate color of your horse had been why you named her so. You can feel the way she moved her body, the motions needed to make the world fly around you. Your ma did not like it when you took your Guinevere out so far from home, but there were times when you need to spread your wings, to race faster and faster.


    You had always been a gangly one. All arms and legs everywhere. Your da always claimed you were his favorite wee spider. And you put truth to his words as you climbed up the side of Dragon's Tooth. It felt good to stretch, to reach out to another near invisible outcrop for support before pulling yourself higher. The warmth of the sun countered the chill breeze beneath the blue skies.

    The roar of Fire's Fall from the the top of Dragon's Tooth was loud and enough to shake the unwary. A slip here would send you screaming to your death, as some of your great great grand uncles had discovered.


    The water from the top of Fire's Falls was cold, strong and oh so pure. Your great great grand da had drunk of it when first he had raised Caer DunBroch, the light of the setting sun had made it burn golden red as he stood atop of Dragon's Tooth, having successfully scaled it. It was by right of doing so that he was declared the lord of DunBroch.


    There were some who claimed you were not the rightful daughter of your da, that you were a changeling. You stood not for that insult, nor did your da and ma. And those boys who stated such were sore at being best by you in archery, in swinging swords about, in running, in climbing. They didn't dare, their spirits were small.


    You first met her, one early morn, while out riding in the woods over the top of the hills. In shadows cast by trees, the mist of the night not yet dispelled, she walked. An ancient crone, white of hair, face and body worn down by time. The witch.

    You held no fear for her, nor the bravado to be rude to her. If this was a tale in an earlier age, and you a boy and she a wizard... you might perhaps have been cast as the bear king Artorius, and she your Myrddin Emrys. But you weren't, and thus you nodded at her, and she at you.


    Every now and then, you would visit her, with a rabbit or perhaps some fish, or on rare occasions when your ma made them, honey cakes. You would share your bounty with her, and talk of things you've heard. For her part, she taught you the ways of the creatures that roamed the woods, the ways of mixing herbs, spices, and assorted plants.

    More, she taught you how to open your heart to the world, to the air and the darkness hidden within it. A priceless gift, for it strengthened you, allowed you to hear the song of the world. To sense the way things were. To hear the words of those pass.


    Your mother was displeased with you, in some ways and yet oddly pleased. For while you still ventured forth on Guinevere, you hewed more to her words, and learned well the craft of the heath. The arts of cooking, of sewing, of caring for one's home. And yet, now and then, you would run off in the morn without a word or warning, free as the wind, to return later in the evening.


    War. But not one such as you and your clan have known. They came from the north and east, allied with your clan's enemy. Cold steel and fire were theirs to use as they thundered down the glen and into Caer DunBroch. You weren't there, but you can only imagine the womenfolk and children sent into the fortress, while the men folk fought the reavers.


    You returned home to burned ruins. Your da dead. Your ma dead after being defiled. Your sisters could not be found. Your brothers dead, their bodies torn by dogs. Those of Clan Aenslan had not died easily, for here and there amongst your kinsmen and kinswomen were the dead of Clan Fraser.

    There were no words for the sorrow in your heart. In rage, in agony... you could only scream to the heavens, and allowed your heart to open to the world. Better to be made no more than to be left the last of your clan.


    Dissolution didn't bring an end.


    You were more shadow and air than flesh. Your form was but a dream, a suggestion by the will of the world. You wondered the highlands, clad in rags that served as a hooded cloak.

    Your presence heralded by blood-lust and grief, lust and despair.


    Years passed, and Clan Fraser is no more. You had hounded the last of them to the grave. And thus you set after their reaver allies.

    They called you the Morrigan, for your passage brought only strife, and you left naught but the dead behind you. And with each battle, with each conflict, you only learned more, drank more of the darkness within the air.

    Became less human. But then, hadn't you already died?


    The decades flew by, then centuries. And in the end, you slumbered within the heart of the world. One with the air and darkness. Perfection. Eternity.

    Save for the sound of bells.


    The darkness was soft, and you floated within it.

    And then you woke up.

    - - -
    Lavender Blossom Quest - Year 10 Dreams

    What Do?
    [X] Wake up... just in time to encounter branch house elders. No escaping the lecture now.
    [X] Wake up... and try to escape the lecture you KNOW is coming...
    [X] Wake up... and start detailing notes on your dream and get caught by branch house elders...
    [X] Write In
  4. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Sauce is Danbooru /posts/1555767

    [X] Wake up... and start detailing notes on your dream and get caught by branch house elders...

    You wake up and scrabble for your note book to write your half remembered dream before it simply disappear from your memory as dreams are wont to.

    Really, it seemed a good idea when you were doing it, as oppose to when the door to your bedroom slid open.

    Politely. Evenly and slowly that still managed to convey how upset the branch house elders who looked after this estate were.

    You could only look up from your note book as they looked down on you with sunlight streaming in behind them. "Young mistress, it is good that you're awake and well."

    It was subtle, perhaps invisible to those without the right eyes, but you were in trouble. The elders were very disappointed with you. So much so that they would likely speak to your father.

    You had no choice but to answer politely. "I feel fine, did someone use medical jutsu on me?"

    "Indeed, such is the power and versatility of proper Hyuuga techniques." their smiles and the way they spoke said just HOW disappointed they were with you and the little fracas you were in with your classmates. Of how you had abandoned Hyuuga techniques to brawl like some hooligan on the streets.

    This was not proper Hyuuga behaviour. And someone was going to be speaking to your father.

    Yeah... you were in big trouble. Thankfully, given that you were the heir to the Main House, you'll just have to sweet-talk your father into forgiving you. It wasn't an impossible task.

    You had to sigh and follow after the elders as they politely walked about the mansion, every now and then you caught sight of the outside gardens where your classmates and the branch house members were fixing. You had to conceal the wince at the sight, the elders had lightly directed the path for that exact reason.

    This was calculated. You hated it. You loved it. Because it was subtle and meticulous. It was beautiful in a way just how the elders of Hyuuga could give the impression of absolute disappointment without saying a word or even looking any different than normal.

    It was a skill that you hadn't seen in non-Hyuuga. The absolute stillness that conveyed emotions so subtle and sublime. Everyone else that you had encountered screamed their emotions with their every motion in comparison.

    And thus did the rest of the vacation continue in that vein as the gardens were repaired and made anew by Hyuuga hands aided by your classmates.

    Thankfully, the voyage back home didn't involve any actual taxation, even if you did encounter the border patrol briefly.

    Instead there was a running battle with a group of pirates who didn't know better and thought that just because they had a few ninja academy drop outs and former genin that they were powerful...

    It wasn't really a battle, being more of a one sided massacre before you questioned the survivors, looted their base, freed some civilian prisoners, and claimed the bounty on the pirates when you brought them back to Fire Country harbor.

    A nice end to the vacation.

    But now you had to face the music.
    - - -​
    You are Haruno Sakura, and you are a ganki girl! You had a fun vacation with your classmates! Even if the relatives of Hyuuga were dour people who made you clean up the mess from the fight you had.

    You weren't used to that. Having to clean up after fights.

    You also made wonderful discoveries like most of your classmates were like you! Well, except for Chouji. You didn't like Chouji. No one likes people who used Atomic Pile Crushers on other people.

    Perhaps, you MIGHT be a little sore, but even if he was from your time... that russian was a bit too much with his technique.

    Still, it was fun.

    You even had to beat up on some pirates.

    It's now fall... what did you want to do?
    - - -
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 10 Strike Back

    What Do?
    [X] Time Skip To Graduation?!?!?
    [X] Write In on the slow path?
  5. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:

    [X] You have been slacking in merchant training. Focus yourself on how to make friends, influencing people, and negotiation.

    You have been slacking. You have to be honest with yourself, playing at school and learning jutsu like a good student. Playing with mother and punching stuff is fun, as is painting and working on Maya and genjutsu... but there had been something you had been slacking off on.


    Or rather the art of buying and selling.

    And to be successful in that, you need to be able to connect with people, to be able to befriend them in an instant, to make them see that what you want to sell was something that they wanted, no, needed. The ability to talk to people, the diplomatic skills that come from negociating to a fair compromise that everyone could agree to, that even if no one got everything that they wanted, they all got something they wanted.

    To that end, you talk to father.

    Or rather, you bargained with father for some time after classes. Doing a hard sell with charts and how cost effective it would be for him to have you around after your classes.

    You spent time talking with your classmates during lunch.

    And discover just how little you actually knew about your classmates, and those of your generation. Of how they saw you as an aloof princess in the academy... you had no minions left because Naruto had scooped them and were their big sister. Your peers had carved out their own niches, as had you inadventantly.

    The genius.

    The girl to watch from far away. The one that no one dare become close with because you were going to go places, rise so high that no one else could compare.

    Thankfully, you had your peers. Your blood sisters; Naruto, Ino, Hinata. You had Shikimaru who was willing to talk to you as an equal. You had Chouji who was... well... he was Chouji. There was bug boy who was creepy on so many levels with the way he would just look at you silently.

    It was lonely being the best when you looked around.

    Still, it would take time to get your classmates to open up to you.

    Meanwhile, your father takes to having you around his office once more, this time... he assigned you to work with the workers. You learned how heavy the work could be as you did grunt work, needing to use chakra to compensate for the weight and work involved in loading and unloading caravans.

    Still, you had asked for this.

    And Hard Work was something [You] were used to. The previous you had done this before.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 10 Hard Work
    What Do?
    [X] Winter Trip with dad.
    [X] Write In.
  6. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    click image for larger version​

    Sauce is Mononoke Hime.

    [X] Winter Trip with dad.
    Event roll - 1d100=8

    Your father, it appeared, was willing to accept you wanting to learn the trade as it were. But here and now, it wasn't the fun and easy stuff.

    No, now he worked you to the bone after school.

    "Well, since I don't need to sell it to you, but you're selling it to me, of course I will take you for every yen." was all that he said when he assigned you to work with his workers as they loaded the wagons of the caravan.

    You learned to appreciate your chakra enhancement skills. More than that, you learned to appreciate how hard your father's workers had to work. Each and every load was heavy, and he kept shuffling you about in the menial positions.

    When you had the time to think about it, there is the realization that this did more than build up your strength and stamina. It gave you a healthy look at what your future employees would have to do while in your employ. That this wasn't all fun and games.

    When winter came for you with its holiday from the academy, your father told you that you would be accompanying him on a trip. There was no discussion, it was simply an accepted fact that you would go.

    Packing your pack didn't take long. Helping load the wagons, on the other hand... that was long, given that it was heavy crates of steel ingots being loaded up in the wagons.

    The trip was more you looking out the wagon as you headed eastward. The first stop effectively was Wave country where some of the steel was offloaded for Gatou corp, while the caravan took on more cargo in the form of perishable and non-perishable food before setting sail in one of Gatou's ships.

    While you didn't get to meet Gatou again, you did get to meet his samurai. They were nice and gave you sweet meats and fruits.

    Eventually, the caravan was let off in Water Country. Your father had explicit instructions for you to not show off your bloodline limit, and if asked about any chakra ability you had... you were a drop out from the Konoha academy and nothing more.

    You had to nod at him awkwardly.

    Still, the land was rather foggy in the morning.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 10 Winter

    What Do?
    [X] Write In
  7. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Sauce is Naruto Wiki

    [X] Practice is the key to success
    Event Roll 1d100=86

    o/~ We're no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do I
    A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
    You wouldn't get this from any other guy o/~

    The inner you is hummming as you help unload the caravan wagons. Oddly, your father has had you doing the normal light work that girls in your age group can do... namely, inventory of what was unloaded.

    Certainly, you remember the lessons in class, of the political realities in other villages and countries. While the classes were slanted somewhat towards making Konoha and the Fire Nation sound good, it still did an excellent job of teaching you certain things.

    For one, Kirigakure the Village Hidden in the Mist or as it was otherwise known, the Village of the Bloody Mist, and its host had certain issues with bloodline limits due to the civil wars that had raged within it. Ninja or even just civilians with bloodline limits escalated things faster and harder than normal people.

    So much so, that there was a certain discrimination if one demonstrated ability beyond what one normally could.

    The other was that they were paranoid, those Kirigakure. Not that you could fault them, after all, an ally today was an enemy tomorrow. And you were merchants from the Fire Country, and thus suspect by fiat of being outsiders. Even so, the amount of checks in the roads to determine that you were legitimate was a tad eye-rising.

    Which might explain why you had been told to behave and restricted from actual taijutsu or overt chakra usage. Which was why you had stayed with just doing your drawing and painting as the caravan had meandered about the Country of Water. They didn't demand tolls, but they did inspect the caravan and its crew to make sure that there was nothing shady going on.

    In your eyes, it was those brooding nins from Kirigakure that were shady with the way the older ones simply radiated bloodlust all the time.

    Especially when your destination was Kirigakure itself. You knew this based on the architecture, the fact that there were active nins everywhere with Kiri headbands, and then there was the fact that the mist just wouldn't leave despite the sun being up in the sky.

    Thankfully, the items being unloaded were luxury items; namely fine Fire Country rice wine made from rice grown in Earth Country. Thus was the web of economy strengthen with the transport of exotic items that were pricey due to their rarity and how desirable they were.

    Seeing as the customers were assorted high end restaurants as well as businesses, it's not a surprise that there were Kirigakure nins on hand observing the transactions to ensure that there were no funny business, and that you were paid properly. Also that the Kiri businesses paid their tariffs on their purchases.

    Okay, so it might NOT all be the fact that you're foreigners but possibly also a matter of taxation.

    You can see why your father didn't like tax collectors, nor the assorted businesses and merchants he had to deal with. Still, you were introduced to a number of businessmen of Kirigakure as the heir of Haruno International Trading. You got to shake a lot of hands, and smile and people and get offer sweet meats and candies.

    Okay, this wasn't TOO bad as things went.

    With the last load of wine unloaded and delivered to the last customers, you find yourself with some free time and some spare change. You're also given explicit instructions not to go to far, and of where the caravans would be for the next two days, and the location of the inn that the caravan workers would be resting at.

    You're allowed to run about.

    The question is... should you?

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 10 Kirigakure

    What Do?
    [X] Stay with dad, have dinner before going to the local theater.
    [X] Stay with dad, have dinner before going to bed, you had a long day tomorrow.
    [X] Run off and have some fun, you had some money and free time.
    [X] Write In