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Wondering Around, Lost and Alone [Negima?!/multiverse SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by OverReactionGuy, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. OverReactionGuy

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
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    This is my non jumpchain multiverse SI that I said I was going to do awhile ago because it gave me more creative freedom.

    Anyway, in summery: This is a tale about a girl that appeared out of thin air at Mahora Academy and her struggles as she comes to terms with her new life and her fleeting memories.

    And the warning for it would be likely the same as my jumpchain

    Warning: Rated M for mature. Contains: swears, suggestive themes, and violence.

    Story will likely be updated once every week.
  2. OverReactionGuy

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 1: Where and I? Who am I?​

    I awoke with a start, my skin clammy from the cold sweat on my skin and my heart racing from the nightmare I just experienced. I had a profound sense of lose, enough that I even felt tears start trailing down my cheeks. For the life of me however, I couldn't remember. My name was lost to me, how I even got here was lost to me. I just sat on this bed I found myself in, my tears still flowing, and I could only ask why?

    Why was I crying? Was it the loss I felt? I didn't know, but with a sniff I wiped the tears away from my eyes. I hoped that would stop them from crying and it worked somewhat. Just taking deep breaths seemed to have helped, I just needed to calm down and then I could start figuring things out. That was what I kept telling myself as I took a breath in and then out. So that when I finally calmed down I could devote myself to finding out the many questions that has been running through my head.

    Like where was I? How did I get here? Who am I?

    Of course just asking those questions to myself didn't reveal the answers. My memories were muddled and vague. Which means I still had them at least. Or at least enough to function as I am and maybe forge a new identity out of. Closing my eyes, I decided to try and force myself to remember; my face scrunched up at I concentrated harder.

    Fire as far as the eye could see. Death surrounding me, the smell of burning flesh plugging up my noise as I choked on the deadly smoke. The screams deafen my ears, and I was truly helpless for the first time in my life.

    My eyes snapped open as I gasped for air. I unintentionally held my breath as the memory of my apparent death came to my mind full force. I was shocked, as that was the same as my nightmare. I had hoped that was just a silly dream, but I think I remembered someone saying that dreams were memories or something along those lines. That might have been the case but it just left me more confused than I was before.

    How was I still alive for starters? If that dream was real, there was no chance of survival. Burning alive and choking on the smoke does not make for a great situation. It also apparently hurt like hell, my body shivered just from the memory. I could even feel goosebumps on my arms as I crossed them, mimicking a hug. I thought I needed one badly, but no one else was here to administer one.

    Taking another deep breath, I decided to take stock of my situation.

    One, judging by my surroundings it was safe to assume that I was in some kind of medical facility, though not a common one. It seemed like one that would be at a school instead of a hospital. I also apparently had enough experience to tell the difference between the two even though I couldn't remember said experiences still.

    Two, I was a white female from the looks of it. I estimated somewhere between twenty to thirty years old, judging by my level of growth. Or a well developed teen, but that didn't feel right. Though this also brought up another problem due to the fact that I was apparently naked and the blanket that was covering me before was the only thing protecting my modesty. Strangely I didn't feel the urge to cover up my chest like a normal girl, but I probably would have decked any guy if they were here to witness said nudity. Did that make a tsundere? What was a tsundere anyway? What a strange word.

    But to preserve my apparently absent modesty, I covered myself up with the blanket again. It was chilly in the room anyway. Though of course this means that who ever brought me here in the first place saw me naked and if it was a guy I was morally obligated to break their legs. Or something.

    Third, I had amnesia. Likely trauma induced amnesia, which was a good thing I think. Since that would mean I didn't suffer from a brain injury and my memories would likely come back to me in time instead of being destroyed forever by brain damage or something of the like. So I could safely assume I didn't need to worry about that.

    I let out a sigh of relief at my findings. It could have been much worse, and it could have been better. But at least I wasn't a charred corpse somewhere.

    I apparently started to cry again thinking about that, the sense of loss stabbed me deeply. It was at that point I heard someone unlock the door to the infirmary or where ever I was and stepped in. To my great relief it was a women, so I didn't need to commit unprovoked violence on a hapless male whose only crime would have been carrying me to the infirmary, I think. I believed that there was lack of evidence that would have suggested anything else on my person.

    But the women that stepped in herself, had a very... well, kind looking face laced with concern as she watched my tears stream down my face uncontrollably. She also had very impressive in size mammary glands, that I couldn't help but wonder how much back pain she must deal with on a daily basis and if she would share the secret in dealing with it as I probably forgotten how to myself. Though, my own breasts were much smaller than hers.

    She apparently snapped out of whatever funk she found herself in as she stepped in the room and shut the door, since she actually opened her mouth to ask me something instead of watching me cry uncontrollably.

    I hoped I could control that response in the future.

    “Are you alright?” She rushed over to a desk, which was probably hers, and grabbed a few tissue. She handed me them when she made it by my bedside and I used them effectively. By wiping my eyes and blowing my nose that apparently got irritated.

    After that as done, I rolled the kleenex up into a ball and tossed it over to the garbage can with much success. Though, I realized that I may have accidentally flashed the nurse, though she didn't look like it bothered her. I guess that was in her job description or something. Anyway, she asked me a question so it would have been rude not to answer.

    “No,” I stated calmly, my voice a little horse for some reason. “I appear to have amnesia and my emotions may or may not be stunted due to whatever happened to me.”

    She continued to look at me in concern, I had a gut feeling that she was indeed a good person.

    “You don't remember nothing at all?” She asked and started to check me over, though she must have forgot about the cloths she as holding because they dropped to the ground as she let go. “Ah!” She exclaimed in surprise, and then bent down to pick the cloths back up that I could only assume were for me.

    “I only remember that I was set on fire and was apparently choking to death before everything went blank.” I said and she dropped the cloths again in apparently shock. “Otherwise, I don't know who I am or where I came from besides the scientific explanation. I think.”

    “That explains...” She muttered as she finally picked up the cloths and set them at the end of the bed.

    “Hmm?” I tilted my head quizzically, wondering what she meant by that. She noticed and decided, after what appeared to be much consideration, to elaborate.

    “When I found you...” She took a breath to steady herself. “You were screaming and flailing around on the ground like you were trying to put out an imaginary fire.” Which would explain why my voice was hoarse. “I had to sedate you so you couldn't injure yourself further.”

    I blinked.

    “I was injuring myself?” I question in my own curiosity. She looked distinctly uncomfortable now, looking anywhere but at me.

    “You were...” She looked down at the ground and took a breath before looking me straight in the eyes. “Scratching yourself and tearing skin off.”

    I quickly looked at my arms and saw no scratch marks, scares or blemishes of any kind. Just smooth peachy-white skin and looked at her confused.

    “You were healing faster than you could injure yourself.” She answered my unspoken question, her voice only a little louder than a whisper. I saw an unfamiliar emotion grace in her expression before I remembered. It was one of pity? I wondered why.

    “I see...” I paused, taking in this new information. “Thank you for your help then, I rather like not screaming and scratching myself hard enough to draw blood as I apparently did.”

    “It ok... I didn't really do anything to be thanked for.” She muttered that last part, seemingly off balanced with how blasé I was being. She sighed, before steeling herself once more. “if you wouldn't mind, may I ask you a question? It may jog your memory.”

    “Go ahead.” I allowed.

    “Have you ever been to a place called Mundus Magicus?” She asked and I pondered the question for a good while. Racking what little memories I apparently had.

    After much deliberation I could conclude that I haven't been to that place before. I shook my head no to say as such, and she sighed. I guess she hopped that it would have allowed me to remember what happened. But still... there was something that I caught on...

    “I haven't been there, but I apparently heard of it before? Its Latin for Magic world right?” She nodded her head yes and I continued. “I think its on Mars.”

    “You are correct on that, so you at least remembered something more.” She stated, and then frowned as she started to think.

    “If you don't mind me asking,” I paused to see if she would interrupt me, “Why did you ask me about the Magic World?”

    She gave me a sad smile.

    “I was hoping, given your magical nature, that we may have been able to track down your family or at least any friends of yours seeing as you didn't really have any ID on you. Oh!” She let out a gasp and then blushed. “I-i'm sorry.” She apologized and gave me a quick bow. “I should have let you put the cloths I brought you on first before we started talking!” She then quickly realized something else. “I didn't even introduce myself!” She bopped her own head as a reprimand and then bowed to me again. “I'm really sorry about that, my name is Shizuna Minamoto.”

    “Its alright,” I put my hands up in what I hoped to be a calming jester, “call me... Mary.”

    She blinked and tilted her head to the side. “Mary?”

    “Yeah.” I confirmed. “It just feels like something I would name myself.”

    “I see.” She stated, still seemingly confused. “Well, while you put your cloths on I'll be heading out to get the Dean.” She paused and looked at me. “Would you like some water?”

    “Yes please... and why the Dean?” I asked, wondering why she would be bringing a school Dean to come see me. Though I apparently did trespass in a school.

    “Ah... I forgot you probably wouldn't know.” She cleared her throat. “ The Dean of Mahora Academy, where you appeared in, is the head of the Kanto magic association.”

    So... he's probably important. I thought with wonder. I'm curious as to why he's running a school now.

    My body stiffened as I felt Shizuna hug me.

    “You don't need to worry,” She said soothingly and gently rubbed my back. “I can guaranteed you will receive all the support you need, so just take your time and adjust” I felt my tears again and sniffed. My entire body started to shake. “There's no need to force yourself anymore.”

    We stayed like that for a few minutes as I got control of myself again.

    I felt her let go and I looked up at her with probably blood shot eyes from all the crying I've been doing lately and simply said. “Thank you.”

    She smiled and said, “Don't mention it.”

    With that, she turned and left the room, I heard her make she she locked it before going to where I assumed the Dean was. So I was left in an empty room, and with an equally enpty head staring at the cloths she left me.

    She smelled nice. I thought before shaking my head. I could tell I was blushing.

    But without anything else to do, I got up and put on my new clothing, and then waited. Wondering what the future with bring.

    I just hoped it wasn't fire again. Fire is bad.

    And done.

    The start of one of my more sedate stories thats a multiverse SI, but mainly Negima first since that will be “Mary's” Homeworld.

    She does have powers, and will likely become OP in time and with enough training. That was kinda hinted at. Also the only reason why I stopped the chapter here is because it would have likely dragged on for another 3 thousand words and I generally like my chapters only at like 2000 or 2500 at most.

    Also one of the first times I wrote a character like Mary, I just hope I could keep it up without making her silly like most of my Ocs end up being.

    Also, I only read the negima manga about three? Four years ago I think. So I may butcher some of the characters, for that I'm sorry.

  3. chiufan95

    chiufan95 Lol

    Nov 15, 2015
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    Watched, and waiting for the next chapter.
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  4. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    OverReactionGuy The only Sane one left

    Oct 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 2: Getting on track​

    As I waited in the nurse's office, I didn't really have much to do after putting on my clothes. Which fit, but were a little tight around the chest. I didn't know whether I should be happy about that or not. I honestly didn't seem like the type to care about that sort of thing beyond discomfort. Or maybe I did? The size of my chest certainty entered my thoughts more often than not, but I think it's mainly because I'm bored.

    I was bored of sitting on the bed, kicking the air with my legs. Boredom was apparently my arch nemesis; I was happy to find that out because it's something else I was able to remember! Or something. So... going by what I learned now, I'm a woman around twenty something years of age, am rather impatient, don't have a sense of modesty, and am likely emotionally stunted. Well, not really. I still feel things, like loss and boredom, but things are just dull. Like nothing is real. But I knew for a fact that this was real, otherwise I wouldn't feel pain... and I apparently felt so much of it I thought tearing my skin off was a good idea.

    Sighing, I decided to stop my introspection and allowed my eyes to room around the room. It was rather spartan, with a few beds and privacy curtains. Even the desk Shizuna uses has few personal objects. I just wished there was a magazine or something to alleviate my ever prevalent boredom. There was a computer, but it wouldn't be polite for me to get on it. Besides, for the strangest reason I had a feeling that if it was my computer, I would punch anyone that tried to use it without my permission.

    I'd rather not get punched for being rude. I blinked and got of the bed with a little hop.

    Do I even know how to punch people? I mused, glancing at my hands as I did; they were fairly delicate, with no calluses at all. The hands of someone that never worked a day in their life. For some reason this irritated me greatly, but for the life of me of me I couldn't figure out. Shrugging the feeling off, I made a fist with my right hand, firmly tucking my thumb in the center of it for its own protection, and punched through the air.

    “That didn't feel right...” I stated, my brow frowning as I looked at my fist. “Punching someone like this would likely break my thumb... wouldn't it?” I tilted my head, trying to remember if that was right or not.

    I sighed, and moved my thumb from the center to the side of my hand. I hoped this was the right way to make a fit before I let my body relax in a stance I half remembered and likely got from watching action movies or something; My right fist was just a bit above my hip while my left was straight out.

    I then punched with my right, it cut through the air with a nice sound, and my left was now in the same position my right was in before I started. I relaxed, and nodded my head. That felt better than it was before, though I didn't think it was something I was used to doing. It was awkward, and I could tell I didn't have any muscle memory regarding said punch; but I knew I could now fulfill my role as a tsundere if I ever found someone I fancied.

    The childhood friends route was obviously not something I could do, but I could definitely do the mysterious woman route. I even had amnesia! That had to be worth bonus points for being a mysterious person.

    I then realized I had no idea what the hell I was thinking about. Scratching my head, I wondered why I knew all of those terms and not my real name or something more useful. It made me rather peeved, and wonder what the hell I did with my previous life that those terms were so deeply engraved in my memory that not even what must have been a rather traumatizing event wiped them free of my brain.

    Before I got any further with my increasingly confusing thoughts, I was interrupted with a knock on the door. Startled, I jumped a bit as I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings.

    “Mary, are you dressed?” I heard Shizuna ask through the door. I was a little bit put out that she may have thought me stupid enough to stay naked when given clothing. But then I was probably blowing that out of proportion.

    I wondered if that my was my normal reaction to things? Just another thing for me to think about. But I was asked a question, so I must answer honestly.

    “Yes.” I said blankly, my voice reaching a emotionless monotone as I delved deep into my mysterious female character trope. I may have got that wrong though. Ah well, it wasn't important.

    “Alright, we're coming in.” She unlocked the door, and opened it. I smiled slightly before I saw who came in after her. My eyes widen in surprise and I was absolutely speechless.

    A fairly old man walked through the door after Shizuna. He looked positively ancient, with sunken eyes that don’t seem like they would ever open. He had a long white beard that covered his chin all the way down his chest, his ears looked like they drooped down to his shoulders and were pierced with silver, oval-like earrings. His clothes looked like a mix between a gi and formal wear.

    Good god... what’s up with that old guy’s head? I had thought as I stared at it in shock. It was elongated in a way that looked like his brain was mostly in the large lump that was in the back of the skull, than actually in his head. He was very old, and looked like a stereotypical martial arts master.

    He smiled at me, and my back straightened up.I was somewhat embarrassed for being caught staring too long, but I couldn’t help it. He just looked so odd and for some reason, I was half expecting him to rub his beard as he examined me critically and then whack my head for the stupidest reasons. I either had a good imagination, or watched too many martial arts movies from before, but that is at least another thing I could add to the list of self discovery on who I am or who I was. Yay.

    “So you're the young lady that appeared from the world tree?” He hmmed and started rubbing his beard, oh god. I quickly put my hands on my head to defend it from whacking and he raised a big bushy eyebrow in confusion. Shizuna only blinked.

    “Yes I apparently am.” I stated again with perfect monotone, my hands still on top of my head. My face betrayed none of my growing panic. The old guy continued to stare at me as I valiantly protected my head.

    “What are you doing?” He finally gave in and asked, his hand ceasing to stroke his bushy white beard in preparation to strike!

    “Defending my head from an ancient kung-fu master.” I bluntly replied, causing Shizuna to choke a little as she suppressed her laughter. We both looked at her struggling until she managed to regain her composure.

    “I don't know kung-fu.” The old man said gravely. “I know magic.”

    “Ah,” I lowered my hands, “please don't sheep me.”

    The old man raised his eyebrow and even Shizuna looked a little lost. So I decided to explain my logic. “The fact that you use magic means you are likely a “mage,” and thus can turn people into sheep.”

    “No, we can't.” He said simply, humoring me. I found myself relaxing ever so slightly, the old man seemed nice. “We normally turn people into Ermines.”

    I instantly tensed and looked at the ancient old man warily. I didn't know what a Ermine was, but it sounded rodenty, and I'd rather not get turned into a rat. The ancient mage just chuckled softly at my look.

    Shizuna sighed, one that spoke of how many times she had to deal with the old man’s sense of humor. “Sir.”

    “Right, right.” The old man cleared his throat, all traces of his earlier humor vanishing. “I am Konoemon Konoe, the school dean,” before pausing and adding the next part in what appeared to be an afterthought. “As well as the chief of the Kantō Magic Association.” He started to stroke his long white beard again.

    “Ah.” I blink in surprise, just remembering who Shizuna said she was going to go get. “I'm Mary.” I paused in thought. “Mary-Anne Sue?” I tilted my head to the side and then shook it. “Just Mary for now, until I think of something better.”

    “Hmm.” his brow furrowed, as if he was contemplating something. “It'll do, but it will likely take a few days to get your identity set up. Incidentally, would you like to enroll in the college?”

    I blinked, wondering how our previous conversation lead to that.

    That certainly came out of the blue. I thought, tilting my head as I considered it.

    “College?” I stated, feeling subdue. Like a memory just slipped from my grasp before I could catch it.

    “Well, you would need to take a few tests first to make sure you're ready for that. If not, it would be easy to assign someone to help you catch up to the rest of the students. Hmm.” He paused and then looked at me again. “Sadly you can't pass off as a elementary student, or middle schooler, so you would have to jump straight into things without having that backing. “

    I looked over at Shizuna hesitantly, as I tried to process what exactly was going on. She gave me a comforting smile and tapped the Konoemon on the shoulder.

    “Yes?” He asked, turning his head towards Shizuna only for her to point at me. The ancient mage blinked once and looked at me. “Oh, sorry. I was getting ahead of myself.”

    “It's okay.” I said with a hint of my growing confusion. Colledge? Student? Me? Why? I clutched my head, starting to feel something akin to a headache… something I was familiar with.

    “Are you ok?” Shizuna asked with concern.

    “Yeah,” I gave her what I hoped to be a reassuring smile. The dull pain I felt subsided, so that helped. “I’m ok.”

    “You sure?” She questioned, and looked like she just wanted to come over and give me a check up right then and there. “If you like, we could stop here so you can rest.”

    “True, we do have plenty of time to work things out.” The old mage added.

    “I’ll be fine.” I started poking my cheek, feeling a bit bashful in front of people that actually seem to care about my well being. “Why put off things tomorrow when you can do it today, afterall.”

    “If you’re sure.” Shizuna stated and I nodded my head ‘yes’.

    “Hmm,” Konoemon looked at me to make sure it was alright to continue on. “Well, to explain what I was going on about.” He paused as he gathered his worse. “I was thinking of ways to give you a bit of history in this world. As to the pencil pushers, you wouldn’t exist here.” I nodded my head in understanding. “But as however you’ve came here gave you at least a grasp on the local language, it may have given you knowledge on other subjects as well. And since this is a school, an escalator one at that, it would be easier to create an identity for you if that was the case, enough to satisfy anyone and to avoid them looking too deeply into you.” He smiled softly. “Besides, going to this college and graduating would open many doors for you in the future, no matter what you decide to do.”

    “Oh...I see” I paused. “Local language? Knowledge dump?” I asked, looking at him with confusion written all over my face.

    “You're speaking perfect Japanese, and have knowledge that you may not have known before.” Shizuna explained helpfully.

    “And… That’s weird?” I scratched my head.

    “Oh!” Shizuna exclaimed in shock, one of her hands hovering over her mouth. “I forgot there wasn’t a mirror in here since the last one was broke accidentally.” She scratched the back of her head sheepishly as she remember exactly how that mirror got broken. “Ahem.” She cleared her throat in her sudden embarrassment. “Well, to put it bluntly, you would have a hard time blending in around here, like an idol trying to shop for groceries incognito.”

    I blinked twice. “Ehhhh?!” I exclaimed in surprised. I could get not fitting in here due to the fact I know for sure I am not Japanese, but going far enough to compare me to something like a celebrity?

    Shizuna nodded her head and put her hand under her chin as she inspected me more closely.

    “Your skin is absolutely flawless without any imperfections, something that doesn’t happen, and you’re rather uncannily beautiful.” She stated and I could feel myself blushing at her frank assessment. “Though the most obvious thing would be your ears.”

    “Ears?” I managed to say without squeaking, my voice just slightly higher pitched. She nodded her head.

    “Yep, they’re elven.” She tilted her head and hmm’d. “You will likely need to hide them, though people may think you’re just cosplaying, you’ll likely still get swamped with a lot of admirers.”

    “Eh?!” I exclaimed, as the very thought of that felt alien to the core of my being. The shock of how different my ears were likely didn’t even register to me.

    Shizuna started to giggle.

    “Ahem,” Komoemon cleared his throat; I jumped in shock a bit as I nearly forgot he was still there. I could tell I was still blushing badly even as Shizuna pouted. The old man raised one of his eyebrows at her. “Right, well that brings forth an issue.” I blinked and quickly sobered as I looked at the old man intently. “Likely nothing too serious, but there is the issue on how you came to be here.”

    My face scrunched in thought before I nodded my head in understanding. I could see how appearing from thin air would be an issue.

    “The world tree isn’t an active gate after all, so I believe we can narrow it down to two possibilities, each with their own issues, but will at least will help solve the mystery of who you are or exactly what you are.

    “Yes, well... there is also the issue of how you came here.” Konoemon interjected. “The World Tree isn't an active gate, so there are two possibilities or so on exactly what you are, and how you came here.”

    “What I am?” My body tensed, I didn't like the direction this appeared to be going in. I was human, elven ears or not, I couldn't be anything but.

    “Well, going by what Shizuna said about your healing, you may be an immortal; one that was escaping Mudou Magus for reasons unknown and happened to stumble upon a very old out-of-use gate to this world, which jumbled up your memories in transit.” I nodded my head slowly, barely wrapping my head around the immortal bit.

    “What if I was just a fast healer?”I interrupted him before he went onto the other possibility. “That seems more likely right?” My heart started beating faster at the possibility of being unable to die.

    Something in me thought that would be a fate worse than death, watching everyone you care about wither away from time while you remain the only static thing in an ever-changing world. It would be hell.

    “I suppose that is true, it is a rather big jump in theory, and one that I wouldn't want to test.” He acknowledged calmly, and I felt myself relax just a little. “Either way there might be a group of people after you, and we won't know for sure until a few of my contacts investigate your background in the other world... if you are from there.”

    My background is being investigated? I thought with a hint of panic before taking a deep, calming breath. Well, I suppose that is reasonable, as I am literally a total stranger to these people. One that they are apparently willing to help out... wait.

    “If I am from there?” I asked, perplexed. “If I'm not from there, then where would I be from? I know I am not from here at least... probably.”

    “Where indeed,” he mused scratching his beard as he considered something. “You know, there are many legends surrounding the world tree.” He started to say with a far away look, as if he was remembering something from the past. “Some say it was here ever since the planet first came to be, making it so life could prosper on what would have been an otherwise desolate rock floating through space.” I tilted my head, considering that. “Then there are people who say it holds a very powerful tree spirit, the first child of Gaea.” He looked at me with his eyes actually open… no he looked past me, like he was baring into my soul. I was absolutely surprised, and hesitant, half-formed worries filling my head before I dismissed them. There was no way that was possible, that I would be a tree spirit… I would know if I was, right?

    “Then others say that it is a bridge between worlds, which is true in a way.” He finished and stroked his beard as he watched me take it everything in.

    “I-I see.” I said hesitantly, my thoughts were a frenzy of activity as I truly considered what he was saying. But…

    “What would that have to do with you?” He asked, as if he was reading my mind… I really hoped he wasn’t. Just in case I thought of a song that everyone, including me, knows and started to repeat it over and over in my head. His expression didn’t change and I think I managed to give myself a headache again.

    Damn it. I thought. At least that helped clear my head, and give me a distraction.

    “It’s a possibility you were born from the World Tree.” I twitched as he said that, my mind started flooding with thoughts again! “After all, legends all have a grain of truth within them.”

    “Oh…” I stated quietly, rubbing my forehead as I tried to wrap my head around that. “But… that means.” I stalled, trying to find the right words.

    “That you may be the daughter of a very ancient and powerful tree spirit?” He offered. “One that gave you the knowledge that you would need to grow and develop from?”

    “Or I could be that tree spirit…” I muttered and he looked at me in surprise. “Finally growing and gaining a personality after all these years.” I held my forehead in my hand as I tried to think.

    They looked at me in surprise.

    “That probably isn’t right.” I stated weakly, shaking my head of the notion. “It doesn’t feel right, or it isn’t everything. Like it could be true but not.” I gave them a weak smile. “Sorry… I can’t remember.”

    “It’s ok, just take your time.” Shizuna said quickly. The old man gave me a thoughtful look.

    “The problem would be the phantom burning sensation you felt.” Konoemon mused, drawing my attention back to him.

    I shivered as I remembered the pain.

    “If you were just born, then something may had try to interfere… which translated into that burning sensation.”He paused, lost in thought as I calmed myself down and braced myself. “Either way there is something wrong afoot.” He stated calmly. “Either a dark spirit tried to interfere with your birth, or someone was hunting you down for reasons unknown in Mudou Magus.” His expression turned serious, like he wanted nothing more than to hunt down the ones that could be responsible himself. “Neither of those are good, and I’ll need to make sure of this school’s defences.” He started to talk to himself as he thought out loud.

    I looked towards Shizuna and she simply shrugged. This at least allowed me to get my thoughts together, though it was rather worrying that there may be people after me that I had no memories of. But there are other things to think about that come first.

    “So, I may be a newly-born tree spirit?” I asked, more to myself than anyone else, but it startled the old mage out of his tangent nonetheless.

    It made some amount of sense. It also would have explained my amnesia nicely, as a being just born wouldn’t have memories as such. Getting an info dump would explain why I am even remembering a few things as if they were my own memories as well… regardless.

    “And there may be people after me because of it…” I stopped to collect my thoughts and gather myself. They kindly allowed me to. “Causing me pain either if I am a tree spirit or not.” My hands curled into fists as I felt an emotion that may as well have been for the first time.


    People were either coming after and damaged and hurt me so much that I lost all my memories to forget it even happened. Or something tried to kill me as I was being born, and I had no idea the reason… but likely because of what I would be, and what I was born from. The World Tree.

    “I guess my true name would be Yggdrasil if I actually am a tree spirit.” I stated as my anger started to fade, leaving but a simmer in it’s wake.

    “Possibly.” Konoemon stated calmly, allowing me to continue to gather my thoughts on this.

    I sighed.

    “We’ll find out one way or another.” I said and then looked directly at the ancient man. How could he be so calm. I wondered. If I really was born from an ancient and powerful spirit, or am one, how could he be so relaxed in my presence? I know I didn’t show myself to be aggressive, but still. I looked up at the ceiling. Why would they want to help someone like me anyway?

    I shook my head free of my pessimistic thoughts and slapped my cheeks, surprising them.

    “Alright, enough of that.” I said to myself. “I think I’ll take you up on your offer.” I stood up straight. “Also…” I hesitated, and turned my head to the side and poked my cheek. “If there is someone after, will you please teach me how to defend myself?!” I blurted out quickly and started to pant to catch my breath. “If…” I paused, hesitating once more. “If it isn’t any trouble.”

    “It would be no trouble at all.” Konoemon said gently and I fought down the urge to jump up in the air with my fist pointed at the ceiling shouting woot. I had no idea where that urge came from, so I chalked it up to the apparent knowledge dump I had. “I was planning on asking you when you got yourself situated.”

    I blinked.

    “Ah, that kinda makes sense.” I mused and scratched my cheek as I felt mildly embarrassed. The old man chuckled good-naturedly.

    “Now then, there are a lot of preparations that need to be made and documents to create.” Konoemon stated. “In the meantime…” He muttered a few words in latin and I saw a quick flash of light that disappeared in a blink of an eye. I looked at him in confusion. “Ah, it was a simple illusion to make your ears seem normal, the average person doesn’t know about magic after all.” I nodded my head in understanding. “Now if miss Minamoto wouldn't mind, you'll likely be staying with her until we can get you situated.”

    “I don't mind sir.” Shizuna stated cheerfully and gave me a bright smile, causing me to look down at the floor with my cheeks coloring a bit.

    “Well, now that is settled.” Konoemon coughed to clear his throat. “Let me be the first to welcome you to this world, and I hope you will have a pleasant stay.” He sincerely stated, before bowing.

    I didn't really know what to say to that, I had a lot to think about and so many questions that plagued my mind but... if I was going to do anything, I may as well be polite about it.

    “Thank you.” I said and gave him a sincere smile, bowing in return.

    If there was anything I got out of this meeting, it was that my life would be anything but boring.

    Special thanks to Mizu for betaing this chapter. It would have been littered with many errors if it wasn't for him. Still kinda iffy about this chapter if I am being completely honest and the plot is starting to become less enjoyable as I work it out. I'll likely continue to write the story, but updates will likely take a hit. I may concentrate on my jump-chain first, or not. Also, in unrelated news. SV started to eat my story format again and it pisses me off since it is the first time it happened in awhile. So if there is italics missing, well now you know why.
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