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Last Activity:
Dec 8, 2022 at 12:44 AM
Apr 26, 2013
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Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 29)
Orion Arm


Shadowed Philosopher, Male, 29, from Orion Arm


One of my favorite genres of visual fiction is nationalist cartography. Mar 7, 2015

alethiophile was last seen:
Dec 8, 2022 at 12:44 AM
    1. Jroetzer
      Hello, requesting name change to “readerMan” so as to match myself on other sites and services. Thank you in advance.
    2. Japanesemafia
      Hello, could you change my name to "Japanesemafia"?
    3. Madmax
      Hello is it possible that you can confirm my account because the conformation mail just doesn't arrive.
    4. Verifyer
      Hello, I need to change my email address
    5. Shami111
      I know the way to entertain myself
    6. Golden_Simian
      Can I get my name changed to Golden_Simian
      1. Vanathor
      2. Golden_Simian
        Thank you, boss man.
        Nov 6, 2022
    7. asdx
      QQbot died a day or two ago. Edit: And now it's back. Thanks!
    8. Raya
      Help please.I don't know how to verify my accounts.I don't have permission to do anything.
    9. Zreader
      I tried changing my email and never received a confirmation email, everything is locked down and I also can’t send DMs? Edit: ultima333 resolved it. sasuga admins
    10. Triumvirate_PHO
      Excuse me, can I ask for your help? Is it just me, or is QQ acting off? I'd pm you, but even that seems to be acting weird.
      1. Nicodemus
        I would suggest posting a thread in the suggestions and bugs section. It's better than posting on all the Staff's profile pages, and other users might be able to help the problem faster if no staff happen to not be online at the time.
        Oct 18, 2022
    11. Azur
      Hello, it seems I have insufficient permissions to post in the introduction thread. Could you help with that? Thank you.

      Edit: I made a profile post, just in case that was the problem, and I still don't have permission to post in the introduction thread or in any other thread. Help?
      1. asdx
        That's normal, you need a profile post or the like to gain permission to post elsewhere IIRC. It's the anti-spambot protection.
        Oct 16, 2022
        Azur likes this.
      2. Daniel K. English
        Daniel K. English
        wait, so now you can't even post in the intro thread without another post? dang
        Oct 16, 2022
        Azur likes this.
    12. RazeAndChaos
      This is my first forum I’ve really joined. I’m not sure how to activate my account, it states that I have insufficient permissions to post in the introduction board. Apologies, and Thank you for any assistance.
    13. AnimeA55Kicker
      Hi, I would like to request a name change. Guess I wasn't thinking when I made my profile, but I do not want my real name out on the site. A change to 'AnimeA55Kicker' please.
    14. Vaporwave
      Hey, could you delete my poll in 'going balls to the walls'? Thank you.
    15. WillSkys
      Hello! Sorry to bother but can I get my name changed to WillSkys

    16. marshmello0549
      Hey Im trying to post to post in the introduction thread but its say i dont have permission to post.
    17. Nér The Unspoken
      Nér The Unspoken
      Could you Validate me for editing my Profile?
      1. Enigmatic
        Sep 16, 2022
    18. Merlin
      Penguins are cute little things with funny feets
    19. Azazyel0714
      Excuse me I made a mistake and accidently posted my new DC/Bleach story in the questing side of the NSFW section could you move the thread to the NSFW Creative Writing side or do I need to recreate it myself
    20. Umbram
      Is it possible to change my name to "Umbram"?
    21. Cenx
      Hello, could I get a name change to Cenx?
    22. Sirik
      Hello, can I have my named changed to Sirik please?
    23. EgyptianDio
      Hello, can I have my name changed to EgyptianDio?
    24. chiefkeeffan07
      Hello!! Was hoping to have my name changed to 'chiefkeeffan07', thanks!!! one love.
    25. FantasyFan
      Hey I can't get a verification email for my new email address.

      and never mind it was in my spam box.
    26. PakaBaka
      Unable to read stories linked from discord, or post in the introduction thread to verify my humanity. Just trying to read some stories, would appreciate some help or guidance.
      1. alethiophile
        Try now.
        Sep 6, 2022
      2. PakaBaka
        Fantastic! Thanks for the help
        Sep 7, 2022
    27. aj0413
      Hey, sorry to bug you, but been stuggling to get confirmation email when I decided to switch my contact info; tried to switch back and still not coming through. It's pretty much broken an account I use heavily :/
      1. aj0413
        Okay, I eventually figured it out upon reading the front page banners for the first time in what feels like forever lol Seems that the alias was being auto blocked by the system and the microsoft backed accounts were just never getting the emails. Which is weird since I'm the business admin for those accounts and checked if they were being blocked by Spam filters or something ಠ▃ಠ
        Sep 2, 2022
    28. Rhaias
      Hello, could i get a name change to Rhaias? Thanks in advance :)
      1. alethiophile
        Sep 6, 2022
        Rhaias likes this.
    29. CupOfHappy
      Hi, can you please change my name to CupOfHappy
      1. alethiophile
        Sep 6, 2022
    30. Coslan
      Hello, would you be able to change my name to Coslan?
      1. alethiophile
        Sep 6, 2022
      2. Coslan
        Thank you!
        Sep 6, 2022
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    Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 29)
    Orion Arm
    Shadowed Philosopher


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