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Last Activity:
May 28, 2023 at 11:36 PM
Apr 26, 2013
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Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 30)
Orion Arm


Shadowed Philosopher, Male, 30, from Orion Arm


One of my favorite genres of visual fiction is nationalist cartography. Mar 7, 2015

alethiophile was last seen:
Managing account details, May 28, 2023 at 11:36 PM
    1. BackslashEcho
      Yo, it's been a while and the old IRC channel seems pretty dead. Is there a new hangout?
      If not... how've things been? Have you kept up with everyone? Should I make a discord or something?
    2. tiafanix7
      Hi i dont have permission to view or post anything on my account is it possible despite having verified tge account was wondering if yoy could help?
    3. Captian_eyes
      Can you verify my account for viewing contents
    4. Captian_eyes
      Hello, i would like have permission for my account please?
    5. Cetro
      Hello, I'd like to have permissions for my account please?
    6. Yucinco
      Hey ale, can I get my name changed into "Yucinco"? Thanks a bunch!
    7. subarashii
      Hi, i would like to change my username to ArcaneVortex
      1. Smol Duck
        Smol Duck
        but subarashii is subarashii !
        May 11, 2023
    8. EvilTOP
      Hi, sorry to disturb your time, I as a new person in this forum was confused by "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors." after posting for the second time and so on. Is there anything I need to know about this?

      Ahh... a similar situation happened when I posted this.
      1. alethiophile
        Your first post needs to be approved by a moderator before it's visible. This should already be done.
        May 6, 2023
    9. Slayer Anderson
      Slayer Anderson
      Hey, sorry to poke you out of the blue, but would it be possible to get my thread, 'Speedrun" unlocked?

      I have a new chapter to post and it's been locked after a few necros. Please and thank you.
      1. Slayer Anderson
        Slayer Anderson
        Nevermind, Biigoh got it. Sorry to bother you.
        May 5, 2023
    10. Aarav D Priyesh
      Aarav D Priyesh
      The following error occurred:
      Your account must be confirmed before you can follow any members.
      How to confirm
    11. XxxEternalDarknessxxX
      hello i'm here requesting a name change , i used my real name,can you change my name to XxxEternalDarknessxxX ? i'm trying to make sure my name stays consistent through different platforms please and thankyou.
      1. alethiophile
        Apr 28, 2023
    12. XxxEternalDarknessxxX
      hello i'm here requesting a name change, can you change my name to XxxEternalDarknessxxX ? i'm trying to make sure my name stays consistent through different platforms please and thankyou.
    13. XxxEternalDarknessxxX
      yo mister admin, i'm requesting a name change
    14. Romando
      Is it possible to delete this account I didn't know about rule 4
    15. zen6199
      why dont i have permission to view content
    16. Dragoncat
      Everytime I try to read a story or follow a link to a story that is shared I get an error message saying I don't have permission to perform this action. I've verified my account through email, but i don't know what to do to resolve this. Any help would be great!
    17. Webrr
      Hi. Could I get my name changed to Webrr please? Thanks in advance
      1. XxxEternalDarknessxxX
        did they change your name?
        Apr 28, 2023
        Webrr likes this.
      2. Webrr
        Apr 28, 2023
    18. Haywire
      Just now noticing I can message people. How can I get the privileges to make a post? I've done the email verification but still can't post in the introductions thread.
      1. alethiophile
        Try now.
        Mar 20, 2023
        Haywire likes this.
    19. ApoAtrium
    20. Samwell_Guduixin
      Nevermind,figured it out,haven't verifying my account,sorry for this,but I somehow can't delete the post.
    21. Reshrim
      Hi. It's not letting me follow people cuz I can't verify my account. Can u plz fix
    22. Red Magnos
      Red Magnos
      ---edited out because wrong location---
    23. Rhein98
      Hi just came here from a posting you made. When I made this account my phone auto filled with out me noticing so I would like to have my name changed to Rhein99 please.
    24. Saptashwa
      Hello, I came here from reading your answer on a similar question.

      Can you please change my name into Tangocharlie777 thanks
    25. Arkos Sloth
      Arkos Sloth
      Good morning. Or whatever it happens to be in your time zone. New member here. Joined thanks to Dogbertcarroll posting on this site, but I can't read his posts or even edit my profile?

      Can you help me?
    26. MxReader01
      If at all possible, I would like to request my name be changed to MxReader01.
    27. Nite16
      How can I confirm my acc? Been trying since yesterday.
    28. Erez Levin
      Erez Levin
      Hey if possible could you change my username to Evaedir? Would appreciate it :D
    29. Sir Pigeon the IV
      Sir Pigeon the IV
      Hello, I'm new here so I'm trying to post on the introduction thread, but I have insufficient privileges.
      1. Haywire likes this.
    30. Yucinco
      Hello, can you help me take down my thread "After All, Why Not?" I accidentally posted on Creative Writing when it should be on NSFW CW. Thank you.
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    Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 30)
    Orion Arm
    Shadowed Philosopher


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