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Last Activity:
Aug 8, 2022 at 4:50 PM
Apr 26, 2013
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Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 29)
Orion Arm


Shadowed Philosopher, Male, 29, from Orion Arm


One of my favorite genres of visual fiction is nationalist cartography. Mar 7, 2015

alethiophile was last seen:
Managing account details, Aug 8, 2022 at 4:50 PM
    1. Mrwyldewyder
      hi im having trouble getting my account authenticated
    2. Chris Barritt
      Chris Barritt
      Hi Althiophile, how are you? Like a few others I stiffed up during the registration and put down the wrong username. What's the process for getting it changed? It should be MrMegz if possible.
    3. Jacob Wile
      Jacob Wile
      Hi, sorry but I messed up with the sign up and put the wrong user name in, can I get it changed to Earl Silver
      ? Sorry for the bother.
    4. polk37
      Hi sorry to bother you. I never received the confirmation email when I made this account. I tried a couple of different email accounts but nothing worked.
    5. Cantgetemails
      My real account is geraldrold.
      I dont't get emails and the contact us thing seems to not work also?
    6. SevenOfFive
      Hey sorry to bother but I’m being listed as an unconfirmed account and can’t post in the intro thread. Asked a Mod about it and they pointed me in you’re direction. In case it’s necessary info I can’t find any verification email anywhere in my email (spam/junk included)
    7. Toxicsnow
      Hey there, Havent figured out how Dms work on this site, I was wondering if you could please change my name to Toxicsnow? Thanks in advance.
      1. Megaolix
        You need to post on the forum first to unlock them. We had a spam attack before that went by PMs so yeah, we had to lock that for 0-post accounts.
        Jun 28, 2022
    8. Nowasthrowaway
      Hi. I lost my password but the account has a hotmail adress. I tried the contact us button down below but its been a couple days. Is there anything that can be done or should I just wait out the issue?
      1. ultima333
        Direct Message me the account name and confirm some details and I can help
        Jun 25, 2022
    9. HogRider V2.0
      HogRider V2.0
      Hi, I was wondering if you'd be able to change my name to HogRider V2.0
      1. ultima333
        Jun 25, 2022
        HogRider V2.0 likes this.
    10. asdx
      When you get the chance, QQbot died again. :V Sorry to keep bugging you about it when it happens. I just use the thing constantly.
    11. 00loner
      From today the form is showing weirdly in my phone . I can't neither see the threadmark , index or extra section nor can I see any spoilers , photos , videos or build . There are also some other weird things .
    12. FatherL
      hey, I messaged the other admin but they happened to go offline just as I sent them a message. I'm trying to make a new account here but so far I haven't been getting a confirmation email. I've triple checked and know that I've entered the correct email address and I've checked my spam boy but I'm just not seeing it.
    13. PDV
      I'd like my username changed to JiSK, please.
    14. Dat-_-Mex
      Hey there, I was wondering if I can have my name changed to "Dat-_-Mex".
      1. ultima333
        Jun 25, 2022
    15. L4 of the WEST
    16. Code Spectre
      Code Spectre
      Hey, sorry for the bother but could you change my name to Code Spectre ??
    17. Isaiah22
      Hi I've created an account but I can't post on any thread, I tried to post on the introduction thread but, what i saw at the bottom of the page was a reminder that I have insufficient privileges, plus I am unable to access any nsfw story as though it doesn't exist, this is my first time on the sight so maybe there is something I'm missing if so, please assist me
      1. alethiophile
        Try now.
        May 31, 2022
      2. Askgaf
        I'm having this exact issue is there a chance you can help me as well?
        Jun 14, 2022
    18. adamroberthenry
      Hi, I tried to update my email address for my account and it didn't work. So instead of contacting you to fix it, I stupidly created a new account thinking I could just delete my old account and all would be good without bothering anyone. Now I realise I can't do that and I am in breach of rule 4. Can you either delete this account, or merge the 2 accounts so I can have just one account. Sorry for messing you around.
      1. alethiophile
        Is 'Vimto_addict' the other account?
        May 31, 2022
    19. lolsolow
      Sorry, empty comment, I tried to delete but I can only edit like this sooooo...
    20. lolsolow
      Nvm sorry for filling your board for no reason.
    21. jako6881
      hello, sorry to bother, but could my username be changed to Chained?
    22. Valentine999
      How to access the viewing of closed forums? I found information on Reddit.
    23. D.I.S.C.O
      Can I change my username to D.I.S.C.O?
    24. Ranmaogami
      I am unable to comment or view some threads. What am I missing for being confirmed?
    25. CasbSlayer
      Não consigo confirmar minha conta
    26. Geraldrold
      How.do i get my account "confirmed"? And what does it mean?

      Also cant post anywhere
      1. Isaiah22
        Have found a solution if so please massage me, I need it too
        May 31, 2022
    27. EldritchBlade13
      Could you please change my name to EldritchBlade13
    28. Who404Who
      Hey sorry to bother you but can i get my name changed to Who4Who
    29. Stormlightranger
      Hey, I can't comment anywhere, can you please help me?
    30. Bondini_the_fabulous
      Hey, uh I made my account back in (I think) late feb/ early March and *still* haven’t gotten the verification email (I use iCloud, if that helps).

      I check every mail folder and also sent two messages using the “contact us” email at the bottom of the page, and haven’t received a reply, either by email, or on QQ itself (admittedly, I am unfamiliar with the interface for QQ and may have missed it).
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    Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 29)
    Orion Arm
    Shadowed Philosopher


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