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  • Hey, I got two-step verification on this account, linked my email as well, but I still don't have the confirmation email nor can I post anywhere on the forums. Can you confirm my email off the two-step thing?
    Hello, I'm kinda new and I keep getting a message that says that I don't have permission to view the page or perform an action, how do I fix this?
    Hello, I recently made this account as I had found an author who said they had a story on here but that I needed an account to view it. When I made my account I saw that I needed to post something to be verified however I don't have permission to reply or post anything. What should my next step be?
    Hello! Despite having this account for a while, I have never been able to reply/write anything on any thread. I was told to come to you for an answer!
    Hello, I need help, i have registered for the first time but I did not receive the confirmation email
    Can you please make my account verified.I also can't get a initialization email
    Your warning was on the subsequent page of the the thread, and wasn't visible to me.

    You are, however, still threadbanned.
    Understandable given how it blew up, but I still wanted it to be known that I wasn't just ignoring moderation messages.
    Hello! I've been looking around, and from what I understand I should message someone on staff about getting permissions to see certain threads/post anywhere. If not you, who should I get in contact with?
    So uh, I lost the password of my past account and for some reason it logged off by itself, is there any problem if I make this new account?
    Can you unlock my chapter releases? It says I need mod approval on the posts but I think that's just because this is a new account
    Hey can I get a verification email. Tried changing my email and now the NSFW section isn't available to me
    Requesting a verification email, thank you for your work.
    Changed my email address before seeing the FAQ post about doing so.
    Hi I can't view nsfw threads or use follow function. it's showing me error and that my email is unconfirmed but I already did two steps verification multiple times. Can you please help.
    Hey I was wondering if you can help me get my confirmation email cause I still don't have one yet
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    Could you add me to that as well? Double checked the email input in and the spam box as well.
    Plus one person that needs an email confirmation. I use gmail, it didn't come, the spam folder is empty.
    Hey there, I'm new to QQ and wanted to read a fic but apparently I need to be approved first ig? Any idea what I need to do to see fics?
    Hi there I'm new to this site and can't post cuz it says I need a verification email I keep switching email provider every few days in the hope it will jog something can you help plz
    hi sorry for any disturbance I want to delete a post one post said to report it but then i got a reply that I can delete it myself I want some help again sorry for the disturbance
    Hello, I'm kinda new and I keep getting a message that says that I don't have permission to view the page or perform an action, how do I fix this?
    Hi I apologize if your busy or sleeping I haven't gotten any confirmation email Altho I managed to set up two step verification would you possibly be able to help when you can?
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