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Last Activity:
Jun 9, 2023 at 9:43 PM
May 12, 2017
Likes Received:
Mar 12, 1984 (Age: 39)


Connoisseur., 39

put up more stuff for my Original fic, first arc is finished and ready for public viewing. Sep 14, 2018

Cherico was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Jun 9, 2023 at 9:43 PM
    1. Everythingman
      Hi Cherico, big fan of your stories just wanted to know if its ok to use the lore you've made for your Waifu Catalog stories in mine.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Everythingman
        Yeah, just thought I'd ask first and keep up the good work my man your Fics are great, I've read most of them at least two or three times.
        Jun 9, 2023 at 6:40 AM
      3. Cherico
        Just remember the rule with anything you have to keep plugging at it to really get better, and never be afraid to end a story when its hit its natural ending.
        Jun 9, 2023 at 6:46 AM
      4. Everythingman
        I will Thanks.
        Jun 9, 2023 at 7:12 AM
    2. Kencord
      Yo Cherico, you've probably got all of Atomic Karate and the premise of your next fic percolating at the very least, but a thought occurs. You've shown interest in exploring all parts of the Catalogue between various fics - here's a Tier 10 world prompt. Lee burns his recruiter who doesn't get mad, just turns and fucks you over by assigning you EDF to punish him.
      1. Cherico
        going to have to nix that one.
        Jun 6, 2023 at 4:14 AM
        Kencord likes this.
    3. Dragonhulk
      Just reread City of Darkness because of Leecifer's multiversal glimpses and I remember you doing something similar for his Ruby story. I know you and he do private talks to set stuff like this up so I'm just curious how close is Junicfer to meeting the man in the shack?
    4. Evilhippy
      You know Cherico, I was reading some of your old fics on SV, and I'm now super duper sad The Wall never got finished.

      Also, I am now behind on my reading because I've been reading all your other stuff on SV. ;P
      1. acnologia and preier like this.
    5. Josematos977
      Your stories are too negative and pessimistic.
      1. Cap'nSmurfy likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Josematos977
        I didn’t even know that term beforehand. It’s my opinion i don't want to start a pointless discussion. There are people who likes this kind of story with a lot of negativity because of realism but thats not for me.
        Apr 25, 2023
      4. FTR2017
        I personally feel them to be hopeful in the face of horrible circumstances, usually by letting those wash away while the protagonist remains standing at the end.
        Apr 25, 2023
        jlk, Evilhippy, Beto and 2 others like this.
      5. Sirrocco
        So why post this? You're just adding negativity to the world yourself. It's not constructive criticism because it's not anything like detailed enough. All it is is you complaining without purpose.

        Your comment is too negative and pessimistic.
        Apr 30, 2023
        Bolt97, jlk, deadal and 10 others like this.
    6. John Maverick
      John Maverick
      Just like joshmcmine, I also want to ask about the recommended order to read your fics around the Waifu Catalog. Thanks for all the fun :)
      1. Blas, jlk, Evilhippy and 1 other person like this.
      2. january1may
        Same question. I hadn't realized there were this many and apparently now that I'm reading a non-first one I'm missing a lot of stuff.
        Apr 18, 2023
        Evilhippy likes this.
      3. Cherico
        there is no one right way to read it.
        Apr 18, 2023
        Evilhippy and John Maverick like this.
      4. Evilhippy
        John Maverick january1may

        So the first Company fic is Headstart.

        After that it goes like this.

        Scapegoat Protocol.



        Howl at the Moon.

        Cold Comfort.

        Can you count to 13.

        Drivers Seat.

        Nuts and Bolts.

        Dear John Letter.

        Less Than Zero.

        City of Darkness.

        Scavenger Protocol.

        Collectors Edition.

        The Thirst is Real.

        This is the order they were posted in if this helps.
        May 8, 2023
        Blas and Ethercos like this.
    7. joshmcmine
      Hey Cherico, just found out about the lore you built with the waifu catalogue and that your stories are connected so I wanted to what order to read them?
      1. Blas, jlk, John Maverick and 2 others like this.
      2. Evilhippy
        Hm, Headstart is the first one, but there are too many to post in a profile post.

        I could PM you with them, I'm pretty familiar with them.
        Mar 30, 2023
    8. Ethercos
      Hey Cherico, big fan, your stories have kept me eating good from highschool all the way through my masters degree. Is there a place I can give you money?
      1. Blas, jlk and Evilhippy like this.
      2. Cherico
        cant do pateron because of tax reasons so no.
        Mar 26, 2023
        Evilhippy likes this.
    9. ChiChi
      Just found your story Support
      as a story I'm finding it rather enjoyable but it seems like you had a lot of trouble keeping your own system straight because at one point I could swear it said you give like 100 EP per level then another place you get like 4 EP per level
      1. Cherico
        Yeah I do make mistakes from time to time.
        Mar 26, 2023
    10. Livewire911
      Happy belated birthday
      Just wanted to say thanks for the the story you have written I expecaly like that your Mc are all healers and the major trop is don't fuck with the guy that can heal you

      With that in mind I would love to see one of your Mc work his way through a mash up world of justice leave the animated series, DC young justice and teen Titans
    11. Collared
      Happy birthday
      1. jlk likes this.
    12. Dan O'von
      Dan O'von
      Happy Birthday my dude. Hopefully work doesn't consume it all.
      1. jlk likes this.
    13. Finsdale
      Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.
      1. jlk likes this.
    14. AeonForger
      Happy Birthday!
      1. jlk likes this.
    15. ProtagNeptune
      I wish you a neppy birthday! ٩(✯◡✯)۶
      1. jlk likes this.
    16. preier
      Wishing you a happy birthday, right now. ^^
      1. jlk and Hk473 like this.
    17. Terrabull
      Do you have a Pat reon page to write stories for entertainment? Or a writer for hire?
      I follow another writer and want an sidestory for it, I was asked but fear my quality is not adequate. Plus being distracted by 'OHHH SHINEY~!' Syndrome
      1. Cherico
        Ive talked to an accountant and having a pateron would actually complicate my tax profoilio to the point where it could bring me legal problems and I would likely end up paying more in taxes then I made through said income stream.

        Mar 4, 2023
      2. Terrabull
        Ah, too bad. The story is a Jumper flavor one. Where currently in Cyberpunk, wanted to add Planeteers to it, Linka and Gi with Dr. Blight and Mal.
        Mar 4, 2023
    18. YiteWrite
      Oh, I just noticed. Congratulations on being the first user to gain 1 Million Likes on the site, kek.
      1. Gregory Crey likes this.
    19. ClayZombie
      Would it be okay for me to write a story with the MC being from Class E?
    20. Blue1ao
      Just found your stuff. Just finished can you count to 13 it was great I'm going to try the rest of your works.
    21. Bob Knob
      Bob Knob
      I don't know how you do it but you always seem able to write a mix of stark and positive. It's like watching an old black and white video with no music. Or seeing a video with a sun baked land with no music accompaniment.
      I enjoy your writing a lot but it tends to leave me with mixed feelings.
      Edit: You do seem to follow your profile pict fairly well.
    22. Daytripper
      Sauce for the pic of Dr. Yamada?
    23. renextronex
      Is there somewhere an overview of the company?
    24. dilbertini
      hi, I just read Nuts and Dolts and Head Start and quite like your companies stories, are there more of them?
      1. Cherico
        Look up my profile I have the largest number of completed stories on the site
        Jan 4, 2023
    25. Jumpy85Plays
      Is it ok to ask what story came before the Less than Zero one?
      1. Cherico
        nuts and dolts
        Dec 28, 2022
        MmmApplePie and Jumpy85Plays like this.
    26. Ggpz
      Can i ask which thread followed the Less than Zero story?
      1. Fitsdreia
        The other side of zero if im not mistaken
        Nov 23, 2022
        Ggpz likes this.
    27. Daren-Shi
      The boy next door
    28. 1985nanook
      So Cherico you a fan of Babylon 5?
    29. robotech2009
      So are you the same Cherico on the sietch?
    30. Venumize
      After reading most of your stories I feel your tagline should be "I don't forgive you". Never seen any use that line nearly as much as you lol Though it works.
      1. MmmApplePie and Evilhippy like this.
      2. Cherico
        I can be petty and vengful its a charater flaw I work on.
        Aug 16, 2022
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    Mar 12, 1984 (Age: 39)