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  • Finally, Clear all the endings and missions of AC6. Fuck the last Boss of Fires of Raven and Alea's ending, Especially Alea's one.
    Nothing beats the moment your AC pile bunker a staggered boss into oblivion... along with a shot of songbird, of course!
    Flames of Eikons ch.1: Done! Though, AC6 is out in two days so...yeah...Bravo six. going dark.
    Work progress: Flames of Eikons: 3.5k words / CxD: Jack shit stuck at 4k words for like 4 months now.
    Summer has not been kind to me this year. How ze fuck my body catch a cold every 3 days? Gott, I'm almost out of my sick leave.
    CxD progress: still stuck at 4.1k words meanwhile new snippet I work on is at 1.6k in 2 days. my brain just got a weird priority.
    Shit, with this writing speed, I have right now. FF16 gonna release first and I have to pause the writing again. I just finish D4 Fucked.
    Guardian Box
    Guardian Box
    wait, they're making FFXVI?
    Also, release next Thursday, mate. You can watch demo for the prologue on youtube. I can't bloody wait for the full release. I've faith in Yoshi-P that it's going to be an epic journey.
    Guardian Box
    Guardian Box
    Looks neat. Hopefully they learned from the mistakes of its predecessor.
    Finish, D4 story, and boy... I can feel the DLC coming with a story ending like that. Hopefully, they address the thing that bugs me in it.
    Also, Where the fuck are the Nephalem and Tyrael doing? Shit going on the surface like that without Tyrael after 3 flicking games feel odd as hell. And boy Inarius is truly a disappointment though understandable as the dude got tortured for a millennium making him a deranged angel.
    Playing songs while writing helps, but my ADHD brain just got distracted by it half the time instead. Stupid brain.
    Got addicted to ASOIAF fics on AO3, and I can't stop reading. Looks like CxD and LoV not gonna be available for a big ass while sorry...
    Here we are, stuck at the first 1000 words for weeks again. Come on brain, be more productive will ya?
    Valhalla saga progress: 1.6k words atm and speed is like 100 words a day? Or is it two days? whatever, yeah...this gonna take a while...
    Edit old chapter is halfway there. Tbh seems like only 1-3 need real editing the rest is just a tidbit.
    CxD ch.9 done! I'm free! ...Not really as I have to edit old chapters due to a change I made...Hah...scheiss.
    CxD stats. Finally, reach halfway(3k words). Gott this takes a while. Let's hope, I can put this chapter up soon.
    New CxD prologue is out btw. just browse the index and it calls draft 2. anyways, time to write a proper chapter.
    Looks like I'm not gonna release any chapter soon as I seem to catch a cold. Just great...
    It's DONE! Only take like 2 months. Anyway, writing from 11 am to 11 am of the next day is a bloody mistake. Why my writing mood like this?
    Finally, reach 7k words and it's midnight, but I don't need sleep, I need to finish this damn chapter!
    CxD progress: finally reach 3k words, so halfway there Gonna round up 1st act of this one first before continuing with the Valhalla saga fic
    CxD ch. 8 stuck at 2.2K words meanwhile I manage to finish 10k words of Valhalla saga SI chapter...in two days. Allo brain? work with me!
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