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  • Finally, be able to write a summary for my stuff, and well, it is what it is.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also, ch.9 is 1k words atm. slash dog wiki is a mess
    Not in the mood to write, so I post a brunch of heroines pics on the thread instead. Flicking can't find Sona's pic...
    I rate this morning 0/10... found one of my cats dead under the table. Fuck man... She's only 8 years old. Did not get sick at all too, fuck
    Why it's so damn cold today... 6'C... go back to 10 degrees for gott sake it's still oktober.
    Dear diary, drinking a whole bottle of whiskey in one sitting after a couple of beers is a bloody bad Idea sincerely, from me this morning.
    Probably made fuck ton of mistakes releasing a chapter while I'm barely awake, but whatever only 3-4 dudes read it anyway, Will fix it later
    Finally, get to 3k words after cringing so hard at a certain part well, tomorrow me will have to handle it again properly. Time to sleep!
    I can't stop cringing at the lewd scene I'm writing rn. urgh... my heart aches so much mein gott this is pain...
    Don't ya hate it when the drowsiness assaults you while writing so you decide to grab some coffee, but now you get caffeine overload instead
    Guardian Box
    Guardian Box
    instead of drinking coffee, do a quick fap and catch a power nap
    Alright, time to start writing a new chapter but ...how do I start writing a smut scene again? Scheiss this chapter gonna take a while...
    Freedom! for a week... and then back to write another chapter... Why does it feel like a job...eh? but I enjoy it so whatever...
    Alright, finally reach 2k words enough for today! time to sleep, ...my speed kinda getting slower every week eh? Well, gute nacht tho.
    I cut myself a bit accidentally with a plastic knife while tryna cut a bagel in half... It's flicking hurt.
    Yep, rewriting this thing is a good idea this looks much better tbh. 1000 words in atm. Just another 1k and we're golden.
    Rewriting chapter 5's fight scene atm. Does anyone get an idea for a power that involves a star? Need a hand here.
    What's the best resolution for a profile pic? Most pic I throw at it look too much pixelated when coming out.
    Hmm... dear weather why did you decide to rage quit summer suddenly? Gott 10'c today from 32... my balls are freezing.
    Finally, at 4k words just a bit more this chapter is done god why is it turning into another lore dump chapter...
    Try to screenshot the chapter progress to a friend. process to fuck up cuz I forgot logitech keyboard has a botton that mute window key...
    So the chapter's progress so far is absolutely nothing cuz I'm binge-clearing imperial gatekeeper for 12 hours straight... Yike?
    Wanna write a new chapter but I'm on caffeine overload atm. Jesus, I need to lower my espresso consumption as my hand now shake like crazy.
    Just post my stuff on SH let's hope I get some responses there I need some feedback on my story.
    2772 words in hmm... I hate writing fighting scenes man... but after this chapter, it finally gonna a slice of life for a while Ye.
    Still at 453 words after 6 hours... well... scheiss. I'm gonna go outside and touch some grass to improve my mood to write then Adieu.
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