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alternate universe

  1. Naron

    Abyssal Stays Home [KC SI]
    Extras: Story Blurb

    Shipgirls came to aid humanity in their hour of need, averting the Abyss's secured victory. But the conflict was nowhere near over. Now a lone Abyssal comes into being, meant to reverse the scales once more; to deliver promised victory by way of science. But what is to be done when that...

    What if Goku and Vegeta used the Fusion Dance against Buu?
    Threadmarks: Fusion Is Born

    This one is fully inspired by a Youtube What If that kinda whiffed on the potential... So if you like it, you can go thank SmugStick over on Youtube for the initial idea that inspired this one. "Gohan, catch!" "Oh no you don't!!" It only took a moment. Majin Buu, in his powered up...
  3. deathzealotzero

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Queen of Space [Novella]
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Story Summary: The last thing Captain Caridad Yamato, of the newly formed Orb Space Defense Force, expected when she arrived home in her brand new command was a growing debris field that had once been the Orbital Space Colony of Heliopolis and her mentioned home. Now it is up to her, her crew...
  4. Jaenera Targaryen

    Zero to One (FZ and SMT Crossover)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Fate franchise it belongs to Kinoko Nasu and Type-Moon. I also do not own the Megami Tensei franchise, it belongs to Atlus. Zero to One Prologue The party was in full swing, light shining down from crystal chandeliers hanging high above, falling onto a great...
  5. Shadelight

    In Weave and Woe [Worm/Wednesday]
    Threadmarks: Weeping

    The wake of Leviathan leaves two souls adrift, unbound from a city that’s cursed with conflict. A letter from the past, however, presents a lifeline that they never even expected. Thanks to my betas: Dysole, *FuryouMiko and Lucifra Crossposted from Ao3. Also available on SB and SV. While...
  6. Kizoku5684

    Dragon Ball: A Limitless Adventure
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue I'm... Dead. Like really dead. Like super mega ultra dead. Jesus... Last thing I remember is a little girl running into the road to get a toy some bullies had thrown in the street. She was crying and wasn't paying attention to the road. The car came out of nowhere and was about to...
  7. Shattered Daybreak [Pokémon]
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Hau Did This Happen?

    Emelie finds herself the owner of a house on Hau'oli Outskirts. She learns she will be exploring Alola for a project she never signed up for. Unsure as to how she got here, she plays along with a narrative already constructed for her to see what happens. Things seem somewhat different from the...
  8. follypersist

    XVI Going on XVII (Butcher!Taylor)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Taylor

    Butcher was snarling, “…the children, just shoot. Doesn’t matter your aim, just shoot. You see one lying on the ground? Shoot the little bitch twice more to be sure. We give them no chances to be clever or lucky, understand?” They were going to kill kids? I couldn't act quickly enough, but I...
  9. CypherZero

    Zero Escape: Zero Win Game
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Walking Into a Trap

    You expected that you and Aoi would be the first ones in the DCOM building on Friday evening. The team was going to be you two along with Sigma and Phi. Light was going to be part of the operation initially, he had applied to be part of the Mars Cohabitation plan in their Disabled slot (because...
  10. Shadelight

    Realignment [Worm]
    Threadmarks: Refraction 1.1

    As a series of coincidences brings together a power-combining Taylor Hebert, the healer Amy Dallon, and the always-intuitive Lisa Wilbourn, the three of them decide to unite to bring about change in their city and, eventually, one another’s hearts. But they are in Brockton Bay, a city...
  11. Starfox5

    Dreamland Madness (Battletech/Dreamland Chronicles)
    Threadmarks: Prologue & Chapter 1: Waking Up

    Dreamland Madness Disclaimer: I do not own Battletech or any of the characters in the franchise. I do not own The Dreamland Chronicles or any of the characters in the franchise. Summary: Dreamland. The realm where little children go to dream - the dreams of adventure and games they don’t...
  12. MisticeSilence321

    WORM Capes in One Punch Man!

    Here's a thought experiment: Let's have multiple Capes - Both Heroes and Villains - from the WORM universe teleport into the One Punch Man universe. Keep in mind, the humans from WORM and the Humans from OPM are vastly different compared to each other. Humans (even Capes) in WORM aren't...
  13. In The Shadows of Silverspire(Fantasy HFY): Book 2 of the Aether Cycle
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: When you behave, I'll tell the grass to calm down.

    Author's Note: This is the second book in a series. If you haven't read book one, you might be a little lost. Novitiate Aether Stephen Andrews December 21st, 1930 Through the Mirror. As soon as we exited the mirror, Reg was on the move. His wand was in his hand. He began whirling through the...
  14. FirstSelector

    Just a Phase [Worm]
    Threadmarks: Legalese 1.1

    Summary: Abandoned by her father in Boston, Taylor discovers that joining the Wards means very little unless she's willing to play along. Suffice to say, she's not. Inspired by Billymorph's Implacable, meja9201's Youth Guard, 6thfloormaddness's Damsel of De-stress, Nikas's Monkeywrench...
  15. Starfox5

    Stargate Etheria (Stargate SG-1/She-Ra crossover)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Encounter

    Stargate Etheria Summary: Entering a gate leading to an unknown planet while dodging fire wasn’t too uncommon for SG-1. Meeting strange new people wasn’t unusual either for the Best Friends Squad. But figuring out how to deal with each other, the remnants of the Horde Clones and the Goa’uld...
  16. Death by Chains

    Trace Coburn’s Plot-Tribble Sanctuary (snippets and offcuts, mostly Buffy-related)
    Index: Thread Index

    I’ve been all but monopolising the Buffy-verse thread for a while now, using it as an ersatz beta-read forum, and for all that I’ve enjoyed the added ‘Likes’ and gotten some useful and interesting comments out of it, it’s probably high time to move it into its own room, instead of just camping...
  17. bronxterror

    Scientific Witchery [Digimon Tamers]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    “It’s way too early in the morning for school.” That’s what Takato thinks every day - that school starts too early in the morning, and goes too late into the afternoon. The walk to and from home is short enough that he and his friends can take their time. But it always feels like it’s too...
  18. 5elementsage

    Inversions and Conversions

    A world in which Princess Peach is killed by Bowser during another chase, and Mario in desperation learns the same dark magic that the Koopa King has long since mastered, enslaving armies of Toads, Piantas, Lumas, and Yoshis to aid in his search. Bowser has buried the body somewhere, but refuses...
  19. Austrichh

    These Eyes Are All I Need (Naruto SI-OC) (SFW)

    An AU SI-Sasuke fic that starts after Sasuke kills Orochimaru. I died and ended up a wandering soul. Thanks to the Sage of Six Paths I’m now in the body of Sasuke Uchiha with some benefits. But I find myself in a world different than expected, where rasengans kill and people walk when they...
  20. Starfox5

    Stranded (Harry Potter AU) (Complete)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Feud

    Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters in the Harry Potter books or movies. Summary: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. The star Seeker and the swotty muggleborn have been at each other’s throats since their first year at Hogwarts. Their feud has cost Gryffindor more...